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Division Standings
 1. Kakanj 1-0 
 2. Siroki Primorka 1-0 
 3. Spars Sarajevo 1-0 
 4. Vogosca 1-0 
 5. Zrinjski HT 1-0 
 6. Sloboda Tuzla 0-0 
 7. Bosna-Royal 0-1 
 8. Bosnjak 0-1 
 9. Mladost 0-1 
 10. Radnik B. 0-1 
 11. Student M. 0-1 
Play in international cups:
 1. Igokea
Full Standings
Division II Standings
1. Liga RS
 1. Radnik B. 21-5 
 2. Sutjeska 19-7 
 3. Prijedor 17-9 
 4. Sokolac 17-9 
 5. Rogatica 15-11 
 6. Student BL 14-12 
 7. HEO 13-13 
 8. Borac BL 12-14 
 9. Slavija 12-14 
 10. Varda HE 12-14 
 11. Rudar 11-15 
 12. Kozara 9-17 
 13. Bratunac 8-18 
 14. Teslic 2-24 
A1 Liga FBIH
 1. Vogosca 16-4 
 2. Burch 16-4 
 3. Gradina S. 16-4 
 4. Igman 13-7 
 5. Celik 9-11 
 6. Turbina 9-11 
 7. Donji Vakuf 8-12 
 8. Travnik 8-12 
 9. Iskra Bugojno 7-13 
 10. Lukavac 5-15 
 11. Gradina T. 3-17 
A1 Liga KSHB
 1. Student M. 15-2 
 2. Posusje 15-3 
 3. Grude 14-4 
 4. Siroki II 14-4 
 5. Tomislav 13-6 
 6. Capljina 9-8 
 7. Zrinjski II 6-12 
 8. Livno 5-13 
 9. Novi 4-12 
 10. Brotnjo 1-16 
 11. Busovaca 1-17 
ABA League Standings
 1 Buducnost 3-1 
 2 Crvena Zvezda 3-1 
 3 FMP 2-2 
 4 Cibona 2-2 
 5 Olimpija 2-2 
 6 Partizan NIS 2-2 
 7 Mega Bemax 2-2 
 8 Cedevita 2-2 
 9 Igokea 2-2 
 10 MZT Skopje 2-2 
 11 Mornar Bar 1-3 
 12 Zadar 1-3 
 13 Borac 0-0 
 14 Bosna-Royal 0-0 
 15 Dynamic BG 0-0 
 16 KK Primorska 0-0 
 17 Krka 0-0 
 18 Lovcen 0-0 
 19 Ohrid AV 0-0 
 20 Rogaska 0-0 
 21 Split 0-0 
 22 Teodo Tivat 0-0 
 23 Vrsac 0-0 
 24 Zrinjski HT 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 25
 1. Negovanovic, Kakanj25.0 
 2. Naletilic, Siroki P.20.0 
 3. Knezevic, Mladost18.0 
 4. Josipovic, Spars S.18.0 
 5. Sokolovic, Zrinjski.17.0 
 6. Jovanovic, Radnik B.17.0 
 7. Mijovic, Mladost16.0 
 8. Majic, Mladost16.0 
 9. Dumic, Mladost15.0 
 10. Princ, Zrinjski HT15.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 13
 1. Markovic, Stude.13.0 
 2. Pavlovic, Radnik B.11.0 
 3. Majic, Mladost9.0 
 4. Loncar, Siroki P.9.0 
 5. Gudic, Student M.9.0 
 6. Jovanovic, Radnik B.8.0 
 7. Bajramovic, Spars S.8.0 
 8. Ljujic, Zrinjski HT7.0 
 9. Dzelmo, Bosna-Ro.7.0 
 10. Dubelj, Student M.7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Filip DUMIC
  Avg: 10
 1. Dumic, Mladost10.0 
 2. Mikulic, Siroki P.7.0 
 3. Ross, Student M.6.0 
 4. Princ, Zrinjski HT6.0 
 5. Ramljak, Zrinjski.5.0 
 6. Knezevic, Bosna-Ro.4.0 
 7. Pasajlic, Bosna-Royal4.0 
 8. Dzelmo, Bosna-Ro.3.0 
 9. Naletilic, Siroki P.3.0 
 10. Palavra, Kakanj3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Vedran PRINC
  Zrinjski HT
  Avg: 5
 1. Princ, Zrinjski HT5.0 
 2. Ramljak, Zrinjski.5.0 
 3. Kaludjerovic, Radnik B.4.0 
 4. Durmo, Spars S.4.0 
 5. Saric, Radnik B.4.0 
 6. Knezevic, Mladost3.0 
 7. Naletilic, Siroki P.3.0 
 8. Rogic, Spars S.3.0 
 9. Colak, Siroki P.2.0 
 10. Stepanovic, Spars S.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 4
 1. Ramljak, Zrinjski.4.0 
 2. Pavlovic, Radnik B.2.0 
 3. Gudic, Student M.2.0 
 4. Buza, Kakanj2.0 
 5. Ljujic, Zrinjski HT1.0 
 6. Milicevic, Zrinjski.1.0 
 7. Kovacevic, Spars S.1.0 
 8. Palavra, Kakanj1.0 
 9. Merdanovic, Kakanj1.0 
 10. Basic, Spars S.1.0 

Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

FMP 65% Oct.23 Zadar
MZT Skopje 55% Oct.23 Cibona
Cedevita Oct.22 Crvena Zvezd 65%
Buducnost 67% Oct.21 Mega Bemax
Olimpija 77% Oct.21 Mornar Bar
Partizan NI 58% Oct.21 Igokea
How does Ivica Dukan survive year after year for the Chicago Bulls? - Feb 18, 2017

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How does Ivica Dukan survive year after year for the Chicago Bulls?

The bio of Ivica shows he has been with the Bulls organization for 25 years scouting international players and occasionally scouting in the US in colleges and the NBA. He's a man who was with the team through the Bulls dynasty years under Jerry Krause and a man who has survived the regimes since then. The Bulls organization are known for their loyalty sometimes over competence and no one represents this more than Dukan who has survived years, hard times and multiple regime changes.

His son Duje Dukcan was a non-descript role player for the Wisconsin Badgers coming off the bench mostly as a college player. After college he played in Croatia before that didn't pan out for him. The fact that he wasn't able to cut it in the low level Croatian League didn't prevent the Bulls from signing him to their D-League affiliate where he currently resides, working for an organization known to put friendships and relationships before competency.

He's often credited with discovering Toni Kukoc but this is very misleading, by the time Kukoc was selected in the second round of the 1990 draft by the Bulls he was already established as one of the best talents in Europe. Kukoc was known as the European Magic Johnson and was a bright light in European basketball. The only problem still existing at that point was how much European players wanted to come to the NBA and take on that challenge in their career. Moving to the NBA in 1990 still meant abandoning your home countries international representation, something few where willing or able to do at that point. The story goes that Dukan was instrumental in the Bulls signing Kukoc because of the relationship between him and his fellow countryman.

Dukan's record of scouting and the Bulls results of drafting European players have not been good over the years. The team has missed on almost all of their European picks and one of the few bright spots was the forgettable Kornel David who played a key role on some of the worst teams in Bulls history. Andres Nocioni who was a nice role player as the Bulls finally re-established themselves in the mid-2000s after years of poor play and lottery selections. Again in the case of Nocioni he was well established as one of the best players in Europe when he came to the NBA so he deserves little credit for signing a player of his caliber. The case for Dukan is made worse when you consider that he wasn't the director of international scouting when the Bulls selected Kukoc in 1990.

A review of the international players the Bulls have drafted in the last 25 years…

2 (31) 1995 Dragan Tarlac: The Bulls finally select an international player after years of passing on players like Predrag Danilovic and Zeljko Rebraca, players that should have been well known considering they played in his former homeland of Yugoslavia. Tarlac was an absolute failure for the Bulls. Too stiff, un-athletic and unskilled he was obviously not up to being an NBA player. He finally came to the NBA in 2001 and averaged 14mpg 2.4ppg 2.8rbpg while shooting 39.4% from the field. PGs Tyus Edney and Eric Snow as well as current Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg were picked in the draft after the Bulls selected Tarlac.

2 (57) 1997 Robert Duenes: The Bulls embrace of un-athletic players extends to its international drafting. Duenes was a 218cm center who was stiff and lacking physical skills that had a non-descript European career mostly coming off the bench for his teams in Spain. He never made it to the NBA.

1 (24) 2000 Dalibor Bagaric: We have a pattern immerging here. Bagaric couldn't play at all, not only was he an embarrassment in the NBA he was a minor role player in Europe. He played 3 years in the NBA, his best year he averaged 3.7ppg 40.4% from the field and played awful defense. Picked behind him where former Yugoslavians Marko Jaric and Primoz Brezec both who went on to have long NBA careers.

1 (13) 2006 Thabo Sefolasha : He turned into a solid pro who has had a long NBA career as a role player. Kyle Lowry and Rajon Rondo where both available that year but the Bulls didn't have a great need at PG at that time.

2 (36) 2008 Omer Asik: He was a key part of the Bulls bench mob for the Bulls. After the front office guaranteed they would match any offers, they didn't and let him walk to the Rockets for no compensation. The Rockets eventually flipped him for an unprotected first round pick from the Pelicans.

1 (17) 2010 Kevin Saraphin: a non-descript role player who bounced around the NBA who was moved along with Kirk Hinrich for cap space… Immediately picked after him was Eric Bledsoe and Avery Bradley.

1 (16) Jusuf Nurkic: Bulls drafted Nurkic and Gary Harris and immediately traded them for the rights to Doug McDermott who has not exactly panned out for the Bulls. Players available when the Bulls drafted where Dario Saric, Zach LaVine, Clint Capela, Bojan Bogdanovic to name a few, all better options for the team.

2 (48) Paul Zipser: A player the Bulls are high on but once again appears to be a low ceiling, low floor type of a player who is likely to never to develop into anything more than a role player in the NBA.

Some of the international players the Bulls missed on over those years included Manu Ginobili, Gordan Giricek, Mehmet Okur, ZaZa Pachulia, Goran Dragic, Rudy Gobert to name just a few…

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