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Season 2008-09
All Games
List of Players

Euroleague Standings
Group A
 1. Bourges 7-3 
 2. Perfumerias 7-3 
 3. Wisla Can-Pak 6-4 
 4. Pecsi 5-5 
 5. Besiktas 3-7 
 6. Orenburg 2-8 
Group B
 1. Venezia 7-3 
 2. MKB Eurol. 6-4 
 3. CSKA 6-4 
 4. Gambrinus 4-6 
 5. TTT Riga 4-6 
 6. Villeneuve 3-7 
Group C
 1. UMMC 9-1 
 2. Ros Casares 8-2 
 3. Lotos PKO BP 4-6 
 4. USK Praha 4-6 
 5. Union Hainaut 3-7 
 6. Sibenik 2-8 
Group D
 1. Spartak V MR 9-1 
 2. Maxima Br. 6-4 
 3. Fenerbahce 6-4 
 4. TEO Vilnius 5-5 
 5. Schio 3-7 
 6. Montpellier 1-9
Rebekka Hammon takes
home 3PT Title
(Photo: Euroleague)
Points Per Game
  Spartak V MR
  Avg: 20.5
 1. Taurasi, Spartak .20.5 
 2. Carson, TTT Riga18.8 
 3. Mosch, Montpellier18.7 
 4. Harper, Besiktas18.0 
 5. Troina, TTT Riga18.0 
 6. Wauters, CSKA17.8 
 7. Valdemoro, Ros C.17.3 
 8. Langhorne, TEO V.17.1 
 9. Jinks, Sibenik17.0 
 10. Matovic, Lotos.16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12
 1. Harper, Besiktas12.0 
 2. Hayden-J., Umana R.10.0 
 3. Langhorne, TEO V.9.9 
 4. Fowles, Spartak .9.5 
 5. Snow, Halcon A.9.3 
 6. Robert, ESB V.8.9 
 7. Veremeenko, Nadezhda.8.8 
 8. Kublina, TTT Riga8.7 
 9. Gardin, Sibenik8.5 
 10. Wauters, CS.8.5 
Assists Per Game
  MiZo Pecs
  Avg: 7.5
 1. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs7.5 
 2. Bird, Spartak V MR5.9 
 3. Cohen, Maxma B.5.3 
 4. Marchanka, Lotos P.4.9 
 5. Dumerc, Bourges4.7 
 6. Pondexter, UMMC4.3 
 7. Taurasi, Spartak .3.8 
 8. Melain, Bourges3.7 
 9. Skerovic, Wisla C.3.6 
 10. Jinks, Siben.3.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Horakova, Gambr.3.0 
 2. Maltsi, USK Praha2.7 
 3. Valdemoro, Ros C.2.7 
 4. Beard, Lotos P.2.5 
 5. Fernandez, Wisla C.2.5 
 6. Doron, Besiktas2.4 
 7. Skerovic, Wisla C.2.4 
 8. Gardin, Sibenik2.4 
 9. Bibrzycka, UMMC2.3 
 10. Dumerc, Bourg.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Anastasiya VEREMEENKO
  Nadezhda O.
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Veremeenko, Nadezhda.2.7 
 2. Harper, Besiktas1.5 
 3. Fowles, Spartak .1.5 
 4. Hayden-J., Umana R.1.5 
 5. Ndongue, Bourges1.3 
 6. Stepanova, UMMC1.3 
 7. Tamane, Nadezhda.1.2 
 8. Kublina, TTT Riga1.2 
 9. Terglav-T., Sibenik1.1 
 10. Drljaca, ESB.1.1 

Spartak Moscow Region 2008-09

Rebekka Hammon was voted
All-Star Game MVP Award
(Photo: Euroleague)

Spartak Moscow Region wins 3rd consecutive Euroleague title (Photo: FIBA Europe)

Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region 2008-09
Laszlo Ratgeber Laszlo Ratgeber Ratgeber
Sylvia Fowles
Diana Taurasi
Sue Bird
Lauren Jackson
Marina Karpunina
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
34 Fowles Sylvia 198 (6'6'') C 85 USA
13 Taurasi Diana 182 (6'0'') G 82 Italian USA
10 Bird Sue 175 (5'9'') G 80 Israeli USA
15 Jackson Lauren 196 (6'5'') F/C 81 Australian
5 Karpunina Marina 178 (5'10'') F 84 Russian
7 Quinn Noelle 183 (6'0'') G 85 USA
12 Osipova Irina 197 (6'6'') C 81 Russian
22 Miller Kelly 178 (5'10'') G 78 USA Russia
31 Streimikyte Jurgita 191 (6'3'') F 72 Lithuanian
17 Cherepanova Maria 186 (6'1'') C 87 Russian
18 Vieru Natalia 198 (6'6'') C 89 Russian
16 Pavlova Elena 184 (6'1'') G/F 89 Russian
20 Anderson Anastasia 174 (5'9'') G 86 Russian
33 Alexeeva Natalia 190 (6'3'') C 72 Russian
9 Shchegoleva Tatiana 195 (6'5'') F/C 82 Russian
11 Demagina Ekaterina 178 (5'10'') G 82 Russian

Spartak Moscow wins 3rh straight Euroleague Championship - Apr 5, 2009 (by Eurobasket )

Spartak MR - Halcon Avenida 85:70
Spartak Moscow Region wrote in their name in the Euroleague history after they clinched the third straight title. The Russian powerhouse defeated Halcon Avenida in Salamanca to celebrate another European triumph.
Diana Taurasi (182-G-82, college: Connecticut) was unstoppable as she knocked down 31 points, grabbed 5 boards and dished out 4 assists to lead Spartak.
The teams exchanged baskets throughout the first frame with neither side able to dominate.
Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird (175-G-80, college: Connecticut) gave Spartak a 19:16 lead late in the period but Le'Coe Willingham (183-C-81, college: Auburn) and Isabel Sanchez (178-G-76) trimmed it at 21:22 after ten minutes. Sue Bird, Kelly Miller (178-G-78, college: Georgia) and Tatiana Shchegoleva (195-F/C-82) opened the second frame with 5 straight points as Spartak opened a 5-point advantage. Sue Bird hit from downtown and Karpunina converted a three-point play to enlarge the lead to as many as 9 points midway through the second frame. The Russian team controlled the tempo at the moments and rolled to a 46:34 advantage at halftime.
Sylvia Fowles (198-C-85, college: LSU), Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi maintained the pressure at the start of the second half. The gap reached 15 points at one point but the fans cheered up Avenida as they clipped the margin to 10 points. Isabel Sanchez scored 8 points in the final two minutes of the third frame but Spartak remained leading as they entered the fourth quarter with a 12-point cushion. Diana Taurasi tipped off the fourth term with a three-pointer, while Sylvia Fowles followed with 6 points in a row to silence the crowd. Le'Coe Willingham and Isabel Sanchez managed to cut the deficit to 14 points but Avenida could not get any closer. Spartak rallied to the historic victory at the end.
Sue Bird tallied 13 points, 10 assists and 6 boards, while Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) added 13 points for the winners. Le'Coe Willingham responded with 25 points and 7 rebounds for Avenida. Isabel Sanchez had 16 points in defeat.

Spartak MR:
Diana Taurasi 31, Sue Bird 13+10 assists, Lauren Jackson 13
Halcon Avenida:
Le'Coe Willingham 25, Isabel Sanchez 16 All-Euroleague Awards 2008-09
All-Euroleague 1st Team 2008-09
Player of the Year: Diana Taurasi (182-G-82) of Spartak
Guard of the Year: Diana Taurasi of Spartak
Forward of the Year: Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82) of UMMC
Center of the Year: Sylvia Fowles (198-C-85) of Spartak
Import Player of the Year: Sylvia Fowles of Spartak
European Player of the Year: Diana Taurasi of Spartak
Defensive Player of the Year: Sylvia Fowles of Spartak
Coach of the Year: Laszlo Ratgeber of Spartak

1st Team
Diana Taurasi of Spartak
Sylvia Fowles of Spartak
Michelle Snow (196-C-80) of Halcon
Agnieszka Bibrzycka of UMMC
Amaya Valdemoro (184-F/G-76) of Los Casares

2nd Team
Sue Bird (175-G-80) of Spartak
Le'Coe Willingham (183-C-81) of Halcon
Sandrine Gruda (191-F/C-87) of UMMC
Vanessa Hayden-Johnson (194-C-82) of Umana Reyer
Laura Harper (193-F/C-86) of Besiktas

Honorable Mention
Celine Dumerc (168-G-82) of Bourges
Asjha Jones (188-F-80) of UMMC
Delisha Milton-Jones (186-F-74) of Los Casares
Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86) of TEO Vilnius
Liron Cohen (174-G-82) of Maxima Broker
Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) of MBK
Dominique Canty (175-G/F-77) of Wisla Can-Pack
Dalma Ivanyi (178-G-76) of MiZo Pecs

All-European Players Team
Diana Taurasi of Spartak
Agnieszka Bibrzycka of UMMC
Amaya Valdemoro of Los Casares
Celine Dumerc of Bourges
Sandrine Gruda of UMMC

All-Imports Team
Sylvia Fowles of Spartak
Michelle Snow of Halcon
Laura Harper of Besiktas
Sue Bird of Spartak
Le'Coe Willingham of Halcon

EuroLeague Women All-Star Game 2009

Europe - Rest of the World 101:78
The European all-star team fired down the Rest of the World side in todays showdown in Paris. Rebecca Khammon (168-G-77, college: Colorado St.) scored 24 points and was trumped the Most Valuable Player. Khammon was also triumphant at the three-point shootout. She outscored Sheana Mosch in the final of the contest. The game was also highlighted by the Olympic Games gold medalist and Spartak MR standout Sylvia Fowles (198-C-85, college: LSU). American centre came up with an impressive slam dunk in the third frame to put the fans on their feet.
Sylvia Fowles and Dominique Canty (175-G/F-77, agency: Merit Sports, college: Alabama) put the Rest of the World ahead early in the game but Europe answered right back. Anna Vajda (191-F/C-84) nailed 5 points in a 9:2 rally that put Europe in front. The teams traded baskets then before Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82, college: Minnesota) capped the opening frame to give the Rest of the World team a 27:24 advantage. The teams kept it close in the second frame but Europe capped the period with an 8:0 run to enjoy a 47:38 advantage at halftime.
Geraldine Robert (184-F-80) and Nevriye Yilmaz (195-C-80) opened the second half with 4 straight points to stretch the margin to 13 points. Alana Beard (180-G/F-82, college: Duke) netted 10 points in the third quarter as Rest of the World cut the deficit to 3 points heading into the final stanza. Anna Vajda stepped up for Europe once again as her 5 straight points made it 71:63 early in the final term. Back-to-back three-pointers from Celine Dumerc (168-G-82) and Rebecca Khammon as well as six points from Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) put Europe up for good. Anna Vajda nailed 16 points for Europe. Jelena Milovanovic added 13 points for the winners. Alana Beard answered with 17 points and 6 boards for the Rest of the World team. Candice Dupree (188-F/C-84, college: Temple) had 12 points in the losing effort.

Europe: Rebecca Khammon 24, Anna Vajda 16, Jelena Milovanovic 13
Rest of the World: Alana Beard 17, Candice Dupree 12


Ann Wauters-CSKA Moscow-Center
Agnieszka Bibrzycka-UMMC Ekaterinburg-Forward
Anna Vajda-MiZo Pcs 2010-Forward
Celine Dumerc-Bourges Basket-Guard
Shay Doron-Besiktas Cola Turka-Guard

Maria Stepanova (202-C-79)-UMMC Ekaterinburg-Center
Nevriye Yilmaz (195-C-80)-Fenerbahce-Center
Anastasiya Veremeenko (192-F/C-87)-Nadezhda-Center
Evanthia Maltsi (180-F-78)-ZVVZ USK Prague-Forward
Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89)-MKB Euroleasing-Forward
Rebecca Khammon (168-G-77, college: Colorado St.)-CSKA Moscow-Guard
Geraldine Robert (184-F-80)-ESB Lille Metropole-Forward
Catherine Melain (184-F-74)-Bourges Basket-Guard
Coaches: Pierre Vincent (Bourges) & Gundars Vetra (UMMC Ekaterinburg)



Alessandra Santos-Bourges Basket-Center
Lauren Jackson-Spartak-Forward
Candice Dupree-Wisla Can-Pack-Forward
Diana Taurasi-Spartak-Guard
Dominique Canty-Wisla Can-Pack-Guard

Mudju Ngoyisa (195-C-82)-Union Hainaut-Center/Forward
Laura Harper (193-F/C-86, college: Maryland)-Besiktas Cola Turka-Center
Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86, college: Maryland)-TEO Vilnius-Center
Tamika Whitmore (187-C/F-77, college: Memphis)-Gambrinus-Forward
Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82, college: Minnesota)-ZVVZ USK Prague-Guard
Alana Beard (180-G/F-82, college: Duke)-LOTOS PKO BP-Guard
Sheana Mosch (177-G-81, college: Duke)-Lattes Montpellier-Guard
Coaches: Laszlo Ratgeber (Spartak M.R. Vidnoje) & Lubor Blazek (ZVVZ USK Prague)

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