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Play-Off bracket1
The Start of Second Stage in Sarajevo - Aug 15, 2012

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Group E
United Kingdom - Estonia 73-49
England remains undefeated in Division B at the U18 European Championship. The team won the first game of the Second Stage over Estonia 73:49 for 2-0 record. The Baltic side meanwhile fell at 0-2 record in Group E. Estonia surprised the favorites with 16-15 in the first period, but could not match at the rest of the game. England answered with 20-4 in the second period for 35:20 at the halftime. Moreover England won the third period 20-17 as Luke Nelson (189-PG-95) brought 55:37 on the board after three quarters. Another 18-12 in the last period continued their winning streak. Isaacs Tyrell and Luke Nelson stepped up with 12 points each. Kingsley Okoroh (213-C-95) collected 10 points and 12 rebounds, while Spencer Jordan poured in 7. Martin Jurtom (198-PF-94) produced 12 points in defeat, while Nomm Brett had 9.

Israel - Czech Republic 77-70
Israel upset Czech Republic in Sarajevo at the start of the Second Stage. Israeli team tied the records at 1-1 in Group E of the U18 European Championship in Division B after a 77:70 win. Israel won the first period 18-17 and added 17-13 in the second frame. Moreover the team looked better in the third quarter and produced a 23-18 burst. Egor Koulechov (194-SF-94) scored for 60:52 early in the fourth and Ohanon increased to 10. Czech Republic tried hard to recover but could not come closer than 7 points. Egor Koulechov erupted with 33 points for the winners and Menco Rafael added 11. Naor Sharon (193-PG-95) collected 9 points and 12 rebounds, while Itay Segev (204-SF-95, agency: Avi Zilberman) posted 8. Ausprunk Karel answered with 18 points and 12 rebounds in defeat, whilst Herman Petr added 16. Marian Hrabovsky (198-G/F-94) notched 11 and Festr Lukas poured in 10.

Group F
Finland - Bosnia 86-84
Finland U18 - Bosnia and Herzegovina U18 86:84 Finland recorded the first win at the Second Stage of U18 European Championship. They held off Bosnia and Herzegovina in Group F action. Julius Rajala (205-PF-94) stepped up with 23 points to lead the winners. Bosnia and Herzegovina got to a perfect start. They unloaded 28 points in the opening quarter to take a 9-point lead. Finland slowed their opponents down in the second quarter. The teams traded baskets however Bosnia and Herzegovina secured a 9-point advantage at the interval. Finland however changed the complexion of the game drastically in the third quarter. The Nordic side went on a 27:12 rally to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina behind. The Finnish team entered the fourth stanza up by 6 points. Bosnia and Herzegovina returned the lead 79:77 midway through the final stanza but Finland answered with a 7:1 rally to surge ahead. Maki nailed two free throws in the dying seconds to seal the victory at the end. Joni Herrala and Niko Mattila (191-SG-94) posted 14 points each for the winners. Jusuf Nurkic answered with 34 points and 20 rebounds for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Adin Vrabac (202-G/F-94) had 24 points in the loss.

Montenegro - Belgium 62-82
Belgium ties the records with Montenegro after the victory at the U18 European Championship in Division B. The team won 82:62 as both sides are with 1-1 records in Group F. Belgium looked fantastic in the first half and won the first two quarters. They limited the Montenegrin team to 13 points in each period and took 41:26 lead at the halftime. Montenegro replied with 23-18 in the third period and reduced to 10 points with 10 minutes to go. Belgium however limited them again to 13 points and won the last quarter by 10 points totaling to 20 at the end. Naim El Khounchar (193-G-94) paced all the winners with 22 points and Arno Mollekens (195-PF-94) as well as Xavier Francois (200-C-94) had 14 each. Lecomte Emmanuel followed them with 10 points in a win. Masan Vrbica (190-G-94) poured in 14 points in defeat, while Djurovic Luka added 10.

Group G
Hungary - Slovakia 71-38
Hungary destroy Slovakia in the start of the Classification Round for 9th to 16th Place in Group G. The Hungarian team smashed the opponent 71:38 for 2-0 record on top. Slovakia meanwhile suffered another loss and dropped at 0-2 record. The game was even in the first period as Hungary managed to take only 15:12 after the first ten minutes. They added however 17-9 in the second period and enjoyed 32:21 lead. Moreover Hungary added massive 22-7 in the third quarter as Peter Jakab (200-F-93) brought 54:28 on the board after 30 minutes. Hungary produced a 17-10 in the last stanza for the final victory. Peter Jakab paced all the winners with 16 points, while Simon Kristof and Varga Marton delivered 10 each. Zoltan Perl (194-G-95) followed them with 9 points. Martin Matejcik (185-G-94) ended up with 11 points in the losing effort and Vladimir Brodziansky (206-PF-94) chipped in with 8.

Romania - Austria 50-80
Austria outscored Romania in Sarajevo at the U18 European Championship in Division B. The winners improved to 2-0 record after 80:50 win in a newly created Group G of the Classification Round for 9th to 16th Place in Group G. Romanian meanwhile fell at 0-2 record. Austria pulled the tempo early in the game and reached 18-8 after the first 10 minutes. They erupted with 31 points in the second frame as Bauer Valentin closed the half at 49:24. Soldo Marko increased the lead to 27 and then Benedikt Guettl (188-G-94) scored for 62:37. Kolb later closed the third period from the free throw line to give his side 64:41. Another 16-9 in the last quarter gave Austria 30-point victory. Bauer Valentin led the way with 20 points, whilst Poeltl Jakob collected 14 points and 10 rebounds. Benedikt Guettl notched 12 and Soldo Marko poured in 10. Andrei Damian (192-SG-94) scored 16 in defeat and Dragoste Mirel notched 9.

Group H
Iceland - Holland 63-70
Holland pip Iceland at the Classification Round for 9th to 16th Place. The Dutch side won 70:63 at the U18 European Championship in Division B and improved to 1-1 record. Iceland fell at 0-2 in Group H. It was actually Iceland that started with 17-9 in the first period. Matthias Sigurdarson (185-PG-94) brought 19:11 early in the second frame, but the Dutch team woke up at that moment. Versteeg Floris cut it to 4 points and Schilder Mike gave Holland 23:21. He also closed the half at 30:25 and then gave his side 40:32. Shane Hammink (198-F-94) scored for 45:40 midway through the third period and Bouwknecht closed the period at 52:44. Holland dominated the rest of the game and reached 7-point victory. Schilder Mike led the way with 25 points and Versteeg Floris produced 11. Shane Hammink nailed 10, while Kok Jito added 8. Matthias Sigurdarson poured in 27 points in the losing effort and Einarsson Emil scored 11.

Sweden - Portugal 48-60
Portugal needs a strong finish to beat Sweden at the U18 European Championship in Division B. Portugal grabbed 60:48 victory in the start of the Classification Round for 9th to 16th Place. Portugal took 2-0 record, while Sweden fell at 1-1 in Group H. Portugal won the first period 18-15 and added massive 19-10 in the second frame. Bastos nailed three for 37:25 at the end of the half and Pedro Marques (173-PG-95) brought 39:28. Sweden meanwhile pushed the tempo and tied the game at 44:44, but could not win the game. Portugal looked better in the last stanza and proved their ambitions for the higher places. Pedro Marques scored the last points for the winners and Johan Lofberg (199-SG-95) was the last to score in the game. Miguens Andre paced all the winners with 17 points, while Pedro Marques, Grosso Joao and Gallina Joao delivered 8 each. Alexander Gorski (193-SG-94) scored 17 in defeat and Johan Lofberg added 10.

Group I
Scotland - Luxembourg 61-75
Luxembourg win the opener of Classification Round for 17th to 22nd Place at the U18 European Championship in Division B. The team overcame Scotland 75:61. Luxembourg started the game with a 6-0 run and never looked behind after in the first quarter. They won the first period 22:15, but then Scotland erupted in the second frame. Joshua McGilvray (201-C-95) gave his side 29:28 lead and Wilcox closed the half at 33:30. Luxembourg meanwhile answered with 13-0 run and Yann Wolff (196-PF-94) brought 47:33 on the board. Jo Hoeser (193-PF-94) later closed the third quarter at 61:38 and the game was done at that moment. Luxembourg did not mind 14-23 in the last stanza to win the game by 14 points. Melcher Bob stepped up with 22 points for the winners, while Jo Hoeser collected 19 points and 13 rebounds. Yann Wolff posted 11 and Hilger Max delivered 5. Joshua McGilvray answered with 21 points and Jack Nicholson (180-SG-94) notched 14.

Group J
Switzerland - Georgia 73-95
Georgia march past Switzerland at the U18 European Championship in Division B. The Georgian side grabbed 95:73 in group J of the Classification Round for 17th to 22nd Place. Georgia started with 23:12 and never looked behind after. The team added 21-14 in the second frame as the board showed 44:26 after Verga's shot. Abuladze and Schittenhelm exchanged the shots early in the third for 47:28, while Valeri Kvantaliani (202-PF-94) brought 54:33. Branislav Kostic (180-PG-94) later closed the quarter at 70:56. Georgia won the last stanza 25-17 and reached the initial win in the group. Ramishvili Nika paced all the winners with 18 points and Mikeladze Irakli notched 15. Burjanadze Beka delivered 12, while Tsirekidze Giorgi and Valeri Kvantaliani poured in 11 each. Daniel Andjelkovic (200-PF-94) finished the game with 18 points in defeat and Branislav Kostic posted 11.   

Velicka All-European Championships U18 Awards 2017 - 1 month ago All-European Championships U18 1st Team 2017
Arnas Velicka
Sani Campara
Sergi Martinez
Nikola Miskovic
Ragip Atar
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Serbia clinch Gold in Slovakia - 1 month ago
FINAL Spain - Serbia 62-74 Serbia celebrated Gold medals in Slovakia. They topped Spain in the title game. Nikola Miskovic (207-G/F-99) posted 23 points to lead the champions. The victory marked the first Gold for Serbia since 2009. Spain eked out a 29:28 halftime lead. But Serbia stepped on the gas in the second half. They used a 21:11 run in the third term to take a 9-point lead. Serbia poured in 25 points in the fourth quarter to rally to the win. Marko Pecarski (208-C-00) had 14 poin...   [read more]

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European Championships U18 Final Standings
 1. Serbia
 2. Spain
 3. Lithuania
 4. Turkey
 5. Italy
 6. France
 7. Greece
 8. Bosnia
 9. Russia
 10. Finland
 11. Germany
 12. Ukraine
 13. Montenegro.
 14. Slovenia
 15. Slovakia
 16. Latvia

European Championships U18 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Croatia
 2. U.Kingdom
 3. Estonia
 4. Israel
 5. Poland
 6. Holland
 7. Bulgaria
 8. Denmark
 9. Belgium
 10. Iceland
 11. Portugal
 12. Hungary
 13. Czech Rep.
 14. Sweden
 15. Romania
 16. FYR Macedon.
 17. Austria
 18. Georgia
 19. Switzerland
 20. Belarus
 21. Albania
 22. Azerbaijan
 23. Luxembourg
 24. Ireland
European Championships U18 Standings
Group A
 1. Cyprus 2-1 
 2. Kosovo 2-1 
 3. Norway 2-1 
 4. Armenia 0-3 
Group B
 1. Malta 3-0 
 2. Moldova 2-1 
 3. San Marino 1-2 
 4. Gibraltar 0-3 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21
 1. Campara, BIH21.0 
 2. Sanon, UKR19.3 
 3. Simonovic, MNT17.7 
 4. Moraitis, GRE16.8 
 5. Saybir, TUR16.4 
 6. Atar, TUR16.4 
 7. Martinez, ESP15.9 
 8. Velicka, LTU15.3 
 9. Fevrier, FRA15.0 
 10. Kralj, SLO14.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Jantunen, FIN12.6 
 2. Zeliznak, SVK8.4 
 3. Simonovic, MNT8.4 
 4. Pecarski, SRB8.3 
 5. Atar, TUR7.9 
 6. Kadasi, SVK7.4 
 7. Herkenhoff, GER7.4 
 8. Ehigitor, ESP7.2 
 9. Shashkov, RUS7.1 
 10. Velicka, LTU7.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Velicka, LTU6.4 
 2. Pajola, ITA5.0 
 3. Akay, TUR5.0 
 4. Vulikic, SRB4.9 
 5. Heinonen, FIN4.4 
 6. Klavzar, SLO4.0 
 7. Moraitis, GRE4.0 
 8. Cuevas, ESP3.7 
 9. Uskokovic, SRB3.7 
 10. Atelbauers, LAT3.6 
Steals Per Game
 Yusuf SANON
  Avg: 3.4
 1. Sanon, UKR3.4 
 2. Trapani, ITA3.1 
 3. Moraitis, GRE2.8 
 4. Kamperidis, GRE2.6 
 5. Grytsak, UKR2.6 
 6. Heinonen, FIN2.4 
 7. Khomenko, RUS2.4 
 8. Zampini, ITA2.3 
 9. Jantunen, FIN2.3 
 10. Heine, SLO2.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Guglielmo CARUSO
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Caruso, ITA1.9 
 2. Kadasi, SVK1.7 
 3. Vigori, ITA1.4 
 4. Jantunen, FIN1.3 
 5. Pavelka, SVK1.3 
 6. Atar, TUR1.3 
 7. Voinalovych, UKR1.3 
 8. Grytsak, UKR1.3 
 9. Sarr, FRA1.2 
 10. Simonovic, MNT1.1 
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