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Jun 28: Chengdu (CHN): FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2017 starts
Jun 30: Tarragona (ESP): Mediterranean Games starts
Jul 1: Cairo (EGY) (WCU19): World Champ.s U19 starts
Jul 7: Amsterdam (NED): FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup 2017 starts
Jul 7: Nicosia, Cyprus (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 Div.C starts
Jul 14: Oradea, Romania (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 Div.B starts
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Division A  Division B  Division C  


Group A

1.Lithuania 3-0
2.Italy 2-1
3.Israel 1-2
4.Poland 0-3

Group B

1.France 3-0
2.Spain 2-1
3.Latvia 1-2
4.Serbia/M. 0-3

Group C

1.Russia 2-1
2.Croatia 2-1
3.Greece 2-1
4.Iceland 0-3

Group D

1.Turkey 3-0
2.Ukraine 2-1
3.Slovenia 1-2
4.Belgium 0-3


Group E

1.Lithuania 3-0
2.Spain 2-1
3.Russia 1-2
4.Ukraine 0-3

Group F

1.Turkey 2-1
2.France 2-1
3.Italy 1-2
4.Croatia 1-2
  Final Placings - Aug 7, 2005

15th and 16th : Poland - Belgium 62-61
13th and 14th : Greece - Iceland  103-54
11th and 12th : Latvia - Slovenia  72-65
9th and 10th : Serbia&Montenegro - Israel  75-76
7th and 8th : Croatia - Italy  73-77
5th and 6th : Russia - Ukraine  66-73
3rd and 4th : Lithuania - Spain  63-70 (Pablo Aguilar 25p, 19r)
Final : France - Turkey  55-61 (Antoine Diot / Gokper Gen 15p, Christophe Leonard / Sahin Ekmen 8r)

  Semifinals - Aug 7, 2005

Dogus Balbay

Lithuania - France  73-76 (Antoine Diot 20p, Christophe Leonard 15r)
Spain - Turkey  83-88 (Aguilar / Dogus Balbay 22p, Pere Tomas / Can Ozcan 10r)


  Classification games for 5th to 8th places - Aug 7, 2005
Russia - Croatia  90-75
Ukraine - Italy  70-48

  Classification games for 9th to 16th places - Aug 7, 2005
Greece - Poland  80-79
Belgium - Iceland 56-64
Serbia&Montenegro - Latvia  77-45
Israel - Slovenia 89-60

  Quarter-Final round Day 3 - Aug 7, 2005

Mario Hajdic

Group E
Russia - Ukraine  70-52 (Pavel Gromyko 31p, 12 r)
Lithuania - Spain  87-76 (Aguilar 21p, Zygimantas Janavicius 8r)
Group F
Croatia - Turkey  87-72 (Bojan Bogdanovic 29p, Mario Hajdic 14r)
Italy - France  71-86 (Antoine Diot 33p, 9r)

  Classification round (9th to 16th) - Aug 7, 2005
Group G
Israel - Serbia&Montenegro  74-83
Greece - Belgium  70-37
Group H
Poland - Latvia  54-79
Iceland - Slovenia  50-68 

  Quarter-Final round Day 2 - Aug 4, 2005


Group E
Russia - Lithuania  65-81 (Pavel Gromyko 22p, Vaidas Cepukaitis 17r)
Ukraine - Spain 58-79 (Pere Tomas 31p, Ricard Rubio 10r)
Group F
Turkey - France 67-66 (Antoine Diot 20p, Raphael Wilson 8r)
Croatia - Italy  73-82 (Costantino Cutolo 35p, Marco Bona 10r)

  Classification round (9th to 16th) - Aug 4, 2005
Group G
Greece - Israel  64-74
Belgium - Serbia & Montenegro  43-74
Group H
Iceland - Poland  68-66
Slovenia - Latvia  87-69

Clement Allerme (182-G) of CFBB
Pierre Bonnelalbay (198-F) of EB Pau-Orthez
Maxime Chupin (203-C) of Cholet Basket
Octavio Da Silveira (200-F) of JL Bourg en Bresse
Jacob Delcroix (198-F) of BCM Gravelines Dunkerque
Antoine Diot (187-G-89) of CFBB
Loic Doucende (192-G) of CFBB
Edwin Jackson (186-G-89) of CFBB
Yohann Jacques (203-F-90) of CFBB
Damir Karaibrahimovic (181-G) of CFBB
Mathieu Lefevre (193-G/F-89) of CFBB
Christophe Leonard (192-G) of CFBB
Luc Louves (202-F) of Vendée Challans Basket
Carl Ona Embo (180-G) of Cholet Basket
Lamine Sambe (185-G) of CFBB
Romain Schaal (187-G) of Strasbourg IG
Alexis Tanghe (204-C) of ADA Blois
Marvin Vebobe (187-G) of CFBB
Raphael Wilson (198-F) of CFBB
Theodore Zachee (192-G) of Fos Ouest Provence Basket
Head Coach:
Tahar Assed-Liegeon
Philippe Urie et Olivier Croizat

1971: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Italy, 3.USSR, 4.Spain, 5.Greece, 6.Israel, 7.France, 8.Turkey, 9.FR Germany, 10.Sweden, 11.Austria, 12.Switzerland.
1973: 1.USSR, 2.Spain, 3.Yugoslavia, 4.Italy, 5.Greece, 6.Israel, 7.France, 8.Turkey, 9.Poland, 10.Belgium, 11.Czechoslovakia, 12.Sweden, 13.FR Germany, 14.Portugal, 15.Austria, 16.England.
1975: 1.USSR, 2.Greece, 3.Yugoslavia, 4.Italy, 5.Spain, 6.Netherlands, 7.Belgium, 8.Czechoslovakia, 9.FR Germany, 10.Bulgaria, 11.Israel, 12.Sweden, 13.Portugal, 14.Poland, 15.France, 16.Iceland, 17.Austria, 18.England, 19.Scotland.
1977: 1.Turkey, 2.Yugoslavia, 3.USSR, 4.Italy, 5.Spain, 6.France, 7.Belgium, 8.Greece, 9.Poland, 10.FR Germany, 11.Israel, 12.Bulgaria.
1979: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Italy, 3.Spain, 4.FR Germany, 5.USSR, 6.Bulgaria, 7.Syria, 8.Belgium, 9.Greece, 10.Turkey, 11.Austria.
1981: 1.USSR, 2.Italy, 3.FR Germany, 4.Finland, 5.Yugoslavia, 6.Turkey, 7.Greece, 8.Israel, 9.Spain, 10.France, 11.Poland, 12.Sweden.
1983: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Spain, 3.FR Germany, 4.Greece, 5.Italy, 6.USSR, 7.France, 8.Netherlands, 9.Turkey, 10.Sweden, 11.Hungary, 12.Finland.
1985: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Spain, 3.Italy, 4.FR Germany, 5.USSR, 6.Bulgaria, 7.Israel, 8.Turkey, 9.Belgium, 10.Finland, 11.Sweden, 12.France.
1987: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Italy, 3.USSR, 4.Spain, 5.France, 6.FR Germany, 7.Greece, 8.Romania, 9.Israel, 10.Turkey, 11.Belgium, 12.Hungary.
1989: 1.Greece, 2.Yugoslavia, 3.Italy, 4.Turkey, 5.USSR, 6.Spain, 7.Israel, 8.France, 9.FR Germany, 10.Bulgaria, 11.Poland, 12.Belgium.
1991: 1.Italy, 2.Greece, 3.Spain, 4.Turkey, 5.Soviet Union, 6.Israel, 7.FR Germany, 8.Yugoslavia, 9.Bulgaria, 10.Czechoslovakia, 11.Belgium, 12.Switzerland.
1993: 1.Greece, 2.Spain, 3.Russia, 4.Turkey, 5.Lithuania, 6.Italy, 7.France, 8.Israel, 9.Iceland, 10.Germany, 11.Poland, 12.Czech Republic.
1995: 1.Croatia, 2.Spain, 3.Greece, 4. FYROM, 5.Italy, 6.France, 7.Turkey, 8.Israel, 9.Portugal, 10.Finland, 11.Czech Republic, 12.England.
1997: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Russia, 3.Israel, 4.France, 5.Greece, 6.Spain, 7.Slovenia, 8.Croatia, 9.Georgia, 10.FYROM, 11.Italy, 12.Belgium.
1999: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.Greece, 3.Turkey, 4.France, 5.Latvia, 6.Macedonia, 7.Georgia, 8.Spain, 9.Croatia, 10.Poland, 11.Russia, 12.Slovenia
2001: 1. Yugoslavia, 2. Russia, 3. Spain, 4. Lithuania, 5. France, 6. Greece, 7. Turkey, 8. Latvia, 9. Israel, 10. Italy 11. Georgia, 12. Croatia
2003: 1- Serbia and Montenegro,  2- Turkey,  3- Russia,  4- Spain,  5- France,  6- Slovenia,  7- FYROM,  8- Greece,  9- Italy,  10- Israel,  11- Lithuania,  12- Bulgaria
2004: 1- France, 2- Russia, 3- Turkey, 4- Lithuania, 5- Greece, 6- Italy, 7- Spain, 8- Slovenia, 9- Serbia and Montenegro,  10- Croatia, 11- Israel, 12- Belgium, 13- Latvia, 12- Poland, 12- Georgia, 12- Germany

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