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European Championships U18 2006 Div.A logo
European Championships U18 2006 Div.B logo
Division A
Final Standings

Division A Standings
Quarterfinal Round
Group E
1.Lithuania 3-0
2.France 2-1
3.Greece 1-2
4.Italy 0-3
Group F
1.Spain 3-0
2.Turkey 2-1
3.Serbia/M. 1-2
4.Bulgaria 0-3
Classification Round
Group G
1.Israel 2-1
2.Latvia 2-1
3.Iceland 1-2
4.Slovenia 1-2

Group H

1.Russia 3-0
2.Croatia 2-1
3.Ukraine 1-2
4.Germany 0-3
Preliminary Round
Group A
1.Lithuania 3-0
2.Turkey 2-1
3.Latvia 1-2
4.Ukraine 0-3
Group B
1.Serbia/M. 3-0
2.Greece 2-1
3.Russia 1-2
4.Slovenia 0-3

Group C

1.Italy 2-1
2.Bulgaria 2-1
3.Israel 2-1
4.Germany 0-3

Group D

1.Spain 3-0
2.France 1-2
3.Croatia 1-2
4.Iceland 1-2

Division B
Final Standings
10.Czech R.
15.Slovak R.


Division B

Quarterfinal Round
Group E

1.Romania 3-0
2.England 2-1
3.Sweden 1-2
4.Austria 0-3
Group F
1.Estonia 2-1
2.Portugal 2-1
3.Poland 1-2
4.Belgium 1-2

Classification Round
Group G

1.Bosnia 1-0
2.Norway 0-1

Group H

1.Hungary 2-0
2.Luxemb. 1-1



Group I

1.Finland 2-0
2.Slovak R. 1-1
3.Scotland 0-2

Group J

1.Czech R. 2-0
2.Holland 1-1
3.Moldova 0-2

Preliminary Round
Group A

1.England 3-0
2.Portugal 2-1
3.Finland 1-2
4.Luxemb. 0-3
Group B
1.Poland 4-0
2.Austria 3-1
3.Slovak R. 2-2
4.Ireland 1-3
5.Moldova 0-4

Group C

1.Sweden 3-1
2.Belgium 3-1
3.Holland 2-2
4.Czech R. 1-3
5.Norway 1-3

Group D

1.Estonia 3-1
2.Romania 3-1
3.Hungary 2-2
4.Bosnia 2-2
5.Scotland 0-4
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French Nicolas Batum was MVP of EC U18 2006 (Photo: FIBA)
Romania won EC for Juniors Division B (Photo: FIBA)

France won European Championships for Juniors (Photo: FIBA)

   Batum Takes MVP Honours - Jul 28, 2006






Nicolas Batum (201-F-88) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket (FRA) lived up to the hype surrounding him and won the UMCOR U18 European Championship Most Valuable Player. The much heralded Batum averaged 14 points and 7.9 rebounds and led France's run to the gold medal.
"Most Valuable Player is nice and all," said Batum."
"But really, it is not just about me. It is all about this team. We worked really hard to get here."
The 201 cm forward demonstrated his remarkable athletic ability throughout the tournament with an array of power blocks and thunderous dunks.
In the gold medal game, Batum scored 11 points and sparked a French run in the third quarter by scoring six consecutive points to give his side a lead they would not relinquish.
Batum has been showcasing his talent with Le Mans in the French League. He has some time with the senior team and is expected to be a part of their roster next season.
"Really I haven't proven anything in my career yet," confessed Batum.
"There is a lot more I want to do."
The following players were selected to the All-tournament team:
Zygimantas Janavicius (188-G-89) of Alytus Alita (LTU)
Martynas Gecevicius (193-G-88) of Sakalai Vilnius (LTU)
Nicolas Batum (201-F-88) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket (FRA)
Miroslav Raduljica (213-C-88) of FMP Zeleznik Beograd (SRB) 
Victor Claver (206-F/C-88) of Pamesa Valencia (ESP)
(Courtesy of FIBA Europe)

   Day 8 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 28, 2006
After looking dead in the water following three consecutive losses, France defeated Lithuania 77-72 in the title game and lifted the UMCOR U18 European Championship gold medal. As Spanish players celebrated their 92-83 bronze medal game victory over Turkey at center court, a misty eyed Marc Rubio pointed toward heaven to pay tribute to his fallen friend, Guillem Raventos. With 8-25 run in the first quarter, Serbia & Montenegro never look back from there. Russia and Croatia contribute a so furious and close game to us, in the 4:10 of the fourth quarter, they score 77-77. With the 8-5 run for the last game, Russia beat Croatia. D'Ercole's 3PtsFG in the last 3 second help Italy reverse the score. Ukraine lost their last game with Iceland because of the absence of Vil'khovets'kyy.

Day 8 Games

Final: Lithuania - France 72-77
Lithuania: Gecevicius 17p, Cepukaitis 12p, Skurdauskas 11p+10r.
France: Moerman 16p+10r, Vaty 12p+10r, Diot and Batum 11p.

Game for 3rd and 4th place: Turkey - Spain 83-92
Turkey: Hacioglu and sahan 20p, Ozurganci 12p.
Spain: Aguilar 25p+11r, Claver 21p+12r, Tomas 20p.

Game for 5th and 6th place: Greece - Serbia & Montenegro 49-75
Greece: Goulas 13p, Michaloglou 10p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Dasic 18p+10r, Jeremic 12p, Markovic 11p.

Game for 7th and 8th place: Bulgaria - Italy 76-77
Bulgaria: Lilov 28p+12r, Kostov 20p+11r, Ivanov 10p.
Italy: D'Ercole 20p, Aradori 16p+7r, Poletti 11p.

Game for 9th and 10th place: Croatia - Russia 82-85
Croatia: Vukicevic 17p+10r, Petani 17p, Sakic 10p+10r.
Russia: Syrovatko 19p, Khvostov and Gromyko 14p, Yakovenko 10p+11r.

Game for 11th and 12th place: Israel - Latvia 102-94
Israel: Casspi 35p+10r, Shoutvin 22p, Daniel 12p.
Latvia: Kuksiks 23p, Silavs 12p, Selakovs 11r.

Game for 13th and 14th place: Germany - Slovenia 78-63
Germany: Ohlbrecht 19p, Schaffartzik 18p, Benzing 12p.
Slovenia: Bilic 17p, Markic 12p+8r, Cigoja 11p.

Game for 15th and 16th place: Iceland - Ukraine 102-86
Iceland: Bjornsson 30p, Vilhjalmsson 21p, Einarsson 17p.
Ukraine: Sizov 26p+11r, Gladyr 26p, Brynza 12p.

   Day 7 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 27, 2006
With the help of a 13-3 run to start the fourth quarter, France defeated Spain 80-67 to advance to the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men gold medal game. Turkey may have lost the gold medal game to Serbia & Montenegro in the U20 category yesterday, but this evening a different story unfolded. Lithuania surged ahead in the second quarter and withstood a furious Turkish comeback attempt in the fourth quarter to win 87-80 in the semi-finals. With the high percentage of FG (61.4), Serbia & Montenegro beat Italy easefully. With national team coach Dirk Bauermann looking on, Germany's U18 squad snapped a six-game losing streak and won their first game.

Day 7 Games

Lithuania - Turkey 87-80

Lithuania: Gecevicius 19p, Kleiza 18p, Cepukaitis 10p+10r.
Turkey: Hersek 33p+9r, Balbay 13p.
France - Spain 80-67
France: Batum 24p+9r, Mbaye 16p, Mangin 12p.
Spain: Rubio 20p, Claver 11p+11r.

Classification Games for 5th to 8th place
Italy - Serbia & Montenegro 85-101
Italy: Aradori and Chessa 21p, Poletti 15p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Raduljica 28p+11r, Dasic 21p, Koprivica 11p.
Greece - Bulgaria 71-69
Greece: Tsairelis 18p, Sigkounas 16p+15r, Giannakidis 14p.
Bulgaria: Kostov 22p, Ivanov 18p, Lilov 14p.

Classification Games for 9th to 16th place
Iceland - Germany 63-92
Iceland: Bjornsson 22p, Einarsson 14p, Vilhjalmsson 13p.
Germany: Ohlbrecht 23p+18r, Benzing 15p, Guther and Chennoufi 14p.
Slovenia - Ukraine 51-50
Slovenia: Lorbek 12p, Vujasinovic and Cigoja 11p.
Ukraine: Gladyr 23p, Zhytaryuk 10r.
Israel - Croatia 82-93
Israel: Mekel 23p, Casspi 21p, Daniel 15p.
Croatia: Vukicevic 32p+15r, Sakic 18p+10r, Petani 11p.
Latvia - Russia 85-87
Latvia: Celmins 26p, Selakovs 14p+9r, Rozitis 11p.
Russia: Syrovatko 19p, Kuznetsov 15p, Yakovenko 15p+9r.

  Day 6 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 24, 2006
In a tune-up for their semi-final match-up on Wednesday, Spain easily defeated Bulgaria 89-49 in the teams' last quarter-final round games in Amaliada, Greece. What seemed unconceivable a few days ago has become reality as France advanced to the semi-finals following an 82-72 win over Italy. Lithuania took down Greece 84-65 in Amaliada to claim their sixth consecutive victory and a spot in the semi-final round.

Day 6 Games

Group E
Italy - France 72-82
Italy: Aradori 20p, Renzi 14p.
France: Diot 20p+8r, Moerman 16p+13r, Batem 14p.
Lithuania - Greece 84-65
Lithuania: Gecevicius 16p, Valukonis and Janavicius 15p, Skurdauskas 12r.

Group F
Bulgaria - Spain 49-89
Bulgaria: Ivanov 14p+8r, Kostov 13p.
Spain: Rabaseda 14p, Tomas 12p, Cabot 11p.
Turkey - Serbia & Montenegro 63-58
Turkey: Hacioglu 15p, sahillioglu 14p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Raduljica 15p+13r, Dasic 15p+12r.

Group G
Latvia - Slovenia 76-66
Latvia: Celmins 18p, Kuksiks 17p, Kanbergs 14p.
Slovenia: Vujasinovic 19p, Tomic 15p, Lorbek 10p.
Israel - Iceland 86-67
Israel: Mekel 29p, Casspi 16p.
Iceland: Vihjalmsson 23p, Bjornsson 11p.

Group H
Ukraine - Russia 78-95

Ukraine: Vil'khovets'kyy 30p, Snytko 12p.
Russia: Nelyubov 19p, Kuznetsov and Yakovenko 16p.
Germany - Croatia 52-64
Germany: Ohlbrecht 10p+9r, Harris 10p.
Croatia: Sakic 24p, Vukicevic 13p+14r, Milekovic 13p.

  Day 5 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 24, 2006
Marc Rubio (195-G-88) hit a two clutch three-pointers in the final four minutes of play to lead Spain to an 81-77 win over Serbia & Montenegro in quarter-final round action at the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men in Greece. A strong start, solid defense and a significant rebounding advantage were the ingredients for Lithuania's 88-71 win over Italy in the teams' quarter-final round match-up. With top players Baris Hersek and Dogus Balbay sitting on the bench to start the game, Turkey jumped out to a 21-9 lead and never looked back to defeat Bulgaria 78-60 in quarter-final round play.

Day 5 Games

Group E
Italy - Lithuania
Italy: Aradori 31p, Bonessio 13p.
Lithuania: Valukonis 21p+13r, Skurdauskas 20p+15r, Kleiza 16p.
France - Greece 86-43
France: Batum 18p+16r, Jackson 18p.
Greece: Giannakidis 15p.

Group F
Bulgaria - Turkey
Bulgaria: Lilov 15p+11t, Kostov 13p, Kolev 12p.
Turkey: Sevinc 15p, Hersek 13p+10r, Hacioglu 11p.
Spain - Serbia & Montenegro 81-77
Spain: Rubin 21p, Claver and Colom 20p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Dasic 20p, Raduljica 15p+10r, Macvan 13p.

Group G
Israel - Latvia
Israel: Casspi 32p+10r, Daniel 20p, Mekel 15p+10r.
Latvia: Kravalis 27p+13r, Kuksiks 23p.
Iceland - Slovenia 83-65
Iceland: Vilhjalmsson 30p, Einarsson 13p, Johannsson 12p+7r.
Slovenia: Bilic 16p, Lorbek 13p, Markic 10p.

Group H
Germany - Ukraine
Germany: Ohlbrecht 18p+20r, Benzing 10p.
Ukraine: Vil'khovets'kyy 21p, Gladyr 18p, Snytko 12p.
Croatia - Russia 71-74
Croatia: Ugrinoski 14p, Sakic 13p.
Russia: Shved 23p, Kuznetsov 13p, Nelyubov 10p.

  Day 4 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 23, 2006
Martynas Gecevicius (193-G-88) erupted for 31 points and Lithuania continued their impressive play in the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men by defeating France 80-73 in the teams' opening quarter-final round game.
Chavdar Kostov (190-G-88) scored a tournament-best 39 points but Serbia & Montenegro jumped out to a 20-10 start and never trailed from then on to win the quarter-final round match-up 93-82. Spain took advantage of a rare occurrence to defeat Turkey 81-59.

Day 4 Games

Group E
Lithuania - France 80-73

Lithuania: Gecevicius 31p+7r, Janavicius 15p, Kleiza 14p.
France: Batum 17p+12r, Moerman 16p+11r, Vary 11p.
Greece - Italy 73-70
Greece: Giannakidis 20p, Sigkounas 17p, Sakellarakis 10r.
Italy: Aradori 16p+11r, Ferrero 14p, bonessio 11p.

Group F
Turkey - Spain 59-81
Turkey: Sevinc 16p, Sahan 10p+7r.
Spain: Aguilar 26p+9r, Colom 18p, Claver 15p+12r.
Serbia & Montenegro - Bulgaria 93-82
Serbia & Montenegro: Dasic 23p, Macvan 12p+11r, Koprivica 10p.
Bulgaria: Kostov 39p, Lilov 15p, Ivanov 12.

Group G
Slovenia - Israel 69-58
Slovenia: Lorbek 21p, Tomic 19p, Cigoja 10r.
Israel: Shoutvin 18p, Bukra and Daniel 11p.
Latvia - Iceland 98-78
Latvia: Kuksiks 33p, Kravalis 15p, Freimanis 13p+10r.
Iceland: Bjornsson 21p, Vilhjalmsson 14p+8r.

Group H
Ukraine - Croatia 68-70

Ukraine: Kolchenko 17p, Vil'khovets'kyy 15p, Tuz 11p.
Croatia: Sakic 21p, Petani 19p, Vukicevic 13r.
Russia - Germany 80-76
Russia: Yakovenko 23p+10r, Nelyubov 12p, Gromyko 11p.
Germany: Schaffartzik 15p, Gunther 12p, Ohlbrecht 11p+12r.

   Day 3 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 23, 2006
In the Day 3 of European Championship U18 men Division A, all the teams try to exert their whole energy to get the final opportunity for the Quarter-Final Round. The five teams have already get the access to the next stage game, but the rest of the teams will capture the last three tickets. In the most tough game, Greece take advantage of the 8 points lead in the first quarter and win the game. Although France lost their game with Iceland 61-73, with the help of Spain beat Croatia 73-67, they get the last quarter-final ticket fortunately.

Day 3 Games

Group A
Lithuania - Turkey 70-55

Lithuania: Valukonis 11p+11r, Janavicius 16p, Skurdauskas 13p+12r.
Turkey: Sahillioglu 11p.
Ukraine - Latvia 93-101
Ukraine: Gladyr 24p, Kolchenko 18p.
Latvia: Kanbergs 19p, Tukiss 17p, Selakovs 14p+15r.

Group B
Greece - Russia 76-71

Greece: Sigkounas and Giannakidis 18p, Karavasanis 16p.
Russia: Shved 13p, Yakovenko 11p.
Slovenia - Serbia & Montenegro 59-90
Slovenia: Mlakar 16p, Virk 12p.
Serbia & Montenegro: Dasic 24p, Raduljica 21p+11r, Macvan 14p.

Group C
Bulgaria - Italy 92-81

Bulgaria: Kostov 33p, Lilov 23p+9r, Phillipov 11p.
Italy: Aradori 20p, Bonessio 14p, Ferrero 12p.
Germany - Israel 76-79
Germany: Ohlbrecht 22p+26r, Chennoufi 20p, Gunther 16p.
Israel: Casspi 33p+7r, Mekel 23p.

Group D
Croatia - Spain 67-73

Croatia: Vukicevic 16p+7r, Bogdanovic 14p, Petani 12p.
Spain: Thmas 14p, Claver and Rubio 13p.
Iceland - France 73-61
Iceland: Hreidarsson 17p+13r, Bjornsson 16p.
France: Batum and Vaty 11p, Tillie 10r.

  Day 2 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 19, 2006
Chavdar Kostov (190-G-88)'s game-high 37 points propelled Bulgaria to a 86-71 win over Germany in Group C play of the Ostchem U18 European Championship in Greece. In an extremely intense, back and forth contest, Spain defeated France 94-85 in Group D action in Olympia to secure a berth in the Quarter-final round. One night after being handedly defeated, Greece responded by beating Slovenia 66-51 in Argostoli.

Day 2 Games

Group A
Lithuania - Ukraine 101-67

Lithuania: Marius Valukonis (196-F-88) 27 points and 9 rebounds, Pranas Skurdauskas (208-C-88) 12 points and 13 rebounds.
Ukraine: Oleksandr Kolchenko (196-F-88) 31 points, Vil'hovets'yy, M. 14 points.
Turkey - Latvia 71-67
Turkey: Baris Hersek (206-F/C-88) 19 points, Ismet Hacioglu (186-G-88) and Mehmet Sahan (204-F/C-88) 15 points.
Latvia: Kristaps Kanbergs (190-G-88) 22 points, Rihards Kuksiks (196-F-88) 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Group B
Slovenia - Greece 51-66
Slovenia: Dejan Mlakar (191-G-88) 17 points, Luka Lapornik (194-G-88) 10 points.
Greece: Ioannis Karavasanis (192-G-88) 18 points and 11 rebounds, Alexandros Sigkounas (200-F-88) 15 points and 11 rebounds.

Serbia & Montenegro - Russia 78-63

Group C
Bulgaria - Germany 86-71
Germany: Gunther, P. 27 points, Ziyed Chennoufi (202-F-88) 13 points.
Italy - Israel 95-63
Italy: Pietro Aradori (192-G-88) 30 points, Diviach (200-F-88) 16 points.
Israel: Sean Daniel (194-G-89) 21 points and 8 rebounds, Casspi, O. 10 points.

Group D
Croatia - Iceland 89-55

Croatia: Ugrinoski (192-G-88, agency: XL Croatian BC) 18 points, Filip Vukicevic (202-F-88) 15 points and 16 rebounds.
Iceland: Brynjar Bjornsson (188-G-88) 21 points.
Spain - France 94-85
Spain: Javier Forcada (191-G-88) 27 points, Victor Claves (203-F-88) and Pablo Aguilar both scored 18 points.
France: Adrien Moerman (204-F/C-88) 27 points and 15 rebounds, Alexis Ajinca (214-C-88) 12 points and 11 rebounds.

   Day 1 of European Championship U18 men Division A - Jul 19, 2006
Lithuania outscored Latvia 30-13 in the pivotal second quarter to win 85-67 in their opening game of the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men in Argostoli, Greece. Serbia & Montenegro, the defending U18 European Championship Men champions, picked up right where they off from a year ago by soundly defeating host nation Greece 83-58.

Day 1 Games

Group A
Ukraine - Turkey 74-87

Ukraine: Oleksandr Kolchenko (196-F-88) 25 points and 14 rebounds, Gladyr, S. 14 points.
Turkey: Can Ozcan (200-F-89) 17 points, Dogus Balbay (184-G-89) 13 points.
Latvia - Lithuania 67-85
Latvia: Rihards Kuksiks (196-F-88) 21 points, Toms Celmins (195-F-88) 14 points and 7 rebounds.
Lithuania: Martynas Gecevicius (193-G-88) 16 points, Marius Valukonis (196-F-88) 12 points and 13 rebounds, Pranas Skurdauskas (208-C-88) 12 points and 13 rebounds.

Group B
Greece - Serbia & Montenegro 58-83

Greece: Ioannis Karavasanis (192-G-88) 14 points and 8 rebounds, Michail Giannakidis (192-G-88) 12 points.
Serbia & Montenegro: Vladimir Dasic (208-F-88) 19 points, Nikola Koprivica (200-G-88) 14 points.
Russia - Slovenia 83-53
Russia: Alexey Shved (195-G-88) 23 points, Vitaly Kuznetsov (195-F-88) 10 points.
Slovenia: Dejan Mlakar (191-G-88) 13 points, Miha Markic (200-F-88) 12 rebounds.

Group C
Germany - Italy 58-62
Germany: Ziyed Chennoufi (202-F-88) 14 points and 8 rebounds, Tim Ohlbrecht (210-C-88) 10 points.
Italy: Pietro Aradori (192-G-88) 23 points and 7 rebounds.
Israel - Bulgaria 82-81
Israel: Gal Mekel (191-G-88) 26 points and 8 rebounds, Casspi, O. 15 points and 7 rebounds.
Bulgaria: Ivan Lilov (195-F-88) 30 points, Chavdar Kostov (190-G-88) 23 points.

Group D
Iceland - Spain 55-98

Iceland: Hjalti Vilhjalmsson (192-F-83) 19 points, Sigurdur Thorsteinsson (203-C-88) 13 points and 7 rebounds.
Spain: Pablo Aguilar and Victor Claves (203-F-88) both scored 15 points.
France - Croatia 90-56
France: Adrien Moerman (204-F/C-88) 20 points and 8 rebounds, Antoine Diot (191-G-89) 14 points.
Croatia: Zeljko Sakic (203-F-88) 12 points, Bojan Bogdanovic (202-G/F-89) 11 points.

   Day 11 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 9, 2006 6
Dragos Pana's clutch three-point shooting in the fourth quarter helped Romania to a 67-54 win over Estonia in the UMCOR U18 European Championship Division B gold medal game. Aylton de Medeiros scored 29 points as Portugal defeated England 76-74 to capture the bronze medal. 90% of FT made Sweden score 11 more points on the field line than Poland. 64.7% of FG helped Bosnia win the game with Czech Republic 72-63. Balanced fight and solid defense are the pivotal elements of Slovak Republic beat Luxembourg 68-59. After 11-7 run in the overtime game, Scotland squeak past Ireland 80-76.

Day 11 Games

Romania - Estonia 67-54

Romania: Pana 20p, Moldoveanu 15p+9r, Nicoara 13p+15r.
Estonia: Tulit 16p+9r, Sokk 9p, Koolman 8p.

Game for 3rd and 4th place
Portugal - England 76-74

Portugal: de Medeiros 29p, Silva 19p, Lima 10r.
England: Jackman 18p+9r, Clark 17p+12r, Hamilton 16p.

Game for 5th and 6th place
Sweden - Poland 94-83

Sweden: Taylor 28p+18r, Pettersson 14p, Palmqvist 13p.
Poland: Waczynski 15p, Jarmakowicz 14p+14p, Busz 14p.

Game for 7th and 8th place
Belgium - Austria 57-66

Belgium: Mestdagh 13p, Kabeya 11p+15r.
Austria: Radakovics 17p, O'Neal 14p+13r, Hetzmannseder 13p.

Game for 9th and 10th place
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Czech Republic 72-63

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gordic 18p, Suljagic and Adamovic 16p.
Czech Rep: Hampl 15p, Dokoupil 14p.

Game for 11th and 12th place
Hungary - Finland 74-69

Hungary: Hajmasy 18p, Csorvasi 17p+9r, Rujak 13p.
Finland: Vanjoki 28p, Kanervo 9p+8r.

Game for 13th and 14th place
Norway - Netherlands 68-65

Norway: Hinsch 20p, Aligeris 15p, Kombat 10p+11r.
Netherlands: Slump 18p, Schaftenaar 12p+9r, Koenis 12p.

Game for 15th and 16th place
Luxembourg - Slovak Republic 59-68

Luxembourg: Picard 25p, Herrmann 9p.
Slovak Rep: Repasky 16p, Hoferica 12p, Bartos 11p.

Games for 17th to 19th place
Ireland - Scotland 76-80

Ireland: Nihill 24p, Chubb 17p, Finn 12p.
Scotland: Glascodine 27p+16r, Thomas 21p+9r, Sleary 13p.

   Day 10 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 7, 2006
Vlad Moldoveanu scored 30 points and Romania got off to a red hot start in beating Portugal 77-54 in the semi-finals of the UMCOR U18 European Championship Division B in Sibiu, Romania. Estonia held the tournament's leading scorer to three points and had five players tally double digits to defeat England 95-65. The 23-11 run in the last quarter helped Sweden lead 3 points with Belgium finally. Poland's twelve 3-Points stunned Austria 81-75. Norway prevail Luxembourg 91-74 despite Picard's 40 points. Also Picard's 40 points is the highest score per game of this tournament. With the 61% of the FG, Moldova won the second game with Ireland 64-48 and get the 17th place.

Day 10 Games

Romania - Portugal 77-54

Romania: Moldoveanu 30p+14r, Nicoara 18p+19r, Pana 13p.
Portugal: Fonseca 17p, Pinto 11p.
England - Estonia 65-95
England: Williams 11p, Hamilton 9p+8r.
Estonia: Tulit 25p, Pilk 13p, Sokk 11p.

Classification Games for 5th to 8th place
Sweden - Belgium 70-67

Sweden: Taylor 23p+15r, Pettersson 14p, Palmqvist 13p.
Belgium: Driesen 19p, Chada 18p, Mwema 16p+10r.
Austria - Poland 75-81
Austria: Radakovics 18p, O扤eal 16p, De Marinis 12p.
Poland: Prostak 23p, Czarkowski 15p, Jarmakowicz 11p+11r.

Classification Games for 9th to 16th place
Norway - Luxembourg 91-74

Norway: Aliferis 28p, Mjoes 20p, Kombat 16p+9r.
Luxembourg: Picard 40p, Schwartz 10p.
Slovak Republic - Netherlands 69-73
Slovak Rep: Vido 17p+14r, Repasky 15p, Rendla 13p.
Netherlands: Slump 30p+9r, Schaftenaar 14p+12p, Roodheuvel 8p+11a.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Hungary 74-57
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gordic 24p+9r, Vreca and Suljagic 12p.
Hungary: Toth, G. 12p, Rujak 9p.
Finland - Czech Republic 68-78
Finland: Huuskonen 21p+9r, Siven 13p, Heinonen 12p.
Czech Rep: Stastny 20p+9r, Dokoupil 18p, Macela and Hampl 13p.

Games for 17th to 19th place
Moldova - Ireland 64-48

Moldova: Priscepnii 18p+14r, Rulevski 16p, Fedorenco 12p.
Ireland: Nihill 13p, Finn 8p.


    Day 9 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 6, 2006
In the Day 9 of European Championship U18 men Division B game, all the teams have one day break for the next stage competition except for Scotland and Moldova. The contest was between with the two teams who never win any games in this tournament. With the advantage of total capability, Moldova won their first game. They also get the advantageous position in the Group K. Scotland too many PFs made Moldova 20 times on the free throw line. Moldova had balanced fight - four players scored in double figures. They led the score from the beginning and never looked back from there. Try to get the better place of the tournament, all the teams will have a tough battle tomorrow.

Day 9 Games

Scotland - Moldova 50-66
Scotland: Cleary 13p+10r, Glascodine 13p.
Moldova: Priscenpnii 17p+11r, Rulevski 17p, Rusu and Cropotov 10p.

    Day 8 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 5, 2006
In one of the best games thus far in the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men Division B, host nation Romania defeated Sweden 67-64 to clinch a spot in the semi-final round and send Sweden to the classification stage. Taking advantage of their athleticism and size, England defeated Austria 85-80 in the teams' final quarter-final round games. With a spot in the semi-finals at stake, Tiago Pinto poured in 33 points as Portugal defeated Poland 80-68. Estonia seemed not to put their whole energy into the last game with Belgium. Rujak's 2PtsFG in the last 21 seconds helped Hungary beat Luxembourg 77-75. They also got the first place for this victory.

Day 8 Games

Group E
England - Austria 85-80

England: Clark 20p+17r, Hamilton 17p, Williams 16p.
Austria: Hetzmannseder 19p, Weiβl 16p, Graf 13p.
Sweden - Romania 64-67
Sweden: Massamba 16p, Andreasen and Palmqvist 11p, Taylor 10p+11r.
Romania: Moldoveanu 20p, Nicoara 19p+13r.

Group F
Portugal - Poland 80-68

Portugal: Pinto 33p, Cardoso 15p, Fonseca 11p, Lima 11r.
Poland: Jarmakowicz 21p+8r, Czarkowski 20p, Waczynski 13p.
Belgium - Estonia 68-63
Belgium: Mwema 18p+12r, Kabeya 16p, Mestdagh 12p.
Estonia: Koolman 16p+10r, Pilk and Turkov 9p.

Group H
Luxembourg - Hungary 75-77

Luxembourg: Schwartz 23p, Picard 21p+9r, Melchior 11p.
Hungary: Csorvasi 25p+10r, Toth, A. 14p, Toth, P. 9p+10r.

Group I
Scotland - Slovak Republic 72-85

Scotland: Thomas 22p, Hornell 16p, Glascodine 11p+10r.
Slovak Rep: Rendla 15p, Repasky and Vido 14p, Baldovsky 13p.

Group J
Moldova - Netherlands 45-59

Moldova: Rulevski 17p, Rusu 11p+11r.
Netherlands: Schaftenaar 14p+10r, Schoth 12p.

  Day 7 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 5, 2006
Blessed with height and coming from a strong basketball family, Dan Clark has raised quite a few eyebrows with his play at the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men Division B. Fabio Lima's clutch shooting helped Portugal to a 92-83 win over Belgium in the second day of quarter-final round play. In a game of spurts, England's opening and closing runs were the difference in a 75-65 win over Sweden.Titus Nicoara came within two assists of a triple double to help Romania to a 79-59 win over Austria. In a match-up of two quarter-final round unbeatens, Estonia prevailed 75-68 over Poland. After Finland and Czech Rep beat their own competitors, they have surely get the first place in Group I and J. Luxembourg and Hungary will try to contest the first place in Group H in the last game of classification round.

Day 7 Games

Group E
Sweden - England 65-75

Sweden: Palmqvist 19p, Taylor 18p+8r, Karlsson and Koutras 11p.
England: Clark 25p+20r, Jackman 20p, Hamilton 11p.
Romania - Austria 79-59
Romania: Nicoara 30p+24r, Moldoveanu 24p+10r, Baciu 15p+14r.
Austria: O'Neal 15p+9r, Weiβl 13p.

Group F
Belgium - Portugal 83-92

Belgium: Mestdagh 18p, Tielens 13p, Kabeya 12p+14r,.
Portugal: Fonseca 26p+11r, Cardoso 22p, Lima 21p.
Estonia - Poland 75-68
Estonia: Eichfuss 16p+7r, Kurbas and Pilk 16p.
Poland: Czarkowski 17p, Trela 11p+11r, Prostak 11p.

Group H
Ireland - Luxembourg 60-76

Ireland: Higgins 13p, Nihill 11p+9r.
Luxembourg: Picard 23p+16r, Koster 16p, Schwartz 12p.

Group I
Finland - Scotland 85-62

Finland: Niskanen 18p, Paivinen 15p, Heinonen 11p+15r.
Scotland: Thomas 15p, Glascodine 12p, Frew 10p.

Group J
Czech Republic - Moldova 63-43

Czech Rep: Krumel 19p+12r, Hampl 15p, Stastny 10p.
Moldova: Rulevski 11p, Priscepnii 9p+9r.

  Day 6 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 3, 2006
England lost their first game of the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men - Division B with the host Romania. With the 27-18 run in the fourth quarter, Sweden guide Austria into their-own rhythm. Estonia's two players scored over twenty points and helped the team win the game with Portugal. Although Belgium's percentage of FG is higher than Poland, too many turnovers prevent Belgium winning the game.
For the big gap in some statistics, Slovak Republic lost the game without any contest. The game between Netherlands and Czech Republic has the result through over-time, Netherlands only scored two points because of the aggressive defense from Czech Republic.

Day 6 Games

Group E
Austria - Sweden 81-87
Austria: O'Neal 23p+8r, Weiβl 21p, Radakovics 13p.
Sweden: Palmqvist 25p, Massamba 19p+9r, Koutras and Taylor 17p.
England - Romania 58-76
England: Thomson 12p, Clark 10p+11r, Hamilton 10p.
Romania: Moldoveanu 32p, Baciu 11p+11r, Nicoara 10p+10r.

Group F
Portugal - Estonia 63-72

Portugal: Lima 17p, Pinto 10p.
Estonia: Kurbas 21p, Tulit 21p+6r.
Poland - Belgium 82-68
Poland: Waczynski 15p, Jarmakowicz 14p, Wilkusz 10p.
Belgium: Driesen 22p+9r, Chada 18p.

Group G
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Norway 78-68
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gordic 25p+8r, Kikanovic 24p+12r, Adamovic 10p.
Norway: Hinsch 23p, Kombat 12p+12r, Mjoes 11p.

Group H
Hungary - Ireland 79-78

Hungary: Hajmasy 19p, Csorvasi 14p+10r, supola 13p.
Ireland: Nihill 21p, Higgins 17p+9r, Anderson 15p.

Group I
Slovak Republic - Finland 48-64

Slovak Rep: Repasky 13p, Vido 15r.
Finland: Vanjoki 20p, Heinonen 17p+19r, Niskanen 10p.

Group J
Netherlands - Czech Republic
Netherlands: Schaftenaar 13p+13r, Roije 13p+11r, Koenis and Slump 10p.
Czech Rep: Krumel 16p+11r, Dokoupil 13p, Hampl 12p+10r, Macela 12p. 

  Day 5 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Aug. 1, 2006
After last day games of preliminary finished, Belgium and Estonia got the last two tickets to the next stage competitions. Clark's brilliant performance help England beat Portugal and get the 1st place in Group A. With the promotion of Poland and Austria on yesterday, the games in Group B have no suspense at all. Austria seemed not to put their concentration into the game and lose the game without any contest. The big advantage in percentage of FG, Rebounds and Assists make Belgium win the game with Netherlands easefully. Toth's last four points in the free throw line let Bosnia and Herzegovina lose the opportunity to the quarter-final round.

Day 5 Games

Group A
Portugal - England 61-68

Portugal: De Almeida Boavida and Silva 12p, Fonseca 9p+11r.
England: Clark 28p+16r, Williams and Hamilton 14p.
Finland - Luxembourg 76-64
Findland: Heinonen 22p+13r, Huuskonen 15p, Niskanen 10p+13r.
Luxembourg: Picard 19p, Melchior 11p, Koster 10r.

Group B
Poland - Austria 70-49

Poland: Prostak 14p, Czarkowski 11p.
Austria: Heuberger 11p, De Marinis 8p+10r.
Moldova - Slovak Republic 65-82
Moldova: Fedorenco and Rulevski 12p, Priscepnii 10p+9r.
Slovak Republic: Rendla 17p, Kral 16p, Vido 13p, Maslik 11p.

Group C
Belgium - Netherlands 75-50

Belgium: Driesen 32p+9r, Penninck 15p+10r.
Netherlands: Van Duuren 12p, Schaftenaar 10p+11r, Roodheuvel 10p.
Norway - Sweden 88-70
Norway: Mjoes 19p, Kombat 17p+13r, Hinsch 14p+10r.
Sweden: Lindqvist 12p, Andreasen 12p, Pettersson 10.

Group D
Hungary - Bosnia and Herzegovina 80-77

Hungary: Toth 20p+7r+10a, Supola 16p, Csorvasi 11p.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gordic 22p+13r, Adamovic 14p, Dzambic 10p.
Scotland - Estonia 62-76
Scotland: Glascodine 20p+12r, Hornell 12p.
Estonia: Eichfuss 17p, Pilk 13p, Kurbas and Kajupank 10p. 

  Day 4 of European Championship U18 men Division B - July 31, 2006
After Day 4 game of the Ostchem U18 European Championship Division B, England, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Sweden and Romania have clinched the next stage berth. Belgium, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina will try to scrabble for the final two tickets in the last game of preliminary round. For 2 minutes' 10-2 run in the last of the third quarter, Portugal controlled the game to the end. By winning the day 3 games with their own competitors, Austria and Poland keep winning in the first round. Although Czech Rep takes 19-9 in the fourth quarter, they can not catch up with the 20 points gap. Estonia leads a 6-2 run in the last 7 minutes of the game and win the game with Romania 63-59.

Day 4 Games

Group A
Luxembourg - England 54-71
Luxembourg: Melchior 15p, Schwartz 11p, Picard 10p.
England: Clark 18p+27r, Hamilton 17p+11r, Ajumobi 12p.
Finland - Portugal 72-79
Finland: Heinonen 20p+10r, Vanjoki 17p+9r, Huuskonen 13p.
Portugal: Lima 22p+16r, de Medeiros 14p, Pinto 13p+13r.

Group B
Austria - Moldova 70-63

Austria: Hetzmannseder 16p, Radakovics 15p, O'Neal 11p+10r.
Moldova: Rulevski 21p+11r, Priscepnii 15p+10r, Jorneac 10p+9r.
Slovak Republic - Ireland 88-63
Slovak Rep: Rendla 14p+11r, Baldovsky and Kral 13p, Repasky 12p.
Ireland: Nihill 13p, O'Sullivan 10p.

Group C
Sweden - Czech Republic 69-59

Sweden: Massamba 15p, Taylor 12p+11r, Palmqvist12p.
Czech Rep: Krumel 17p, Hampl 14p.
Netherlands - Norway 67-50
Netherlands: Slump 15p, Koenis 12p, Schaftenaar 10r.
Norway: Kombat 16p+13r, Hinsch and Mjoes 7p.

Group D
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Scotland 81-53
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Petric 23p+11r, Gordic 15p.
Scotland: Thomas 19p+9r, Hornell and Glascodine 10p.
Estonia - Romania 63-59
Estonia: Tulit 18p+8r, Sokk 12p, Eichfuss 10r.
Romania: Nicoara 25p+15r, Moldoveanu 13p.

  Day 3 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Jul 31, 2006
The group A plays of the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men - Division B are opening in Romania today. Although Finland lead 7-1 run in the beginning of the game, they did not keep the continuous fight from that time and lost the game with England 57-68. Portugal lead the scores of every four quarters and defeat Luxembourg easefully. O€™Neal€™s brilliant performance encourages his team members take a 44-24 run in the second half and help Austria counterattack to Ireland 78-70. Big difference between Norway and Belgium in Rebounds and percentage of shooting make Belgium lead the score about 40. By the solid defense, Hungary limited Scotland only got 13 balls in the game.

Day 3 Games

Group A
Portugal - Luxembourg 73-51

Portugal: Silva 12p, Lima 11p, Fonseca 10p+13r, de Medeiros 9p+10r.
Luxembourg: Picard 17p, Koster 11p.
England - Finland 68-57
England: Clark 24p+18r, Williams 15p.
Finland: Huuskonen 16p, Paivinen 13p, Vanjoki 10p.

Group B
Moldova - Poland 52-71

Moldova: Rulevski 13p, Fedorenco 12p, Priscepnii 10p+13r.
Poland: Jarmakowicz 27p, Waczynski 8r.
Ireland - Austria 70-78
Ireland: Higgins 16p+10r, Anderson 15p+8r, Chubb 11.
Austria: O€™Neal 25p+10r, Radakovics 17p, Hetzmannseder 14p.

Group C
Czech Republic - Netherlands 67-78

Czech Rep: Dokoupil 17p, Krumel 15p, Hampl 13p.
Netherlands: Schaftenaar 21p+9r, Roodheuvel 18p, Van der Gragt 10p.
Norway - Belgium 42-80
Norway: Hinsch 10p, Kombat 8r.
Belgium: Chada 26p+12r, Driesen and Kabeya Mukenyi 10p.

Group D
Scotland - Hungary 46-76

Scotland: Cleary 7p+7r, Glascodine 10r.
Hungary: Csorvasi 15p+14r, Hajmasy 14p, Supola and Polya 12p.
Romania - Bosnia and Herzegovina 78-69
Romania: Moldoveanu 24p+9r, Nicoara 22p+14r, Petcu 14p.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kikanovic 23p+13r, Gordic 16p, Vuleta 12p, Dzambic 10p.

  Day 2 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Jul 31, 2006
With the fabulous performance in the first three quarters, the hosts Romania win the game with Hungary 65-51 in Group D play of the Ostchem U18 European Championship Division B in Romania. Austria take a 38-17 run in the second half to counterattack the Slovak Republic 63-60. Although Netherlands' other stats are similar to Sweden, their low percentage of FG is the root cause to lost the game. Every quarter scores of Belgium and Czech Rep are very close, but Sedlak missed Free throw in the last 50 seconds of the game and Czech Rep. has lost the last opportunity to win the game.

Day 2 Games

Group B
Austria - Slovak Republic 63-60
Austria: Radakovics 22p+8r, Hetzmannseder 15p, O'Neal 10p.
Slovak Rep: Rendla 15p, Simek 12p+13r, Vido and Dzubak 8p+10r.
Poland - Ireland 87-72
Poland: Czarkowski 25p, Jarmakowicz 24p.
Ireland: Nihill 20p, Chubb 12p, Anderson 10p.

Group C
Netherlands - Sweden 60-66

Netherlands: Schaftenaar 20p+10r, Hak 8p, Slump 8r.
Sweden: Taylor 14p+14r, Massamba 14p, Koutras 12p.
Belgium - Czech Republic 67-63
Belgium: Driesen 24p, Chada and Penninck 12p, Tielens 10r.
Czech Rep: Dokoupil and Hampl 19p.

Group D
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Estonia 82-76
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kikanovic 22p, Jeftic 19p, Gordic 16p.
Estonia: Sokk 19p, Eichfuss and Tulit 16p.
Hungary - Romania 51-65
Hungary: Hajmasy 16p, Toth 9p.
Romania: Baciu 20p+12r, Nicoara 14p+14r, Muntean 10p.

  Day 1 of European Championship U18 men Division B - Jul 31, 2006
Ireland beat their first competitor Moldova 82-75 in their opening game of the UMCOR U18 European Championship Men - Division B in Sibiu, ROM. With the balanced fight of Romania, six players scored reach double-figures and win the game between Scotland easefully. Slovak Rep just scored 2 points in the second quarter and lost the game with Poland 39-74. Although Belgium grab 17 more rebounds than Sweden, the low percentage of FG (39.6) cause them lose the game. The turnover competition opened between Czech Rep and Norway, (Czech Rep 33to and Norway 24to), Czech Rep take advantage of the lead of the first three quarters to beat Norway 62-59.

Day 1 Games

Group B
Ireland - Moldova 82-75
Ireland: Anderson 14p+10r, Finn 14p, Mc Veigh 12p, Nihill 11p.
Moldova: Rulevski 31p, Fedorenco 11p, Rusu 15r.
Slovak Republic - Poland 39-74
Slovak Rep: Rendla 9p, Simek 8p.
Poland: Jarmakowicz 17p+11r, Prostak 9p.

Group C
Czech Republic - Norway 62-59

Czech Rep: Hampl 16p, Krumel 15p+10r, Tyr 9p+10r.
Norway: Mjoes 12p, Kombat 10p+12r.
Sweden - Belgium 85-68
Sweden: Taylor 22p+10r, Massamba 16p, Palmqvist 13p.
Belgium: Tielens 16p, Chada 15p, Kabeya 12p+10r, Mwema 13r.

Group D
Romania - Scotland 85-46
Romania: Moldoveanu 16p, Nicoara 15p, Baciu 13p.
Scotland: Thomas 15p, Cleary 11p.
Estonia - Hungary 69-67
Estonia: Kurbas 19p, Sokk 14p.
Hungary: Toth 18p, Hajmasy 14p, Csorvasi 11p.

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