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Play-Off bracket1
European Championships U16 2007 Div.A logo
European Championships U16 2007 Div.B logo
Qaulifying Round U16 Standings
Group E
1. Serbia 5-0
2. Sweden 3-2
3. Czech R. 3-2
4. Hungary 3-2
5. Belarus 1-4
6. Poland 0-5
Group F
1. Spain 4-1
2. France 4-1
3. Russia 4-1
4. Latvia 2-3
5. Ukraine 1-4
6. Belgium 0-5
1. Lithuan. 3-0
2. Turkey 2-1
3. Greece 1-2
4. Slovakia 0-3

EC U16 Div.A Preliminary Round Standings
Group A
1. Czech R. 3-0
2. Hungary 2-1
3. Belarus 1-2
4. Slovakia 0-3
Group B
1. Serbia 2-1
2. Sweden 2-1
3. Poland 1-2
4. Lithuan. 1-2
Group C
1. Spain 3-0
2. Latvia 2-1
3. Belgium 1-2
4. Turkey 0-3
Group D
1. France 3-0
2. Russia 2-1
3. Ukraine 1-2
4. Greece 0-3

E.Championships U16
Qualifying Round Standings Div.B
Group E
1. Italy 5-0
2. Slovenia 3-2
3. Finland 3-2
1. Bosnia 2-3
2. Croatia 1-4
4. Portugal 1-4
Group F
1. Germany 5-0
2. Israel 4-1
1. Holland 3-2
2. U.Kingd. 2-3
3. Ireland 1-4
4. Romania 0-5

Preliminary Round U16 Standings Div.B
Group A
1. Italy 3-0
2. Slovenia 2-1
3. Finland 1-2
4. Monten. 0-3
Group B
1. Bosnia 2-0
2. Croatia 1-1
4. Portugal 0-2
Group C
1. Holland 3-0
2. U.Kingd. 2-1
3. Ireland 1-2
4. Bulgaria 0-3
Group D
1. Germany 2-0
2. Israel 1-1
4. Romania 0-2

E.Championships U16
Final Standings
1. France
2. Spain
3. Czech R.
4. Serbia
5. Sweden
6. Russia
7. Latvia
8. Hungary
9. Belarus
10. Poland
11. Ukraine
12. Belgium
13. Lithuan.
14. Turkey
15. Greece
16. Slovakia

E.Championships U16
Final Standings Div.B
1. Italy
2. Germany
3. Slovenia
4. Israel
5. Finland
6. Bosnia
7. U.Kingd.
8. Holland
9. Croatia
10. Ireland
11. Portugal
12. Romania

Stats Leaders
1 Malashenko, UKR 25.6
2 S. Niedola, LAT 19.9
3 M. Filonchyk, BLR 19.6
4 S. Karaman, TUR 18.0
5 A. Tarasova, RUS 17.1
1 Malashenko, UKR 15.6
2 A. Niedola, LAT 15.3
3 S. Krnjic, SRB 13.5
4 M. Filonchyk, BLR 13.4
5 A. Tarasova, RUS 12.3
1 L. Rodriguez, ESP 5.0
2 Kabengano, SWE 3.9
3 N. Mayombo, BEL 3.6
4 D. Tongar, TUR 3.3
5 D. Zintikaite, LTU 3.3

Stats Leaders
1 M. Tavic, BIH 24.6
2 N. Baric, SLO 20.6
3 V. Kesänen, FIN 18.8
4 M. Correia, POR 18.6
5 L .Richter, FIN 18.5
1 Turcinovic, MNT 11.8
2 L. Saarinen, FIN 11.0
3 Rahmanovic, BIH 10.7
4 B. Galinski, ISR 10.6
5 A. Stoiedin, ROM 10.4
1 T. Kapor, BIH 4.4
2 Brunckhorst, GER 3.7
3 M. Tavic, BIH 3.7
4 N. Baric, SLO 2.6
5 C. Miloglav, CRO 2.6

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     France won European Championships U16 Women 2007 (Photo: Fiba)

French U16 National Team 2007






4 Helena Akmouche (173-G-92) of Centre Federal BB II
5 Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) of Centre Federal BB
6 Marion Arfelis (184-F/C-94) of Centre Federal BB II
7 Isabelle Strunc (177-G-91) of Centre Federal BB II
8 Linda Bousbaa (164-G-91) of Cavigal Nice Sports Basket
9 Allison Vernerey (191-C-91) of FC Mulhouse
10 Margaux Zouzouo (183-F-91) of Centre Federal BB II

11 Adja Konteh (176-F-92)
12 Morgiane Eustache (194-C-91) of Centre Federal BB II
13 Chloe Westelynck (188-F-91) of Centre Federal BB II
14 Marion Lemonnier (171-G-92)
15 Priscilla Lokoka (185-C-91) of Centre Federal BB II
Head Coach: Gregory Halin
Assistant Coaches: Alban Le Bigot , Anne-Christine Stein

   Sweet dreams about Division A - Aug. 6, 2007
Last night was the end of the U16 European Championship for women in both Division A and B. Latvia and Italy still under the pressure of the tournaments and thoughts about them. Eurobasket introduces you the best moments of Division A.

Of course we will start with France. The team triumphed in Latvia in U16 European Championship. In the Final game the team outscored Spain 60:57. The latter won three previous Championships, however failed this time in the Final. Allison Vernerey (191-C-91) top-scored for the winners with 22 points and 19 rebounds. Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) supported the team with 17 points and 15 rebounds. Diandra Tchatchouang was named Most Valuable Player of the Championship. She averaged 14.6 points, 9.4 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.3 steals and 2.4 blocks over eight games during the tournament.

Serbia that was only undefeated team before the semifinals lost two games and finished fourth. Czech Republic U16 tasted the bronze at the U16 European Championship Women as in the game for the third place the team revenged over Serbia 65:62. Both teams were in Group E of the Qualifying Round and only two points win, 67:65 allowed Serbia to stay unbeaten at that time.

The spectators of the tournament enjoyed the participation not only of their team, but of Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) as well. She finished on the second place in both points and rebounds producing a great game over Hungary and bringing Latvia 7th place.

Even though Ukraine finished 11th, it will stay on two other first places due to the outstanding performance by Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91). In the last game against Belgium she poured in 31 points and made 17 rebounds. It helped Ukraine to clinch the 11th spot with 72:66 win. Olesya Malashenko averaged 25.6 points per game and 15.6 rebounds that is the best result in both points stats and rebounds.
The teams are coming back home and for sure they have lots of news to share there.

   Division B: Nika Baric is MVP - Aug. 6, 2007 

Baric, Tavic, Greinacher, Tava and Galinski

All Tournument team;

Nika Baric (168-G-92) was named most valuable player of the Termosteps U16 European Championship Women Division B after leading Slovenia to the bronze medal with a 66-61 victory against Israel.

Nika Baric collected 23 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals in the final.

She averaged 20.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 1.8 steals over 8t games during the tournament.
She received the most MVP votes from the U16 tournament coaches and headed the U16 All-Tournament.
(Nika Baric was also the second highest scorer in the scoring list for Slovenia at the UMCOR U18 European Championship Women in Timisoara, Romania, earlier this summer.)

The other four members of the U16 All-Tournament team are:

Matea Tavic (177-G-92) from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sonja Greinacher (185-C-92) from Germany
Alessandra Tava (183-F-91) from Italy
Bar Galinski (181-F-92) from Israel.

The fair play award was given to Federica Nannucci (169-G-91) from Italy.

Federica Nannucci

   Division B: Italy beat Germany in Final, Slovenia take Bronze - Aug. 6, 2007 

Alice Quarta

A moment of magic by Alice Quarta pushed this game to another level, first a block on the defensive followed by a coast to coast that concluded a 12-0 run putting Italy (12-8) in front. The period was played at a high pace with Germany keeping in contact from the free-throw line. Italy brought the first period to an exciting end on the buzzer with Alice Richter picking up an offensive rebound right under the basket and putting the ball in to give Italy a 3-point lead at the end of the first period.

Finja Schaake

The lead changed a couple of times in an action packed second period with Finja Schaake scoring 9 points for Germany. Clutch 3-point shooting from Irene Pieropan kept Italy in control as they went into the interval leading by 3 points.

Giulia Brotto

Italy held Germany scoreless for almost six minutes in the 3rd period with the only Italian points coming from individual exploits as both teams switched to an aggressive zone defence (38-31). Italy increased their advantage slowly and a Giulia Brotto trey extended their lead to 10 points (45-35)
But Germany responded immediately with 5 points in two plays from Sarah-Marie Frankenberger . Italy still took a 4-point lead going into the final period.

Space on the court became a premium as both teams closed any gaps immediately. For Germany the turning point in the match occurred when Svenja Brunckhorst went down hard after dishing out an assist to Fanziska Steiner (53-49) and had to leave the game. Germany, a little unsettled by this, allowed Italy to extend their advantage and by the time Alessandra Tava (183-F-91) hit a jump shot on the top of the key with 1:50 remaining to extend their advantage to 9 points (62-53) the outcome was clear. The German head coach, Alexandra Maerz, immediately called a timeout. Then Germany responded with a basket but Alice Quarta delivered the final knock-out blow 40 seconds from the end of the match with a jump-shot and Italy won the match (64-55).

Alessandra & Giulia Pasqualin

Giulia Pasqualin (176-G-91) finished with a game high 20 points while Alessandra Tava finished with 11 assists.


Slovenia win the bronze
Slovenia marked their authority right from the start of the match with a 10-0 run to open the first significant lead of the game (12-2) midway through the first period. Nika Baric and Lea Jogodic scored 9 points each as Slovenia concluded the first period (25-13) with a comfortable advantage of 12 points. A 15-0 sequence followed that was concluded by a trey by Avigiel Cohen in the second period putting her side in front for the first time in the match. The lead was to change three more times before the end of the period as both sides went on the offensive with Slovenia gaining the upper hand (41-33) at the interval.

Slovenia leading by 5 going into the final period had to endure an Israeli assault and with less than five minutes on the clock Slovenia's advantage was down to 2 (61-59). The key moment of the match came at the end of a patient build-up by Slovenia that resulted in a 3-pointer by Polono Zalar (64-59). The game lost its fluidity after that as players collided all over the court fighting for loose balls. Tjase Gortna and Yuval Levy both picked up their 5th personal foul at this stage. Israel were not able to score the decisive basket leaving the way free for Nika Baric to do the rest from the free-throw line as Slovenia won (66-61).

Nika Baric scored 23 points and was supported by Lea Jagodic with 17 points, while Shira Ben Barak finished with 17 points for Israel.

Nika Baric said after the match, "it was not an easy match. Israel are a very good team and that we played good defence helped us to win." Damir Grgic, Slovenia's

head coach added:" I am proud of my girls for the way they picked themselves up after yesterday's defeat, I am very proud of them."


   Division A: France triumphs, Spain second, while Czech Republic tastes Bronze - Aug. 5, 2007

France U16-Spain U16 60:57 (16-24, 14-4, 12-16, 18-13)

France U16 triumphs in Latvia in U16 European Championship. In the Final game the team outscored Spain 60:57. The latter won three previous Championships, however failed this time in the Final. Allison Vernerey (191-C-91) (191-C-91) top-scored for the winners with 22 points and 19 rebounds. Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) supported the team with 17 points and 15 rebounds, while Isabelle Strunc (177-G-91) added 8. Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) paced Spain with 25 points and 9 rebounds.

Thanks to both teams that demonstrated such a wonderful game and even show in the court. The game by the way could be divided into some periods where the lead of each team was more than enough to celebrate. France won the last quarter 18:13 that allowed them to triumph.

Spain made the first spurt in the game and after Sacramento's three Spanish had 10 points advantage, 20:10. France meanwhile produced a better second quarter keeping Spain mostly in defense. As a result the score was 14:4 and sent France in front with 30:28 to the lockers.
In the third quarter it was back-and-forth game. Spain and France both took a lead from time to time. In the last quarter the 48:48 was the last tie for the Spain. France dominated in the game and increased to 7 points with less than a minute to play after Isabelle Strunc hit a free throw. Vega Martinez (184-G-91)'s three at the end made the score 60:57 and gold medals for the French squad.

France U16: Allison Vernerey 22+19 rebs, Diandra Tchatchouang 17+15 rebs, Isabelle Strunc 8
Spain U16: Leonor Rodriguez 25+9 rebs, Claudio Calvelo (188-C-92) 8, Vega Martinez 8

Game for the 3rd place

Serbia U16-Czech Republic U16 62:65 (15-11, 15-20, 15-20, 17-14)
Czech Republic U16 tasted the bronze at the U16 European Championship Women. In the game for the third place the team revenged over Serbia 65:62. Both teams were in Group E of the Qualifying Round and only two points win, 67:65 allowed Serbia to stay unbeaten at that time. For Czech Republic U16 that was the second loss that luckily lifted them to the semifinals. Now Czech Republic U16 with 20:15 win in two quarters grabbed the win. Alena Hanusova (187-C-91) led the winners with 15 points. Adela Filarova (171-G-91) poured in 13, while Lenka Bartakova (170-G-91) added 11. Tina Jovanovic (191-F/C-91) top-scored for Serbia with 15 points and 11 rebounds, while Sara Krnjic (194-C-91) and Milana Zivadinovic (172-G-91) ended up with 14.

It was Serbia that considered to be the favorite of the game and who opened with a lead. Having scored 4 points in a row Serbia reached 15:11 after the first 10 minutes. Stanic brought the Serbs 24:17 in the second, however Czech Republic went to the lockers having 31:30 advantage.
In the third quarter Czech Republic increased to 51:45 in the end of it. The Serbs tied the game at 52:52 and again at 60:60 with less than two minutes remaining. Alena Hanusova's foul shot closed the game at a 65:62.

Serbia U16: Tina Jovanovic 15+11 rebs, Sara Krnjic 14+14 rebs, Milana Zivadinovic 14
Czech Republic U16: Alena Hanusova 15, Adela Filarova 13, Lenka Bartakova 11

Game for the 5th place

Sweden U16-Russia U16 60:55 (12-15, 19-11, 12-23, 17-6)

Sweden finished the U16 European Championship Women on the fifth place. With a tough win over Russia, Sweden enjoyed the 5-points lead. Amanda Bazoukou (189-C-93) and Jennifer Kucukkaya (158-G-91) led the winners with 16 points each. Cleopatra Goga supported them with 10 points. Alexandra Tarasova (192-C-91) had a great game for Russia nailing 18 points and making 9 rebounds.

To tell the truth Russia spent the tournament better and probably was the favorite in the game. It had however to prove it in the game against Sweden that also played on nervous for many teams.
For more than two minutes the teams could not open the game. Only after 2.10 Cleopatra Goga scored a free throw. With an even game Anastasiya Shilova (185-F-91)'s three gave Russia 15:12 lead after the first quarter.
The game went back and forth in the second quarter and at that time Sweden was luckier to finish at 31:26.
Russia took a control in the beginning of the second half and won the third quarter 23:12. Sweden however used a 12-0 run over three minutes to pull ahead 57:51 with 4:30 to go. The Scandinavian team led the game to 60:55 win.

Sweden U16: Amanda Bazoukou 16+12 rebs, Jennifer Kucukkaya 16, Cleopatra Goga 10
Russia U16: Alexandra Tarasova 18+9 rebs, Anastasiya Shilova 12

Game for the 7th place

Latvia U16-Hungary U16 82:54 (17-9, 26-21, 19-13, 20-11)

Latvia U16 being the host team of U16 European Championship for Women clinched the 7th spot. In the game for that place the team overcame Hungary 82:54. For the latter even the loss was a success whose eighth-placed showing matches the nation's best result since taking eighth in 1997. Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) poured in 28 points and made 17 rebounds for the winners. That result lifted her to the second place in both points and rebounds. Linda Pagrode (167-G-92) posted 14, while Ilze Gotfrida (180-F-91) ended up with 13 points. Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) netted 14 points for Hungary.

Latvia won the opening tip 6-0 and led the first quarter to 17:9. Kublacova with a jump shot made the deficit +15. Both teams went to the interims with 43:30 for the hosts.
In the third quarter the spectators saw the first 20-points lead of the hosts. Linda Pagrode brought Latvia 59:39 with 02.27 to play in the quarter. Latvia increased to 28 points when the teams heard the whistle. The final score 82:54 brought Latvia 7th place in the tournament.

Latvia U16: Sabine Niedola 28+17 rebs, Linda Pagrode 14, Ilze Gotfrida 13
Hungary U16: Krisztina Raksanyi 14, Bettina Baksa (172-G-92) 11, Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) 11

Game for the 9th place
Belarus U16-Poland U16 59:47 (13-11, 18-14, 10-11, 18-11)

Belarus National team U16 will bring home 9th place from Latvia. In the last game of the U16 European Championship the team overcame Poland 59:47. The latter had a great defense against Ukrainians letting only the leader of the Ukrainian team to top-score. This time Poland had nothing to do against Maryia Filonchyk (187-F-92) that poured in 24 points and made 18 rebounds. Alitsyia Kurouskaya (170-G-91) scored 16, while Veranika Valeuskaya (170-G-91) added 11. Monika Banasik (183-G-92) was the only player for Poland who scored double digit, netting 10 points.

That was the second time the teams met each other in the Championship. In the Qualifying Round Belarus upset Poland and left the latter with 0-5.
Poland controlled at least 9 minutes of the opening quarter but could not keep the score. With only 4 seconds left Maryia Filonchyk made both free throws to go on 13:11.
Monika Banasik's three opened the second quarter and brought her team the lead again. Unfortunately for Poland it was their last one. Veranika Valeuskaya and Maryia Filonchyk pushed to 18:14 in the second that sent the teams with 31:25 to the lockers.
In the second half the lead started to increase only in the fourth quarter. From 42:37 Belarus stormed forward and won 59:47.

Belarus U16: Maryia Filonchyk 24+18 rebs, Alitsyia Kurouskaya 16, Veranika Valeuskaya 11
Poland U16: Monika Banasik 10, Monika Jasnowska (181-F-92) 6
Game for the 11th place

Belgium U16-Ukraine U16 66:72 (12-27, 18-11, 19-10, 17-24)
Ukraine satisfied with 11th place in U16 European Championship for women. This result was achieved due to the outstanding performance by Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91). In the last game against Belgium she poured in 31 points and made 17 rebounds. It helped Ukraine to clinch the 11th spot with 72:66 win. Olha Maznichenko (186-F-91) and Anastasiya Bogdanova (179-G-91) netted 13 points each. Lieve Rombouts (180-F/C-91) top-scored for Belgium with 16 points.

Ukraine and Belgium produced a great game and a show that deserved better places for both teams. Ukraine with the help of Olesya Malashenko scored 27! points in the first quarter and won 27:12.
When the score was 31:16 nobody believed in Belgium, however they woke up. In the end of the quarter they reduced to 38:30 taking into consideration the fact that the leader of the Ukrainian team has 3 fouls.
In the third quarter many specialists predicted the win for Belgium. Olesya Malashenko gets the fourth foul and sat on the bench till the end of the quarter. The team stepped to the winners and tied at 44:44. Celus brought Belgium 49:48 win after third. With 51:48 for Belgium there was nothing to lose for Ukraine. Olesya Malashenko came back to the game to tear off the opponent. She participated in almost every attack of her team and brought hope for Ukraine. Trailing 63:64 Ukraine made a 9-0 run to win the game.

Belgium U16: Lieve Rombouts 16, Julie Vanloo (168-G-93) 12
Ukraine U16: Olesya Malashenko 31+17 rebs, Olha Maznichenko 13, Anastasiya Bogdanova 13

Classification Round

Slovak Republic U16-Lithuania U16 58:72 (8-17, 19-23, 12-16, 19-16)
Lithuania U16 won the Classification Round, but that only brought them 13th spot. In the last game of the tournament the Baltic state overcame Slovak Republic 72:58. The latter left the only team that did not win any game. Santa Okockyte (175-G-92) led the winners with 14 points, while Diana Zintikaite (163-G-91) added 12. Three more players brought 10 points for the Lithuanian team. Martina Kissova (182-F-93) was the only one who reached 10 points for Slovakia.

Lithuania U16 did not have any troubles in the Classifivation Round of the U16 European Championship. In the last game the team proved that beating Slovak Republic. The favorites opened the game with 5 consecutive points and won the first 17:8.
Vojtekova cut the deficit to 19:14 after a free throw. Santa Okockyte with a jump-shot increased Lithuanian lead to 40:27 at the half. In the beginning of the third quarter Lithuanian made 10-3 run to feel more confident in the game. After Rumsaite made 64:44 the teams were waiting for the final whistle. The teams finished the game as the board showed 72:57 for Lithuania team that ended up 13th in the tournament.

Slovak Republic U16: Martina Kissova 10, Miriama Mackulinova (170-G-91) 9
Lithuania U16: Santa Okockyte 14, Diana Zintikaite 12

   Division B: Final and 3rd place match Live on internet - Aug. 5, 2007
The 3rd place match and the final will be broadcast live today from 17:30 (CET 17:30)

Israel - Slovenia 17:30
Germany - Italy 20:00

   Div B: Italy and Germany gain promotion to Division A - Aug. 5, 2007 
Germany qualified for the final after an epic battle against Slovenia, a match that was decided 4 seconds before the end of the game by a well calculated move that ended with Sarah-Marie Frankenberger delivering a base-line jump-shot.

Four German players finished in double-digits with Sonja Greinacher : 18 points along with Svenja Brunckhorst : 14 points and 9 assists. Slovenia's top scorer, Nika Baric , finished with 23 points in a losing course (69-67).

Italy were made to work hard by the courageous Israeli players and only managed to pull away after 37 minutes of intense pressure to win comfortably (80-59).

Italy's scoring was spread evenly with five players in double figures while the Israeli's offensive threat came principally from Bar Galinski and Shira Ben Barak.

In the other matches in the main Finland beat England (65-46), a result that pleased the Jyrki Suhonen Finnish head coach who commented after the match: "It was a hard match: the 7th game into the tournament. Our players are tired, we beat Croatia two days ago which was huge. Our best rebounder got hurt but England always plays hard and I am so happy that the players stepped up and took care of the business."

Lotta Richter

Lotta Richter said about the tournament "it has been a great tournament. It's been my first time and it is so amazing to play here. We have a wonderful team and we have played very well and we have improved as the tournament went on and we adapted to the heat and we are all happy.

For more information go to

   Division A: Spain and France will struggle for Gold in the Final - Aug. 5, 2007 
Spain U16-Czech Republic U16 68:58 (17-16, 11-15, 17-6, 23-21)

Spain U16 will play in the U16 European Championship Final for the fourth straight time. It was clear after the team defeated Czech Republic U16 68:58. Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) led the winners with 17 points and 7 rebounds. Amaya Ganuza (188-F-91) added 14, while Gimeno Martinez scored 13. Alena Hanusova (187-C-91) nailed 15 points in the losing effort.

Spain that could be even out of the semis will play now in the title game. The team took a control in the first quarter and led 17:16 after first 10 minutes of the game. Later on till the end of the second quarter Czech Republic stayed in front. Sladkova's jump-shot put them at 18:17 as they finished the half at 31:28.

The Czechs lead was 35:30 at the 7:29 mark of the third. That would be the Czechs' last points for some time as they could find no answer for the Spanish defensive pressure, which helped spark a 15-0 run for a 45:35 lead in the final stages of the period. Even though Chechs tied the score and even stepped ahead at 47:50, that was no big deal for Spain. They pushed the tempo and reached the 68:58 win.

In the Final game Spanish squad will defend their title against France.

Spain U16: Leonor Rodriguez 17+7 rebs, Amaya Ganuza 14, Gimeno Martinez 13
Czech Republic U16: Alena Hanusova 15, Gabriela Medunova (186-F-91) 12

Serbia U16-France U16 57:76 (16-20, 14-10, 12-22, 15-24)

France U16 overcame Serbia in the semifinal game of U16 European Championship for Women. A more than convincing victory for the winners was the first loss for the Serbs in the tournament. An even game in the first half turned out to the French offensive game. Margaux Zouzouo (183-F-91) led the winners with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) produced 16 points and made 7 rebounds, while Isabelle Strunc (177-G-91) added 15. Sara Krnjic (194-C-91) 21 points and made 10 rebounds in defeat.
France U16 started their own game in the opening quarter that led to 20:16 in the end of it. Only in the beginning of the second Serbia tied the score and Sara Krnjic gave her team the first lead. Both squads went to the interims as the board showed 30:30.
They still had 39 points each and that was almost the end of the battle. France flew to score and reached 52:42 after three quarters. Serbia refused to give up and closed to 57:55. The 15-0 run ended with France ahead 72:55 with 1:30 to play. France won 76:57 and deserved a place in the final. In the title game the team will meet Spain, that won the last three tournaments at this age.

Serbia U16: Sara Krnjic 21+10 rebs, Milana Zivadinovic (172-G-91) 10
France U16: Margaux Zouzouo 17+9 rebs, Diandra Tchatchouang 16+7 rebs, Isabelle Strunc 15

Russia U16-Hungary U16 63:44 (17-15, 14-8, 11-8, 21-13)

Russia U16 demolished Hungary in the game for 5th-8th Place at the U16 European Championship for Women. The team proved that 4-1 record in the Qualifying Round without a place in the semis will be proved. A 63:44 win was more than enough to deserve a higher spot. Anastasiya Shilova (185-F-91) (185-F-91) led the winners with 12 points and 7 rebounds. Veronika Dorosheva (188-F-91) and Alexandra Tarasova (192-C-91) supported her with 10 points. Dominika Gergely (175-G-91) was the best in the scoring list of Hungarians with 14 points.

Russia U16 went on a 6-0 run in the opening tip of the game. The opponent woke up later and answered with 8-0 run to take 8-6 lead. Anyway Finogentova's jump-shot gave Russia 17:15 lead. The favorite increased to 8-points lead in the end of the first half, 31:23.

The second half did not bring much intrigue as the Russian squad dominated in the court. With a tough defense they finished the third at 11:8. Veronika Dorosheva's free throw sent the teams to the last quarter with 42:31. And a 10-0 fourth quarter push put the game away for good. Russia celebrated 63:44 win and will play for the fifth place.

Russia U16: Anastasiya Shilova 12+7 rebs, Veronika Dorosheva 10, Alexandra Tarasova 10
Hungary U16: Dominika Gergely 14, Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) 9+11 rebs

Sweden U16-Latvia U16 55:47 (14-8, 14-20, 14-12, 13-7)

Sweden U16 beat Latvia in the U16 European Championship for Women. In the game for the 5-8 places the Scandivanian team overcame 55:47. Cleopatra B. Goga (178-G-91) paced the winners with 14 points. Farhiya Abdi (186-F-92) ended up with 11 points and 7 rebounds, while Amanda Bazoukou (189-C-93) grabbed 14 rebounds. Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) finished the game with 12 points and 12 rebounds for the hosts.

Both teams showed a great game, the one that they had also last year. In 2006 Final of Division B Sweden and Latvia made up the Final and it was also Sweden that took the win. Latvia tried to revenge this time, but did not have enough power left in the end.
Sweden started with 14:8 in the opening quarter. Latvia meanwhile trailed also the whole second period, but tied the game in the end of it. Pagrode made a jump-shot with 13 seconds remaining.
It was back-and-forth until Sabine Niedola's basket trimmed Sweden's lead to 50:47 with 3:53 remaining. Latvia did not score anymore and Sweden led the game to 55:47 win. Latvia will play with Hungary for the 7 place, while Sweden faces the favorite-Russia.

Sweden U16: Cleopatra B. Goga 14, Farhiya Abdi 11+7 rebs, Amanda Bazoukou 14 rebs
Latvia U16: Sabine Niedola 12+12 rebs, Anete Kirsteine (178-F-92) 11

Ukraine U16-Poland U16 71:97 (14-19, 15-33, 23-21, 19-24)

Poland U16 used a team game in a 97:71 win over Ukraine for the 9-12 places in the U16 European Tournament. Despite 48 points from two players Ukarinian team had -26 in the end. Iwona Szarzynska (171-G-91) led the winners with 22 points. Magdalena Idziorek (177-G-92) produced 18, while Joanna Markiewicz (184-F-91) added 16. Olha Maznichenko (186-F-91) top-scored for Ukraine with 25 points and 14 rebounds. The best Ukrainian player in the tournament Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) ended up with 23 points and 19 rebounds.

Ukraine opened the game with 2-0 and also had 4-2 lead. Unfortunately for the team they had never stayed in front anymore. Poland used a team game and won the first quarter 19:14.
A splash of baskets saw Ukraine in their side as Poland scored 33 points in the second quarter. Poland had 52 points at the half, the number that many teams in the tournament have only in the end.
In the third quarter Ukraine won the period at 23:21 but realized that they would not catch up the opponents. Poland rested for a while and then produced 24:19 in the last quarter. The winner will play against Belarus for the 9/10 places. Ukraine will meet Belgium for 11/12th.

Ukraine U16: Olha Maznichenko 25+14 rebs, Olesya Malashenko 23+19 rebs
Poland U16: Iwona Szarzynska 22, Magdalena Idziorek 18, Joanna Markiewicz 16

Belarus U16-Belgium U16 64:56 (19-13, 16-14, 11-20, 18-9)

Belarus U18 with the help of Maryia Filonchyk (187-F-92) won the game over Belgium. In the U16 European Championship Belarus took a 64:56 win to have another game for the 9 place. Maryia Filonchyk led the winners with 19 points and 19 rebounds. Veranika Valeuskaya (170-G-91) finished the game with 17, while Alitsyia Kurouskaya (170-G-91) had 11. Noemie Mayombo (168-G-91) top-scored with 13 points in the losing effort.

Belarus U16 opened the game with 6 straight points. The team kept these points till the end of the quarter winning the first 19:13. In the second quarter the game was in the same scenarium with Belarus staying in front. Both teams went to the interims with 35:27 for Belarus.
In the seond half Belgium made a spurt that not only tied the game, however gave Belgium a lead. It happened in the end of the third quarter when the team finished with 47:46.
In the last quarter Belarus took the lead back. With 56:54 Belarus left Belgium with the same number increasing 62. The end of the game showed 64:56 for Belarus team.

Belarus U16: Maryia Filonchyk 19+19 rebs, Veranika Valeuskaya 17, Alitsyia Kurouskaya 11
Belgium U16: Noemie Mayombo 13, Shamira Linskens (183-C-91) 12+13 rebs

   Division B: Echoes from Chieti - player speak about the experiance - Aug. 4, 2007

Svenja Brunckhorst

The German player, Svenja Brunckhorst said that: “Last year the team was different with more individual players taking on more responsibilities each, whereas this year the team is completely different where everybody has their roles but it's more team-oriented. Although this is my second time at the Europeans U16 it is a completely different experience to the first time. And at the present moment I am enjoying it.”

Carmen Miloglav & Adrijana Bosnjak

Carmen Miloglav from Croatia commented that “it has been a difficult tournament for us. The results have not been as we expected and we are not satisfied with the way things have turned out for us. Because we can play much better than this.” And her teammate Adrijana Bosnjak added that “I think that we are a good team but just have been unlucky, so we can't really say that we have been enjoying this year's experience.”

Lianne Miller

Lianne Miller from England said that “it has been a challenge sometimes under the basket but as for the tournament it's fine and I am actually enjoying it. Initially I thought it would be much harder so I am happy that I can compete in my position.” Jessica Hurd commented: “It's very exciting and it's been a challenge to get into the games. We are not used to be in tournaments like this … and the heat! Yes, I am really enjoying it.”

Shira Barak & Shira Shecht

Israeli's Shira Ben Barak is enjoying the tournament and said it's “great.” And Shira Shecht added that “we are playing against the best players in all of Europe.” Shira Ben Barak continued: “Everything in the tournament is good and the environment is nice and we support each other.” Shira Shecht commented that “we are playing very well in general, we are not used to be playing against bigger players but we have managed alright.” Then her teammate, Shira Ben Barak, said “in this competition we had to fight our way through and so far it has been fun. Our major goal was to get into the semi-finals.”

Giulia Pasqualin & Federica Tognalini

The Italian player Giulia Pasqualin commented that “playing against foreign teams and foreign players who you do not know that's beautiful. while Federica Tognalini added " It is a great experience playing against other countries and for most of us it is the first time."

Milou Dekker & Rianne Hofstraat

Dutch players Milou Dekker and Rianne Hofstraat commented: “Our supporters are fantastic. We do not have the words to express our gratitude. As a team we have blended well. And we are having a great tournament and are learning all the time. We do not have the words in English to describe our feelings to be here except for unbelievable.

   Division B: The last day of the Qualifying Round - Aug. 3, 2007

Alice Quarta

The semi-finalist from group E was already known before the final day and the interest in this group was in the minor placing. A bad second quarter for Croatia cost them the match against Finland (67 - 79) and now leave them in playing in the 9th - 12th classification round. Portugal recorded their first victory of the competition beating Slovenia (67-66). Italy beat Bosnia (74-58) with 26 points coming from Alice Quarta.

Bar Galinski

In group nothing was sure with 3 teams still in the hunt for a semi-final spot. Israel beat Ireland (40-31) in a low scoring game with Bar Galinski the match winner scoring 13-points and picking 18 boards and blocking two shots.

Ronny Kahn, Israel's head coach, commented after his team's victory: "When things are not in your hands, you have to wait for other people to help you. That's the hardest thing for a coach. It was a great achievement for us as we are not considered to be one of the top four teams in terms of talent here and physically structured. My girls are heroes."

Lianne Miller & Katrin Chiemeka

England beat Romania (60-54) in the match for minor places with double doubles for Lianne Miller (18pts &15 rebounds) and Katrin Chiemeka (20pts & 11 rebounds).

Sonja Greinacher

A clinical performance by Germany in their demolition of Holland in a one sided game (75-35) put them in the semi-final. Sonja Greinacher scored game high 18 points and 6 rebounds.

Germany's head coach, Alexandra Marz, said "Okay I think it was a difficult game for us, especially in defence and also offence. Congratulations to the girls as they really played well and were focused to the point."

   Division A: The last day of the Qualifying Round - Aug. 3, 2007

Russia U16-Belgium U16 72:67 (16-11, 22-19, 13-19, 21-18)

Russia U16 thought probably more about another game than about Belgium. Spain and France was the game that had more interest for the Russian team, however Russia has to beat Belgium in any case. In the last game of the Qualifying Round of Termosteps U16 European Championship Women Russia overcame Belgium 72:67, but did not qualify to the semifinals as Spain beat France 77:63. Three teams in the group finished with 4-1 record and only Russia stayed out of the semis. Alexandra Tarasova (192-C-91) led the winners with 19 points and 15 rebounds. Viktoria Medvedeva (185-C-91) nailed 15 points and 10 rebounds, while Yana Matveeva (182-F-92) added 10.
Russia started with 16:11 in the opening quarter. In the midway through the second quarter a lead was increased to 28:17. The advantage was still 50:42 with three minutes left in the third.
Meanwhile Belgium created a 12-1 run and reduced to 56:54. It was then Alexandra Tarasova who answered with seven consecutive points that gave Russia back the lead 65:63. The favorites kept the score and finished third in the group.
Russia will play tomorrow against hungary for the 5/8 places. Belgium meets Belarus on the stage for the 9/12 places.
Russia U16: Alexandra Tarasova 19+15 rebs, Viktoria Medvedeva 15+10 rebs, Yana Matveeva 10+9 rebs
Belgium U16: Shamira Linskens (183-C-91) 16+10 rebs, Noemie Mayombo (168-G-91) 11

France U16-Spain U16 63:77 (13-21, 21-14, 12-23, 17-19)

Spain and France had one of the toughest and most interesting game in the U16 European Championship. Spain U16 not only recovered from the loss from Russian team, however left the latter out of the semis. Spain won one of the most important game so far beating France U16 77:63. Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) (177-G-91) (177-G-91) led the winners with 20 points. Gimeno Martinez posted 19, while Amaya Ganuza (188-F-91) added 11. Allison Vernerey (191-C-91) ended up with 14 points and 10 rebounds in the losing effort. Three teams in the group finished with 4-1 record and only Russia stayed out of the semis. France had to lose not more than 10 points, however did not sove the task and finished second.

The defending champions Spain took the first spot in the group, even though yesterday many specialist did not predict them a place in the semis.The game was back and forth in the early but Spain had a 9-2 run to pull ahead 21:13 after one period. France answered with 11-4 run as both teams closed the half with 35:34.
Spain had a desire to win more and made two spurts to stay on the way. With a 14-0 run Spain was in front having 53:44 in the end of the third. A 17-4 rush later in the game answered fior all the questions.

France U16: Allison Vernerey 14+10 rebs, Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) 10
Spain U16: Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) 20, Gimeno Martinez 19, Amaya Ganuza 11

Ukraine U16-Latvia U16 65:85 (9-16, 17-26, 16-24, 23-19)
Latvia made the fans to celebrate in the last game of the Qualifying Round at the Termosteps U16 European Championship. With the superb three quarters the hosts beat Ukraine 85:65. Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) (182-F-91) top-scored for the winners with 17 points and 12 rebounds. Linda Pagrode (167-G-92) ended up with 16, while Anna Sonka (179-F-91) collected 14 points. Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) as usual represented Ukarinian side with 29 points and 16 rebounds. Latvia improved to 2-3 and play in the 5th-8th place games. Ukraine is fifth and will play for the 9-12 places.

Latvia went on a 6-0 run already in the opening tip. Both teams could not score in the last 2 minutes as Latvia closed the first with 16:9. In the second period the gap became bigger as the hosts played more offensive. Ukraine had no team game at all. A best result was only 1 assist that some players finished with. Ukraine lost also the third quarter and there was nothing they could hope for. Although Olesya Malashenko's effort helped the team to win the last quarter, that was the end of the game.

Ukraine U16: Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) 29+16 rebs, Anastasiya Bogdanova (179-G-91) 12
Latvia U16: Sabine Niedola 17+12 rebs, Linda Pagrode 16, Anna Sonka 14

GROUP E Sweden U16-Belarus U16 60:48 (15-12, 18-4, 13-16, 14-16)
Sweden U16 beat Belarus in the last game of the Qualifying Round of the Termosteps U16 European Championship for Women. Having won the first two quarters Sweden prepared for the rest and led to 60:48 win. Nijaz Goga (185-G-76) paced the winners with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Salome Kabengano (176-G-92) and Frida Fogdemark (184-F-91) finished with 11 points each. Alitsyia Kurouskaya (170-G-91) top-scored with 16 points in the losing effort.

Belarus U16 had the lead only once in the game. It was in the beginning of the game when Chubkavets made a lay-up. In the rest of the game the spectators saw only one team in front-Sweden. The team ripped off a 15-0 spurt and eventually pulled ahead 41:20 early in the third period. That happened after Sweden won the second 18:4.
In the second half Belarus woke up, but they missed too much in the first half. Alitsyia Kurouskaya and Veranika Valeuskaya (170-G-91)'s effort was not enough as the leader of the team Filonchyk scored only 9 points. As a result Sweden outscored Belarus 60:48 to finish third in the group.

Tomorrow Sweden faces Latvia for the 5/8 places. Belarus will meet Belgium on another stage for the 9-12 places.

Sweden U16: Nijaz Goga 20+10 rebs, Salome Kabengano 11, Frida Fogdemark 11
Belarus U16: Alitsyia Kurouskaya 16, Veranika Valeuskaya 10

Poland U16-Hungary U16 54:70 (8-15, 13-18, 13-21, 20-16)

Hungary U16 finished the Qualifying round on a happy note beating Poland 70:54. Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) led the winners with 16 points. Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) ended up with 9, while Alma Nemeth (180-F-92) produced 8. Aleksandra Dziwinska (170-G-91) nailed 14 points for the Polish squad. The latter ended up with no wins on the second stage and finished with 0-5 record. Hungary increased to a positive result (3-2) but is only 4th.

Aleksandra Dziwinska with a two opened the game for Poland. That was however the only lead of the Polish team. Hungary caught up very quickly and finished the quarter with 15:8. In the second quarter Adamecz brought the favorites the 10-points deficit after a jump shot.
The third quarter was not a lucky one for Poland. Hungary pushed the tempo and reached 20 points. Both teams played 30 minutes of the game and Hungary stayed in front with 54:34. Only in the last quarter Hungary did not worry too much about the game that was done. Poland won the last quarter 20:16 that only reduced to 16 points. Hungary celebrated the third win in the group and finished fourth.

Poland U16: Aleksandra Dziwinska 14, Roze Ratajczak (178-G-91) 9
Hungary U16: Krisztina Raksanyi 16, Dorottya Tamis 9, Alma Nemeth 8

Serbia U16- Czech Republic U16 67:65 (17-18, 15-17, 17-17, 18-13)

Serbia U16 and Czech Republic had an outstanding performance from both sides. Serbia guaranteed the semifinal place even before the gam and in case of loss could finish second. For Czech Republic U16 the game had more interest as they could be out of the semis due to some factors. Luckily for the latter they lost the game but advanced from the second spot. Serbia grabbed 67:65 win and the first place in Group E of the Termosteps U16 European Championship. Tijana Ajdukovic (197-C-91) paced the winners with 17 points and 10 rebounds. Maja Vucurovic (188-F-91) collected 15, while Krnjic added 10. Lenka Bartakova (170-G-91) top-scored for the Czechs with 15 points.

Czech Republic desired more win in the game and went on a 6-0 run. They still held the victory in the end of the first, 18:17. With an even game in the second quarter Lenka Bartakova's jump shot brought Czech Republic 35:32 at the half.
Elhotova's free throw and the Czechs had 8 points deficit in the third quarter. The gap was reduced as Serbia scored some baskets. Lenka Bartakova gave back the 8-point lead, but that was the last for the team. Serbia tied at 62:62 and then led the game to a 67:65 win.

Serbia U16: Tijana Ajdukovic 17+10 rebs, Maja Vucurovic 15, Krnjic 10+9 rebs
Czech Republic U16: Lenka Bartakova 15, Andrea Sladkova (186-C-91) 9

   One of the toughest game of the Division A - Aug. 3, 2007
France U16-Spain U16 63:77 (13-21, 21-14, 12-23, 17-19)

Spain and France had one of the toughest and most interesting game in the U16 European Championship. Spain U16 not only recovered from the loss from Russian team, however left the latter out of the semis. Spain won one of the most important game so far beating France U16 77:63. Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) led the winners with 20 points. Gimeno Martinez posted 19, while Amaya Ganuza (188-F-91) added 11. Allison Vernerey (191-C-91) ended up with 14 points and 10 rebounds in the losing effort. Three teams in the group finished with 4-1 record and only Russia stayed out of the semis. France had to lose not more than 10 points, however did not sove the task and finished second.

The defending champions Spain took the first spot in the group, even though yesterday many specialist did not predict them a place in the semis.The game was back and forth in the early but Spain had a 9-2 run to pull ahead 21:13 after one period. France answered with 11-4 run as both teams closed the half with 35:34.
Spain had a desire to win more and made two spurts to stay on the way. With a 14-0 run Spain was in front having 53:44 in the end of the third. A 17-4 rush later in the game answered fior all the questions.

France U16: Allison Vernerey 14+10 rebs, Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) 10
Spain U16: Leonor Rodriguez 20, Gimeno Martinez 19, Amaya Ganuza 11

   Division B: Italy and Slovenia in semi-final - Aug. 2, 2007 
Group E:

Giulia Pasqualin (176-G-91)

Italy maintained their 100% record to advance to the semi-final. The second period pressing and clinical shooting to open up a 12-point lead at the interval in the match. The loss of Irene Primossi, halfway through the 3rd period after falling awkwardly on her ankle spoilt the celebration slightly as Italy repelled a last quarter fight back to win (58-50) with Giulia Pasqualin scoring all her 17 points in the first period.

Tjasa Gortnar and Lea Jagodic

Tjasa Gortnar and Lea Jagodic combined for 21 point in the final period as Slovenia came from behind to win a pulsating encounter (77-69). This fourth quarter turn around was more remarkable because Lea Jagodic picked up her forth foul at the end of the second period. once again Nika Baric was the leading scored with 27 points

In the groups other match Finland beat Portugal (83-71)

For more information go to

Group F

The only thing that is certain in this group is that Romania will play in the classification 9-12th place. Germany have one foot in the semi-final and provided they do not lose to the Netherlands by more than 10 points today and Israel beat Ireland then they will go through.

Germany beat England (50-40) in a low scoring game and Ireland beat Romania (77-59). The Big match of the day in the group pitched Holland and Israel. Israel won the match (60-57). Ronny Kahn was happy with the victory but not the result because qualification for the semi-final is still not certain while Yvonne Lansink was also unhappy with the results. She was pleased by her player's performance but this defeat now means that her side must beat Germany by at 10-points tomorrow and hope that Israel beat Ireland to go through.

Comments of the day:

Marco Rota (Italy head coach: Now we are ready. We are in the semi-final on Saturday with the second of the other group. We achieved our first goal now. So can think about tomorrow's game more relaxed and with less pressure which is good because we have two injured players: Alessandra Tava (hurt on Tuesday) and Irene Pieropan (hurt today) who should be back by Saturday, whose presence are important for the semi-final. We are happy but not satisfied with the performance today.

Giulia Pasqualin (Italy): In the beginning of today's match Croatia was tough in defence and obviously they could score some easy baskets. We started to play a little harder, put pressure on defence and then came back. I didn't score in the second half, that happens.

Federica Tognalini (Italy): The game was played at a high level because both teams' objectives were the same: the semi-final. So both teams fought very hard to take control of the game. And Croatia gave us a hard game today.

Damir Grgic (Slovenia) :I don't think it was a good match for us. We took too long to get into it and it was not until the final quarter that we finally started to play our game. Our players showed a little bit too much respect for the opposition, but in the end, once they forgot what was at stake they started to play to the best of their ability and took the pressure of Nika Baric. It is great for Slovenia Basketball that we are in the semi-final and tomorrow we can rest some players before the semi-final.

Svenja Brunckhorst (Germany):it was a difficult beginning for us, but once we got into our stride and did simple things, then our game came together. Overall it was a good team performance as that is our strength"

   Division A: Qualifying Round brings more interest - Aug. 1, 2007 
Belarus U16-Poland U16 80:72 (21-17, 17-12, 25-13, 17-30)

Belarus and Poland were the only winless teams in Group E of the Termosteps U16 European Championship Women. Belarus was much better in the first three quarters that gave them 80:72 win. A 30:17 victory in the last only brought Poland to 8-points margin.
Maryia Filonchyk (187-F-92) (187-F-92) was unstoppable for the winners. She nailed 30 points and made 17 rebounds. Alitsyia Kurouskaya (170-G-91) netted 14, while Veranika Valeuskaya (170-G-91) scored 11. Iwona Szarzynska (171-G-91) produced 15 points in the losing effort.

Belarus went on a 10-0 run, that shocked the opponents. They however needed less then 10 minutes to tie at 17:17. A 21:17 lead by the Belarusian squad sent the teams to the second quarter. The winning team increased the lead to 9 points and that was the end of the first half.
Belarus used another 14-3 run to open their first 20-point lead at 56:36. Poland, however, scored the first nine points of the fourth period on their way to a 16-2 run to close within 65:58 with six minutes left. Unfortunately for the team they could not stay closer. Belarus reached the first win in the Qualifying Round, while Poland stayed winless.

Belarus U16: Maryia Filonchyk 30+17 rebs, Alitsyia Kurouskaya 14, Veranika Valeuskaya 11
Poland U16: Iwona Szarzynska 15, Malgorzata Misiuk (184-F-91) 13

Spain U16-Russia U16 60:63 (31-18, 6-10, 13-15, 10-20)

Russia U16 creates a miracle beating the three-times champion Spain. In the second day of the Qualifying Round Olga Sokolovskaya (173-G-91)'d last 5 points buried the favorites. She ended up with 12 points, the same as her team mate Alexandra Tarasova (192-C-91). Tha latter, by the way grabbed also 19 rebounds. Yana Matveeva (182-F-92) top-scored for the winners with 16 points, while Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) had the same number in defeat.

To tell the truth the result did not bring much surprise. In the previous game Spain could hardly beat Ukraine, traling 11 points thoughout the game. This time it was Spain that had 13 points after the first quarter and lost the game.
Russia, meanwile trailed 9 points at the half, however seemed better in the second quarter. In the third trailing again 13 points Yana Matveeva reduced to 7. Russia tied the game with less than 5 minutes remaining. Alexandra Tarasova's jump shot and the board showed 56:56. With 60:58 for Spain Olga Sokolovskaya scored 5 points in a row and brought such an important win for Russia. Both teams has now 3-1 record in the group.

Spain U16: Leonor Rodriguez 16, Cristina Barrios (170-G-91) 12, Gimeno Martinez 12
Russia U16: Yana Matveeva 16, Alexandra Tarasova 12+19 rebs, Olga Sokolovskaya 12

Czech Republic U16-Sweden U16 59:65 (21-13, 16-15, 12-19, 10-18)

Sweden U16 made a small miracle beating the leaders of Group E Czech Republic. Sweden won 65:59, but desired at least 10 points that might give them a chance to advance to the semis of Termosteps U16 European Championship Women. Salome Kabengano (176-G-92) led the winners with 15 points. Amanda Bazoukou (189-C-93) ended up with 14 points and 11 rebounds, while Nijaz Goga (185-G-76) had 14. Alena Hanusova (187-C-91) posted 19 points in the losing effort.

Czech Republic that lost to Spain in the final last Championship might be out of the semis this time. The team dropped to 3-1 and will advance to Saturday's semis if they beat Serbia on Thursday.
The Czechs started confidently and opened the game with 21:13. They even increased to 9 points at the half of the game. Meanwhile Sweden trailed 14 points with seven minutes left in the third but went on a 28-7 tear to open a 61:54 lead with less then three minutes remaining. With 59:62 Czechs still had a chance to tie the game. Sladkova missed the second free throw in order to grab the ball and to hit three. Nijaz Goga however buried Czechs with a three that brought Sweden a victory. Sweden held the score and tied at 2-2 in the group.

Czech Republic U16: Alena Hanusova 19, Michaela Pavlasova (175-G-91) 9
Sweden U16: Salome Kabengano 15, Amanda Bazoukou 14+11 rebs, Nijaz Goga 14

Hungary U16-Serbia U16 49:65 (11-17, 15-19, 9-14, 14-15)

Serbia U16 stays undefeated in the European Championship for Women. In the game against Hungary Serbia advanced to the semifinals even though the team has one more game. For the latter it will be a miracle if they advance as their chances are minimum due to the situation in the group. Sara Krnjic (194-C-91) led the winners with 18 points and 19 rebounds to a 65:49 win. Milana Zivadinovic (172-G-91) posted 15 points and Stanic scored 11. Reka Balint (181-F-91) top-scored for Hungarians with 17 points.

The first quarter was a show that you will seldom see. It could be divided into 2 parts as both teams had tremendous runs. At first Serbia opened the game with 17-0 run, however did not keep the score. Hungary answered with 11-0 tear as the teams had 17:11 after the first. In the second period Serbia increased to 10 points lead.
The Serbs pushed the lead up to 50:33 late in the third period. Hungary could not recover and lost the game. Tamis's three with 2 seconds in the game was the last for both teams.

Hungary U16: Reka Balint 17, Melinda Kesoi (178-F-92) 9
Serbia U16: Sara Krnjic 18+19 rebs, Milana Zivadinovic 15, Stanic 11

Belgium U16-Ukraine U16 71:80 (15-16, 20-30, 16-17, 20-17)

Ukraine and Belgium both had no chnaces to advance to the semifinals even before the game. For Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) it meant nothing as she continues to shine at U16 European Championship for Women. She poured in 38 points and made 23 rebounds. This is the best result so far not only for the player, however in the Championship as well. Olha Maznichenko (186-F-91) and Anastasiya Bogdanova (175-G-91) added 12 points each. Jana Raman (183-F-91) top-scored for Belgium with 14 points.

Ukraine U16 had a great game over Spain last time and deserved the win not less than the favorites. This time against belgium the team proved the superiority mostly to the game of one player. From the first minutes Ukraien took a control and finished the first quarter 16:15. With 30:20 in the second Ukraine reached 11 points deficit.

In the second half the game styed on its route as Ukraine won the third 17:16. Although Belgium beat Ukraininas in the last 20:17 it did not bring them a victory.

After that win Ukraine has 3-1 record and stays on the 4/5 together with Latvia. By the way the teams will meet each other tonight ion the last game of the group. Belgium will face Russia in the opener.

Belgium U16: Jana Raman 14, Noemie Mayombo (168-G-91) 14+8 rebs
Ukraine U16: Olesya Malashenko 38+23 rebs, Olha Maznichenko 12, Anastasiya Bogdanova 12

   Division B: Group F: Holland and Germany on course for semi-final - Aug. 1, 2007
Romania surprised Holland in the opening period as they went on an (11-0) run to take the lead briefly (13-11) in the first period. Yvonne Lansink's concept of total team basketball was in evidence as Holland picked up and dominated the rest of the match in all domains to win comfortably (79-59). Milou Dekker (176-G-91) led the scoring with 17-points. The players, Milou Dekker and Rianne Hofstraat (183-C-92), in a joint statement for the team said "it is unbelievable we are having a great tournament and are learning all the time and our supporters are fantastic."

Svenja Brunckhorst

Germany were made to work hard for every single point and the final result does not give a true reflection of the game. Germany was always in control offensively after opening the match (11-0) but the physical "never say die" approach of Ireland raffled them at times. Svenja Brunckhorst (176-G-91) scored 11 points for Germany. Alexandra Maerz, the German head coach, was generally pleased with her team's performance.

In the group's other match, Israel beat England in a very hard physical game. Though England managed to restrict Bar Galinski's influence in the game. After a tight opening with both teams playing man to man, Israel made the break with Bea Galinski making two big baskets towards the end of the first period (12-7). England never really recovered from this and their poor free throwing and high turnover counts allowed Israel to hold on to the match despite having key players in foul problems (60-50). England's Ella Clark (178-F-92) top scored with 16-points in England's losing cause.

Shira Schecht, an Israel player, said that "we watched the video of England and knew they were physical, so we were prepared".

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   Division B: Italy setting the pace in Group E - Aug. 1, 2007
Italy moved clear at the top of the U16 European Championship Women Division B after registering a comfortable 62-39 victory over Portugal in the qualifying round of group E.

Portugal required a win in this match for any chance of qualifying for the semi-final and in the first period they matched their opponents. Italy stepped up the pace in the second period and slowly took hold of the game. Portugal's foul problems hampered their progress in the second half of the match leaving the way free for Italy. Elena Bestagno finished with a game high 16 points for Italy with Federica Tognalini dominating the boards with 12 rebounds. Portugal's Luiana Livulo recorded a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

Vilja .............Matea Tavic


Matea Tavic (177-G-92)'s 29 points could not prevent Bosnia and Herzegovina losing their 100% record after they suffered a (81-75) loss to Finland in over-time. Matea Tavic scored 29 points for Bosnia while Vilja Kesanen scored 24 points for Finland.

The game was tied at 63-63 after regulation time, but Finland kept their nerves in overtime to establish a six-point gap at the buzzer thanks largely to the efforts of Vilja Kesanen, who ended the game with 24 points.

Nika Baric

Slovenia waited until the second period before establishing their authority over Croatia in an entertaining match. Nika Baric (168-G-92) scored 30 points as Slovenia won (79-72).

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   Division B: Montenegro record first win ever at U16 level - Aug. 1, 2007
Montenegro recorded their first ever victory in Div B U16 against Bulgaria as they take a 2-point lead into the second leg that will be played on Thursday for 13th place

   Division A: The Qualifying Round begins - Jul. 31, 2007
Ukraine U16-Spain U16 65:77 (21-11, 10-20, 17-23, 17-23)

Ukraine U16 had a great game against the defending champion of U16 European Championship. Even though the team lost 65:77, it held the spectators alive throughout the whole game. With 21:11 in the first quarter Spain luckily woke up in the next threes. Vega Martinez (184-G-91) (184-G-91) led the winners with 25 points. Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91), who usually top-scores for the team ended up with 14, while Cristina Barrios (170-G-91) added 12. Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) collected 19 points and 16 rebounds in the losing effort.
Ukraine and Spain had 2 and 0 in their records, however they were switched in both of them. After that game 3 and 0 belongs to the teams as Spain tops the group with 3-0 and Ukraine stays on bottom with 0-3.

Ukraine tried really hard and in the first minutes they created 11-0 run. Olesya Malashenko's three gave the underdogs 11-1 lead. After Maznichenko made a free throw her team had the biggest 24:13 lead.
Meanwhile Spain tied the score at 31:31 as all the players went to the interims. Ukraine's last lead was at 38:37 and then the skill of the favorites was seen in the court. Winning the last two quarters with 23:17, Spain stayed undefeted and stepped forward to another title.

Ukraine U16: Olesya Malashenko 19+16 rebs, Alona Chygrynova (172-G-91) 14
Spain U16: Vega Martinez 25, Leonor Rodriguez 14, Cristina Barrios 12

Sweden U16-Hungary U16 47:53 (18-13, 11-11, 14-11, 4-18)

Hungary and Sweden stayed in the center of the group having 1-1 record after the Preliminary Round. Sweden that stayed in front for the first three quarters lost the last quarter and the game itself. Hungary produced 18-4 run in the last and grabbed the second win. Reka Balint (181-F-91) led the winners with 19 points and 9 rebounds. Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) collected 9, while Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) ended up with 8 points. Amanda Bazoukou (189-C-93) made a double-double for Sweden scoring 12 points and making 12 rebounds.

Reka Balint with a three opened the game as the both teams produced the most productive first quarter. Sweden took a control of the game and had 18:13 in the first quarter. Kesoi's lay-up gave Hungary the first lead in the second quarter as they lifted to 21:20. Salome Kabengano (176-G-92) kept Sweden in front with 29:24 at the half.

Itze Nunez's three gave Sweden the biggest lead in the third quarter, 40:29. It seemed that the leading team would not lose the game, however they did. Hungary made 16-2 run in the end of the game and were happy to get such a difficult win. They proved that the game consists of the four quarters.

Sweden U16: Amanda Bazoukou 12+12 rebs, Salome Kabengano 9
Hungary U16: Reka Balint 19+9 rebs, Krisztina Raksanyi 9, Dorottya Tamis 8

Poland U16-Czech Republic U16 47:83 (11-16, 13-28, 10-21, 13-18)
Czech Republic U16 stays on top of Group E defeating Poland 83:47. An overwhelming second quarter and the win in all the others brought the Czechs the first victory in the Qualifying Round. Lenka Bartakova (170-G-91) led the winners with 13 points. Andrea Sladkova (186-C-91) posted 12 points and made 11 rebounds, while Karolina Elhotova (179-G-92) scored 10. Magdalena Idziorek (177-G-92) had only 8 points for the Polish squad.

In the opening tip of the game it was the game between two even teams. Poland even led for some time as their last lead was at 9:8. Karolina Elhotova's jump shot gave Czechs 16:11 after first 10 minutes.
The second quarter was a nightmare for the Polish team. Czech Republic produced a basketball of a high quality and had 20 points at the half, 44:24.

In the third quarter the lead increased to 31 points as the favorites had 65:34. It was not a big deal to lead the game to the happy end. Czech Republic U16 sweeps Poland and improves to 3-0 in the group. The latter has no wins in the Qualifying Round with 0-3.

Poland U16: Magdalena Idziorek 8
Czech Republic U16: Lenka Bartakova 13, Andrea Sladkova 12+11 rebs, Karolina Elhotova 10

Serbia U16-Belarus U16 69:47 (21-12, 19-13, 15-17, 14-5)
Serbia U16 has the right way to the semifinals. In the first game of the Qualifying Round the team beat Belarus 69:47. Group E of the U16 European Championships for Women has now two undefeted leaders-Serbia and Czech Republic. Belarus dropped to 0-3 and covers the bottom. Maryia Filonchyk (187-F-92) top-scored for Belarus with 12 points and Alitsyia Kurouskaya (170-G-91) added 9. Sara Krnjic (194-C-91) led the winners with 12 points and 14 rebounds. Milana Zivadinovic (172-G-91) produced 11 points and made 14 rebounds, while Maja Vucurovic (188-F-91) netted 10.

Serbia made 6-0 in the opening tip of the game to feel more confident in the rest of the quarter. With 21:12 Serbia stayed in front of the first and later never looked behind. The favorites of the group went on a 15-0 run spanning the first and second quarters to open a 30:12 advantage. In the end of the second quarter both teams went to the interims with 40:25.
Belarus won the third quarter 15:17, but it could hardly give them a chance to hope for something else. Serbia kept tough defense in the last quarter and finished the game with 69:47.
Today Serbia plays against Hungary in the last game of the group. Belarus will face Poland in the last game for tonight.

Serbia U16: Sara Krnjic 12+14 rebs, Milana Zivadinovic 11+14 rebs, Maja Vucurovic 10
Belarus U16: Maryia Filonchyk 12, Alitsyia Kurouskaya 9

France U16-Belgium U16 75:70 (14-18, 17-9, 21-16, 23-27)
France U16 being the undefeated team in Group F had a tough win over Belgium that stays winless on that stage. France deserved 75:70 victory to stay on top of the group. Trailing 14 points with a bit more than 5 minutes in the game Belgium almost came back, but had lack of time. Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) (186-F/C-91) and Allison Vernerey (191-C-91) paced the winners with 20 points each. Moreover they collected 23 rebounds altogether.Anne-Sophie De Bondt produced 14 points for Belgium, while Noemie Mayombo (168-G-91) added 12.

Belgium went on a lead in the opening quarter and finished the period having 18:14. The team increased to 22:16 early in the second quarter but was caught by the opponents. France answered with a 15-0 run as the game was even at 36:36.
France took the control of the game in the second half and had 14 points deficit with 5 minutes remaining. That was not the time however to celebrate. Noemi Borrey and Anne-Sophie De Bondt nailed some three-pointers and Miete Celus (175-G/F-91) 's jumper finished the 10-0 Belgian spurt. Belgium had only -1 with 30 seconds to play. Diandra Tchatchouang and Akmouche's free throws helped France to escape the win.

France U16: Diandra Tchatchouang 20+12 rebs, Allison Vernerey 20+11 rebs, Margaux Zouzouo (183-F-91) 15
Belgium U16: Anne-Sophie De Bondt 14, Noemie Mayombo 12

Russia U16-Latvia U16 89:74 (28-15, 15-23, 19-18, 27-18)
Russia U16 keeps their chances alive after a win over Latvia. In the first game of the Qualifying Round Russia team stormed with 89:74 victory. Veronika Dorosheva (188-F-91) led the winners with 23 points. Yana Matveeva (182-F-92) ended up with 18 points and 9 rebounds, while Alexandra Tarasova (192-C-91) collected 17 points and 19 rebounds. Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) shone for the hosts with 15 points and 14 rebounds.

Russia and Latvia both had 1-1 record before the game with each other in Termosteps U16 European Championship for Women. Russia took an opportunity to stay closer to France and Spain that stay undefeated. The team started with 28:15 in the opening quarter and only once then stayed behind.
Meanwhile Latvia reduced to 43:38 in the end of the second quarter after Gotfrida made a free throw. The third quarter was the came back for the hosts. Anete Kirsteine (178-F-92)'s three gave Latvia the first lead at 49:47. But Russia were ahead by six points going into the fourth, and Yana Matveeva's three-pointer made it 72:56 with seven minutes play. In the end of the game Medvedeva's three ended up the game at 89:74. Russia increases to 2-1, while Latvia is 1-2.

Russia U16: Veronika Dorosheva 23, Yana Matveeva 18+9 rebs, Alexandra Tarasova 17+19 rebs
Latvia U16: Sabine Niedola 15+14 rebs, Anete Kirsteine 14

   Division A: Start of the Classification Round - Jul. 31, 2007 
Slovak Republic U16-Greece U16 56:57 (12-10, 19-15, 13-21, 12-11)

Slovak Republic U16 lost to Greece in the first game of the Classification Round. With no wins in the Preliminary Round Greece took the first win in U16 European Championship in Latvia. Anna Kavasila (186-C-91) made a lay-up for the winners on the last minute of the game. She finished the game second with 13 points and 12 rebounds. Christina Tsoukala (188-F/C-91) top-scored for Greece with 14 points and 8 rebounds. Dominika Baburova (180-G-91) collected 16 points in the losing effort.
Slovak Republic beat Greece in three quarters out of four. Unfortunately for the team that factor was more appropriate and pleasant for the Greek squad. The latter satisfied with 21:13 in the third and grabbed the first win. Greece went on a 5-0 run in the opening tip, but the first quarter belonged to Slovakia. Faberova with a jump shot lifted her team to 12:10 after the first 10 minutes.

In the second quarter Slovak Republic increased to 8 points. Dominika Baburova's three made the score 27:18 that was awful for the opponents at that time. Greece reduced to 31:25 at the half.

In the second half Greece controlled most of the game. They won the third quarter 21:13 and took control at 46:44 after third. With 55 for both teams Anna Kavasila made a lay-up for the winners on the last minute of the game. Veronika Simova (-F) went to the free throw line with no time left in the game. She scored only one that sent the victory for Greece.

Slovak Republic U16: Dominika Baburova 16, Veronika Simova 10+13 rebs, Faberova 10
Greece U16: Christina Tsoukala 14+8 rebs, Anna Kavasila 13+12 rebs, Georgia Panou (168-G-91) 12

Lithuania U16-Turkey U16 70:68 (20-26, 21-10, 10-17, 19-15)
Lithuania U16 is considered to be the only team in the Classification Round that tasted the wins before. The team finished the Preliminary Round with 1-2, as three other teams stayed winless with 0-3. Turkey did not however pay too much attention to the stats and went on a lead from the first minutes. Takmaz's three gave Turkey 8 points as they stayed in front with 26:18. Egle Siksniute (193-F-91)'s jump shot reduced to 6 points in the end of the first. In the second quarter Lithuania made a 7-0 run to take 27:26 lead, but Turkey finished the half at 41:36.

Five points were maximum for any team with 5 minutes remaining in the third quarter till the end of the game. At first Lithuania were on top with 46:42 in the third, but then Turkey had 60:55 with 7 minutes remaining. Lithuania dominated in the end and won the first game in the Classification Round and the second in the tournament.
Gintare Mazionyte (185-C-91) led the winners with 23 points. Diana Zintikaite (163-G-91) ended up with 19, while Egle Siksniute added 12. Safiye Karaman (180-F-91) top-scored with 25 points in the losing effort.
There will be no games tomorrow in the Classification Round. On Thursday Turkey will meet Slovakia and Lithuania will face Greece.

Lithuania U16: Gintare Mazionyte 23, Diana Zintikaite 19, Egle Siksniute 12
Turkey U16: Safiye Karaman 25, Dilara Tongar (168-G-91) 14+10 rebs+6 ast

   Division A: The best players so far - Jul. 30, 2007
As the Preliminary Round in the Division A of U16 European Championship is over, Eurobasket introduces the best players so far in three categories. Today is the day-off in the Championship, but it is not the day-off for the correspondents and especially for the readers.

Ukrainian Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) leads the top-scorers in the Championship. She stays on top with 21.7 points per game. In the first game against Russia Olesya Malashenko ended up with 18 points in a loss for her team. The best game so far she showed over Greece nailing 26 points and grabbing 18 rebounds. In the last game over France Olesya Malashenko posted 20 points.
Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) from Latvia averages with 21.3 points per game. Maryia Filonchyk (187-F-92) from Belarus is third in the list with 21.0 points per game.

After 22 rebounds in the game over Greece Latvian Sabine Niedola leads the rebounding category. She averages 18.7 rebounds per game. Sara Krnjic (194-C-91) and Amanda Bazoukou (189-C-93) are second with 14.0 per game.

Spanish Leonor Rodriguez (177-G-91) is the first in the assists stats. A great game by her team lifts her with 5.3 assists per game. She made 6 assists in the games over Turkey and Latvia and had 4 against Belgium. Cleopatra Forsman (165-G-91) is second with 4.3 per game and Sintija Grinerte (173-G-91) from Latvia has 4.0 assists per game.

   Division B: The end of the Preliminary Round - Jul. 30, 2007 
Italy maintained their perfect record to finish top in Group A and take maximum points into the qualifying round after a routine if not spectacular victory against Finland (67-54). Slovenia finished in second place with a mixed performance victory against Montenegro (63-41) with Nika Baric (166-G-92) leading the scoring with 15 points.

In Group B Croatia bounced back from their defeat against Bosnia in overcoming a resilient Portuguese side (73-60). Croatia's head coach was very happy with the performance and hopes that they will continue to play in the same way.

Group C's big match between England and Netherlands lived up to its billing with Netherlands coming out on top (55-53) with Rosanne Guijt 4-of-5 from beyond the arc with 18 points leading all scores in the match.

Rosanne explained after the match that she likes "to play against England and that I wanted to avenge the defeat of last year.

Ireland beat Bulgaria (76-60) to move into the qualifying round.

Germany beat group D rival Israel (61-57) thanks to a first quarter blitz (18-5). Israel spend the whole game chasing after the game but never managed to go in front. Bar Galinski finished with a double -double 25 points and 10 rebound in a losing cause while Julia Gaudermannn top scored for Germany with 13 points.

Comments Comments:

Joe Shields, Ireland: it was good we have adapted to the climate and I think that we have adapted to the conditions and also you know the girls did not really perform very well in the first game against England, I know that England are quite good. We have improved in the last couple of games and today's result was achieved with combination of hard work and effort and the Irish spirit."

Rui Gomis, Portugal: I have mixed feeling, first I am happy because this is the first time at U16 that my country has played such a close game against Croatia and the feeling is that with a little bit more cleverness and experience we could do better than Croatia.

We did not score many 3-points today and we could not stop their transition game that is very good. We noticed that Bosnia had problems with Croatia transition game and we worked on it but our players did not understand it but I am still happy with the girls as they did not give up and fought all through the game. We have to improve in one area for the next round, we are not boxing out enough and losing points on rebounds which makes a difference, otherwise we are okay.

Yvonne Lansink, Holland: I thought the referees were a bit one-sided at the beginning and told the girls at the break to step up and stay more physical and see what the refs would do, they did this and the calls evened out. We played as a team and I can play with 12 players and that is a big advantage. And it does not matter who is standing up, it is such a great team, we have won our 3 games and that is such a great achievement for Holland.

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   Division A: The end of the Preliminary Round - Jul. 29, 2007 
The Preliminary Round in the Division A of U16 European Championship went to the end. Three teams from each group advanced to the Qualifying Round, while the last teams from the groups will make the Classifiction Round.

In Group A one team finished undefeated, the Czech Republic. The team finished with a perfect 3-0 record after beating Hungary 63:50. Adela Filarova (171-G-91) and Gabriela Medunova top-scored for the winners with 14 points. Melinda Kesoi brought 16 points for Hungary that ended up second with 2-1. The third team to advance to the Qualifying Round was Belarus that outscored Slovakia 75:65 for their first victory of the tournament. Maryia Filonchyk (187-F-92) led all players with 32 points and 15 rebounds. Martina Kissova scored 10 points and made 10 rebounds for Slovakia that will play in the Classification Round.

No teams could stay unbeaten in Group B as Lithuania beat Serbia 70:67. Unfortunately for the victory team even the win left them in the last spot. Diana Zintikaite (163-G-91) top-scored for the winners with 17 points, Radvile Autukaite (175-G-91) scored 15. Serbia were paced by Sara Krnjic (194-C-91), who had 20 points and 11 rebounds. Sweden overcame Poland 63:55 to secure a spot in the Qualification Round with a 2-1 record. Goga led Sweden with 20 points, while Amanda Bazoukou (189-C-93) collected 14 points and 17 rebounds.

Spain won Group C with 3-0 record after betaing Belgium 68:60 in the last game of the Preliminary Round. Leonor Rodriguez top-scored with 19 points and 9 rebounds. Jana Raman (183-F-91) was the best for Belgium with 14 points. Latvia secured a second place rolling over Turkey 85:75 and leaving them out of the Top 12. Ilze Gotfrida (180-F-91) and Sabine Niedola (182-F-91) paced the winners with 23 points. The latter by the way grabbed also 22 rebounds and made 5 assists.

In Group D France stayed on top with 3-0 after demolishing Ukraine 101:70. Chloe Westelynck (188-F-91) poured in 20 points for France. Olesya Malashenko (188-F-91) had the same number of points for Ukraine. Russia beat Greece 75:57 and took a second place with 2-1.

   Division B: Italy win again, England and Holland book ticket for qualifying rounds - Jul. 29, 2007 
Italy was pushed hard by Slovenia in the first period today before distancing Slovenia to win comfortably (83-50) with Irene Pieropan leading the scoring with 17 points. This victory confirms Marco Rota's team qualification for the qualifying round. He made the following comments after the game: "It was a tough game because we had an easy game yesterday and as a result we were a little bit lost in the beginning. We took time to find the right person to finish off some our plays and we had a little bit of luck in the beginning but in the end I think we played the right defence which proved to be the difference between the two teams."

He also went on to explain about Italy's ambitions for the rest of the competition: "As for the rest of the competition we want to win against Finland tomorrow so that we start the qualifying round with maximum points as our objective is promotion to Div A and winning the tournament. But before then we have to keep our feet on the ground and take it day by day so tomorrow we focus on Finland and then we will see."
In the other match in group A Montenegro surprised Finland at the beginning of the match and held a slim lead for the first fifteen minutes before Finland took control of the match to win comfortably (80-40)
In group B Bosnia beat Croatia (73-49) to win the group. Croatia lost their way in the second period allowing their opponents to go in front and never really recovered. Anesa Hamsic finished with a double-double 24 points and 12 rebounds for the winners. According to Savic Jadranka "the result was flattering for us because we were under pressure all the time but we coped so I think we deserved the victory".

In group C England beat Bulgaria (69-46) on the top of a strong second half defensive performance restricting Bulgaria to 13 points. Karen Burton, England's head coach, had this to say about her team's performance in the first half: "They like to give me a heart attack, they played nervously." In the other match Netherlands held on in the end to beat Ireland (54-52). England and Netherlands have booked their ticket for the qualifying round and will meet each other to determine the group winner on Sunday.

In the only match in group D Germany outclassed Romania (95-28), a win that pleased Alexandra Maerz as she went on to explain: "I think we were pretty well focused for this game and it went pretty well and we dealt well with the fact that we did not play yesterday."

   Division B: News as it happens on day one - Jul. 27, 2007 

Maria Correia 28 points

Bosnia - Portugal

Bosnia beat Portugal in overtime with Matea Tavic scoring 31 of her team's points to win the first match of the competition. Maria Correia scored 28 points for Portugal but this was not enough as they fell short by 2 in a highly entertaining game despite the high temperature. Both coaches were happy with the way the match was played, and are looking forward to the rest of the tournament. Final score was Bosnia 64 - Portugal 62.

Matea Tavic 31 points
Israel - Romania
Speed and efficiency was the order of Israel's dominance in just over five minutes of the first period as they quickly opened up a 10-point lead (14:3). Then a switch to zone by Romania put a stop to the Israeli's advance. This was as close as Romania got to Israel as they were not able to contain Bar Galinski (18 points) allowing Israel to win comfortably (60-33).

England - Ireland

A sea -saw battle in the first period saw Ireland taking the lead in a very physical game (13-11). England took hold of the game with a strong second period showing (27-9) to take a comfortable lead at the interval. Ireland fought back gallantly in the 3rd period but with Thornton (20 points) in early foul problem were restricted of offensive options. A strong finish at the end of the match by England was enough to see England through (66-48).

Rosanne Guijt 18 points
Bulgaria - Holland

Holland came out on top with clinical three-point shooting by Rosanne Guijt 4-from-5 to beat Bulgaria (66-63). Once Holland edged in front at the beginning of the second period they did not allow their opponents the lead again.

In the last matches of the evening Italy beat Montenegro (107-21) and Slovenia overcame Finland after a slow start (67-49) with Nika Baric scoring 18 points. Finland Lotta Richter hit 24 points in a losing effort.

Comments of the day by some of the coaches

Bosnia head coach Jadranka Savic had this to say after the game: we did not know much about Portugal but we know from before that they are an exciting team, they can have short player who is so quick and then tall players that are also quick and we did not know much about that but we prepared for a strong good game and they showed that because the game went into extra time. I want to congratulate the head coach of Portugal because he has a team that fight all the time and never give up and in the end our free throws made the difference.

Rui Gomis Portugal head coach comments: It was a nice game and I think it was fun for the girls because it is not often that the girls have this type of game, with overtime and close games and I believe it was fun for them and I believe it is one of the most important things in this type of tournament at U16. About the game itself, they deserved to win because they are more mature than us and at the beginning of the game we allowed too many second chances, we did not hustle the guards enough and they understood this. In the second half of the game we switched to zone but the key was we become more aggressive disturbing the rhythm of Bosnia and once the 3-point shoot starting going in we were back in the game but unfortunately foul trouble hampered our progress in the end. I cannot complain they played well today and I believe this should put us in good shape for our game on Sunday, we have a nice squad this year and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Joe Shields (Ireland): We are a little bit disappointed, we thought that we had prepared better, England were stronger, they dominated the boards, we did not get into it we just could not get going. The heat is tremendous, I do not know if this place is air-conditioned but is very hot

Karen Burton (England):
It was a good game to start with, we started out slow , came out better in the second quarter, told the girls not to be complacent at halftime which they completely ignored and came out and were but we proved we can withstand pressure and they came out it in the end and it was a good win.
lIpo Rantasella (Finland): In this game we played really well in the first 15 minutes and the last five minutes and we played against a very good team. Nika Baric is really a great player. It is really hot in the arena for us coming from up north that's weird and that what we have to get used to and I am pleased by our efforts but it takes more than one month of preparation to play for 40 minutes but hopefully tomorrow we will.

Damir Grgic (Slovenia): I am not sure what to say, we were all nervous at the start and it showed as we found it difficult to find our rhythm in the first period. Things got better in the second period when we started to move the ball around and finally in the 3rd period once we got our zone defence working, the game turned in our favour and suddenly we were 20-points up.

   Division B: 14 teams are ready to go - Jul. 27, 2007 
Yesterday evening the European championship Division B U16 women was officially declared open by some officials in Chieti, Italy, and tips off this afternoon with only 14 teams instead of initially 16, due to the withdrawal of Armenia and Moldovia. The host, Italy, are also considered to be the favourites after their impressive form during the preparation matches with notable victories against Div A teams.

The format of this competition stays unchanged with a slight variation for the 13th and 14th placed teams whose final position will be decided on the aggregate score over two legs. All the matches will be played in two halls in Chieti.

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