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Jul 23: La Vella, Andorra (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 Div.C starts
Jul 28: Tallinn (EST) (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 starts
Jul 28: Tallin, Estonia: European Champ.s U18 Division B
Jul 29: Bratislava, Piestany (SVK) (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 starts
Aug 10: Sofia, Bulgaria (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 Div.B starts
Aug 11: Podgorica, Montenegro (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 starts
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First Day Schedule
Group A
Lithuania 50% Aug.11 Serbia
Israel 50% Aug.11 Croatia
Group B
Serbia 50% Aug.11 Germany
Russia 50% Aug.11 Finland
Group C
France 50% Aug.11 Italy
Estonia 50% Aug.11 Russia
Group D
Spain 50% Aug.11 Latvia
Sweden 50% Aug.11 Montenegro
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First Day Schedule
Group A
Switzerl. 50% Aug.10 Iceland
Poland 50% Aug.10 Belgium
Greece 50% Aug.10 Belarus
Group B
Belarus 50% Aug.10 Cyprus
Ukraine 50% Aug.10 Holland
Poland 50% Aug.10 Denmark
Group C
Greece 50% Aug.10 Ireland
Slovakia 50% Aug.10 Czech R.
Bosnia 50% Aug.10 Norway
Group D
Portugal 50% Aug.10 Kosovo
FYR Macedon 50% Aug.10 Georgia
United Kingd 50% Aug.10 Luxemb.
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Next Day Schedule

Day 3 (Preliminary Round)

Group A
Armenia 70% Jul.25 Moldova
Gibraltar 95% Jul.25 Malta
Group B
Monaco 50% Jul.25 Albania
Azerbaijan 50% Jul.25 San Marino
Montenegro and Belgium clinch Division A promotion - Jul 28, 2012

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Classification Rounds

Holland - Finland 76-59
Netherlands won over the Nordic side at the U16 European Championship in Division B. The Dutch side grabbed a 76:59 win at the Classification Round for 9th to 12th Place. Tomorrow Netherlands will play against Belarus in the game for the 9-10 places. Finland meanwhile will take on Georgia in the game for the 11-12 places. Finland started the game better and reached 18-9 lead after the first 10 minutes of the game. Another three quarters however belonged to Netherlands. The latter won the second frame 21-13 and then added 20-16 in the third period. Moreover the Dutch team 26-12 in the last stanza to seal the victory. Lennart Overdevest (184-SG-96), Franke and Boezeman combined for 52 points for the winners. Alanen answered with 18 points and 11 rebounds, while Henri Niemisto (194-G-96) added 13. Hirvonen and Tahvanainen chipped in with 6 points each in a loss.

Belarus - Georgia 74-66
Belarus edge Georgia in Division B at the U16 European Championship. The team from Belarus won over the opponents at the Classification Round for 9th to 12th Place and will face Netherlands in the game for the 9th place tomorrow. Georgia meanwhile will take on Finland in the game for the 11-12 places. Belarus won the first period 22-15 and had 7-point advantage at the halftime. Levan Gogaladze (191-PG-97) and Astapenka exchanged the baskets at the end of the half for 39:32 lead. Georgia meanwhile bounced back with 20-19 in the third period and reduced to 6 points. Luka Zakradze (187-PG-96) cut it to 60:59 with 5 minutes to go, but Belarus pushed the tempo for good to seal a comfortable win. Kandybovic top-scored for the winners with 36 points and Salash collected 16 points and the same number of rebounds. Rubinshteyn followed them with 10 points. Levan Gogaladze and Gugeshashvili finished the game with 15 points in the losing effort. Lomidze poured in 12, whilst Willy Isiani (195-PF-97) notched 6.

Denmark - Switzerland 95-49
Denmark marched past Switzerland in the classification round game at U16 European Championship in Division B. Alexander Von Spreckelsen came up with 15 points to lead the Scandinavian team. Denmark cleared off to a 20:14 lead at the first break. They poured in 33 points in the second quarter to clear off. Denmark accounted for a 53:23 halftime advantage. Denmark dominated in the second half. They built an insurmountable 34-point lead heading into the fourth frame. Switzerland scored just 8 points in the final period and had to surrender at the end. Mads Hansen (194-G-96) knocked down 14 points, while Jacob Larsen (204-PF-97) added 12 points for Denmark. Christian Tukama responded with 12 points for Switzerland. Luka Mandic netted 9 points in the loss.

Romania - Bulgaria 76-70
The hosts beat Bulgaria at the Classification Round for 13th to 16th Place at the U16 European Championship in Division B. Romanian won 76:70 and will play tomorrow for the 13th place against Denmark. Bulgaria meanwhile will take on Switzerland in the game for 15-16 places. Bulgaria surprised the hosts with 27:20 lead in the first period. Romanian meanwhile bounced back with 18-12 as Ivanov closed the half at 39:38. Romanian trailed for the majority of the third quarter, however Barbasi tied the game at 54:54. Ciotlaus later made the same at 63:63 and Caius-Gabriel Covrig (179-PG-96) closed the run at 70:63. Romanian managed to save the lead and won the game. Ciotlaus paced all the winners with 19 points and 11 rebounds, while Cate had 15 points and 14 rebounds. Caius-Gabriel Covrig netted 13 and Kuti posted 12. Vangelov answered with 16 points in the losing effort and Vasilev nailed 12. Petkov poured in 11 points and Ivanov added 10.

5-8 places
Bosnia - FYR Macedonia 79-69
Lazic's team wins the battle over Magdevski as both players erupted for their teams at the Classification Games for 5th to 8th Place in U16 European Championship. Bosnia and Herzegovina U16 overcame F.Y.R. of Macedonia U16 79:69 and will play for the 5th place tomorrow against Israel. F.Y.R. of Macedonia meanwhile will face Portugal for the 7-8 places. Bosnia and Herzegovina opened the game with 21-20 and added 19-14 in the second frame. Both teams nailed 15 points each in the third quarter, while F.Y.R. of Macedonia closed the period with a 12-0 run. Magdevski reduced to 65:61 midway through the last stanza, but his team could not win. Lazic made the last four free throws for his team for the final result. Lazic top-scored for the winners with 32 points and 12 rebounds. Smajlovic nailed 11, while Garic added 10. Magdevski finished the game with 37 points in the losing effort. Nikolov scored 11, whilst Cvetkovski delivered 10.

Israel - Portugal 73-64
Israel outscore Portugal in Bucharest at the U16 European Championship in Division B. The Israel team opened Classification Games for 5th to 8th Place with a 73:64 win and will play for the 5th place tomorrow. Portugal meanwhile will face F.Y.R. of Macedonia in the game for 7-8 places. Israel came up with 22-9 in the first period, while Portugal produced a 19-12 surge in the second frame. Blatt nailed three to close the half at 34:28 for Israel. Diogo Araujo (189-SG-97) reduced to minimum 40:39, but Portugal could not come closer. Artzi and Paz closed the third frame at 48:43 and Huber scored for 54:43. Israel added 25-21 in the last stanza to seal the victory. Blatt stepped up with 24 points for the winners and Holodov nailed 22. Artzi collected 10 points and 10 rebounds, while Huber added 6. Francisco Amiel (186-PG-96) poured in 15 points in defeat, while Mendes scored 11.

Hungary - Belgium 48-50
Belgium advance to Division A at the U16 European Championship. The team won the Semifinal game against Hungary 50:68 and will play in the top Division next year. Hungary meanwhile will have another chance in the game for the third place tomorrow against Sweden. The game was a real thriller in the court. At first Belgium won the first period 15:13 and then Hungary replied with 11-8 in the second frame. Nagy made a free throw at the end of the half to 24:23 halftime advantage. Belgium opened the third quarter with an 8-0 run and Mathieu Houdart (194-F-96) brought 31:24. Meszaros later reduced to 31:33 after three quarters. Antoni made two free throws early in the last stanza to tie the game but Kanda-Kanyinda closed the run at 44:36. Belgium kept the advantage and won the game. Mathieu Houdart and Kanda-Kanyinda top-scored for the winners with 15 points each, while Kayembe-Milongo added 7. Gyorgy Goloman (204-F/C-96) delivered 17 points in defeat and Antoni scored 11.

Sweden - Montenegro 66-71
Montenegro clinch promotion at the U16 European Championship Division B. The team will play in Division A next year as they won the Semifinal game over Sweden 71:66. The Scandinavian team will have another chance to advance tomorrow in the game for the third place. Sweden grabbed 18-12 lead after the first 10 minutes and had 5-point advantage at the halftime. It was not however enough as Montenegro dominated the rest of the game. They won the third period 22-14 and closed the game with 24-22 in the last stanza. Petar Popovic (188-PG-96) top-scored for the winners with 21 points and Nikolic as well as Dozic had 11 each. Milos Andelic (171-PG-96) and Novosel delivered 10 points each in a win. Andreas von Uthmann and Ludvig Hakanson (190-PG-96) finished the game with 19 points each in defeat.   

Division C. Day 2 in Andorra la Vella - 16 hours ago
Group A Moldova - Gibraltar 55-85 Gibraltar outgunned Moldova to improve at 1-1 record in Group A. Gibraltar dominated from start to finish. They posted a 40:24 halftime advantage. Gibraltar went on a 28:12 run in the third term to clear off for good. Alejandro Garcia (186-G-01) connected for 30 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists for Gibraltar. Sami Tunbridge (175-PG-01) added 20 points in the victory. Stanislav Cocorev (178-PG-01) responded with 33 points and 11 rebounds for Moldova. Ma...   [read more]

Papadopoulos is the new Head Coach of the Greek NT U16 - 6 months ago
Three-time Basketball champion head coach Konstantinos Papadopoulos (with the team of Panathinaikos) and another seven times Attica champion (Panathinaikos and Ilysiakos) and the most successful Head Coach (in youth ages of the last two decades), has been tabbed as head coach for the Basketball Men's U16 National Team that will compete in the 2017 FIBA U16 European Championship in the hopes of earning the promotion in the First Division after the total disaster of the Euro 2016 participat...   [read more]

Giedraitis All-European Championships U16 Awards 2016 - 11 months ago All-European Championships U16 1st Team 2016
Dovydas Giedraitis
Eray Akyuz
Usman Garuba
Luka Samanic
Marko Pecarski
[read more]

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Men Women
European Championships U16 Standings
Group A
 1. Croatia 0-0 
 2. Israel 0-0 
 3. Lithuania 0-0 
 4. Serbia 0-0 
Group B
 1. Finland 0-0 
 2. Germany 0-0 
 3. Slovenia 0-0 
 4. Turkey 0-0 
Group C
 1. Estonia 0-0 
 2. France 0-0 
 3. Italy 0-0 
 4. Russia 0-0 
Group D
 1. Spain 0-0 
 2. Latvia 0-0 
 3. Montenegro 0-0 
 4. Sweden 0-0 
European Championships U16 Standings Div.B
Group A
 1. Belgium 0-0 
 2. Belarus 0-0 
 3. Greece 0-0 
 4. Iceland 0-0 
 5. Romania 0-0 
 6. Switzerland 0-0 
Group B
 1. Bulgaria 0-0 
 2. Cyprus 0-0 
 3. Denmark 0-0 
 4. Holland 0-0 
 5. Poland 0-0 
 6. Ukraine 0-0 
Group C
 1. Bosnia 0-0 
 2. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 3. Hungary 0-0 
 4. Ireland 0-0 
 5. Norway 0-0 
 6. Slovakia 0-0 
Group D
 1. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 2. Georgia 0-0 
 3. Kosovo 0-0 
 4. Luxembourg 0-0 
 5. FYR Macedon. 0-0 
 6. Portugal 0-0 
European Championships U16 Standings
Group A
 1. Armenia 1-0 
 2. Gibraltar 1-1 
 3. Moldova 1-1 
 4. Wales 1-1 
 5. Malta 0-1 
Group B
 1. Andorra 2-0 
 2. Azerbaijan. 2-0 
 3. Monaco 0-1 
 4. San Marino. 0-1 
 5. Albania 0-2 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.6
 1. Pecarski, Marko26.6 
 2. Akyuz, Eray20.3 
 3. Miaschi, Federico18.0 
 4. Samanic, Luka17.7 
 5. Drobnjak, Igor17.7 
 6. Parra, Joel17.0 
 7. Garuba, Usman16.3 
 8. Zagars, Arturs16.0 
 9. Palumbo, Mattia15.8 
 10. Paunovic, Zoran14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.9
 1. Pecarski, Marko15.9 
 2. Garuba, Usman12.4 
 3. Pantzar, Melwin12.0 
 4. Samanic, Luka10.4 
 5. Balciunas, Tomas9.9 
 6. Kamenjas, Kenan9.6 
 7. Chatzidakis, Emman.8.9 
 8. Parra, Joel7.4 
 9. Jantunen, Mikael7.4 
 10. Drozdowski, Filip7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Carlos ALOCEN
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Alocen, Carlos6.4 
 2. Pantzar, Melwin5.1 
 3. Palumbo, Mattia4.8 
 4. Stojanov, Mihajlo4.7 
 5. Zagars, Arturs4.6 
 6. Akyuz, Eray4.3 
 7. Kurucs, Arturs4.1 
 8. Kerr, Kriisa4.1 
 9. Cubrilo, Vito4.1 
 10. Drobnjak, Igor4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Cuevas, Didac3.3 
 2. Persson, Erik3.0 
 3. Arsenopoulos, Nikos2.9 
 4. Sajantila, Erik2.6 
 5. Konuk, Mert2.4 
 6. Sola, Adams2.4 
 7. Drobnjak, Igor2.4 
 8. Ayayi, Joel2.4 
 9. Kljajic, Jovan2.4 
 10. Akyuz, Eray2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Garuba, Usman2.9 
 2. Samanic, Luka2.9 
 3. Zizic, Nikola1.7 
 4. Vaistaras, Laurynas1.3 
 5. Janczak, Szymon1.1 
 6. Pecarski, Marko1.1 
 7. Djurisic, Pavle1.0 
 8. Keloglu, Nadir1.0 
 9. Miaschi, Federico1.0 
 10. Kukic, Jakov1.0 
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