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Round 6 (Regular Season)

Group A
Cegledi EKK 51% Dec.15 Macc.Ashdod
Sparta&K MR Dec.15 H-Sirenos 55%
Group B
Abdullah Gul 79% Dec.14 MBA
PEAC-Pecs 92% Dec.14 PINKK-Pecsi
Group C
Samsun Dec.15 TTT Riga 72%
Galatasaray 95% Dec.14 Dynamo NR
Group D
Yakin Dogu 98% Dec.15 Miskolc
Good Angels 50% Dec.15 Olympiacos
Group E
Nymburk 63% Dec.15 Ragusa
Belfius Namu Dec.14 Nantes 78%
Group F
Castors Brai 50% Dec.14 Keltern
Girona 98% Dec.14 Uniao Sporti
Group G
Landes 76% Dec.15 Fribourg
Venezia Dec.14 Nice 58%
Group H
Udominate 92% Dec.15 Lulea Bsk
Wasserburg Dec.15 Flammes 75%
1/8 Finals: First games - Jan 13, 2012

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Astou Ndour
Gran Canaria - Besiktas 69-60
Gran Canaria and Besiktas met last night in the first game of the EuroCup 1/8 Finals. The home squad celebrated 69-60 victory transferring the 9-point lead to the second meeting. Besiktas will be the host in that game, which is scheduled for next Thursday. Astou Ndour (196-C-94) stepped up for Granca with 18 points and 15 rebounds. She reached valuation 27, what allowed her to grab the MVP award for this meeting. D'andra Moss (178-SG-88, college: VCU) had 17 points and 6 rebs, while Lisa Lee (183-F-84, college: Charleston) netted 14 points. Vanessa Ble (190-F/C-91) helped her team with 11 points and 6 rebs. In Besiktas, Ebony Hoffman (188-F/C-82, college: USC) shined with 16 points and 7 rebounds. Candice Wiggins (180-G-87, college: Stanford) scored 9, while Ilona Korstin (183-G/F-80, agency: Josep and Nicolas) and Yasemin Horasan (187-F/C-83) had 9 points and 8 rebs each. Granca made 5-point lead in the first ten minutes and jumped to plus 8 until the halftime, but Besiktas cut it down to five again with ten minutes to go. Granca players limited Besiktas to only 7 points in the last quarter, while netting 11 on the other side and it was enough for decent 9-point lead before the second meeting in Istanbul.

MBK Ruzomb. - Optimum TED 71-65
MBK Ruzomberok was better than Optimum TED 71-65 on Thursday night. It was the first meeting of the EuroCup 1/8 Finals and Ruza grabbed a 6-point lead. They had even more during the last quarter, but Optimum TED managed to cut the margin in the finish. Teams will meet again on Thursday and this time Optimum TED will be the host. Ann Andersson (185-F-80, agency: Promotex, college: Minnesota) led Ruza with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Carmen Guzman (172-SG-85, agency: Merit Sports, college: UAB) scored 14 points and handed out 5 assists, while Kamila Stepanova (191-C-88) helped the Slovakian squad with 11 points. In Optimum TED, Gulsah Akkaya (181-F-77) was better than the others with 21 points and 5 rebs. Izabela Piekarska (196-C-85, college: UTEP) and Demya Walker (193-F/C-77, college: Virginia) had 8 points and 10 rebounds each. Quarters: 15-16, 18-9, 19-16, 19-24. The winner of this two-game series will meet Dynamo Kursk (most probably) or Gorizont.

Landes - Arras 50-73
Arras destroyed Landes as a guest 50-73 on Thursday. It was a French derby and teams fight for the spot in the EuroCup Quarterfinals. Arras did a great job last night and the second game will be played at their home court, so it is difficult to imagine that Arras will miss the opportunity to reach the next stage as they already have a huge lead. Gabriela Marginean (182-F-87, college: Drexel) stepped up for the winners with 23 points and 5 rebs, while Pauline Akonga Nsimbo (188-F/C-82, agency: LBM Management) added 22 points and also 5 boards. Third scorer in victory was Sabrina Reghaissia (188-F-83) with 8 points (9 rebs). The home squad got 15 points from Bineta Diouf (185-C-78). Julie Barennes (183-SF-86) had 12 pts and 9 rebs, and Marion Laborde (178-G/F-86) stopped to 10 pts. Arras was dominating from the start keeping the double-digit margin for the entire game. Quarters: 8-27, 15-13, 11-18, 16-15. Second game is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Dexia Namur - Union Hainaut 63-69
Union Hainaut shined in the last ten minutes against Dexia Namur and grabbed a 6-point lead in Game One of the EuroCup 1/8 Finals. It was a 63-69 victory for the French squad, who will be the host of the second meeting. That game is scheduled for next Wednesday. Marina Solopova (180-G/F-90) top-scored for the winners with 21 points. Despite she had only 2 of 11 from behind the arc, Solopova was the MVP of this meeting with valuation 24. Amisha Carter (186-PF-82, agency: Josep and Nicolas, college: Louisiana Tech) had double-double of 16 points and 15 rebs, and Petra Stampalija (189-C-80, agency: Josep and Nicolas) helped her team with 13 points in this game. Stephanie Dubuc (175-G/F-85) netted 12 points for the hosts. Chandrea Jones (175-SF-87, agency: LBM Management, college: Syracuse) (7 rebs) and Laurence VanMalderen (192-C-81, agency: LBM Management) (5 rebs) netted 11 points each. As mentioned above, Marina Solopova and her teammates shined in the last ten minutes to take this victory. Quarters: 15-17, 19-17, 20-16, 9-19.

Mondeville - Botas 69-58
Mondeville celebrated 69-58 home victory against Botas on Thursday evening. It was the first game of the EuroCup 1/8 Finals and Mondeville earned 11-point lead before the second meeting. Botas will be the host in Game Two, which is scheduled for next Thursday. Katerina Zohnova (179-SF-84) was the top scorer in victory with 15 points. Kristen Sharp (175-PG-81, college: Cincinnati) had 13 points and 6 assists, while Touty Gandega (170-G-91) followed her with 11 points. In the loosing squad, Monica Wright (180-F-88, agency: LBM Management, college: Virginia) shined with 28 points and 5 rebounds. Quianna Chaney (180-G/F-86, college: LSU) had 17 points and 6 rebs, and Courtney Paris (193-C-87, college: Oklahoma) had double-double of 10 pts and 10 boards. However, Botas had only one more player who scored in this meeting (3 points, Nilay Kartaltepe Yigit), while its all other players were scoreless. Botas played good until the last ten minutes, when Mondeville took full control on them. Katerina Zohnova and her teammates exploded with 24-10 making a double-digit margin at the end. Quarters: 16-19, 10-13, 19-16, 24-10. As mentioned, teams will meet in Game Two on Thursday.

Kayseri - Elitzur Ramla 79-69
Kayseri downed the reigning EuroCup champion Elitzur Ramla in Game One of the 1/8 Finals. The Turkish outfit celebrated 79-69 home victory and will it be enough for the next stage - we will find out next week. Elitzur Ramla will be the host in Game Two, which is scheduled for next Thursday. LaToya Sanders (191-PF-86, college: N.Carolina) was a key player in victory. She had 24 points, 7 rebounds and reached valuation 36! Le'Coe Willingham (183-C-81, agency: Josep and Nicolas, college: Auburn) also was great adding 13 points and 14 rebs, while Doneeka Hodges-Lewis (175-PG-82, agency: Josep and Nicolas, college: LSU) helped with 13 points as well. In defeat, Shay Doron (175-SG-85, college: Maryland) collected 19 points and 6 assists. Ana Turcinovic (190-C-93) had 17 points and 8 rebounds and was the last one with double-digits in scoring for the Israeli team. Kayseri had nice second half, which allowed them to celebrate 10-point victory at the end. Quarters: 18-16, 15-18, 17-14, 29-21. As mentioned above, teams will meet next Thursday in Game Two, when we will find out who will reach the Quarterfinals.

Young Cats - Chevakata 55-82
Chevakata demonstrated its power in Game One of the EuroCup 1/8 Finals against Young Cats. Visitors celebrated 55-82 victory taking 27-point lead before the second meeting. The bad thing for Young Cats is that the Game Two will be played in Russia, so we can say it is already clear which team from this pair will reach the Quarterfinals. Juliya Kiseleva (200-C-85, agency: LBM Management) led the winners with 20 points and 8 rebounds for only 18 minutes on the court. She reached valuation 25 and was the MVP of this meeting. Svetlana Makhlina (180-SG-85) had 16 points, while Maria Cherepanova (190-PF-87) (8 rebs) and Katerina Keyru (182-G/F-88) netted 10 pts each. The hosts got 17 points and 10 rebounds from Emma Meesseman (192-C-93). Jasmina Rosseel (172-G-89, college: Drexel) stopped to 12 pts. Chevakata smashed Young Cats in the second period (4-31) and later extended its lead even more for rest of the way. Quarters: 19-12, 4-31, 16-19, 16-20. The second game in scheduled for January 19 (next Thursday).

Gorizont - Dynamo K. 55-82
Dynamo Kursk did a great job in Game One of the EuroCup 1/8 Finals against Gorizont. The Russian squad celebrated huge 55-82 road victory and the second game will be played in Kursk. It is already clear that the second meeting will be just the formality. Ekaterina Lisina (202-C-87) shined for the winners with 16 points and 5 rebounds. Anna Petrakova (189-PF-84) had double-double of 14 points and 10 boards, while Yuliya Dureika (179-F-86, agency: LBM Management) also helped with 14 pts. On the other side, Gorizont got 18 points and 12 rebounds from Aleksandra Khomenchuk (200-C-89). Their second scorer was Natalia Anufryienka (174-G-85, agency: LBM Management) with 11 pts (5 as). Dynamo smashed Gorizont after the breather having no troubles to keep comfortable lead until the end. Quarters: 16-25, 19-17, 6-22, 14-18. The second game between two rivals is scheduled for January 18. The winner of two-game duel, almost sure Dynamo, will meet Optimum TED or MBK Ruzomberok in the QFinals.

Jefferson's 28 points and 5 assists give her Player of the Week award - 23 hours ago

22-year old point guard Moriah Jefferson (170-PG-94) had a very impressive game in the last round for league's best team Galatasaray and receives a Player of the Week award for round 5. She had the game-high 28 points adding two rebounds and five assists for Galatasaray in her team's victory, helping them to crush Samsun (#4, 1-4) with 21-point margin 87-66. It allowed Galatasaray to consolidate first place in the EuroCup group C. They maintain a perfect record without any...   [read more]

Review of Round 5 of Regular Season - 2 days ago

Group A H-Sirenos - Maccabi Ashdod 74-71 The most crucial game of the last round was the first loss of Israeli Maccabi Ashdod (4-1) on the court of fourth ranked Lithuanian Hoptrans-Sirenos Kaunas on Thursday night. Visitors were edged by Hoptrans-Sirenos Kaunas 74-71. It ended at the same time the four-game winning streak of Maccabi Ashdod. The hosts trailed by 2 points at the halftime before their 30-15 charge in the third quarter, which allowed them to win the game. Hoptrans-Sirenos...   [read more]

Marie Ruzickova gets MVP of the Week award for EuroCup - 8 days ago

Slovakian Marie Ruzickova (190-C-86, agency: LBM Management) had a great game in the last round for league's second-best Venezia and that's her to receive a Player of the Week award for round 4. The 30-year old center had a double-double of 24 points and fourteen rebounds, while her team beat Fribourg (#3, 1-3) 63-56. Venezia maintains the 2nd position in their group in EuroCup group G. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost that single game earlier this seaso...   [read more]

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The event was previously known as Ronchetti Cup until 2002

Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1 Maccabi Ashdod 4-1 
 2 Cegledi EKK 4-1 
 3 Sparta&K MR 1-4 
 4 H-Sirenos 1-4 
Group B
 1 Abdullah Gul 5-0 
 2 MBA 3-2 
 3 PEAC-Pecs 2-3 
 4 PINKK-Pecsi 0-5 
Group C
 1 Galatasaray 5-0 
 2 TTT Riga 3-2 
 3 Dynamo NR 1-4 
 4 Samsun 1-4 
Group D
 1 Yakin Dogu BGD 5-0 
 2 Olympiacos 3-2 
 3 Good Angels 2-3 
 4 Miskolc 0-5 
Group E
 1 Nymburk 4-1 
 2 Ragusa 4-1 
 3 Nantes 2-3 
 4 Belfius Namur 0-5 
Group F
 1 Girona 5-0 
 2 Keltern 3-2 
 3 Castors Braine 2-3 
 4 Uniao Sportiva 0-5 
Group G
 1 Nice 4-1 
 2 Venezia 3-2 
 3 Landes 2-3 
 4 Fribourg 1-4 
Group H
 1 Flammes 5-0 
 2 Wasserburg 3-2 
 3 Udominate 2-3 
 4 Lulea Basket 0-5 
Full Standings
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.2
 1. Jefferson, Galatas.24.2 
 2. Nagy-Bujdoso, Cegl.19.4 
 3. Murphy, Samsun19.3 
 4. Trahan-Davis, Cast.18.6 
 5. Macaulay, Nice18.4 
 6. Jackson, Maccabi18.0 
 7. Walker, Venezia17.6 
 8. Tatham, Dynamo NR17.2 
 9. Ruzickova, Venezia17.2 
 10. Dumerc, Landes17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Angelica ROBINSON
  Avg: 11
 1. Robinson, Yakin D.11.0 
 2. Melnika, Udominate11.0 
 3. Balciunaite, H-Sir.10.7 
 4. Khomenchuk, Nymbu.10.6 
 5. Jovanovic, Miskolc10.6 
 6. Ibekwe, Girona10.4 
 7. Baugh, Good Angels9.8 
 8. Jackson, Maccabi9.8 
 9. Barthold, Lulea B.9.4 
 10. Tarakchian, Fribo.9.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Bouderra, Flammes10.3 
 2. Medgyessy, Cegledi9.3 
 3. Allemand, Castors7.0 
 4. Alben, Galatasaray6.8 
 5. Chatzinikola., Oly.5.8 
 6. Baer, Nice5.6 
 7. Mandic, PE.5.4 
 8. Peddy, Wasserburg5.0 
 9. Stalvant, Udomi.4.8 
 10. Cakir, Yakin D.4.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 5.2
 1. Jefferson, Galatas.5.2 
 2. Medgyessy, Cegledi3.9 
 3. Mestdagh, Flammes3.7 
 4. Jackson, Maccabi3.4 
 5. Bouderra, Flammes3.1 
 6. Johnson, Olymp.3.0 
 7. Peddy, Wasserburg3.0 
 8. Gunay, Abdullah Gul2.8 
 9. Maltsi, Olympiacos2.8 
 10. Crew, Uniao S.2.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Sanders, Abdullah3.0 
 2. Jarosz, H-Sirenos2.4 
 3. Khomenchuk, Nymbu.2.2 
 4. Tomlinson, Miskolc2.0 
 5. Teilane, Keltern2.0 
 6. Paugaite, TTT Riga1.6 
 7. Ibekwe, Girona1.4 
 8. Alminaite, Girona1.4 
 9. Ndour, Ragusa1.4 
 10. Gorbacheva, MBA1.2 
Player of the week

 Moriah Jefferson
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