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Commonwealth Games Standings
 1. Australia
 2. N.Zealand
 3. U.Kingdom
 4. Nigeria
 5. Mozambiq.
 6. India
 7. Malaysia
 8. Malta

Lauren Jackson

   Stats Leaders, Awards and Final Standings
After 10 days of competition, Australia won the first-ever Commonwealth Games women basketball tournament in Melbourne over New Zealand, England claimed the Bronze medal. Check out who were the top-performers during this tournament. We will post a team-by-team recap in the next days.

Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81)
Who else? Lauren Jackson was by far the best player in Melbourne, she scored more than 30ppg in less than 25 minutes per game to lead Australia for the Gold.

We could named the entire australian squad in our All-Tournament teams but there were a lot of great players in the other teams too. We use the players stats, their efficiency and of course their team's ranking to name these teams.

Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) AUS 31.0pts 7.0rbs 1.4ast
Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) ENG 17.4pts 9.4rbs 1.0ast
Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) NZ 14.4pts 10.4rbs 1.8ast
Funmi Ojelabi (170-G-85) NIG 14.8pbs 2.4rbs 0.8ast
Belinda Snell (180-F-81) AUS 10.0pts 5.2rbs 3.4ast
I don't need to add anything about Lauren Jackson, Andrea Congreaves almost carried England to the Bronze by herself, Donna Loffhagen was the heart and soul of a brilliant New Zealand squad, Funmi Ojelabi led Nigeria in scoring and Belinda Snell provided a great all-around game

Angela Marino (166-G-86) NZ 14.8pts 3.2rbs 3.2ast
Rosalee Mason (180-F/G-79) ENG 11.6pts 5.8rbs 0.8ast
Hollie Grima (190-C-83) AUS 10.6pts 5.6rbs 0.8ast
Katrina Hibbert (180-G/F-77) AUS 10.0pts 2.8rbs 2.4ast
Erin Phillips (173-G-85) AUS 8.2pts 2.8rbs 5.0ast
Youngsters Angela Marino and Erin Phillips played really well in this tournament and are the future of their teams, Hollie Grima and Katrina Hibbert recorded some pretty good stats in a very deep australian team, Rosalee Mason was really a pleasant surprise for England and a good help for Congreaves

Tully Bevilaqua (170-G-72) AUS 3.0pts 0.5rbs 3.3ast
Jenny Whittle (197-C-73) AUS 7.4pts 7.4rbs 2.0ast
Chioma Udeaja (192-F/C-84) NIG 10.5pts 10.2rbs 0.6ast
Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) IND 15.2pts 9.4rbs 0.2ast
Deolinda Gimo (186-C-87) MOZ 10.2pts 9.0rbs 0.4ast
Bevilaqua's stats won't jump at you but she did the right thing as starting PG for Australia: pressure defence and give the ball to her teamate, she could have done much more if her team was in danger, her teamate Jenny Whittle provided a great defensive presence next to Lauren Jackson, Chimoa Udeaja is one of the three players in the tournament to averaged a double-double, Deolinda Gimo was Mozambique's best players. For the last spot, we had to choose between indians Geethu Ann Jose and Anitha Pauldurai who both deserved the nod.

1-Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) AUS 31.0pts
2-Josephine Grima (191-C-84) MLT 19.6pts
3-Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) ENG 17.4pts
4-Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) IND 15.2pts
5-Angela Marino (166-G-86) NZ 14.8pts
5-Funmi Ojelabi (170-G-85) NIG 14.8pts
7-Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) NZ 14.4pts
8-Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-84) IND 12.6pts
9-Rashidat Sadiq (191-F/C-81) NIG 12.2pts
9-Lucienne Bezzina (174-F-79) MLT 12.2pts
11-Rute Muianga (176-F-83) MOZ 11.8pts
12-Rosalee Mason (180-F/G-79) ENG 11.6pts
13-Shelly Boston (188-C/F-75) ENG 11.2pts
14-Mobolaji Akiode (190-F-82) NIG 11.0pts
14-Bee Chuan Low (169-G-77) MAL 11.0pts
16-Hollie Grima (190-C-83) AUS 10.6pts
17-Chioma Udeaja (192-F/C-84) NIG 10.5pts
18-Deolinda Gimo (186-C-87) MOZ 10.2pts
19-Katrina Hibbert (180-G/F-77) AUS 10.0pts
19-Belinda Snell (180-F-81) AUS 10.0pts
19-Carla Silva (173-G-78) MOZ 10.0pts

1-Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) NZ 10.4rbs
2-Chioma Udeaja (192-F/C-84) NIG 10.2rbs
3-Josephine Grima (191-C-84) MLT 10.0rbs
4-Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) ENG 9.4rbs
4-Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) IND 9.4rbs
6-Deolinda Gimo (186-C-87) MOZ 9.0rbs
7-Sofi Sam (182-F-83) IND 7.4rbs
8-Charmain Purcell (180-G/F-79) NZ 7.2rbs
9-Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) AUS 7.0rbs
10-Jenny Whittle (197-C-73) AUS 6.8rbs
10-Mercy Okorie (180-C/F-81) NIG 6.8rbs
10-Ezinne James (190-F-85) NIG 6.8rbs

1-Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-84) IND 5.6ast
2-Erin Phillips (173-G-85) AUS 5.0ast
3-Jae Cross (175-G-76) AUS 4.6ast
4-Belinda Snell (180-F-81) AUS 3.4ast
5-Tully Bevilaqua (170-G-72) AUS 3.3ast
6-Angela Marino (166-G-86) NZ 3.2ast
7-Amaka Adibeli (172-G-85) NIG 2.6ast
8-Woon Yuen Teo (163-G-85) MAL 2.6ast
9-Lucienne Bezzina (174-F-79) MLT 2.6ast
10-Katrina Hibbert (180-G/F-77) AUS 2.4ast
10-Laura Summerton (189-C-83) AUS 2.4ast

   Australia takes the Gold!
As expected, Australia claimed the Gold medal in the first-ever women basketball tournament in the Commonwealth Games. In the championship games, Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) and her teamates defeated New Zealand 77-39. This game closed an interesting tournament where the Opals were playing on another level. We will post a complete recap of this tournament and the stats leaders in the next days.

Gold medal game:
Australia - New Zealand: 77-39
The australians players said before this game that it will be the most difficult one for them, so they decided to start it at 110% to crush the slight Kiwi hopes as soon as possible. In the first quarter, Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) and Belinda Snell (180-F-81) combined for 11pts 7rbs and 5st to give Australia a 23-11 lead. In the second quarter, Jackson didn't need any help and scored 9 of her team's 15 points and the Opals reached half-time on a 38-19 lead. Jackson has played 17 minutes in this first half, just to show how hard she wanted this game. NZ captain Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78), who was scoreless in the first half, scored 8pts in the second one but that wasn't enough and the lead kept growing until the final buzzer. Australia came out of the game with a 77-39 victory.
Lauren Jackson was the game's leading scorer with 23pts 6/14FG 11rbs 2ast 3st and 1bs, Belinda Snell (180-F-81) added 8pts 4/8FG 10rbs and Laura Summerton (189-C-83) netted 7pts 3/6FG. Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) recorded 8pts 2/8FG 13rbs, Noni Wharemate (171-G-82) scored 6pts 1/4FG 6rbs and Kate McKeenen-Ruscoe (173-G-79) added 7pts 3/9FG.
"This is so awesome. To play in front of this crowd is something I will never forget," exclaimed Jackson. "I never thought I would get the chance to play for my country again in Australia."
"They are a very good team, obviously," stated NZ coach Mike McHugh. "You could see how much they wanted the gold medal. We went through 10 minutes without getting a score ... we just couldn't score ..."
Boxscore here

Andrea Congreaves
   England get the Bronze!
The England national team won the Bronze medal in the first-ever Commonwealth Games women basketball tournament in Melbourne. Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) led her side to a 78-75 victory over Nigeria in a close game, later today New Zealand will try to steal the Gold medal from the australians hands.
Bronze medal game:
England - Nigeria: 78-75
The first quarter was really close (17-16 for Nigeria), nigerian Ezinne James (190-F-85) netted 8pts in the first 10 minutes but Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) and Claire Maytham (172-G-76) responded with 6pts each. A well-balanced english team made the break in the second quarter to reach the break on a 36-30 lead. In the third quarter, Shelly Boston (188-C/F-75) scored 10pts to extend the lead to 9 points (55-46). The final period was a fierce battle, Funmi Ojelabi (170-G-85) and Mobolaji Akiode (190-F-82) netted 9pts each for Nigeria but Congreaves proved that she really is a world-class player with 8pts in this 4th quarter. England finally came out with a 78-75 victory, both teams recorded similar stats but Nigeria hit only 23/36 free-throw which is of obviously a major problem is such a close game. Andrea Congreaves was the best player on the court with 21pts 6/10FG 7rbs and 3ast in 35 minutes, Shelly Boston scored all of her 14pts in the second half and Rosalee Mason (180-F/G-79) added 12pts 2/12FG and 5rbs. Funmi Ojelabi led Nigeria with 18pts 3/12FG, Ezinne James recorded 12pts 3/8FG and 8rbs while Chioma Udeaja (192-F/C-84) chipped in with 10pts 4/9FG and 16rbs.
English captain Claire Maytham, said, ‘After the disappointment of the defeat against New Zealand we regrouped and knew it was important to get a result in this game. We are all very emotional right now, but we are ecstatic to be coming home with a medal’
England’s Katie Crowley commented, ‘This is a fantastic result for the team and hopefully for women’s basketball in England.’
"I'm absolutely ecstatic and delighted," said a jubilant Congreaves. "We knew Nigeria would be tough but our girls were fabulous - it was a bit of a nail-biter. We are absolutely stoked to get the medal."
Boxscore here

   Classification Games - Mozambique claimed the 5th place - by Eurobasket
Mozambique claimed the 5th place in the first-ever women basketball tournament in the Commonwealth Games with a 77-40 victory over India. Malaysia secured the 7th place over Malta with a close 63-59 win. Tomorrow Australia and New Zealand will play for the Gold medal while England and Nigeria will compete for the Bronze.
5th place game:
India - Mozambique: 44-70
Mozambique made a great start in this game with a 23-10 lead after the first quarter, the indian players were unable to come back. That was a pretty bad shooting game (34%FG for Mozambique, 32% for India) and the best defensive team came out with the win. Rute Muianga (176-F-83) scored a game-high 21pts 8/21FG 6rbs, Carla Silva scored 19pts 8/20FG and Deolinda Gimo chipped in with 14pts 5/12FG 13rbs. As usual, Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) was India's best players with 20pts 8/16FG 10rbs and 4bs in 30 minutes, Anitha Pauldurai added 8pts 4/11FG 5rbs and Arnika Gujar scored 6pts.
Coach of the Indian team Abdul Khan was still very proud. “This is the first time we have played outside of India and we will take home a lot of memories,” he said.
Boxscore here
7th place game:
Malaysia - Malta: 63-59
Both teams really wanted to win their last game in this tournament, Mozambique reached half-time on a 30-26 lead, Malta won the third quarter 21-14 but the african players managed to bounce back to claim a 4-point win. Siao Foong Chow (171-F-76) led her side with 19pts 2/14FG, Yong Yong Chew recorded 13pts 9rbs. For Malta, Josephine Grima (191-C-84) made a great game with 22pts 8/15 18rbs and 3bs and Lucienne Bezzina posted 15pts 5/12FG 5rbs and 4ast.
Boxscore here

   Semifinals - Australia will face New Zealand for the Gold - Mar. 21, 2006 - by Eurobasket

Angela Marino

As expected, Australia powered its way to the Championship Game. In the semifinals, the Opals blasted Nigeria with another great performance from Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81). New Zealand earn the right to play the aussies thanks to a 74-67 victory over England in the other semifinal game. Will they be able to stop Australia?

Australia - Nigeria: 105-49
No pleasant surprise for Nigeria, Australia dominated this game from the first to the last second. The Opals were already leading 33-5 after 10 minutes and they displayed an impressive defensive game. Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) played only 22 minutes but she managed to score 37pts 15/27FG 8rbs and 2bs! Laura Summerton netted 17pts 7/9FG in 17 minutes and Katrina Hibbert scored 11pts. Mobolaji Akiode (190-F-82) and Funmi Ojelabi both netted 10pts while Rashidat Saddiq posted 9pts and 10rbs. Australian coach Jan Stirling is confident of having a full list to choose from for the gold medal match. Australia’s point guard Tully Bevilaqua did not play due to an ankle injury, but should start in the next game.
“She could've played this match, and wanted to play, but we need her to be as close to 100 per cent as she can be for the gold medal game,” said Stirling.

Nigeria Coach Scott Nnaji conceded that his side was young and lacked height, but was looking ahead to the next game - the bronze medal play-off.
"We have had no hard competition before the Games and will benefit for tomorrow,'' he said.
Boxscore here

New Zealand - England: 74-67
In a nail-bitting contest, England tried everything but New Zealand finally came out of this game as a winner and will face Australia in a 100% Oceania championship game. Three-point shooting really made the difference for the Tall-Ferns: 40% (6/15) to 17% (3/17). Youngster Angela Marino (166-G-86) showcased her skills with 16pts, Donna Loffhagen posted 14pts 6rbs and 3ast while Charmian Purcell and Kate McKeenen-Ruscoe both scored 10pts. Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) tried her best for England with 16pts 8/13FG and 12rbs, Rosalee Mason scored 15pts and Gillian D'Hondt scored 12pts.

"Our goal was always to make the gold medal game and we have achieved that goal," beamed NZ coach Mike McHugh, wiping a tear from his eye. "Now we've got to re-appraise that goal."
Boxscore here

   Classification Games - Mar. 21, 2006 - by Eurobasket
In the classification games, India dominated Malta 80-47 while Mozambique defeated Malaysia 80-70. Mozambique and India will play for 5th place while Maylasia and Malta will play for the 7th one.

India - Malta: 80-47
India played a good game especially on the defensive end, the maltese players seemed tired at the end of the game, losing the last quarter 5-19. Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) recorded a monster game with 25pts 10/16FG 12rbs and 8bs! Arnika Gujar posted 14pts while Sofi Sam, Divya Singh and Anitha Pauldurai all scored 9pts. Josephine Grima (191-C-84) and Lucienne Bezinna led Malta with 22pts 10rbs and 16pts 8rbs.

India coach Abdul Khan was pleased with his team’s performance, saying, "If we can finish fifth it will be a very big achievement for us and I will be a very happy man."
Boxscore here

Malaysia - Mozambique: 70-80
Mozambique made a better start in this contest and reached the half-time break on a 49-24 lead. Despite a 27-13 run in the third quarter, Malaysia was unable to come back. Rute Muianga (176-F-83) posted 24pts 9/12FG 8rbs and 3ast, Carla Silva netted 16pts and Deolinda Gimo added 9pts 10rbs. On the losing side, Suik May Kew (171-F-82) recorded 18pts 7/15FG, Bee Chuan Low chipped in with 17pts and Beng fong Goh netted 8pts.
Boxscore here

Lauren Jackson

   Stats leaders after the pool phase - Mar. 20, 2006 - by Eurobasket
Let's take a look at the statistical leaders after the pool phase, each teams has played 3 games and Australia and New Zealand seems unstoppable in this tournament. Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) is the tournament's leading scorer with 31.7ppg in less than 22 minutes per game and New Zealand's captain Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) is the best rebounder. Australia is also leading the assists category with 4 players in the Top 5. We will post a complete recap of the stats leaders at the end of the tournament.

Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) AUS 31.7
Josephine Grima (191-C-84) MLT 18.0
Angela Marino (166-G-86) NZ 17.7
Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) ENG 17.0
Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) NZ 16.7
Funmi Ojelabi (170-G-85) NIG 15.3
Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-84) IND 15.3
Rashidat Sadiq (191-F/C-81) NIG 14.0
Hollie Grima (190-C-83) AUS 13.3
Shelly Boston (188-C/F-75) ENG 13.0

Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) NZ 11.0
Chioma Udeaja (192-F/C-84) NIG 10.0
Mercy Okorie (180-C/F-81) NIG 8.7
Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) IND 8.3
Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) ENG 8.0

Erin Phillips (173-G-85) AUS 5.7
Jae Cross (175-G-76) AUS 4.3
Belinda Snell (180-F-81) AUS 4.3
Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-84) IND 4.0
Tully Bevilaqua (170-G-72) AUS 3.7
Amaka Adibeli (172-G-85) NIG 3.7

   End of the pool phase - Mar. 20, 2006 - by Eurobasket

Donna Loffhagen

Thanks to a brilliant 83-53 win over Nigeria, New Zealand took the pool B top spot and will avoid a semifinal clash against Australia. The Tall Ferns will play England while Australia will play Nigeria in the semifinals tomorrow. India, Maylasia, Malta and Mozambique will play in the classification games.

Pool A:
India - Mozambique: 58-54
That was a game for pride as the two teams were already out of contention for a semifinal berth but that was a pretty good game and India recorded its first win during this tournament. Shiba Maggon (174-F-76) netted 17pts 7/16FG, her teamate Geethu Jose also scored 17pts 8/14FG with 15rbs and 3bs, Anitha Pauldurai chipped in with 9pts 3/11FG 6rbs and 6ast. Deolinda Gimo (186-C-87) led Mozambique with 15pts 7/16FG 8rbs, Carla Silva added 11pts while Valerdina Manhonga and Nadia Rodrigues both scored 7pts.
Boxscore here

Pool B:
Malaysia - Malta: 68-65
Another game for pride between two teams who will play for the 5th place in the coming days. Malta was off to a better start, the european team reached half-time on a 32-24 lead but Maylasia managed to come back in the game and came out of it with a 3-point win. The best player was Beng Fong Guo with 18pts 6/16FG, Siew Lian Beh posted 9pts 3/6FG 7rbs and Woon Yuen Teo added 9pts. Josephine Grima (191-C-84) tried her best for Malta with 29pts 10/21FG and 15rbs, Beverlee Zammit chipped in with 9pts 4/9FG and Lucienne Bezzina recorded 8pts 2/14FG 7rbs.
Boxscore here

Nigeria - New Zealand: 53-83
The New Zealand Tall Ferns outscored Nigeria to take the pool's top spot and an easier semifinal contest vs England, on the other hand Nigeria will have to play the all-mighty Australia in the other semifinal game. Nigeria was leading 15-13 at the end of the first quarter but a 21-5 run by New Zealand in the second stanza really made the break. NZ captain Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) led her side with 19pts 8/13FG 10rbs and 5ast, Angela Marino recorded 13pts 2/13FG 5rbs and 5ast and Aneka Kerr chipped in with 10pts 4/7FG 7rbs. For Nigeria, Mercy Okorie (180-C/F-81) scored 15pts 6/10FG while Chioma Udeaja and Funmi Ojelabi both scored 9pts.
Boxscore here

Semifinals schedule:
Australia - Nigeria
New Zealand - England

Classification games:
India - Malta
Malaysia - Mozambique

   We know the semifinals teams - Mar. 19, 2006 - by Eurobasket
Nigeria and New Zealand both secured easy wins over Malta and Maylasia today in the Pool A. Both teams secured a spot in the upcoming semifinals, the loser of tomorrow's game between the nigerians and the new zealanders will face Australia who secured the top spot in the Pool B. The other team will play England.

Pool A:
Malta - Nigeria: 44-86
No contest in this game. Nigeria shot better (37%FG to 21%), they grabbed more rebounds (64 to 31) and made more assists (15 to 5). Funmi Ojelabi (170-G-85) was the game's leading scorer with 21pts 8/14FG in only 18 minutes, Rashidat Sadiq added 18pts 7/18FG while Mobolaji Akiode posted 13pts 5/16FG and 13rbs. Lucienne Bezzina (174-F-79) was the only maltese players able to score in double-figures: 15pts (but 4/19FG). Kristen Micallef netted 8pts 2/6FG and Caroline Fenech scored 7pts 2/5FG.
Boxscore here

New Zealand - Malaysia: 113-56
New Zealand also wanted to secure the win as soon as possible so the coach was able to gave his starters a rest, just one day before facing Nigeria for the pool's top spot. The Tall-Ferns were already leading 55-28 at half-time, Lisa Wallbutton (183-F-86) posted 21pts 6/9FG 11rbs, Angela Marino scored 18pts 4/12FG and Donna Loffhagen recorded a big double-double with 14pts 5/9FG 16rbs. Bee Chuan Low (169-G-77) led Malaysia with 13pts 4/11FG, Beng Fong Goh netted 10pts 4/8FG and Woon Yuen Teo chipped in with 9pts 2/11FG.
Boxscore here

Pool B:
Australia - England: 95-43
Australia easily won the battle for the pool B top spot. England hold on during one quarter but the Opals outscored their opponents 74-26 in the last three quarters. Now Australia and England will look at the Nigeria-New Zealand game tomorrow to see which team they will face in the semifinals. Lauren Jackson did her job as usual with 31pts 11/24FG in only 23 minutes, 20-year old Erin Phillips (173-G-85) scored 13pts 3/5FG and 6ast while Katrina Hibbert and Hollie Grima both netted 10pts. On the losing side, Shelly Boston (188-C/F-75) taillied 12pts 4/12FG 7rbs, Kristy Lavin added 10pts 3/7FG 6rbs and Gillian D'Hondt scored 9pts.
Boxscore here







4 Jae Cross (175-G-76) of Phoenix Mercury (USA)
5 Tully Bevilaqua (170-G-72) of Canberra Capitals
6 Katrina Hibbert (180-G/F-77) of Bulleen Melbourne Boomers
7 Carly Wilson (181-G-82) of Dandenong Rangers
8 Hollie Grima (190-C-83) of Bulleen Melbourne Boomers
9 Jacinta Hamilton (187-F/C-82) of Dandenong Rangers
10 Erin Phillips (173-G-85) of Adelajde Fellas
11 Laura Summerton (189-C-83) of Adelajde Fellas
12 Belinda Snell (180-F-81) of Sydney Uni Flames
13 Jenny Whittle (197-C-73) of Canberra Capitals (cap)
14 Emily McInerny (184-F-78) of Dandenong Rangers
15 Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) of Canberra Capitals (cap)
Head Coach: Jan Stirling
Coach Assistants: Cheryl Chambers , Gary Fox






4. Rosalee Mason (180-F/G-79) of Coca-Cola Rhonnda Rebels
5. Claire Maytham (G-76) of Solent Stars (cap)
6. Sally Kaznica (174-G-81) of Coca-Cola Rhonnda Rebels
7. Kristy Lavin (180-F-82) of Manchester Mystics
8. Caroline Ayres (180-F-81) of Solent Stars
9. Louise Gamman (-F-83) of Solent Stars
10. Jo Sarjant (168-G-81) of Nottingham Wildcats
11. Andrea Congreaves (193-C-70) of Coca-Cola Rhonnda Rebels
12. Shelly Boston (C/F-75) of Rockingham City Flame (AUS)
13. Katie Crowley (178-G/F-82) of Sheffield Hatters
14. Gillian D'Hondt (191-C-82) of Coca-Cola Rhonnda Rebels
15. Jane Thackray (186-C-68) of Wellington Swish (NZL)
Head Coach: Branislav Bazany
Assistant: Mark Clark


4 Divya Singh (174-G-82) of Delhi (cap)
5 Anitha Pauldurai (170-G-84) of Railways
6 Geethu Ann Jose (185-C-85) of Railways
Sofi Sam (182-F-83) of Railways
Arnika Gujar (175-F-79) of Railways
9 Asha Egde (175-F-84) of Delhi
10 Kiranjit Kaur (182-C-88) of Punjab
11 Kamaljit Badesha (168-G-83)
12 Sonam Kaur (165-G-88) of Karnataka
13 Shiba Maggon (174-F-76) of Delhi
14 Prashanti Singh (173-G-84) of Delhi
15 Seema Singh (176-F-83) of Railways
Head Coach: Abdul Hameed Khan
Assistants: Aparna Ghosh , Bhaskar Sappanimbalam


4 Beng Fong Goh (164-G-82)
5 Woon Yuen Teo (163-G-85)
6 Seck Yun Choo (168-G-75)
7 Bee Chuan Low (169-G-77)
8 Sze Yuin Yoong (173-F-72) (cap)
Meei Hun Low (170-G-75)
10 Siao Foong Chow (171-F-76)
11 Suik May Kew (171-F-82)
12 Siew Lian Beh (177-C-82)
13 Chai Ling Thoh (177-C-82)
14 Yann Yann Pee (174-F-85)
15 Yong Yong Chew (170-F-83)
Head Coach: See Wan Tan


4 Fiona Schembri (178-F-84)
5 Beverly Zammit (172-F-87) of Hibs Medsea
6 Sandra Schembri Wismayer (173-F-78)
7 Lucienne Bezzina (174-F-79) of Hibs Medsea
8 Dawn Aquilina (168-G-80)
9 Antoinette Borg (166-G-88)
10 Doreen Parnis (174-F-79) of Hibs Medsea
11 Kirsten Micallef (166-G-85)
12 Rachel Camilleri (167-G-86)
13 Sarah Pace (155-G-88) of Depiro Still
14 Josephine Grima (191-C-84) of Acer Priolo (ITA)
15 Caroline Fenech (185-C-80) (cap)
Head Coach: Santino Coppa of Acer Priolo (ITA)
Coach Assistant: Carlo Farrugia


4 Valerdina Manhonga (163-G-80)
5 Anabela Cossa (171-G-86)
6 Ondina Nhampossa (184-F-79)
7 Carla Silva (173-G-78)
8 Amelia Macamo (169-G-85)
9 Nadia Rodrigues (177-F-80) (cap)
10 Vaneza Tomas Junior (169-G-86)
11 Aleia Rachide (184-F-85)
12 Rute Muianga (176-F-83)
13 Eduarda Chongo (185-F-83)
14 Iracema Ndauane (187-C-80)
15 Deolinda Gimo (186-C-87)
Head Coach: Isley Nelson
Assistant: Nasir Sale


4 Amaka Adibeli (172-G-85)
5 Tamunoete Whyte (170-G-88)
6 Mobolaji Akiode (190-F-82)
7 Mercy Okorie (180-C/F-81) of ORIM Cam (TUR) (cap)
8 Funmi Ojelabi (170-G-85)
10 Tayeloly Adeniyi (-F-80)
11 Adenike Dawodu (190-F-88)
12 Patricia Chukwuma (188-F/G-85) of Doncaster Panthers (ENG)
13 Rashidat Sadiq (191-F/C-81) of Oklahoma State (USA)
14 Chioma Udeaja (192-F/C-84)
15 Ezinne James (190-F-85)
Head Coach: Scott Nnaji
Coach Assistant: Adewumi Aderemi






4 Charmain Purcell (-G/F) of Sydney Uni Flames (AUS)
5 Rebecca Cotton (185-F-74)
6 Angela Marino (166-G-86) of Canberra Capitals (AUS)
7 Micaela Cocks (174-G-86) of Harbour Breeze
8 Lisa Pardon (173-G-82) of Harbour Breeze
9 Donna Loffhagen (185-F-78) of Otago Breakers (cap)
10 Lisa Wallbutton (183-F-86) of Harbour Breeze
11 Kate McMeeken-Ruscoe (173-G-79) of Wellington Swish
12 Jessica McCormack (194-C-89) of Harbour Breeze
13 Jody Tini (179-F-76) of Waikato Lady Tytans
14 Noni Wharemate (171-G-82) of Harbour Breeze
15 Aneka Kerr (183-F-81) of Townsville Fire (AUS)
Head coach: Mike McHugh
Coach Assistant: Shawn Dennis
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