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Division A  Division B  Division C  
First Day Schedule
Group A
Spain 50% Dec.16 Croatia
Italy 50% Dec.16 Sweden
Group B
Turkey 50% Dec.16 Greece
Germany 50% Dec.16 Finland
Group C
Bosnia 50% Dec.16 Israel
Latvia 50% Dec.16 Lithuania
Group D
France 50% Dec.16 Russia
Serbia 50% Dec.16 Slovenia
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Results and Stats from Day 1 in Latvia and Lithuania - Aug 9, 2012

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Dario Saric
Group A
Germany - Spain 75-86
Spain opened win count at the U18 European Championship. They knocked down Germany in Group A tonight. Guillermo Hernangomez (206-C-94) stepped up with 14 points and 9 rebounds to pace the winners. Germany got to an aggressive start. They fired 25 points in the opening quarter to post a 5-point lead. Spain however reacted with a storming second quarter. They unleashed 26 points to erase the deficit and secured a 46:39 halftime advantage. Spain limited Germany to 11 points in the third term gaining a 12-point lead before the final stanza. Germany poured in 25 points in the fourth term but Spain lived up to the challenge and sealed the victory at the end. Alberto Diaz (190-PG-94) and Oriol Pauli (195-G-94) provided 11 points each for the winners. Gavin Schilling (205-PF-95) dropped 16 points for Germany. Paul Zipser had 11 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists in the loss.

Ukraine - Serbia 54-75
Serbia recorded the first win at the U18 European Championship. They knocked down Ukraine in Group A opener. Nikola Radicevic (194-G-94) came up with 18 points to lead the winners. Serbia stormed into the game. They posted a 21:8 lead after ten minutes. Serbia maintained the lead throughout the second quarter. They extended the lead to as many as 19 points at halftime 37:18. Ukraine finally picked up the tempo in the third term. They limited the Balkan team to 12 points in the quarter to cut the deficit to 12 points at the final intermission. But Serbia responded with a 26-point tally in the final frame to seal the victory. Nikola Jankovic (205-PF-94) accounted for 17 points and 8 rebounds, while Doko Salic added 10 points for the winners. Yevgen Sakhniuk (201-PF-95) answered with 12 points for Ukraine. Kristian Lugovtsov had 11 points in the loss.

Group B
Greece - Lithuania 66-71
Lithuania earned the initial win at the U18 European Championship. They fired past Greece in Group B opener for both teams. Justas Tamulis (194-SF-94, agency: Beo Basket) stepped up with 27 points to pace the hosts. Greece got to a slightly better start. The Hellenes earned an 18:15 lead after ten minutes. But Lithuania picked up the tempo in the second term. The hosts cut the distance to a single point at halftime 34:33. Lithuania finally pulled ahead in the third quarter. They went on a 14:2 run to take a 6-point advantage. Lithuania ensured a 54:50 lead heading into the fourth frame. The Hellenes unloaded a barrage of three-pointers in the final stanza but Lithuania survived the challenge and Marius Grigonis and Justas Tamulis sealed the victory for the Baltic team. Augustinas Jankaitis (202-F/C-94) had 13 points, while Marius Grigonis added 11 points for the winners. Dimitrios Agravanis (201-SF-94, agency: FCM) responded with 22 points and 12 rebounds for Greece. Alexandros Mitsialos had 13 points in the loss.

Denmark - Italy 63-86
Italy registered the opening win at the U18 European Championship. They knocked down Division A newcomers Denmark in Group B. Mirco Turel (192-SG-94) and Simone Fontecchio (197-SF-95) posted 14 points each to lead the winners. Italy set the tone early in the game. The Azzurri quickly cleared off to a 15-point lead. Italy unloaded 26 points in the second quarter to ensure a 52:27 halftime lead. Italy maintained the advantage throughout the third quarter. They ensured a 73:41 buffer at the final intermission. Denmark sweetened the pill with a 22:13 rally in the fourth stanza. Matteo Imbro netted 13 points, while Laquintana added 12 points for the winners. Peter Moeller (186-PG-94) responded with 13 points for Denmark. Jacob Jensen had 11 points in the loss.

Group C
Bulgaria - Turkey 95-89 OT
Newly-promoted Bulgaria made their Division A debut one to remember. They outscored Turkey in overtime drama in Group C. Aleksandar Vezenkov (205-F/G-95) scored 28 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and issued 4 assists to pace the winners. Bulgaria secured a strong start to the game. They grabbed a 23:13 lead at the first intermission. But Turkey bounced right back. They fired 26 points in the second term to cut the deficit to a single point 39:40. Bulgaria gained control again in the third stanza. They knocked down 20 points and ensured an 11-point buffer heading into the fourth quarter. But Turkey stepped up with 30 points in the period and sent the game into extra period. Tayfun Erulku (194-SG-94) put Turkey in charge early in overtime however Aleksandar Vezenkov scored 5 points and Minkov added four from the stripe to seal the victory at the end. Deyan Karamfilov (180-PG-94) accounted for 19 points, while Nikolay Stoyanov added 15 points for the winners. Tayfun Erulku replied with 24 points for Turkey. Kenan Sipahi contributed 15 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists in the loss.

Latvia - France 58-54
Latvia celebrated the opening win at the U18 European Championship in Latvia and Lithuania. The hosts shot down France in Group C. Davis Geks (183-SG-95) scored 17 points to pace the winners. Latvia jumped to an early lead. The hosts accumulated a 14:10 lead after ten minutes. France stiffened their defence in the second quarter. They got within a single point at halftime 26:25. Benjamin Sene (186-PG-94) drained back-to-back triples midway through the third term to put Les Bleus in front. But Latvia returned the lead and secured a 43:39 advantage heading into the fourth quarter. France and Latvia stayed neck and neck throughout the final quarter. Mouhammadou Jaiteh brought France within two points with 43 seconds remaining but Elvis Endzels (180-G-94) converted two free throws late in regulation and sealed the victory for the home side. Elvis Endzels posted 13 points, while Rolands Smits added 7 points for Latvia. Benjamin Sene responded with 13 points for France. Mouhammadou Jaiteh had 10 points and 9 rebounds in the loss.

Group D
Slovenia - Russia 59-70
Russia celebrated the first win at the U18 European Championship in Latvia and Lithuania. They knocked down Slovenia in Group C. Mikhail Kulagin (188-G-94) stepped up with 18 points and 10 rebounds to lead the winners. Russia enjoyed a narrow 20:19 lead after ten minutes of action. They stretched the lead in the second term. Russia accounted for a 40:37 halftime advantage. The decisive third term saw Russia clear off. They capped the period with four points in a row to take a 57:47 lead at the final break. Mikhail Kulagin and Annaev put Russia up by 13 points early in the fourth frame. Russia kept Slovenia at bay throughout the final minutes and sealed the victory at the end. Stanislav Ilnitskiy (200-PF-94) produced 10 points, while Georgy Egorov added 9 points for the winners. Matic Rebec (180-PG-95) and Gregor Hrovat (94) responded with 16 points each for Slovenia.

Poland - Croatia 74-86
Croatia opened win count at the U18 European Championship. They knocked down Poland in Group D opener. Dario Saric (208-F/C-94) came up with 29 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists to lead the charge. Croatia held their opponents to 14 points in the first stanza to take a 5-point lead. The Croats extended the margin in the second quarter. They accumulated a 40:29 halftime lead. Croatia stayed in charge throughout the third term. Dario Saric carried them to a 63:49 lead with ten minutes remaining. Poland outscored their opponents in the final stanza but could not avoid the loss. Mislav Brzoja (194-F/G-94) stepped up with 15 points, while Marin Maric added 11 points for the winners. Mikolaj Witlinski (206-PF-95) responded with 18 points for Poland. Dawid Morawiec netted 15 points in the loss.

FIBA U18 European Championship 2016 new dates confirmed - 23 days ago

The Executive Committee of FIBA Europe has decided that the FIBA U18 European Championship 2016 that could not be played this summer will now be staged in Samsun, Turkey, from 16-22 December 2016. Initially set to take place in the northern Turkish city from 30 July to 7 August, player welfare was made the utmost priority given the unrest in the country at the time, and the tournament was postponed indefinitely   [read more]

Mario Ihring All-European Championships U18 Division B Awards 2016 - 2 months ago

Best Player: Ognjen Carapic (195-SG-98) of Montenegro Best Guard: Ognjen Carapic (195-SG-98) of Montenegro Best Forward: Yordan Minchev (202-F-98) of Bulgaria Best Center: Dmytro Skapintsev (206-C-98) of Ukraine 1st Team G: Mario Ihring (189-G-98) of Slovakia SG: Ognjen Carapic (195-SG-98) of Montenegro F: Yordan Minchev (202-F-98) of Bulgaria PF: Milos Popovic (197-PF-98) of Montenegro C: Dmytro Skapintsev (206-C-98) of Ukraine 2nd Team PG: Nenad Dimitrijevikj (170-PG-98) of Macedon...   [read more]

Division B. Montenegro celebrate title in Skopje - 2 months ago

FINAL Ukraine - Montenegro 72-83 Montenegro celebrated the title in Skopje. They outlasted Ukraine in the championship game tonight. Milos Popovic (197-PF-98) scored 17 points to lead the Balkan team. Ukraine secured a 22:16 lead after the first period. But Montenegro went on a massive 27:12 run in the second term to establish a 43:34 halftime lead. Montenegro sank 24 points in the third term to open a 13-point lead. They protected it throughout the fourth quarter and ran to the trophy....   [read more]

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European Championships U18 Standings
Group A
 1. Croatia 0-0 
 2. Spain 0-0 
 3. Italy 0-0 
 4. Sweden 0-0 
Group B
 1. Finland 0-0 
 2. Germany 0-0 
 3. Greece 0-0 
 4. Turkey 0-0 
Group C
 1. Bosnia 0-0 
 2. Israel 0-0 
 3. Latvia 0-0 
 4. Lithuania 0-0 
Group D
 1. France 0-0 
 2. Russia 0-0 
 3. Slovenia 0-0 
 4. Serbia 0-0 

European Championships U18 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Montenegro.
 2. Ukraine
 3. Slovakia
 4. Hungary
 5. Belgium
 6. Poland
 7. Estonia
 8. Czech Rep.
 9. U.Kingdom
 10. Georgia
 11. Belarus
 12. Bulgaria
 13. Iceland
 14. Portugal
 15. Denmark
 16. FYR Macedo.
 17. Holland
 18. Austria
 19. Luxembourg.
 20. Romania
 21. Albania
 22. Scotland
 23. Ireland
 24. Cyprus

European Championships U18 Final Standings
 1. Azerbaijan.
 2. Andorra
 3. Kosovo
 4. San Marino.
 5. Wales
 6. Monaco
 7. Malta
 8. Moldova
 9. Gibraltar
Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.5
 1. Musina, RUS19.5 
 2. Kroselj, SLO19.0 
 3. Lelik, HUN18.5 
 4. Strautmane, LAT16.5 
 5. Meskonyte, LTU16.5 
 6. Chartereau, FRA16.0 
 7. Katanic, SRB15.0 
 8. Henket, BEL14.5 
 9. Kepenc, TUR14.5 
 10. Guclu, TUR14.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 19
 1. Musina, RUS19.0 
 2. Mikulasikova, SVK12.5 
 3. Strautmane, LAT10.0 
 4. Castello, ISR10.0 
 5. Yildizhan, TUR9.5 
 6. Djordjevic, SRB9.0 
 7. Meskonyte, LTU9.0 
 8. Petrenaite, LTU8.5 
 9. Juhasz, HUN8.0 
 10. Naumcev, SRB7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Lelik, HUN7.0 
 2. Nuritdinova, RUS4.5 
 3. Ogun, RUS3.5 
 4. Katanic, SRB3.5 
 5. Sahin, TUR3.5 
 6. Gallasova, CZE3.0 
 7. van Vlijmen, NED3.0 
 8. Ari, TUR3.0 
 9. Yildizhan, TUR3.0 
 10. Kroselj, SLO3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Kamilla OGUN
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Ogun, RUS3.5 
 2. Pinzan, ITA3.0 
 3. Simunic, CRO3.0 
 4. Alonso, ESP3.0 
 5. Caceres, ESP3.0 
 6. Djekoundade, FRA2.5 
 7. Neubauerova, CZE2.5 
 8. Cvijanovic, SLO2.5 
 9. Zitkova, CZE2.5 
 10. Echarri, ESP2.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Meskonyte, LTU2.5 
 2. Strautmane, LAT2.0 
 3. Jorritsma, NED2.0 
 4. Massey, BEL1.5 
 5. Septe, LAT1.5 
 6. Ogun, RUS1.5 
 7. Guclu, TUR1.5 
 8. Driessen, NED1.0 
 9. Markova, LAT1.0 
 10. Rozentale, LAT1.0 
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