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Belgium Internationally

Peter Buyse
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Top Division Women Standings
 1. Kangoeroes 7-0 
 2. Castors Braine 6-0 
 3. Sint Katelijne 6-1 
 4. Waregem 5-2 
 5. Belfius Namur 4-3 
 6. Liege 4-3 
 7. B.Willebroek 3-3 
 8. Deerlijk 2-4 
 9. Spirou Monceau 2-5 
 10. Jeugd Gentson 1-5 
 11. Laarne 0-7 
 12. Verviers-Pep. 0-7 
Full Standings
Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1 Olympiacos 2-0 
 2 TTT Riga 2-0 
 3 Besiktas 0-2 
 4 Gorzow Wlkp. 0-2 
Group B
 1 Mersin BSB 2-0 
 2 Good Angels 1-1 
 3 Enisey 1-1 
 4 MBK Ruzomb. 0-2 
Group C
 1 Udominate 2-0 
 2 Artego Bydg. 1-1 
 3 MBA 1-1 
 4 Sparta&K MR 0-2 
Group D
 1 Hatay 2-0 
 2 Piestanske C. 1-1 
 3 Energa Torun 1-1 
 4 Sf.Gheorghe 0-2 
Group E
 1 Sleza Wroclaw 2-0 
 2 Basket Gdynia 1-1 
 3 Istanbul Univ. 1-1 
 4 Abdullah Gul 0-2 
Group F
 1 Flammes 2-0 
 2 Keltern 1-1 
 3 Miskolc 1-1 
 4 PEAC-Pecs 0-2 
Group G
 1 Girona 2-0 
 2 Landes 1-1 
 3 Cegledi EKK 1-1 
 4 Gernika 0-2 
Group H
 1 Ragusa 2-0 
 2 Atomeromu 1-1 
 3 GDESSA 1-1 
 4 Nymburk 0-2 
Group I
 1 Venezia 2-0 
 2 Fribourg 1-1 
 3 Wasserburg 1-1 
 4 KP Brno 0-2 
Group J
 1 Belfius Namur 2-0 
 2 Hainaut 1-1 
 3 UNI Gyor 1-1 
 4 Nantes 0-2 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Jackie NARED
  Avg: 20.8
 1. Nared, Waregem20.8 
 2. Resimont, Sint K.20.6 
 3. Van-Driel, B.Willeb.19.8 
 4. Steinberga, Castors .19.3 
 5. Henket, Liege16.7 
 6. Williams, Belfius .16.6 
 7. Trahan-Davis, Castors .16.3 
 8. Raman, Kangoeroes16.0 
 9. Massey, Sint K.15.9 
 10. Massey, Sint K.15.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Jackie NARED
  Avg: 14.8
 1. Nared, Waregem14.8 
 2. Maes, Liege12.3 
 3. Massey, Sint K.8.4 
 4. Devliegher, Wareg.8.3 
 5. Steinberga, Castors .8.2 
 6. Starling, Kango.8.0 
 7. Day, Belfius Namur7.7 
 8. Henket, Liege7.7 
 9. Milic, Castors Braine7.6 
 10. Hendrickx, Belfius .7.3 
Assists Per Game
  Castors .
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Carpreaux, Castors .5.7 
 2. Raman, Kangoeroes4.0 
 3. Ortiz, Belfius Namur4.0 
 4. Ramette, Sint K.3.9 
 5. Devliegher, Wareg.3.9 
 6. Delaere, Castors .3.5 
 7. Meylemans, Kango.3.2 
 8. Putman, Laarne3.0 
 9. Van-Driel, B.Willeb.3.0 
 10. Ouardad, Verviers.2.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Devliegher, Wareg.2.9 
 2. Ortiz, Belfius Namur2.7 
 3. Delaere, Castors .2.3 
 4. Beeckmans, Laarne2.1 
 5. Ramette, Sint K.2.0 
 6. Celus, Waregem2.0 
 7. Van-Driel, B.Willeb.2.0 
 8. Adams, Kangoeroes1.9 
 9. Raman, Kangoeroes1.8 
 10. Beaurang, B.Willeb.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Sint K.
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Massey, Sint K.1.4 
 2. Aizsila, Waregem1.3 
 3. Beaurang, B.Willeb.1.2 
 4. Nared, Waregem1.2 
 5. Milic, Castors Braine1.0 
 6. Raman, Kangoeroes0.7 
 7. Ortiz, Belfius Namur0.6 
 8. Beeckmans, Laarne0.6 
 9. Massey, Sint K.0.6 
 10. Vesterberg, Belfius .0.6 

Play-Off bracket1
Next Round Schedule

Round 8 (Regular Season)

Deerlijk 71% Oct.29 Spirou Monce
Sint Katelij Oct.29 Kangoeroes 60%
B.Willebroek 74% Oct.29 Jeugd Gentso
Laarne 57% Oct.28 Verviers-Pep
Castors Brai 67% Oct.28 Waregem
Liege Oct.28 Belfius Namu 51%
Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Regular Season)

Group A
Besiktas 58% Oct.26 Gorzow Wlkp
Olympiacos 59% Oct.25 TTT Riga
Group B
Good Angels 94% Oct.25 MBK Ruzomb.
Mersin BSB 80% Oct.25 Enisey
Group C
MBA Oct.26 Udominate 76%
Sparta&K MR Oct.25 Artego Bydg 90%
Group D
Energa Torun Oct.26 Hatay 76%
Piestanske C 94% Oct.25 Sf.Gheorghe
Group E
Sleza Wrocla 80% Oct.26 Istanbul Uni
Abdullah Gul Oct.25 Bsk Gdynia 90%
Group F
Miskolc 56% Oct.25 Keltern
PEAC-Pecs Oct.25 Flammes 98%
Group G
Girona 80% Oct.26 Cegledi EKK
Landes 94% Oct.25 Gernika
Group H
Nymburk Oct.25 Ragusa 98%
Atomeromu 58% Oct.25 GDESSA
Group I
Fribourg 58% Oct.25 Wasserburg
Venezia 98% Oct.25 KP Brno
Group J
UNI Gyor Oct.26 Belfius Namu 76%
Nantes Oct.25 Hainaut 90%
Trahan-Davis' double-double lands her Player of the Week award - Feb 14, 2017

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31-year old center Celeste Trahan-Davis (186-C-85, agency: LBM Management) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for league's best team Castors Braine and receives a Player of the Week award for round 18.
She had a double-double of 26 points and 17 rebounds, while her team outclassed Jeugd Gentson (#9, 4-13) with 63-point margin 103-40. It allowed Castors Braine to consolidate first place in the Belgian Top Division Women. They maintain a perfect record without any lost game in the league. It's already very far into the season and Castors Braine keeps a perfect 18-0 record. In the team's last game Trahan-Davis had a remarkable 77.8% from 2-point range. She has many years of experience at Castors Braine, through which she has constantly improved. Elizabeth City State University graduate has very impressive stats this year. Trahan-Davis is league's best scorer averaging so far 21.1ppg and leads league in rebounds with 12.3rpg. Trahan-Davis is in league's top in and averages solid 66.3% FGP.

Second best performed player last round was Vicky McIntyre (201-C-92, agency: LBM Management) of Kangoeroes. She is American center in her first season at Kangoeroes. In the last game McIntyre recorded impressive double-double of 24 points and 16 rebounds. Of course she led Kangoeroes to another comfortable win outscoring the lower-ranked Oostende (#11, 3-13) 86-49. Kangoeroes' 5th position in the standings has not changed. Her team lost some distance to top teams. But 11-3 record is not bad and everything may still change. McIntyre is one of the most experienced players at Kangoeroes and has a reputation of one of team's most reliable players.

Third place about best performers goes to another Castors Braine's star - forward Kahleah Copper (185-F-94, agency: LBM Management). Copper scored 26 points and grabbed eight rebounds. She was another key player of Castors Braine, helping her team with a 103-40 easy win against the lower-ranked Jeugd Gentson (#9, 4-13). Castors Braine have amazing season winning all 18 games without a single defeat. Copper turns to be one of the very best players in the league while she is also a leader of the top team having her eyes on the championship title. Copper has a great season in Belgium. After 13 games, she made it on the list of the league's leaders in points with 18.2ppg (3rd best).

Other top performing players last week:
4. Laure Resimont (185-C-98) of Sint Katelijne - 23 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists
5. Sara Leemans (178-G/F-88) of Sint Katelijne - 24 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists
6. Annie Tarakchian (182-F-94) of Castors Braine - 15 points, 18 rebounds and 2 assists
7. Alexandra Stelfox (187-C-91) of Spirou Monceau - 23 points and 12 rebounds
8. Laura Henket (184-C-98) of Liege - 16 points and 8 rebounds
9. Becky Massey (186-G/F) of Sint Katelijne - 9 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists
10. Sofie Hendrickx (186-PF-86) of Belfius Namur - 17 points and 13 rebounds

The Player of the week is chosen based on efficiency calculation, but also including game result, importance of the game, if played recorded double-double/triple-double, etc.
The efficiency formula is a combination of various formulas used by different basketball organizations/leagues. We got involved many basketball scouts and journalists to assure it's accuracy.
The formula: 1.5*PTS + 3* (REB+AST+ST+BL-TO) - 2*BSAG - 4*PF + 3*PFRV + 4* (2FGPM+3FGPM) + 1.5*FTM - 3* (2FGPA-2FGPM) - 3* (3FGPA-3FGPM) - (FTA-FTM)   

Top Division Women Round 7: Belfius Namur lose to Castors Braine in the game between Top 4 teams - 1 day ago
The game between Top Four teams took place in Namur. 4th placed host Belfius Namur (4-3) lost to leader Castors Braine (6-0) 72-54. It ended at the same time the three-game winning streak of Belfius Namur. Castors Braine forced 19 Belfius Namur turnovers. It was a great evening for American center Celeste Trahan-Davis (186-85, college: Elizabeth City, agency: LBM Management) who led her team to a victory scoring 21 points and 8 rebounds. Latvian center Anete Steinberga (190-90, college: U...   [read more]

Waregem roster changes - 4 days ago
Declercq Stortbeton Waregem (Top Division Women) inked 28-year old American guard Shaqwedia Wallace (175-89, college: Temple, agency: LBM Management). She played the 16-17 season at Angers - Union Feminine Basket 49 in French LFB league. In 27 games she averaged 14.4ppg, 2.9rpg, 1.4apg and 1.5spg last season. The previous (15-16) season Wallace played at Uniao Sportiva in Portuguese Liga Feminina where in 25 games she had very impressive stats: 15.4ppg, 5.2rpg, 2.9apg and 2.2spg. She help...   [read more]

Briana Day
Day's 24 points give her Player of the Week award - 6 days ago
22-year old center Briana Day (193-C-95, agency: LBM Management) had an amazing evening in the last round for Belfius Namur and receives a Player of the Week award for round 6. She had the game-high 24 points adding five rebounds for Belfius Namur in her team's victory, helping them to outclass, the league's bottom-ranked team Laarne (#11, 0-6) with 30-point margin 99-69. Belfius Namur maintains the 4th position in Belgian Top Division Women. They would have been even bette...   [read more]

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