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Scooore League Standings
 1. Aalstar 0-0 
 2. Antwerp 0-0 
 3. Brussels 0-0 
 4. Kangoeroes 0-0 
 5. Leuven 0-0 
 6. Liege 0-0 
 7. Limburg United 0-0 
 8. Mons-Hainaut 0-0 
 9. Oostende 0-0 
 10. Spirou 0-0 
Top Division I Standings
 1. Gembo BBC 4-0 
 2. Oxaco 4-0 
 3. Waregem 3-1 
 4. Royal Brussels 2-1 
 5. Soba 2-2 
 6. Gent Hawks 2-2 
 7. Ieper 2-2 
 8. Giants B 1-1 
 9. Gistel Oostende 1-2 
 10. Melsele 1-2 
 11. Ninane 1-3 
 12. Ekeren 1-3 
 13. Houthalen 1-3 
 14. RPC Anderlecht 0-3 
Full Standings
Top Division II Standings
Group A
 1. Latem-De Pinte 1-0 
 2. Oostkamp 1-0 
 3. Sijsele 1-0 
 4. Spirou B 1-0 
 5. Vilvoorde 1-0 
 6. Woluwe 1-0 
 7. CEP Fleurus 0-1 
 8. Courtrai CB 0-1 
 9. Falco Gent 0-1 
 10. Lambusart 0-1 
 11. NBC Alsavin 0-1 
 12. Wevelgem 0-1 
Group B
 1. Aarschot 1-0 
 2. Geel 1-0 
 3. Hasselt 1-0 
 4. Kontich 1-0 
 5. Tongeren 1-0 
 6. Comblain 0-0 
 7. Guco Lier 0-0 
 8. Bornem 0-1 
 9. Lommel 0-1 
 10. Pepinster B 0-1 
 11. Sainte Walburge 0-1 
 12. Willebroek 0-1 
Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1. Cedevita 0-0 
 2. Gran Canaria 0-0 
 3. Lietkabelis 0-0 
 4. MZT Skopje 0-0 
 5. N.Novgorod 0-0 
Group B
 1. ALBA 0-0 
 2. Dominion BB 0-0 
 3. Fuenlabrada 0-0 
 4. Khimky 0-0 
 5. Lietuvos rytas 0-0 
Group C
 1. B.Muenchen 0-0 
 2. Buducnost 0-0 
 3. UCAM Murcia 0-0 
 4. Unicaja 0-0 
 5. Zenit 0-0 
Group D
 1. Hapoel J-M 0-0 
 2. Lokomotiv 0-0 
 3. Ratiopharm 0-0 
 4. Un.Olimpija 0-0 
 5. Valencia 0-0 
FIBA Europe Cup Standings
Group A
 1. Alba 0-0 
 2. Brussels 0-0 
 3. Chalon 0-0 
Group B
 1. Gravelines 0-0 
 2. Kormend 0-0 
 3. Limburg United 0-0 
Group C
 1. Mons-Hainaut 0-0 
 2. Telekom Bsk 0-0 
Group D
 1. Antwerp 0-0 
 2. Nanterre 0-0 
 3. Sopron KC 0-0 
Group E
 1. Oberwart 0-0 
 2. Pau-Lacq-Orthez 0-0 
Group F
 1. Bnei Hertzeliyya 0-0 
 2. Steaua CSM 0-0 
Group G
 1. Gaziantep 0-0 
 2. Peja 0-0 
Group H
 1. Demir IBB 0-0 
 2. Enisey 0-0 
 3. Sigal Prishtina 0-0 
Group I
 1. Targu Mures 0-0 
 2. TLU/Kalev 0-0 
 3. Vytautas 0-0 
Group J
 1. Apoel 0-0 
 2. BK Pardubice 0-0 
 3. Siauliai 0-0 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.6
 1. Madgen, Verviers.19.6 
 2. Vaughn, Ironi N.17.8 
 3. Taylor, Kangoeroes16.9 
 4. Baron, Spirou16.8 
 5. Gamble, Brussels16.6 
 6. Basabe, Antwerp16.5 
 7. Simpson, Kango.16.2 
 8. Morrison, Liege16.2 
 9. Murati, Leuven15.9 
 10. Anderson, Aalstar15.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Williams, Partizan10.7 
 2. Larson, Liege9.0 
 3. Gamble, Brussels8.3 
 4. Tofi, Aalstar7.3 
 5. Basabe, Antwerp7.2 
 6. Mangano, Kango.7.0 
 7. Thomas, Limburg6.9 
 8. De Thaey, Aalstar6.6 
 9. Teague, Leuven6.4 
 10. Tumba, Spirou6.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5
 1. Marnegrave, Ooste.5.0 
 2. Holcomb Faye, Verv.4.7 
 3. Bosco, Mons-Hai.4.6 
 4. Loubry, Brussels4.4 
 5. Djordjevic, Ooste.4.2 
 6. Simpson, Kango.4.1 
 7. Hertay, Liege4.1 
 8. Baron, Spirou3.9 
 9. Collins, O.Lavoro.3.6 
 10. Smith, Liege3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Lucky JONES
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Jones, Liege2.5 
 2. Hollins, Leuven1.9 
 3. Baron, Spirou1.6 
 4. Avila, Leuven1.6 
 5. Thomas, Limburg1.6 
 6. Gamble, Brussels1.5 
 7. Hertay, Liege1.5 
 8. Collins, O.Lavoro.1.4 
 9. Morrison, Liege1.4 
 10. Bosco, Mons-Hai.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Julian GAMBLE
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Gamble, Brussels1.9 
 2. Tumba, Spirou1.4 
 3. Heath, Spirou1.0 
 4. Basabe, Antwerp1.0 
 5. Enobakhare, Vervie.0.8 
 6. Boukichou, Oosten.0.8 
 7. Mangano, Kango.0.7 
 8. Williams, Partizan0.7 
 9. Love, Limburg0.6 
 10. Vanwijn, Limburg0.6 
First Round Schedule
Antwerp 50% Oct.1 Kangoeroes
Aalstar 50% Oct.1 Brussels
Oostende 50% Oct.1 Mons-Hainaut
Leuven 50% Oct.1 Limburg Unit
Spirou 50% Oct.1 Liege
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Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

Ninane Oct.30 Royal Brusse 81%
Gistel Ooste 73% Oct.2 Ekeren
Gembo BBC 91% Oct.2 Houthalen
Waregem 68% Oct.1 Giants B
Gent Hawks 60% Oct.1 Melsele
RPC Anderle Oct.1 Soba 89%
Ieper Oct.1 Oxaco 79%
First Round Schedule
Group A
Lietkabelis 50% Oct.12 MZT Skopje
Gran Canaria 50% Oct.12 Cedevita
Group B
Khimky 50% Oct.12 Lietuvos ryt
ALBA 50% Oct.12 Fuenlabrada
Group C
Zenit 50% Oct.12 B.Muenchen
UCAM Murcia 50% Oct.12 Buducnost
Group D
Valencia 50% Oct.12 Ratiopharm
Un.Olimpija 50% Oct.12 Lokomotiv
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First Round Schedule
Sopron KC 50% Sep.28 Kormend
Targu Mures 50% Sep.28 Demir IBB
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Division II - Round Seventeen - Jan 8, 2013

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Bert's Articles

Essor Charleroi (Spirou B) vs. Sint-Niklase Condors: 77-56

The surprising performance of the week comes from Charleroi. Essor Charleroi defeated the Condors of coach Steve Ibens by 21 points. It is the third win for Essor Charleroi this season. Serbian player Nikola Jankovic (205-PF-94), who scored 22 points, was the leader of the young Spirou squad last Sunday morning.
Best scorers:
Essor: A. Lambot 16, Y. Diop 2, N. Jankovic 22, J. Stas 11, A. Zuccolini 1, J. Charles 4, M. Steenberghs 8, A. Eyenga 13.
Condors: B. De Beukeleer 4, S. De Bock 2, E. Lasisi 4, J.-P. De Decker 10, B. Bogaert 4, S. Vermeulen 14, D. Bovoy 2, N. Maris 5, J. Gerlo 11.

Gembo BBC vs. Kangoeroes Boom: 79-74

Domien Loubry (186-G-85) was sick and did not play much for Gembo in the first half. Nevertheless, Eli Van Aken (193-F-85) and his mates gave the hosts a great 17-point lead by the end of the second quarter. The Kangoeroes of coach Tom Poppe looked quite nervous in the first half. The second half of the game turned out to be quite different. Kangoeroes' shooter Dieter Souveryns (193-F/G-83) suddenly found the way to the bucket. With a great Witse Van Schil (188-G-83) at playmaking, Kabo came back into the race. When the scoreboard showed 76-74, a last turnover after misunderstanding between Witse Van Schil and Mitchel Gorremans (191-G/F-85) in the last seconds costed Kabo the game.
Score evolution: 23-16, 43-26, 57-50 and 79-74.
Best scorers:
Gembo: N. Celis 12, E. Van Aken 14, Y. Desiron 17, D. Loubry 11.
Kangoeroes: M. Gorremans 11, W. Van Schil 17, D. Souveryns 24.

Port of Antwerp Giants II vs. Cuva Houthalen: 78-87

Currently ranked second in Division II, Cuva Houthalen of Brian Lynch had a rather hard time to beat the young Giants of Luc Smout. So far in the Division II regular season, Cuva stands second with a record of 11 wins and 5 losses while the Giants II are ranked fifteenth with a record of 1 win and 15 losses.
Best scorers:
Giants II: D. Donkor 30, M. Rademakers 15, A. Rojas Palma 12.
Cuva: N/A

BC Haantjes Oudenaarde vs. Bent Schoenen Waregem: 81-68

The start of the game was clearly in favour of the Haantjes. Their new (but experienced) coach Guy Decleer saw his players quickly take a 7-2 lead. Nevertheless, BS Waregem of coach Sven Declercq hit 9 points in a row and, all of a sudden, it was a close game again. Despite low scoring in the first and second quarters, it remained an intense game until it showed 43-47 on the scoreboard in the third quarter. The Haantjes, with a very efficient Mikhail Linskens (213-C-87, agency: R.H.Consultancy, college: Wyoming), finished strongly in the last minutes of the third period (51-47) and played tough in the beginning of the fourth quarter (59-49). Great rebounding by BS Waregem's players Ahmet Gueye (203-C/F-82, college: Hawaii), Bart Willy Samaey (199-C-87) and Stijn Dhondt (197-F-79, college: Boston U.) was not sufficient for the visitors. The last time-outs taken by Sven Declercq did not change anything and BC Oudenaarde, led by Jean Salumu (193-F-90) in offense, won the game: 81-68 (via 80-60).
Score evolution: 18-17, 32-29, 51-47 and 81-68.
Best scorers:
Haantjes: J. Salumu 21, M. Linskens 19, J. Bourdeaux 18, M. Brysse 10, G. Mestdag 6, L. Lhote 4, G. De Lepeleire 3.
BS Waregem: T. Foucart 17, A. Steinbach 13, L. De Lepeleire 12, O. Foucart 8, A. Gueye 8, B. Samaey 6, S. Dhondt 3, H. Loontiens 1.

Gent Dragons vs. Excelsior Brussels: 88-73

Excelsior Brussels had a rather poor second quarter. This is a convincing victory for the Dragons in this important game between two play-off candidates. Maxime Depuydt (192-F-92) and Sam Semijejero (195-PF-77) had brought the Brussels' team from 56-41 to 62-54 in the third quarter. Dragon scorer Faycal Lait (190-G-88, agency: Promotex) put a last touch from long and mid-range to set the final score at 88-73. Special mentions to Thomas Van De Vondel (194-F/G-80) with 23 points scored for the winning side and to Sam Semijejero with great stats on the losing side (7 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 steals and 21 points).
Score evolution: 23-25, 45-35, 68-57 and 88-73.
Best scorers:
Dragons: J. Jones 4, B. Heinle 15, R. Spaens 12, F. Lait 12, T. Van De Vondel 23, M. Van Gelder 4, L. Enobakhare 8, C. Tshimuanga 10.
Excelsior: X. Collette 2, N. Verrept 2, M. Depuydt 11, J. Van Haevermaet 4, G. De Pooter 9, L. Maesfrancx 4, J. De Schepper 18, R. Oveneke 2, S. Semijejero 21.

Belfius Mons Hainaut II vs. Sint-Jan Antwerp: 81-90 (after OT)

Sint-Jan comes back from the Borinage Region with a nice win. Efforts by Lorenzo Giancaterino (190-F/G-90) and Emmanuel Lecomte (175-G-95) were not enough to stop the Jantjes. SJBA's centers Bram Raes (211-C-86) and Mario Brown (202-F-84, college: Jacksonville) controlled the air in the last minutes of the game and, with Senne Geukens (190-G-83) as top-scorer, the visitors won the overtime 4-13. Sint-Jan will welcome CEP Fleurus at the Arenahal in Deurne at 20:45 next Saturday (2013-01-12, also the birthday of SJBA's coach Steve Cornelis ). As announced on Sint-Jan's website, it will be free entrance for all fans of basketball.
Score evolution: 16-16, 36-39, 62-58, 77-77 and 81-90.
Best scorers:
Mons Hainaut II: L. Giancaterino 32, E. Lecomte 20, L. Schwartz 5, A. Gorgemans 15, K. Tumba 9.
Sint-Jan: B. Raes 4, N. El Khounchar 17, A. Druwez 16, S. Geukens 34, L. Anthonis 2, V. Kesteloot 3, M. Brown 14.

CEP Fleurus vs. Point Chaud Sprimont: 64-74

There was a big difference of energy level in the last minutes of the game. Great shooting performance by Gaetan Hertay (195-F-88) from long range on the visitors' side. The Greens of Sprimont played without their experienced center Jerome Flagothier (210-C) last weekend. Gilles Vrancken (192-PF) felt particularly at ease last Friday at the Salle Andre Robert in Fleurus: he hit crucial shots in the last quarter to give his team a well-deserved win. 23 turnovers were recorded for the home team! The only CEP players who left a positive impression were Amaury Marion (196-F-91) and Louis Hazard (199-F-94). The CEP team was punished and invited to attend a training and running session at 7:00 am on Saturday morning. Another bad news for CEP Fleurus has also filtered lately: Anthony Chada (196-G/F-89), still annoyed by an injury, has decided to give up and quits playing for CEP F this season. Free video highlights on Telesambre:
Score evolution: 19-19, 34-33, 49-48 and 64-74.
Best scorers:
CEP F: A. Marion 19, C. Manzanza 3, L. Pourtoit 5, A. Chada 6, T. Bauwens 9, L. Hazard 2, S. Muric 6, C. Ilongo 14.
Sprimont: R. Delhaye 5, G. Vrancken 15, J.-B. Thome 5, G. Hertay 20, F. Manset 7, F. Delsaute 15, G. Donnay 7.

Gorremans' double-double lands him Top Division I Player of the Week award - 15 hours ago

31-year old swingman Mitchel Gorremans (191-F/G-85) had a great game in the last round for Soba and receives a Top Division I Player of the Week award for round 4. He had a double-double of 18 points and 12 rebounds, while his team outclassed Gistel Oostende (#9, 1-2) with 36-point margin 95-59. Soba is placed at 5th position in Belgian Top Division I. Soba need more victories to improve their 2-2 record. Gorremans turned to be Soba's top player in his first season with the...   [read more]

Jason Love
Jason Love (ex Limburg United) is a newcomer at TED Kolejliler - 3 days ago

Ronesans TED Kolejliler Ankara (BSL) strengthened their roster with addition of 29-year old American power forward Jason Love (206-120kg-87, college: Xavier). He played most recently at Limburg United in Belgian Euromillions League. In 24 games he recorded 10.0ppg and 4.3rpg last season. Love helped them to make it to the semifinals. He also played that season for Maccabi Kiryat Gat (Winner League) in Israel where in 10 games he averaged 6.4ppg and 7.7rpg. Among other achievements Love's...   [read more]

Nick Celis
Top Division I Round 4: Waregem loses their first game against Oxaco - 4 days ago

After 4 rounds played we can already see who rules in the Top Division I and who belongs to weaker ones. There was no lack of excitement in the last round games. The round ended with loss of the undefeated team, favorites losing the games and even winless team recording their first victory. The most crucial game of the last round was the first loss ofWaregem (3-1) in Boechout on Saturday night. Visitors were defeated by Oxaco (4-0) 86-77. It ended at the same time the three-game winning...   [read more]

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