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Jul 7: Nicosia, Cyprus (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 Div.C starts
Jul 14: Oradea, Romania (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 Div.B starts
Jul 15: Crete (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 starts
Jul 23: La Vella, Andorra (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 Div.C starts
Aug 10: Sofia, Bulgaria (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 Div.B starts
Aug 11: Podgorica, Montenegro (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 starts
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Division A  Division B  Division C  
Play-Off bracket4
First Day Schedule
Group A
Lithuania 50% Aug.11 Serbia
Israel 50% Aug.11 Croatia
Group B
Serbia 50% Aug.11 Germany
Russia 50% Aug.11 Finland
Group C
France 50% Aug.11 Italy
Estonia 50% Aug.11 Russia
Group D
Spain 50% Aug.11 Latvia
Sweden 50% Aug.11 Montenegro
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First Day Schedule
Group A
Switzerl. 50% Aug.10 Iceland
Poland 50% Aug.10 Belgium
Greece 50% Aug.10 Belarus
Group B
Belarus 50% Aug.10 Cyprus
Ukraine 50% Aug.10 Holland
Poland 50% Aug.10 Denmark
Group C
Greece 50% Aug.10 Ireland
Slovakia 50% Aug.10 Czech R.
Bosnia 50% Aug.10 Norway
Group D
Portugal 50% Aug.10 Kosovo
FYR Macedon 50% Aug.10 Georgia
United Kingd 50% Aug.10 Luxemb.
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First Day Schedule
Group A
Gibraltar 50% Jul.23 Armenia
Wales 50% Jul.23 Moldova
Group B
Azerbaijan 50% Jul.23 Monaco
Andorra 50% Jul.23 Albania
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Turkey are new champions! - Jul 29, 2012

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France - Turkey 61-66
Turkey are the new U16 European champions. They overcame France in the title game tonight in Vilnius. Mehmet Alemdaroglu (205-F-96) posted 14 points and 11 rebounds to lead the winners. Turkey set the tone early in the championship game. They went on a 9:2 run at the start of the game. Turkey maintained the lead and posted a 19:16 lead at the first break. The margin grew at 8-point mark midway through the second term. Turkey ensured a 37:33 halftime lead. Turkey opened a double-digit lead in the third term. They posted a 53:41 lead late in the quarter. France trimmed the distance to a single point 59:60 with just over three minutes remaining in regulation. Ediz Oktay (192-G-96) and Ulubay gave some breathing room for Turkey. Smock kept France hopeful but two free throws from Ediz Oktay sealed the victory for Turkey. Akif Guven (206-C-96) posted 12 points, while Ediz Oktay added 10 points for the winners. Lucas Dussoulier (196-PG-96) and Cyrille Eliezer-Vanerot (194-F-96) answered with 11 points each for France.

3-4 Place
Italy - Serbia 69-83
Serbia stepped onto the pedestal at U16 European Championship. They defeated Italy to claim the Bronze medals. Serbia started the game strongly. They poured in 24 points in the opening quarter to take a 9-point lead. Serbia boosted the lead in the second quarter. They secured a 43:28 halftime lead. Serbia extended the lead in the third term. They secured a 61:44 lead at the final intermission. Italy fired 25 points in the final period but Serbia survived the challenge and clinched a comfortable win at the end. Ilija Dokovic (185-G-96) posted 15 points, while Nikola Pavlovic (199-PF-96) added 12 points for the winners. Riccardo Rossato (189-PG-96) answered with 18 points for Italy. Federico Mussini and Daniel Donzelli had 13 points each in the loss.

5-6 Place
Poland - Germany 59-74
German U16 National Team earned the fifth place at the European Championship in Latvia and Lithuania. They knocked down Poland on the final day of action. Niklas Kiel (202-SF-97) scored 21 points and grabbed 13 boards to lead the charge. Germany unloaded 29 points in the opening quarter to clear off. They secured an 18-point lead at the first break. Germany stretched the gap in the second quarter. They established a 51:26 halftime lead. Poland slowed their opponents down in the third term. They held Germany to 11 points to cut the deficit at 20-point mark. Poland got within 15 in the fourth frame but could not threaten the margin and lost at the end. Andreas Obst (190-SG-96) had 13 points, while Lars Kamp added 11 points for the winners. Artur Wlodarczyk (174-PG-96) answered with 21 points for Poland. Michal Marek netted 9 points in the loss.

7-8 Place
Spain - Croatia 79-72
Spain recorded the victory on the final day of the U16 European Championship. They knocked down Croatia to claim the 7th place in the ladder. Marc Garcia (194-F-96) scored 21 points to lead the winners. Spain and Croatia stayed close throughout the opening quarter. Croatia eked out a 22:20 lead after ten minutes. Spain cut the deficit to a single point at halftime 42:41. The Spaniards stiffened their defence in the third term. They pulled ahead to take a 55:52 lead at the final intermission. Spain grabbed an 8-point lead late in regulation and eventually sealed the victory. Carlos Martinez (198-F-96) netted 13 points, while Marc Bauza had 10 points for the winners. Marko Arapovic (207-C/F-96) answered with 24 points for Croatia. Luka Bozic netted 13 points in the loss.
Group G
Czech Republic - Slovenia 66-78
Slovenia earned the victory on the final day of the U16 European Championship. They defeated Czech Republic but both teams would play in Division B next season. Matej Kavas (193-G-96) knocked down 17 points to lead the charge. Czech Republic stunned Slovenia in the opening quarter. They went on a 22:9 run in the first ten minutes. Slovenia however picked up the slack in the second frame. They unloaded 25 points to level things up at 34. Slovenia pulled ahead in the third term and secured a 7-point lead at the final intermission. Slovenia fired 24 points in the final stanza and sealed the victory at the end. Aljaz Slutej (191-PG-96) knocked down 14 points, while Tilen Kodrin added 13 points for the winners. Matej Svoboda (200-PF-96) answered with 21 points for Czech Republic. David Skranc had 13 points in the loss.

Russia - United Kingdom 72-69 OT
Russia capped their U16 European Championship campaign with victory. They knocked down England to seal the top spot in classification round Group G. Ilya Karpenkov (200-C-97) scored 20 points and grabbed 15 rebounds for Russia. Russia led by a single point 16:15 after ten minutes. England stole the lead in the second period. They eked out a 27:26 halftime lead. Russia erased the deficit and levelled things up at 42 at the third break. Joseph Swindells (191-SF-96) and Ikponmwosa Oghide put England in front 62:61 with 47 seconds remaining in regulation. But Alexander Gavrilov hit a free throw and sent the game into overtime. Ilya Karpenkov and Alexander Gavrilov then proved the difference late in the extra period hitting four points and sealing the victory for Russia. Aleksandr Zuev (193-PG-96) accounted for 15 points, while Pavel Afanasev netted 11 points for the winners. Joseph Swindells responded with 17 points for England. Ikponmwosa Oghide had 16 points in the loss.

Giedraitis All-European Championships U16 Awards 2016 - 5 months ago

Best Player: Usman Garuba (200-G/F-2) of Spain Best Guard: Eray Akyuz (187-G-0) of Turkey Best Forward: Usman Garuba (200-G/F-2) ofSpain Best Center: Marko Pecarski (208-C-0) of Serbia 1st Team G: Dovydas Giedraitis (185-G-0) of Lithuania G: Eray Akyuz (187-G-0) of Turkey G/F: Usman Garuba (200-G/F-2) of Spain C: Luka Samanic (208-C-0) of Croatia C: Marko Pecarski (208-C-0) ofSerbia 2nd Team G: Carlos Alocen (190-G-0) of Spain G: Igor Drobnjak (189-G-0) of Montenegro G: Federico Mias   [read more]

Klevzunyk All-European Championships U16 Division B Awards 2016 - 5 months ago

Best Player: Alexander Shashkov (206-C-0) of Russia Best Guard: Denys Klevzunyk (193-SG-0) of Ukraine Best Forward: Nik Dragan (198-F-0) of Slovenia Best Center: Alexander Shashkov (206-C-0) of Russia 1st Team G: Eidan Alber (190-G-0) of Israel SG: Denys Klevzunyk (193-SG-0) ofUkraine F: Nik Dragan (198-F-0) ofSlovenia G: Konstantin Shevchuk (189-G-0) ofRussia C: Alexander Shashkov (206-C-0) ofRussia 2nd Team G: Sacha De Vreught (G) of Belgium SG: German Plotnikov (193-SG-0) of   [read more]

Usman Garuba
Spain conquer title in Radom - 5 months ago

FINAL Spain - Lithuania 74-72 Spain conquered the title in Radom. They snatched a tough victory over Lithuania in the championship game tonight. Carlos Unanue (192-F-00) sank a three-pointer late in regulation to propel Spain to the triumph. Spain secured a 24:20 lead ten minutes into the game. Lithuania pulled within 2 points at the interval 36:34 halftime advantage. Spain stretched the margin at 6-point mark heading into the final quarter. Lithuania denied the deficit late in regulatio...   [read more]

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European Championships U16 Standings
Group A
 1. Croatia 0-0 
 2. Israel 0-0 
 3. Lithuania 0-0 
 4. Serbia 0-0 
Group B
 1. Finland 0-0 
 2. Germany 0-0 
 3. Slovenia 0-0 
 4. Turkey 0-0 
Group C
 1. Estonia 0-0 
 2. France 0-0 
 3. Italy 0-0 
 4. Russia 0-0 
Group D
 1. Spain 0-0 
 2. Latvia 0-0 
 3. Montenegro 0-0 
 4. Sweden 0-0 
European Championships U16 Standings Div.B
Group A
 1. Belgium 0-0 
 2. Belarus 0-0 
 3. Greece 0-0 
 4. Iceland 0-0 
 5. Romania 0-0 
 6. Switzerland 0-0 
Group B
 1. Bulgaria 0-0 
 2. Cyprus 0-0 
 3. Denmark 0-0 
 4. Holland 0-0 
 5. Poland 0-0 
 6. Ukraine 0-0 
Group C
 1. Bosnia 0-0 
 2. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 3. Hungary 0-0 
 4. Ireland 0-0 
 5. Norway 0-0 
 6. Slovakia 0-0 
Group D
 1. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 2. Georgia 0-0 
 3. Kosovo 0-0 
 4. Luxembourg 0-0 
 5. FYR Macedon. 0-0 
 6. Portugal 0-0 
European Championships U16 Standings
Group A
 1. Armenia 0-0 
 2. Gibraltar 0-0 
 3. Moldova 0-0 
 4. Malta 0-0 
 5. Wales 0-0 
Group B
 1. Albania 0-0 
 2. Andorra 0-0 
 3. Azerbaijan 0-0 
 4. Monaco 0-0 
 5. San Marino 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.6
 1. Pecarski, Marko26.6 
 2. Akyuz, Eray20.3 
 3. Miaschi, Federico18.0 
 4. Samanic, Luka17.7 
 5. Drobnjak, Igor17.7 
 6. Parra, Joel17.0 
 7. Garuba, Usman16.3 
 8. Zagars, Arturs16.0 
 9. Palumbo, Mattia15.8 
 10. Paunovic, Zoran14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.9
 1. Pecarski, Marko15.9 
 2. Garuba, Usman12.4 
 3. Pantzar, Melwin12.0 
 4. Samanic, Luka10.4 
 5. Balciunas, Tomas9.9 
 6. Kamenjas, Kenan9.6 
 7. Chatzidakis, Emman.8.9 
 8. Parra, Joel7.4 
 9. Jantunen, Mikael7.4 
 10. Drozdowski, Filip7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Carlos ALOCEN
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Alocen, Carlos6.4 
 2. Pantzar, Melwin5.1 
 3. Palumbo, Mattia4.8 
 4. Stojanov, Mihajlo4.7 
 5. Zagars, Arturs4.6 
 6. Akyuz, Eray4.3 
 7. Kurucs, Arturs4.1 
 8. Kerr, Kriisa4.1 
 9. Cubrilo, Vito4.1 
 10. Drobnjak, Igor4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Cuevas, Didac3.3 
 2. Persson, Erik3.0 
 3. Arsenopoulos, Nikos2.9 
 4. Sajantila, Erik2.6 
 5. Konuk, Mert2.4 
 6. Sola, Adams2.4 
 7. Drobnjak, Igor2.4 
 8. Ayayi, Joel2.4 
 9. Kljajic, Jovan2.4 
 10. Akyuz, Eray2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Garuba, Usman2.9 
 2. Samanic, Luka2.9 
 3. Zizic, Nikola1.7 
 4. Vaistaras, Laurynas1.3 
 5. Janczak, Szymon1.1 
 6. Pecarski, Marko1.1 
 7. Djurisic, Pavle1.0 
 8. Keloglu, Nadir1.0 
 9. Miaschi, Federico1.0 
 10. Kukic, Jakov1.0 
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