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Patrick Ceulemans

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Euromillions League Standings
 1. Oostende 33-6 
 2. Brussels 25-15 
 3. Antwerp 23-17 
 4. Aalstar 19-17 
 5. Spirou 18-18 
 6. Limburg United 18-18 
 7. Mons-Hainaut 18-18 
 8. Kangoeroes 18-18 
 9. Leuven 9-27 
 10. Liege 6-30 
Season 2016-2017
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Belgian men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 Bb Cham.League:
Points Per Game
  Avg: 17.2
 1. Miller-M., Leuven17.2 
 2. Clark, Antwerp15.9 
 3. Tofi, Aalstar14.7 
 4. Demps, Mons-Hai.14.2 
 5. Tuttle, Limburg .14.1 
 6. Troisfontain., Aalst.14.1 
 7. Channels, Kango.13.9 
 8. Ubel, Brussels13.9 
 9. Ware, Antwerp13.6 
 10. Samhan, Leuven13.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 7.8
 1. Anderson, Antwerp7.8 
 2. Badji, Kangoeroes7.0 
 3. Amis, Aalstar6.9 
 4. Ubel, Brussels6.7 
 5. Samhan, Leuven6.6 
 6. Ware, Antwerp6.5 
 7. Tuttle, Limburg .6.1 
 8. Fields, Liege6.1 
 9. Simmons, Brussels5.9 
 10. Dowe, Brussels5.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Miller-M., Leuven5.8 
 2. Djordjevic, Ooste.5.4 
 3. Anderson, Limburg .4.9 
 4. Channels, Kango.4.8 
 5. Clark, Antwerp4.5 
 6. Loubry, Brussels4.4 
 7. Marnegrave, Spirou4.1 
 8. Bosco, Mons-Hai.3.9 
 9. Tuttle, Limburg .3.8 
 10. Hertay, Liege3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Miller-M., Leuven1.9 
 2. Punter, Antwerp1.9 
 3. Simpson, Liege1.5 
 4. Clark, Antwerp1.5 
 5. Bowman, Spirou1.5 
 6. Tuttle, Limburg .1.4 
 7. Channels, Kango.1.4 
 8. Billbury, Leuven1.3 
 9. Hertay, Liege1.3 
 10. Dowe, Brussels1.2 
Blocks Per Game
 Bill AMIS
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Amis, Aalstar1.4 
 2. Boukichou, Oostende0.9 
 3. Fields, Liege0.9 
 4. Fusek, Spirou0.8 
 5. Henry, Kangoeroes0.7 
 6. Bako, Leuven0.7 
 7. Ubel, Brussels0.7 
 8. Olah, Mons-Hainaut0.6 
 9. Samhan, Leuven0.6 
 10. Ware, Antwerp0.6 

Fifth consecutive Cup for BC Telenet Oostende (Photo:
Player of the week

     Rasko Katic

    Port of Antwerp Giants wins Supercup (Photo:

    Oostende claim sixth straight League title (Photo:

    Telenet BC Oostende 2016-17
    Dario Gjergja Dario Gjergja Gjergja
    Dusan Djordjevic
    Rasko Katic
    Vincent Kesteloot
    Pierre-Antoine Gillet
    Jean Salumu
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    20  Djordjevic Dusan 193 (6'4'') G 83 Serbia
    14  Katic Rasko 208 (6'10'') C 80 Serbia
    22  Kesteloot Vincent 201 (6'7'') F 95 Belgium
    12  Gillet Pierre-Antoine 201 (6'7'') F 91 Belgium
    13  Salumu Jean 193 (6'4'') F 90 Belgium
    25  Newbill D.J. 193 (6'4'') G 92 USA
    5  Walden Corey 188 (6'2'') G 92 USA
    9  Mwema Jean-Marc 195 (6'5'') F 89 Uganda Belgium
    21  Jagodic Kuridza Marko 205 (6'9'') PF 87 Serbia Croatia
    15  Boukichou Khalid 208 (6'10'') C 92 Morocco Belgium
    4  Lambrecht Tim 206 (6'9'') F/C 98 Belgium
    6  Kotrulja Luka 196 (6'5'') F 98 Croatia
    Head Coach: Dario Gjergja
    Coach Assistant: Thierry Declercq All-Belgian League Awards 2017 - Jun 19, 2017 All-Belgian League 1st Team 2017
    Olivier Troisfontaines
    Dusan Djordjevic
    Seth Tuttle
    John Tofi
    Rasko Katic

    Player of the Year: Dusan Djordjevic (193-G-83) of Oostende
    Guard of the Year: Dusan Djordjevic (193-G-83) of Oostende
    Forward of the Year: Seth Tuttle (203-F-92) of Spirou
    Center of the Year: Rasko Katic (208-C-80) of Oostende
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Ismael Bako (208-C-95) of Leuven
    Bosman Player of the Year: Dusan Djordjevic (193-G-83) of Oostende
    Import Player of the Year: John Tofi (203-C/F-84) of Aalstar
    Domestic Player of the Year: Olivier Troisfontaines (196-G/F-89) of Aalstar
    Defensive Player of the Year: Bill Amis (206-PF-87) of Aalstar
    Coach of the Year: Serge Crevecoeur of Brussels

    1st Team
    G: Olivier Troisfontaines (196-G/F-89) of Aalstar
    G: Dusan Djordjevic (193-G-83) of Oostende
    F: Seth Tuttle (203-F-92) of Spirou
    C/F: John Tofi (203-C/F-84) of Aalstar
    F/C: Rasko Katic (208-C-80) of Oostende

    2nd Team
    PG: Domien Loubry (186-PG-85) of Brussels
    G: Jason Clark (188-G-90) of Antwerp
    F: Ryan Anderson (206-F-92) of Antwerp
    C: Brandon Ubel (209-F/C-91) of Brussels
    C: Gavin Ware (206-C/F-93) of Antwerp

    Honorable Mention
    Codi Miller-McIntyre (190-G-94) of Leuven
    Jeremy Simmons (204-F-89) of Brussels
    D.J. Newbill (193-G-92) of Oostende
    Corey Walden (188-G-92) of Oostende
    TJ Bray (196-G-92) of Brussels
    Lukasz Aleksander of Start Lublin II
    Tre Demps (188-G-93) of Mons-Hainaut
    Pierre-Antoine Gillet (201-F-91) of Oostende

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Domien Loubry (186-PG-85) of Brussels
    G: Olivier Troisfontaines (196-G/F-89) of Aalstar
    F: Jean-Marc Mwema (195-F-89) of Oostende
    F/C: Lukasz Aleksander of Start Lublin II
    C: Ismael Bako (208-C-95) of Leuven

    All-Imports Team
    G: Jason Clark (188-G-90) of Antwerp
    F: Seth Tuttle (203-F-92) of Spirou
    F: Ryan Anderson (206-F-92) of Antwerp
    C/F: John Tofi (203-C/F-84) of Aalstar
    F/C: Brandon Ubel (209-F/C-91) of Brussels

    All-Bosmans Team
    G: Dusan Djordjevic (193-G-83) of Oostende
    G: Augustas Peciukevicius (192-G-91) of Brussels
    F/C: Ivan Radenovic (209-F/C-84) of Spirou
    C: Rasko Katic (208-C-80) of Oostende
    C: Alexandru Olah (213-C-93) of Mons-Hainaut

    Oostende claim sixth straight League title - Jun 15, 2017

    Brussels - Oostende 64-77

    Oostende extended their League dominance. They fired past Brussels on the road to celebrate the sixth consecutive title. The game was mostly controlled by Oostende. Basic-Fit Brussels managed to win second period 19-16. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. Oostende had a 31-19 advantage in offensive rebounds. Worth to mention a great performance of Serbian center Rasko Katic (208-80, agency: BeoBasket) who helped to win the game recording 15 points. Serbian guard Dusan Djordjevic (193-83, agency: BeoBasket) contributed with 17 points for the winners. Oostende's coach Dario Gjergja used a ten-player rotation which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. American swingman Chris Dowe (193-91, college: Bellarmine) replied with a double-double by scoring 15 points and 10 rebounds and his fellow American import power forward Brandon Ubel (209-91, college: Nebraska, agency: Pensack Sports) added 9 points and 8 rebounds in the effort for Basic-Fit Brussels.
    Top scorers:
    Brussels: C.Dowe 15+10reb+1ast, J.Simmons 11+3reb+1ast, D.Loubry 10+7ast, B.Ubel 9+8reb+1ast, A.Peciukevicius 7+2reb+1ast, G.Muya 6+3reb+1ast
    Oostende: D.Djordjevic 17+1reb+3ast, R.Katic 15+4reb+2ast, J.Salumu 8+1reb+1ast, P.Gillet 7+7reb+2ast, C.Walden 7+5reb+1ast, K.Boukichou 6+5reb
    gschID: 548137

    Fifth consecutive Cup for BC Telenet Oostende - Feb 20, 2017

    At Forest National (6,000 spectators) BC Oostende won versus Hubo Limburg United the Final of the Bpost Cup with 60-76 (halftime 29-35). It was Ostend 18th Belgian Cup, the fifth in a row. For coach Dario Gjergja the tenth price, even with five consecutive Belgian titles. Corey Walden was topscorer with 13 points at telenet Ostend. Dusan Djordjevic (193-G-83, agency: BeoBasket) (9 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assists) was MVP of the game. Seth Tuttle from Hubo Limburg United accounted for 17 points and 8 rebounds. Telenet Ostend is with 18 wins in 64 editions record holder in the Belgium Cup.
    Hubo Limburg United-Telenet Oostende 60-76
    Hubo Limburg United: Mukubu 4, Proesmans 0, Lemaire 0, Simons 8, Jansen 5, Vanwijn 7, Tuttle 17, Swing 11, Anderson 4, Desiron 0, Miltenburg 0, Lodwick 4
    Telenet Oostende: Lambrecht 0, Walden 13, Hemeleers 0, Mwema 10, Keselj 3, Gillet 2, Katic 6, Boukichou 11, Djordjevic 9, Kuridza 4, Kesteloot 9, Newill 9
    Quarters: 18-25, 11-10, 14-14, 17-27

    Port of Antwerp Giants wins Supercup - Sep 25, 2016

    Port of Antwerp Giants won the Supercup in Versluys Dome at Ostend. Versus BC Telenet Oostende won the team of coach Roel Moors with 81-89 (50-45) After 2007 fort the Port of Antwerp Giants the second Supercup in club history. Jason Clark (188-G-90, college: Georgetown) was good for 25 points (5 on 5 three-pointers), 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Gavin Ware accounted for 14 points and 3 rebounds and Micah Mason for 10 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. The Giants scored 14 three-pointers. Telenet Oostende Marko Kuridza scored 20 points and picked eight rebounds. Rasko Katic scored 17 and Jean Salumu and Marko Keselj 10 points.
    Telenet Oostende-Port of Antwerp Giants 81-89
    Telenet Oostende : KATIC 12-5, KURIDZA 9-11, KESTELOOT 0-0, WALDEN 6-0, NEWBILL 6-1, Lambrecht 5-0, Keselj 5-5, Salumu 4-6, Boukichou 0-0, Djordjevic 3-3

    Port of Antwerp Giants: WARE 10-4, YOERI SCHOEPEN 9-0, CONGER 5-4, SMITH 3-6, CLARK 4-21, Kanda 0-2, Enobakhare 4-0, Mason 5-5, Anderson 3-4, Yannick Schoepen 0-0, Marchant 0-0, Rogiers 0-0

    by Greg
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