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Jul 25: Gibraltar (ECU16): European Champ.s U16Div.C starts
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Division A  Division B  Division C  
First Day Schedule
Group A
Serbia 50% Aug.5 Croatia
Sweden 50% Aug.5 Spain
Group B
Hungary 50% Aug.5 Turkey
Greece 50% Aug.5 Latvia
Group C
Russia 50% Aug.5 Lithuania
Slovenia 50% Aug.5 Czech R.
Group D
France 50% Aug.5 Belgium
Bosnia 50% Aug.5 Italy
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First Day Schedule
Group A
Bulgaria 50% Aug.4 Poland
Estonia 50% Aug.4 Portugal
Finland 50% Aug.4 Luxemb.
Group B
Austria 50% Aug.4 Belarus
Iceland 50% Aug.4 Germany
Denmark 50% Aug.4 Albania
Group C
Switzerl. 50% Aug.4 Romania
Georgia 50% Aug.4 Holland
Israel 50% Aug.4 Norway
Group D
Ukraine 50% Aug.4 United Kingd
Moldova 50% Aug.4 Slovakia
Ireland 50% Aug.4 FYR Macedon
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First Day Schedule
Malta 50% Jul.4 Gibraltar
Cyprus 50% Jul.4 Armenia
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Division B: Day 6 in Strumica (second stage) - Aug 2, 2012

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Regina Pap
Group E
Hungary - Bulgaria 57-54
Hungary celebrated very important 57-54 win against Bulgaria in stage two of U18 EuroBasket Division B in Strumica. Thanks to this victory Hungary joined Bulgaria with 1-1 record in Group E. Both teams have a chance to reach the Semifinals, but Hungary is in better position now. Regina Pap (187-F/C-94) led the winners with 16 points and 11 rebounds, and Amadea Szamosi (190-F/C-94) also had a great game adding 12 points and 19 rebs. In Bulgaria, Borislava Hristova (180-F-96) collected 18 points and 5 rebs, while Iva Kostova (178-SG-94) netted 15 points. Radostina Dimitrova (175-SF-94) scored 12 points in this loss. Nagy's free throw set the score to 57-54 with 14 seconds remaining in the game. Bulgaria had the last possession, but Kostova missed from the field. Quarters: 16-10, 11-11, 24-19, 6-14. Bulgaria will have to beat Portugal today. Hungary will meet last ranked Denmark.

Portugal - Denmark 75-62
Portugal jumped to 2-0 record in Group E of U18 EuroBasket Division B in Strumica. They handed 75-62 loss to Denmark and now Portugal is very close to reach the Semifinals. At the other side, Denmark dropped to 0-2 with no chance to advance. Portugal made 9-point lead at the halftime and managed to keep it for rest of the way. Quarters: 24-20, 20-15, 11-10, 20-17. Josephine Filipe (175-G/F-95) top-scored in victory with 18 points and Joana Soeiro (170-PG-95) added 12. Ines Viana (164-PG-94) and Laura Ferreira (177-G-95) netted 11 points each. In defeat, Maria Jespersen (179-G-94) shined with 15 points and 9 rebounds. Sophie Kjems-Krognos (172-SG-94) and Julie Hoeier (185-C-95) (5 rebs) posted 14 and 11 points respectively. In the last day of the second stage in Strumica Portugal will meet Bulgaria. Denmark will play against Hungary.

Group F
Belarus - Lithuania 77-45
Belarus is on the verge of Semifinals at U18 EuroBasket Division B in Strumica. They destroyed Lithuania on Wednesday 77-45 for perfect 2-0 record in Group F. Belarus took control on its rival from the beginning and never looked back. Quarters: 27-5, 14-15, 19-10, 17-15. Hanna Kalenta (190-C-94) shined with 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Ksenija Voishal (182-F-94) posted 13 pts. Maryia Papova (186-PF-94) helped her country with 12 points and 13 rebs. In defeat, Greta Tamasuskaite (173-G-92) was the leading scorer with 12 points. Laura Zelnyte (188-F-94) (8 rebs) and Justina Kraujunaite (174-F-95) had 10 and 8 points respectively. Lithuania dropped to 0-2 having no chance to reach the Semis. Today, Belarus will play against Germany. Lithuania's rival will be United Kingdom.

United Kingdom - Germany 81-76
United Kingdom was better than Germany 81-76 in the opening game of Stage Two in Strumica (U18 EuroBasket Division B). Both teams have 1-1 record now in Group F, but UK has much better chance to reach the Semifinals. Germany also hopes to do it, but everything will be known tonight. UK exploded in the last ten minutes of the game to take the victory. Quarters: 25-23, 12-17, 17-22, 27-14. Their key payer was Shequila Joseph (189-F-95) with 23 points and 8 rebounds. Michelle Turner (163-PG-94) scored 13 points and Jay-Ann Bravo-Harriott (183-PG-95) followed with two less. Germany got 13 points from Fanny Szittya (170-PG-94), plus 12 points and 6 rebounds from Elisabeth Dzirma (179-G-94). Marie Gulich (192-C-94) added 10 points and 7 boards. UK will meet last ranked Lithuania today. Germany will play against undefeated Belarus.

Group G
Austria - Switzerland 53-41
Austria handed 53-41 loss to Switzerland on Wednesday. Thanks to this win Austria jumped to 2-0 record in Group G and they are a step closer to ninth place at U18 EuroBasket Division B in Strumica. Switzerland stays winless with 0-3 record. Austria had 8-point lead at the halftime and jumped to plus 18 with ten minutes to go, what was to much for Switzerland. Quarters: 19-12, 11-10, 18-8, 5-11. The winners did not have anyone with double digits in scoring. Their best player was Camille Legris (168-PG-95) with 8 points and 5 rebounds. Annika Neumann (171-SG-96) added 7 points and Anja Fuchs-Robetin (180-SG-96) helped with 6 points, plus 7 rebounds. Switzerland got 12 points from Safie Tolusso (178-SG-97) (6 rebs) and Ljubica Cutunic (186-F-94). Today, Austria will play against Finland. Switzerland's rival will be Israel.

Norway - Israel 55-72
Israel improved its score to 1-1 in Group G of U18 EuroBasket Division B. Teams in this group fight for ninth place in Strumica. After 13-12 lead in Q1, Israel exploded for rest of the first half making 22-8 for plus 15 at the breather. Nothing has changed after that and Israel continued to dominate in Q3 setting the score to 60-34 with ten minutes remaining. Hadar Levi (170-PG-94) shined in victory with 17 points and 6 assists. Michal Assaf (164-SG-94) (7 rebs) and May Dayan (170-PG-94) helped with 11 points each. In the loosing squad, Stine Austgulen (177-G-94) answered with 20 points and 7 boards. Maja Foeleide (181-PF-95) had 12 points and 8 rebs, while her Norway dropped to 1-2. Championship continues today, but Norway will take a rest. Israel will meet last ranked Switzerland.

Group H
Latvia - Scotland 101-29
Latvia had an easy job against Scotland on Wednesday celebrating huge 101-29 victory. Latvia jumped to 2-0 record in Group H making a step closer to ninth place at U18 EuroBasket Division B in Strumica. At the other side, Scotland still closes the standings in this pool with 0-3. Latvia drained 60 points in the first and stopped its rival to only ten. Quarters: 23-7, 37-3, 26-9, 15-10. Kitija Laksa (180-G-96) and Paula Tomsone (193-C-94) (8 rebs) scored 22 and 20 points respectively for the winners. Paula Langina (180-F-94) helped with 13 points. In Scotland, Claire Paxton (184-C-94) was better than the others with 11 points and 6 rebounds. Robyn Lewis (160-PG-95) and Hilary Wood (163-G-94) posted 5 points each. Latvia's next rival will be Ukraine. Scotland will meet the hosts - FYROM.

Montenegro - FYROM 61-51
Box-score will be available soon.   

Reka Lelik All-European Championships U18 Awards 2016 - 10 months ago All-European Championships U18 1st Team 2016
Reka Lelik
Naira Caceres
Digna Strautmane
Alexia Chartereau
Raisa Musina
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Sylvia Run
Halfdanardottir All-European Championships U18 Division B Awards 2016 - 10 months ago All-European Championships U18 Division B 1st Team 2016
Klara Lundquist
Elena Tsineke
Sylvia Run Halfdanardottir
Melisa Brcaninovic
Emilia Stocklassa
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Kastrati All-European Championships U18 Division C Awards 2016 - 10 months ago All-European Championships U18 Division C 1st Team 2016
Natalia Otkhmezuri
Adea Kastrati
Sophie Abela
Hannah Al Tumi
Anna Aslanian
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Men Women
European Championships U18 Standings
Group A
 1. Croatia 0-0 
 2. Spain 0-0 
 3. Serbia 0-0 
 4. Sweden 0-0 
Group B
 1. Greece 0-0 
 2. Hungary 0-0 
 3. Latvia 0-0 
 4. Turkey 0-0 
Group C
 1. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 2. Lithuania 0-0 
 3. Russia 0-0 
 4. Slovenia 0-0 
Group D
 1. Belgium 0-0 
 2. Bosnia 0-0 
 3. France 0-0 
 4. Italy 0-0 
European Championships U18 Standings Div.B
Group A
 1. Bulgaria 0-0 
 2. Estonia 0-0 
 3. Finland 0-0 
 4. Luxembourg 0-0 
 5. Poland 0-0 
 6. Portugal 0-0 
Group B
 1. Albania 0-0 
 2. Austria 0-0 
 3. Belarus 0-0 
 4. Denmark 0-0 
 5. Germany 0-0 
 6. Iceland 0-0 
Group C
 1. Georgia 0-0 
 2. Israel 0-0 
 3. Holland 0-0 
 4. Norway 0-0 
 5. Romania 0-0 
 6. Switzerland 0-0 
Group D
 1. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 2. Ireland 0-0 
 3. Moldova 0-0 
 4. FYR Macedon. 0-0 
 5. Slovakia 0-0 
 6. Ukraine 0-0 
European Championships U18 Standings
 1. Armenia 0-0 
 2. Cyprus 0-0 
 3. Gibraltar 0-0 
 4. Kosovo 0-0 
 5. Malta 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 18
 1. Musina, RUS18.0 
 2. Kroselj, SLO17.5 
 3. Lelik, HUN16.4 
 4. Krejzova, CZE16.3 
 5. Henket, BEL15.0 
 6. Strautmane, LAT13.7 
 7. Juhasz, HUN13.4 
 8. Meskonyte, LTU13.4 
 9. Silov, CRO13.3 
 10. Kurilchuk, RUS13.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.5
 1. Musina, RUS15.5 
 2. Mikulasikova, SVK11.6 
 3. Strautmane, LAT9.7 
 4. Djordjevic, SRB9.6 
 5. Juhasz, HUN9.0 
 6. Chartereau, FRA9.0 
 7. Yildizhan, TUR8.3 
 8. Meskonyte, LTU8.0 
 9. Castello, ISR7.7 
 10. Djaldi-Tabdi, FRA7.6 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.6
 1. Lelik, HUN5.6 
 2. Katanic, SRB5.4 
 3. Nuritdinova, RUS4.3 
 4. Saar, ISR3.7 
 5. Tadic, CRO3.4 
 6. Ari, TUR3.1 
 7. Rotberg, ISR3.1 
 8. Gonzalez, ESP3.0 
 9. Ogun, RUS3.0 
 10. Kaktaite, LTU3.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Pinzan, ITA2.6 
 2. Lelkes, SVK2.5 
 3. Septe, LAT2.3 
 4. Lelik, HUN2.3 
 5. Alonso, ESP2.3 
 6. Iparragirre, ESP2.1 
 7. Rotberg, ISR2.1 
 8. Turudic, SRB2.0 
 9. Caceres, ESP2.0 
 10. Castello, ISR2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Strautmane, LAT3.1 
 2. Massey, BEL2.4 
 3. Septe, LAT1.9 
 4. Djaldi-Tabdi, FRA1.9 
 5. Markova, LAT1.3 
 6. Guclu, TUR1.2 
 7. Cubaj, ITA1.1 
 8. Torok, HUN1.1 
 9. Resimont, BEL1.1 
 10. Echarri, ESP0.9 
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