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European Championships U18 2005 logo
Final Standings

Stats Leaders
1.Kalve LAT 22.5
2.Antelo ESP 21.4
3.Gecevicius LTU 19.1
4.Zavoruev RUS 18.9
5.Datome ITA 18.6
1.Antelo ESP 13.8
2.Vidmar SLO 9.6
3.Rey Sanuy ESP 9.3
4.Butkevicius LTU 9.1
5.Savas TUR 9.1
1.Ohayon ISR 5.1
2.Ugrinoski CRO 4.9
3.Teodosic SRB 4.6
4.Curti FRA 4.0
5.Akyol TUR 3.9
1.Akyol TUR 2.9
2.Kostov BUL 2.6
3.Lilov BUL 2.5
1.Petrukonis LTU 2.4
2.Rey Sanuy ESP 2.3
3.Vidmar SLO 1.9
1.Savas TUR 66.7
2.Pietras POL 64.5
3.Ohlbrecht GER 64.3
1.Horvat SLO 47.7
2.Eliahu ISR 47.6
3.Simon GER 46.4
1.Akyol TUR 90.0
2.Gallinari ITA 82.9
3.Yagmur TUR 81.8

Quarterfinal Round
Group E
1.Turkey 3-0
2.Italy 2-1
3.France 1-2
4.Latvia 0-3

Group F

1.Serbia/M. 3-0
2.Spain 2-1
3.Russia 1-2
4.Israel 0-3
Classification Round
Group G
1.Slovenia 3-0
2.Croatia 2-1
3.Germany 1-2
4.Belgium 0-3
Group H
1.Lithuania 2-1
2.Bulgaria 2-1
3.Greece 2-1
4.Poland 0-3

Preliminary Round
Group A
1.France 3-0
2.Russia 2-1
3.Germany 1-2
4.Lithuania 0-3

Group B

1.Spain 3-0
2.Latvia 2-1
3.Greece 1-2
4.Belgium 0-3

Group C

1.Italy 2-1
2.Israel 2-1
3.Slovenia 2-1
4.Bulgaria 0-3

Group D

1.Serbia/M. 3-0
2.Turkey 2-1
3.Poland 1-2
4.Croatia 0-3

What a joy, what a team - Turkey makes it to the final (Photo: FIBA)
Spain beat Russia and made it to the semifinals (Photo: FIBA)

All-Tournament 1st Team





Datome All-Tournament Awards:
MVP: Dragan Labovic (208-C/F-87), Serbia/M.
Best Guard: Cenk Akyol (197-G-87), Turkey
Best Forward: Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87), Spain
Best Center: Dragan Labovic (208-C/F-87), Serbia/M.

1st Team
Dragan Labovic (208-C/F-87), Serbia/M.
Milenko Tepic (199-G-87), Serbia/M.
Cenk Akyol (197-G-87), Turkey
Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87), Spain
Luigi Datome (202-G/F-87), Italy

2nd Team
Xavi Rey (205-C-87), Spain
Vasili Zavorouev (196-G-87), Russia
Aldo Curti (180-G-87), France
Elishay Kadir (195-F-87), Israel
Ernests Kalve (200-F-87), Latvia

Honorable Mention
Milos Teodosic (195-G-87), Serbia/M.
Albert Teruel (197-F-87), Spain
Davide Bruttini (202-F/G-87), Italy
Oguz Savas (208-C-87), Turkey
Yaroslav Korolev (206-G/F-87), Russia
Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88), Lithuania
Gasper Vidmar (205-C/F-87), Slovenia
Ivan Sirsicevic (204-G/F-87), Croatia
Chavdar Kostov (190-G-88), Bulgaria
Sotiris Manolopoulos (205-C/F-87), Greece
Tim Ohlbrecht (209-C-88), Germany
Kamil Pietras (207-F-88), Poland

  Serbia / Montenegro is European Champion U18 - July 24, 2005
As it was easy to expect, the host team of Serbia / Montenegro got gold medal beating in the final Turkey 78-61. Serbian team deserved that victory completely. They were definitely the best team thru entire tournament.
Similarly in the final game, Serbia / Montenegro controlled the whole event from the first minutes. They took early 9-0 lead and never lost the lead in that game. 6,500 fans had something to celebrate as they had a proof that Serbia / Montenegro is a cradle of the most talented youngsters on the continent.
The MVP of the tournament was Dragan Labovic (208-C/F-87) from Serbia and Montenegro. He lead his team also this time with 21 points and 6 rebounds. He was helped by Milenko Tepic (199-G-87) (14 points and 10 reb), Ivan Paunic (-87) (13) and Milos Teodosic (195-G-87) (10). The best in Turkish team were Cenk Akyol (197-G-87) and Oguz Savas (208-C-87).
In the bronze medal game Italy beat Spain 88-83. But despite early lead of Italian team, Spain managed to catch up and take the lead at the half time. However then Italians put their game together and managed to control the rest of the game. The best for Italy were Alessandro Piazza (175-G-87) (16), Luigi Datome (202-G/F-87) (15) and Davide Bruttini (202-F/G-87) (12). Spanish team was lead by Sergi Llull (178-G-87) (18) and Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87) (15).
Final: Serbia / Montenegro - Turkey 78-61 (Labovic 21p+6r, Tepic 15p+10r, Paunic 13, Teodosci 10p+5r+4a, Dasic 4p+6r, Djurkovic 6, Zivcevic 3, Dragovic 2, Stimac 2, Raduljica 2, Jereminov 0pts+4r+5a, DNP: Mijatovic - Yagmur 16p+5r, Savas 15p+8r, Akyol 13p+7r, Nalga 6p+7r, Altintig 6p+4r, Bayav 3p+5r, Oner 2, Hacioglu 0, Gorluk 0, Yetim 0, Pacun 0)
3rd Place: Italy - Spain 88-83 (Gallinari 24p+5r, Piazza 16p+6a, Datome 15p+4r, Bruttini 12p+8r, Cuccarolo 11p+5r - Llull 18, Antelo 15p+10r, Teruel 13p+10r, Ribas 13p+4r, Forcada 11)
5th Place: Russia - France 87-85 (Zavoruev 30p+5r, Korolev 14p+5r, Sergeev 11p+4r - Salmon 20p+6r, Curti 16p+5a, Ajinca 10p+6r)
7th Place: Israel - Latvia 77-53 (Casspi 25p+8r, Ohayon 17p+4r+7a, Levy 9 - Zakis 25p+7r, Kalve 10, Freimanis 7p+7r)
9th Place: Lithuania - Slovenia 79-73 (Dilys 21p+6r, Kelys 11p+4a, Gecevicius 10p+4r - Vidmar 27p+13r+4a, Klobucar 15, Brcina 9p+4r)
11th Place: Croatia - Bulgaria 96-78 (Drezga 22p+8r, Ugrinoski 15, Tomic 13p+14r+4a - I.Lilov 29, Kostov 21, L.Lilov 11p+9r)
13th Place: Greece - Germany 78-72 (Frousklias 17, Giannakis 15p+4a, Sigkoukas 13p+7r - Ohlbrecht 12p+5r, Simon 11p+5a, Fassler 11)
15th Place: Poland - Belgium 74-71 (Jarmakowicz 22p+13r, Dluski 18p+10r+4a, Gabinski 12p+7r - Verbeeck 20, Jeleznov 10, Lambert 9p+5r)

  Semifinals: Serbia / Mont. and Turkey in the final - July 23, 2005
A real horror in th egame between Turkey and Spain, where Turkish team managed to edge Spanairds by 1 point and make it to the final where they will face host Serbia / Monten. team, which beat Italy in other semifinal game.
But let's go back to the game between Turkey and Spain. Both teams had equal chances and it was hard to point which of them was a favorite. Both Turkey and Spain lost only one game in the entire tournament, and in each case it was to the strongest team of the tournament - host Serbia / Montenegro.
The game started with a domination of Spaniards. They ended the first quarter with 9 points lead. 2nd quarter was reflection of the first one, but it was Turkish team, which won it and ended half time with 42-42 tie. Third quarter was a real roller coaster. It started from slight lead of Spanish team, then went in the favour of Turkish team, slipped back to Spaniards and finally Turkey took slight lead in the center of that part of the game and carried it over till the last break with 66-63 result. The last quarter was extremely nervous as the teams knew what they played for and every second could be crucial. Spaniards easily tied the game with 3-pointer of Javier Forcada (191-G-88). But then Turkish team had 8-0 run with good shots of Yagmur, Savas and Goktas. Spanish team tried to catch up, however Turkish managed to keep slight lead. It was the last minute when real horror started. Turkish enter final minute with 3 points lead. Best Spanish player that evening - Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87) - had great jump shot, which put Spain just 1 point behind (76-77). Spanish team stormed Turkish players and they missed the shot and Savas fouled Marc Fernandez (195-G-87) from Spain just 20 seconds before the end of the game. Fernandez did not miss any of his two free throw shots and Spain took 1 point lead with just 20 seconds to go. Turkey took immediately time off. It was Turkish Oguz Savas (208-C-87), who was the real hero of the evening and with his perfect jumper, he established the final result for 79-78 for Turkish team.

Serbia / Mont. - Italy 77-64 (Paunic 18p+5r, Tepic 14p+6r, Teodosic 14p+4a, Labovic 12p+17, Dasic 10p+11r - Gallinari 19, Datome 17p+13r, Bruttini 10)
Turkey - Spain 79-78 (Yagmur 25p+6r, Savas 19p+11r, Bayav 13, Akyol 10p+8a - Antelo 27p+15r, Teruel 20p+9r, Ribas 10)
5-8th Places:
France - Israel 77-66 (Salmon 16p+8r, Mbaye 14, Curti 12p+4r+4a - Casspi 15p+5r, Eliahu 14p+4a, Kadir 12p+8r)
Russia - Latvia 74-64 (Korolev 22p+8r, Sergeev 22p+4r, Sheleketo 12p+5r - Kalve 22p+7r, Piternieks 10p+9r, Freimanis 9p+7r)
9-12th places:
Croatia - Lithuania
82-88 (Siriscevic 24, Ugrinoski 19p+8a, Buljan 12p+13r - Gecevicius 16, Dilys 14p+5r, Labuckas 14p+4r)
Slovenia - Bulgaria 82-59 (Klobucar 23+5r, Vidmar 13p+13r, Brcina 10p+4r - I.Lilov 19p+5r, Kostov 13p+4r, Kolev 11)
13-16th places:
Belgium - Greece 87-91 (Jeleznov 19p+6r, Hockins 14, Guillemyn 13 - Verginis 23p+7r, Noeas 16p+11r, Katiakos 14)
Germany - Poland 86-58 (Ohlbrecht 19p+9r, Simon 17p+5r, Staiger 16p+5a - Jarmakowicz 18p+7r, Lapeta 8, Gabinski 7)

  Day 6: Spain go to the semis - Jul 22, 2005
In the most interesting game of Day 5 Spain beat powerful Russia 86-80 and this victory gave thema  ticket to the semifinals. The game was very tense and no team was able to get significant lead. However 4th quarter belong to Spaniards and they secured their position in the top 4 teams of the tournament.
Spanish team was lead by trio Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87) (26 points), Albert Teruel (197-F-87) (19) and Xavi Rey (205-C-87) (18). The best at Russian side was Yaroslav Korolev (206-G/F-87) with 18 points.

Quarterfinal Round

Group E:
France - Latvia 83-58 (Kante 15p+7r, Pellin 14p+4r - Kalve 22p+4r, Sprude 7p+5r)
Italy - Turkey 69-85 (Datome 20p+10r, Bruttini 14p+7r - Akyol 23p+7a, Bayav 19p+7r)
Group F:
Russia - Spain 80-86 (Korolev 18p+7r+4a, Urazmanov 14p+4r+4a, Sergeev 14 - Antelo 26p+14r, Teruel 19p+7r, Rey Sanuy 18p+5r)
Israel - Serbia / Mont. 68-76 (Casspi 15p+6r, Kadir 14p+5r, Ohayon 11p+7r+6a - Dragovic 19, Tepic 18, Stimac 8p+13r)

Classification Round
Group G:
Germany - Belgium 77-68 (Ohlbrecht 16p+8r, Lischka 16p+8r - Hockins 16p+6r, Guillemyn 14)
Slovenia - Croatia 69-59 (Horvat 27p+4a, Hren 11p+7r - Tomic 17p+6r, Siriscevic 15p+6r)
Group H:
Lithuania - Greece 101-54 (Gecevicius 30p+6r, Kelys 12 - Manolopoulos 16, Verginis 12)
Bulgaria - Poland 90-76 (Kostov 26, Nakov 22 - Pietras 17p+11r, Lapeta 10p+4r)

Luigi Datome

  Day 5: France did not manage to catch up with Italy - Jul 21, 2005
The most tough game was between Italy and France. Italy tried to stay undefeated in their group, while France had the last chance to make it to the semifinals. Italian teams entered last quarter with comfortable 10-points lead, despite the lead changed during the game few times. French team had a very tough task to catch up with Italians. They came very close, but Italy managed to secure 2-points victory. Italy was lead by Luigi Datome (202-G/F-87) (30 points and 7 rebounds), while the best player for France was Adrien Moerman (202-F/C-88) (26 points).
In other game in group E Turkey won important game again Latvia 71-66 and together with Italy they will play in the semifinals.
Group F leader - Serbia / Montenegro - did not have any problems in the game against Spain, getting easy 70-54 victory. Russia outscored Israel by 14 points. Both Russia and Spain still have a chance to make it to the semis. They will face each other in direct game tomorrow. It will be definitely the most interesting game of the day.

Quarterfinal Round
Group E:

Italy - France 83-81 (Luigi Datome 30p+7r, Bruttini 19 - Adrien Moerman 26, Curti 13p+6a)
Turkey - Latvia 71-66 (Akyol 28p+4r, Savas 14p+10r - Kalve 22, Freimanis 18p+11r)
Group F:
Israel - Russia 79-93 (Kadir 34p+4r, Casspi 16p+4r - Zavoruev 32p+6r, Korolev 19p+6r)
Serbia / Mont. - Spain 70-54 (Djurkovic 18p+5r, Labovic 17p+5r - Antelo 19p+10r, Forcada 7)

Classification Round
Group G:
Croatia seems be mistakenly put in 9-16 places. Many experts thinks they should play in the quearterfinal round instead. But they had very tough group in the classifications, and just only two teams could make it to the quarterfinal round. Unfortunately they were the third one. But Croatia seems to be the main candidate to take 9th spot in the tournament.
Slovenia - Germany 68-61 (Horvat 16p+7r, Tomic 14p+5a - Ohlbrecht 18p+14r, Simon 15p+5r+5a)
Croatia - Belgium 94-62 (Siriscevic 25p+4r, Tomic 18p+9r+6a - Verbeeck 13p+4r, Lamot 13)
Group H:
Lithuania does not impress at all. Surprisingly they have very weak group of players in that age category. They traditionally belong to the main favorites in such age tournaments. Not this year...
At the other side Greece is definitely the best team in Group H. They will try to challenge Croatia for the 9th place.
Bulgaria - Lithuania 78-70 (I.Lilov 21p+10r+4a, Kostov 16p+4r - Gecevicius 17p+4r, Dilys 15p+6r)
Poland - Greece 66-90 (Pietras 18p+8r, Gabinski 12p+11r - Passalidis 19p+6r, Manolopoulos 18p+4r)

  Day 4: Serbia beats Russia and Turkey defeats France - Jul 19, 2005
The most interesting game of day 4 was between two candidates for the title: Russia and Serbia / Montenegro. Host Serbian team confirmed their aspirations for the championship title defeating Russians 75-70. The game did not disappoint the fans. Despite early lead by the host team, Russia stayed close for the whole game, taking the lead on many occasions. The last quarter was very tough too. Milenko Tepic's 3-pointer gave the lead for Serbia / Montenegro and they managed to carry it till the end of the game. The best players for host team were Dragan Labovic (208-C/F-87) (15 points and 12 rebounds), Vladimir Dasic (207-F-88) (13) and Marko Djurkovic (206-C/F-87) (13). Russia was lead by Vasili Zavorouev (196-G-87) (16).
Another Surprise was in Group E where undefeated France lost to Turkey 54-61. In other games of the quarterfinals round Italy beat Latvia 82-70 and Spain gave no chance to Israel 85-62.

Quarterfinals Round:
Group E:
France - Turkey 54-61 (Moerman 14p+6r, Curti 8p+5r+4a - Akyol 22p+6r, Yagmur 13, Savas 12p+9r)
Latvia - Italy 70-82 (Kalve 22p+7r, Piternieks 15p+9r+6a - Penders 10p+6r - Datome 24p+7r, Frassineti 21p+5r, Bruttini 12p+12r)
Group F:
Spain - Israel 85-62 (Antelo 16p+14r, Rey 15p+16r, Llull 11p+4r - Kadir 12p+5r, Ohayon 9p+4r+7a, Assaf 7)
Russia - Serbia 70-75 (Zavoruev 16p+5r+4a, Korolev 11p+7r, Stepanenkov 11p+5r - Labovic 15p+12r, Djurkovic 13p+6r, Dasic 13)

Classification Round:
Group G:
Belgium - Slovenia 62-69 (Driesen 19p+6r, Lamot 11, Hockins 10p+4a - Klobucar 21p+4r, Horvat 14, Smajlovic 13)
Germany - Croatia 68-89 (Ohlbrecht 25p+9r, Fassler 15 - Siriscevic 21p+4r, Drezga 20p+7r)
Group H:
Lithuania - Poland 73-69 (Gecevicius 18p+10r, Valukonis 13p+8r - Pietras 25p+5r, Michalski 10p+7r+4a)
Greece - Bulgaria 79-72 (Verginis 16p+7r, Toutziarakis 14p+9r - Kostov 21p+9r, Cholakov 14p+5r+4a)

  Preliminary Round - Day 3: Israeli and Spain won thrillers - Jul 19, 2005
Teams which promoted to the quarterfinals are already known. In Group A France surprisingly upset favorite Russia 80-71. It seems that Russian were too much focus on following the victory of their 2-years older countrymen, who just won European Championships. However both Russia and France already advanced to the quarterfinal stage, so the game was not such tense. Surprisingly weak Lithuania lost their 3rd game in a row, this time being edged by Germany 87-84.
In Group B Latvia had to win against Belgium, which did not take them too much of effort, and Greece supposed to beat leader Spain. However Spaniards were slightly better edging Greeks by 1 point.
In the toughest Group C, three teams ended with 2-1 record. However only Italy and Israel made it to the quarterfinals. And the game between these two teams was the most interesting that day. Israel had to win this game against higher ranked Italy. They did it after very spectacular game which was won by Israelis 59-56. The game was ultimately settled by two Omri Casspi (200-F-88) free throws as time elapsed.
Hosts Serbia & Montenegro and Turkey advanced from Group D. The top two met on Sunday with Serbia & Montenegro taking the honours, 71-69, thanks largely to 18 points from Nenad Mijatovic (195-G-87). Oguz Savas (208-C-87) hit a match-high 23 for the Turks and had a 100% shooting record from two-point range. Croatia finished bottom of the pool following a 69-66 defeat to Poland.

Group A:
Germany - Lithuania 87-84 (Lischka 26p+10r+6a, Ohlbrecht 20p+10r - Gecevicius 33p+8r, Dilys 12p+5r)
France - Russia 80-71 (Pellin 17p+6a, Batum 12 - Korolev 15p+13r, Urazmanov 11p+4a)

Group B:
Belgium - Latvia 64-87 (Verbeeck 15p+8r, Tandt 10 - Kalve 35p+8r, Piternieks 18p+9r)
Spain - Greece 83-82 (Llull 23p+8r, Antelo 17p+14r - Manolopoulos 22p+4r, Katiakos 14p+5r)

Group C:
Slovenia - Bulgaria 54-44 (Lorbek 18p+9r, Smajlovic 8 - L.Lilov 12p+7r, IlIlilov 9)
Italy - Israel 56-59 (Gallinari 13p+5r, Datome 12p+12r - Kadir 14p+12r, Dunne 10p+4r)

Group D:
Poland - Croatia 69-66 (Gabinski 13p+11r, Badenski 10p+8r - Drezga 22, Tomic 13p+11r)
Turkey - Serbia/Mont. 69-71 (Savas 23p+9r, Yagmur 12p+9r+6a - Mijatovic 18p+5r, Dasic 12p+5r)

  Preliminary Round - Day 2: Lithuania lost to Russia in preludium of U20 finals later today - Jul 18, 2005


The most interesting game (but not the most important) was between Russia and Lithuania. Their 2-years older countrymen will play later today in the final of European Championships in Russia. But in junior category Russia was way better than their opponents from Lithuania taking easy ...31 points victory. Russia will face another undefeated team in Group A France on Sunday.
Spain seems to be in a very good shape as they defeated Belgium 96-71 and counting Greeks lost game to Latvia, Spain become the only undefeated team in Group B
The same situation in Group C where Italy is the only team with perfect record after they beat easily Slovenia not allowing them to score even 50 points.
In Group D Turkey and Serbia both are undefeated so far. But they will face each other later today, so it seems like very interesting game.
The best performance of day two was by Israeli forward Elishay Kadir (195-F-87), who scored 29 points and added 14 rebounds, when his team outclassed Bulgaria 88-60.

Group A:
Germany - France 57-79 (Simon 20, Hauer 9p+6r - Curti 14, Cel 11, Salmon 11)
Lithuania - Russia 63-94 (Petrukonis 15p+6r, Gecevicius 10 - Zavourev 22, Kashirov 19p+6r, Sheleketo 18p+4r+7a)

Group B:
Latvia - Greece 81-75 (Kalve 27p+7r, Zakis 22p+10r - Manolopoulos 18p+8r, Passalidis 16)
Belgium - Spain 71-96 (Driesen 16, Hockins 14 - Andres Duarte 22p+5r, Antelo 21p+16r)

Group C:
Bulgaria - Israel 60-88 (Kostov 20, I.Lilov 14 - Kadir 29p+14r, Ohayon 20p+9r+7r)
Slovenia - Italy 47-62 (Vidmar 10p+10r, Kostomaj 9p+4r - Datome 23p+5r, Bruttini 16p+10r)

Group D:
Poland - Turkey 54-83 (Dluski 10p+6r, Halas 10p+4a - Nalga 12p+4r, Akyol 12)
Croatia - Serbia/Mont. 89-94 (Siriscevic 24p+4r, Tomic 14p+11r - Labovic 27p+11r, Tepic 16p+5r)

  Preliminary Round - Day 1 - Jul 16, 2005
The bigegst surprise of day 1 of European Championships of Juniors is Lithuanian defeat against France. But is that a real surprise? When Lithuanians look at their 2-years old countrymen, who are performing excellently in EC U20 in Moscow, they cannot count the beginninf of the tournament to the best ones. But at the other side French team has extremely strong group of players in this age group. Lithuania's Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) led all scorers with 19 points, while Aldo Curti (180-G-87) top-scored for France with 13.
The most impressive performance of day 1 was definitely host Serbia and Montenegro, who outclassed Poland by ...48 points.
Defending champions Spain had huge troubles in a game against Latvia. But they managed to secure 2-ponts victory which was the smallest difference in the games today. Latvia was indeed very close, but Brecans missed the final shot. The best team in Spanish team was Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87), who had impressive 30 points and 17 rebounds.
The biggest comeback of day 1 was Italian team with an impressive fourth-quarter fightback to stun Bulgaria who had led 51-41 with 7:11 to go in the game. Luigi Datome (202-G/F-87) 's basket with 55 seconds remaining gave Italy a 56-54, and they stayed in front for the remainder of the game.

Group A:
France - Lithuania 71-66 (Aldo Curti (180-G-87) 13p+8a, Moerman 12p+8r, Salmon 8 - Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) 19p+7r, Butkevicius 14p+9r, Kelys 10p+6a)
Russia - Germany 95-81 (Zavoruev 26p+5r, Korolev 28p+4r+4a, Sheleketo 19p+4r - Simon 15, Hauer 14, Lischka 13p+12r)

Group B:
Spain - Latvia 84-82 (Antelo 30+17r, Teruel 20p+11r, Llull 9 - Kalve 20p+7r, Penders 12, Zakis 12)
Greece - Belgium 96-67 (Manolopoulos 28p+6r, Verginis 26p+5r, Giannakidis 9 - Hockins 15p+4r, Linskens 12p+8r, Lambert 11p+10r)

Group C:
Italy - Bulgaria 60-56 (Gallinari 13p+9r, Frassineti 11, Bruttini 10p+13r - I.Lilov 15, Kostov 13p+9r, Nakov 11p+8r)
Israel - Slovenia 66-69 (Casspi 20p+7r, Ohayon 12, Assaf 11 - Horvat 20p+7r, Lorbek 19p+8r, Klobucar 18)

Group D:
Turkey - Croatia 82-67 (Akyl 29, Yagmur 19p+4r, Savas 13p+10r - Buljan 18p+5r, Ugrinoski 10p+5r+8a, Drezga 9p+6r)
Serbia and Montenegro - Poland 110-62 (Zivcevic 20, Dasic 16p+4r, Djurkovic 15p+4r+4a - Pietras 12p+5r, Smorawinski 10, Diduszko 10)







4 Amaury Tandt (181-G-87) of Power Liefmans Wevelgem
5 Geoffrey Hockins (188-G-88) of Verviers-Pepinster
6 Joseph Lambert (185-F-87)
7 Thomas Lamot (189-G-87)
8 Brecht Guillemyn (192-F-87)
9 Jean Serge Delva (195-F-87) of CPH Spirou Gilly
10 Bukasa Kabangu (191-F-87)
11 Vincent Verbeeck (198-F-87)
13 Dimitri Jeleznov (203-F/C-88)
14 Mikhail Linskens (212-C-87)
15 Yannick Driesen (215-C-88) of Sint Jan Antwerpen







4 Tsenko Nakov (185-G-87) of Balkan Botevgrad
5 Denis Agre (203-C-88)
6 Nikolay Kolev (200-F-88) of MM-Beer Cherno More
7 Pavel Ivanov (198-F-88)
8 Chavdar Kostov (190-G-88) of Lukoil Akademik Sophia
9 Yanko Yankov (192-G-88)
10 Lyubomir Lilov (198-F-87) of Balkan 2000
11 Ivan Lilov (195-F-88) of Balkan 2000

12 Evgeni Petrov (199-F-87) of SG FT/MTV Braunschweig
13 Stoyo Cholakov (190-G-87) of Yambolgaz'92 Yambol
14 Hristo Manolov (190-G-88)
15 Borislav Genkov (200-C-87) of BC Spartak Pleven







4 Luka Bekavac (-87) of KK Zrinjevac Zagreb
5 Josip Blajic (188-G-87) of Alkar Sinj
6 Luka Drezga (190-G-87) of Sibenka Dalmare Sibenik
7 Zvonko Buljan (203-F-87)

8 Franko Filipovic (200-F-87) of Kantrida Rijeka
9 Marko Raic (192-G-87) of KK Belisce
10 Zoran Vrkic (192-G-87)
11 Aleksandar Ugrinoski (192-G-88) of KK Dubrava
12 Ivan Siriscevic (196-F-87)

13 Ivan Papac (211-F-87) of KK Zagreb
14 Ante Tomic (217-C-87) of KK Zagreb
15 Denis Paulic (192-G-87) of Svijetlost Oriolik Slavonski Brod







4 Marc-Antoine Pellin (170-G-87) of Roanne
Aldo Curti (180-G-87) of STB Le Havre
6 Lamine Kante (199-F-87) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket
7 Abdoulaye M'Baye (187-G-88) of Centre Fédéral du Basket-Ball
8 Mateusz Kasperzec (191-G-87) of Nancy Sluc
9 Alexis Ajinca (213-C-88) of Centre Fédéral du Basket-Ball
10 Adrien Moerman (202-F/C-88) of Chorale de Roanne Basket
11 Jason Bach (198-F-87) of Centre Fédéral du Basket-Ball
12 Nicolas Batum (199-F-88) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket
13 Aurelien Salmon (202-C/F-87) of Nancy Sluc
14 Gary Florimont (202-F-87) of Cholet Basket
15 Aaron Cel (203-F-87) of Hapoel Holon







4 Per Guenther (182-G-88) of BBV Hagen
5 Oskar Fassler (195-F/G-88) of TUS Lichterfelde Berlin
6 Alexander Schreiber (-87) of Bayer Giants Leverkusen
7 Marco Buljevic (191-G-87) of SG Urspringschule
8 Nicolai Simon (191-G-87) of TSG Ehingen
9 Maximilian Groebe (196-G/F-88) of High School USA
10 Sajmen Hauer (187-G-88) of GHP Bamberg
11 Lucca Staiger (191-G-88) of TSG Ehingen
12 Mike Dejworek (208-C-87) of TV Langen
13 Johannes Lischka (198-F/C-87) of TV Lich
14 Tim Ohlbrecht (209-C-88) of Bayer-2 Leverkusen
15 Christian Strenge (200-F-87) of TSG Ehingen







4 Michail Giannakidis (190-G-88)
5 Sotiris Manolopoulos (205-C/F-87) of PAOK Thessaloniki
6 Dimitris Verginis (179-G-87) of Anatolia
7 Dimitris Karadolamis (204-F-87) of Aris Thessaloniki
8 Michail Frousklias (197-G-87) of Olimpia GE Larisa
9 Theodoros Tsiotras (198-G-87) of Maroussi Athens
10 Georgios Passalidis (200-G-87) of PAOK Thessaloniki
11 Dimitris Katiakos (197-F-87) of Esperos Athens
12 Alexandros Sigkounas (200-F-88)
Petros Noeas (203-F-87) of Maroussi Athens
14 Stavros Toutziarakis (204-C-87)

15 Gaios Skordilis (206-C-87) of Iraklis Thessaloniki







4 Dori Assaf (178-G-87)
5 Ohad Cohen (189-G-87)
6 Ofir Levy (189-G-87)

7 Roi Buchbinder (202-F-87) of Bnei Hasharon
8 Tzahi Gayzler (197-G-87)
9 Evgeni Lioutrine (197-C-88)
10 Avi Avraham Eliahu (175-G-87)
11 Elishay Kadir (195-F-87) of Maccabi Ironi Ramat Gan
12 Yogev Ohayon (187-G-87) of Hapoel Galil Elyon
13 Omri Casspi (200-F-88)
14 Daniel Gur Arie (198-C-87)
15 Tal Michael Dunne (189-G-87)







4 Alessandro Piazza (175-G-87) of Climamio Bologna
5 Stefano Mercante (185-G-87) of Armani Jeans Milano
6 Davide Bruttini (202-F/G-87) of MPV Siena
7 Francesco Gergati (190-G-87) of Campus Varese
8 Edoardo Persico (205-C-87) of Lauretana Biella
9 Matteo Frassineti (195-G-87) of Carisparmio Cesena
10 Alberto D'Inca (192-G-87) of Benetton Treviso
11 Danilo Gallinari (201-G-88) of Armani Jeans Milano
12 Andrea Giroldi (190-G-87) of Lauretana Biella
13 Luigi Datome (202-G/F-87) of Montepaschi Siena
14 Mitchell Poletti (202-F-88) of Assigeco Casalpusterlengo
15 Gino Cuccarolo (217-C-87) of Benetton Treviso







4 Sandis Silavs (190-G-88)
5 Karlis Penders (187-G-87) of LSAB/Lattelekom Riga
6 Arturs Freimanis (198-F-87) of BK Livu alus/Liepaja
7 Kristaps Brencans (194-G/F-87) of BK Ridzene
8 Aigars Strelis (196-F-87) of BK Ridzene
9 Ernests Kalve (200-F-87) of BJBS Keizermezs Riga
10 Krists Piternieks (199-G-87) of BK Barons/LU Riga

11 Rolands Freimanis (200-C-88)
12 Rolands Zakis (200-F/C-87) of Ventspils augstskola
13 Kalvis Sprude (205-C-87) of BJBS Keizermezs Riga
14 Deniss Nikolajevs (209-C-88)
15 Andrejs Selakovs (205-C-88)







4 Zydrunas Kelys (188-G-87) of Buratina Kaunas
Arvydas Siksnius (197-F-87) of Nafta/Univer./Laivite Klaipeda
6 Edvinas Ruzgas (200-F-87)
7 Arnas Labuckas (203-F/C-87) of Buratina Kaunas
8 Marius Valukonis (197-F-88)
9 Regimijus Trakimas (204-C-87) of Puntukas-Jarimpeksas
10 Paulius Ivanauskas (195-G-87) of Prienai
11 Povilas Butkevicius (200-F-87) of Žalgiris-Sabonio
12 Vilmantas Dilys (205-F-87) of Žalgiris-Sabonio
13 Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) of Sakalai Vilnius

14 Pranas Skurdauskas (208-C-88) of B.C. Zalgiris Kaunas
15 Karolis Petrukonis (210-C-87)







4 Kamil Michalski (183-G-87) of Astoria Bydgoszcz
5 Daniel Badenski (183-G-87) of MKKS Rybnik
6 Piotr Halas (190-G-87) of Slask II Wroclaw
7 Tomasz Smorawinski (190-G-87)
Bartosz Diduszko (197-F-87) of KS Pogon Ruda Slaska
9 Marek Piechowicz (199-G/F-88) of Zaglebie Sosnowiec
10 Adam Lapeta (212-C-87) of Prokom Trefl Sopot
11 Kamil Pietras (207-F-88) of Union Olimpija Ljubljana II
12 Jakub Dluski (202-C-87)
13 Mateusz Jarmakowicz (207-C-88) of Slask Wroclaw
14 Michal Swiderski (196-F/F-87) of SMS PZKosz Kozienice
15 Michal Gabinski (201-F-87) of WTK Anwil Wloclawek







4 Pavel Sergeev (185-G-87) of Spartak St.Petersburg
5 Vitaly Kuznetsov (194-F-88)
6 Konstantin Berkov (203-C-88) of Dynamo Moscow
7 Anatoli Kashirov (211-C-87) of CSKA Moscow
8 Yaroslav Korolev (206-G/F-87) of CSKA Moscow
Vasili Zavorouev (196-G-87) of CSKA Moscow
10 Artur Urazmanov (185-G-87) of CSKA Moscow
11 Igor Smyghin (198-G/F-87) of CSKA Moscow
12 Artem Yakovenko (204-G-88) of Khimik Engels
13 Maksim Sheleketo (204-F-87) of CSK VVS Samara reg.
14 Petr Gubanov (207-F-87) of CSKA Moscow
15 Nikita Stepanenkov (207-C-87) of BC Khimky-2 Moscow reg.







4 Milos Teodosic (195-G-87) of Zeleznik Reflex Beograd
5 Milenko Tepic (199-G-87) of BC Nis Vojvodina Novi Sad

Ivan Paunic (193-G-87) of Partizan Beograd
7 Marko Djurkovic (206-C/F-87) of Partizan Beograd
8 Dragan Labovic (208-C/F-87) of Reflex Beograd
9 Nenad Mijatovic (195-G-87) of BC Buducnost Podgorica

10 Branko Jereminov (185-G-87) of Hemofarm Vrsac
11 Nenad Zivcevic (200-F-87) of BC Buducnost Podgorica
12 Vladimir Stimac (210-C-87) of KK Beovuk 72 Beograd
13 Miroslav Raduljica (212-C-88) of Zeleznik Reflex Beograd
14 Nikola Dragovic (203-F-87) of KK Avala Ada Beograd
15 Vladimir Dasic (207-F-88) of BC Buducnost Podgorica







4 Klemen Lorbek (195-G-88) of Triglav Kranj
Boban Tomic (190-G-88) of Jance STZ Ljubljana
6 Jaka Klobucar (193-G-87) of Geoplin Slovan Ljubljana
7 Tadej Horvat (196-G-87) of Pivovarna Lasko II
8 Mirko Mulalic (195-F-88) of Union Olimpija Ljubljana II
9 Gasper Vidmar (205-C/F-87) of Jance STZ Ljubljana
10 Uros Globovnik (199-F-87) of Pivovarna Lasko II
11 Lovro Hren (202-F/G-87) of Pivovarna Lasko II
12 Matej Krusic (208-F/C-87) of Kemoplast Alpos Sentjur
13 Drago Brcina (204-F/C-87) of Pivovarna Lasko II
Tadej Kostomaj (187-G-87) of Pivovarna Lasko II
15 Semir Smajlovic (208-C-87) of Pivovarna Lasko II







4 Sergi Llull (178-G-87)
5 Pau Ribas (182-G-87)
6 Javier Forcada (191-G-88) of Winterthur F.C. Barcelona
7 Marc Fernandez (195-G-87)
8 Alberto Aspe (198-F/G-87) of Real Madrid
9 Oscar Duarte (200-C-87)
10 Alfonso Sanchez (190-G-87) of Unicaja Malaga
11 Victor Claves (203-F-88)
12 Albert Teruel (197-F-87) of DKV Joventut Badalona
13 Ignacio Gonzalez (203-C-88) of Winterthur F.C. Barcelona
14 Xavi Rey (205-C-87) of Winterthur F.C. Barcelona
15 Jose Angel Antelo (203-F/C-87) of CAI Zaragozaa







4 Ismet Hacioglu (186-G-88) of Galatasaray Cafecrown Istanbul
5 Yasin Gorluk (202-G/F-87) of Yesilyurt Istanbul
6 Caner Oner (200-F-87) of Yesilyurt Istanbul
7 Cenk Akyol (197-G-87) of Efes Pilsen Istanbul
8 Murat Goktas (201-G-87) of Turk Telekom Ankara
Mehmet Yagmur (188-G-87) of Pinar Karsiyaka SK Izmir
10 Can Altintig (189-G-87) of Uludag Universitesi
11 Bora Pacun (207-F-87) of Tuborg Izmir
12 Emre Bayav (209-C-87) of KK Crvena Zvezda Beograd
13 Cemal Nalga
(208-C-87) of Tuborg Izmir
14 Erhan Yetim (204-F-87) of Tuborg Izmir
Oguz Savas (208-C-87) of Ulker Istanbul

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