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Czech Republic Internationally
Edward Gonzales
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NBL Standings
Places 1-6
 1. CEZ Nymburk 31-1 
 2. BK Pardubice 23-8 
 3. BK Decin 18-15 
 4. USK Praha 16-15 
 5. BK Opava 16-16 
 6. BK Kolin 14-18 
Places 7-12
 1. Svitavy 16-16 
 2. Usti n/Labem 14-18 
 3. NH Ostrava 13-19 
 4. J.Hradec 11-21 
 5. MMCITE Brno 10-22 
 6. Prostejov 9-23 
Stage One Standings
Full Standings
1Liga Standings
Places 1-6
 1. Sokol H.K. 9-1 
 2. Slavoj Litom. 7-3 
 3. Nymburk B 6-4 
 4. Zlin 5-5 
 5. Opava B 2-8 
 6. Olomouc SK 1-9 
Places 7-12
 1. Sokol Prazky 7-3 
 2. Loko Plzen 7-3 
 3. Pardubice 5-5 
 4. Basket Kosice 5-5 
 5. Olomouc Bbal 4-6 
 6. Sokol Slapanice 2-8 
Places 13-20
 1. USK Praha B 14-11 
 2. Sokol Pisek 14-12 
 3. Prostejov B 11-15 
 4. GBA Sparta 9-17 
 5. Novy Jicin 9-17 
 6. Vysocina 9-17 
 7. Ostrava 8-17 
 8. Havirov 3-23 
Stage One Standings
Basketball Champions League Standings
Group A
 1. Monaco 12-2 
 2. Banvit BK 11-3 
 3. CEZ Nymburk 10-4 
 4. Aris 8-6 
 5. Fraport SKY 7-7 
 6. Ironi Nahariya 5-9 
 7. Helios 2-12 
 8. Bakken 1-13 
Group B
 1. Le Mans 9-5 
 2. Umana VE 9-5 
 3. Pinar Karsiyaka 9-5 
 4. Avtodor 7-7 
 5. Maccabi Rishon 7-7 
 6. Oradea 6-8 
 7. Kataja Basket 6-8 
 8. Khimik 3-11 
Group C
 1. ASVEL 10-4 
 2. Neptunas 10-4 
 3. EWE Baskets 10-4 
 4. PAOK 7-7 
 5. Ventspils 7-7 
 6. Usak 5-9 
 7. Openjobmetis V. 4-10 
 8. Rosa Radom 3-11 
Group D
 1. Iberostar Tener. 11-3 
 2. Scandone AV 10-4 
 3. Strasbourg 9-5 
 4. Juventus 8-6 
 5. Oostende 6-8 
 6. Cibona 5-9 
 7. Mega Leks 4-10 
 8. Mornar Bar 3-11 
Group E
 1. Besiktas 12-2 
 2. AEK Athens 9-5 
 3. Partizan 8-6 
 4. Ludwigsburg 8-6 
 5. Banco di Srd 7-7 
 6. Spirou 6-8 
 7. Stelmet ZG 4-10 
 8. Szolnok 2-12 
FIBA Europe Cup Stage Two Standings
Group K
 1. Chalon 5-1 
 2. Gaziantep 5-1 
 3. Sodertalje 1-5 
 4. Targu Mures 1-5 
Group L
 1. Demir IBB 5-1 
 2. Antwerp 4-2 
 3. Gravelines 2-4 
 4. Prievidza 1-5 
Group M
 1. Telekom Bsk 5-1 
 2. Vytautas 4-2 
 3. Oberwart 2-4 
 4. Apoel 1-5 
Group N
 1. Kormend 4-2 
 2. Nanterre 4-2 
 3. Tsmoki-Minsk 3-3 
 4. Bnei Hertzeliyya 1-5 
Group O
 1. Pau-Lacq-Orthez 4-2 
 2. Alba 4-2 
 3. UBT Cluj Napoca 2-4 
 4. BK Pardubice 2-4 
Group P
 1. Groningen 4-2 
 2. Lukoil Acad. 3-3 
 3. Enisey 0-0 
 4. Benfica 0-6 
Group Q
 1. Cibona 0-0 
 2. Ironi Nahariya 0-0 
 3. Kataja Basket 0-0 
 4. Oostende 0-0 
 5. Oradea 0-0 
 6. Spirou 0-0 
 7. Stelmet ZG 0-0 
 8. Usak 0-0 
Stage One Standings
Alpe Adria Cup Standings
Group A
 1 Zlatorog 5-1 
 2 KK Primorska 4-2 
 3 Vrij.Osijek 2-4 
 4 Klosterneuburg 1-5 
Group B
 1 Helios 2-1 
 2 Arkadia 2-1 
 3 Zabok 0-2 
Group C
 1 Levice 3-1 
 2 Kapfenberg 3-1 
 3 Tajfun 0-4 
Group D
 1 Rogaska 3-1 
 2 Rieker KN 2-2 
 3 BK Decin 1-3 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.2
 1. Palyza, Prostejov19.2 
 2. Ware, MMCITE B.17.0 
 3. Bohacik, USK Praha16.9 
 4. Burnett, BK Pardu.16.8 
 5. Brooks, J.Hradec16.8 
 6. Lipkins, J.Hradec15.8 
 7. Skinner, BK Kolin14.7 
 8. Thompson, Usti n.14.6 
 9. Pecka, Usti n.14.2 
 10. Allen, CEZ Nymburk14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Garret KERR
  BK Kolin
  Avg: 9.1
 1. Kerr, BK Kolin9.1 
 2. Pecka, Usti n.8.9 
 3. Mickelson, Svitavy7.5 
 4. Ware, MMCITE B.7.3 
 5. Painter, NH Ostrava7.1 
 6. Simpson, MMCITE B.6.7 
 7. Fitzpatrick, Prost.6.6 
 8. Bohacik, USK Praha6.6 
 9. Smith, NH Ostrava6.6 
 10. Skinner, BK Kolin6.4 
Assists Per Game
 Roman MARKO
  Avg: 7.6
 1. Marko, Prostejov7.6 
 2. Bannister, Svitavy6.5 
 3. Simmons, Prostejov5.3 
 4. Sirina, BK Opava5.3 
 5. Lawrence, CEZ N.5.2 
 6. Glover, Usti n.4.8 
 7. Kouril, BK Opava4.3 
 8. Ware, MMCITE B.4.3 
 9. Guercy, NH Ostrava4.1 
Steals Per Game
 Kevin WARE
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Ware, MMCITE B.2.4 
 2. Glover, Usti n.2.1 
 3. Sant-Roos, CEZ N.2.1 
 4. Sirina, BK Opava2.0 
 5. Lipkins, J.Hradec2.0 
 6. Smithson, Svitavy1.9 
 7. Canada, NH Ostrava1.9 
 8. Kerr, BK Kolin1.8 
 9. Marko, Prostejov1.8 
 10. Bannister, Svitavy1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Canty, J.Hradec1.7 
 2. Simpson, MMCITE B.1.5 
 3. Mickelson, Svitavy1.4 
 4. Madsen, USK Praha1.3 
 5. Simpson, CEZ N.1.1 
 6. Jelinek, Svitavy0.9 
 7. Pecka, Usti n.0.8 
 8. Ware, MMCITE B.0.7 
 9. Roseboro, Svitavy0.6 
 10. Jacobs, Prostejov0.6 
Czech Republic men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 Alpe Adria Cup:
 Bb Cham.League:

Young Guns GBA Invitational Tournament 2016 - Recap - Dec 19, 2016

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Get Better Academy hosted first edition of its Young Guns GBA Invitational 2016. The event was played from 15th to 18th December in Kralovka sports hall, Prague. Altough participating list included European powerhouses, the rosters were missing some of the best prospects. The tournament was unfortunately overlapped with FIBA U18 Championships in Samsun which was postponed from August because of unstable political situation in Turkey. However it gave spectators an opportunity to see talented players from younger generations. Also we have to mention perfect organisation of this competition which should be more and more prestigious every next time. Below the classification you can find a rundown on every team from 1st to the 8th place respectively.

Final standings:
1. Joventut Badalona
2. Zalgiris Kaunas
3. Get Better Academy Prague
4. Crvena Zvezda Beograd
5. WKK Wroclaw
6. Fenerbahce Istanbul
7. Alba Berlin
8. Czech Republic U18

Joventut Badalona - Defensive systems caused many troubles for their opponents. Team was strengthened by Latvian PG Arturs Zagars (168-PG-00) who contributed a lot despite having just two practises with the team. The success would not be possible without Eric Gonzalez (200-C-99) who was almost everywhere on the court and never hesitated to sacrifice for the team. Also Estonian Center Karl Karpin (205-C-00) lost some weight and it allowed him to present advanced IQ and finishing skills. Players like Arnau Parrado (199-C-00), Didac Cuevas (177-G-00) and Josep Busquets (197-G/F-99) are definitely names to remember as well.

Zalgiris Kaunas - Team run by Tomas Masiulis lacked five players who are representing Lithuania at U18 stage at the moment. Coach decided to bring some of the finest younger prospects from Zalgiris program including four silver FIBA U16 medalists from Radom: Martynas Arlauskas (197-SG-00), Nedas Kancleris (204-F/C-00), Rokas Jokubaitis (185-G-00) and Erikas Venskus (203-F-00). Other worth mentioning player is Volodymyr Markovetskyy (211-C-00) - Ukrainian Center gifted with height and body by the highest possible standards for athlete.

GBA Prague - Roster represented many nations as usual but Julian Betko managed to create such a great bond between all the athletes and him. From domestic players we have to highlight Marek Welsch (180-G-99) - PG from basketball family with limited size but huge heart and a lot of fancy plays in repertoire. Also Weber State committ - Michal Kozak (202-F-98) showed good scoring ability. Foreign main figure was Endar Poladkhanli (198-F/C-98) - Forward with ripped body and tremendous athleticism who constantly improves offensive skillset.

Crvena Zvezda - Obviously few of the Red Star members are currently in Samsun and they could win this tournament if they played with the full squad. Their biggest advantage was just good fundamentals and combination of strength & size. Also roster was wide and balanced. If we had to give an award, the MVP of the team would go to Vuk Djordjevic (201-F-99).

WKK Wroclaw - Team from Poland had bad luck as their best frontcourt player - Michal Jodlowski (206-PF-98) twisted ankle in the first quarter of tournament opener. However 5th place should satisfy coaches Sebastian Potoczny and Tomasz Niedbalski . The team showed flashes of good teamwork but highest place was not possible due to lack of physicality. Best scorers were Dominik Rutkowski (196-F/G-98) and Jakub Kobel (184-PG-98) - extremely creative PG with nice court vision. You should keep an eye on the youngest player Mateusz Trebowicz (170-PG-00) as well.

Fenerbahce Istanbul - Not the greatest generation for Turkish giant club especially since Omer Yurtseven is gone and light years ahead of his age group. Moreover best 1999 prospect - Ahmet Can Duran is also busy helping NT to use homecourt advantage on the courts of Samsun. Two best players on Young Guns GBA Invitational Prague 2016 were Cengizhan Ivedi (194-F-99) and good shooter - Ergi Tirpanci.

Alba Berlin - Filip Stanic (204-F/C-98) was clearly their best performer in the team. He caused a lot of damage inside thanks to exceptionally strong upper body. Also guard Badu Buck (194-SG-99) stood out and can be really good if his skills catches up to the effort he provides. Moreover Alba presented three good 2000 born prospects: Hendrik Drescher (204-C-00), Jonas Mattisseck (192-G-00) and Joshua Luebken (200-SF-00) who is still raw but has a mobility combined with measurements which can take him far in career.

Czech U18 NT - The team was not really talented but solid physically. During the absence of Jan Zidek, Tomas Havlik (190-F-99) seemed to be slightly better than teammates at this stage of their careers. One year younger players - Kovar Lubos (200-PF-00) and flashy PG - Sicha Jiri (183-PG-00) also showed potential.

Group stage results:

DAY 1:
WKK Wroclaw 56-53 Czech U18 NT
Alba Berlin 55-75 Joventut Badalona
GBA Prague 69:53 Fenerbahce Istanbul
Zalgiris Kaunas 87:46 Crvena Zvezda

Day 2:
Fenerbahce Istanbul 68:65 Alba Berlin
Czech U18 NT 62:60 Zalgiris Kaunas
Joventut Badalona 81:74 Get Better Academy
Crvena Zvezda 84:60 WKK Wroclaw

Day 3:
Fenerbahce Istanbul 71:76 Joventut Badalona
Crvena Zvezda 78:59 Czech U18 NT
Get Better Academy 59:51 Alba Berlin
WKK Wroclaw 54:62 Zalgiris Kaunas

Final day results:
7th place game: ALBA Berlin 82:57 Czech U18 NT
5th place game: WKK Wroclaw 75:62 Fenerbahce Istanbul
3rd place game: Get Better Academy 75:70 Crvena Zvezda
1st place game: Joventut Badalona 70:62 Zalgiris Kaunas

Report by Bronek

NBL Round 1 of Finals. CEZ Nymburk register first victory - 5 days ago
FINAL BK Decin - CEZ Nymburk 71-82 CEZ Nymburk overcame BK Decin to take 1-0 lead in the Finals. Cuban forward Howard Sant-Roos (200-91) stepped up with a double-double by scoring 26 points and 10 rebounds for the winners and American point guard Eugene Lawrence (184-86, college: St.John's) chipped in 8 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists. At the losing side the former international point guard Tomas Vyoral (190-92, agency: Octagon Europe) responded with 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists...   [read more]

Jan Vesely
Jan Vesely selected the top Czech playing abroad in last week's games - 7 days ago
We bring you last week's top performances from Czechs who are playing abroad and who all have had prior experience of national team duties at youth or senior level. This week's number one is an international power forward Jan Vesely (213-90). He managed to help Fenerbahce Istanbul in a victory against the closely-ranked Anadolu Efes in the Turkish BSL in Wednesday night's game.    [read more]

Brett Roseboro stays with Svitavy - 7 days ago
Brett Roseboro(208-F/C-91, college: UMBC, agency: Inception Sports) has agreed on terms of contract extension with Svitavy. The power forward has penned a new deal for the next season. Brett Roseboro joined the team at the start of the season. He tallied 10.5 points, 5.9 rebounds per game in the Czech NBL. Previously the forward had stints in Uruguay, Czech Republic and Finland.   [read more]

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