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Season 2009-1000
All Games
List of Players

Euroleague Standings
Group A
 1. UMMC 9-1 
 2. Ros Casares 8-2 
 3. Taranto 6-4 
 4. Galatasaray 4-6 
 5. TTT Riga 2-8 
 6. TEO Vilnius 1-9 
Group B
 1. Wisla Can-Pak 9-1 
 2. Perfumerias 8-2 
 3. Familia Schio 7-3 
 4. MiZo Pecs 4-6 
 5. Villeneuve 1-9 
 6. Gospic 1-9 
Group C
 1. Rivas Ecopolis 7-3 
 2. Dobri Anjeli 6-4 
 3. USK Praha 5-5 
 4. Bourges 5-5 
 5. MKB Eurol. 4-6 
 6. Gorzow 3-7 
Group D
 1. Spartak V MR 10-0 
 2. Fenerbahce 7-3 
 3. Frisco Sika 6-4 
 4. Lotos Gdynia 3-7 
 5. Tarbes 2-8 
 6. Szeged 2-8
Agnieszka Bibrzycka is Euroleague AllStar Game MVP (

Diana Taurasi Euroleague MVP 2010 (Photo: FIBA)
Spartak MR claim fourth straight title (Photo:lokosxelbaloncestofemenin)
Points Per Game
  Spartak V MR
  Avg: 24.9
 1. Taurasi, Spartak .24.9 
 2. McCoughtry, Dobri A.19.0 
 3. Dupree, Dobri Anjeli18.9 
 4. Lyttle, Perfumer.17.6 
 5. Montgomery, TEO V.17.6 
 6. Young, Galatasaray17.3 
 7. Macchi, Familia Schio17.2 
 8. Langhorne, Rivas E.17.1 
 9. Jelavic, Gospic16.3 
 10. Houston, Tarbes16.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Candice DUPREE
  Dobri Anjeli
  Avg: 11
 1. Dupree, Dobri Anjeli11.0 
 2. Lyttle, Perfumer.10.8 
 3. Burse, TS Wi.10.5 
 4. Bjelica, TEO V.9.2 
 5. Langhorne, Rivas E.9.0 
 6. Fowles, Spartak .8.8 
 7. De Souza, Ros C.8.6 
 8. Brunson, Taranto8.3 
 9. McWilliams, Frisco S.7.8 
 10. Parker, UMMC7.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Jelavic, Gospic6.7 
 2. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs6.6 
 3. Richards, Gorzow4.7 
 4. Bermejo, Rivas E.4.3 
 5. Vardarli, Fener.4.2 
 6. Ratkaine, MKB E.4.2 
 7. Bird, Spartak V MR4.0 
 8. Lawson-Wade, Spart.4.0 
 9. Montgomery, TEO V.3.9 
 10. Lepron, Tarbes3.9 
Steals Per Game
  TTT Riga
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Willis, TTT Riga3.3 
 2. McCoughtry, Dobri A.3.3 
 3. McCarville, Spart.2.8 
 4. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs2.7 
 5. Vardarli, Fener.2.6 
 6. Horakova, Frisco S.2.4 
 7. Perkins, Galatasa.2.3 
 8. Jelavic, Gospic2.3 
 9. Lima, TTT Riga2.3 
 10. Powell, Fenerbahce2.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Candice DUPREE
  Dobri Anjeli
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Dupree, Dobri Anjeli1.4 
 2. Parker, UMMC1.4 
 3. Burse, TS Wi.1.4 
 4. Stepanova, UMMC1.3 
 5. De Souza, Ros C.1.3 
 6. Ndongue, Bourges1.2 
 7. Christon, Lotos G.1.1 
 8. Gruda, UMMC1.0 
 9. Sipaviciute, Szeged1.0 
 10. Majewska, TS Wi.1.0 

Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region 2009-10
Pokey Chatman Pokey Chatman Chatman
Janel McCarville
Sylvia Fowles
Diana Taurasi
Sue Bird
Ilona Korstine
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
4 McCarville Janel 188 (6'2'') C 82 USA
34 Fowles Sylvia 198 (6'6'') C 85 USA
13 Taurasi Diana 182 (6'0'') F/G 82 ITA-USA
10 Bird Sue 175 (5'9'') G 80 ISR-USA
8 Korstine Ilona 183 (6'0'') G 80 RUS
22 Miller Kelly 178 (5'10'') G 78 USA-RUS
5 Karpunina Marina 178 (5'10'') G 84 RUS
6 Petrovic Sonja 189 (6'3'') F 89 SRB
7 Jekabsone-Zogota Anete 177 (5'10'') G 83 LAT
14 Lisina Ekaterina 198 (6'6'') C 87 RUS
12 Osipova Irina 196 (6'5'') F 81 RUS
25 Cherepanova Maria 186 (6'1'') C 87 RUS
18 Vieru Natalia 198 (6'6'') C 89 RUS
Head Coach: Pokey Chatman All-Euroleague Awards 2009-10 - Apr 18, 2010 All-Euroleague 2010
Diana Taurasi
Agnieszka Bibrzycka
Janell Burse
Delisha Milton-Jones
Candice Dupree

Player of the Year: Diana Taurasi (182-F/G-82) of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia
Guard of the Year: Diana Taurasi of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia
Forward of the Year: Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82) of UMMC Ekaterinburg Russia * she plays at both shooring guard and small forward positions
Center of the Year: Janell Burse (197-C-79) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Poland
European Player of the Year: Diana Taurasi of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia * she has double USA and Italian citizenship, so she is considered European
Import of the Year: Janell Burse (197-C-79) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Poland
Defensive Player of the Year: Candice Dupree (188-F/C-84) of Dobri Anjeli Kosice Slovakia
Coach of the Year: Jose Ignacio Hernandez of Wisla Can-Pak

1st Team
Diana Taurasi of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia
Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82) of UMMC Ekaterinburg Russia
Delisha Milton-Jones (186-F-74) of Ros Casares Valencia Spain
Candice Dupree (188-F/C-84) of Dobri Anjeli Kosice Slovakia
Janell Burse (197-C-79) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Poland

2nd Team
Rebekka Hammon (168-G-77) of Ros Casares Valencia Spain
Nicole Powell (188-G/F-82) of Fenerbahce Istanbul Turkey
Laura Macchi (187-F-79) of Famila Wuber Schio Italy
Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86) of Rivas Ecopolis Spain
Sandrine Gruda (193-C-87) of UMMC Ekaterinburg Russia

3rd Team
Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82) of ZVVZ USK Praha Czech Republic
Marta Fernandez (178-F-81) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Poland
Sylvia Fowles (198-C-85) of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia
Sancho Lyttle (193-C-83) of Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca Spain
Nevriye Yilmaz (195-C-80) of Fenerbahce Istanbul Turkey

Honorable Mention
Angel McCoughtry (185-F-86) of Dobri Anjeli Kosice Slovakia
Candace Parker (193-F/C-86) of UMMC Ekaterinburg Russia
Sophia Young (186-F-83) of Galatasaray Istanbul Turkey
Ivana Matovic (197-C-83) of Lotos Gdynia Poland
Anda Jelavic (175-G-80) of Gospic Industrogradnja Croatia
Janel McCarville (188-C-82) of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia
Iziane Castro (183-G/F-82) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Poland
Le'Coe Willingham (183-C-81) of Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca Spain<
Erika De Souza (197-C-82) of Ros Casares Valencia Spain
Anna Cruz (172-G-86) of Rivas Ecopolis Spain
Penelope Taylor (185-F-81) of Fenerbahce Istanbul Turkey
Bernadette Ngoyisa (195-C-82) of Famila Wuber Schio Italy
DeWanna Bonner (193-G-87) of Frisco Sika Brno Czech Republic
Rebekkah Brunson (191-F/C-81) of Cras Taranto Italy

All-Europeans Team
Diana Taurasi of Spartak Vidnoe Moscow Region Russia
Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82) of UMMC Ekaterinburg Russia
Laura Macchi (187-F-79) of Famila Wuber Schio Italy
Sandrine Gruda (193-C-87) of UMMC Ekaterinburg Russia
Nevriye Yilmaz (195-C-80) of Fenerbahce Istanbul Turkey

All-Imports Team
Delisha Milton-Jones (186-F-74) of Ros Casares Valencia Spain
Candice Dupree (188-F/C-84) of Dobri Anjeli Kosice Slovakia
Janell Burse (197-C-79) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Poland
Sancho Lyttle (193-C-83) of Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca Spain
Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86) of Rivas Ecopolis Spain

Spartak Moscow Region clinch fourth straight Euroleague title - Apr 11, 2010

3rd Place: TS Wisla Can-Pak - UMMC 50-84

UMMC wrapped up their Euroleague campaign with victory. Today the Russian powerhouse got a small consolation after a bitter loss to Spartak Moscow Region in the semifinal. UMMC held off Wisla to earn the third position in the Euroleague season. UMMC got to a quick start as they accounted for the first four points in the encounter. But Wisla soon recovered and finished the period strongly. Marta Fernandez (178-F-81) knocked down 5 points in a 7:0 run from the Polish team as they built a 17:12 lead into the second frame. UMMC answered with a 9:0 run midway though the second quarter to take a 26:20 advantage. Wisla got within two points but UMMC stunned the Polish team late in the half. UMMC unleashed a 12:2 run that put them up by 12 points at halftime 40:28. Janell Burse and Kobryn tried to keep Wisla in visibility but the Russian team capped the third term with 15 points in a row to open a 22-point lead. Agnieszka Bibrzycka and Candace Parker (193-F/C-86, college: Tennessee) tipped off the final term with five consecutive points and UMMC never looked back en route to the victory. Candace Parker produced 21 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists to lead UMMC. Ann Wauters (194-C-80) finished with 14 points, while Agnieszka Bibrzycka knocked down 9 points in the winning effort. Iziane Castro (183-G/F-82) accounted for 14 points for Wisla. Janell Burse delivered 11 points and 20 rebounds in the loss.

Final: Ros Casares - Spartak V MR 80-87
Spartak Moscow Region continued to write in Euroleague history as they claimed the fourth straight title. They overcame Ros Casares to prove once again their dominance in the European basketball. Diana Taurasi (182-F/G-82, college: Connecticut) had another sizzling performance for Spartak as she poured in 29 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. She was named the MVP of the Final Four. Ros Casares opened the game confidently. Erika De Souza (197-C-82) and Delisha Milton-Jones (186-F-74, college: Florida) triggered a 7:0 run to secure an 11:4 lead three minutes into the game. But Spartak quickly responded with 9 points in a row to surge ahead. The teams traded baskets throughout the reminder of the frame before Janel McCarville (188-C-82, college: Minnesota) sealed the outcome at 24:23 for Spartak. The exchange of the strikes continued early in the second period. Osipova and Janel McCarville helped the defending champions to a 37:31 lead midway through the second term. Ilona Korstine (183-G-80) fired 6 consecutive points to boost the margin to a 45:34 mark. Janel McCarville and Ilona Korstine stretched the lead to 12 points before Palau capped the half with a jumper to narrow the deficit at 10-point mark 39:49. Ros Casares opened the second half on a 9:2 run. However Diana Taurasi responded with quick four points to keep the Russian team in front. Erika De Souza and Snell narrowed the distance to a single point 56:57 late in the third quarter. Ilona Korstine came up with timely baskets to ensure a 64:57 advantage for the visitors at the final break. Ilona Korstine, Janel McCarville and Osipova regained a double-digit lead for Spartak almost three minutes into the fourth term. However Ros Casares did not allow Spartak to run away. The Spanish team got back within 6 just under five minutes remaining. Diana Taurasi silenced Valencia crowd with five straight points and forced Ros Casares into timeout. Erika De Souza and Delisha Milton-Jones exchanged baskets with Diana Taurasi and Ilona Korstine as Spartak continued to stay comfortably in front. Snell and Delisha Milton-Jones fired four points in a row to keep Ros Casares hopeful. But Diana Taurasi went deadly from the stripe to seal the victory for Spartak. Janel McCarville scored 20 points and grabbed 13 rebounds for the winners. Ilona Korstine contributed 16 points for the Russian team. Delisha Milton-Jones responded with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists for Ros Casares. Erika De Souza notched 16 points and 7 boards in the losing effort.

Euroleague All Star Game today in Gdynia (Pol) - Mar 9, 2010 

Europe - Rest of the World 93:89

Team Europe celebrated victory at the Euroleague All-Star Game tonight. Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82, agency: Data Plus Group, college: Abil.Christian) scored 20 points to ensure Europe victory in Gdynia. She was named the MVP after the game. It was the fourth win for Europe team in five Euroleague All-Star Games.
Agnieszka Bibrzycka and Horakova exploded with two three-pointers at the start of the game to set things rolling for Europe. The margin grew at 7 points before Rest of the World marked their presence. Dupree helped the team to get within one. Delisha Milton-Jones exploded with six points and Rest of the World 12:3 run to earn a 25:20 advantage after the opening quarter. Tay McWilliams boosted the lead to 7 points at the start of the second quarter. But Europe quickly erased the deficit as the teams traded baskets throughout the second stanza. Marta Fernandez capped the half with a lay-up to give Europe a 47:46 advantage. Diana Taurasi and Sophia Young tipped off the second part of the encounter with five points to retain the lead for Rest of the World. But Gruda, Agnieszka Bibrzycka and Yilmaz put Europe in charge midway through the third stanza. Rebekkah Brunson (191-F/C-81, agency: LBM Management, college: Georgetown) stepped up for Rest of the World side as she nailed 7 points late in the quarter ensuring a 75:72 advantage for Pokey Chatman team. The advantage grew at 5 points before Europe went on an 8:0 run to earn a 84:79 lead with under five minutes to go. But it was not the end of the intrigue. Whalen, Angel McCoughtry (185-F-86, college: Louisville) and Tay McWilliams helped their team to return into the drivers seat. Rest of the World gained an 87:86 lead with just over three minutes to go. However the reminder of the contest belonged to Europe. They crowned the game with a 7:2 rally and snatched a narrow win at the end. Emmeline Ndongue (190-C-83) accounted for 12 points and 5 boards, while Laura Macchi (187-F-79) added 10 points for the winners. Rebekkah Brunson replied with 15 points for Rest of the World. Angel McCoughtry contributed 13 points and 7 rebounds in the loss.

Diana Taurasi celebrated the victory at the Three-Point Shootout as she overcame Catherine Joens for the trophy.

Europe: Agnieszka Bibrzycka 20, Emmeline Ndongue 12, Laura Macchi 10
Rest of the World: Rebekkah Brunson 15, Angel McCoughtry 13


Starting five: Rebekka Hammon (168-G-77, college: Colorado St.) (Ros Casares), Marta Fernandez (178-F-81) (Wisla Can-Pack), Nevriye Yilmaz (195-C-80, agency: Ates Ceren) (Fenerbahce), Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82, agency: Data Plus Group, college: Abil.Christian) and Sandrine Gruda (193-C-87) (UMMC Ekaterinburg).
Bench: Anete Jekabsone-Zogota (177-G-83) (Spartak Mosca Region Vidnoje), Clara Moreno (Rivas Ecopolis), Alba Torrens (Halcon Avenida), Laura Macchi (Beretta Famila Schio), Anna Vajda (MiZo Pecs 2010), Ivana Matovic (Lotos Gdynia), Emmeline Ndongue (Bourges Basket).
Head coach: Ismael Canto (Ros Casares Valencia), assistant coach: Jack Winnicki (Lotos Gdynia).

Rest of the world
Starting five: Diana Taurasi (182-F/G-82, college: Connecticut) (Sparatak Mosca), Penelope Taylor (185-F-81) (Fenerbahce Istanbul), Nicole Powell (188-G/F-82, college: Stanford) (Fenerbahce Istanbul), Janell Burse (197-C-79, college: Tulane) (Wisla Can-Pack), Sophia Young (Galatasary Istanbul).
Bench: Lindsay Whalen (ZVVZ USK Praga), Catherine Joens (Rivas Ecopolis), DeLisha Milton (Ros Casares Valencia), Angel McCoughtry (Good Angels Kosice), Erin Phillips (Lotos Gdynia), Rebekkah Brunson (Cras Basket Taranto), Taj Mc Williams (Frisco Sika Brno).
Head coach: Pokey Chatman (Spartak Moscow Region), assistant coach Dariusz Maciejewski (KSSSE AZS-PWSZ Gorzow).

Referees: Henrykh Bekish (Belarus), Petra Kremer (Germany), Fabiana Nitu (Romania)

FIBA Europe announced the Stars for EuroLeague Women All-Star Game that will take place in the capital of France on March 8th. The International Women day will see Europe taking on the Rest of the World.
Two representatives from the Russian Superleague will start in the first five for Europe. Ann Wauters (194-C-80) (CSKA Moscow) and Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82, college: Abil.Christian) (UMMC Ekaterinburg) will be joined by Anna Vajda (191-F/C-84) (MiZo Pecs 2010), Celine Dumerc (168-G-82) (Bourges Basket), and Shay Doron (175-G-85, college: Maryland) (Besiktas Cola Turka). For the Rest of the World Spartak M.R. Vidnoje will have two stars Lauren Jackson (196-F/C-81) and Diana Taurasi (182-G-82, college: Connecticut). Alessandra Santos (200-C-73) (Bourges Basket), Candice Dupree (188-F/C-84, college: Temple) (Wisla Can-Pack), and Dominique Canty (175-G/F-77, agency: Merit Sports, college: Alabama) (Wisla Can-Pack) will accompany them in the starting five for the Rest of the World.
Last year Vidnoje, the home arena of Spartak Moscow Region waived to ALL STAR GAME players and fans. An outstanding event, atmosphere, players, spectators and we can continue to list all the special features of the show. European Stars were stronger than the Rest of the World beating them 111:86. With the victories in all quarters Europe was outstanding in the campaign. Amaya Valdemoro (184-F/G-76) led the winners with 25 points and grabbed the MVP award of the event.


Ann Wauters-CSKA Moscow-Center
Agnieszka Bibrzycka-UMMC Ekaterinburg-Forward
Anna Vajda-MiZo Pcs 2010-Forward
Celine Dumerc-Bourges Basket-Guard
Shay Doron-Besiktas Cola Turka-Guard

Maria Stepanova (202-C-79)-UMMC Ekaterinburg-Center
Nevriye Yilmaz (195-C-80)-Fenerbahce-Center
Anastasiya Veremeenko (192-F/C-87)-Nadezhda-Center
Evanthia Maltsi (180-F-78)-ZVVZ USK Prague-Forward
Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89)-MKB Euroleasing-Forward
Rebecca Khammon (168-G-77, college: Colorado St.)-CSKA Moscow-Guard
Geraldine Robert (184-F-80)-ESB Lille Metropole-Forward
Catherine Melain (184-F-74)-Bourges Basket-Guard
Coaches: Pierre Vincent (Bourges) & Gundars Vetra (UMMC Ekaterinburg)



Alessandra Santos-Bourges Basket-Center
Lauren Jackson-Spartak-Forward
Candice Dupree-Wisla Can-Pack-Forward
Diana Taurasi-Spartak-Guard
Dominique Canty-Wisla Can-Pack-Guard

Mudju Ngoyisa (195-C-82)-Union Hainaut-Center/Forward
Laura Harper (193-F/C-86, college: Maryland)-Besiktas Cola Turka-Center
Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86, college: Maryland)-TEO Vilnius-Center
Tamika Whitmore (187-C/F-77, college: Memphis)-Gambrinus-Forward
Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82, college: Minnesota)-ZVVZ USK Prague-Guard
Alana Beard (180-G/F-82, college: Duke)-LOTOS PKO BP-Guard
Sheana Mosch (177-G-81, college: Duke)-Lattes Montpellier-Guard
Coaches: Laszlo Ratgeber (Spartak M.R. Vidnoje) & Lubor Blazek (ZVVZ USK Prague)

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