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Play-Off bracket1


Dynamo Moscow wins the Eurocup title (Photo: FIBA Europe)

Dynamo Moscow 2012-13
Vladimir Shtam Vladimir Shtam Shtam
Laura Harper
Snezana Aleksic
Tatiana Vidmer
Tatyana Abrikosova
Veronika Dorosheva
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
15  Harper Laura 195 (6'5'') F/C 86 USA
6  Aleksic Snezana 173 (5'8'') G 89 Montenegro
4  Vidmer Tatiana 191 (6'3'') C 86 Russia
8  Abrikosova Tatyana 179 (5'11'') SG 89 Russia
12  Dorosheva Veronika 188 (6'2'') PF 91 Russia
14  Grishaeva Nadezhda 195 (6'5'') C 89 Russia
11  Kostina Alexandra 191 (6'3'') C 87 Russia
7  Sytnyak Ekaterina 184 (6'1'') PF 82 Russia
13  Sokolovskaya Irina 187 (6'2'') F 83 Russia
10  Korstin Ilona 183 (6'0'') SG 80 Russia
9  Sholokhova Viktoria 189 (6'3'') PF 85 Russia
23  Grigoryeva Tatiana 179 (5'11'') F 90 Russia
5  Fedorenkova Ekaterina 178 (5'10'') SG 93 Russia
Head Coach: Vladimir Shtam
Coach Assistant: Vladimir Pollachek
Coach Assistant: Sergey Fedorenkov
Coach Assistant: Aleksandr Ponomarenko

Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1. Lattes Montp. 5-1 
 2. Chevakata 5-1 
 3. Satu Mare 2-4 
 4. SISU 0-6 
Group B
 1. Union Hainaut 5-1 
 2. Olimpia 3-3 
 3. TED Ankara 3-3 
 4. Young Cats 1-5 
Group C
 1. Tarbes 5-1 
 2. Mersin 5-1 
 3. Spartak N. 2-4 
 4. Belfius Namur 0-6 
Group D
 1. Dynamo-GUVD 5-1 
 2. Nantes 5-1 
 3. Wasserburg 2-4 
 4. Sint Katelijne 0-6 
Group E
 1. Kayseri 3-1 
 2. Gorizont 2-2 
 3. Telge 1-3 
Group F
 1. Dynamo K. 4-0 
 2. Botas 2-2 
 3. Dunav 8806 0-4 
Group G
 1. Dynamo M. 4-2 
 2. VS Praha 3-3 
 3. Partizan 3-3 
 4. Landes 2-4 
Group H
 1. Antakya 2-2 
 2. MBK Ruzomb. 2-2 
 3. Kibirkstis-Tiche 2-2 

Season 2012-2013
List of Players

Points Per Game
 1 Maltsi, Kayseri 18.8
2 Johnson, Chevakata 18.5
3 Dotson, VS Praha 16.5
4 Toliver, Dynamo M. 16.1
5 Papova, Olimpia 15.9
6 Langhorne, Dynamo M. 15.7
7 Salagnac, Tarbes 15
8 Sanders, Kayseri 14.6
9 Snytsina, Chevakata 14.6
10 Drozd, Olimpia
Rebounds Per Game
 1 Johnson, Chevakata 13.2
2 Alyoshkina, Olimpia 11.5
3 Robinson, Tarbes 9.9
4 Langhorne, Dynamo M. 9.2
5 Reisingerova, VS Pr. 8.3
6 Kiseleva, Chevakata 8.3
7 Sanders, Kayseri 8.1
8 Dotson, VS Praha 8.1
9 Perostiyska, Union H. 7.8
10 Lisina, Dynamo K.
Assists Per Game
 1 Aubert, Nantes 4.7
2 Bartakova, VS Praha 4.4
3 Toliver, Dynamo M. 4.3
4 Tarasava, VS Praha 4
5 Turner, Dy. 4
6 Mincikova, MBK R. 3.8
7 Michel, Nantes 3.6
8 Drozd, Olimpia 3.5
9 Martinez, Kayseri 3.5
10 Bremont, Lattes M.
Steals Per Game
 1 Drozd, Olimpia 2.9
2 Robert, Lattes M. 2.5
3 Michel, Nantes 2.5
4 Maltsi, Kayseri 2.3
5 Turner, Dy. 2.3
6 Aubert, Nantes 2.1
7 Johnson, Chevakata 2.1
8 Cernakova, MBK R. 2.1
9 Arrondo, Nantes 2.1
10 Garcia, Union Hainaut
Blocks Per Game
 1 Alyoshkina, Olimpia 2.6
2 Lisina, Dynamo K. 2.5
3 Myasoedova, Dynam. 1.6
4 Reisingerova, VS Pr. 1.3
5 Sanders, Kayseri 1.2
6 Vidmer, Dynamo M. 1.2
7 Dotson, VS Praha 1
8 Loginova, Dy. 0.9
9 Robinson, Tarbes 0.8
10 Kiseleva, Chevakata
0.8 All-EuroCup Awards 2012-2013 - Mar 15, 2013 All-EuroCup 1st Team 2012-2013
Kristi Toliver
Ausra Bimbaite
Glory Johnson
LaToya Sanders
Crystal Langhorne

Finals MVP: Kristi Toliver (170-PG-87) of Dynamo M.
Player of the Year: Glory Johnson (191-F-90) of Chevakata
Guard of the Year: Kristi Toliver (170-PG-87) of Dynamo M.
Forward of the Year: Glory Johnson (191-F-90) of Chevakata
Center of the Year: Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86) of Dynamo M.
European Player of the Year: LaToya Sanders (191-PF-86) of Kayseri
Import of the Year: Glory Johnson (191-F-90) of Chevakata
Defensive Player of the Year: Lyubov Alyoshkina (203-C-81) of Olimpia
Coach of the Year: Vladimir Shtam of Dynamo M.

1st Team
PG: Kristi Toliver (170-87) of Dynamo M.
SG: Ausra Bimbaite (179-82) of Dynamo K.
F: Glory Johnson (191-90) of Chevakata
PF: LaToya Sanders (191-86) of Kayseri
F/C: Crystal Langhorne (188-86) of Dynamo M.

2nd Team
PG: Caroline Aubert (168-80) of Nantes
G: Paoline Salagnac (176-84) of Tarbes
F: Angelica Robinson (197-87) of Tarbes
F: Evanthia Maltsi (180-78) of Kayseri
C: Ekaterina Lisina (203-87) of Dynamo K.

3rd Team
G: Yvonne Turner (174-87) of Dynamo-GUVD
G: Laura Garcia (176-81) of Union Hainaut
F: Geraldine Robert (183-80) of Lattes Montp.
F: Marshae Dotson (180-87) of VS Praha
C: Lyubov Alyoshkina (203-81) of Olimpia

Honorable Mention
Katerina Snytsina (188-F-85) of Chevakata
Nadzeya Drozd (174-G-83) of Olimpia
Chantelle Handy (191-C-87) of Mersin
Natalia Myasoedova (196-C-87) of Dynamo-GUVD
Asjha Jones (191-F/C-80) of Kayseri
Tatiana Vidmer (191-C-86) of Dynamo M.
Alexandra Tarasava (170-PG-88) of VS Praha
Petra Reisingerova (195-C-73) of VS Praha
Sequoia Holmes (185-F-86) of MBK Ruzomb.

All-Europeans Team
PG: Caroline Aubert (168-80) of Nantes
SG: Ausra Bimbaite (179-82) of Dynamo K.
F: Evanthia Maltsi (180-78) of Kayseri
PF: LaToya Sanders (191-86) of Kayseri
C: Ekaterina Lisina (203-87) of Dynamo K.

All-Imports Team
PG: Kristi Toliver (170-87) of Dynamo M.
G: Yvonne Turner (174-87) of Dynamo-GUVD
F: Glory Johnson (191-90) of Chevakata
F: Angelica Robinson (197-87) of Tarbes
F/C: Crystal Langhorne (188-86) of Dynamo M.

Dynamo Moscow crowned champions! - Mar 14, 2013

Kayseri - Dynamo M. 74-70
Dynamo Moscow protected a five-point advantage from the home game to celebrate the EuroCup title in Turkey tonight. Kayseri put all possible pressure on the Russian team in the return leg of the title series but stepped just a whisker away from the triumph. Kristi Toliver (170-PG-87, college: Maryland) and Ilona Korstin (183-SG-80, agency: Josep and Nicolas) came up with decisive five points late in regulation as Dynamo Moscow got within the necessary distance from the hosts. Martinez had a chance to bring the success to the home team but missed a layup as Dynamo celebrated a historic win at the end. Kristi Toliver finished with 23 points to pace the visitors. Dynamo Moscow opened the game confidently. They stayed calm throughout the first ten minutes stealing a 20:19 lead at the first break. But Kayseri mounted the pressure in the second quarter. The Turkish team overcame a six-point deficit and Martinez made it 41:37 for the hosts at halftime. Asjha Jones and Zoi Dimitrakou (188-F-87, agency: Josep and Nicolas) gave the home team a 48:41 lead midway through the third quarter. Soon Maltsi and Demirok opened a 14-point advantage for Kayseri 61:47. Nadezhda Grishaeva capped the third quarter with four points in a row to drag Dynamo within 10. LaToya Sanders (191-PF-86, college: N.Carolina) made it 67:58 for the hosts midway through the fourth stanza but Nadezhda Grishaeva came to rescue once again scoring quick four points and cutting the deficit. Ilona Korstine narrowed the gap at 4-point mark with a three-pointer but Zoi Dimitrakou and Asjha Jones answered with back-to-back baskets as Kayseri raced to a 74:65 lead with 36 seconds remaining. But Dynamo refused to give as Kristi Toliver and Ilona Korstin came up with decisive points and brought Dynamo to the trophy! Nadezhda Grishaeva provided 14 points, while Crystal Langhorne chipped in 12 points for the winning side. LaToya Sanders answered with 19 points for Kayseri. Zoi Dimitrakou netted 17 points for the hosts.

Dynamo Moscow celebrate victory in opening leg of title series - Mar 7, 2013

Dynamo Moscow - Kayseri 66:61

Dynamo Moscow made the first step towards gaining EuroCup title. They overcame Kayseri in the Russian capital tonight to build a 5-point cushion prior to the return leg in Turkey. Kristi Toliver (170-PG-87, college: Maryland) scored 16 points and grabbed 5 rebounds to pace the hosts.
Dynamo dominated in the opening quarter. They opened the game with an 8:2 run and managed to secure a 24:15 lead at the first break. However Kayseri did not allow Dynamo to run away in the second quarter. Dimitrakou and Evanthia Maltsi (180-F-78, agency: Josep and Nicolas) dragged the visitors within one at halftime 31:32. Asjha Jones (191-F/C-80, college: Connecticut) put the visitors in front at the start of the second half 33:32. The teams stayed neck and neck throughout intense third quarter. The scoreboard read 45:45 at the final intermission. Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86, college: Maryland) and Kristi Toliver though helped Dynamo to a 59:52 lead midway through the fourth stanza. Evanthia Maltsi and Sanders cut the distance to 4 points 61:65 with just over a minute to go in regulation but Crystal Langhorne nailed a free throw and sealed the final outcome. Crystal Langhorne chipped in 13 points and grabbed 13 boards, while Tatiana Vidmer (191-C-86) and Svetlana Abrosimova (188-F-80, college: Connecticut) chipped in 10 points each in the win. Asjha Jones accounted for 18 points for Kayseri. Evanthia Maltsi netted 17 points in the loss.

Dynamo Moscow: Kristi Toliver 16, Crystal Langhorne 13+13 boards, Tatiana Vidmer 10, Svetlana Abrosimova 10
Kayseri: Asjha Jones 18, Evanthia Maltsi 17

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