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Lithuania and Croatia will play in championship game - Aug 18, 2012

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Russia - Croatia 57-61
Russia gave Croatia all those could handle before losing the semifinal battle in Vilnius today. Croatia survived the exhausting thriller to enter the title game at U18 European Championship. The Croats will now take on hosting Lithuania for the title. Dario Saric (208-F-94) orchestrated the victory with 24 points and 13 rebounds. Croatia held their opponents to 11 points and grabbed a 4-point lead after ten minutes of action. But Russia turned things around in the second quarter. They went on a 24:9 rally to establish a 35:24 halftime lead. Croatia had to show their best in the second half to avoid upset. Russia first stretched the gap at 19-point mark in the third quarter. Croatia finally woke up and answered with an 18:4 run to cut the deficit at 5-point mark. Croatia triggered an 11:3 run at the start of the final stanza to pull in front 53:50. Maric and Gabric gave Croatia a 57:52 lead with 18 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. Mikhail Kulagin (188-G-94) drained a triple to narrow the gap but Dominik Mavra (195-SG-94) sank four free throws in the dying seconds to seal the victory at the end. Mislav Brzoja (196-F/G-94) accounted for 12 points, while Dominik Mavra added 6 points for the winners. Mikhail Kulagin answered with 15 points and 13 boards for Russia. Stanislav Ilnitskiy had 11 points in the loss.

Lithuania - Serbia 69-67
Lithuania became the first U18 European Championship finalists. The hosts narrowly defeat Serbia in the first semifinal of the day. Augustinas Jankaitis (202-C-94) and Marius Grigonis (198-F-94) scored four points in a row in the final minute of regulation as Lithuania came from behind to celebrate victory. Simas Raupys finished with 18 points for the hosts. Lithuania jumped ahead early in the encounter. The hosts secured a 21:15 lead after ten minutes. Simas Raupys made it 31:23 for Lithuania midway through the second term. Serbia however managed to narrow the deficit at just three-point mark at halftime 35:38. Serbia opened the second half with six points in a row to surge ahead. Lithuania returned the lead but the teams stayed close throughout the reminder of the period. The Baltic team gained a 52:51 lead at the final break. The visitors ignited an 11:2 rally to post a 62:54 lead midway through the final frame. Lithuania struck right back and pulled in front 65:64. Andric drained a triple for a 67:65 Serbian advantage with just over a minute remaining. But first Augustinas Jankaitis drew things level and then Marius Grigonis sealed the victory for Lithuania. Augustinas Jankaitis accounted for 14 points and 8 rebounds, while Marius Grigonis provided 10 points for the winners. Luka Andusic (191-G-94) and Nikola Jankovic (205-PF-94) answered with 18 points each for Serbia.
5-8 Place
Italy - Spain 63-70
Spain overcame Italy in the classification round of U18 European Championship. The former champions will now take on Latvia for the fifth overall position at the tournament. Oriol Pauli (201-G-94) scored 19 points to lead the winners. Italy got to a flying start. They exploded with 25 points in the first quarter to take a 9-point lead. But Spain silenced their opponents in the second quarter. They limited the Azzurri to just 5 points to ensure a 37:30 halftime lead. Spain maintained the advantage throughout the third quarter. They secured an 8-point buffer heading into the fourth frame. Italy cut the margin at 3-point mark with under three minutes remaining. But Alberto Diaz came up with four points in the final 42 seconds to seal the victory for Spain. Guillermo Hernangomez (209-C-94) had 16 points, while Alberto Diaz added 12 points for the winners. Amedeo Tessitori (204-PF-94) answered with 20 points for Italy. Simone Fontecchio had 16 points in the loss.

Latvia - Bulgaria 81-64
Latvia celebrated a comfortable win over Bulgaria in the classification round of U18 European Championship. Edgars Stelmahers (185-G/F-94) posted 16 points to lead the winners. Latvia will now play for the fifth overall position at the tournament. Latvia started the game strongly. They accounted for 24 points in the first ten minutes to take an 8-point lead. Bulgaria struck right back in the second term. The visitors held Latvia to 12 points in the quarter and gained a 37:36 halftime lead. But Latvia were back in the drivers seat in the third quarter. They knocked down 26 points in the third frame to ensure a 7-point lead into the fourth term. Latvia held Bulgarian counterparts to 9 points in the final stanza and celebrated victory at the end. Ilja Gromovs (207-C-94) posted 12 points, while Toms Leimanis and Roberts Krastins added 11 points each for the winners. Kris Minkov (198-SF-94) responded with 14 points for Bulgaria. Deyan Karamfilov netted 11 points in the loss.

9-10 Place
Slovenia - Turkey 61-81
Turkey occupied the 9th overall position at U18 European Championship. They knocked down Slovenia tonight. Kenan Sipahi (198-PG-95) led the effort with 18 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds for the winners. Turkey gained a 19:17 lead ten minutes into the game. They maintained the advantage throughout the second quarter. Turkey posted a 38:35 halftime lead. They unleashed 29 points in the third quarter to clear off. Turkey piled up a 23-point lead into the final stanza 67:54. Slovenia cut the deficit in the fourth quarter but just sweetened the pill at the end. Talat Altunbey (204-PF-94) provided 16 points, while Tayfun Erulku netted 10 points for the winners. Matic Rebec (180-PG-95) answered with 16 points for Slovenia. Tomaz Bolcina had 14 points and 10 rebounds in the loss.
11-12 Place
Ukraine - Greece 69-83
Greece clinched the 11th overall position at U18 European Championship. The capped their campaign with victory over Ukraine. Dimitrios Agravanis (208-F-94, agency: FCM) and Diamantis Slaftsakis (200-SF-94) scored 17 points each to lead the winners. Ukraine stayed in front throughout the opening quarter. They recorded a 20:18 lead after ten minutes. Greece denied the deficit in the second term. The Hellenes drew things level at 40 heading into the second half. Greece started to get away in the third quarter. The Hellenes ensured a 9-point lead before the final quarter. Greece limited their opponents to 14 points in the final stanza and rolled to the victory at the end. Filippos Kalogiannidis had 16 points, while Eleftherios Bochoridis finished with 15 points, 6 boards and 5 assists in the win. Yevgen Sakhniuk (201-PF-95) replied with 13 points for Ukraine. Vladyslav Koreniuk netted 10 points in the loss.

Group G
Germany - France 60-57
Germany stayed hopeful in the fight for Division A survival at U18 European Championship. They defeated France to jump at 4-1 record in Group G. Paul Zipser (201-PG-94) came up with 18 points to pace the winners. France slipped at 4-1 record after the loss. Germany entered the game firing from all guns. They jumped in front and ensured a 23:10 lead after ten minutes. France tuned in defensively in the second quarter. They trimmed the deficit at 4-point mark 24:28. France denied the deficit in the third quarter. They pulled ahead for a 39:36 lead at the final intermission. However Germany quickly surged ahead in the final period. They kept France behind throughout intense final period and managed to secure a narrow win at the end. David Taylor (188-PG-95) finished with 10 points, while Johannes Thiemann added 9 points for the winners. Benjamin Sene (186-PG-94) answered with 18 points for France. Mouhammadou Jaiteh had 16 points and 8 rebounds in the loss.

Denmark - Poland 54-59
Poland celebrated the first win at the classification round of U18 European Championship. They defeated Denmark for 1-4 record in Group G. Kacper Radwanski (189-G/F-94) scored 10 points to lead well-balanced effort from the Polish team. Denmark looked more determined in the opening quarter. The Scandinavian team gained a 16:8 lead ten minutes into the game. But Poland turned things around in the second quarter. They went on a 23:9 rally to ensure a 31:25 halftime lead. Denmark got within a two-point distance at the final break 38:40. Mortensen drew things level at the start of the final quarter. But Poland proved the difference late in regulation. Kacper Radwanski drained a triple, while Nowicki and Dzierzak added four points to seal the victory for Poland. Kacper Borowski (203-F/C-94) netted 9 points, while Mikolaj Witlinski contributed 8 points for the winners. Rasmus Larsen (212-C-94) answered with 11 points and 11 rebounds for Denmark. David Knudsen had 11 points in the loss.   

Velicka All-European Championships U18 Awards 2017 - 2 months ago All-European Championships U18 1st Team 2017
Arnas Velicka
Sani Campara
Sergi Martinez
Nikola Miskovic
Ragip Atar
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Serbia clinch Gold in Slovakia - 2 months ago
FINAL Spain - Serbia 62-74 Serbia celebrated Gold medals in Slovakia. They topped Spain in the title game. Nikola Miskovic (207-G/F-99) posted 23 points to lead the champions. The victory marked the first Gold for Serbia since 2009. Spain eked out a 29:28 halftime lead. But Serbia stepped on the gas in the second half. They used a 21:11 run in the third term to take a 9-point lead. Serbia poured in 25 points in the fourth quarter to rally to the win. Marko Pecarski (208-C-00) had 14 poin...   [read more]

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European Championships U18 Final Standings
 1. Serbia
 2. Spain
 3. Lithuania
 4. Turkey
 5. Italy
 6. France
 7. Greece
 8. Bosnia
 9. Russia
 10. Finland
 11. Germany
 12. Ukraine
 13. Montenegro.
 14. Slovenia
 15. Slovakia
 16. Latvia

European Championships U18 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Croatia
 2. U.Kingdom
 3. Estonia
 4. Israel
 5. Poland
 6. Holland
 7. Bulgaria
 8. Denmark
 9. Belgium
 10. Iceland
 11. Portugal
 12. Hungary
 13. Czech Rep.
 14. Sweden
 15. Romania
 16. FYR Macedon.
 17. Austria
 18. Georgia
 19. Switzerland
 20. Belarus
 21. Albania
 22. Azerbaijan
 23. Luxembourg
 24. Ireland
European Championships U18 Standings
Group A
 1. Cyprus 2-1 
 2. Kosovo 2-1 
 3. Norway 2-1 
 4. Armenia 0-3 
Group B
 1. Malta 3-0 
 2. Moldova 2-1 
 3. San Marino 1-2 
 4. Gibraltar 0-3 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21
 1. Campara, BIH21.0 
 2. Sanon, UKR19.3 
 3. Simonovic, MNT17.7 
 4. Moraitis, GRE16.8 
 5. Saybir, TUR16.4 
 6. Atar, TUR16.4 
 7. Martinez, ESP15.9 
 8. Velicka, LTU15.3 
 9. Fevrier, FRA15.0 
 10. Kralj, SLO14.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Jantunen, FIN12.6 
 2. Zeliznak, SVK8.4 
 3. Simonovic, MNT8.4 
 4. Pecarski, SRB8.3 
 5. Atar, TUR7.9 
 6. Kadasi, SVK7.4 
 7. Herkenhoff, GER7.4 
 8. Ehigitor, ESP7.2 
 9. Shashkov, RUS7.1 
 10. Velicka, LTU7.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Velicka, LTU6.4 
 2. Pajola, ITA5.0 
 3. Akay, TUR5.0 
 4. Vulikic, SRB4.9 
 5. Heinonen, FIN4.4 
 6. Klavzar, SLO4.0 
 7. Moraitis, GRE4.0 
 8. Cuevas, ESP3.7 
 9. Uskokovic, SRB3.7 
 10. Atelbauers, LAT3.6 
Steals Per Game
 Yusuf SANON
  Avg: 3.4
 1. Sanon, UKR3.4 
 2. Trapani, ITA3.1 
 3. Moraitis, GRE2.8 
 4. Kamperidis, GRE2.6 
 5. Grytsak, UKR2.6 
 6. Heinonen, FIN2.4 
 7. Khomenko, RUS2.4 
 8. Zampini, ITA2.3 
 9. Jantunen, FIN2.3 
 10. Heine, SLO2.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Guglielmo CARUSO
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Caruso, ITA1.9 
 2. Kadasi, SVK1.7 
 3. Vigori, ITA1.4 
 4. Jantunen, FIN1.3 
 5. Pavelka, SVK1.3 
 6. Atar, TUR1.3 
 7. Voinalovych, UKR1.3 
 8. Grytsak, UKR1.3 
 9. Sarr, FRA1.2 
 10. Simonovic, MNT1.1 
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