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Season 2010-11
All Games
List of Players

Euroleague Top16 Standings
Group E
 1. Caja Laboral 4-2 
 2. Panathinaikos 4-2 
 3. Lietuvos Rytas 3-3 
 4. Unicaja 1-5 
Group F
 1. Regal Barca 6-0 
 2. Maccabi T-A 3-3 
 3. Lottomatica 2-4 
 4. Union Olimpija 1-5 
Group G
 1. Real Madrid 5-1 
 2. Montepaschi 4-2 
 3. Efes Pilsen 2-4 
 4. Partizan 1-5 
Group H
 1. Olympiakos 5-1 
 2. Valencia 3-3 
 3. Fener.Ulker 3-3 
 4. Zalgiris 1-5 
Euroleague Standings
Group A
 1. Maccabi T-A 9-1 
 2. Caja Laboral 5-5 
 3. Zalgiris 5-5 
 4. Partizan 5-5 
 5. Khimky 4-6 
 6. Asseco Prokom 2-8 
Group B
 1. Olympiakos 7-3 
 2. Real Madrid 6-4 
 3. Unicaja 5-5 
 4. Lottomatica 5-5 
 5. Brose Baskets 4-6 
 6. Charleroi 3-7 
Group C
 1. Montepaschi 8-2 
 2. Fener.Ulker 7-3 
 3. Regal Barca 7-3 
 4. Lietuvos Rytas 4-6 
 5. Cholet 4-6 
 6. Cibona 0-10 
Group D
 1. Panathinaikos 7-3 
 2. Union Olimpija 6-4 
 3. Efes Pilsen 5-5 
 4. Valencia 5-5 
 5. Armani MI 4-6 
 6. CSKA 3-7 

Dimitris Diamantidis is 2011 Euroleague Final Four MVP (Photo:
Points Per Game
  Avg: 18
 1. Bogdanovic, Cibona18.0 
 2. Langford, Khimky17.8 
 3. Rakocevic, Efes P.17.2 
 4. Teletovic, Caja L.15.5 
 5. Mejia, Cholet15.1 
 6. Spanoulis, Olympia.14.2 
 7. Navarro, Regal B.14.1 
 8. Gregory, Union O.14.0 
 9. Freeland, Unicaja13.9 
 10. San Emeterio, Caj.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 7.3
 1. Turkcan, Fener.Ul.7.3 
 2. Gist, Partizan6.9 
 3. Jankunas, Zalgiris6.9 
 4. Bourousis, Olympia.6.6 
 5. Pleiss, Brose B.6.3 
 6. Batista, Caja L.6.3 
 7. Radosevic, Cibona6.3 
 8. Freeland, Unicaja6.3 
 9. Gregory, Union O.6.1 
 10. Wright, Charleroi5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6
 1. Diamantidis, Panat.6.0 
 2. Cook, Valencia5.6 
 3. Huertas, Caja L.5.6 
 4. Pargo, Maccabi T-A4.3 
 5. Spanoulis, Olympia.4.3 
 6. Ilievski, Union O.4.1 
 7. Stipcevic, Cibona4.1 
 8. Papaloukas, Olymp.3.8 
 9. Jerrells, Partizan3.8 
 10. Gordon, CSKA3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Maccabi .
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Eidson, Maccabi2.6 
 2. Goldsberry, Brose1.9 
 3. Smith, Lottomatica1.8 
 4. Cook, Valencia1.8 
 5. McCalebb, Montepa.1.8 
 6. Ozbolt, Union O.1.7 
 7. Bogdanovic, Cibona1.7 
 8. Rubio, Regal Barca1.7 
 9. Perkins, Maccabi1.7 
 10. Ilievski, Union O.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Mirza BEGIC
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Begic, Zalgiris2.3 
 2. Riddick, Charleroi1.7 
 3. Pleiss, Brose B.1.5 
 4. Fischer, Real Madr.1.4 
 5. Falker, Cholet1.3 
 6. Eze, Khimky1.3 
 7. Bourousis, Olympia.1.3 
 8. Shermadini, Union1.1 
 9. Hines, Brose B.1.1 
 10. Gist, Partizan1.0 
Panathinaikos clinch 2011 Euroleague title (Photo:

Panathinaikos Athens 2010-11
Zeljko Obradovic Zeljko Obradovic Obradovic
Mike Batiste
Nick Calathes
Milenko Tepic
Aleks Maric
Dimitris Diamantidis
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
8  Batiste Mike 203 (6'8'') F 77 USA
15  Calathes Nick 198 (6'6'') G 89 USA Greece
5  Tepic Milenko 198 (6'6'') G 87 Serbia
6  Maric Aleks 211 (6'11'') C 84 Australia
13  Diamantidis Dimitris 196 (6'5'') G 80 Greece
18  Kaimakoglou Kostas 206 (6'9'') C/F 83 Greece
14  Vougioukas Ian 212 (7'0'') C/F 85 Greece
11  Nicholas Drew 191 (6'3'') G 81 USA
10  Sato Romain 194 (6'5'') G/F 81 Central Africa
7  Perperoglou Stratos 203 (6'8'') G/F 84 Greece
17  Bogris Giorgos 209 (6'10'') C/F 89 Greece
19  Maragkos Kyprianos 205 (6'9'') C 94 Greece
 Zoumpos Fotios 191 (6'3'') G 93 Greece
16  Karamalegkos Ioannis 189 (6'3'') G 94 Greece
12  Tsartsaris Kostas 210 (6'11'') F 79 Greece
9  Fotsis Antonis 210 (6'11'') F 81 Greece
Head Coach: Zeljko Obradovic
Coach Assistant: Dimitris Itoudis
Coach Assistant: Andreas Pistiolis
Coach Assistant: Dimitrios Pegioudis All-Euroleague Awards 2010-11 - May 10, 2011 All-Euroleague 1st Team 2011
Dimitris Diamantidis
Juan Carlos Navarro
Fernando San Emeterio
San Emeterio
Mike Batiste
Sofoklis Schortsanitis

Player of the Year: Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
Guard of the Year: Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
Forward of the Year: Mike Batiste (203-F-77) of Panathinaikos Greece
Center of the Year: Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-C-85) of Maccabi T-A Israel
European Player of the Year: Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
Import of the Year: Mike Batiste (203-F-77) of Panathinaikos Greece
Defensive Player of the Year: Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
Coach of the Year: Zeljko Obradovic of Panathinaikos Greece

1st Team
G: Dimitris Diamantidis (196-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
G: Juan Carlos Navarro (192-80) of Regal Barca Spain
G/F: Fernando San Emeterio (198-84) of Caja Laboral Spain
F: Mike Batiste (203-77) of Panathinaikos Greece
C: Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-85) of Maccabi T-A Israel

2nd Team
PG: Jeremy Pargo (188-86) of Maccabi T-A Israel
G: Sergio Llull (190-87) of Real Madrid Spain
G: Vassilis Spanoulis (193-82) of Olympiakos Greece
C: Ksistof Lavrinovic (210-79) of Montepaschi Italy
F/C: Dusko Savanovic (204-83) of Valencia Spain

3rd Team
G: Marcelinho Huertas (191-83) of Caja Laboral Spain
G: Milos Teodosic (195-87) of Olympiakos Greece
F: Mirza Teletovic (206-85) of Caja Laboral Spain
F/G: Chuck Eidson (202-80) of Maccabi T-A Israel
C: Ioannis Bourousis (212-83) of Olympiakos Greece

Honorable Mention
Radoslav Nesterovic (212-C-76) of Olympiakos Greece
D'or Fischer (211-C-81) of Real Madrid Spain
Ante Tomic (217-C-87) of Real Madrid Spain
Khalid El-Amin (178-G-79) of Lietuvos Rytas Lithuania
Roko-Leni Ukic (195-G-84) of Fener.Ulker Turkey
Mirsad Turkcan (206-F-76) of Fener.Ulker Turkey
Omar-Sharif Cook (186-G-82) of Valencia Spain
Igor Rakocevic (191-G-78) of Efes Pilsen Turkey
Darius Washington (188-G-85) of Lottomatica Italy
Joel Freeland (208-F-87) of Unicaja Spain
Kenny Gregory (197-G/F-78) of Union Olimpija Slovenia
Giorgi Shermadini (216-C-89) of Union Olimpija Ljubljana Slovenia

All-Europeans Team
G: Dimitris Diamantidis (196-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
G: Juan Carlos Navarro (192-80) of Regal Barca Spain
G/F: Fernando San Emeterio (198-84) of Caja Laboral Spain
C: Ksistof Lavrinovic (210-79) of Montepaschi Italy
C: Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-85) of Maccabi T-A Israel

All-Imports Team
PG: Jeremy Pargo (188-86) of Maccabi T-A Israel
G: Khalid El-Amin (178-79) of Lietuvos Rytas Lithuania
F: Joel Freeland (208-87) of Unicaja Spain
F: Mike Batiste (203-77) of Panathinaikos Greece
C: D'or Fischer (211-81) of Real Madrid Spain

All-Defensive Team
Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) of Panathinaikos Greece
Omar-Sharif Cook (186-G-82) of Valencia Spain
Chuck Eidson (202-F/G-80) of Maccabi T-A Israel
D'or Fischer (211-C-81) of Real Madrid Spain
Ioannis Bourousis (212-C-83) of Olympiakos Greece

2011 EuroLeague Final - Panathinaikos 78 Maccabi Tel Aviv 70 - May 9, 2011 

Inside a raucous Palau Sant Jordi, the 2011 EuroLeague Final tipped off with the Maccabi and Panathinaikos supporters creating a very special atmosphere as the battle commenced to finish with the Championship and become the last team standing during 2010-11. First points and first blood in the battle with Jeremy Pargo (188-PG-86, agency: Priority Sports, college: Gonzaga) went to Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) with a lay-up in transition. As Panathinaikos went 4-0 in front, Guy Pnini picked up where he left off in the semi-final with a huge triple from the corner - right in front of the relieved Maccabi fans, no doubt glad to see their team get off the mark. The Greeks however made a statement inside early as they found the defence to block Schortsanitis and then for the second time in the game Ian Vougioukas went strong under the hoop to score - although he did pick up a second foul to temper his joy.

It was a case of deja vu for Maccabi fans when Chuck Eidson (202-F/G-80, agency: Court Side, college: S.Carolina) also converted from downtown just like he did in the semi-final and that brought the teams level 6-6 with six minutes remaining. After a Panathinaikos score, Pargo got his first points with two free-throws but the play of the first quarter was an athletic put-back by Fotsis who also drew the foul to get the fans of the Greens on their feet. Maccabi took a time-out and with both teams enduring a scrappy start it hopefully gave an opportunity for the players to settle into more of a rhythm. Pnini found space all alone at the top this time and he punished Panathinaikos with a trademark three before Maccabi then went in front 13-11 from the line with four minutes left of the first.

Mike Batiste got the benefit of a goal tend call as his shot looked to have been blocked by Hendrix and then Pargo threw the ball away to Dimitris Diamantidis in a bad few moments for Maccabi. Things got worse when Batiste then slammed one down and made a free-throw to complete the 'And-1' play with Coach Blatt screaming for a travel after some dubious footwork under the hoop. That put Panathinaikos 18-13 ahead and when Hendrix committed an offensive foul off the ball, the Greeks had a chance to put real daylight between the teams. They didn't immediately after Eidson and Batiste traded baskets but with less than a minute to go, Dimitris Diamantidis made it a seven point game with an exquisite reverse lay-up to complete an 11-2 run and put his team 22-15 in the lead after the opening ten minutes.

Maccabi needed a lift to avoid going down by double-figures early in the game and it came by way of another three-ball by Eidson. However, Euroleague MVP Dimitris Diamantidis was having a fantastic game and he also dropped a bomb from downtown to cancel out the Eidson score. Back to back scores by Maccabi then made it a one shot game at 25-22 before tempers began to fray with the players squaring up to each other down low. Not suprisingly, the game began to truly develop into a a real clash of styles with most of the Panathinaikos scoring almost all of their points at the hoop and Maccabi preferring to score from range.

At 27-24 to Panathinaikos, everybody got a chance to catch their breath with another time out andjust under five minutes left before the teams headed for the locker room. Maric scored inside for Panathinaikos and there was still very little available under the basket or in terms of penetration for playmaker Pargo and Maccabi. There was however the trusted source of points from the arc and David Blu (201-F-80, college: USC) obliged with three to make it a two point game at 29-27. With 90 seconds remaining, only Panathinaikos had added to the tally by the time both teams hit the sideline for a time-out and when they returned a David Blu triple made it 31-30 as Maccabi sensed a half-time lead having trailed for most of the first half. A lot of great work from Macvan and Eidson key to that although when the buzzer sounded they trailed 33-30 in an absorbing contest.

The half-time break didn't affect the players or entertainment value with a nice Batiste score inside before an atheltic spin in the air by Pargo had the crowd drawing a breath. The same player then brought Maccabi within a point after two minutes from the line. Moments later, 'Big Sofo' got hisfirst score of the game and Maccabi were in front although not for long as Drew Nicholas (191-G-81, college: Maryland) drained a three to reply instantly. Two minutes later Panathinaikos exploded further from downtown and looked to have opened the game up when Romain Sato (194-G/F-81, college: Xavier) made back to back triples. That helped Panathinaikos into a 43-36 lead. After David Blue replied, Panathinaikos made another from outside and Maccabi were suddenly feeling what it was like to be Real Madrid and on the wrong end of a three-point blitz.

Batiste extended the lead to 47-40 with three minutes left in the third from the free-throw line. Nick Calathes (198-G-89, college: Florida) then scored a lay-up and by the time Fotsis slammed one down, Maccabi looked not exactly sunk at 51-40 but with a mountain to climb and less than 12 minutes of the game to go. More importantly, their offence non-existent. Or at least that was until David Blue relieved the pressure and stopped the slump with a three from the corner. Like a dagger, Romain Sato drilled one immediately in reply to give Panathinaikos a commanding 54-43 lead at the end of the third which finished with the referees checking video footage to see if a Maccabi buzzer-beater from downtown was good - it wasn't.

Sofo started the final quarter with a jam and when Pargo scored at the hoop, dreams of a Maccabi fightback looked like they might be realised but were then quickly quashed by a Nicholls triple with the guard then following it up with a jump shot before Diamantidis went to the line with the chance of increasing the lead to 14 points but had to wait until after a time-out to do so. Lior Eliyahu (206-F/C-85) then scored a rare bucket having only played limited minutes and Pnini then cut the deficit to ten with just over 6 minutes left. A Batiste dunk reminded Maccabi of who was boss in this game but Lior Eliyahu was coming alive to give a glimmer of hope via an 'And-1' play which made it 7 points with just over 4 to play at 63-56. As in the semi-final,it was Batiste getting the job done for Panathinaikos in crunch time and with Nicholls coming up big time also, the game was effectively over with over three to play and Panathinaikos 67-56 ahead and Maccabi in need of a near miracle.

It almost arrived after they cut the gap to five points with just under 90 seconds to go at 69-64 after Nick Calathes failed to get the ball inbounds for a five second turnover, handing Lior Eliyahu a score. However Batiste scored inside and Diaminitidis then looked to have put the game to bed from the line for good but Maccabi came again and got to within four at 74-70 in the last 30 seconds but it only delayed the inevitable as Panathinaikos were crowned Euroleague champions for the third time in five seasons after completing a 78-70 success.

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