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Results and Stats from Day 1 in Latvia and Lithuania - Jul 19, 2012

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Group A
Italy - Croatia 77-63
Italy pip Croatia in the opener of the U16 European Championship. The Italian team started the campaign with 77:63 victory in Ventspils. It was Croatia that started with 23-13 in the first period. They could not however keep the lead and lost the game. Italy needed the whole second quarter to tie the game at 34:34. Croatia took the lead again in the third period and grabbed 40:34. Italy meanwhile needed a strong end of the period for 50:49 lead at the end of the quarter. Italy added massive 27-14 in the last stanza to seal the victory. Oliva top-scored for the winners with 27 points and 13 rebounds. Daniel Donzelli (199-SG-96) collected 17 points and 12 boards, while Federico Mussini (179-PG-96) scored 10. Arapovic collected 22 points and 10 rebounds in the losing effort and Bozic had 13. Roko Dominovic (189-PG-96) delivered 10 and Sabic nailed 6.

Turkey - United Kingdom 81-56
Turkey registered the first win at the U16 European Championship in Division A. They knocked down England in Ventspils. Ogulcan Baykan (195-SG-96) scored 12 points to lead the winners. Turkey led by just three points ten minutes into the game. 18:15. But they managed to boost the gap in the second quarter. Turkey accumulated a 33:25 halftime advantage. The margin grew in the third term. Turkey stayed dominant to enter the final quarter up by 16 points 53:37. Turkey unloaded 28 points in the final frame and sealed a comfortable win at the end. Okben Ulubay and Akif Guven (206-C-96) accounted for 10 points each for the winners. Jules Akodo (G-96) answered with 13 points, 8 assists and 5 boards for England. Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye (191-SG-96) netted 12 points in the loss.

Group B
Russia - Ukraine 63-87
Ukraine surprise Russia in Ventspils at the start of the U16 European Championship. Ukraine closed Day 1 with the win over the Russian cadets 87:63. Ukraine did not waste time and started with 27:17 lead. They never looked behind in the game and added 17-14 surge in the second frame. Moreover Ukraine won also two quarters in the second half. They produced 20-17 in the third quarter and finished the game with 23-15 in the last period. Oleksandr Kobets (192-SF-96) paced all the winners with 19 points, while Yevgen Balaban (198-PF-96) collected 15 points and 10 rebounds. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (194-SG-97) netted 14 and Golyk scored 11. Aleksandr Zuev (193-PG-96) replied with 11 points in the losing effort and Mikhail Maleyko (203-PF-96) added 10. Knyazev followed them with 9 points in a loss.

Latvia - Spain 63-65
The hosts fail to Spain in Ventspils at the U16 European Championship. The Latvian side was unable to produce the result hometown fans were hoping for, agonizingly falling to Spain 63:65 in the opening Group B game. Spain took 19:16 after the first 10 minutes and added 25-17 in the second frame. Bauza and Alonso scored for 44:33 as the teams went to the lockers. The third quarter belonged to the home side as Lomazs reduced to 44:41. Melderis and Adnam Omeragic (200-F-96) exchanged the shots for 54:47 at the end of the third period and Rauls Avenitis (180-PG-96) cut it to 56:52. Rauls Avenitis also managed to tie the game at 58:58, while Feikners made the same at 61:61. Latvia however could not take the lead and allowed Spain to win the thriller. Adnam Omeragic and Garcia scored the free throws at the end to seal the victory. Garcia top-scored for the winners with 13 points and Adnam Omeragic nailed 12. Martinez finished the game with 11 points, while Bauza scored 9. Rauls Avenitis produced 16 points in defeat, whilst Meznieks-Zahars had 12. Lomazs and Melderis ended up with 8 points each in a loss.

Group C
Lithuania - Slovenia 82-76
Lithuania pip Slovenia in Panevezys at the start of the U16 European Championship. The Baltic State celebrated a 82:76 win in the opener. The co-hosts of the U16 European Championship opened the game with 23:14 lead in the first period. Both squads added 22 points to their account in the second frame that brought 45:36 for Lithuania at the halftime. Tautvydas Paliukenas (192-SF-96) and Deividas Zemgulis (194-PF-96) opened the third period making 50:36 and Rupkus scored for 54:44. Budrys later closed the quarter at 58:44 as Lithuania won the third period 13-8. Slovenia had massive 32-24 in the last stanza but could reduce to 6 points at the end. Domantas Sabonis (199-PF-96) paced all the winners with 22 points and Krimelis netted 17. Tautvydas Paliukenas ended up with 14 points, while Deividas Zemgulis had 13. Kavas and Kodrin produced 18 points each in the losing effort. Grega Sajevic (183-SG-96) nailed 15, whilst Grubelic had 9.

Germany - Serbia 67-60
Four players score 11 points as Germany beat Serbia at the U16 European Championship first game. The German side took 1-0 record after 67:60 win in Group C. Germany erupted with 19-4 lead in the opening period, but lost all three other quarters. Jovanovic and Pavlovic reduced to 35:24 at the end of the half. Later Jovan Starincevic (188-PG-96) and Vucetic cut it to 39:33, while Lazarevic scored for 43:38. The final push at the end of the frame however allowed the German side to take 53:44 after three quarters. Serbia won the last stanza 16-14 and could cut it to 7 points at the end of the game. Wimberg, Casper, Mahir Agva (202-C-96) and Ferner top-scored for the winners with 11 points each. Pavlovic delivered 14 points and 10 rebounds in the losing effort. Ivan Daskalovic (199-SG-96) scored 10, while Lazarevic collected 9 points and 13 rebounds.

Group D
Czech Republic - France 33-60
France wins defensive battle to complete day one action in Panevezys at the U16 European Championship Men. The French side celebrated a 60:33 win over Czech Republic. Czech Republic scored the first four points in the game and led 8:7. Later on France took the control of the quarter and won the first period 15:10. Czech Republic was too far to give up an Hanzlik brought 20:19 lead. Michel meanwhile made two free throws at the end of the half for 26:23 advantage. Cyrille Eliezer-Vanerot (194-F-96) nailed three for 34:25 and Dussoulier posted two free throws for 40:30. Ory later closed the quarter at 47:30 as France had 21-7 surge in the third period. They added 13-3 in the last stanza to seal the victory. Ory, Stephane Gombauld (200-PF-97) and Cyrille Eliezer-Vanerot top-scored for the winners with 10 points each. Matej Svoboda (200-PF-96) scored the same number of points in the losing effort and Pursl added 8.

Poland - Greece 63-75
Greece clinched the opening win at the start of U16 European Championship in Latvia/Lithuania. They held off Poland in Group D action. Vasileios Charalampopoulos (199-F-97) came up with 17 points and 8 rebounds to lead the charge. Greece eased to a 20:11 lead after ten minutes. They maintained the lead throughout the second quarter. The Hellenes ensured a 43:28 halftime cushion. Greece stayed in control after the big break. They secured a 17-point lead with one period remaining. Poland outgunned their opponents in the fourth frame but had to surrender at the end. Dimitrios Stamatis (192-G-96) knocked down 15 points, while Vasileios Toliopoulos (185-PG-96) had 13 points in the victory. Kamil Zywert (188-PG-96) and Artur Wlodarczyk answered with 15 points apiece for Poland. Marek Zywert netted 11 points in the losing case.

Giedraitis All-European Championships U16 Awards 2016 - 4 months ago

Best Player: Usman Garuba (200-G/F-2) of Spain Best Guard: Eray Akyuz (187-G-0) of Turkey Best Forward: Usman Garuba (200-G/F-2) ofSpain Best Center: Marko Pecarski (208-C-0) of Serbia 1st Team G: Dovydas Giedraitis (185-G-0) of Lithuania G: Eray Akyuz (187-G-0) of Turkey G/F: Usman Garuba (200-G/F-2) of Spain C: Luka Samanic (208-C-0) of Croatia C: Marko Pecarski (208-C-0) ofSerbia 2nd Team G: Carlos Alocen (190-G-0) of Spain G: Igor Drobnjak (189-G-0) of Montenegro G: Federico Mias   [read more]

Klevzunyk All-European Championships U16 Division B Awards 2016 - 4 months ago

Best Player: Alexander Shashkov (206-C-0) of Russia Best Guard: Denys Klevzunyk (193-SG-0) of Ukraine Best Forward: Nik Dragan (198-F-0) of Slovenia Best Center: Alexander Shashkov (206-C-0) of Russia 1st Team G: Eidan Alber (190-G-0) of Israel SG: Denys Klevzunyk (193-SG-0) ofUkraine F: Nik Dragan (198-F-0) ofSlovenia G: Konstantin Shevchuk (189-G-0) ofRussia C: Alexander Shashkov (206-C-0) ofRussia 2nd Team G: Sacha De Vreught (G) of Belgium SG: German Plotnikov (193-SG-0) of   [read more]

Usman Garuba
Spain conquer title in Radom - 4 months ago

FINAL Spain - Lithuania 74-72 Spain conquered the title in Radom. They snatched a tough victory over Lithuania in the championship game tonight. Carlos Unanue (192-F-00) sank a three-pointer late in regulation to propel Spain to the triumph. Spain secured a 24:20 lead ten minutes into the game. Lithuania pulled within 2 points at the interval 36:34 halftime advantage. Spain stretched the margin at 6-point mark heading into the final quarter. Lithuania denied the deficit late in regulatio...   [read more]

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European Championships U16 Final Standings.
 1. Spain
 2. Lithuania
 3. Turkey
 4. Croatia
 5. Finland
 6. France
 7. Italy
 8. Montenegro
 9. Germany
 10. Serbia
 11. Latvia
 12. Sweden
 13. Estonia
 14. Bosnia
 15. Poland
 16. Greece

European Championships U16 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Russia
 2. Israel
 3. Slovenia
 4. Ukraine
 5. U.Kingdom
 6. Belarus
 7. Belgium
 8. Czech Rep.
 9. Portugal
 10. Slovakia
 11. Holland
 12. Georgia
 13. Hungary
 14. Kosovo
 15. Romania
 16. FYR Macedo.
 17. Bulgaria
 18. Norway
 19. Denmark
 20. Ireland
 21. Iceland
 22. Austria
 23. Luxembourg.
 24. Scotland

European Championships U16 Final Standings
 1. Cyprus
 2. Azerbaijan.
 3. Moldova
 4. Gibraltar
 5. Malta
 6. Andorra
 7. San Marino.
 8. Armenia
 9. Wales
 10. Albania
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.6
 1. Pecarski, Marko26.6 
 2. Akyuz, Eray20.3 
 3. Miaschi, Federico18.0 
 4. Samanic, Luka17.7 
 5. Drobnjak, Igor17.7 
 6. Parra, Joel17.0 
 7. Garuba, Usman16.3 
 8. Zagars, Arturs16.0 
 9. Palumbo, Mattia15.8 
 10. Paunovic, Zoran14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.9
 1. Pecarski, Marko15.9 
 2. Garuba, Usman12.4 
 3. Pantzar, Melwin12.0 
 4. Samanic, Luka10.4 
 5. Balciunas, Tomas9.9 
 6. Kamenjas, Kenan9.6 
 7. Chatzidakis, Emman.8.9 
 8. Parra, Joel7.4 
 9. Jantunen, Mikael7.4 
 10. Drozdowski, Filip7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Carlos ALOCEN
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Alocen, Carlos6.4 
 2. Pantzar, Melwin5.1 
 3. Palumbo, Mattia4.8 
 4. Stojanov, Mihajlo4.7 
 5. Zagars, Arturs4.6 
 6. Akyuz, Eray4.3 
 7. Kurucs, Arturs4.1 
 8. Kerr, Kriisa4.1 
 9. Cubrilo, Vito4.1 
 10. Drobnjak, Igor4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Cuevas, Didac3.3 
 2. Persson, Erik3.0 
 3. Arsenopoulos, Nikos2.9 
 4. Sajantila, Erik2.6 
 5. Konuk, Mert2.4 
 6. Sola, Adams2.4 
 7. Drobnjak, Igor2.4 
 8. Ayayi, Joel2.4 
 9. Kljajic, Jovan2.4 
 10. Akyuz, Eray2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Garuba, Usman2.9 
 2. Samanic, Luka2.9 
 3. Zizic, Nikola1.7 
 4. Vaistaras, Laurynas1.3 
 5. Janczak, Szymon1.1 
 6. Pecarski, Marko1.1 
 7. Djurisic, Pavle1.0 
 8. Keloglu, Nadir1.0 
 9. Miaschi, Federico1.0 
 10. Kukic, Jakov1.0 
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