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Play-Off bracket1
European Championships U16 2006 Div.A logo
European Championships U16 2006 Div.B logo
Division A
Quarterfinal Round
Group E
1.Russia 3-0
2.Croatia 2-1
3.Turkey 1-2
4.Israel 0-3
Group F
1.Spain 3-0
2.Serbia/M. 2-1
3.Italy 1-2
4.France 0-3

Classification Round
Group G

1.Greece 3-0
2.Latvia 2-1
3.Slovenia 1-2
4.Iceland 0-3

Group H

1.Lithuania 3-0
2.Ukraine 2-1
3.Portugal 1-2
4.Germany 0-3

Preliminary Round
Group A

1.Turkey 3-0
2.Italy 2-1
3.Latvia 1-2
4.Portugal 0-3
Group B
1.Spain 3-0
2.Russia 2-1
3.Germany 1-2
4.Slovenia 0-3

Group C

1.Croatia 2-1
2.Serbia/M. 2-1
3.Greece 1-2
4.Lithuania 1-2

Group D

1.France 3-0
2.Israel 2-1
3.Ukraine 1-2
4.Iceland 0-3

Division B


Preliminary Round
Group A
1.Georgia 3-1
2.Austria 3-1
3.Sweden 2-2


5.Estonia 1-3
Group B
1.Poland 2-1
2.Finland 2-1
3.Ireland 1-2
4.Slovakia 1-2

Group C

1.Czech R. 3-1
2.Bulgaria 3-1
3.Belgium 3-1
4.Hungary 1-3
5.Luxemb. 0-4

Group D

1.Bosnia 3-0
2.England 2-1
3.Holland 1-2
4.Romania 0-3
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Ricard Rubio - MVP of EC U16
2006 (Photo: FIBA)
Spain won European U16
Championship title (Photo: FIBA)

   Spain won European Championships U16 beating Russia in double overtime - Aug. 20, 2006
Final: Russia - Spain 106-110 (28-22, 18-23, 12-18, 29-24, 12-12, 7-11)
Russia: Babunashvili 28, Sprygin 18+9reb+5ast, Karpukhin 17, Okrasinskiy 17+6reb, Semenov 15, Valiev 5, Murychev 4, Pichkurov 2, Mikulitis 0, Polokhin 0
Spain: Rubio 51+24reb+12ast (!!!), Sosa 12, Perez Otero 11, Jodar 8+5reb, Santana 8, Sole 8, Jaume Vicens 6, Guardia 6, Perez Zapata 0, Esteban 0
Ricard Rubio (192-G-90) had a performance for the ages as Spain defeated Russia 110-106 in a double overtime thriller in the gold medal game of the Termosteps U16 European Championship in Spain.
Rubio, the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, tallied the highest total in FIBA Europe youth competition play this summer with an astounding 51 points, three of which came on a buzzer-beating three-pointer which sent the game into overtime.
The 192-cm Rubio also recorded his third triple double of the competition by tallying 24 rebounds and 12 assists. He was three steals shy of a quadruple double as he finished with seven.
The 15-year-old point guard had already collected two triple-doubles in helping Spain reach the final, including one in the semis against Croatia.
Rubio saved perhaps his best performance for the final though as he scored more than four times as many points as his next-best team-mate while handing out all but five of Spain's assists.
More than his individual numbers, Rubio's clutch performance helped Spain lift the gold medal. He scored 14 of the 51 in the two overtime sessions not to mention his end of regulation heroics.
After Teymuraz Babunashvili buried a three-pointer to give Russia an 87- 84 lead with two seconds to go in regulation, Rubio kept his team’s gold medal hopes alive by burying a three of his own as the regulation buzzer sounded, tying the game at 87 and sending the contest into overtime.
It was the second time in the final seconds of the game that Rubio tied the game up for Spain.
After Boris Sprygin hit jumper with six seconds left to put Russia up 84-82, Rubio scored on a driving lay-up to the game at 84 with four seconds remaining.
In the first overtime, Rubio scored six points, including a pair of free-throws with 37 seconds left which tied the game at 99.
Following a Russia turnover, Rubio had a chance to win the game at the final buzzer, but his jump shot rimmed out forcing a second overtime.
Spain scored the first six points in double overtime on a jumper and lay-up from Rubio and a Julio Sosa basket to go ahead 105-99 with just over three minutes to go.
Russia fought back to 105-104, but Rubio broke their momentum by knocking down a jumper to give Spain a 107-104 advantage at the 2:29 mark.
The game would turn into a free-throw shooting contest over the final minute of play, with Russia hit 2-of-4 and Spain converting 3-of-4.
Fittingly, Rubio would ultimately seal the game for Spain by hitting a pair frm the charity stripe with 17 seconds left put Spain up four, 110-106.
Russia failed to score on their ensuing possession and Spain would run the clock out and go on to celebrate their gold medal game triumph in front of approximately 3,000 of their Spanish fans.
Aside from Rubio, Spain only had two other players make double-figures, with Julio Sosa scoring 12 points and Daniel Perez Otero adding 11.
Babunashvili paced his side with 28 points, while Sprygin added 18 points and nine rebounds.
Sergey Okrasinskiy added 17 and six and Aleksandr Karpukhin 17 and three.
Courtesy of FIBA

3-4 Places: Serbia / Montenegro - Croatia 85-69 (30-18, 8-17, 19-19, 28-15)
Serbia / Montenegro: Bogdanovic 15, Musil 13+10reb, Subotic 12+10reb, Vlahovic 12+5reb, Sepa 10+6reb, Petrovic 9, Grujo 6, Mitrovic 5, Nikolic 3, Riznic 0, Arnautovic 0, Djekic 0
Croatia: Delas 17+7reb, Zubcic 13, Smajlagic 11+9reb, Prostran 7, Kovac 6, Radosevic 5, Fodor 5, Popovic 3, Mijalic 2, Mustapic 0
5-6 Places: France - Italy 67-57 (11-10, 22-14, 18-16, 16-17) (Alexis Tanghe 14 - Federico Loschi 10)
7-8 Places: Turkey - Israel 64-66 (34-16, 10-16, 9-19, 11-15) (Teoman Örge 14 - Yotam Shiran 15)
9-10 Places: Greece - Lithuania 79-76 (26-18, 18-22, 13-19, 22-17) (Konstantinos Sloukas 16 - Donatas Motiejunas 24)
11-12 Places: Ukraine - Latvia 59-73 (17-17, 15-27, 16-18, 11-11) (Kyryl Natyazhko 17 - Guntars Strakis 25)
13-14 Places: Slovenia - Portugal 78-59 (23-12, 20-13, 20-22, 15-12) (Dino Muric 28 - Joao Filipe Valente Soares 18)
15-16 Places: Germany - Iceland 103-79 (23-30, 40-17, 20-18, 20-14) (Erik Land 18 - Sigmar Logi Bjornsson 21)

   Semifinals: Russia and Spain advance to the final - Aug. 19, 2006
Russia - Serbia/Montenegro 82-74 (19-22, 23-22, 20-14, 20-16) (Teymuraz Babunashvili 20 - Dejan Musli 20, Bojan Subotic 20)
Croatia - Spain 82-106 (19-38, 19-17, 21-21, 23-30) (Luka Mijalic 21 - Alberto Jodar (199-F/C-90) 33)

5-8 Places:

Turkey - France 67-85 (16-18, 25-16, 13-28, 13-23) (Ibrahim Yildirim 23 - Christophe Leonard 24)
Israel - Italy 54-69 (19-14, 17-16, 3-22, 15-17) (Noam Levy 13 - Stefano Spizzichini 20)

9-16th Places:
Slovenia - Germany 85-71 (16-8, 18-19, 22-25, 29-19) (Luka Hren 23 - Maurice Stuckey 16)
Iceland - Portugal 70-84 (12-24, 22-18, 19-23, 17-19) (Örn Sigurdarson 20 - Joao Filipe Valente Soares 24)
Greece - Ukraine 73-59 (24-16, 21-13, 15-14, 13-16) (Nikolaos Pappas 23 - Ruslan Otverchenko 23)
Latvia - Lithuania 83-93 (23-24, 17-13, 19-23, 24-33) (Martins Laksa 15 - Donatas Motiejunas 26)

   Day 6 of European Championship U16 men Division A - Aug. 18, 2006
Richard Rubio continued his all-around brilliant play at the Termosteps U16 European Championship Men as Spain defeated Italy 79-72. Croatia swept toIsrael 81-57, Zubcic taking the match by storm as Croatia won the last quarter 24-14 to seal the win. Pichkurov's lay-up helped Russia claw their way back to edge Turkey 81-79. Serbia & Montenegro were even closer to reaching three figures when they subjected France to a 98-68 defeat. Greece saw off Iceland to wreck up 3-0 record and race to the top of Group G. After one day break, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Croatia and Spain will contest for the final tickets.

Day 6 Games

Group E
Croatia - Israel 81-57

Croatia: Zubcic 23p+9r+7bs, Smajlagic 18p+9r, Fodor 12p.
Israel: Ariely 16p, Arbiv 10p.
Turkey - Russia 79-81
Turkey: Batuk and Yildirim 23p, Orge 16p.
Russia: Karpukhin 24p, Babunashvili 18p, Semenov 13p, valiev 13r.

Group F
Serbia & Montenegro - France 98-68

Serbia & Montenegro: Subotic 19p+11r, Mitrovic 17p, Musli 12p.
France: Tanghe 18p, Leonard 16p, Rousselle 12p.
Italy - Spain 72-79
Italy: Campani 20p+14r, Crotta 15p+11r.
Spain: Rubio 20p+9r+5as+7st, Sole 13p, Perez Otero 11p.

Group G
Greece - Iceland 95-68
Greece: Pappas 29p+8r, Giankovits 19p+9r, Dimou 17p.
Iceland: Bjornsson 14p, Sigurdarson 13p+10r, Sidgurdsson 11p.
Latvia - Slovenia 77-63
Latvia: Vilcins 18p+9r, Senkans 18p, Blaus 17p.
Slovenia: Muric 20p, Vranjkovic 12p+12r, Hren 12p.

Group H
Portugal - Germany 76-65

Portugal: Correia 26p, Rodrigues 18p+12r.
Germany: Hulsewede 14p+10r, Monse and Schmitz 12p.
Lithuania - Ukraine 77-58
Lithuania: Markevicius 21p, Jukonis 12p, Gaska 11p, Motiejunas 9p+18r.
Ukraine: Kozlovets 13p, Temriakovych 11p, Natyazhko 10p+11r.

   Day 5 of European Championship U16 men Division A - Aug. 17, 2006
Croatia's early run helped them beat Turkey 67-58 to go level with their opponents on 1-1 behind Russia in Group E of the Termosteps U16 European Championship. The stature advantage helped Russia crab 30 more rebounds than Israel and got the first place in Group E. Serbia & Montenegro went level on 1-1 with Italy in Group F quarter-final round play, thanks largely to a superb all-round performance from Dejan Musli. Spain have four player scored in double figures and prevail France with ease. Greece outscored Latvia 24-10 in the pivotal fourth quarter to win 65-58 and top in Group G. Ukraine and Lithuania will contest to the first place of Group H next day.

Day 5 Games

Group E
Croatia - Turkey 67-58

Croatia: Fodor 22p, Smajlagic 21p+10r, Delas 11p+19r, Zubcic 12p.
Turkey: Orge 17p, Yildirim 10p, batuk 10r.
Israel - Russia 80-102
Israel: Moran 21p, Ventura 20p+7r, Shiran 14p.
Russia: Semenov 19p+15r, Karpukhin 19p, Babunashvili 10p.

Group F
Serbia & Montenegro - Italy 78-69
Serbia & Montenegro: Musli 20p+19r, Sepa 17p, Petrovic 15p.
Italy: Spizzichini and Campani 14p, Romagnoli 10p.
France - Spain 63-85
France: Jacques 17p+10r, Leonard 11p+11r.
Spain: Rubio 15p+9r, Santana 14p, Jodar 10p.

Group G
Greece - Latvia 65-58
Greece: Pappas 22p, Mantzaris and Giankovits 7p.
Latvia: Blaus 13p+10r, Vilcins 13p, Krumins 10p.
Iceland - Slovenia 56-85
Iceland: Olafsson 15p, Ragnarsson 12p.
Slovenia: Vranjkovic 15p, Muric 14p+8r.

Group H
Lithuania - Portugal 89-79
Lithuania: Bertasius 16p+10r, Jakas 16p+9r, Markevicius 13p.
Portugal: Correia 23p, Rodrigues Pereira 16p+8r.
Ukraine - Germany 78-59
Ukraine: Lebedintsev 29p, otverchenko 20p, Natyazhko 14p+14r.
Germany: Adamczak 14p, Hulsewede 13p, Stuckey 11p.

   Day 4 of European Championship U16 men Division A - Aug. 16, 2006
Turkey and Spain continued winning ways in the European Championship U16 men Division A games. It was heartbreak for France as Italy completed a last-gap fightback. Near 75% 2P FG led Turkey sweep to Israel 88-65 with ease. Karpukhin clinched win for Russia with his 6 three-point. The 34-18 run in the pivotal fourth quarter helped Spain squeak past Serbia & Montenegro. Rubio's nearly triple double sparked Spain to victory. The more rebounds and the Higher percentage of FG made Ukraine hammered Portugal 90-71. Latvia led the score in each quarters with Iceland.

Day 4 Games

Group E
Turkey - Israel 88-65

Turkey: Batuk 17p+10r, Kilicli 15p, Mahmutoglu 12p.
Israel: Moran 17p, Ventura 6p+8r.
Russia - Croatia 82-66
Russia: Karpukhin 20p, Semenov 17p, Valiev 15p+15r.
Croatia: Delas 17p, Kovac 14p, Zubcic 12p+14r.

Group F
Italy - France 66-65

Italy: Romagnoli 16p, Panzini 13p, Campani 11r.
France: Tanghe 22p+9r, Leonard 15p.
Spain - Serbia & Montenegro 95-79
Spain: Jaume Vicens 27p, Rubio 22p+20r+8a+6st, Guardia 13p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Mitrovic 15p, Riznic 14p+9r, Vlahovic 14p.

Group G
Latvia - Iceland 94-56

Latvia: Zeidaks 20p, Laksa 15p, Vilde 11r, Senkans 10r.
Iceland: Sigurdarson 14p+7r, Bjornsson 9p.
Slovenia - Greece 61-79
Slovenia: Vranjkovic 15p+13r, Muric 15p, Hren 13p.
Greece: Sarikopoulos 14p+8r, Pappas 14p+7r, Arapis 12p.

Group H
Portugal - Ukraine 71-90

Portugal: Correia 27p, Valente Soares 14p+10r, Cruz 10p.
Ukraine: Lebedintsev 28p, Kondratyev 20p+15r, Dmytrenko 15p.
Germany - Lithuania 67-87
Germany: Hulsewede 20p, Monse 10r.
Lithuania: Markevicius 19p, Jakas 14p+8r, Vaitiekaitis and Orelik 11p.

   Day 3 of European Championship U16 men Division A - Aug. 14, 2006
Reigning Under-16 European champions Turkey saw off some stern resistance from Portugal to wrack up a 3-0 record and race to the top of Group A. Italy, beaten by Turkey in the opening round of matches, continued to bounce back from that defeat beating Latvia to move to a 2-1 record. Spain, who finished third at the 2005 U16 European Championship Men, have a 100% record in Group B after three outings as they brushed aside Germany 90-63. Russia made it three defeats from three games for hapless Slovenia as they ran out 73-57 winners. In Group C Serbia & Montenegro suffered a first defeat at the hands of Croatia, who finished the tie 77-69 winners. Last year's U16 silver medalists France put on a big century of points as they ran out 115-65 winners over a humbled Iceland.

Day 3 Games

Group A
Latvia - Italy 67-77

Latvia: Celms 20p, Blaus 15p.
Italy: Campani 20p, Muner 13p, Loschi 11p.
Turkey - Portugal 67-61
Turkey: Orge 19p, Mahmutoglu 13p, Kilicli 12p+10r.
Portugal: Correia 13p, Valente 8p+13r.

Group B
Slovenia - Russia 57-73

Slovenia: Muric 27p+10r, Vranjkovic 9p+7r.
Russia: Valiev 15p, Semenov 13p+8r.
Spain - Germany 90-63
Spain: Rubio 20p+8r, Santana 15p, Sosa 12p.
Germany: Hulsewede 22p, Monse 8p+11r.

Group C
Serbia & Montenegro - Croatia 69-77

Serbia & Montenegro: Musli 23p+9r, Vlahovic 14p, Bogdanovic 13p.
Croatia: Smajlagic 19p, Radosevic 15p, Zubcic 14p.
Lithuania - Greece 65-80
Lithuania: Jakas 21p+12r, Gaska 20p.
Greece: Giankovits 28p+8r, Mantzaris 14p, Dimou 13p.

Group D
Israel - Ukraine 77-70

Israel: Moran 33p, Zigdon 13p, Levy 12p.
Ukraine: Otverchenko 21p, Kondratyev 12p+12r, Natyazhko 11p+17r.
France - Iceland 115-65
France: Jacques 28p+15r, Leria 27p+12r, Tanghe 19p.
Iceland: Olafsson 21p+7r, Jakobsson 11p, Sigurdarson 10p.


    Day 2 of European Championship U16 men Division A - Aug. 13, 2006
Spain outscored Slovenia 22-7 in the pivotal fourth quarter to battle back 80-73 of European Championship U16 men Division A. Portugal's near 28.6% of 2P FG prevent them winning the game with Italy. Greece's 13 three-point stunned Croatia 80-71. 27 points lead in the first three quarter made the game without any suspense. Turkey, Spain, Serbia & Montenegro and France have clinched to the quarter-finals. Portugal, Slovenia, Greece and Iceland have crashed out of the tournament.

Day 2 Games

Group A
Latvia - Turkey 61-69

Latvia: Celms 13p, Blaus 9p+8r, Vilcins 9p+9r.
Turkey: Kilicli 19p, Batuk 15p+8r.
Italy - Portugal 76-61
Italy: Muner 16p, Campani 15p+13r, Loschi 11p.
Portugal: Valente Soares 11p+11r, Correia 11p.

Group B
Russia - Germany 71-68
Russia: Semenov 16p+10r, Karpukhin 10p.
Germany: Schmitz 19p, Adamczak 11p.
Slovenia - Spain 73-80
Slovenia: Muric 27p+15r, Vranjkovic 23p.
Spain: Jodar 20p+13r, Sole 19p, Rubio 15p+11r+5st.

Group C
Serbia & Montenegro - Lithuania 78-70

Serbia & Montenegro: Sepa 17p, Subotic 13p+10r, Petrovic 11p.
Lithuania: Orelik 25p, Motiejunas 18p+13r, Jukonis 13p.
Croatia - Greece 80-71
Croatia: Smajlagic 24p, Fodor 14p, Delas 12p+10r.
Greece: Pappas 18p, Sarikopoulos 14p, Papadimitriou 13p.

Group D
Ukraine - Iceland 76-64

Ukraine: Natyazhko 24p+13r, Lebedintsev 15p, Kondratyev 14r.
Iceland: Jakobsson 13p, Olafsson and Bjornsson 12p.
Israel - France 56-78
Israel: Sabag 16p, Rom 10p.
France: Leonard 16p+7r, Rousselle 14p, Bonnelalbay 10p+7r.

    Day 1 of European Championship U16 men Division A - Aug 12, 2006
Turkey went about defending their Thermosteps U16 European Championship title in style after dispatching Italy 89-77 in their opening Group A clash. Latvia condemned Portugal to a thrashing as they ended just one short of a 50-point victory. Spanish prodigy Ricky Rubio led Spain to victory over Russia 91-76. Germany saw off Slovenia 82-70, Robert Hulsewede taking the match by storm as Germany won the last quarter 23-10 to seal the win. Serbia & Montenegro were even closer to reaching three figures when they subjected Greece to a 97-86 defeat. France, the beaten finalists in 2005, saw off Ukraine 67-44 in a low-scoring encounter.

Day 1 Games

Group A
Turkey - Italy 89-77

Turkey: Batuk 21p+9r, Incekara 19p, Orge 16p.
Italy: Panzini 19p, Campani 15p+16r, Muner 13p.
Portugal - Latvia 40-89
Portugal: Valente 13p, praxedes and Rodrigues 7r.
Latvia: Zeidaks 19p+10r, Celms 17p, Vilde 14r.

Group B
Germany - Slovenia 82-70

Germany: Hulsewede 23p+15r, Stuckey 16p, Schmitz 14p.
Slovenia: Hren 18p, Muric 16p, Zadnik 12p+8a.
Spain - Russia 91-76
Spain: Rubio 24p+11r+10a+7st, Jaume 21p+10r, Sole 15p.
Russia: Sprygin and Babunashvili 14p, Valiev 10p+11r.

Group C
Lithuania - Croatia 94-73

Lithuania: Orelik 22p, Markevicius and Motiejunas 15p, Bertasius 14p+12r.
Croatia: Delas 16p+7r, Zubcic 14p, Fodor 13p.
Greece - Serbia & Montenegro 86-97
Greece: Pappas 20p, Arapis 16p, Kaselakis and Mantzaris 10p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Subotic 20p+10r, Sepa 19p+10r, Musli 17p.

Group D
France - Ukraine 67-44

France: Tanghe 19p, Koita 14p, Leonard 11p.
Ukraine: Otverchenko 16p, Natazhko 12r.
Iceland - Israel 53-65
Iceland: Sigurdarson 16p+9r, Jakobsson and Halldorsson 8p.
Israel: Sabag 14p+7r, Rom 12p, Moran 11p.

   Czech Rep. wins EC U16 Division B Championship - Aug. 20, 2006
Final: Czech Rep. - Georgia 67-54 (22-14, 14-18, 12-14, 19-8) (David Jelinek (193-G-90) 19 - Nika Metreveli 17)
3-4 Places: Bulgaria - Austria 85-75, OT (23-19, 14-13, 14-20, 15-14, 19-9) (Bozhidar Avramov 20 - Moritz Lanegger 21)
5-6 Places: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Finland 89-76 (18-24, 24-9, 24-21, 23-22) (Nihad Dedovic 25 - Jarkko Aho 16)
7-8 Places: England - Poland 51-87 (10-17, 7-22, 17-23, 17-25) (Andrew Wallace 12 - Jakub Wojciechowski 22)
9-10 Places: Sweden - Belgium 73-60 (10-21, 21-22, 22-7, 20-10) (Victor Holmberg 23 - Thomas Creppy 17)
11-12 Places: Hungary - Estonia 94-75 (20-13, 28-14, 21-19, 25-29) (David Vojvoda 29 - Siim-Sander Vene 21)
13-14 Places: Holland - Luxembourg 75-63 (25-17, 20-23, 19-12, 11-11) (Joost Padberg 17 - Ted Mertz 20)
15-16 Places: Norway - Ireland 63-61 (15-15, 23-9, 10-17, 15-20) (Anders Stien 17 - Eoin Chubb 15)
17-18 Places: Slovak Rep. - Romania 109-64 (26-13, 36-17, 18-11, 29-23) (Peter Kutarna 24 - Cosmin Dumitru 11, Ciprian Telinoiu 11)

   Division B Semifinals - Aug. 19, 2006
Czech Rep. - Bulgaria 90-88, 2OT
(21-20, 22-17, 19-17, 14-22, 8-8, 6-4) (David Jelinek 35 - Bozhidar Avramov 30)
Georgia - Austria 71-65 (19-9, 14-22, 16-16, 22-18) (Nika Metreveli 18 - Jesse Seilern 15)

5-8 Places:
England - Bosnia and Herzegovina 66-98
(19-27, 19-18, 14-24, 14-29) (Ryan Richards 18 - Aldin Majstoric 24)
Finland - Poland 60-48 (16-13, 21-11, 14-12, 9-12) (Juhan Mikone 20 - Jakub Wojciechowski 14, Piotr Zielinski 14)

   Day 9 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug. 20, 2006
The host Estonia won the most brilliant game of European Championship U16 men Division B with Romania 101-57. Hungary stormed out to a big lead early against Slovak Republic but had to hold on at the end before recording a 93-75 victory. The competition between two northern Europe country - Sweden and Norway, Sweden led the scored in the beginning and never looked back from there. Belgium swept to Luxembourg 90-50 to wreck up a 3-0 record and race to the top of Group H. The rest eight teams have a one day break for the next stage games.

Day 9 Games

Group G
Hungary - Slovak Republic 93-75

Hungary: Vojvoda 23p, Horanyi 16p, Lepsenyi 15p+18r.
Slovak Rep: Grznar 14p, Kutarna 11p.
Sweden - Norway 76-45
Sweden: Nagwere 20p+11r, Gustafsson 14p, Zaghden 10p+19r.
Norway: Molvaer 18p, Ouakkaha 11p.

Group H
Estonia - Romania 101-57

Estonia: Toots 15p, Vene 14p, karemae 12p+9r.
Romania: Faur 9p, Pop and Chirof 7p.
Belgium - Luxembourg 90-50
Belgium: Giancaterino 16p, Lachdaf and Mollekens 14p, Serron 11p.
Luxembourg: Jones 13p, Schroeder 11p.

   Day 8 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug. 17, 2006
Austria still continued winning ways after beating Poland 55-45 in TERMOSTEPS U16 European Championship men Division B game. Because of the same results in Group E, this group's situation became so complicated. With the winning of Georgia and Czech Republic, they clinched to the semi-final. After Bosnia's 3 direct win in the preliminary round, they can not keep the good state into the quarter-final. Bulgaria swept to Bosnia 92-57 and gave them the 3 direct lose of Group F. The 43-22 run in the second half helped Norway battle back Netherlands 79-77. Belgium led the score in each quarter and prevailed Romania 95-50 with ease.

Day 8 Games

Group E
Georgia - Finland 64-60
Georgia: Metreveli 22p+11r, Shengelia 16p+9r+6a, Dzidziguri 12p+10st.
Finland: Ahonen 16p, Mikone 9p.
Czech Republic - England 76-58
Czech Rep: Jelinek 20p, Kudlacek 15p, Zampach 14p.
England: Awosanya 13p, Noel 12p.

Group F
Austria - Poland 55-45

Austria: Seilern 17p, Mahalbasic 10p, Lanegger 8p+10r.
Poland: Mokros 10p+9r, Wojcieshowski 9p+11r.
Bulgaria - Bosnia and Herzegovina 92-57
Bulgaria: Atanasov 17p+8r, Zahariev 17p, Kyosev 13p.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Hodzic 19p, Majstoric 7p, Besovic 8r.

Group G
Norway - Netherlands 79-77

Norway: Stien 28p, Ouakksha 24p+9r, Molvaer 10p.
Netherlands: van Vugt 15p, Robinson 14p, Kortekaas 12p+9r.
Slovak Republic - Sweden 65-78
Slovak Rep: Grznar 23p, Jass 11p, Holis 10p.
Sweden: Holmberg 23p, Nagwere 13p+11r, Zaghden 11p+11r, Sjostrom 10p+14r.

Group H
Luxembourg - Ireland 69-50
Luxembourg: Jones 26p+11r, Kox 10p.
Ireland: O'Sullivan 13p, Murphy 9p.
Romania - Belgium 50-95
Romania: Faur 11p, Mihai 10p, Chirof 8p+10r.
Belgium: Serron 14p+9r, giancaterino 14p, Moons 12p.

   Day 7 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug. 17, 2006
Bosnia and Herzegovina met with their first lost of European Championship U16 men Division B game with Poland. Austria squeaked past Bulgaria 68-65 and became the first team to clinch the semi-final. The 30-21 run in the second half helped Czech Republic battle back Georgia 70-65. Fox's two free throws announced Finland's sudden death. In Group A game, all the four teams have the same results, they will contest to the two tickets for the semi-final in the last quarter-final round. Netherlands swept to Slovak Republic 120-64 and returned to the first place in the Group G. The unstable state prevented the host Estonia winning their two direct wins in this tournament.

Day 7 Games

Group E
Czech Republic - Georgia 70-65

Czech Rep: Kudlacek 29p, Vesely 15p+9r, Jelinek and Palecek 10p.
Georgia: Shengelia 20p+11r, Jgerenaia 11p, Metreveli 10p.
England - Finland 64-63
England: Beeley 16p, Wallace 13p, Awosanya 11p+13r, Richards 11p+12r.
Finland: Mikone 10p, Jamsa and Nuutinen 9p.

Group F
Bulgaria - Austria 65-68

Bulgaria: Marintchechki 20p, Avramov 17p, Paskov 12p.
Austria: Seilern 24p, gunka 12p, Mahalbasic 9p+11r.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Poland 44-72
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ratkovic 7p+13r, Hodzic 8p.
Poland: Wojciechowski 22p+17r, Banczer 14p, Mokros 8p+14r.

Group G
Sweden - Hungary 81-45

Sweden: Holmberg 20p, Gustafsson 14p, Zaghden 12p+18r.
Hungary: Angyal 11p, Takacs and Horanyi 6p.
Netherlands - Slovak Republic 120-64
Netherlands: Kortekaas 30p+11r, van Vugt 29p, Hof 14p+11r, Kramer 12p+18r.
Slovak Rep: Grznar 19p, Kutarna 13p.

Group H
Belgium - Estonia 71-51

Belgium: Giancaterino 18p+8r, Serron 15p+8r, Donkor 11p.
Estonia: Penjam 16p, Keedus 10p, Vene 16r.
Ireland - Romania 61-57
Ireland: Chubb 21p, Dick 20p, James 12r.
Romania: Faur 17p, Dinca 13p, Torok 14r.

   Day 6 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug. 16, 2006
Bosnia and Herzegovina lost their first game of European Championship U16 men Division B with Austria 69-52. Shengelia's fabulous performance encouraged his teammates sweep to England 72-44. Finland kept first quarter's 7 points lead from then on. Bulgaria had three players scored over 20 points and prevailed Poland 87-52 with ease. Slovak Republic outscored 20-9 in the pivotal fourth quarter to battle back Norway 61-59. The host Estonia led the stat in each item and got off to a red hot start in the quarter-final.

Day 6 Games

Group E
Georgia - England 72-44

Georgia: Shengelia 23p+18r, Metreveli 13p+12r, Jgerenaia 11p.
England: Richards 10p, Greenan 8p.
Finland - Czech Republic 84-74
Finland: Ahonen 26p, Nuutinen 16p, Setala 12p.
Czech Rep: Jelinek 21p, Vesely 14p+13r, Kudlacek 14p.

Group F
Austria - Bosnia and Herzegovina 69-52
Austria: Lanegger 29p, Seilern 14p+8r.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dedovic 23p, Hodzic 11p.
Poland - Bulgaria 52-87
Poland: Zielinski 13p, Wojcieshowski 12p+9r.
Bulgaria: Paskov 21p+9r, Avramov and Zahariev 20p.

Group G
Slovak Republic - Norway 61-59

Slovak Rep: Dobron 13p+11r, Jass 12p, Grznar 11p.
Norway: Ouakkaha 14p+8r, Stien 13p+12r.
Hungary - Netherlands 72-67
Hungary: Helmeczi 29p, Horanyi 14p, Angyal 11r.
Netherlands: Mramer 17p+15r, van Vugt 16p.

Group H
Romania - Luxembourg 67-85

Romania: Pacuraru 13p, Chirof 11p+11r.
Luxembourg: Molitor 17p, Mertz 12p, Rausch and Nittler 10p.
Estonia - Ireland 76-56
Estonia: Keedus 14p+9r, Saaremets 14p, Vene 12p+14r.
Ireland: Chubb 12p+8r, James, D. 9p, James, C. 8r.

   Day 5 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug. 14, 2006
After Day 5 game of European Championship U16 men Division B, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria became the last three teams to the quarter-final. The host Estonia met with their first win with Norway 71-53. Zaghden and Nagwere's brilliant performance stopped Georgia continuing winning. The more active attitude for the game helped Finland win the important game with Ireland 77-56. Through 2OT games, Belgium squeaked past Hungary 91-78. Bosnia prevailed England with ease 74-56 and got the first place of Group D.

Day 5 Games

Group A
Norway - Estonia 53-71

Norway: Mjoes 15p, Stien 13p, Ouakkaha 10p+13r.
Estonia: Evart 16p, Penjam 11p+8r, Antson and Keedus 11p.
Georgia - Sweden 73-80
Georgia: Shengelia 24p+8r, Dzidziguri 14p.
Sweden: Zaghden 28p+8r, Nagwere 26p+9r, Holmberg 12p.

Group B
Finland - Ireland 77-56

Finland: Nuutinen 17p+8r, Setala 15p, Aho and Ahokas 12p.
Ireland: James 13p, Dick 9p.
Poland - Slovak Republic 61-79
Poland: Mokros 15p+10r, Sulima 8p+13r, Banczer 10r.
Slovak Rep: Bauer 19p+8r, Banik 16p.

Group C
Luxembourg - Bulgaria 45-94

Luxembourg: Schroeder 11p, Mertz 9p.
Bulgaria: Zahariev 19p+8r, Hristov 15p, Minchev 13p.
Belgium - Hungary 91-78
Belgium: Creppy 30p+13r, Giancaterino 18p+9r, Serron 15p+16r.
Hungary: Helmeczi 32p, Lepsenyi 14p+12r, Vojvoda 15r.

Group D
Romania - Netherlands 52-97

Romania: Dinca 12p, Ioan 10p.
Netherlands: van Vugt 25p, Hof 16p, Roije 13p.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - England 74-56
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dedovic 25p+13r, Hodzic 14p, Majstoric 10p.
England: Wallace 11p, Noel 10p.

   Day 4 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug 12, 2006
The host still can not find a way to win the game after Day 4 game of European Championship U16 men Division B. Over 20% of 2P FG helped Poland prevail Finland 72-61 with ease. Although Bulgaria took a 20-10 run in the fourth quarter, they can not battle back a 19 score distance with Czech Republic. Bosnia swept to Romania over 60 points, they will contest with England tomorrow for the first place. Till now, Austria, Georgia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and England have clinched to the quarter-finals.

Day 4 Games

Group A
Estonia - Austria 45-62
Estonia: Vene 18p+8r, Toots 9p.
Austria: Mahalbasic 19p, seilern 18p.
Sweden - Norway 55-60
Sweden: Zaghden 12p+22r, Nagwere 11p.
Norway: Stien 20p, Enge 12p.

Group B
Poland - Finland 72-61

Poland: Wojciechowski 17p+10r, Langowski 16p, Magdziarz 12p.
Finland: Ahonen 18p, Setala 13p, Telih 10p.
Slovak Republic - Ireland 66-71
Slovak Rep: Ulman 17p, Jass 12p+10r, Banik 12p.
Ireland: Chubb 16p, James 13p+12r, Dick 13p.

Group C
Bulgaria - Czech Republic 67-76
Bulgaria: Zahariev 20p+8r, Avramov 16p, Paskov 13p.
Czech Rep: Jelinek 28p, Palecek 14p, Vesely 11p+14r.
Hungary - Luxembourg 72-61
Hungary: Helmeczi 20p, Takacs 13p+12r, Vojvoda 10p+10r.
Luxembourg: Molitor 15p, Jones 10p, Kox 10p.

Group D
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Romania 126-61

Bosnia: Dedovic 29p, Majstoric 26p, Maric 16p, Ratkovic 14r.
Romania: Chirof 15p, Mihai 14p+12r.
England - Netherlands 65-52
England: Beeley 15p+8r, Fox 14p, Wallace 13p.
Netherlands: Ponjee 14p+8r, Kramer 11p.

   Day 3 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug 12, 2006
The other eight teams in the Group B and D took part in the games of European Championship U16 men Division B, all the teams had shown on the stage of this tournament. Georgia squeaked past Norway 75-71 by overtime. Austria Prevailed Sweden 69-64 despite Zaghden's 23 points and 23 rebounds. Solid defense made Slovakia's 2P FG only 33.9% and won the game 62-52. Belgium led the score in each quarters and hammered Luxembourg 81-58 easefully. 24 offense rebounds helped England get much more chance to shoot the ball than Romania. Bosnia's superstar Dedovic made valuable contribution (44p+7r) for beating Netherlands 79-65.

Day 3 Games

Group A
Norway - Georgia 71-75

Norway: Stien 26p+9r, Ouakkaha 12p+11r, Mjoes 12p.
Georgia: Barbakadze 18p, Maisuradze 13p+12r, Metreveli 13p, Chachibaia 11p+10r.
Austria - Sweden 69-64
Austria: Seilern 24p, Lanegger 18p, Mahalbasic 11p.
Sweden: Zaghden 23p+23r, Holmberg 17p.

Group B
Finland - Slovak Republic 62-52

Finland: Ahonen 15p, Aho 11p, Setala and Nuutinen 11r.
Slovak Republic: Grznar 15p, Dobron 10r.
Ireland - Poland 60-61
Ireland: Chubb 17p+10r, James, C. 14p, James, D. 13p+8r.
Poland: Pamula 17p, Banczer 9p+9r, Wojciechowski 8p+8r.

Group C
Luxembourg - Belgium 58-81

Luxembourg: Jones 14p, Nittler 13p.
Belgium: Mollekens 13p, Creppy 11p+12r, Hulsen 11p.
Czech Republic - Hungary 92-65
Czech Rep: Kudlacek 32p+5r+5a, Jelinek 21p.
Hungary: Vojvoda 26p+7r, Helmeczi 13p, Lepsenyi 10p.

Group D
Romania - England 46-80
Romania: Faur 12p, Dinca 10p.
England: Wallace 23p, Awosanya 14p+16r, Raymen 12p, Wilkinson 11r.
Netherlands - Bosnia and Herzegovina 65-79
Netherlands: van Vugt 15p, Hof 10p.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dedovic 44p+7r, Hodzic 12p, Ratkovic 11r.

   Day 2 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug 10, 2006
Estonia did not meet their first win with Sweden 53-80 in the day 2 game of European Championship U16 men Division B. Chachibaia抯 important 2PtsFG in the last 4 seconds helped Georgia squeak past Austria. 9 three points from Bulgaria stunned Hungary 81-62. Vesely made all-round valuable contribution to beat Czech Republic 68-65. After day 2 games, Georgia and Bulgaria kept winning and got the first place in each of their group. The host Estonia must win the next two games to avoid crashing out of the tournament.

Day 2 Games

Group A
Sweden - Estonia 80-53

Sweden: Zaghden 16p+14r, Holmberg and Nagwere 16p, Gustafsson 14p.
Estonia: Vene 23p+8r, Rist 10p.
Georgia - Austria 62-61
Georgia: Metreveli 22p+18r, Shengelia 17p+9r.
Austria: Seilern 22p, Lanegger and Gunka 10p.

Group C
Hungary - Bulgaria 62-81
Hungary: Vojvoda 17p+9r, Angyal 13p.
Bulgaria: Zahariev 16p, Kyosev 15p, Georgiev 14p, Paskov 11p+10r.
Belgium - Czech Republic 68-65
Belgium: Creppy 19p+8r, Giancaterino 12p+9r.
Czech Rep: Vesely 20p+16r, Zampach 13p+9r, Kudlacek 13p+8r.

   Day 1 of European Championship U16 men Division B - Aug 10, 2006
On the first day of European Championship man U16 Division B in Estonia, the host nation didn't get off a strong start in the game with Georgia 77-90. Too many PFs made Georgia have 56 shootings on the field line. Austria led the score in each quarters and beat Norway 78-58 easefully. Czech Republic swept to Luxembourg 105-59 for the big gap of the integral strength. Georgiev's last 3PtsFG helped Bulgaria come to the overtime game successfully, Zahariev's all-round performance (30p+9r+5st) encouraged the other team members and squeaked past Belgium 75-66.

Day 1 Games

Group A
Austria - Norway 78-58
Austria: Lanegger 20p+7st, Mahalbasic 19p+15r, Seilern 14p.
Norway: Stien 21p, Ouakkaha 14p+9r, Enge 14p.
Estonia - Georgia 77-90
Estonia: Vene 22p+9r, Penjam 13p, Rist 11p.
Georgia: Chachibaia 19p, Shengelia 18p+11r, Metreveli 17p+12r.

Group C
Czech Republic - Luxembourg 105-59
Czech Rep: Vesely 19p+16r, Palecek 18p+18r, Jelinek 18p.
Luxembourg: Jones 19p, Molitor and Pilot 10p.
Bulgaria - Belgium 75-66
Bulgaria: Zahariev 30p, Georgiev 19p, Avramov 11p, Paskov 12r.
Belgium: Haerbos 14p, Giancaterino 12p+11r, Creppy 11p.

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