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Alexela KML Standings
 1. Tartu Ulikool 20-2 
 2. Kalev/Cramo 15-2 
 3. Rapla 15-9 
 4. TTU 13-10 
 5. Parnu 13-11 
 6. Valga 8-16 
 7. TLU/Kalev 8-16 
 8. Tarvas 7-18 
 9. Noorteliiga 0-15 
Full Standings
1.Liiga Stage Two Standings
Group C
 1. Betoonimeister 7-1 
 2. BC Tartu 5-4 
 3. Tartu Kalev/Estiko 5-4 
 4. Noorteliiga II 3-5 
 5. Paide VW 3-5 
 6. EMU SK 2-6 
Group D
 1. Torma Sport 6-2 
 2. Tamsalu 5-3 
 3. Kohila 5-4 
 4. Kuressaare 4-5 
 5. VASAR 3-5 
 6. Ambla 2-6 
Stage One Standings
FIBA Europe Cup Stage Two Standings
Group K
 1. Chalon 5-1 
 2. Gaziantep 5-1 
 3. Sodertalje 1-5 
 4. Targu Mures 1-5 
Group L
 1. Demir IBB 5-1 
 2. Antwerp 4-2 
 3. Gravelines 2-4 
 4. Prievidza 1-5 
Group M
 1. Telekom Bsk 5-1 
 2. Vytautas 4-2 
 3. Oberwart 2-4 
 4. Apoel 1-5 
Group N
 1. Kormend 4-2 
 2. Nanterre 4-2 
 3. Tsmoki-Minsk 3-3 
 4. Bnei Hertzeliyya 1-5 
Group O
 1. Pau-Lacq-Orthez 4-2 
 2. Alba 4-2 
 3. UBT Cluj Napoca 2-4 
 4. BK Pardubice 2-4 
Group P
 1. Groningen 4-2 
 2. Lukoil Acad. 3-3 
 3. Enisey 0-0 
 4. Benfica 0-6 
Group Q
 1. Cibona 0-0 
 2. Ironi Nahariya 0-0 
 3. Kataja Basket 0-0 
 4. Oostende 0-0 
 5. Oradea 0-0 
 6. Spirou 0-0 
 7. Stelmet ZG 0-0 
 8. Usak 0-0 
Stage One Standings
Baltic League Standings
Group A
 1. Barons Riga 10-2 
 2. Nevezis 8-4 
 3. Rapla 8-4 
 4. Jurmala 6-6 
 5. Liepaja/Triobet 5-7 
 6. Parnu 3-9 
 7. Barsy Atyrau 2-10 
Group B
 1. P.Zvaigzdes 11-1 
 2. Valmiera 9-3 
 3. Jekabpils 8-4 
 4. BK Ogre 6-6 
 5. TTU 5-7 
 6. Tarvas 3-9 
 7. COR-Borisfen 0-12 
Group Q
 1. Kalev/Cramo 0-0 
 2. Tartu Ulikool 0-0 
 3. TLU/Kalev 0-0 
 4. Vytautas 0-0 
VTB United League Standings
 1 CSKA 18-2 
 2 Zenit 17-3 
 3 Khimky 16-3 
 4 Lokomotiv 13-4 
 5 Unics 12-8 
 6 VEF Riga 9-9 
 7 Enisey 9-10 
 8 Astana 9-11 
 9 Avtodor 6-12 
 10 N.Novgorod 6-14 
 11 Kalev/Cramo 5-15 
 12 Tsmoki-Minsk 4-15 
 13 Parma 0-18 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Justin BAKER
  Avg: 19.3
 1. Baker, Tarvas19.3 
 2. Dzeletovic, TL.18.8 
 3. Volkus, Parnu18.1 
 4. Olmre, TTU17.5 
 5. van-der-Mars, Rap.17.4 
 6. Jarvelainen, TTU17.1 
 7. Bubalo, Parnu16.6 
 8. Post, Tarvas15.5 
 9. Seskus, Parnu15.3 
 10. Strupovics, Valga15.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.9
 1. van-der-Mars, Rap.12.9 
 2. Baker, Tarvas8.7 
 3. Jois, Tartu Ulikool8.3 
 4. Jarvelainen, TTU8.2 
 5. Bubalo, Parnu8.1 
 6. Soodla, Noorteliiga7.8 
 7. Jurkatamm, Noorteli.7.6 
 8. Lips, Tarvas7.4 
 9. Milka, Tartu Ulikool7.4 
 10. Dzeletovic, TL.6.6 
Assists Per Game
 Norman KABIN
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Kabin, Parnu4.6 
 2. Sokk, Tartu Ulikool4.5 
 3. Harper, Kalev/Cr.4.4 
 4. Olmre, TTU4.2 
 5. Jones, TL.4.0 
 6. Bratoz, Rapla3.9 
 7. Sokk, Kalev/Cramo3.9 
 8. Okereafor, Parnu3.8 
 9. Paiste, Tarvas3.7 
 10. Post, Tarvas3.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Bratoz, Rapla2.2 
 2. Jurkatamm, Noorteli.2.1 
 3. Okereafor, Parnu2.0 
 4. Kabin, Parnu1.8 
 5. Sutt, Parnu1.8 
 6. Paiste, Tarvas1.8 
 7. Harper, Kalev/Cr.1.7 
 8. Zvigurs, Valga1.7 
 9. Tamm, TL.1.7 
 10. Olmre, TTU1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.2
 1. Simmons, Kalev/Cr.1.2 
 2. Jurkatamm, Noorteli.1.1 
 3. Raadik, TTU0.9 
 4. Gladness, Kalev/Cr.0.9 
 5. Kok, Rapla0.9 
 6. Lips, Tarvas0.8 
 7. Tollefsen, Kalev/Cr.0.8 
 8. van-der-Mars, Rap.0.8 
 9. Marshall, TL.0.8 
 10. Perine, Tarvas0.7 

Estonian men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 Baltic League:
 VTB League:

Next Round Schedule

Round 23 (Regular Season)

Noorteliiga Mar.25 TTU 90%
Parnu Mar.25 Tarvas 51%
Rapla 63% Mar.25 Valga
TLU/Kalev Mar.24 Tartu Ulikoo 87%
Next Round Schedule

Game 1 (Semi-Finals)

Oostende Mar.29 Chalon 99%
Nanterre Mar.29 Telekom Bsk 53%
Next Round Schedule

Round 26 (Regular Season)

Khimky 57% Mar.27 CSKA
Unics 62% Mar.27 Avtodor
Parma Mar.26 N.Novgorod 72%
Kalev/Cramo Mar.26 VEF Riga 53%
Enisey 77% Mar.26 Tsmoki-Minsk
Lokomotiv Mar.25 Zenit 59% All-Estonian League Awards 2016 - May 28, 2016

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Janar's Articles All-Estonian League 1st Team 2016
Evaldas Zabas
Sten-Timmu Sokk
Gregor Arbet
Maurice Kemp
Shawn King

Finals MVP: Rolands Freimanis (208-PF-88) of Kalev/Cramo
Player of the Year: Shawn King (208-C-82) of Kalev/Cramo
Guard of the Year: Evaldas Zabas (188-PG-88) of TU/Rock
Forward of the Year: Maurice Kemp (203-F-91) of Rapla
Center of the Year: Shawn King (208-C-82) of Kalev/Cramo
Bosman Player of the Year: Evaldas Zabas (188-PG-88) of TU/Rock
Import Player of the Year: Shawn King (208-C-82) of Kalev/Cramo
Domestic Player of the Year: Gregor Arbet (196-G/F-83) of Kalev/Cramo
Defensive Player of the Year: Janar Talts (205-PF-83) of TU/Rock
U20 Player of the year: Norman Kabin (184-PG-97) of Parnu
Coach of the Year: Alar Varrak of Kalev/Cramo

1st Team
PG: Evaldas Zabas (188-PG-88) of TU/Rock
PG: Sten-Timmu Sokk (184-PG-89) of Kalev/Cramo
G/F: Gregor Arbet (196-G/F-83) of Kalev/Cramo
F: Maurice Kemp (203-F-91) of Rapla
C: Shawn King (208-C-82) of Kalev/Cramo

2nd Team
PG: Tanel Sokk (182-PG-85) of TU/Rock
G: Rain Veideman (192-G-91) of Kalev/Cramo
PF: Rolands Freimanis (208-PF-88) of Kalev/Cramo
F: Brian Harper (206-F-85) of TU/Rock
PF: Janar Talts (205-PF-83) of TU/Rock

Honorable Mention
Johnny Berhanemeskel (188-G-92) of TLU/Kalev
Devin Brooks (186-G-92) of Rapla
Joonas Jarvelainen (202-F/C-90) of Parnu
Rait-Riivo Laane (179-PG-93) of TTU
Dominykas Milka (203-C-92) of TLU/Kalev
Jurijs Aleksejevs (202-C-85) of Valka/Valga
Brandis Raley-Ross (188-G-87) of Tarvas
Kristjan Kitsing (205-F-90) of TTU
Tanel Kurbas (197-G-88) of TU/Rock
Indrek Kajupank (200-F-88) of Rapla
Morris Curry (181-G-87) of Kalev/Cramo
Norman Kabin (184-PG-97) of Parnu
Siim-Markus Post (185-PG-97) of Audentese/N.
Robert Valge (192-SF-97) of Parnu
Mihkel Kirves (190-F-96) of Parnu
Kregor Hermet (204-PF-97) of Audentese/N.

All-Domestic Players Team
PG: Sten-Timmu Sokk (184-PG-89) of Kalev/Cramo
G: Rain Veideman (192-G-91) of Kalev/Cramo
G/F: Gregor Arbet (196-G/F-83) of Kalev/Cramo
F: Indrek Kajupank (200-F-88) of Rapla
PF: Janar Talts (205-PF-83) of TU/Rock

All-Imports Team
G: Morris Curry (181-G-87) of Kalev/Cramo
G: Johnny Berhanemeskel (188-G-92) of TLU/Kalev
F: Maurice Kemp (203-F-91) of Rapla
F: Brian Harper (206-F-85) of TU/Rock
C: Shawn King (208-C-82) of Kalev/Cramo

All-Bosmans Team
PG: Evaldas Zabas (188-PG-88) of TU/Rock
G: Reinis Strupovics (190-G-87) of Tarvas
F: Paulius Petrilevicius (200-F-91) of Parnu
PF: Rolands Freimanis (208-PF-88) of Kalev/Cramo
C: Dominykas Milka (203-C-92) of TLU/Kalev

Kristjan Kangur selected the top Estonian playing abroad in last week's games - 15 hours ago
We bring you last week's top performances from Estonians who are playing abroad and who all have had prior experience of national team duties at youth or senior level. This week's number one is an experienced former international small forward Kristjan Kangur (201-82). He contributed to an Openjobmetis VA's victory against the closely-ranked Brescia in the Italian Serie A in Sunday night's game.    [read more]

Estonian Alexela KML round 22 best performance: Martin Paasoja - 4 days ago
International Shooting guard Martin Paasoja (191-SG-93) put on an amazing game in the last round for Rapla, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 22. The 23-year old player was the main contributor (28 points, seven rebounds and four assists) to his team's victory, helping them to edge out Parnu (#4, 13-11) 93-91. The game was between two of the league's top four teams. Rapla maintains the 3rd position in Estonian Alexela KML. They would have been even better if th...   [read more]

Mario Paiste
Alexela KML Round 22: BC Rakvere defeat TLU/Kalev in the closest game of the week - 5 days ago
There are only two more rounds left in the Regular Season in Alexela KML. The most exciting game of round 22 in the Alexela KML took place in Tallinn. This derby game ended with only one-point home defeat of 6th ranked TLU/Kalev (8-15) to eighth ranked BC Rakvere (7-17) 87-86 on Friday evening. TLU/Kalev was trailing by 7 points at halftime but managed to get 2-point lead after three quarters before a 21-18 charge of BC Rakvere, which allowed them to win the game. They made 20-of-26 fre...   [read more]

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