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  2002-2003     Other seasons     2004-2005  
Top 16 Standings

Group D

1.CSKA 5-1
2.Tau   4-2
3.Cibona 2-4
4.Olymp. 1-5

Group E

1.Skipper 5-1
2.Efes 4-2
3.Pau 2-4
4.Olimpija 1-5

Group F

1.Siena 4-2
2.Benetton  4-2
3.Barca 2-4
4.PAO 2-4

Group G

1.Maccabi 4-2
2.Zalgiris 4-2
3.Pamesa 3-3
4.Ulker 1-5

Regular Season Standings

Group A

1.Barca    12-2
2.Cibona   8-6
3.Ulker  8-6
4.Olimpija  6-8
5.Pau    6-8
6.AEK  6-8
7.Partizan  6-8
8.Roma  4-10

Group B

1.CSKA 11-3
2.Maccabi 11-3
3.Skipper 8-6
4.PAO 7-7
5.Siena 7-7
6.Zalgiris 6-8
7.Unicaja 4-10
8.Krka 2-12

Group C

1.Efes 10-4
2.Benetton  10-4
3.Pamesa 9-5
4.Tau 9-5
5.Olymp.  7-7
6.Idea  6-8
7.ALBA 3-11
8.ASVEL  2-12

Stats Leaders
All Stats
1.Greer, Slask. 25.1
2.Macas, Tau, 21.5
3.Jenkins, AEK,  20.1
4.Brown, CSKA  18.3
5. Vujcic, Maccbi 17.6
1.Sabonis, Zal, 10.3
2.Blair, Ulker, 10.1
3.Turkcan, CSKA 9.9
4.Lollis, AEK, 9.7
5.Baston, Maccabi, 8.7
1.Cota, Zalgiris. 5.6
2.Pozzecco, Skip. 5.5
3.Greer, Slask. 5.5
4.Edney, Benetton, 5.1
5.Lukovski, Pau. 4.8
1.Sabonis, Zal, 26.4
2.Greer , Idea, 24.3
3.Macas, Tau, 22.8
4.Vujcic, Maccabi, 22.2
5.Parker, Maccabi. 21.9

Maccabi Tel-Aviv won Euroleague 2004 (Photo: Euroleague)

Anthony Parker - Euroleague Final MVP (Photo: Euroleague)

Arvidas Sabonis was MVP of Top 16 (Photo: Euroleague)

   All-Euroleague Team 2004
Mirsad Turkcan (206-F-76) of CSKA Moscow
Sarunas Jasikevicius (192-G-76) of Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Marcus Brown (192-G-74) of CSKA Moscow
Dejan Bodiroga (204-G/F-73) of FC Barcelona
Arvydas Sabonis (222-C-64) of Zalgiris Kaunas

  Maccabi is the Euroleague champion!
What a show, Maccabi Tel Aviv gave an amazing game tonight in the final four final. There was only one team tonight in the final, Maccabi limited Skipper to just 13 first quarter points while they shot 31, and the rest of the game looked the same, Maccabi simply exploded, Parker and Bluthenthal were great on offense and the entire team gave an unbelievable defense. There was no doubt threw out the game who will be the new Euroleague champs, Tel Aviv played it’s best game of the season just in the right time. Maccabi Tel Aviv are the new Euroleague champions!!

Maccabi Tel Aviv 118 – Skipper Bologna 74
Smodis opened with a 2 pointer, and was answered with a 3pointer by Jasekivicius, which started a 9-0 run by Maccabi, and 4:00 in the game the score was 9-4. Vujcic with a block on D and Parker with a lay-up on offense gave Maccabi a 13-4 lead. Despite a technical foul by Jasekivicius Maccabi’s run continued and it ended only with the end of the quarter, 31-13. The run continued in the second quarter with Bluthenthal shooting from everywhere and Maccabi plays amazing defense. While Vujnic is the only player on the Italian team that tried, but it wasn’t enough and Maccabi’s lead was up to 46-25 after a dunk by Baston. The quarter closed with Maccabi leading 55-30. Maccabi didn’t stop in the second half, and an unbelievable dunk by the game’s MVP, Anthony Parker, gave them a 64-35 lead. Maccabi kept running and by the end of the quarter their lead was already 80-51. The last quarter was a very long garbage time for Skipper and a long party for Maccabi and its fans, when even the last players on Maccabi’s roster take part of this game, the game ended with an unbelievable score of 118-74, Maccabi Tel Aviv is the Euroleague champion.
Parker was named MVP of the game.
Maccabi (31+24+25+38) Parker 21, Bluthenthal 20, Jasikevicius 18, Burstein 17+10rb, Baston 9, Sharp 9, Vujcic 9+3blk,Halperin 7, Sundov 4, Ben Chimol 2, Shelef 2
Skipper (13+17+21+23) Vujanic 21, Basile 10, Pozzeco 10, Lorbek 7, Mottola 7, Delfino 6, Van der spiegel 3, Mnaicelli 3, Belinelli 3, Smodis 2, Prato 2

  CSKA 3rd in the Euroleague

Marcus Brown

Mps Siena 94 – CSKA Moscow 97
Tarlac opened the game with 2 points, but an unorganized game by his team helped Siena take over it and take a 8-4 lead, with two 3 pointers by Galanda. Siena kept running and 2:00 minutes to the end of the first their lead was 23-9, Galanda kept his good game and gave the Italian team a 32-15 lead at the end of the first. Siena kept their run in the second quarter and 2 minutes in the quarter their lead was 37-20, with 2 points by Vanterpool.  Siena played inside to Chiacig who had a good game, and with 4 minutes to go the lead was 45-30, this lead was kept till halftime, the halftime score was 56-40 Siena. A different CSKA opened the second half, especially Marcus Brown (192-G-74, college: Murray St.) who scored from everywhere and slowly narrowed their deficit. 5:00 to go, the score was just 62-54 Siena. CSKA kept their pressure and Brown with a dunk, basket and foul made it 68-62, Brown kept scoring and by the end of the quarter Siena lead was just 73-71. Savrasenko evened the score at 78 in the start of the last quarter, and Brown gave the Russian team their first lead of the game 81-01, 5:30 to go. Siena fought back and took an 85-81 lead, and a 92-85 lead 3:00 minutes to the end. CSKA kept their good game and evened the score at 92, 1:00 to go. Stefanov shot 2 from the line, but Yudin with a 3 pointer gave his team a 95-94 point lead, Siena missed in the next offense and with 3 seconds to go Khraypa shot 2 from the line, 97-94 CSKA, Siena lost the ball and the game ended. CSKA is third in the Euroleague.
Siena (32+24+17+21) Vanterpool 18, Thornton 15, Chiacig 14, Stefanov 14, Vukcevic 11, Galanda 9, Andersen 6, Zukauskas 4, Kakiouzis 3
CSKA (15+25+31+26) Brown 27, Alexander 11, Khraypa 11, Tarlac 9, Monya 8, Savrasenko 6, Holden 6, Yudin 6, Papaloukas 5

  Maccabi is in the Final


Maccabi Tel Aviv 93 – CSKA Moscow 85
CSKA opened strong and took an 8-2 lead, Anthony Parker (196-G-75, college: Bradley) who had a great half brought Maccabi back to the game, 10-6. Jasikevicius with an amazing Alley hoop pass to Baston and Baston himself with 1 of two from the line after a flagrant foul by Tarlac. The game was tied at 12. Holden with good minutes started a 10-0 run, which ended at 22-12 to CSKA, by the end of the quarter the score was 27-18. The second quarter opened with 2 points by Tarlac on one side and a 3 pointer by Bluthenthal on the other. Baston with another Ally Hoop made it 29-23, but CSKA kept running and 5:40 to halftime the score was 34-27. At this point, Brown committed his 3rd foul, this helped Maccabi back into the game, and 2 minutes later the score was just 38-35 CSKA, and by the end of the quarter it was Halperin who narrowed the deficit to just 1, 42-41. Holden and Alexander opened the 3rd quarter with buckets and gave their team a 46-41 lead.  Jasikevicius with a 3 pointer made it 46-44, and Parker evened the score at 46. 5 minutes in the quarter Maccabi had it’s first lead of the game 49-48. Jasikevicius with another ally hoop pass, this time to Parker gave Maccabi a 51-48 lead. Maccabi’s run continued and 3:00 minutes to the end, the lead was 58-51and by the end of the quarter 62-55 Maccabi. The home team lead continued in the last quarter, with points by Shelef and Baston, with 6 minutes to go the score was 66-58, both teams exchanged baskets, this was good for Maccabi who kept their lead. With 3 minutes to go in the game, Maccabi started pressuring on D; this resulted in a few turnovers by CSKA and an 80-68 lead to Maccabi, 2:19 to go. Vujcic and Brown shot each for his team and with 1:21 to go Jasikevicius gave Tel Aviv an 87-77 lead, which practically closed the game, by the end of the game the score was 93-85 to Maccabi. Maccabi will play Skipper on the Euroleague finals.
Maccabi (18+23+21+31) Parker 27, Jasikevicius 18+6ast, Vujcic 14, Baston 11+10rb, Bluthenthal 9, Burstein 5, Halperin 4, Shelef 2, Thomas 2, Sharp 1
CSKA (27+15+13+30) Brown 23, Holden 16, Alexander 12, Monya 10, Turckan 10, Papaloukas 6, Tarlac 6, Yudin 2

  Skipper in the Final


Mps Siena  102 – Skipper Bologna 103
The game started with Stefanov giving Siena, which started without Vanterpool a 7-4 lead, Basile evened the score with a 3 pointer. Siena took advantage of soft D by Skipper to take a 12-7 lead. Skipper answered with a run of their own to a 15-14 lead, 2:40 to go in the quarter, thanks to good minutes by Smodis, the close game continued and Vujanic closed it at 23-20 to Skipper. The 2nd quarter started with no defense on both sides and after 4 minutes of play the score was tied at 27, Siena bombed from outside with no success, this helped Skipper to take a 36-33 lead. The game kept being unorganized and Pozzecco with a steal started his team run, which only ended at halftime, 47-38 to Skipper. The second quarter started bad for Siena and Skipper took a 54-41 lead after 4 minutes of play. Skipper kept their good game and dominated under the basket, 3:22 to go in the quarter they led 62-52. Kakiouzis with a steal, basket and a foul narrowed the gap to 62-57, Siena started playing smart and 35 seconds to go in the quarter the lead was just 64-60, Kakiouzis closed the quarter with a bucket and Skipper lead was just 64-62. The fourth quarter with a 3 pointer, and Stefanov answered with 1 of his own, the close game continued and 6 minutes to go in the quarter the game was tied at 75. Mottola gave some good minutes on one side and Vanterpool on the other, and with just 3 minutes to go the game was still tied at 81.
The tie game continued, and 25 seconds to go in the game Thornton made it 89-87. Vujanic shot 1 of 2 from the line and Kakiouzis with a big 3 pointer evened the score at 90. Skipper missed a 3 pointer and the teams headed to overtime. Smodis gave Skipper a 92-90 lead and Stefanov committed his 5th foul in the next offense. Pozzecco gave his team a 96-92 lead, but Siena didn’t give up and Kakiouzis, once again, with a basket and one gave his team their first lead on overtime, 97-96. Smodis with a basket and foul of his own took the lead back to his team’s side. On the other side it was Thornton with once again, you guessed it, a basket and 1 to give Sienna a 100-00 lead. 1:15 to go. Carlos Delfino (201-F-82) shot a 3 pointer and Thornton answered with 2 from the line. The game was tied at 102, 17 seconds to go. Delfino shot just 1 out of 2 from the line, 103-102 Skipper. Sienna tried a 3 pointer and missed, and with 0.9 seconds to go Vujanic went to the line, he missed the first one and missed the second on purpose, Skipper are in the Euroleague final, with a 103-102 win.
Siena (20+18+24+28+12) Thornton 26+10rbs+5ast, Kakiouzis 23, Andersen 17, Stefanov 14+9ast, Zukauskas 10, Vanterpool 10, Galanda 2
Skipper (23+24+17+26+13) Delfino 27, Smodis 14, Vujanic 12, Mottola 12, Guyton 11, Pozzecco 10, Mancinelli 6, Basile 5, Van Der Spiegel 4, Lorbek 2

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