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Jun 28: Chengdu (CHN): FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2017 starts
Jun 30: Tarragona (ESP): Mediterranean Games starts
Jul 1: Cairo (EGY) (WCU19): World Champ.s U19 starts
Jul 7: Amsterdam (NED): FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup 2017 starts
Jul 7: Nicosia, Cyprus (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 Div.C starts
Jul 14: Oradea, Romania (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 Div.B starts
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Division Standings
Liga 6
 1. Igokea 9-1 
 2. Bosna-Royal 7-3 
 3. Zrinjski HT 5-5 
 4. Sloboda Tuzla 5-5 
 5. Spars Sarajevo 3-7 
 6. Kakanj 1-9 
Places 7-13
 1. Siroki Primorka 6-2 
 2. Leotar 4-4 
 3. Gradjanski 4-4 
 4. Mladost 3-5 
 5. Bosnjak 3-5 
Stage One Standings
Season 2016-2017
List of Players
List of Imports
Bosnia and Herzegovina men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
 Adriatic League:
Division I Stage One Standings
 1. Bosna-Royal 14-4 
 2. Sloboda Tuzla 12-6 
 3. Spars Sarajevo 11-7 
 4. Zrinjski HT 11-7 
 5. Kakanj 10-8 
 6. Siroki Primorka 7-11 
 7. Leotar 7-11 
 8. Gradjanski 7-11 
 9. Bosnjak 6-12 
 10. Mladost 5-13 
Play in international cups:
 1. Igokea

Igokea roll past Bosna-Royal for Cup title (Photo:
Player of the week

     Obrad Tomic
    Points Per Game
     Drasko KNEZEVIC
      Avg: 18.8
     1. Knezevic, Zrinjski.18.8 
     2. Tuljkovic, Bosnjak18.3 
     3. Kovacevic, Spars S.17.2 
     4. Jovanovic, Spars S.16.7 
     5. Djurasovic, Zrinjski.15.8 
     6. Negovanovic, Gradj.15.7 
     7. Pelkic, Leotar15.4 
     8. Robinson, Igokea15.1 
     9. Hasandic, Sloboda .14.6 
     10. Stanojevic, Mlado.14.3 
    Rebounds Per Game
     Obrad TOMIC
      Avg: 9.8
     1. Tomic, Kakanj9.8 
     2. Kastropil, Siroki P.8.7 
     3. Markovic, Gradj.8.3 
     4. Pelkic, Leotar7.8 
     5. Stanojevic, Mlado.7.6 
     6. Djurasovic, Zrinjski.7.4 
     7. Marojevic, Gradj.7.1 
     8. Milosevic, Igokea6.8 
     9. Kadic, Bosnjak6.8 
     10. Karacic, Siroki P.6.7 
    Assists Per Game
     Jan MOCNIK
      Siroki P.
      Avg: 8.3
     1. Mocnik, Siroki P.8.3 
     2. Knezevic, Zrinjski.5.4 
     3. Princ, Zrinjski HT4.9 
     4. Fekete, Leotar4.6 
     5. Luzajic, Leotar4.0 
     6. Dovadzija, Bosnjak3.9 
     7. Aleksic, Mladost3.9 
     8. Robinson, Igokea3.8 
     9. Zahiragic, Spars S.3.7 
     10. Vasiljevic, Bosna-Ro.3.7 
    Steals Per Game
     Drasko KNEZEVIC
      Avg: 2.4
     1. Knezevic, Zrinjski.2.4 
     2. Tuljkovic, Bosnjak1.9 
     3. Brown, Sloboda .1.9 
     4. Mocnik, Siroki P.1.7 
     5. Princ, Zrinjski HT1.6 
     6. Dreznjak, Siroki P.1.4 
     7. Samadan, Zrinjski.1.4 
     8. Milosevic, Igokea1.4 
     9. Kovacevic, Spars S.1.3 
     10. Radivojevic, Igokea1.3 
    Blocks Per Game
     Franko KASTROPIL
      Siroki P.
      Avg: 1.1
     1. Kastropil, Siroki P.1.1 
     2. Karacic, Siroki P.1.0 
     3. Sturanovic, Bosna-Ro.0.9 
     4. Brummitt, Zrinjski.0.9 
     5. Pelkic, Leotar0.8 
     6. Rikic, Igokea0.7 
     7. Radmilovic, Leotar0.7 
     8. Marojevic, Gradj.0.6 
     9. Tomic, Kakanj0.6 
     10. Milosevic, Gradjanski0.6 

    BC Igokea Aleksandrovac wins the Bosnia and Herzegovina Division I 2016-2017 title (Photo:

    BC Igokea Aleksandrovac 2016-17
    Dragan Bajic Dragan Bajic Bajic
    James Robinson
    Vuk Radivojevic
    Djordje Milosevic
    Blaz Mahkovic
    Drasko Albijanic
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    8  Robinson James 190 (6'3'') PG 94 USA
    18  Radivojevic Vuk 196 (6'5'') G 83 Serbia
    13  Milosevic Djordje 199 (6'7'') SG 93 Serbia
    21  Mahkovic Blaz 201 (6'7'') F 90 Slovenia
    15  Albijanic Drasko 211 (6'11'') C 86 Bosnia
    16  Sibalic Danilo 202 (6'8'') F 88 Serbia
    7  Pesakovic Nikola 193 (6'4'') G 91 Serbia
    4  Micovic Strahinja 205 (6'9'') F 92 Serbia
    3  Pasajlic Miroslav 190 (6'3'') G 95 Serbia
    33  Rikic Robert 219 (7'2'') C 90 Croatia Bosnia
     Glogovac Stefan 205 (6'9'') F 94 Bosnia
    5  Talic Darko 198 (6'6'') SF 98 Bosnia
    Head Coach: Dragan Bajic All-Bosnia and Herzegovina League Awards 2017 - May 27, 2017 All-Bosnia and Herzegovina League 1st Team 2017
    James Robinson
    Drasko Knezevic
    Maksim Kovacevic
    Bojan Pelkic
    Maksim Sturanovic

    Finals MVP: James Robinson (190-PG-94) of Igokea
    Player of the Year: Drasko Knezevic (186-PG-93) of Zrinjski HT
    Guard of the Year: Drasko Knezevic (186-PG-93) of Zrinjski HT
    Forward of the Year: Maksim Kovacevic (196-G-87) of Spars Sarajevo
    Center of the Year: Maksim Sturanovic (209-C-88) of Bosna-Royal
    Domestic Player of the Year: Drasko Knezevic (186-PG-93) of Zrinjski HT
    Import Player of the Year: James Robinson (190-PG-94) of Igokea
    Bosman Player of the Year: Jan Mocnik (178-PG-87) of Siroki Primorka
    Defensive Player of the Year: Zeljko Palavra (194-F/G-82) of Kakanj
    Best Young Player of the Year: Djordje Aleksic (187-PG-97) of Mladost
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Adi Zahiragic (187-PG-95) of Spars Sarajevo
    Coach of the Year: Dusan Gvozdic of Bosna-Royal

    1st Team
    PG: James Robinson (190-PG-94) of Igokea
    PG: Drasko Knezevic (186-PG-93) of Zrinjski HT
    G: Maksim Kovacevic (196-G-87) of Spars Sarajevo
    F: Bojan Pelkic (204-F-83) of Leotar
    C: Maksim Sturanovic (209-C-88) of Bosna-Royal

    2nd Team
    G: Vojin Svilar (187-G-86) of Kakanj
    SG: Almir Hasandic (191-SG-90) of Sloboda Tuzla
    SG: Djordje Milosevic (199-SG-93) of Igokea
    F: Bozo Djurasovic (200-F-87) of Zrinjski HT
    C: Obrad Tomic (206-C-93) of Kakanj

    3rd Team
    PG: Jan Mocnik (178-PG-87) of Siroki Primorka
    SF: Vladimir Djordjevic (201-SF) of Bosna-Royal
    SF: Goran Ikonic (196-SF-80) of Bosna-Royal
    F/G: Zeljko Palavra (194-F/G-82) of Kakanj
    C: Franko Kastropil (212-C-84) of Siroki Primorka

    Honorable Mention
    Mujo Tuljkovic (202-F-79) of Bosnjak
    Zlatko Jovanovic (181-PG-84) of Spars Sarajevo
    Ibrahim Durmo (201-F/C-97) of Spars Sarajevo
    Vojin Svilar (187-G-86) of Kakanj
    Bojan Stanojevic (203-C-88) of Mladost
    Bozo Djumic (208-C/F-92) of Sloboda Tuzla
    Danilo Negovanovic (194-F/G-88) of Gradjanski
    Ivan Karacic (202-C-96) of Siroki Primorka
    Vedran Princ (191-PG-82) of Zrinjski HT
    Haris Delalic (202-SF-94) of Bosna-Royal

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Drasko Knezevic (186-PG-93) of Zrinjski HT
    SG: Almir Hasandic (191-SG-90) of Sloboda Tuzla
    F/G: Zeljko Palavra (194-F/G-82) of Kakanj
    F: Bojan Pelkic (204-F-83) of Leotar
    C: Obrad Tomic (206-C-93) of Kakanj

    Igokea celebrate League title - May 21, 2017

    Igokea - Bosna-Royal 96-72

    Igokea celebrated the Bosnian League title. They crushed Bosna-Royal to claim the trophy. The game was mostly controlled by Igokea. Bosna-Royal managed to win fourth quarter 25-17. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. They made 26-of-34 free shots (76.5 percent) during the game. Igokea had a 29-18 advantage in offensive rebounds. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 24 assists. 28 personal fouls committed by Bosna-Royal helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Serbian Djordje Milosevic (199-93) stepped up and scored 13 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists for the winners and American point guard James Robinson (190-94, college: Pittsburgh) chipped in 17 points and 7 assists. Four Igokea players scored in double figures. Serbian center Ljubomir Campara (205-93, agency: AproK Sports Group) responded with 12 points and 8 rebounds and the former international guard Marko Josilo (200-92) scored 14 points and 5 rebounds. The winner was already known earlier in the game, so both coaches allowed to play the bench players saving starting five for next games.
    Top scorers:
    Igokea: J.Robinson 17+4reb+7ast, D.Milosevic 13+8reb+8ast, B.Mahkovic 13+3reb, D.Albijanic 12+6reb+2ast, R.Rikic 12+4reb, M.Pasajlic 9+1reb+1ast
    Bosna-Royal: M.Josilo 14+5reb+1ast, L.Campara 12+8reb, G.Ikonic 11+1reb, A.Sokolovic 9+3reb+5ast, V.Djordjevic 8+4reb+2ast, E.Residovic 6+2reb+2ast
    gschID: 546985

    Igokea roll past Bosna-Royal for Cup title - Feb 19, 2017

    Igokea - Bosna-Royal 79:67

    Igokea claimed the Bosnian Cup title. They overcame Bosna-Royal in the title clash tonight. Danilo Sibalic (202-F-88, agency: BeoBasket) accounted for 17 points and 6 boards for the winners.
    Igokea got to a quick start. They poured in 30 points in the first period to take a 13-point lead. Bosna-Royal narrowed the gap in the second frame. They slowed Igokea and cut the deficit at 6-point mark 34:40. However Igokea got back into the driver's seat in the third term. They ignited a 25:12 run to secure a 19-point lead at the final intermission. Bosna-Royal tried to put up a comeback run in the fourth frame but Igokea held on to the lead and rallied to the win. James Robinson (190-PG-94, college: Pittsburgh) and Vuk Radivojevic (196-G-83) added 12 points each for Igokea. Sasa Vasiljevic (183-PG-79, agency: BeoBasket) answered with 19 points for Bosna-Royal. Maksim Sturanovic (209-C-88, agency: 011 Sports) had 16 points in the loss.

    Igokea: Danilo Sibalic 17, James Robinson 12, Vuk Radivojevic 12
    Bosna-Royal: Sasa Vasiljevic 19, Maksim Sturanovic 16

    by Igor
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