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1.Benett. 11-3
2.Barcel. 11-3
3.Efes 8-6
4.Skipper 8-6
5.Cibona 7-7
6.Pau 6-8
7.Alba 4-10
8.A.E.K. 1-13
  Round 14, Feb 12, 2003
The last gameday in Group A didn't bring any changes. All 8 teams stayed in the exact same place they were before the games today. Benetton beat AEK 72-59 and took the 1st place in Group A. Barca 66-80 win over Alba in Berlin secured them a spot in the first seeding group as best 2nd place team, and Pau is still alive in the race for the Top 16 after a big 69-71 win in Istanbul over Efes. Skipper had a chance to grab Efes' 3rd place in the group, but the Italians lost to Cibona 89-83 in Zagreb after overtime, and will finish 4th in Group A.

Benetton Treviso 72 - AEK Athens 59
Benetton Treviso finishes the first phase of the Euroleague on top of Group A with an 11-3 record, after an easy win over AEK Athens. The nightmare of the Greek champion in the Euroleague is over. AEK holds the worst record in the Euroleague at the end of the first phase, after winning only 1 of 14 games.
Benetton, without Nicola, easily took a 21-12 lead after 10 minutes, and until the end of the game both teams took a nap. AEK didn't bother Benetton too much, and in exchange the Italians didn't route AEK. Loncar and Markoishvili tied their Euroleague career high.

Benetton (21+20+17+14): Edney 16, Marconato 10 + 11 rbs, Calabria 8, Bulleri 8, Loncar 8, Langdon 7, Garbajosa 6 + 10 rbs, Markoishvili 5, Pittis 4 + 6 rbs + 6 as
AEK (12+18+13+16): Blakney 18, Dikoudis 16 + 8 rbs, Betts 11 + 7 rbs, Zisis 5, Antic 4, Hatzis 3, Kikilias 2

Efes Pilsen 69 - Pau Orthez 71
Pau Orthez is still in the race! A big effort on defense by the French stopped Efes on no more than 11 points in the last quarter, and gave Pau their 6th win of the season. In order for Pau to qualify Siena, Zalgiris and Asvel must lose tomorrow. Efes finish 3rd in Group A.
Only 5 players scored tonight for Efes, and seems like it takes more than that to win a Euroleague game, even if Marcus Brown is having a great night with 30 points. Efes took an 8 point lead, 36-28,  in the 2nd quarter, but Pau quickly cleared that off the way and hit the lockerooms trailing by 2, 38-36. Tunceri nailed a 3 pointer in the 3rd to give Efes once again some space from Pau, this time by 9, but Pau didn't lose their head and striked back. Young Diaw gave Pau a 68-69 lead with 27 seconds on the clock. Tunceri hit only once from the line and Pau had the last possession with 19 seconds to play. Lukovski, who missed only one shot until then, had the last ball, and with 3 seconds to go, he hit the winning basket.
Efes (21+17+20+11): Brown 30, Kambala 21, Tunceri 10, Peker 9, Granger 8
Pau (23+13+18+17): Lukovski 16, F. Pietrus 13, M. Pietrus 11, Sellers 10 + 7 rbs, Diaw-riffiod 7, Faouthoux 5, Julian 4, Hill 3, Drozdov 2

Cibona Zagreb 89 - Skipper Bologna 83 OT
This game didn't matter at all for Cibona, but the Croatian champion still fought until the end. Skipper had a chance to win the 3rd place in Group A, after Efes' loss to Pau, but couldn't make it. Cibona finish 5th, Skipper 4th.
Skipper missed Kovacic and Pozzecco but had a big heart. After trailing 8-17, Cibona made a 17-3 and finished the first quarter with a 25-20 lead. From that point on the two teams were close to each other until the last minutes of the game. Cibona then took a 9 point lead, 75-66, and it looked like the game was decided, but Skipper made a huge 1-10 run including a 3 pointer by Basile that tied the game, 76-76. In overtime Skipper missed two many players who fouled out. Cibona had an easier job after Skelin, Delfino, Galanda and Barton had 5 fouls, and won the game 89-83.
Cibona (25+22+14+15+13): Mamic 21 - 0/8 3FG + 10 rbs + 6 st, Mujezinovic 16 + 14 rbs, Prkacin 14, Kus 10, Mance 6, Krunic 6, Planinic 5, Stimac 3, Krasic 3, Rimac 2, Alihodzic 2, Ruzic 1
Skipper (20+25+19+12+7): Basile 27 + 6 rbs + 7 as, Galanda 17 + 10 rbs, Delfino 12 + 7 rbs + 6 as, Scepanovic 11, Mancinelli 7, Barton 5, Skelin 4

Alba Berlin 66 - Barcelona 80
Barcelona will have to settle for the 2nd place in Group A, but the win tonight in Berlin secures Barca's place in the first seeding group for the Top 16 draw, as the best 2nd place team in the Euroleague.
Barcelona took a 26-43 lead after 20 minutes. Alba missed injured Lollis but got a terrific performance for Stanojevic with 30 pts and 10 rbs. Barcelona presented the young Anderson Varejao who set two Euroleague career highs with 12 rbs and 5 blocks!  Alba made a small comeback to the game in the 3rd, but Barca didn't allow the Germans to put their win in danger.
Alba (14+12+21+19): Stanojevic 30 + 10 rbs, Collins 14 + 6 rbs + 6 as, Ozturk 7, Celestand 5, Garris 4, Pesic 3, Grunheid 2, Demirel 1
Barcelona (22+23+13+22): Bodiroga 21, Navarro 16, Duenas 9, Varejao 9 + 12 rbs + 5 bl, Femerling 7, Jasikevicius 7, De la fuente 5, Fucka 3, Rodriguez 3

  Round 13, Feb 5, 2003
AEK Athens 64 - Efes Pilsen 81
(21+18+18+7): Dikoudis 17 + 7 rbs, Hatzis 13, Zisis 8, Blakney 6, Betts 5, Antic 5, Bourousis 4, Tapoutos 4, Kikilias 2
Efes (12+28+18+23): Brown 26, Kambala 21, Granger 10, Yilmaz 10, Tunceri 6, Peker 4, Arslan 2, Golemac 2

  Round 12, Jan.29, 2003
Benetton Treviso 94 - Barcelona 82
Benetton lost by 1 point in Spain, so tonight's win not only gave them the #1 place in Group A, for this week but probably till the end of the first stage. It will take a miracle to take the Italian champion down from the top. With 2 games in the bank Barcelona must win both games and have Benetton lose twice in order to snap the first spot.
Benetton (26+24+22+22): Nicola 17 + 5 as, Langdon 15, Marconato 15, Garbajosa 15 + 9 rbs, Edney 11 + 5 as, Calabria 9, Pittis 7 + 7 as, Bulleri 5
Barcelona (14+23+20+25): Jasikevicius 20, Varejao 17, Navarro 16, De la fuente 11, Bodiroga 9, Femerling 4, Fucka 2, Rodriguez 2, Deunas 1

Cibona Zagreb 90 - Alba Berlin 72
Cibona needed a 15+ win to erase the 84-70 loss in Berlin, and accomplished that. The win secured Cibona's spot in the Top 16, and sealed the top 5 qualifiers from Group A.
Cibona (23+24+27+16): Mance 20, Planinic 17, Mujezinovic 14, Prkacin 11, Krasic 8, Kus 7, Mamic 5, Alihodizc 4, Rimac 3, Ruzic 1
Alba (20+18+19+15): Lollis 21 + 10 rbs + 6 as, Pesic 12, Demirel 8, Ozturk 8, Stanojevic 8, Garris 7, Rankin 4, Celestand 4

Efes Pilsen 75 - Skipper Bologna 57
In the first game in Bologna Efes needed a foul shot by Granger to escape with a one point win, tonight they had a much easier job. Skipper came to the game with a streak of 5 wins, but had no answer to Alper Yilmaz who a new individual record. Until tonight Yilmaz never scored more than 9 points and 3 pointers in the Euroleague, tonight he had 20 pts and 6 three pointers.
Skipper arrived to Istanbul without injured Pozzecco but took a 9-15 lead half way through the 1st Q. Efes called for a time out and then responded with a 9-0 run on the way to an 18-15 lead after 10 minutes. Efes added 10 more points at the first minutes of the 2nd Q and took a 28-18 lead, but Skipper fought back and with Skelin tied the score by half time, 34-34.
Marcus Brown and Tunceri led Efes to another big run, 18-6 this time, and once again Skipper was behind by a double digit margin. Yilmaz added 3 more 3 pointers in the first minutes of the 4th to open another run, and Skipper was suddenly down by 19, 67-48, in the 4th. The game was already decided and Efes began their qualifications celebrations.
Efes (18+16+21+20): Brown 22, Yilmaz 20 - 6/8 3FG + 7 rbs, Tunceri 14 + 6 as, Golemac 7, Peker 5, Kambala 5 + 5 rbs, Granger 2
Skipper (15+19+10+13): Galanda 11 - 4/14 FG, Delfino 10 - 3/11 FG, Basile 10, Barton 9, Skelin 8 + 14 rbs, Scepanovic 5, Kovacic 4

Pau Orthez 86 - AEK Athens 84
(22+18+20+26): Pietrus M. 15, Faouthoux 13, Pietrus F. 12, Lukovski 11, Drozdov 9, Julian 8 + 7 rbs, Diaw-riffiod 7 + 8 rbs, Hill 6, Sellers 5 + 6 rbs
AEK (23+21+26+14): Betts 25 + 8 rbs, Dikoudis 19 + 6 rbs, Hatzis 16, Blakney 13, Tapoutos 7, Kikilias 2, Zisis 2

  Round 11, Jan.15, 2003
Skipper Bologna 85 - Pau Orthez 75
Pau arrived to Bolonga with mixed feelings. On one hand they beat Skipper in the first round, and the last French team that visited Bolonga came back with a win. On the other Pau lost their last 5 games, and that French win in Bologna was in the first game day of the Euroleague. After 40 minutes of game Pau not only wrote down their 6th loss in a row, but also lost the 5 point win from the first round.
Skipper took a 15-9 lead in the early minutes of the game, but until the end of the quarter, Pau was trailing only by 1, 22-21. Basile and Pozzecco pushed Skipper in the 2nd quarter to a double digit lead, and after 20 minutes the score was set on 49-39.
Pau managed to reduce the gap down to 6, 60-54, in the 28th minute, but nothing more than that. By the end of the 3rd Skipper was leading 69-58 and continued to increase the lead in the 4th. Pau only managed to cut the margin a little, but not to put the win in danger.
Skipper (22+27+20+16): Basile 19, Kovacic 18, Pozzecco 11, Barton 10, Skelin 9, Delfino 6, Mancinelli 2, Van den spiegel 2
Pau (21+18+19+17): Sellers 17, Julian 13, Diaw-riffiod 13 + 9 rbs + 5 as, Pietrus M. 12, Hill 8, Lukovski 7, Faouthoux 3, Drozdov 2

Barcelona 73 - Efes Pilsen 60
In the first round it took Barcelona a double overtime to win Efes Pilsen. Today it took them 3 quarters and 1 Jasekevicius to overcome the Turkish champion.
For 3 quarters the teams were glued to each other. By half time Barcelona led 38-35, but in the 3rd Efes stopped the home team on 10 points, and cut the margin down to 1, 48-47.
Granger gave Efes a small win in the early minutes of the 4th, but then game 3 three pointers in a row by Jasikevicius that opened a 9 point gap between the teams. Efes tried to make a comeback, but another 3 pointer by Jasikevicius sealed the game.
Barcelona (21+17+10+25): Jasikevicius 23, Bodiroga 16 + 7 rbs, Fucka 11, Navarro 8, Femerling 6, De la fuente 5, Duenas 3 + 8 rbs, Varejao 1
Efes (18+17+12+13): Granger 14, Kambala 12 + 7 rbs, Tunceri 11, Brown 8, Golemac 6, Peker 6, Arslan 2, Pars 1

Alba Berlin 80 - AEK Athens 76
Alba had to win to keep their faith alive, and made it, but only after a tough fight. The Germans took an 8 point lead around the end of the 1st quarter, but AEK cut it down to 6, 21-15, at the end of the 1st. Hatzis carried AEK on his back in the 2nd, and led the visitors to a 30-31 lead. Blakney set the halftime score on 34-38 for the Greek champion.
Alba made a 9-2 run in the 3rd and gained the lead again, but AEK fought back and till the end of the 3rd the lead changed hands several times. 58-55 to Alba after 30 minutes. The teams stayed close to each other in the 4th, until Stanojevic scored 4 points in a row, and gave Alba a 76-71 lead. AEK made a comeback and hit the next 5 points to tie the game, but then arrived a big shot by Celestand that decided the game.
Alba (21+13+24+22): Celestand 21, Lollis 17 + 15 rbs, Rodl 13, Ozturk 7, Garris 7, Stanojevic 6, Demirel 5, Pesic 4
AEK (16+22+17+21): Hatzis 25, Dikoudis 13, Kakiouzis 12 + 9 rbs, Blakney 11, Tapoutos 6, Betts 5, Zisis 4
Cibona Zagreb 71 - Benetton Treviso 100
Last week Cibona was humiliated by Efes Pilsen, and lost by 34 points. But that was on the road, far from Zagreb, where Cibona was unbeatable. Until today. First home loss this season to Cibona, and quite a big one it was. Benetton Treviso didn't have too much trouble to set their winning streak of 6, exactly one game before the head-to-head battle on the 1st place in Group A, against Barcelona.
Until the 7th minute Cibona was still leading, 17-11, and didn't have any reason to be worried, but after a time out called by Messina, Benetton woke up. In the last 3 minutes of the quarter the visitors made a 3-12 run, but that was only the beginning. Benetton did everything so easily and completed a 7-31 run. By half time the Italians were leading 33-51. The storm didn't stop in the 2nd half. Benetton kept the pressure on, increased the lead up to 60-98 and only then allowed Cibona to cut the gap a little. 
Cibona (20+13+15+23): Mamic 15 + 8 rbs, Ruzic 14, Mance 10, Rimac 8, Prkacin 6, Mujezinovic 5, Kus 5, Planinic 4, Alihodzic 4
Benetton (23+28+23+26): Edney 22 + 7 as, Langdon 17 + 8 rbs + 5 as, Nicola 14 + 7 rbs, Pittis 11 + 8 as + 5 st, Garbajosa 11, Bulleri 10, Loncar 8, Marconato 4, Calabria 2, Markoishvili 1

  Round 10, Jan.8, 2003
Benetton 107 - Alba Berlin 81
(30+26+28+23): Edney 18, Langdon 18, Marconato 15 + 9 rbs, Garbajosa 14 + 7 rbs, Nicola 11, Calabria 8, Bulleri 5, Markoishvilli 5, Loncar 4, Nemeth 3
Alba (16+21+18+26): Pesic 25 - 10/12 FG, Lollis 16, Celestand 10, Rodl 10, Stanojevic 8, Demirel 7, Rankin 3, Ozturk 2

Pau Orthez 72 - Barcelona 84
(19+20+12+21): Sellers 20, Diaw 12 + 5 rbs + 6 as, Hill 10, Faouthoux 9, Pietrus 7, Julian 7, Lukovski 3, Drozdov 2, Dubos 2
Barcelona (21+26+22+15): Jasikevicius 20 - 8/11 FG, Bodiroga 15 + 7 rbs, Fucka 12, Femerling 11 + 7 rbs, Navarro 9, Duenas 8, De-la fuente 7, Rodriguez 2

Efes Pilsen 91 - Cibona Zagreb 57
In the first round Efes traveled to Zagreb and had to go back to Istanbul with an 8 point loss after scoring only 56 points. Tonight Efes got their revenge. Not only they held Cibona on 57 points, they also were able to open a big gap, and win by 34 points.
Granger had a good start, and with his first 6 points in the game Efes took an 8-2 lead. Mamic carried Cibona on his back in the last minutes of the 1st, and Efes stepped off the court with a 21-17 lead. It didn't take long before Efes made their run. In the first 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter, Cibona were able to score only 5 points, and Efes didn't stand by, but attacked. The lead increased to 36-22, and Cibona seemed lost. Till the end of the 1st half Cibona added only 3 more points, and the lead grew up to 48-25 after 20 minutes.
Cibona, known as a bad road team, didn't stand a chance to make a comeback, but Efes didn't stop the pressure. After 30 minutes Efes was leading 72-39, and Tuncari added another bucket, to set the score on 76-39 early in the 4th. Efes didn't allow Cibona to cut the margin in the garbage time, and finished the game with 34 points more than the hosts.
Efes (21+27+24+19): Brown 21 - 3/3 3FG, Kambala 16, Granger 11, Golemac 10, Peker 10, Tunceri 8, Onan 8, Yilmaz 3, Pars 2, Arslan 2
Cibona (17+8+14+18): Mamic 15, Mujezinovic 8, Planinic 6 + 5 to, Stimac 6, Kus 6, Alihodzic 4, Ruzic 4, Rimac 4, Krunic 3, Mance 1

AEK Athens 63 - Skipper Bologna 72
Something very bad and strange happens to AEK when they play in the Euroleague. Only 4 days ago AEK crushed Panathinaikos in the Greek league, and captured the top of their domestic competition. Tonight they once again couldn't find the way to win their first home game in the Euroleague.
Skipper took a 3-11 lead in the first half of the 1st quarter, but AEK cut the margin down to 5 at the end of the 1st, 13-18. AEK moved closer to the visitors in the first minutes of the 2nd quarter, until Skipper made a 2-11 run, and took a double-digit lead, 21-31. After 20 minutes of game Skipper was leading 26-34.
AEK cut the gap by 50% by scoring the first 4 points of the 3rd quarter, but Skipper responded with a 2-8 run, and led by 10 again after 24 minutes. Soon the lead kept growing, but AEK didn't allow Skipper to get too far, and finished the 3rd with the same difference as the half, 46-54. That's the best AEK could do. Delfino led Skipper to an 18 point lead, and from that point on AEK could only risk the gap, but not the identity of the winner.
AEK (13+13+20+17): Dikoudis 20, Kakiouzis 13, Betts 10 + 11 rbs, Zisis 8, Blakney 5, Hatzis 4, Antic 3
Skipper (18+16+20+18): Delfino 18 + 8 rbs, Basile 14, Skelin 11, Pozzecco 9, Van den spiegel 8 + 7 rbs, Kovacic 4, Scepanovic 2, Mancinelli 2, Barton 2, Galanda 2

  Round 9, Dec.18, 2003
Cibona Zagreb 66 - Pau Orthez 62
Orthez came to Zagreb with 3 losses in a row, and had to win the game to keep a safe distance from the 5th spot in Group A.  Cibona on the other hand, wanted to keep their perfect home record, and open 2 wins gap between them and the French.
Cibona had a terrible shooting first half, and Orthez handled it correctly. Charlie Ward, scoring 36 points in Bologna vs. Skipper only 2 weeks ago, couldn't find the right touch in the Drazen Petrovic Basketball center and finished with only 2 points, from the line, in 8 minutes. Sellers dominated under the boards and Orthez was up by 7 by half time, 29-36.
Cibona erased the gap early in the 3rd, but Orthez was back on the lead with points by Lukovski, and by the end of the 3rd the scoreboard displayed 46-50 to the visitors. It took Cibona a few more minutes in the 4th before they took off with a 10-0 run, and didn't drop the lead till the final buzzer. Orthez managed to tie the score, with a bucket by Sellers, 25 seconds to go, but Rimac hit twice from the line, and in the next possession Faouthoux lost the ball, and Mujezinovic finished with a dunk.
Cibona (17+12+17+14): Prkacin 13, Mujezinovic 10 + 9 rbs, Rimac 10, Kus 10, Planinic 7, Mance 5, Krasic 5, Alihodzic 4, Ward 2
Pau (17+19+14+12): Sellers 17, Lukovski 13, Faouthoux 10, Julian 6, Dubos 5, Drozdov 5, Pietrus M. 2, Pietrus F. 2, Hill 2

Benetton Treviso 87 - Efes Pilsen 75
Benetton's first loss in the Euroleague was to Efes. Tonight, still without injured Edney, Benetton got their revenge, and once again displayed 5 players in double figures. Benetton was dominating the rebounds (33-19), managed to stop Kambala, and used an 11-0 run in the 3rd to win for the 7th time.
Efes was chasing Benetton right from the early minutes, and after 1 quarter the locals were up by 4, 27-23. Benetton continued to set the pace, and quickly climbed to a 10 point lead, 37-27, but Efes didn't wait too long before they made their way back to the game. Onan finished a fastbreak that cut the lead to 3, and by half time Benetton were 2 possessions ahead. 49-44.
Onan added another 3 pointer in the beginning of the 3rd to tie the score, 49-49, but that's when Benetton made an 11-0 run, with Langdon hitting shots from 3 like free throws, and by the 3rd buzzer Benetton was up by 12, 67-59. Langdon and Nicola were almost unstoppable, and Benetton made a 2nd run, 10-2 this time, and the margin became too high to deal with. Efes still managed to respond with a 0-8 run, but that already too late.
Benetton (27+22+18+20): Langdon 17, Marconato 15 - 7/7 FG + 8 rbs, Bulleri 15, Nicola 13, Garbajosa 11 + 7 rbs, Calabria 8, Pittis 8
Efes (23+21+15+16): Brown 16, Kambala 12, Onan 11, Golemac 8, Arslan 7, Pars 6, Tunceri 5, Granger 5, Yilmaz 3, Peker 2

Alba Berlin 77 - Skipper Bologna 80
After the big Delfino show and win over Barca last week, Skipper continues to be a big force in Group A, with their 3rd win in a row, this time on Alba's account. The Czech forward Lubos Barton was tonight's Delfino with 20 points, 4/4 from 3, including the winning shot 2 with 2 sec. on to clock.
Alba had a good start and took a 14-5 lead. Skipper had no answer for Stanojevic and Lollis, so they went to their guards who set the score on 20-14 after 10 minutes. Skipper took advantage of Alba's scoring drought with a 0-7 run on the way to a 20-21 lead. The leader changed faces throughout the 2nd quarter and Alba, once again, was on top after 20 minutes, 40-37.
The Germans opened an 8 point lead early in the 3rd but Skipper stayed right behind. Delfino and Barton cut the lead back to 3 at the end of the quarter, 60-57, and were ready for a take over. John Celestend, last season in Skipper, led Alba in the early minutes of the 4th but Skipper pushed the gas paddle and took a 7 point lead, 67-74. With less than 2 minutes on the clock Alba cut the margin down to 3, but Galanda quickly replied with a three that seemed to seal the deal. Not so far. Demirel and Garris hit twice from behind the arc, and set a 77-77 tie with 11 seconds on the game clock. Skipper had the last possession, and the ball went to Barton. Till then he made all 3 shots from 3 point land, and with 2 seconds on the clock and made it 4 of 4.
Alba (20+20+20+17): Demirel 17, Lollis 15 + 9 rbs, Garris 15, Stanojevic 12 + 10 rbs, Celestand 7 + 6 rbs, Grunheid 7, Rodl 3, Rankin 1
Skipper (14+23+20+23): Barton 20 - 4/4 3FG, Galanda 13 + 7 rbs, Pozzecco 12 + 5 as, Van den spiegel 11, Delfino 10 + 8 rbs, Basile 8, Scepanovic 6

Barcelona 68 - AEK Athens 54
The team with the worst record in the Euroleague was able to stay close for 3 quarters, before a 9-0 local run decided the game. Jasikevicius nailed a 3 pointer to put Barca on top with a 17-9 lead, but AEK replied with a small 2-6 run, and the 1st quarter was over with AEK down by 4, 19-15. Barcelona wasn't able to score in the first 3 minutes of the 2nd quarter, and AEK completed a 2-12 run to take a 19-21 lead. The teams stayed close to each other till the end of the first half, but Barca took the lead back, 31-30 after 20 minutes.
Bodiroga led a 9-0 run by Barcelona in the 3rd, and the AEK was down by 7, 46-39, in the center of the 3rd. The Greeks woke up in time to stop Barcelona's run, and the cut the lead down to 6, by the end of the 3rd, 49-43. When it seemed the teams will continue to battle till the last minutes, came another 9-0 run by the locals, and when the scoreboard displayed 58-43, it was obvious AEK won't be able to make a comeback from there.
Barcelona (19+12+18+19): Bodiroga 15, Duenas 12, Varejao 11, De la fuente 8, Jasikevicius 6, Navarro 6, Fucka 4, Femerling 4, Rodriguez 2
AEK (15+15+13+11): Dikoudis 13, Betts 13 + 9 rbs, Kakiouzis 12, Zisis 4, Tapoutos 3, Antic 3, Jestratijevic 2, Blakney 2, Hatzis 2

  Round 8, Dec.11, 2003
Efes Pilsen 74 - Alba Berlin 62
Efes won the first game in Berlin by 21 points, so Alba was fighting not only for 2 points, but also for its pride. Apparently that was enough only for 35 minutes.
Efes took an early 8 points lead, 21-13, but Alba scored the last 4 points of the 1st quarter, and trailed only by 4, 21-17 after 10 minutes. Efes once again took off, this time to a 9 point lead, 29-20, but Alba made another come back to the game. Lollis dunked Alba to 31-30 but Brown added 2 points and Efes led by 3 at half time, 35-32.
Garris put Alba on top for the first time, 37-38, and after a few minutes the German lead climbed up to 5. Efes woke up in time to take a 14-4 run, and grab the lead once again, 53-50 after 3 quarter. Alba stayed close for the first 5 minutes of the last quarter, till Kambala woke up and the lead jumped up to 8. Yilmaz added a 3 pointer to make it official. 74-62 to Efes.
Efes (21+14+18+21): Kambala 19, Brown 17, Golemac 11, Yilmaz 7, Granger 5, Peker 4, Pars 4, Tunceri 4, Arslan 3
Alba (17+15+18+12): Stanojevic 19, Lollis 17 + 9 rbs, Garris 9, Celestand 5, Demirel 4, Rankin 4, Rodl 4

AEK Athens 69 - Cibona Zagreb 71
Last week Jerod Ward nailed 36 points, but Cibona lost, as always, on the road. Today Ward settled for 9, and Cibona got its first road victory in the Euroleague, over AEK that will hold the worst record in the Euroleague for one more week.
AEK took a small 6 point lead in the first quarter, and doubled it in the 2nd. Prkacin woke up just before the 2nd buzzer and AEK lead was cut to 8 by half time, 42-34. Cibona's comeback was slow but efficient. By the end of the 3rd AEK was up only by 3, 53-50, and it didn't take long before Planinic hit 2 huge 3 point shots to give Cibona the lead, 57-58. Both teams stayed close till the very end. Planinic was sent to the line with 14 seconds to go, and a 69-69 tie on the scoreboard. He hit both shots, and AEK got their chance to tie or win the game. Antic had a good open shot, but the ball went out. 69-71 to Cibona.
AEK (23+19+11+16): Betts 16, Kakiouzis 15, Zisis 10, Dikoudis 9, Blakney 7, Hatzis 5, Antic 3, Tapoutos 2, Jestratijevic 2
Cibona (17+17+16+21): Mujezinovic 18, Planinic 14 + 8 as, Prkacin 11, Ward 9, Rimac 8, Ruzic 5, Krasic 3, Mance 2, Kus 1

Skipper 82 - Barcelona 70
Skipper Bologna shocked Barcelona tonight, with a huge 12 points win. Gregor Fucka (214-C-71), till this season in Skipper, scored 19 points, but wasn't able to stop Carlos Delfino, in his best game for Skipper. Jasmin Repesa, the new coach of Skipper, and former coach of Cibona, now has 2 wins over Barcelona with 2 different teams in one month.
Fucka scored the first 5 points of the game, but Skipper made the first signs of what's about to come with a 12-0 run. Delfino and Pozzecco gave Skipper a 10 points lead, 23-13, but by the end of the quarter Barcelona scored 4 points, and cut the lead to 6, 23-17. Skipper kept a small lead during the 2nd quarter, as Navarro and Delfino exchanged points. Fucka, with a 3 points play, reduced the margin to 4, 43-39, at half time.
Galanda and once again Pozzecco pushed Skipper to a 12-2 run and the Italians were up by 12. navarro and Fucka tried to reply with points on the other side, but Skipper managed to keep a 10 points lead by the end of the 3rd, 68-58. Bodiroga didn't have a good game, but in the first minutes of the 4th quarter he made it a 6 points game, and a 3 pointer by De la Fuente cut down the lead by half. Galanda, who played under Fucka's shadow in the last years, nailed a 3 pointer of his own and Skipper was up by 8 again, 3 minutes to go. Basile scored another 3 just to make sure Barcelona won't have any comeback thoughts .
Skipper (23+20+25+14): Delfino 21 + 11 rbs, Galanda 18, Basile 17, Pozzecco 14 + 9 as, Van den spiegel 7, Barton 3, Skelin 2
Barcelona (17+22+19+12): Fucka 19 + 8 rbs, Navarro 19, Bodiroga 9, Jasikevicius 7, De la fuente 6, Duenas 5 + 7 rbs, Rodriguez 3, Femerling 2

Pau Orthez 88 - Benetton Treviso 93
Until tonight the Euroleague season high for "Points in quarter" was held by 2 teams, and both of them set it in their game Vs. Benetton. Tonight the Italian champion set a new record in the 2nd quarter, opened a small lead and held on to it till the final horn. Benetton played without injured Edney but with Bulleri coming off the bench, they had nothing to worry about.
Pau took a 14-6 lead in the first minutes, but Benetton was back in the game pretty fast, and trailed only by 4 after 10 minutes, 27-23. Then came an Italian scoring celebration that opened an 8 points gap in favor of Benetton. Langdon, Nicola and Bulleri couldn't miss and scored 36 points in 10 minutes. Pau wasn't too far behind and by the end of the first half, they were down by 8, 51-59.
The game slowed down a little in the 3rd, but Benetton still maintained a small lead. Benetton took a 63-70 lead but Pau finished the 3rd quarter with 4 straight points. The Italians finally crossed the one digit lead line with 5 minutes on the clock. The margin didn't change much until the final minutes, then Kyle Hill hit a 3 point shot and cut the lead down to 5, 83-88, 40 seconds to go. Langdon with an important bucket, and traveling by Lukovski gave Benetton their 6th victory in the Euroleague.
Pau (27+24+16+21): Sellers 18, Hill 18, Pietrus M. 14, Julian 9, Drozdov 9, Lukovski 8 + 8 as, Dubos 5, Pietrus F. 4, Faouthoux 3
Benetton (23+36+11+23): Langdon 20 - 9/12 FG, Bulleri 19, Nicola 16, Marconato 14 + 7 rbs, Garbajosa 12 + 9 rbs, Pittis 10, Nemeth 2

  Round 7, Dec.4, 2003
Barcelona 81 - Alba Berlin 74
Pesic senior, on the bench of Barcelona, met his old team and his son Pesic Junior. It was suppose to be an easy game for Barca, but became a tough fight. In the end Barca won the game, and kept the best record in the Euroleague (6-1), together with CSKA, after one round of games.
Alba had a great start, and after a 0-7 run the German champion was up by 8, 11-19. Barcelona scored the last 5 points of the quarter, and took a short rest with -3 on the scoreboard. Alba kept a small lead during the rest of the first half, and after the margin climbed up to 8, Barcelona cut it back down to 1, and after 20 minutes the score was 41-42 to Alba.
Barca took control over the game in the 3rd. A nice 11-2 run led by Duenas and Fucka set Barca's lead on 8, 62-54, at the end of the 3rd, and another small 5-0 run in the first minutes of the 4th kept Alba 13 points behind. The Germans didn't give up and a 3 pointer by Demirel cut the lead back to 3, 75-72, 1:13 to the end. Barcelona made sure it won't get any worse than that by sinking free throws easily and the 2 points stayed in Catalonia.
Barcelona (16+25+21+19): Fucka 15, Bodiroga 14, Jasikevicius 12, Rodriguez 9, De la fuente 9 + 7 rbs, Femerling 6 + 6 rbs, Navarro 5, Duenas 5 + 11 rbs, Varejao 4, Bravo 2
Alba (19+23+12+20): Demirel 22, Stonojevic 20 + 6 rbs, Garris 13, Lollis 8, Pesic 8, Rankin 3

AEK Athens 90 - Benetton Treviso 94
The champions of Italy and Greece met in Athens, and after a big battle the Italians had the upper hand. Benetton, one of the best teams in Group A, arrived without Langdon, while AEK, the worst team in group A so far, got Dikoudis back for the first time this season.
Benetton took a 0-7 lead but AEK recovered fast and by the end of the first quarter the gap was only 2, 16-18. AEK completed their comeback and took a 31-27 lead but Garbajosa and Nicola made sure the Greeks won't go too far ahead and tied the game, 46-46 at half time.
Benetton took a small lead in the 3rd but AEK acted fast and trailed only by 1 after 30 minutes. In the last quarter both teams bomber from 3, and hit right on the target. 6 points by Bulleri gave Benetton a 5 points lead, 82-87, and although AEK added another 3, and cut the lead to 2, Pittis, Nemeth and Bulleri again didn't miss from the line.
AEK (16+30+17+27): Kakiouzis 23 + 8 rbs, Hatzis 19, Dikoudis 13 + 8 rbs, Betts 10, Blakney 7, kikilias 6, Antic 6, Woodberry 5, Jestratijevic 1
Benetton (18+28+21+27): Edney 16 + 5 as, Bulleri 16, Nicola 15, Garbajosa 14, Calabria 10, Marconato 9, Pittis 8, Nemeth 4, Markoishvili 2
Pau Orthez 74 - Efes Pilsen 85
Once again Efes' foreigners stepped up to pull the team for an important road win. The local team dominated the first quarter. After a 14-15 lead of Efes Pau made a 13-4 run until the end of the first quarter. Golemac completed a come back by Efes with a 3 pointer that tied the game, 29-29, but Pau didn't lose their mind and made another run, 13-2 this time, to take a 42-31 lead by half time.
Efes woke up in the 3rd quarter, and although they didn't tie the game again, they didn't allow Pau to increase the lead. Sellers, who ruled the first half of the game, couldn't reconstruct his game in the 2nd half, and at the end of the 3rd Pau was up by no more than 3 points, 56-53. The first 3 minutes of the last quarter were all under Efes' control. A 0-13 run in 3 minutes forced a time out by coach Sarre, but Efes was already in the zone. Two 3 point plays, by Kambala and Brown, kept a 10 points lead for Efes, and the only thing Pau could do was reducing the lead to 5, 70-75, with a minute to go.
Pau (27+15+14+18): Sellers 23, Pietrus F. 11, Pietrus M. 11, Lukovski 9 + 7 as, Hill 6, Faouthoux 5, Dubos 4, Julian 2, Drozdov 2
Efes (19+12+22+32): Brown 25, Kambala 22 + 13 rbs, Onan 16, Granger 12, Arslan 5, Golemac 5

Skipper 76 - Cibona 71
Before the NT break Jasmin Repesa coached Cibona Zagreb. During the break he moved to Skipper Bologna, and already in his first Euroleague game he had to face his old team. Cibona, still with no road win, was very close this time, but will have to wait to the 2nd round to find the way to win outside of Zagreb.
Cibona had a great start. 5 minutes in the game and Skipper couldn't score more than 2 points, while Cibona had 12. Prkacin led Cibona to a 14-24 lead after 10 minutes of game. A 6-0 run by Skipper in the first minutes of the 2nd set a new pace to the game. Cibona was still ahead but didn't dominate as before. The lead went down to only 1, 30-31, but Ruzic set the half time score on 37-40.
Jerod Ward, who joined Cibona during the last week, became the first and last target of almost every Croatian possession. Cibona still had a small lead in the 3rd quarter, and after 30 minutes the scoreboard displayed 49-55, but that's when the party came to an end. Skipper made a 9-0 run in the first minutes of the 4th, and didn't look back. Now it was Cibona's turn to reduce the gap to one and stay there. Scepanovic hit a big 3 pointer 1:40 to go, as Skipper was up by 7, 71-64, and Cibona raised their arms.
Skipper (14+23+12+27): Scepanovic 18, Barton 15 + 9 rbs, Basile 12, Van den Spiegel 10 + 8 rbs, Skelin 6, Galanda 6, Delfino 5, Pozzecco 4
Cibona (24+16+15+16): Ward 36 - 14/27 FG + 6 rbs, Kus 6, Prkacin 6, Mujezinovic 6, Planinic 6, Ruzic 6, Rimac 5

  Round 6, Nov.13, 2003
Efes Pilsen 74 - AEK Athens 79
2nd home lose for the Turkish champion, but if the first one was to Barcelona after 2 overtimes, tonight it was AEK who got their first win in the Euroleague in Istanbul.
arcus Brown with 3 shots from the line gave Efes an 18-11 lead in the first quarter. AEK responded with a 0-7 run and Betts put the Greeks on top with a big dunk, 21-22, at the end of the 1st. Kambala, once again in a big game (30 pts) led Efes to an 8 points lead, 42-34, at half time after Efes was able to stop Kakiouzis.
The lead climbed up to 10 in the 3rd, but Betts and Blakney pushed AEK to a 4-18 run, and a small 48-52 lead. Efes woke up but had to say good bye to Golemac after his 5th foul in the 29th minute. 51-53 to AEK at the end of the 3rd. The Greeks started the last 10 minutes with a 0-5 run and Kakiouzis kept the lead around 8 till the last 4 minutes. Efes made a last attempt to win the game, and the difference was cut to one point only, 67-68. Blakney and Tunceri exchanged 3 point shots, and with 31 seconds to go Kakouzis put the Greek lead up to 3 again. In the next possession Tunceri made an offensive foul and AEK got their first win in the Euroleague.
Efes (21+21+9+23): Kambala 30 + 9 rbs + 5 to, Granger 12 + 5 rbs, Brown 10, Tunceri 8, Yilmaz 6, Arslan 4, Golemac 4
AEK (22+12+19+26): Kakiouzis 22, Betts 19, Blakney 16, Hatzis 15, Zisis 4, Rillie 2, Antic 1

Alba Berlin 82 - Pau Orthez 80
Another big performance for Alba's foreigners as Stanojevic, Lollis and Collins led the Germans to another home victory, a very tough one, Vs. Pau Orthez.
Hill had a good start, and Pau took an 8-15 lead in the center of the 1st quarter. A big 3 point shot by Mickel Pietrus made it a 12 points lead right at the buzzer, 18-30. Two more threes by Pietrus made it a 16 points game, 22-38, but Pesic carried Alba back in the game, and cut the French lead to 11. Alba completed the comeback with a 13-2 run to tie the game, but Sellers made sure Pau will have the lead at half time, 36-43.
In the 3rd quarter whenever Alba was able to cut the lead, Pau took off again. A big storm from 3 points land at the end of the 3rd from both teams was cut by the buzzer with Pau lead 60-62. Alba ran 13-5 to take a 73-67 lead during the last quarter. Collins with a crucial bucket opened a 4 points gap from Pau, 81-77 with 30 seconds to play. Lukovski was sent to the line and made 2 shots and Pau immediately committed a foul on Pesic who scored only once. Pau had the last possession 3 points down, and 4 seconds to go Lukovski was fouled during a 3 point shot attempt. Till that second he made 11 of 12 free throws in the game, but he missed the first, made the 2nd, and missed the 3rd on purpose. Alba got a hold of the ball and the win. 82-80 was the final score.
Alba (18+18+24+22): Stanojevic 20 + 9 rbs, Lollis 19 + 16 rbs + 6 as, Collins 16, Pesic 15, Garris 5, Rankin 4, Demirel 3
Asvel (30+13+19+18): Lukovski 20, Sellers 19 + 8 rbs, Hill 15, Pietrus M. 11, Faouthoux 5, Julian 4, Pietrus F. 3, Diaw-riffiod 3

Cibona 94 - Barcelona 77
First defeat for Barcelona in the Euroleague, and a pretty big one. Cibona scored in 60% from the field, and gave huge 1st and 3rd quarters to get their 3rd win in the Euroleague. All of Cibona's wins were in Zagreb, all 3 losses on the road.
(26+22+30+16): Prkacin 21 - 10/13 FT, Rimac 20 - 4/8 3FG, Planinic 13 + 6 as, Kus 10 - 3/4 3FG, Mance 8, Mujezinovic 7 + 10 rbs + 5 to, Mamic 6, Ruzic 6, Alihodzic 3
Barcelona (12+22+16+27): Navarro 25, Duenas 12, Varejao 12, Jasikevicius 9 + 4 as, Bodiroga 8, Fucka 4, Rodriguez 3, Femerling 2, Alzamora 2

Benetton Treviso 95 - Skipper Bologna 80
In a few days Skipper will face Virtus in the Derby of Bologna, but tonight they played the Italian derby of Group A Vs. Benetton Treviso. The Italian champion proved to be the better one as they beat Skipper 95-80 after leading by 13 already after one quarter. Langdon was huge with 32 points and 7/10 from 3 point land, and Garbajosa did everything on court.
Benetton (31+19+23+22): Langdon 32 - 5/6 2FG 7/10 3FG, Garbajosa 21 - 8/11 FG + 7 rbs + 6 st + 5 bl, Edney 21 - 8/14 FG + 7 as + 4 rbs + 4 as, Bulleri 7 + 6 as, Nicola 5, Pittis 4 + 7 as, Nemeth 3, Marconato 2
Skipper (18+23+22+17): Basile 15 + 4 as, Pozzecco 15 + 7 to, Galanda 12, Delfino 10 + 5 st, Skelin 10 + 10 rbs, Scepanovic 6, Barton 6, Kovacic 6

  Round 5, Nov.5, 2003
Barcelona 86 - Benetton 85
What a game in Barcelona. THE game of Group A, and probably THE game of the Euroleague, not only between the top 2 candidates to the Final Four but also a big match up on the benches - Pesic Vs. Messina. In the end we got 2 patterns - Benetton lose for the 2nd time, but both losses were on the road by one point. Barcelona is the only undefeated team in the Euroleague, and that's their 2nd one point win so far. Winners? Barcelona? So far, the #1 winner in the Euroleague.
Benetton had the advantage in the first quarter, with a 6-19 lead after 7 minutes. Barca responded with 8-0, but after 10 minutes the lights on the scoreboard said 16-23. Barcelona moved closer to Benetton but although Edney had to leave the court with 3 fouls, Benetton was still leading 22-30 after 14 minutes. Fucka committed his 3rd as well and went to warm the bench for a while, but Duenas was incredible under the boards. Navarro was helping the giant from the outside, but Bulleri, in a big game, and Garbajosa kept Benetton with an 8 points lead, 35-43.
Duenas started to party under Benetton's basket after Marconato made his 4th foul. Barca made another 8-0 run to take a 54-49 lead, 5 minutes to the end of the 3rd. Bulleri was the right man for Messina and Benetton was up again, 59-64, but the game was reduced to one after 2 bombs from 3 by Navarro and Rodriguez.
Each team didn't allow the other to make a run in the 4th. A big three point shot by...Dejan Bodiroga gave Barcelona an 82-79 lead. Fucka added 2 points but once again Bulleri was the one to make it a one point game again, 84-83. Navarro missed a shot but Duenas picked the rebound and let Bodiroga eat the clock with 45 ticks. Of course right before the shot clock made a sound Bodiroga added 2 more points to his line, and put Barcelona on top by 3. Langdon replied fast enough to give Benetton another possession before the final buzzer. Barcelona couldn't perform in their last play and Benetton got the last ball in the game. Langdon tried to win the game but was stopped by Varejao and Barcelona won the game 86-85.
Barcelona (16+19+32+19): Navarro 24, Bodiroga 17 + 6 rbs + 4 as, Duenas 17 + 11 rbs, Fucka 9 - 3/4 3FG, Rodriguez 9, Femerling 4, Bravo 4, Varejao 2
Benetton (23+20+25+17): Bulleri 20, Edney 19, Langdon 16, Pittis 9, Marconato 7, Garbajosa 7, Nicola 5, Loncar 2

Alba 84 - Cibona 70
Alba made 3 big signing this summer, and all 3 of them showed tonight that Alba made a very good deal with each one of them. Quadre Lollis, probably in his best offensive performance in his Euroleague career, led Alba together with Stanojevic and Collins to a big win over Cibona.
Alba took a 22-12 lead at the end of the first quarter. Prkacin and Stimac nailed 3's to tie the score in the 2nd quarter, while Alba was in shock and couldn't score more than one point till the 19th minute. Cibona was up by 7, 25-32 but Alba stayed close enough and by half time the score was 32-35 to Cibona.
Alba came back fresh from the locker room and decided the game in the 3rd quarter. Cibona was leading 34-39 right before Alba started their 20-0 run in the next 4 minutes of the 3rd quarter, on the way to a 62-47 lead after 30 minutes. Cibona couldn't recover from Alba's run and allowed Lollis and Stanojevic to add a few more points to their stat line. 84-70 was the final score.
(22+10+30+22): Lollis 21 - 8/9 FG + 14 rbs, Stanojevic 20, Collins 18 - 7/16 FG, Rodl 7, Ozturk 4, Demirel 2, Garris 2
Cibona (12+23+12+23): Mujezinovic 12, Planinic 11, Prkacin 10, Stimac 9, Kus 9, Mamic 8, Mance 6, Krasic 5
Skipper 72 - Efes Pilsen 73
For the 2nd time this season Efes Pilsen beat an Italian team by one point. Benetton was the first victim. Tonight
It was Skipper's turn. Efes isn't considered a top rebound team, while Skipper is one of the best in the league, but that didn't stop Efes from a big road win after a huge comeback in the last minute of the game.
The first quarter was very balanced as both teams kept a good rhythm. Granger, with 7 points in 5 minute, and Scepanovic, who made a comeback to Skipper's starting five with 8 points in 5 minutes, led their teams in the first quarter, and Skipper had a one point lead after 10 minutes, 20-19. Small runs by Efes allowed the Turk champion to take a 29-38 after a three pointer by Tunceri. Van den spiegel was sent to court as Kovacic made his 3rd personal foul, and the Belgian, along with Pozzecco, completed a 5-0 run, and by half time Efes was up 39-45.
Efes ruled most of the 3rd quarter and the crossed the 10 points line. Kovacic and Van den spiegel were around to bring it back to 8 before the 3rd buzzer, but Efes obviously had the upper hand. Delfino drew a very important offensive foul from Marcus Brown and the American had to leave the game with 5 fouls. A huge three pointer by Pozzecco gave Skipper a 68-67 lead, and a big dunk by Delfino completed a 15-2 run, 72-67, 2 minutes to go. Granger broke the spell with a lay up, and Efes got the ball back with less than 30 seconds on the clock and minus 3 on the scoreboard. Omar Onan sank his only field goal of the match from downtown to tie the game, 72-72, 9 seconds to go. The ball went to Pozzecco's hands, but he made a turnover, and Skipper had to foul Granger who scored only one shot from the line, but that was enough for a big 0-6 comeback run in the last 2 minutes of the game.
Skipper (20+19+18+15): Pozzecco 18 + 6 to, Basile 13 + 4 as, Scepanovic 10, Van den spiegel 9 + 9 rbs, Galanda 7 + 8 rbs, Delfino  6 + 6 rbs, Kovacic 5, Skelin 2, Barton 2
Efes (19+26+20+8): Brown 19 - 3/4 3FG, Kambala 18 + 9 rbs, Granger 12, Tunceri 7, Golemac 7, Arslan 4, Onan 4, Peker 2
AEK 71 - Pau Orthez 83
After tonight's lose it is very likely AEK will finish the first round with 0 wins. The Greek champion will face Efes Pilsen on the road and host Benetton in the next two games, and it doesn't look very good for AEK and the image of the Greek basketball.
A big three point shot by Mickael Pietrus gave Pau a 16-27 lead at the end of the first quarter, which was dominated by Pau from the first minute. Betts and Antic tried to carry AEK back in the game, Kyle Hill made sure the lead will climb back to 9 at half time, 35-44.
AEK stayed behind for the majority of the 3rd quarter, but in the first 6 minutes of the last quarter no-one was able to stop Kakiouzis, who cut the lead down to 1, 68-69, but Pau had Rod Sellers with another top performance, and another bucket by Hill sealed AEK's 5th win.
AEK (16+19+21+15): Kakiouzis 27, Betts 12 + 7 rbs, Hatzis 10, Blakney 8 + 5 as, Zisis 8, Tapoutos 2, Rillie 2, Antic 2
Orthez (27+17+19+20): Sellers 20 - 6/7 FG, Lukovski 15 + 6 as, Hill 14, Pietrus F. 13, Pietrus M. 9, Dubos 8, Julian 2, Diaw-riffiod 1, Drozdov 1

  Round 4, Oct.31, 2003
Efes Pilsen 91 - Barcelona 92
36 games were played in the Euroleague until today without a single overtime. Today we got 2 of them in one game! Last night Darussfaka hosted Estudiantes in the ULEB Cup and the first match up between Turkey and Spain went to a double over time, until the Estudiantes won the game. Tonight Efes Pilsen hosted Barcelona and what a thriller we had. A huge performance by Kambala was almost enough for a 2nd big win for Efes, after the great victory over Benetton two weeks ago. Barcelona was up by 7, 63-70, in the last minutes of the game, but then came an 8-0 run by the locals and Barca had the last ball. Jasikevicius took a tough shot from behind the arc, but was fouled and went to shoot 3. He nailed all 3 of them, but then Tunceri made a coast-2-coast move and a goal tending by Fucka tied the score, 73-73 after 40 minutes. Efes opened with 5 straight points but now it was Barca's turn to make a come back and a 0-7 run put Barca on top, 78-80. 32 ticks before the buzzer Barca was still up by 1, 81-82, and Efes went for the win. Kambala, who scored 38 points till that moment, got the ball, but was fouled. The Latvian center missed the first, but tied with the 2nd, 10 sec. to go, and Bodiroga, believe it or not, missed a buzzer beater. 82-82 and a 2nd OT. It all came down to the last minute once again. Now it was Efes' turn to be on top with a 91-89 lead less than 30 secs. to go. Fucka was fouled with 8.2 sec. on the clock, but he made only the first one. Barca quickly sent Kaya Peker to the line, and got their wish. The Turkish center missed both free throws, and 5.4 seconds to go Granger fouled Navarro. The Spanish guard was cool enough to nail both free throws and give Barcelona a 91-92 lead. Tunceri took a desperate shot, but couldn't make it, and Barcelona is still perfect.
Efes (19+14+17+23+9+9): Kambala 41 - 18/28 FG + 11 rbs, Brown 17, Golemac 12, Granger 8, Tunceri 7, Arslan 3, Yilmaz 2
Barcelona (20+15+19+19+9+10): Jasikevicius 17, Bodiroga 16, Fucka 16 + 10 rbs, Navarro 15, Duenas 12 + 9 rbs + 3 bl, De la fuente 7, Femerling 6, Rodriguez 3

Pau Orthez 76 - Skipper Bologna 71
Pau took a small safe lead early in the first quarter and was able to hold it until the final buzzer. Kovacic, Barton & Delfino scored 55 points in 62.8% FG, while all the other Skipper players combined 16 points in 21.7% FG. Pau was able to have the lead in rebounds (33-29) too. Pau took a 16-9 lead in the first quarter, and made sure Skipper won't get near, yet the French weren't allowed to take off with a big run. A monster dunk by Kovacic tied the game, 64-64, less than 5 minutes to go, but Pau responded with a 6-0 run, and 2 accurate free throws by Lukovski gave Pau a clean home record in the Euroleague.
Pau Orthez (25+20+19+12): Sellers 16 + 11 rbs, Lukovski 14 - 4/5 FG, Pietrus F. 11, Hill 9 + 5 as, Dubos 8, Diaw-riffiod 7, Julian 6, Pietrus M. 3, Drozdov 2
Skipper (19+18+23+11): Kovacic 28 - 12/18 FG + 5 rbs, Barton 14, Delfino 13, Basile 6 + 6 as, Pozzecco 5, Galanda 3, Skelin 2

AEK Athens 87 - Alba Berlin 88 (OT)
(21+11+22+24+9): Kakiouzis 19 + 10 rbs + 5 st, Betts 17 - 9/9 FG + 7 rbs + 4 bl, Rillie 17 + 5 rbs, Blakney 14, Antic 9 , Tsiaras 4, Kikilias 3, Hatzis 2, Tapoutos 2
Alba (10+25+24+19+10): Collins 19 - 6/9 FG + 5 rbs, Stanojevic 17 - 6/7 FG, Lollis 15 + 10 rbs, Pesic 12, Demirel 9, Ozturk 6, Rankin 4, Garris 4, Rodl 2

Benetton Treviso 96 - Cibona 82
(22+27+17+30): Garbajosa 20, Nicola 19 - 4/7 3FG + 6 rbs, Edney 18 + 6 as, Langdon 15, Pittis 10 + 6 as, Marconato 8 + 8 rbs, Bulleri 5, Stojic 1
Cibona (34+12+12+24): Prakcin 26 - 9/11 FG + 7 rbs + 4 st, Kus 16, Mance 12, Ruzic 12, Krasic 6, Stimac 6, Rimac 3, Planinic 1

  Round 3, Oct.22, 2003
Cibona 64 - Efes Pilsen 56
Both teams had a terrible day on offense, even from the foul line, but Cibona, who missed Planinic, was able to score 23 points in the 3rd quarter, and that was enough for an 8 points win, since neither Efes or Cibona scored more than 16 points in any of the other quarters.
Cibona (15+11+23+15): Kus 15 + 6 as, Mance 15, Mujezinovic 12, Prkacin 6, Krasic 2, Krunic 2, Ruzic 2
Efes (14+16+13+13): Brown 16 - 4/7 FG, Golemac 14 + 8 rbs, Kambala 7 - 3/11 FG + 10 rbs + 6 to, Peker 7, Onan 5, Granger 2, Arslan 2, Tunceri 2, Pars 1

Barcelona 84 - Pau-Orthez 62
An easy won for Barcelona. The locals opened with 11-0. And added a 9-0 run in the 2nd quarter to take a 44-26 lead after 20 minutes of game. The margin went up to 23 until Lukovski helped Orthez stay away from a disaster. Rod Sellers, for a change, for stopped, and Famerling dominated the paint on the way to an 84-62 win.
Barcelona (22+22+23+17): Femerling 16 + 9 rbs, Fucka 11, Bodiroga 11, Navarro 11, Jasikevicius 11, Varejao 9 + 9 rbs, De la fuente 8, Deunas 7,
Pau-Orthez (14+12+22+14): Lukovski 15, Pietrus P. 11, Hill 11, Sellers 6, Diaw-riffiod 5, Drozdov 5, Pietrus M. 5, Faouthoux 3, Julian 1

Alba Berlin 75 - Benetton Treviso 78
Benetton arrived to Berlin without Edney, and was close to a 2nd straight lose. The lead changed hands quite often in the first quarter. Nikola and Langdon put Benetton on top with a 6-10 lead, but a 9-3 run by Alba gave the locals the lead. Benetton didn’t wait for too long before they replied with a 2-9 run, and by the end of the 1st quarter, the Italian champion was up by 5, 17-22. DeJuan Collins woke up in the 2nd quarter and helped Alba stay in the game, until Pesic started to hit shots and carry Alba to a 40-37 lead at half time.
It took both teams a few minutes after the break to remember what the target in basketball is, but Stojic and Langdon put Benetton on top again. Benetton's Garbajosa and Alba's Pesic had to take a rest after committing their 4th foul and Alba had more trouble adjusting. Benetton led 53-59 at the end of the 3rd, but 8 straight points by Stanojevic put Alba back in the game, and Garris gave Alba the lead again, 67-66. Messina sent Garbajosa back on court, and a 3 pointer by the Spanish forward sent Benetton forward. Demirel's three point shot at the buzzer set the score on 75-78.
Alba (17+23+13+22): Pesic 21, Stanojevic 16, Collins 11, Lollis 9, Garris 7, Rankin 5, Demirel 3, Rodl 2, Ozturk 1
Benetton (22+15+22+19): Garbajosa 17 + 13 rbs, Langdon 13, Marconato 11, Bulleri 10, Pittis 8 + 6 as, Nicola 6, Loncar 5, Stojic 4, Markoishvili 2

Skipper Bologna 82 - AEK Athens 76
Once again Skipper's front line dominated the boards. a 44-30 lead in rebounds, and a complete stop of AEK's Andrew Betts pushed Skipper to their 2nd straight victory in the Euroleague. 82-76 over AEK.
Skipper (29+11+23+19): Lubos 18 - 7/10 2FG, Galanda 17 + 8 rbs, Pozzecco 13 - 2/9 FG, Delfino 12 + 4 rbs + 4 as, Kovacic 10 + 6 rbs, Fultz 8, Skelin 2 + 10 rbs, Van den spiegel 2
AEK (16+16+17+27): Kakiouzis 20, Hatzis 13, Tapoutos 11, Zisis 11, Antic 7, Tsiaras 4, Bourousis 4, Blakney 2, Kikilias 2, Betts 2 + 7 rbs

  Round 2, Oct.15, 2003
Efes Pilsen 84 - Benetton Treviso 83
Where should we start? The huge first quarter of Efes? The impressive come-back of Benetton in the 2nd? The huge game of Brown and Granger? Or maybe the last seconds of the game and the winning shot of a 19 yr old player? This game had it all.
Efes stormed the court from the very beginning. 2 consecutive 3 pointers by Brown put Efes up 13-3 after 4 minutes. Benetton was impotent on both sides, and Efes had another run, this time 12-2, on the way to a 32-12 lead after 9 minutes, and a 34-16 lead after 10. But if Efes fans thought they are about to watch 30 minutes of garbage time, well... Benetton had something else in mind. The Italians got their wake up call on D, and limited Efes to no more than 6 points in the 2nd. Edeny was carrying Benetton on his back, and a 3 points shot Garbajosa with 4 seconds on the shot completed the comeback and tied the score, 40-40 at half time. Denis Marconato started to produce points, and to stop Kambala, but Efes had Brown and Granger who scored 58 points of Efes' 84, and carried the team on their back. After 60-61 Benetton lead at the end of the 3rd, Efes managed to grab the lead once again, with a 3 pointer by Golemac, and then a 9-4 run, and Efes was up 77-70. Marconato and Edney tied the game once again with 2 minutes on the clock, 80-80. Efes went to Brown who wrote 2 more 30 seconds to go and Efes now is up again 82-80. Over? Don't forget Benetton got Edney. With 17 seconds on the clock Edney took a crucial 3 points shot, and the ball went in. 82-83 Benetton. Efes had no time outs left, and Brown took the responsibility, but Messina's players forced him to pass the ball, and then came Ender Arslan. The 19 yr old boy didn't run from the ball, but asked for it, and made the clutch shot 3 seconds to go. Efes won the game 84-83 and got the 2 points.
A very bad start in first quarter, when the greens felt at -18, conditionated all the game. Great game in Efes from the ex Italian league players Marcus Brown and Antonio Granger (197-G-76, agent: Filipovic Rade, college: Boston Coll.), who were both deadly behind the 3 pts arch. But Treviso had completed the comeback, managing to surpass the opponents at the end of third quarter, and this is another proof of the strength of this team. Denis Marconato (210-C-75, agent: Ferraccini Vittorio) has been the best in Benetton.
Efes (35+6+20+24): Brown 30 - 6/9 3FG + 4 as, Granger 28 - 5/5 3FG + 6 rbs, Pars 10, Golemac 5, Kambala 4 + 6 rbs, Tunceri 2, Arslan 2, Onan 1
Benetton (16+24+21+22): Edney 20 + 6 as, Marconato 20 + 12 rbs, Garbajosa 14, Bulleri 12, Nicola 11, Langdon 4, Stojic 2

Pau Orthez 77 - Cibona VIP 74
Cibona VIP played in France without two important players - Haris Mujezinovic and Zoran Planinic (both ar injured), so they lost the game against Pau Orthez in very tight finish. After 11 wins against this french team, Cibona fall down on the south of France, because players from ZAgreb didn't have too many inspirations in last few minutes. Actually, both teams offers to each other possibilities for winning and in this run for making more mistakes Croatian champion won the trophy. In last few minutes Alihodzic, Mamic and Prkacin made few unbelieveble reactions, they didn't have calm hand, just like playmaker Kus, who didn't find the way to save calm head for that period of game. Also, coach Jasmin Repesa were very nervous because refferes made some doubt decision, so he get technical foul.
Orthez (18+18+22+19): Sellers 15 + 12 rbs, Hill 14, Pietrus 13, Lukovski 12 + 7 as, Pietrus 7, Drozdov 6, Faouthoux 5, Diaw-riffiod 4, Pejcinovic 1
Cibona (23+18+17+16): Mance 14, Mamic 13, Ruzic 13, Kus 11 + 7 as, Prkacin 10, Krasic 6, Krunic 5, Rimac 2
Skipper Bologna 88 - Alba Berlin 78
This time, Skipper had  a lot from Mate Skelin (212-C-74, agent: Jablan Robert), who has been the game MVP, and also the main factor for the supremacy of the home team under the boards (Alba has been outrebounded 39-20). In this game, Basile came back at the starting point guard, having a lot more of playing time than Pozzecco, and this didn' t like so much to some Skipper fans...
Skipper (22+26+21+19): Skelin 18 + 10 rbs, Baseile 15, Lubos 14 + 11 rbs, Galanda 14, Delfino 13, Pozzecco 10, Kovacic 2, Van den spiegel 2
Alba (19+21+25+13): Collins 27 - 10/15 FG, Pesic 21 + 6 rbs, Stanojevic 11, Lollis 6, Demirel 5, Rankin 3, Ozturk 3, Rodl 2

AEK 57 - Barcelona 62
Dejan Bodiroga left Greece this summer as the biggest winner in Europe. Today he came back to Greece, to face AEK Athens, and once again showed what a winner he is.
Barcelona opened with a 0-5 run, but AEK woke up in time, and by the end of the 1st, Barca's lead was cut to 2, 13-15. Once again Barca made a small 0-6 in the first minutes of the 2nd, and seemed to like it, as the margin grew higher and higher up to 14, 18-32, right before half time. AEK scored the last 5 points of the half, but the game was controlled by the Spanish team. The first minutes of the 3rd were dominated by... you guessed it right. Barcelona made another run, this time a much more impressive one, 0-14, and the gap between the teams was around 20 points. Again AEK made some good moves in the last minutes of the quarter, and reduced the score down to 35-51, but Barcelona's lead wasn't in big danger. Or so it seemed. This time it was AEK's turn to come back to the game with a run. An 8-0 run was the first part of a bigger 24-4 run that tied the score 55-55, 3 minutes to go. Then came Bodiroga's turn to take over the game. Bodi scored 4 straight points, and although Blakney made it a two points game, and Bodiroga missed one shot from the line, the rebound was in Barcelona's hands and the win was secured in the last seconds.

AEK (13+12+10+22): Blakney (18), Rillie (-), Betts (9), Kakiouzis (7) y Antic (4) -cinco inicial- Zizis (10), Tapoutos (4), Hatzis (5), Kikilias (-) y Tsaris (-). 
Barcelona (15+19+17+11): Fucka (9), Femerling (2), Bodiroga (22), Navarro (15) y Jasikevicius (4) -cinco inicial- Rodríguez (1), Dueñas (9), De la Fuente (-), Varejao

  Round 1, Oct.9, 2003
Barcelona 94 - Skipper Bologna 75
Barcelona couldn't ask for a better debut, than a 19 points win over Skipper Bologna in front of 7,700 fans at the Palau Blaugrana. Even Dejan Bodiroga made it in time to recover from his injury, and play in the Euroleague debut of Barcelona.
Skipper survived in the first quarter, and was behind by no more than 5 points at the end of first quarter, 20-15, but a 7-0 run in the first minutes of the 2nd pushed the local team to a 12 points lead. That wasn't enough for Jasikevicius who kept pushing Barcelona forward to a 22 points lead, 47-25, before the end of the first half. Skipper managed to score the last 5 points of the 2nd quarter, but Barcelona was dominating the game big time. Barcelona didn't notice half time was over, and Skipper ran 0-11 in the first minutes of the 3rd. Skipper kept the pressure on, and soon the difference was cut down to 7 (54-47) but once again Jasikevicius was there, to pull Barcelona to a 13 points lead after 30 minutes, 63-50. Bodiroga, who scored 17 points, made sure no harm will be made to Barca's lead and secured the first win of the #1 Final Four candidate in the Euroleague. 
Barcelona (20+27+19+28): Jasikevicius 18, Bodiroga 17, Navarro 17, Fucka 11, De la Fuente 10, Rodriguez 7, Varejao 7, Femerling 5, Duenas 2
Skipper (15+15+20+25): Kovacic 20, Basile 11, Van Den Spiegel 10, Skelin 9, Delfino 6, Pozzecco 6, Scepanovic 5, Fultz 2, Mancinelli 2, Galanda 2, Barton 2

Alba Berlin 63 - Efes Pilsen 84
Efes was a clear favorite in this game. It wasn't just the fact Efes has never lost to a German team. The Turk champion is simply a better team than Alba. Certainly in a game in which DeJuan Collins can't score more than 6 points.
Alba took a 5-0 lead in the opening minutes, but Marcus Brown was everywhere on the court, scoring 9 points and giving Efes a 12-15 lead. After trailing by 4 (14-18) at the end of the first quarter, Alba, once again, made a 5-0 run in the early stages of the 2nd quarter, but once again Brown took the game in his hands, and lifted Efes up to a 26-32 lead. Quadre Lollis, with a great double double (20+14 rbs), kept Alba alive but Efes had the lead 36-39 by half time. After the first two quarters started with a 5-0 run by Alba, the 3rd one was all Efes who took a 0-9 run and waived good bye to Alba with a 36-48 lead. Efes, as expected, had troubles in rebound, but when Stanojevic and Lollis made their 4th foul, The Turkish champion did as they wished on the court, and their wish was to score 31 points in the 3rd quarter, and take a 52-70 lead. Alba couldn't recover in the last quarter, and Efes cruised for a first, rather easy, win in the first day of the Euroleague.
Alba (14+22+16+11): Lollis 20 + 14 rbs, Ozturk 14, Stanojevic 10 + 6 rbs, Demirel 6, Collins 6, Rodl 4, Pesic 3
Efes (18+21+31+14): Kambala 20 - 8/15 FG, Brown 19 + 5 rbs + 5 as, Granger 17, Golemac 10 + 7 rbs, Onan 8, Arslan 5, Tunceri 3, Peker 2

Cibona Zagreb 85 - AEK Athens 71
Last time the two teams met in the Euroleague, was in the last game day of group D last season. AEK won in Zagreb 89-90 and advanced to the Top 16. Since then Cibona won another championship in Croatia and AEK won the championship in Greece for the first time in decades.
Cibona took off with a 7-0 run in the first minutes of the game, but AEK responded with a 6-14 run. Then it was once again Cibona's turn to take over the game and by the end of the first quarter the Croatians took a 23-15 lead. AEK took off in the first minutes of the 2nd quarter with a 0-11 run, but once Mujezinovic took control over the paint, Cibona was back in the game with a 37-33 lead at half time. AEK's point guard, Blakney, was very weak, but the Greeks got their points from the young Tapoutos, who kept AEK in the game, but not more than that. 58-52 to  Cibona after 30 minutes. A 12-2 run by Cibona in the first minutes of the last quarter decided the game. AEK didn't have the tools to make a come back, and Cibona kept the lead till the end of the game, 85-71.
Cibona (23+14+21+27): Mujezinovic 18 + 10 rbs, Krunic 17, Prkacin 13, Mamic 12 + 7 rbs, Krasic 8, Planinic 5, Mance 2
AEK (15+18+19+19): Kakiouzis 15 + 6 rbs, Hatzis 13, Tapoutos 13, Betts 12 + 8 rbs, Rillie 6, Zisis 6, Antic 4, Blakney 2

Benetton Treviso 94 - Pau Orthez 73
It took 20 minutes for Benetton to overcome a huge day of Rod Sellers (30 pts + 15 rbs) and show who's the better team between the two. 7 minutes in the game, Pau had a 13-16 lead, but soon enough Benetton took the lead back and Pittis put Benetton on top after 10 minutes, 24-21. Messina used Edney and Bulleri together in the first part of the 2nd half, and the locals took an 11-2 run.  Now it was Pau's time to attack back with a 3-15 run to tie the game, but by half time Benetton took the lead back, 45-41. Benetton took control over the game in the 3rd, slowly but firmly. Sellers kept sending Benetton's players to take a rest with 4 fouls, but Orthez didn't have anything else to offer. Benetton soon took a 57-48 lead, and made another 7-1 run to seal the win. The last quarter was one big garbage time.
Benetton (24+21+25+24): Langdon 24 - 4/7 3FG + 4 st, Edney 21 + 5 rbs + 5 as, Nicola 17 - 3/9 3FG, Pittis 9, Garbajosa 9 + 12 rbs, Marconato 8, Bulleri 4, Loncar 2
Pau (21+20+14+18): Sellers 30 - 12/19 FG + 15 rbs, Hill 14, Lukovski 9, Pietrus 9, Dubos 6, Milling 3 + 8 rbs + 6 as, Drozdov 2

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