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NBL Standings
 1. Lukoil Academik 25-3 
 2. Levski Sofia 23-5 
 3. Tundja Yambol 18-10 
 4. Rilski Sportist 17-11 
 5. Cherno More 10-18 
 6. Balkan 9-19 
 7. Spartak Pleven 7-21 
 8. Chernomorets 3-25 
Points Per Game
  Levski S.
  Avg: 20.6
 1. Harper, Levski S.20.6 
 2. Durchev, Tundja Y.18.4 
 3. Stankov, Spartak17.2 
 4. Yanev, Cherno More17.1 
 5. Pavlovski, Chernom.16.1 
 6. Ofoegbu, Tundja Y.15.9 
 7. Govedarov, Tundja15.9 
 8. Mirkovic, Rilski S.15.0 
 9. Vukosavljevi., Ril.14.9 
 10. Dunovic, Chernomo.14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Levski Sofia
  Avg: 10
 1. Evtimov, Levski So.10.0 
 2. Pavlovski, Chernom.9.8 
 3. Ofoegbu, Tundja Y.8.9 
 4. Yanev, Cherno More8.6 
 5. Gugino, Tundja Y.7.6 
 6. Todorov, Spartak6.8 
 7. Petkov, Tundja Y.6.1 
 8. Georgiev, Levski S.6.0 
 9. Sundov, Lukoil A.5.9 
 10. Marintchechk., Ba.5.9 
Assists Per Game
 Brandon HEATH
  Lukoil A.
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Heath, Lukoil A.5.8 
 2. Dyakovski, Sparta.5.8 
 3. Radionov, Tundja Y.5.0 
 4. Mirkovic, Rilski S.4.8 
 5. Aleksiev, Cherno M.4.3 
 6. Howell, Levski Sof.3.7 
 7. Avramov, Lukoil A.3.5 
 8. Hall, Levski Sofia3.5 
 9. Filipov, Balkan3.4 
 10. Durchev, Tundja Y.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Brandon HEATH
  Lukoil A.
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Heath, Lukoil A.2.2 
 2. Radionov, Tundja Y.2.0 
 3. Roshmanov, Cherno.1.9 
 4. Harper, Levski S.1.9 
 5. Gugino, Tundja Y.1.8 
 6. Zahariev, Rilski S.1.8 
 7. Howell, Levski Sof.1.8 
 8. Dunovic, Chernomo.1.8 
 9. Marinov, Balkan1.7 
 10. Filipov, Balkan1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Tundja Y.
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Gugino, Tundja Y.1.3 
 2. Pavlovski, Chernom.1.0 
 3. Banev, Lukoil A.1.0 
 4. Ofoegbu, Tundja Y.0.9 
 5. Petkov, Tundja Y.0.8 
 6. Sundov, Lukoil A.0.7 
 7. Martin, Balkan0.7 
 8. Iliev, Cherno More0.6 
 9. Aleksov, Chernomo.0.6 
 10. Gocevski, Tundja0.6 
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

Lukoil wins the Cup again! (Photo: Lukoil)
Bulgarian men teams in Euro cups 2011-2012
  • Lukoil Academik: beat BK Prostejov (CZE) in the Qualifying Round, took 4th (last) place (2-4) in Group D of Regular Season
 Balkan League:
  • Levski Sofia: took 1st place (10-0) in Group B, lost to Galil Gilboa (ISR) 84-89 in the Final (!!!)
  • Rilski Sportist: took 3rd place (6-4) in Group A, lost to Hapoel T-A (ISR) 1-2 in the Quarterfinals

Lukoil Academik Sofia wins the Bulgarian NBL 2011-2012 title (Photo:

Lukoil Academik Sofia 2011-12
Marin Dokuzovski Marin Dokuzovski Dokuzovski
Andre Owens
Brandon Heath
Veselin Veselinov
Tencho Banev
Bozhidar Avramov
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
20  Owens Andre 193 (6'4'') G 80 USA Bulgaria
4  Heath Brandon 193 (6'4'') G 84 USA
24  Veselinov Veselin 201 (6'7'') F 83 Bulgaria
14  Banev Tencho 209 (6'10'') C 80 Bulgaria
10  Avramov Bozhidar 196 (6'5'') G 90 Bulgaria
11  Marinov Pavel 197 (6'6'') G 88 Bulgaria
22  Mack Lamont 201 (6'7'') F 87 USA
30  Stojanovski Damjan 197 (6'6'') F 87 FYR Macedonia
41  Sundov Bruno 221 (7'3'') C 80 Croatia
15  Stoykov Todor 198 (6'6'') G/F 77 Bulgaria
8  Minkov Kris 197 (6'6'') F 94 Bulgaria
9  Runyov Ivan 187 (6'2'') G/F 92 Bulgaria
Head Coach: Marin Dokuzovski All-Bulgarian League Awards 2011-12 - Jun 1, 2012 All-Bulgarian League 1st Team 2012
Brandon Heath
Julian Radionov
Aaron Harper
Aleksandar Yanev
John Ofoegbu

Player of the Year: Brandon Heath (193-G-84) of Lukoil Academik
Guard of the Year: Aaron Harper (199-G/F-81) of Levski Sofia
Forward of the Year: Aleksandar Yanev (203-F-90) of Cherno More
Center of the Year: John Ofoegbu (206-C-84) of Tundja Yambol
Most Improved Player of the Year: Bozhidar Avramov (196-G-90) of Lukoil Academik
Newcomer of the Year: Stanimir Marinov (191-G-91) of Balkan
Bosman Player of the Year: Kiril Pavlovski (210-C-85) of Chernomorets
Import Player of the Year: Brandon Heath (193-G-84) of Lukoil Academik
Domestic Player of the Year: Aleksandar Yanev (203-F-90) of Cherno More
Defensive Player of the Year: John Ofoegbu (206-C-84) of Tundja Yambol
Coach of the Year: Ivan Cholakov of Tundja Yambol

1st Team
G: Brandon Heath (193-84) of Lukoil Academik
G: Julian Radionov (188-79) of Tundja Yambol
G/F: Aaron Harper (199-81) of Levski Sofia
F: Aleksandar Yanev (203-90) of Cherno More
C: John Ofoegbu (206-84) of Tundja Yambol

2nd Team
G: Bozhidar Avramov (196-90) of Lukoil Academik
G: Stanislav Govedarov (185-80) of Tundja Yambol
G: Martin Durchev (200-87) of Tundja Yambol
F: Lamont Mack (201-87) of Lukoil Academik
C/F: Vasil Evtimov (207-77) of Levski Sofia

Honorable Mention
Stanimir Marinov (191-G-91) of Balkan
Dimitar Anguelov (203-SF-79) of Levski Sofia
Damjan Stojanovski (197-F-87) of Lukoil Academik
Kiril Pavlovski (210-C-85) of Chernomorets
Ilia Stankov (198-F-76) of Spartak Pleven
Nikolay Kolev (204-F/C-88) of Cherno More
Simeon Iliev (202-F-89) of Cherno More
Tihomir Zhelev (192-G-90) of Cherno More
Marcus Hall (185-G-85) of Levski Sofia
Branko Mirkovic (190-G-82) of Rilski Sportist
Filip Vukosavljevic (205-F/C-83) of Rilski Sportist

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Bozhidar Avramov (196-90) of Lukoil Academik
G: Julian Radionov (188-79) of Tundja Yambol
G: Stanislav Govedarov (185-80) of Tundja Yambol
F: Aleksandar Yanev (203-90) of Cherno More
SF: Dimitar Anguelov (203-79) of Levski Sofia

All-Imports Team
G: Brandon Heath (193-84) of Lukoil Academik
G/F: Aaron Harper (199-81) of Levski Sofia
F: Lamont Mack (201-87) of Lukoil Academik
C: Kiril Pavlovski (210-85) of Chernomorets
C: John Ofoegbu (206-84) of Tundja Yambol

Lukoil Academic is champion of Bulgaria for 10 consecutive time - May 27, 2012

Once again, Lukoil Academic is the champion in Bulgaria. For tenth consecutive time they finished on top. This time tey beat Levski by the score 87-82 in game 3 of the final and closed the series at 3-0. 'The Blues' played a strong game, at one time even leading by 9 points in the third quarter, but at the end the luck was on the Lukoil side who ended on top once again. With this success Lukoil Academic is champions of the country while Levski finished second. Levski played three finals this year and in all three finished second after a strong performance.

The first ten minutes of the match were very equal and the first part ended with score 21-20 for Lukoil Academic. Shortly after the beginning of the second quarter they were able to break ahead by 5 points, but thereafter strong Levski regained the lead to 33-32. Logically at the half time break the game was even at 42 apiece.

Minutes before the end of the third difference was 9 points - 60-51 for Levski, but Lukoil cut it to only 3 points before the start of last quarter - 60-57. The guests had their best minutes in the beginning of the last quarter. However Levski responded with a series of 8-0, with 6 points by Hrisimir Dimitrov. In the closing minutes lack chance couldn't do a favor for Levski while Lukoil Academic hit very important shots to get a third and last victory in the championship - 82-87 for the visitors.

For Levski top scorer with 22 points was Aaron Harper. Chavdar Kostov added 13 and Vasco Evtimov scored 11 points.

Brandon Heath (193-G-84, college: San Diego St.) was the most productive player from Lukoil Academic with 25 points.

Levski one shot away of winning the Cup, Lukoil got it once again - Feb 19, 2012

Levski was one shot away of winning the Cup of Bulgaria in Samokov for the season 2011/12. In an extraordinary match, 'Blues' had a several chances to get a win against a big rival Lukoil Academic, but at the end lost by two points difference 81-83. Same as the game in in 2011 the two teams have made a unique finish, and finally with a great deal of happiness and the obvious referee support in the second half Lukoil Academic once again is the winner of the Cup.

Already in the first minutes of the meeting the two teams played a very high level, exchanging the lead few times and tie the score in the final minute of the first ten, 19-19. However both Lukoil and Levski missed few good chances before two free throws by Damjan Stojanovski gave advance of 21-19 for Lukoil, while Jarrett Howell has failed to do the best in the final shot in favor of 'blues' .

Levski made a series of 9-0 in the middle of the second quarter and led by 38-30. By the end of first half, however with few three point shots of Bruno Sundov Lukoil Academic brought the score down to 1 point. Basket at the end of second quarter by Aaron Harper showed 42-39 for Levski at the break.

Brandon Heath (193-G-84, college: San Diego St.) and Lamont Mack had 10 apiece in the first half, while Harper was the best scorer for Levski with 11 points.

Thanks to the big fighter Vasil Evtimov Levski managed to keep ahead in the early stages of second half, but once again two shots each behind the line by Mack and Sundov got them back in the game. Eventually Lukoil Academic put more points in the board of that third quarter but that was not only thanks to their players but by the officials in the game Lukoil Academic amazingly didnt get any fouls by the referees in the third quarter despite playing very tough defense as usual. That is how at the end of third quarter the result of 61-57 was already in favor of Lukoil Academic.

Lukoil led up to the middle of last quarter, but Levski players showed character and leveled to 68-68 with just 5.13 minutes before the end of game. Just a minute before the end of Heath scored 80-76, and then Aaron Harper was fouled, but managed to score only one free throw. In the counter-attack Lamont Mack made a turnover, Marcus Hall stole and finished to get his team back to only a point of difference in favor of Lukoil, 32.8 seconds remaining. The ball was for Lukoil, but Andre Owens throwed the ball away and Levski had their opportunity. In the first attack for Levski, Hrisimir Dimitrov failed to score as was fouled by Sundov and Levski didnt get the call, then Jarrett Howell missed his chance to be a hero with wide open shot behind the 3 point line. Bojidar Avramov took the rebound and was fouled, and succeeded in his second attempt from the line - 81-79 for Lukoil with 10.8 seconds remaining. In the last attack for Levski Harper was fouled, but he missed both free throws. Brandon Heath was succesfull from the charity stripe before Pavel Ivanov fix the final score - 83-81.

Aaron Harper scored 16 for Levski, Vasco Evtimov finished with a fantastic 14 points and 17 rebounds, but that didnt help the team to get the Cup.

Brandon Heath scored 31 points and handled six assists, Mack added 18 and Sundov finished with 14.

Turkish Airlines beat Toyota in HDI All-Star Games - Apr 8, 2012

Toyota- Turkish Airlines 107:110

Turkish Airlines beat Toyota in HDI All-Star Games that was played on Sofia last night. Aaron Harper (199-G/F-81, agency: Strategic Sports, college: Mississippi) was named MVP of the game. Just a reminder that Dennis Rodman (204-F-61, college: SE Oklahoma) was present in the game as a special guest of the event.
Toyota made 68.97% from the field, while Turkish Airlines had 63.93%. The latter had a better percentage from the three-point line as they had 34.48% against 30%. Turkish Airlines made 43 Total Rebounds in comparison with 34 of Toyota.
Martin Durchev (200-G-87) top-scored for the winners with 18 points and Bozhidar Avramov (196-G-90, agency: Interperformances) netted 15. Dimitar Anguelov (203-SF-79, agency: Interperformances) notched 13, while Marcus Hall (185-G-85, college: Colorado) added 12. Andre Owens (193-G-80, college: Houston) ended up with 27 points in the losing effort and Aaron Harper posted 25. Brandon Heath (193-G-84, college: San Diego St.) and Pavel Marinov (197-G-88, agency: Interperformances) followed them with 9 points apiece.

Toyota: Andre Owens 27, Aaron Harper 25, Brandon Heath 9, Pavel Marinov 9
Turkish Airlines: Martin Durchev 18, Bozhidar Avramov 15, Dimitar Anguelov 13, Marcus Hall 12

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