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Play-Off bracket1

Season 2012-2013
All Games
List of Players
Points Per Game
  Barons k.
  Avg: 18.5
 1. Gulbis, Barons k.18.5 
 2. Tamm, Tarvas18.1 
 3. Orelikas, Rudupis17.9 
 4. Raadik, Parnu17.4 
 5. Peciukeviciu., Par.15.1 
 6. Brown, Naglis P.14.6 
 7. Berzins, Valmiera14.5 
 8. Matulionis, Parnu14.4 
 9. Wilkinson, Kalev/C.14.3 
 10. Samenas, Siauliai14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Tyler CAIN
  Barons k.
  Avg: 11.2
 1. Cain, Barons k.11.2 
 2. Raadik, Parnu10.8 
 3. Elegar, Kalev/Cr.9.3 
 4. Berzins, Valmiera7.9 
 5. Fall, Kalev/Cramo7.6 
 6. Zelionis, Barsy A.7.2 
 7. Varnelis, Juventus7.0 
 8. Chamberlain, Jelga.6.8 
 9. Matyukevych, Bars.6.7 
 10. Kuzminskas, Siaul.6.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Peciukeviciu., Par.5.7 
 2. Gintvainis, Sakalai4.5 
 3. Tamm, Tarvas4.2 
 4. Raley-Ross, Tarvas4.0 
 5. Kadziulis, Rudupis3.9 
 6. Maceina, Pieno Z.3.8 
 7. Viskontas, Juvent.3.8 
 8. Artamonov, Siauliai3.5 
 9. Mockevicius, Nagli.3.4 
 10. Silavs, Jelgava3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Pieno Z.
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Hughes, Pieno Z.2.5 
 2. Brown, Naglis P.2.1 
 3. Kanbergs, Jelgava1.9 
 4. Berzins, Valmiera1.9 
 5. Mizis, Jelgava1.8 
 6. Tamm, Tarvas1.8 
 7. Matulionis, Parnu1.8 
 8. Skele, Kalev/Cramo1.8 
 9. Leppik, TU/Rock1.5 
 10. Babkauskas, Liet.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Bamba FALL
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Fall, Kalev/Cramo2.1 
 2. Petrukonis, Juven.1.8 
 3. Kupsas, Lietkabelis1.7 
 4. Rozitis, Barons k.1.4 
 5. Elegar, Kalev/Cr.1.2 
 6. Chamberlain, Jelga.1.0 
 7. Gates, Pieno Z.1.0 
 8. Cain, Barons k.0.9 
 9. Valeika, Rudupis0.9 
 10. Ramasauskas, Sak.0.8 

BK Ventspils wins the Baltic League title (Photo:

Baltic Cup trophy goes to Tarvas (
Baltic League Standings
Group E
 1. Ventspils 5-1 
 2. Barons kvartals 5-1 
 3. Parnu 1-5 
 4. Lietkabelis 1-5 
Group F
 1. Rudupis 5-1 
 2. Kalev/Cramo 5-1 
 3. Jelgava 2-4 
 4. Naglis Palangos 0-6 
Group G
 1. Pieno Zvaigzdes 4-2 
 2. Tarvas 4-2 
 3. Juventus 4-2 
 4. Barsy Atyrau 0-6 
Group H
 1. Siauliai 4-2 
 2. TU/Rock 4-2 
 3. Valmiera 3-3 
 4. Sakalai 1-5 
Stage One Standings
Baltic League Stage One Standings
Group A
 1. Ventspils 10-0 
 2. Siauliai 8-2 
 3. Naglis Palangos 5-5 
 4. Barsy Atyrau 4-6 
 5. TTU 2-8 
 6. Rapla 1-9 
Group B
 1. TU/Rock 9-1 
 2. Lietkabelis 8-2 
 3. Juventus 5-5 
 4. Jelgava 4-6 
 5. Liepaja 2-8 
 6. Valga 2-8 
Group C
 1. Rudupis 10-0 
 2. Tarvas 5-5 
 3. Barons kvartals 5-5 
 4. Sakalai 5-5 
 5. Nevezis 4-6 
 6. Tln Kalev 1-9 
Group D
 1. Pieno Zvaigzdes 8-0 
 2. Kalev/Cramo 6-2 
 3. Valmiera 3-5 
 4. Parnu 2-6 
 5. LSU-Baltai 1-7 

BK Ventspils 2012-13
Roberts Stelmahers Roberts Stelmahers Stelmahers
Arturs Berzins
Janis Timma
Ervins Jonats
Donald Sims
Ugis Pinete
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
14  Berzins Arturs 204 (6'9'') PF 88 Latvia
6  Timma Janis 201 (6'7'') F 92 Latvia
5  Jonats Ervins 203 (6'8'') F 91 Latvia
 Sims Donald 185 (6'1'') PG 87 USA
11  Pinete Ugis 194 (6'5'') G 91 Latvia
10  Valters Sandis 193 (6'4'') G 78 Latvia
9  Laksa Martins 200 (6'7'') SF 90 Latvia
13  Vairogs Akselis 195 (6'5'') F 85 Latvia
30  Zakis Ronalds 207 (6'10'') F/C 87 Latvia
 Teel Vernon 193 (6'4'') G 87 USA
7  Meiers Martins 208 (6'10'') C 91 Latvia
8  Lejasmeiers Davis 192 (6'4'') G 91 Latvia
4  Grazulis Andrejs 202 (6'8'') F/C 93 Latvia
15  Gromovs Ilja 207 (6'10'') C 94 Latvia
Head Coach: Roberts Stelmahers
Coach Assistant: Matiss Graudins
Coach Assistant: Gints Fogels All-Baltic League Awards 2013 - Apr 9, 2013 All-Baltic League 1st Team 2013
Donald Sims
Gediminas Orelikas
Maris Gulbis
Tyler Cain
Frank Elegar

Finals MVP: Janis Timma (201-F-92) of BK Ventspils Latvia
Player of the Year: Gediminas Orelikas (200-G/F-90) of Rudupis Lithuania
Guard of the Year: Donald Sims (185-PG-87) of Ventspils Latvia
Forward of the Year: Gediminas Orelikas (200-G/F-90) of Rudupis Lithuania
Center of the Year: Frank Elegar (208-C-86) of Kalev/Cramo Estonia
European Player of the Year: Gediminas Orelikas (200-G/F-90) of Rudupis Lithuania
Import Player of the Year: Tyler Cain (203-F-88) of Barons kvartals Latvia
Defensive Player of the Year: Bamba Fall (217-C-86) of Kalev/Cramo Estonia
Coach of the Year: Roberts Stelmahers of Ventspils Latvia

1st team
PG: Donald Sims (185-PG-87) of Ventspils Latvia
G/F: Gediminas Orelikas (200-G/F-90) of Rudupis Lithuania
F: Maris Gulbis (202-F-85) of Barons kvartals Latvia
F: Tyler Cain (203-F-88) of Barons kvartals Latvia
C: Frank Elegar (208-C-86) of Kalev/Cramo Estonia

2nd team
G: Reimo Tamm (185-PG-84) of Tarvas Estonia
G: Darrick Leonard (190-G-84) of Juventus Lithuania
F: Arturas Valeika (207-F-85) of Rudupis Lithuania
F: Ike Okoye (206-F-86) of Tln Kalev Estonia
C: Bamba Fall (217-C-86) of Kalev/Cramo Estonia

Honorable Mention
TreVon Hughes (183-PG-87) of Pieno Zvaigzdes Lithuania
Justin Ingram (188-PG-85) of TU/Rock Estonia
Janis Berzins (202-F-93) of Valmiera Latvia
Ovidijus Galdikas (217-C-88) of Siauliai Lithuania
Egidijus Dimsa (205-C-85) of TU/Rock Estonia
Brandis Raley-Ross (188-G-87) of Tarvas Estonia
Tyrell Biggs (203-F-86) of Pieno Zvaigzdes Lithuania
Augustas Peciukevicius (192-G-91) of Parnu Estonia
Rain Raadik (208-C-89) of Parnu Estonia

All-European Players Team
PG: Reimo Tamm (185-PG-84) of Tarvas Estonia
G/F: Gediminas Orelikas (200-G/F-90) of Rudupis Lithuania
F: Maris Gulbis (202-F-85) of Barons kvartals Latvia
F: Arturas Valeika (207-F-85) of Rudupis Lithuania
C: Rain Raadik (208-C-89) of Parnu Estonia

All-Imports Team
PG: Donald Sims (185-PG-87) of Ventspils Latvia
G: Darrick Leonard (190-G-84) of Juventus Lithuania
F: Tyler Cain (203-F-88) of Barons kvartals Latvia
F: Ike Okoye (206-F-86) of Tln Kalev Estonia
C: Frank Elegar (208-C-86) of Kalev/Cramo Estonia

Ventspils are 2012/2013 BBL Champions! - Apr 6, 2013

Ventspils are 2012/2013 Champions of Baltic league. The Latvian side won the series against Rudupis. Even after a 70:73 loss in the second game, Ventspils became the top team of the season.
Ventspils made a huge step towards the crown after they knocked down Rudupis in Priena 91:69 in Game 1. Tonight Ventspils were ahead by 1 point at the halftime before a 22-15 third quarter run of Rudupis. They made 18-of-19 charity shots during the game. It was a great shooting night for Rudupis especially from behind the arc, where they had solid 55.0 percentage. Gintaras Kadziulis (192-G-80) orchestrated the victory by scoring 15 points and 5 rebounds. Siim-Sander Vene (203-SF-90, agency: Alti Sport) contributed with 15 points for the winners. Janis Timma (201-F-92, agency: FCM) replied with 15 points and Donald Sims (185-PG-87, college: Appalachian St.) added 8 points and 5 rebounds in the effort for Ventspils.
Kalev/Cramo meanwhile clinched bronze medals of the Baltic League 2012/2013. The Estonian side needed a confident 73:58 in the second game for the third place.
Barons kvartals won the first game 79:71, but could not win the series. Barons kvartals even started with 21-15 lead after the first quarter and had 14-point deficit. The second and the last quarters however fully belonged to Kalev/Cramo that managed to win by 15 points.

BBL Cup: Rakvere Tarvas celebrate the title - Sep 29, 2012

Final: Rakvere Tarvas - Liepajas Lauvas 80:71
Rakvere Tarvas celebrated the first trophy of the season. They held off Liepajas Lauvas in the BBL Cup Final. Reimo Tamm (185-PG-84) and Juris Umbrasko (197-G/F-79) scored 17 points each to lead the winners.
Liepajas Lauvas ensured the better start to the game. The Latvian team enjoyed a 17:16 lead after ten minutes. But Rakvere sneaked in front to take a 34:33 halftime lead. Rakvere boosted the lead in the third frame. The hosts outgunned Liepaja for a 59:47 advantage at the final intermission. Liepajas Lauvas fought till the final buzzer but came up short of victory at the end. Maris Laksa (202-F-81, agency: Court Side, college: Providence) finished with 13 points, while Grafs added 10 points for the winners. Ivars Timermanis (203-F-82, agency: Alti Sport) answered with 14 points for Liepajas Lauvas. Ingus Jakovics (186-PG-93) had 13 points in the loss.
Rakvere Tarvas: Reimo Tamm 17, Juris Umbrasko 17, Maris Laksa 13
Liepajas Lauvas: Ivars Timermanis 14, Ingus Jakovics 13

Bronze medals game: Tartu Ulikool - Siauliai 101:60
Tartu Ulikool claimed the Bronze medals at BBL Cup. They overcame Siauliai in the consolation final in Rakvere tonight. Ivan Nelyubov (207-C-88) came up with 17 points to lead the winners.
Tartu jumped to an early advantage. The Estonian team gained a 25:16 lead after ten minutes. They dominated the second quarter. Tartu Ulikool piled up a 46:29 halftime advantage. Things got even worse for Siauliai after the big break. The Estonian side stretched the gap 30 points at the final intermission. Tartu erupted for 31 points in the fourth quarter to seal a comprehensive win at the end. Egidijus Dimsa (205-C-85) scored 14 points, while Vallo Allingu (206-F/C-78) and Tanel Kurbas (197-G-88) finished with 13 points each in the win. Ovidijus Galdikas (217-C-88) and Vytautas Sulskis (200-G-88, college: Youngstown St.) answered with 11 points apiece for Siauliai.
Tartu Ulikool: Ivan Nelyubov 17, Egidijus Dimsa 14, Vallo Allingu 13, Tanel Kurbas 13
Siauliai: Ovidijus Galdikas 11, Vytautas Sulskis 11

by Simas
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