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European Championships U18 2007 Div.A logo
European Championships U18 2007 Div.B logo
E.Championships U18
Qualifying Round Standings Div. A
Group E
1. Spain 4-1
2. France 3-2
3. Russia 3-2
4. Slovakia 2-3
5. Czech R. 2-3
6. Lithuan. 1-4
Group F
1. Serbia 5-0
2. Italy 3-2
3. Poland 3-2
4. Ukraine 3-2
5. Turkey 1-4
6. Sweden 0-5

E.Championships U18
Preliminary Round Standings Div. A
Group A
1. Spain 3-0
2. Czech R. 2-1
3. Slovenia 1-2
4. Hungary 0-3
Group B
1. Russia 3-0
2. France 2-1
3. Lithuan. 1-2
4. Bulgaria 0-3
Group C
1. Serbia 3-0
2. Poland 2-1
3. Sweden 1-2
4. Belarus 0-3
Group D
1. Ukraine 3-0
2. Germany 1-2
3. Italy 1-2
4. Turkey 1-2

E.Championships U18
Qualifying Round Standings Div. B
Group E
1. Romania 3-0
2. Croatia 2-1
3. Ireland 1-2
4. Israel 0-3
Group F
1. Estonia 3-0
2. Latvia 2-1
3. Slovenia 1-2
4. Greece 0-3

E.Championships U18
Classification Round Standings Div.B
Group G
1. Belgium 3-0
2. Monten. 2-1
3. Portugal 1-2
4. Finland 0-3
Group H
1. Holland 3-0
2. U.Kingd. 2-1
3. Bosnia 1-2
4. Scotland 0-3

E.Championships U18
Preliminary Round Standings Div.B
Group A
1. Ireland 3-1
2. Israel 2-2
3. Portugal 2-2
4. Belgium 2-2
5. Denmark 1-3
Group B
1. Romania 4-0
2. Croatia 3-1
3. Monten. 2-2
4. Finland 1-3
5. Luxembo. 0-4
Group C
1. Estonia 3-0
2. Latvia 2-1
3. U.Kingd. 1-2
4. Bosnia 0-3
Group D
1. Slovenia 4-0
2. Greece 3-1
3. Holland 2-2
4. Scotland 1-3
5. Austria 0-4

E.Championships U18
Final Standings Div. A
1. Serbia
2. Spain
3. Russia
4. Poland
5. Ukraine
6. Czech R.
7. France
8. Italy
9. Slovakia
10. Lithuan.
11. Turkey
12. Sweden
13. Bulgaria
14. Belarus.
15. Germany
16. Hungary

E.Championships U18
Final Standings Div.B
1. Croatia
2. Romania
3. Estonia
4. Latvia
5. Greece
6. Israel
7. Slovenia
8. Ireland
9. Monten.
10. Belgium
11. Holland
12. England
13. Bosnia
14. Portugal
15. Finland
16. Scotland

Div. A Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 Milovanovic, SRB 19.5
2 T. Bovykina, UKR 19.1
3 Malashenko, UKR 17.4
4 N. Kovalova, SVK 15.8
5 N. Yakovits, BLR 15.3
Rebounds Per Game
1 G. Petronyte, LTU 14.0
2 Malashenko, UKR 12.4
3 R. Palusna, SVK 11.5
4 S. Petrovic, SRB 10.0
5 Kaczmarczyk, POL 9.9
Assists Per Game
1 A. Lysyuk, UKR 6.1
2 K. Bartonova, CZE 4.6
3 S. Stankova, BUL 4.2
4 Rinkeviciute, LTU 4.0
5 W. Idczak, POL 3.9

Div. B Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 S. Aleksic, MNT 23.9
2 M. Vrsaljko, CRO 21.5
3 J. Culafic, MNT 20.3
4 H. Salomaa, FIN 19.2
5 D. Yahalomi, ISR 18.4
Rebounds Per Game
1 M. Vrsaljko, CRO 14.9
2 R. De Roos, NED 13.8
3 S. Schicher, AUT 12.3
4 J. Haentges, LUX 11.5
5 V. Rebane, EST 10.6
Assists Per Game
1 S. Aleksic, MNT 6.4
2 J. Culafic, MNT 4.9
3 N. Shafir, ISR 4.4
4 J. Rosseel, BEL 3.6
5 N. Baric, SLO 3.5
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Serbia won European Championships U18 Women 2007 (Photo: Fiba)
Serbia the European Championships U18 Women 2007 Winner (Photo: Fiba)

Serbian U18 National Team 2007





4 Jovana Mesaros (170-G-88) of Usce Novi Beograd
5 Sonja Petrovic (185-F-89) of Cercle Jean Mace Bourges (FRA)
6 Irena Matovic (186-F-88) of Keckemeti KC (HUN)
7 Nina Bogicevic (178-G-89) of Crvena Zvezda Beograd
8 Iva Roglic (189-F-88) of Crvena Zvezda Beograd
9 Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) of Vojvodina Nis Gas Novi Sad
10 Maja Miljkovic (176-G-88) of Usce Novi Beograd
11 Dragana Gobeljic (185-F-88) of Vojvodina Nis Gas Novi Sad
12 Jelena Cerina (194-C-88) of Hemofarm Vrsac
13 Smiljana Ivanovic (176-G-88) of Vojvodina Nis Gas Novi Sad
14 Ivana Musovic (173-G-89) of Usce Novi Beograd
15 Andja Ivkovic (184-F-88) of Spartak Subotica

Division B: Croatia steals Gold in the Final - Jul. 9, 2007

Romania U18-Croatia U18 59:70 (14-22, 19-12, 14-20, 12-16)
Croatia triumphs in Division B of U18 European Championship Women. In the final game the team upset host Romania 70:59. A great defense and the improvement of three leaders led the team to the first spot. Tomica Bacic (182-F-90) led the winners with 22 points and 10 rebounds. Marija Vrsaljko (195-C-89) (195-C-89) was the best near the basket scoring 19 points and grabbing 20 rebounds, Matea Brezec (170-G-89) added 17. Elisabeth Pavel (192-C-90) top-scored for the hosts with 12 points.
That was the second game between two best teams in the tournament. In the Preliminary round Romania overcame 63:59 and stayed the only undefeated team before the Final. Meanwhile Croatia beat Estonia in a semifinal thriller 52:50 to give the first loss for the Baltic team.
Croatia started offensively and led 22:14 after the first quarter. At the same time Romania answered with 19:12 in the second as both teams finished the half 33:34 for Romania.
In the second half Croatia could not be caught. The team demonstrated a basketball of a very high level. With 20:14 in the third Croatia increased to 16:12 in the last to celebrate the win in the European Championship Women Final.

Romania U18: Elisabeth Pavel 12, Chuvu 11+8 rebs, Ramona Tarta (170-G-89) 11
Croatia U18: Tomica Bacic 22+10 rebs, Marija Vrsaljko 19+20 rebs, Matea Brezec 17+9 rebs

Game for the 3rd place
Latvia U18-Estonia U18 49:66 (19-13, 10-16, 12-22, 8-15)
Estonia U18 finished third in FIBA U18 European Championship for women. In the game for the third place Estonia downed Latvia 66:49. Trailing by 13:19 Estonian squad could reinforce and took control of the game. Viive-Kai Rebane (184-F-89) was everywhere in the court scoring 17 points and making 19 rebounds. Sandra Andresson (175-G-89) posted 12, while Kati Rausberg (172-G-89) finished with 11 points. Anete Steinberga (185-C-90) produced 15 points and made 13 rebounds in the losing effort.

Both teams met each other in the Preliminary Round. Estonia beat the opener that time and stayed undefeated till the semifinal game. In the second battle of the Baltic teams Estonia won again.
Latvia started better as after Nimane's free throw the team went on a 15:8 lead. Ieva Krastina (176-G-90) with a free throw as well set up the score after the first with 19:13. In the second quarter Latvia had 8 points deficit after Eglite made 23:15. Jallai tied the score in the end of the second at 29 points each.
Even though Latvia stated the third with a lead, Estonia won the third 12:22 to go on 51:41 before the last 10 minutes. In the last quarter the score was never less than 10 points as Estonia celebrated 66:49 win.

Latvia U18: Anete Steinberga 15+13 rebs, Ieva Krastina 11
Estonia U18: Viive-Kai Rebane 17+19 rebs, Sandra Andresson 12, Kati Rausberg 11

Game for the 5th place
Greece U18-Israel U18 79:63 (13-16, 19-17, 19-18, 28-12)
Greece U18 finished on the fifth spot of U18 European Championship for Women in Romania. In the game for the fifth place the team overcame Israel 79:63. Everything seemed all right for Israel after three quarters, however Greece managed to storm with 28:12 in the last. Maria Bousnaki (182-G-89) led the winners with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Dionysia Alexandri (162-G-89) netted 11, while Tsakiridou scored 10. Gobuty and Ben Nun each nailed 14 points in defeat.
Nothing looked horrible for Israel in the opening tip of the game. The team went on a 3-0 run and then finished the first with 16:13.
Idit Oryon (177-F-90) gave Israel the biggest lead in the second having 13:19 after a minute. Although Greece tied the score and went ahead, Dolev left Israel in front 33:32.
In the second half Greece led most of the time, but again Israel played better in the end. Both teams had the last break before the final quarter with 51 points each. The fourth quarter was however a nightmare for Israel. Greece was on fire and flew on the court scoring basket after a basket. Greece overcame Israel 79:63 and clinched 5th position.

Greece U18:
Maria Bousnaki 25+12 rebs, Dionysia Alexandri 11, Tsakiridou 10
Israel U18: Gobuty 14, Ben Nun 14

Game for the 7th place
Ireland U18-Slovenia U18 58:69 (14-25, 14-21, 19-11, 11-12)
Slovenia finished on the 7th place in U18 FIBA European Championship for Women. In the game for that place Slovenia rolled over Ireland 69:58. A confident first quarter allowed Slovenia to control the rest of the game. Nika Baric (166-G-92) paced the win with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Ines Kerin (172-G-90) produced 13, while Klavdija Oblak (170-G-88) ended up with 12. Orla O'Reilly top-scored with 21 points in the losing effort.

Ireland led only 3 times in the game and all of them were in the first quarter. The last lead was when McKenna drilled a three giving her team a 10:9 lead. The rest of the time Slovenia dominated in the court. The team won the first 25:14 and increased in the second with 21:14.
In the third quarter Horvat made the score inappropriate 57:41. Ireland however managed to reduce in the end trailing 57:47 after 30 minutes. In the last quarter a great come back from Ireland brought only 5 points. Kayleigh Scannell (175-G) with a three made 61:56. That was the end of the Irish attack. Slovenia scored some important baskets to finish at 69:58.

Ireland U18: Orla O'Reilly (175-F-90) 21, Kayleigh Scannell 13
Slovenia U18: Nika Baric 14+10 rebs, Ines Kerin 13, Klavdija Oblak 12

Division A: Serbia triumphs at home - Jul. 8, 2007
Spain U18-Serbia U18 48:72 (15-18, 16-17, 10-16, 7-21)

Serbia U18 had an excellent performance in the Final game of U18 European Championship Women in Novi Sad. Playing at home Serbian National team smashed Spain 72:48. A 21:7 in the last quarter was supported by the fans and spectators' applaud. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) poured in 26 points and made 4 rebounds for the winners. Sonja Petrovic (185-F-89) posted 21 points and made 13 rebounds, while Sara Krnjic (194-C-91) added 11. Alba Torrens (184-F-89) was the only one for Spain who reached the double digits. She ended up with 17 points in the losing effort.
Serbia deserved the win more than any other team. The hosts of the tournament stayed the only undefeated team in the Championship, as Spain got the second loss last night. In the Qualifying Round France managed to beat Spanish squad 66:63.
From the first minutes of the game the hosts went on a lead, scoring basket after basket. Spain battled back with Alba Torrens' three-pointer giving them a 26:25 lead midway through the second period.
Serbia forced Spain to commit two turnovers and added five points at the start of the second half to stretch the lead to 40:31. In the end of the third quarter Serbia was in front 51:41. A 21:7 in the last quarter was greatly appreciated by the fans and spectators in a packed arena.

Spain U18: Alba Torrens 17, Marta Xargay (180-G-90) 7
Serbia U18: Jelena Milovanovic 26+4 rebs, Sonja Petrovic 21+13 rebs, Sara Krnjic 11+9 rebs

Game for the 3rd place
Russia - Poland 71:65
Russia became the first medalists of the U18 European championship in Serbia. They came from behind to edge Poland in the Bronze medals game 71:65 tonight. Poland dominated three quarters of the encounter but run out of steam in the fourth and had to surrender.
Poland gained an early lead and dictated the pace of the game in the first half. Weronika Idzak delivered offensively to keep Polish team ahead 30:26 at halftime. Russia replied with 6:0 run at the start of the second half and grabbed a 32:30 advantage. However Poland capitalized on unsportsmanlike fouls from Russian players and regained the lead 51:42 entering the final frame. Russia surprised Poland with 15:2 run to begin the final quarter and stepped up leading 57:53. Poland kept it close for 2 minutes and closed the gap to 62:65 with 52 seconds on the clock. However Raisa Lenshina and Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) netted 4 unaswered points to clear off for good. Russia celebrated the bronze medals.
Natalia Vieru led Russian squad with 18 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 blocks. Daria Ezhova had 12 points in a win. Weronika Idczak (177-G-89) secured 20 points and 6 rebounds for Poland. Anita Szemraj (182-F-89) and Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk (188-F/C-89) poured in 12 points apiece in a defeat.
Russia outrebounded their opponents 45:35 and shot 42.9% from the field. Poland converted 32.7% of field goals, including 27.8% from beyond the arc.
Russia U18: Natalia Vieru 18+10 rebounds, Daria Ezhova 12, Tatiana Petrushina (185-F-90) 10

Poland U18: Weronika Idczak 20, Anita Szemraj 12, Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk 12
Game for the 5th place
Ukraine - Czech Republic 95:76
Ukrainian U18 team finished the U18 European championship on a high note. They crushed Czech Republic team 95:76 to claim the 5th spot at the tournament. Ukraine had a strong start of the game as they revealed a 15:0 run. Czechs struggled early in the game and lost the opening frame 11:32. Ukraine maintained the advantage through the second quarter as they converted a couple of impressive plays and secured a 57:41 distance at halftime. The things started to change for Czech team in the third quarter. They posted a 24:7 run and closed the gap to just 67:65 after Behalova's jumper. Rosenbaumova added two more points to climb within 1 point 68:67. CZechs kept the deficit and remained trailing by 1 point entering the final 10 minutes 71:70. However Ukraine immediately reacted and spurred to a 17:3 to begin the fourth frame with. Setting an unassailable 88:73 lead with less than 3 minutes to go in regulation Ukraine had a sigh of relief and eased to a victory at the end. Tayisiya Bovykina (190-C-89) inspired Ukraine's offense with 33 points and 10 rebounds. Arina Lysyuk (170-G-89) added 15 points, 13 assists and 5 steals for the winners. Olesya Malashenko (185-F-91) dominated the paint with 13 points and 17 rebounds. Czech Republic were paced by 26 points from Dominika Behalova (166-G-90). Klara Rosenbaumova (182-F-90) netted 11 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in a loss.
Ukraine obviously had an advantage under the rims as they outrebounded the opponents 62:46. They also shot more accurately from the field converting 52.5% (29.8% from Czechs).
Ukraine U18: Tayisiya Bovykina 33+10 boards, Arina Lysyuk 15+13 assists, Olesya Malashenko 13+17 boards
Czech Republic U18: Dominika Behalova 26, Klara Rosenbaumova 11, Aneta Bicistova (173-G-89) 10.

Game for the 7th place
France - Italy 67:45 French U18 National team celebrated a 67:45 victory in their last encounter at the U18 European championship in Serbia. The win meant France fisnished the tournament at the 7th place and Italy occupied the 8th.
France had an overwhelming second quarter to prove the difference in this game. The teams kept it close in the opening frame with France taking a narrow lead 16:13. But they sparked to a 17:4 run in the second quarter and cleared off to a 33:17 distance. French defence limited Italy to just 5 points in the second frame and established a comfortable 36:18 gap at halftime. The defence continued to dominate the game in the third quarter as French squad allowed Italy to score 10 points and extended the lead to 52:28. The intrigue lost its grip and France sealed an easy victory at the end. Marielle Amant (189-C-89) ensured 14 points in a win. Lorraine Lokoka (184-C-89) provided 12 points and 8 rebounds for France. Martina Crippa (175-G-88) was the only Italian player to score in double digits as she poured in 21 points and made 5 steals in a defeat. France overpowered Italy under the rims 54:28. They also knocked down 57.4% field goals, however lacked accuracy in foul shooting 38.5%. Italy hit 31.6% from the field and 60% from free throw line.

France U18: Marielle Amant 14 points, Lorraine Lokoka 12, Melanie Plust (173-G-89) 9
Italy U18: Martina Crippa 21, Giulia Gatti (168-G-89) 7.

Game for the 9th place
Slovakia - Lithuania 72:50
Slovakia celebrated an impressive 72:50 victory over Lithuania in the last encounter at the U18 European champiosnhip in Serbia. A perfect defence in the final quarter played a key role in Slovakia's win.
Both teams started the game aggressively and kept it close in the opening frame. Sandra Valukonyte's trey secured Lithuania a 22:20 lead after the first quarter. The game remained tight but the final rush 11:3 by Slovakian side saw them set a 40:31 gap at halftime. Nikola Kovalova (166-G) kept on delivering offensively in the third frame to secure a 57:48 lead entering the fourth frame. Slovak Republic then showed a spectacular piece of defensive basketball as they held their opponents to just 2 points and celebrated a confident 72:50 success. Slovakia had 4 players scoring in double figures. Nikola Kovalova completed game-high 16 points effort. Regina Palusna (193-C-89) provided 13 points and 9 rebounds, while Janka Mincikova (167-G-89) chipped in 12 points for the winners. Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) had 14 points and 16 rebounds to lead Lithuania. Egidija Busaite provided 12 points in a loss.
Slovakia committed only 9 turnovers forcing Lithuania to 21. They also converted 83.3% of free throws.

Slovakia U18: Nikola Kovalova 16 points, Regina Palusna 13, Janka Mincikova 12
Lithuania U18: Gintare Petronyte 14+16 rebounds, Egidija Busaite 12, Saule Kontautaite (176-G-89) 8.

Game for the 11th place

Sweden - Turkey 57:66
Sweden lost to Turkey to complete the U18 European championship at the 12th spot. Last year's bronze medalists Sweden did not manage to keep the pace in the tournament and won only one out of eight game during it. The loss became the second one that Turkey handed in to Sweden during the competition. Sweden however had a confident start of this game as they posted an early lead 12:11. Stefanie Yderstrom (170-G-90)'s 5 consecutive points at the start of the second quarter saw Sweden to enlarge th elead to 19:12 but it was as far as it got. Turkey soon tied the game and controlled it from now on. A 14:3 run midway through the third quarter extended Turkey's advantage to 46:33 and they later completed the frame with a 54:40 gap. Sweden tried desperately to climb back into this one and narrowed the deficit to 61:54 with 4 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, but Turkey held on to the lead. Burcu Tasbas' three pointer marked the capitulation for Scandinavian team. Durdane Gulsah Gumusay (180-F-89) led all scorers with 26 points. Yasemen Saylar (174-G-90) contributed 11 points for the winners. Danielle Hamilton Carter (187-C-90) replied with 16 points for Sweden. Stefanie Yderstrom finished with 8 points in a loss. Turkey dominated the rims outrebounding Sweden 39:32. Sweden at the same time shot 41.9% of field goals, comparing to 39.5% from Turkey.

Sweden U18: Danielle Hamilton Carter 16 points, Martina Staalvant 9, Stefanie Yderstrom 8
Turkey U18: Durdane Gulsah Gumusay 26, Yasemen Saylar 11. Final Standings:

1 Serbia
2 Spain
3 Russia
4 Poland
5 Ukraine
6 Czech Republic
7 France
8 Italy
9 Slovak Republic
10 Lithuania
11 Turkey
12 Sweden
13 Bulgaria
14 Belarus
15 Germany
16 Hungary

Russia grabs Bronze in Division A - Jul. 8, 2007
Russia - Poland 71:65
Russia became the first medalists of the U18 European championship in Serbia. They came from behind to edge Poland in the Bronze medals game 71:65 tonight. Poland dominated three quarters of the encounter but run out of steam in the fourth and had to surrender.
Poland gained an early lead and dictated the pace of the game in the first half. Weronika Idzak delivered offensively to keep Polish team ahead 30:26 at halftime. Russia replied with 6:0 run at the start of the second half and grabbed a 32:30 advantage. However Poland capitalized on unsportsmanlike fouls from Russian players and regained the lead 51:42 entering the final frame. Russia surprised Poland with 15:2 run to begin the final quarter and stepped up leading 57:53. Poland kept it close for 2 minutes and closed the gap to 62:65 with 52 seconds on the clock. However Raisa Lenshina and Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) netted 4 unaswered points to clear off for good. Russia celebrated the bronze medals.
Natalia Vieru led Russian squad with 18 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 blocks. Daria Ezhova had 12 points in a win. Weronika Idczak (177-G-89) secured 20 points and 6 rebounds for Poland. Anita Szemraj (182-F-89) and Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk (188-F/C-89) poured in 12 points apiece in a defeat.
Russia outrebounded their opponents 45:35 and shot 42.9% from the field. Poland converted 32.7% of field goals, including 27.8% from beyond the arc.

Russia U18: Natalia Vieru 18+10 rebounds, Daria Ezhova 12, Tatiana Petrushina (185-F-90) 10
Poland U18: Weronika Idczak 20, Anita Szemraj 12, Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk 12.

Division A: Semifinals - Jul. 8, 2007
Serbia - Russia 75:53
Serbia became the second finalists of the U18 European championship in Novi Sad. They advanced to the decisive game hours after the defending champions Spain got there. Serbia had left Russia little hopes as they stun them 75:53 to remain unbeaten at the tournament.
The first frame was a low-scoring affair as Russia gained a narrow 10:8 advantage. Serbia surged ahead with under 3 minutes to go in the first half as Sara Krnjic poured in two free throws. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) and Sonja Petrovic (185-F-89) added four straight away points and capped the first half with a 27:20 lead. Jelena Milovanovic opened the second half with 8 consecutive points to enlarge Serbia's dominance. Russia struggled to contain Serbia's leader as Milovanovich drained 16 points in the third frame to extend the lead to 51:35. Jelena Milovanovic's trey marked a 20+ gap mark with less than 6 minutes to go in the game and Russia lacked answers in this one. Serbia was unstoppable and did not give Russia a chance celebrating a 75:53 overall win at the end.
Jelena Milovanovic topscored with 32 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists for Serbia. Nina Bogicevic (178-G-89) had 14 points in a winning effort. Nadezhda Grishaeva (193-C-89) replied with 13 points. Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) secured 8 points for Russia.
Serbia collected 45 rebounds and shot 34% from the field and 42.1% from three point line. Russia converted just 59.1% of free throws and grabbed 43 rebounds.
Russia will try to succeed in the Bronze medals game against Poland. Serbia will host the defending champions Spain in the Final today.

Serbia U18: Jelena Milovanovic 32 points, Nina Bogicevic 14, Sonja Petrovic 7+14 boards
Russia U18: Nadezhda Grishaeva 13, Natalia Vieru 8, Ekaterina Chistyakova 7

Poland - Spain 66:71

Poland U18 National team stopped just a step away from the final of the U18 European championship in Serbia. Poland, who got to the championship semifinal in the last moment had all the chances to upset the defending champions Spain, but did not survive a fierce come back from them at the dying stage of the game.
Spain got to an early 10:5 lead, but Poland had converted some strong plays to surge ahead 19:18 at the end of the opening frame. Both teams gained the advantage throughout the second quarter and only a 6:0 run allowed Poland to maintain a 36:33 lead at halftime. Poland limited Spanish offense and never allowed them to grab a lead in the third quarter winning 50:48 at the end. The gap grew bigger as Poland reached 60:51 mark with 6 minutes to go in regulation. However Spain found the way to get back into this one and Alba Torrens (184-F-89) (184-F-89) jumper tied the game with 3 minutes to go. The scoreline was still drawn with 2 minutes to go, when Laura Nicholls (189-C-89) and Alba Torrens knocked down consecutive jump shots to put Spain ahead 69:66. Zaneta Durak committed a turnover in the next possession and Tamara Abalde sealed the win with two free throws.
Alba Torrens led Spain with 19 points, committing however 10 turnovers. Laura Nicholls added 15 points and 11 rebounds for the winners. Weronika Idczak (177-G-89) had game-high 20 points for Poland. Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk (188-F/C-89) delivered 19 points and 9 rebounds in a loss.
Spanish players shot solid 50% of field goals and outrebounded Poland 40:37.
Polnad will now play against Russia for Bronze medals. Spain awaits for the championship final versus hosting Serbia.

Poland U18: Weronika Idczak 20 points, Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk 19, Agnieszka Skobel (181-F-89) 9
Spain U18: Alba Torrens 19, Laura Nicholls 15+11 boards, Tamara Abalde 13.

Division B: semifinals - Jul. 8, 2007
Romania U18-Latvia U18 77:73 (13-20, 11-19, 30-13, 23-21)

Romanian squad U18 advanced to the Final of European Championship Women Division B. A great support by the fans brought them 77:73 win over Latvia in Timisoara, Romania. The semifinal that had two different halves let the hosts to advance. Claudia Pop (185-F-89) led the winners with 23 points and 11 rebounds. Pavel scored 16 and added 9 rebounds, while Alexandra Uiuiu (183-F-89) finished with 13 points. Laura Vetra (186-F/C-90) top-scored for the Baltic team with 16 points and 10 rebounds.
Latvia did a better job shooting the ball in the fourth quarter making eight field goals to just four for the home side but the Romanians took care of business on the free throw line and came away with a slim victory. The Baltic team went on a 20:13 lead that followed the first quarter. Latvia did not stop and increased to 19:11 win in the second. It gave the team 15 points deficit before the second half.
Romania had a brilliant second half with 30:13 in the third. There was nothing the team could not do, as they flew in the court. A 23:21 win in the last brought a 77:73 win and a ticket to the Final.
The Romanians will face Croatia in the final, another team that made it through by the skin of their teeth with a 52:50 victory over Estonia.

Romania: Claudia Pop 23+11 rebs, Pavel 16+9 rebs, Alexandra Uiuiu 13 +7 rebs
Latvia: Laura Vetra 16+10 rebs, Ieva Krastina (176-G-90) 15+8 rebs

Estonia U18-Croatia U18 50:52 (17-14, 11-13, 8-15, 14-10)
Croatia celebrated over Estonia in the semifinal game of U18 European Championship Women Division B in Timisoara, Romania. Last night Croatia grabbed 52:50 win to advanced in the Final. A 15-8 fourth quarter advantage made the difference for Croatia as they were led by Marija Vrsaljko (195-C-89) who totaled 19 points and 15 rebounds. Matea Brezec (170-G-89) posted 15 points and made 9 rebounds, while Bacic added 8. Viive-Kai Rebane (184-F-89) chipped in 12 points and made 13 rebounds in the losing effort.
Estonia stayed undefeated before the semifinal round. The team had great Preliminary and Qualifying Rounds. The semifinal and the Final games differ from those and Croatia proved it. The teams finished the half with 28:27, but then Croatia took a 15:8 lead in the third. The team stayed with a 52:47 lead with more than three minutes remaining on the strength of a Marija Vrsaljko jumper and held on the rest of the way.
Romania and Croatia will play in the final of the UMCOR U18 European Championship Women Division B in Timisoara, Romania Sunday. Estonia will meet Latvia in the game for the third place. Both pairs had been played in the Prelimianry Round and brought the wins for Estonia and Romania. We will see what will happen this time.

Estonia U18: Viive-Kai Rebane 12+13 rebs, Kati Rausberg (172-G-89) 11+10 rebs, Triin Taal (184-C-89) 11
Croatia U18: Marija Vrsaljko 19 points+ 15 rebounds, Matea Brezec 15+9 rebs, Bacic 8

 Division A: Welcome to the semifinals - Jul. 6, 2007 
Novi Sad will have two more days of the outstanding performance from European teams Under 18. The semifinals are set for tomorrow as well as the games for the other places. Serbia and Spain seem to be the teams that deserve the Final more than any other team.

Spanish team held Russia to just 39 points and handed them a 76:39 defeat. However despite loss Russia still made it to the semifinal together with the defending champions Spain.
Spaniards needed a win to secure the semifinal birth and they rushed to it from the first seconds of the encounter. Spain stun Russia with a 9:0 beginning of the game and controlled it throughout the first frame. Gaining a comfortable lead 18:8 Spain did not allow Russia to come any closer in the second quarter and completed it with a 14-point dominance 34:20. The third quarter ceased any possible chances for Russian basketballers as they knocked down just 4 points and lost it 4:24. Spain had successfully fulfilled the task in the final frame and celebrated an impressive 76:39 victory. Alba Torrens (184-F-89) chipped in 23 points to lead Spain. Tamara Abalde (188-F-89) notched 11 points, while Beatriz Rey contributed 10 in a win. Russia's offense was paced by 13 points from Nadezda Grishaeva.
Russia struggled in accuracy shooting just 25.6% from the field. They were also outerebounded by Spain 33:46.
Spain will now face Poland in the semifinal. The latter lost to Italy yesterday 58:63, however advanced to the semifinal due to the enormous win over Ukraine.

Serbia gave a warm welcome to Ukrainian team as they thrashed them 84:62 at the U18 European championship qualifying round. They opened up the game with a 9:2 run and cruised to a comfortable 20:8 advantage after the opening frame. Ukraine struggled to find rhythm and limped behind 29:39 at halftime. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) nailed 14 points at the first half to pace Serbia. The final burst from Ukraine came midway through the final quarter as they managed to cut the lead to 6 points with less than 7 minutes remaining 51:57. But the home side replied with a deadly 11:0 run to bury any hopes for Ukrainians.
Jelena Milovanovic secured 20 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists for unbeaten Serbian team. Nina Bogicevic (178-G-89) added 22 points and 13 rebounds for the winners.
Serbian squad will meet Russia in the semifinal that lost to Spain.

Serbia-Russia 19:00
Spain -Poland 21:15

Classification Games for the 5th to 8th places
Italy -Czech Republic 14:30
France-Ukraine 16:45

Classification game for the 9th to 12th places
Turkey-Lithuania 19:00
Slovak Republic -Sweden 21:15

 Division B: Semifinals are set for tomorrow  - Jul. 6, 2007
Two more days are left in the European Championship for Women in Division B. Tomorrow two pairs will start the semifinal tourney. The hosts of the tournament will meet Latvia, while Estonia will face Croatia.
Romania and Estonia stay undefeated in the European Championship for Women in Division B. There is a big possibility that both teams will face each other in the Final. Before that they will need to do one task-to win in the semifinals.
Romania will host Latvia that has only 1 loss in the tournament. In the Qualifying Round Latvia beat Slovenia and Greece. The only loss the team got in the Preliminary round from Estonia. Meanwhile Romania crashes the opponents and will hope to enjoy the triumph at home.
In another semifinal the undefeated Estonia will test Croatia. The latter overwhelmed their group opponents in the Qualifying Round, however lost one game to Romania 59:63.
Tomorrow there will be also games for 5th-16th. Their scheduled is provided below:

Romania -Latvia

Classification Games for 5th to 8th Place

Classification Games for 9th to 12th Place

Classification Games for 13th to 16th Place
Bosnia and Herzegovina-Finland

 Division B: Start of the Qualifying Round - Jul. 5, 2007 

Group F

Slovenia U18-Estonia U18 45:79 (16-24, 11-26, 11-18, 7-11)

Estonia and Slovenia fought for the first place in Group F after a perfect score in the Preliminary round. Estonia did not see the opponent defense and smashed them 79:45. Kerttu Jallai (179-F-90) led the winners with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Kati Rausberg (172-G-89) ended up with 16, while Sandra Andresson (175-G-89) scored 15. Tina Trebec (189-F/C-90) and Klavzar produced 9 points in the losing effort.

To tell the truth no one probably expected such a game between two leaders of the Qualifying Round. Kerttu Jallai and Kati Rausberg opened the game with 6-0 run to keep the score for a rest of the game. Estonia finished the first 24:16 and never looked behind. A nightmare continued for Slovenia in the second quarter that they lost 11:26. Mitt changed the numbers in the board to 50:27 for the Baltic team.
In the second half Estonia went on a 9-0 run to prepare for destroy. They had 30 points deficit before the last quarte, 68:38. Estonia celebrated 79:45 win and now the only team on top from Group F.

In another game of the group Greece will meet Latvia in the end of the day.

Slovenia U18: Tina Trebec 9, Klavzar 9
Estonia U18: Kerttu Jallai 17+11 rebs, Kati Rausberg 16, Sandra Andresson 15

Group E
Croatia U18-Israel U18 74:57 (16-7, 16-16, 22-16, 20-18)
Croatian U18 got the first win in the Qualifying Round of U18 European Championship for women. Winning three quarters and tying another one Croatia stayed on top. Tomica Bacic (182-F-90) led the winners with 26 points and 12 rebounds. Matea Brezec (170-G-89) posted 15, while Marija Vrsaljko (195-C-89) collected 7 points and 18 rebounds. Idit Oryon (177-F-90) 23 paced Israeli with 23 points and 9 rebounds. Croatia improved to 2-1 in Group E, while Israel is 0-3.
Croatia easily went on a 12-0 run to keep the score for the rest. The leader of the Israeli team Yahalomi did not score any 2-pointers and finished only with 10 points. Anyway Israel woke up and could reduce a bit in the first at 16:7.
In the second quarter Israel tied the score at 23 points each. Gobuty made two free throws that gave a chance for Israel in the game. Marija Vrsaljko however ended up the half with 32:23 for Croatia.
Tomica Bacic made 50:34 in the third quarter and turned the light off for Israel in the game. Croatia increased to 54:39 before the last quarter. Krajacic scored her first two points in the end of the game making the score 74:57 for Croatia.

Croatia U18: Tomica Bacic 26+12 rebs, Matea Brezec 15, Marija Vrsaljko 7+18 rebs
Israel U18: Idit Oryon 23+9 rebs, Naama Shafir (165-G-90) 12

Qualifying Round of Division A: Day 2 - Jul. 5, 2007
Group E

Slovakia U18 - Lithuania U18 79:53

Having defeated Russia a day ago Slovakia continued to record victims crashing Lithuania 79:53 yesterday. Lithuania stayed close through the opening frame but lost the first 10 minutes 19:20. Both teams exchanged blows at the start of the second quarter but Slovakia crowned it with a perfect 10:0 run to get away with a 38:31 advantage. Midway through the third frame Slovakia secured a confident advantage with a 27:5 stanza. Slovakia entered the final quarter with a 63:41 advantage and cruised past their opponents to an overall victory.
Nikola Kovalova (166-G) ensured 18 points for Slovakia. Janka Mincikova (167-G-89) and Regina Palusna (193-C-89) netted 17 points apiece to seal the winning effort for Slovak Republic. Lithuania had 13 points from Aurime Rinkeviciute (180-F/G-90) (180-F/G-90). Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) grabbed game-high 18 rebounds in a loss. She helped Lithuania dominate the boards as they outrebounded Slovakia 47:41. Slovakia at the same time shot 46.2% from the field and 36.4% from beyond the arc. They also committed just 12 turnovers, forcing Lithuania to as many as 26.
Slovakia plays against France tonight for a chance to get into the semis. Lithuania will try to upset Czech Republic tonight.

Slovakia U18: Nikola Kovalova 18 points, Janka Mincikova 17, Regina Palusna 17
Lithuania U18: Aurime Rinkeviciute (180-F/G-90) 13, Agneta Morkunaite (188-G-89) 11, Gintare Petronyte 9+18 boards

Spain-France 63:66

Spain trailing by one 64:63 had the chance to go in front if she made the free throws. She missed both free throws and Diandra Tchatchouang made up for foul by taking the defensive rebound and launched a fast break that finished up with Ana-Maria Cata-Chitiga scoring for France 66:63. With this victory France are back in with a chance of qualifying for the semi-final, they need to win against Slovak Republic tomorrow and then wait on the results from the other games.

Russia - Czech Republic 78:60
Russia fired back yesterday after they suffered the first loss against Slovakia two days ago. They gave Czechs no chance and swept them on the way towards the 4th victory in the U18 European champonship. Czech Republic however led all the way through the opening frame and finished it 20:14 ahead. Russia bounced back midway through the second quarter and closed on the gap trailing by 3 points at halftime 31:34. Russia surged ahead in the third frame to surprise Czech Republic 27:9 and get away with a 15-point advantage. Czechs had little to deliver in the final frame and struggled to came back into this one. Russia caught with Spain in the Group E ladder at 3-1 record. Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) paced Russia with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Tatiana Petrushina (185-F-90) secured another 20 points for the winners. Renata Brezinova had team-high 13 points for Czech team. Katerina Bartonova (172-G-90) provided 10 points, 5 rebounds, 5 steals and 4 assists in a loss.
Russia will now face Group leaders Spain in the last encounter of the qualifying round. They need a win to advance to the semifinal. Czech Republic meanwhile fell to 2-2 record and play against Lithuania today.

Russia U18: Natalia Vieru 22 points + 11 boards, Tatiana Petrushina 20, Ekaterina Chistyakova 12
Czech Republic U18: Renata Brezinova (189-C-90) 13, Katerina Bartonova 10

Group F

Italy - Sweden 66:55
Italy recovered after two straight losses at the U18 European championship in Serbia to upset last year's bronze medalists Sweden. Both teams got to a quick start as the game stayed closed throughout the opening frame. Sweden completed the quarter leading by just one point 22:21. They also opened the second frame with a 6:0 run to extend the advantage to 7 points. However Italy closed the gap at the end of the quarter and leaved to the dressing room trailing 34:39. Posting an 11:2 run midway through the third frame Italy surged ahead and grabbed a 2-point lead entering the final 10 minutes of action 51:49. Then followed a 6:0 spur by Italian team and they cleared off for good.
ElisaTemplari came off the bench to topscore for Italy with 13 points. Giulia Gatti (168-G-89) and Martina Crippa (175-G-88) provided support with 12 points each. Martina Staalvant led all scorers with 18 points for Sweden. Stefanie Yderstrom (170-G-90) added 14 points, 3 rebounds and 5 steals in a loss. Italy converted solid 42.9% from the field and forced Sweden to 28 turnovers.
Italy improved to 2-2 record in Group F and face Poland today. Sweden remained at the bottom of the ladder with a 0-4 record and will seek the first win against Turkey tonight.

Italy U18: Elisa Templari (173-G-89) 13 points, Giulia Gatti 12, Martina Crippa 12
Sweden U18: Martina Staalvant 18, Stefanie Yderstrom 14, Beata Gullberg 6.
Serbia - Turkey 69:47
Serbian U18 team remained the only undefeated squad at the U18 European championship in Novi Sad. The hosting team easily crushed Turkey yesterday for their fifth victory at the tournament. The outcome was clear straight away in this game as Serbia opened up with a demolishing 23:0 run. Turkey struggled to find a basket and completed the opening frame with 2 points. Serbia drove to a massive 40:16 lead at halftime and allowed the opponents to shape up the scoreline at the second half with Serbia bench players on the court. Turkey won the fourth frame 18:14 to came back within a 20+ distance.
Nina Bogicevic (178-G-89) led Serbia with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Sonja Petrovic (185-F-89) and Jovana Popovic (175-G-90) produced 9 points apiece for the winners. Turkey answered with 10 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals from Durdane Gumusay. Ceren Barut (162-G-89) finished with 6 points and 6 rebounds in a loss.
Serbia dominated the boards with 52:40 edge under the rims. They held Turkey to just 25% from the field and 17.2% from behind the arc.
Serbia guaranteed the semifinal birth and will play against Ukraine in the last fixture of Group F. Turkey will seek for the first win of the qualifying round against Sweden today.

Serbia U18: Nina Bogicevic 14 points, Sonja Petrovic 9, Jovana Popovic 9
Turkey U18: Durdane Gumusay 10, Ceren Barut 6, Harika Eldas (186-F-90) 6.
Poland - Ukraine 100:70
Poland U18 National team rolled over Ukraine to match their record in the qualifying round Group F. Showing no mercy to previously undefeated Ukrainian side Poland topscored for the tournament so far. Poland had little time wasted as they drove to a 15:0 run early in the opening frame leaving Ukraine behind. However the deficit was cut to 27:23 at the end of the first quarter. Olena Samburska hit a three-pointer to came within just one point at the start of the second frame but Poland replied with another 9:0 run and cleared off for good. They held on to a 55:41 lead at halftime. Poland extended their advantage to 80:56 entering the final quarter and celebrated an easy win at the end of this one. Poland had 5 players scoring in double digits. Olivia Tomialowicz (178-G-90) led Poland with 18 points. Weronika Idczak (177-G-89) contributed 17 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals in a win. Ukraine had 19 points and 12 rebounds from Tayisiya Bovykina (190-C-89). Olesya Malashenko (185-F-91) added 16 points and 11 rebounds in a losing effort.
Poland outrebounded Ukraine 53:41 and converted 46% from the field. They also forced Ukrainian side to 30 turnovers.
Both Poland and Ukraine now seat at 3-1 record and share the second and third spots in the ladder. Ukraine will face Serbia today and needs a win. poland will face Italy and in case of a victory goes into the semis.

Poland U18: Olivia Tomialowicz 18 points, Weronika Idczak 17, Paulina Antczak 15
Ukraine U18: Tayisiya Bovykina 19+12 boards, Olesya Malashenko 16, Alisa Yevtushenko (191-C-89)

Division A: Qualifying Round begins - Jul. 4, 2007
Group E/STRONG> 

Lithuania U18- Spain U18 60:69

Lithuania suffered a 60:69 loss in the opening game of the qualifying round of U18 European championship in Serbia. It was another game with a slow first frame for Lithuania as they nailed 11 points in it and appeared trailing 11:17. Spain initiated a 16:5 run in the second quarter to clear off for good. Leading comfortably 35:22 at halftime Spain never allowed Lithuania to come closer than 11 points. Laura Herrera (185-F-89) (185-F-89) was a usual contributor for Spain as she nailed team-high 16 points. Alba Torrens (184-F-89) helped with 12 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Aurime Rinkeviciute (180-F/G-90) led all scorers with 19 points, but committing 7 turnovers at the same time. Egidija Busaite had 14 points in a loss. Lithuania dominated the boards with 43 rebounds, however they suffered from numerous turnovers (23). Spain also converted impressive 51.8% from the field, while Lithuania struggled with 35.9%.
Spain remained on top of Group E with a perfect 3-0 record. Lithuania meanwhile stays at the bottom of the ladder with a 0-3 record.
Spain plays versus France today. Lithuania needs a win against Slovakia.

Lithuania U18: Aurime Rinkeviciute 19 points, Egidija Busaite 14, Gabriele Narviciute (187-F-90) 7
Spain U18: Laura Herrera 16, Alba Torrens 12

Slovakia - Russia 77:63
Slovakia might have needed some luck to get into Top 16, but they showed pure skills to surprise Russia in the qualifying round opener in Group E. Slovakia meant to win this one as they scored first 4 points of the game and continued to put pressure on Russia offensively. Slovak Republic easily gained a double-digit advantage and completed the first frame 25:15 ahead. Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) (200-C-89) poured in first 6 points of the second quarter for Russia to cut the deficit to 4 points. But Slovakia held on the challenge and drove to a 36:33 win of the first half. Slovak Republic spurred to a 17:3 run in the third frame and cleared off Russia to a 55:40 distance. Russian basketballers struggled in the final frame to maintain the chase and lost at the end.
Nikola Kovalova (166-G) (166-G) led Slovakia with 19 points. Regina Palusna (193-C-89) provided 16 points and 15 rebounds in a win. Ekaterina Chistyakova netted game-high 24 points for Russia. Slovakia dominated the paint collecting 47 rebounds (24 of them offensive). Russia committed 18 turnovers. Slovakia improved to 1-2 record in Group E and seats behind Russia and France in the ladder. They face Lithuania today. Russia fell to 2-1 record and will seek to improve against Czech Republic tonight.

Slovakia U18: Nikola Kovalova 19 points, Regina Palusna 16+15 boards, Janka Mincikova (167-G-89) 14
Russia U18: Ekaterina Chistyakova 24, Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) 14.

Czech Republic - France 77:73
Czech team felt pretty confident as they set the right tone with a 77:73 win over France in the opening game in Group E of the U18 European championship in Serbia. Czechs got to a flying start posting an early lead 15:3. France however easily put them up and crawled back within 3 points 18:15. In the second quarter France spurred past Czech team taking a 24:18 advantage. But France did not secure dominance before the halftime as Czechs ended the first half ahead 39:37.
Czechs held on to the lead throughout the second half and were up 73:64 with one minute to go in the game. France however managed to explode with a 9:1 run and appear 1-point behind Czechs with 15 seconds remaining. But Ana Maria Cata-Chitiga committed unsportsmanlike foul to bury all the hopes. Renata Bresinova grabbed a rebound after Dominika Behalova's miss and knocked down a jumper to put Czech Republic ahead for good. She finished with game-high 26 points and 11 rebounds. Katerina Bartonova (172-G-90) nailed 19 points and dished out 8 assists for the winners. Diandra Tchatchouang (186-F/C-91) had 17 points for France.
France will now need to win against Spain to stay in the race. Czech Republic are at 2-1 record and face Russia today.

Czech Republic U18: Renata Bresinova 26 points + 11 boards, Katerina Bartonova 19
France U18: Diandra Tchatchouang 17, Ana Cata-Chitiga 12.

Group F

Ukraine - Sweden 81:60
Ukrainian team continue with their perfect winning streak at the U18 European championship in Serbia. They opened up the qualifying round in Group F with a confident win over Sweden. Despite an early 4:9 slump Ukraine quickly regained the initiative and won the first frame 26:15. They kept on rolling in the second quarter and eased to a 47:32 advantage at halftime. Having reached a cozy 20-point gap midway through the third frame Ukraine cruised to an overall victory at the end. Tayisiya Bovykina (190-C-89) and Olesya Malashenko (185-F-91) nailed 18 points apiece to secure the fourth straight win for Ukraine. Louice Halvarsson (189-C-89) topscored for Sweden with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Hanna Johansson (183-F-89) added 10 points in a losing effort. Sweden also lost the ball more frequently committing 18 turnovers and were outrebounded 50:51. Ukraine looked more solid in accuracy converting 40.8% of field goals and 40% of treys.
Ukraine dominates Group F with a 3-0 record. Sweden now fell to 0-3 at the bottom of the ladder. Sweden will next take on Italy today. Ukraine will look to improve their winning streak against Poland.

Ukraine U18: Tayisiya Bovykina 18 points, Olesya Malashenko 18, Arina Lysyuk (170-G-89) 17
Sweden U18: Louice Halvarsson 14+11 boards, Hanna Johansson 10, Stefanie Yderstrom 9.

Poland - Turkey 59:50
Poland U18 team continued their chase for the leaders in the U18 European championship with a 59:50 win over Turkey. This victory means Poland improved to 2-1 record and seats behind Ukraine and Serbia in qualifying Group F.
Turkey got to a confident start of this one as they held on to a 22:16 opening frame. Poland rushed ahead with a 12:0 beginning of the second frame. Turkey kept it close till the break trailing 31:32 at halftime. Paulina Antczak (180-F-90) delivered some important baskets in the late stage of the third quarter to put Poland ahead 49:44. In extra low scoring final frame Poland allowed Turkish players to score just 6 points and celebrated a victory. Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk (188-F/C-89) paced Poland with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Agnieszka Skobel (181-F-89) finished with 17 points for the winners. Burcu Tasbas (178-F-89) replied with 14 points for Turkey. Tugce Canitez (188-F-90) collected team-high 12 boards in a loss. Poland outerebounded Turkey 56:46. Turkish players shot just 17.1% from the field.
Poland will take on Ukraine in today's encounter. They need a win to stay with chances for the semifinal.

Poland U18: Agnieszka Skobel 17, Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk 16 points + 13 rebounds, Paulina Antczak 12
Turkey U18: Burcu Tasbas 14, Tugce Canitez 12 boards.

Serbia - Italy 70:42
Serbia impresses the home crowd during the U18 European championship in Novi Sad. They remained undefeated after beating Italy 70:42 in qualifying round opener in Group F. Italy kept it close just in the opening frame as they trailed 13:17 after starting 10 minutes. Serbia tightened defense in the second quarter limiting Italian side to 8 points and clearing off for a 35:21 lead. The advantage kept on growing in the third frame and reached a 57:28 mark entering the final quarter. Serbia easily sailed to an overall win at the end. They hosts stay on top of Group F together with still unbeaten Ukraine.
Serbia were more impressive in every aspect of the game outrebounding Italy 47:31 and converting 48.9% of field goals. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) secured 17 points for Serbian team. Ivana Musovic (173-G-89) added 13 points in a win. Italy had no players scoring in double digits. Martina Crippa (175-G-88) and Nusicaa Fassina produced 6 points apiece to lead Italy.
Serbia will look to extend their perfect record against Turkey today. Italy are at 1-2 record and face Sweden in another today's encounter.

Serbia U18: Jelena Milovanovic 17 points, Ivana Musovic 13, Sonja Petrovic (185-F-89) 7
Italy U18: Martina Crippa 6, Nusicaa Fasina 6.

 The end of the Preliminary Round - Jul. 4, 2007  
Romanian Timisoara that holds Division B waived to the Preliminary Round. Yesterday the teams played the last games in the first groups. Romania, Estonia and Slovenia are still undefeated.
Ireland and Israel advanced to the Qualifying Round from Group A. In the last day of the tournament they reached the wins. Ireland beat Portugal 61:57, trailing 2 points before the last quarter. Valerie O'Driscoll (175-F-90) top-scored for the winners with 18 points. Catia Lirio (182-C-89) posted 17 in defeat and made 15 rebounds.
Israel stormed Denmark 80:63. The unstoppable Dana Yahalomi (180-F-89) poured in 35 points to lead her team to the next round.
In group B Romania and Croatia booked their places in the next round the day before. Romania still stayed undefeated smashing Luxembourg 88:46. Montenegro overcame Finland 89:74 with 27 points from Snezana Aleksic (170-G-89).
In group C Estonia and Latvia also slept well before the last day as they advanced earlier. England beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 75:56 with Georgia Jones'21 points
In Group D Slovenia reached the 4th win beating Austria 67:53. Netherlands overcame Scotland 62:34. Slovenia and Greece go to Qualifying Round from the group.

Group A
Ireland -Portugal 61:57 (11-14 7-14 22-14 21-15)
Israel-Denmark 80:63 (20-14 18-19 20-15 22-15)

1. Ireland 4 3/1
2. Israel 4 2/2

3. Portugal 4 2/2
4. Belgium 4 2/2
5. Denmark 4 1/3

Group B
Finland-Montenegro 74:89 (19-32 8-13 27-26 20-18)
Romania-Luxembourg 88:46 (18-15 19-12 30-10 21-9)

1. Romania 4 4/0
2. Croatia 4 3/1

3. Montenegro 4 2/2
4. Finland 4 1/3
5. Luxembourg 4 0/4

Group C
England-Bosnia and Herzegovina 75:56 (14-16 14-12 31-10 16-18)

1. Estonia 3 3/0
2. Latvia 3 2/1

3. England 3 1/2
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 0/3

Group D
Slovenia-Austria 67:53 (18-13 12-14 19-13 18-13)
Netherlands-Scotland 62:34 (22-9 18-12 12-9 10-4)

1. Slovenia 4 4/0
2. Greece 4 3/1
3. Netherlands 4 2/2
4. Scotland 4 1/3
5. Austria 4 0/4

 Day 4 of the Division B - Jul. 3, 2007
Division B goes straight without any days off. As U21 and U18 Division A had day offs yesterday and the whole the attention was dedicated to Romanian Timisoara. Three unbeaten teams did not play in the groups last night.
In Group A Belgium overcame Denmark 76:59 and tied at 2-2. Sarah Deneil (168-G-90) paced the winners with 16 points and 6 steals. Portugal increased to 2-1 after a win over Israel 59:50. Capelo Caldeira posted 18 points in a winning effort.
In Group B Marija Vrsaljko (195-C-89) showed the best game so far in the Championship providing 36 points and 19 rebounds for Croatia. Her team had a tough win over Montenegro 66:62. Croatia is 3-1, while Montenegro fell at 1-2. Finland celebrated the first victory beating Luxembourg 69:43. Finland is 1-2 and Luxembourg stays winless, 0-3.
In Group C Latvia went on 2-1 record outscoring Bosnia and Herzegovina 63:58. Laura Vetra (186-F/C-90) led the winners with 14 points.
In Group D Greece reached the leader, Slovenia after a victory over Scotland 65:40. Maria Bousnaki (182-G-89) was unstoppable for the Greek team with 22 points and 17 rebounds. Netherlands downed Austria 63:44. Clara Van der Hoek (179-F-90) paced the winners with 21 points.

Group A
Denmark -Belgium 59:76 (14-18 18-14 4-18 23-26)
Portugal -Israel 59:50 (19-10 11-22 14-11 15-7)

1. Belgium 2-2
2. Ireland 2-1
3. Portugal 2-1
4. Israel 1-2
5. Denmark 1-2

Group B
Luxembourg -Finland 43:69 (11-19 3-21 15-10 14-19)
Montenegro-Croatia 62:66 (12-13 22-11 13-19 15-23)

1. Romania 3-0
2. Croatia 3-1
3. Montenegro 1-2
4. Finland 1-2
5. Luxembourg 0-3

Group C
Bosnia and Herzegovina -Latvia 58:63 (12-19 22-13 12-15 12-16)

1. Estonia 3-0
2. Latvia 2-1
3. Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-2
4. England 0-2

Group D
Scotland -Greece 40:65 (11-14 8-15 13-17 8-19)
Austria -Netherlands 44:63 (9-15 9-18 15-18 11-12)

1. Slovenia 3-0
2. Greece 3-1
3. Netherlands 1-2
4. Scotland 1-2
5. Austria 0-3

 Division B: end of the third day - Jul. 2, 2007
Third day is over in Division B that is holding in Romania. Three teams are staying without losses-Romania, Estonia and Slovenia. All the other teams tasted the favor of loss.
In Group A Ireland overcame Israel 66:51. Jessica Scannell led the winners with 18 points, while Dana Yahalomi (180-F-89) ended up with 19 in defeat. Belgium defeated Portugal 59:51 with 14 points from Jasmina Rosseel (172-G-89).
In Group B Romania stays unbeaten after another win. The hosts of the tournament beat Finland 85:71. Claudia Pop (185-F-89) top-scored with 27 points for Romania. Croatia outscored Luxembourg 72:45. Marija Vrsaljko (195-C-89) was the best for the winners with 22 points and 14 rebounds.
In Group C Latvia edged England 79:60. Ieva Krastina (176-G-90) led the way with 15 points. Estonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina had a real battle, however Baltic team could survived and stayed unbeaten with 56:54 win. Kati Rausberg (172-G-89) posted 20 points in a win.
In Group D Greece overcame Austria 67:55. Manne led the winners with 20 points and 6 assists. Netherlands lost to Slovenia 51:72 having more troubles from Tina Trebec (189-F/C-90) 's 20 points.

Group A
Israel - Ireland 51:66 (10-11 7-15 15-20 19-20)
Belgium-Portugal 59:51 (10-14 20-19 13-9 16-9)

Group B
Finland -Romania 71:85 (13-18 21-24 24-21 13-22)
Croatia-Luxembourg 72:45 (12-7 15-21 20-10 25-7)

Group C
Latvia-England 79:60 (15-22 25-7 19-15 20-16)
Estonia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 56:54 (14-9 13-12 12-19 17-14)

Group D
Greece-Austria 67:55 (19-17 16-15 11-12 21-11)
Netherlands-Slovenia 51:72 (17-15 6-18 14-15 14-24)

 Division A: Day 3 results - Jul. 2, 2007 
Group A
Czech Republic - Spain 62:72

Czech Republic managed to occupy the second spot in Group A of the U18 European championship in Serbia. It was enough to qualify to the Top 16 competition. However Czech team did not manage to succeed in their last outing against the defending champions Spain. Despite a confident start of the game, when Czech Republic team led 12:9 Spanish side rolled to a win in the opening frame 21:26. They continued to dominate the floor and cleared off to a 34:45 advantage at halftime. Spain limited Czech players to just 13 points in the third quarter and posted a comfortable 47:64 distance entering the final frame. But it was not the end of the story for Czech squad as they battled back with a 15:2 run to cut the deficit to 62:66 with 1 minute to go in the regulation. However Spain demonstrated calmness and secured a win at the end.
Georgina Bahi topscored for Spain with 15 points and 9 rebounds off the bench. Laura Nicholls (189-C-89) added 14 points in a win. Czech team replied with 11 points from Renata Brezinova (189-C-90) and Andrea Ovsikova.
Both Spain and Czech Republic will play in Group E of qualifying round. Czech team will play against France on July 3. Spain will clash with Lithuania same day.

Czech Republic U18: Renata Brezinova 11 points, Andrea Ovsikova 11, Michaela Stara 10
Spain U18: Georgina Bahi 15, Laura Nicholls 14, Alba Torrens (184-F-89) 12.

Slovak Republic - Hungary 65:45
Slovak Republic U18 team fulfilled an early task in the U18 European championship in Serbia. They beat Hungary to occupy the third spot in the Group A. After two defeats in the first two rounds of the championship Slovakia needed a win to qualify for Top 16. They started the game confidently and drove to a 17:5 lead in the opening frame. Slovakia continued to dominate the game and extended the lead to 32:19 at halftime. Hungary nailed 4 first points of the second half but it was as close as they got. Slovakia secured a 46:32 advantage entering the final quarter. The gap grew bigger than 20 points in the final 10 minutes and Slovak team cruised to an overall victory. Nikola Kovalova (166-G) topscored for Slovakia with 16 points. Regina Palusna produced 11 points and 10 boards for the winners. Janka Mincikova grabbed game-high 12 boards.
Tijana Krivacevic (190-F-90) was the only player in Hungarian team to score in double digits as she poured in 13 points.
Slovakia dominated every aspect of the game outrebounding Hungary 52:38 and converting 46.5% from the field comparing to 35.3% from Hungary.
Slovakia will now take on Russia on July 3 in Group E.

Slovakia U18: Nikola Kovalova 16 points, Regina Palusna 11+10 boards, Janka Mincikova 9+12 boards
Hungary U18: Tijana Krivacevic 13, Mirjam Sipos 8.

Group B
Russia-France 68:64

For the first half of the match France was played catch up as they struggled in defense, Russian held the advantage at the end of the first period (24-14). A better defensive performance by France in the second period reduced the deficit to 5-points (27-22) but Russian still held on to the lead at the interval (38-30).
France finally went in front for the first time midway through the third (41-42) but Russia regained the lead by the end of the period (53-52). Despite a poor shooting performance France regained the lead during the final quarter and looked good for victory (59-63) with just under 4 minutes remaining but it was not to be as Russia came back and tied the game (64-64) and the rest is history.
Natalia Vieru top scored in the match with 21 pts and took 9 rebounds in her player of the match display.

Bulgaria-Lithuania 64:75
Bulgaria: Silviya Ivanova (162-G-91) 21, Peteva 17
Lithuania: Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) 21+19 rebs, Rinkeviciute 21

Group C
Serbia - Poland 70:56

Serbia U 18 team defeated their Polish counterparts to complete the preliminary round with a perfect 3-0 record. The hosts of the U18 European championship topped Group C and qualified to the next round.
Serbia once again were consequent right from the start and led 20:12 after the opening frame. The home side speeded up the game in the second quarter and drove to a 31:14 advantage midway through it. However Poland cooled Serbia off a bit and cut the deficit to 31:24 at halftime.
Both teams kept it close in the third with Serbia having a narrow lead. Poland tried to tie the game early in the final frame with Weronika Idczak trey which saw Poland to come as close as 4 points. But Serbia survived the test and sealed a win at the end. Sonja Petrovic (185-F-89) (185-F-89) led all scorers with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) added 13 pointsand 7 rebounds for the hosts. Poland were paced by Agnieszka Skobel (181-F-89) (181-F-89) with 16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 6 steals. Paulina Antczak (180-F-90) had 13 points in a loss. Both teams qualified for thenext round of the championship. Serbia will play in Group F and face Italy on July 3. Poland got to the same Group and take on Turkey the same day.

Serbia U18: Sonja Petrovic 18 points +10 boards, Jelena Milovanovic 13, Nina Bogicevic 10
Poland U18: Agnieszka Skobel 16, Paulina Antczak 13, Weronika Idczak 12.

Sweden - Belarus 66:59
Last year's Sweden U18 national team finished the European championship third. This time a lot of things changed and now Sweden had to fight for the third place in the preliminary round Groups to advance to the next round. The job was successfully fulfilled as they defeated Belarus and rushed into Top 16. Sweden opened up the game quite confidently grabbing a 5:0 lead. They drove to a 15:11 win in the first quarter. Belarus closed on the gap midway through the second frame and went to the dressing room with the score tied at 31:31. Sweden fought back a 3-point advantage in the third quarter and entered the final 10 minutes ahead 45:42. In a tight game Sweden managed to succeed at the end, while Belarus finished the Group competition winless. Stefanie Yderstrom (170-G-90) led Sweden with 14 points. Louice Halvarsson provided 13 points for the winners. Belarus had 16 points from Katsiaryna Kashlei (166-G-90). Nadzeya Yakovits netted 14 points in a loss. Swedish players managed to outrebound Belarus 51:42. They also knocked down 35.7% from the field, while Belarus converted just 27.3%.
Sweden will now play in Group F and face unbeaten Ukraine on July 3.

Sweden U18: Stefanie Yderstrom 14 points, Louice Halvarsson 13, Kalis Loyd 11
Belarus U18: Katsiaryna Kashlei 16, Nadzeya Yakovits 14, Tatsiana Khatsko 9.

Group D
Ukraine - Turkey 79:69

Ukraine wont eh third straight game, while Turkey lost the game 3rd in Group D for the European Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia from Ukraine 69:79. In the third day of the tournament Ukrainian National teams finished with win. Most valuable player to Turkish national team was Burcu Burcu Tasbas (178-F-89), who scored 20 points and grabbed 9 rebounds, while Bahar Yapar and Durdane Gumusay adde 10 points each.
For the opponents MVP was Olesya Malashenko (185-F-91), scored 22 points and grabbed 20 rebounds. In the same group D Italy play against Germany. Game start at 21.15.

Ukraine: Olesya Malashenko 22+20 rebs, Bovykina 19, Samburska 12, Yevtushenko 12
Turkey: Burcu Tasbas 20, Yapar 10, Gumusay 10

Germany-Italy 70:65
Germany: Stina Barnert (172-G-89) 19, Dietrich 12
Italy: Giulia Gatti (168-G-89) 18, Templari 16

 Division B: end of the second day - Jul. 1, 2007
The second day was over in Division B of U18 European Championship. Romanian Timisoara's spectators enjoyed one more day of the tournament.

In Group A Portugal played the first game as they missed the one on Friday. Portuguese squad overcame Denmark 57: 48. Solange Neves (-89) and Airosa Livulo top-scored for the winners with 11 points. Jessica Scannell led Ireland with 24 points over Belgium. Her team celebrated 69:67 win.
In Group B the hosts of the tournament had another thriller to beat Croatia that time. Elisabeth Pavel poured in 27 points for the winners in a 63:59 victory. Montenegro outlasted Luxembourg with the help of Lisy Hetting (169-G-90). The latter produced 15 points and 10 rebounds.
In Group C Estonia reached the second win. Estonia moved to 2-0 in Group C and is the only leader. The Estonians scored a convincing 62:34 victory over England, holding their opponents to just 21% shooting for the game.Kaia Kosk (174-G-89) led the way with 13 points and four assists while Viive-Kai Rebane (184-F-89) chipped in with nine points and four rebounds.
In Group D Scotland and Austria showed the most defensive game. After 10:5 in the first Scotland survived with 43:41 win. Rowan Kirsty Bell paced the winners with 12 points. In another game of the group Slovenia beat Greece 75:57. Nika Baric (166-G-92) was the leading scorer in the game with 20 points to go with 4 assists and grabbed 9 rebounds, Teja Oblak (172-G-90) netted 14 points, Ziva Zdolsek 11 and Tina Trebec again registering a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds.

Group A
Portugal -Denmark 57 - 48 (19-12 16-9 5-14 17-13)
Ireland -Belgium 69 - 67 (22-12 14-19 17-9 16-27)

Group B
Romania -Croatia 63 - 59 (17-18 17-13 12-16 17-12)
Luxembourg -Montenegro 40 - 83 (15-26 12-21 5-25 8-11)

Group C
England -Estonia 34 - 62 (5-15 12-16 5-14 12-17)

Group D
Austria -Scotland 41 - 43 (5-10 15-13 9-11 12-9)
Slovenia -Greece 75 - 57 (14-12 23-14 14-16 24-15)

 Division A: Day 2 results, statistics, review - Jul. 1, 2007 
Group A
Slovak Republic - Czech Republic 76:79

Czech Republic had to survive a fierce come back from the neighbours Slovak Republic to post the second win in the U18 European championship in Serbia. Czechs paced to a 20:7 start of the opening quarter. However Slovakia managed to close the gap to 18:24 at the end of the frame. Czech Republic kept Slovakia at the distance throughout the second quarter and were ahead 43:32 at halftime. Ovsikova and Medunova drove Czech team to a 56:40 advantage midway through the third quarter.
Czech Republic controlled the game and seemed to be comfortably ahead 75:65 with less than 4 minutes to go in the game. But Nikola Kovalova(166-G) lifted Slovakia to a 14:1 run to put them up by a point 76:75. But Czech Republic survived the dying seconds as Michaela Stara was perfect from the charity line. Gabriela Medunova led Czech team with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Andrea Ovsikova (178-F-89) added 16 points in a win. Nikola Kovalova had game-high 22 points and 6 rebounds for Slovakia. Slovakia outrebounded Czech republic 51:47 and committed less turnovers 15:22. However they did not quite match Czech shooting accuracy as Slovakia converted 36.1% field goals, while Czech Republic hit 43.8%.
Czech Republic will battle for Group A top spot with Spain today.

Slovakia U18: Nikola Kovalova 22 points, Regina Palusna (193-C-89) 17+11 boards
Czech Republic U18: Gabriela Medunova 20+12 boards, Andrea Ovsikova 16, Renata Brezinova 10.

Spain - Hungary 75:44
Spanish U18 National team eased past Hungary in the second round of the U18 European Championship in Serbia. The defending champions had some nervous moments in their opening frame against Slovak Republic. However Spanish squad seemed to gain the necessary speed and crushed Hungary in the second round 75:44. Spain dominated the game right from the start nailing first 4 points. They spurred to 13:5 at the end of the first half and went into the break 38:22. The third frame brought little relief to Hungarian basketballers as they slipped to 26:50 and lost the third quarter 33:60. Spain cruised to an easy victory in the final 10 minutes allowing some bench players to log some more minutes. Laura Herrera (185-F-89) finished with 17 points for Spain. Tamara Abalde (188-F-89) chipped in 14 points, while Laura Nicholls grabbed game-high 13 rebounds for the winners.
Tijana Krivacevic (190-F-90) replied with game-high 21 points for Hungary, but was the only Hungarian player to score in double-digits.
Spain were overwhelmingly dominant on the boards 49:28. They were also more accurate from the field 37% comparing to 35.3% of Hungary. Spain now are on top of Group A standings together with Czech Republic. The Group leaders will clash in the final preliminary round today.

Spain U18: Laura Herrera 17 points, Tamara Abalde 14, Laura Nicholls 13 boards
Hungary U18: Tijana Krivacevic 21, Rita Rasheed 9.

Group B
Russia - Bulgaria 73:51

Russia proved its favourite status as they smashed Bulgaria in the second round of the U18 European championship in Serbia.
Bulgaria got to a perfect start of the game as they nailed first 8 points of the game and cleared off Russia. The deficit was too large for Russian team to overcome in the opening frame. They lost it 18:20. But 2 minutes into the second quarter Logunova tied the scoreline at 22:22 and Russia never looked back from now on. They were up 44:35 at halftime and enlarged their lead to 18 points midway through the third quarter. Bulgaria cut the deficit to just 9 points entering the final frame but Russia posted an 11:0 run to complete the encounter and their second victory at the tournament. Russia had an impressive team's effort in a win as four players ended with 12 points. Tatiana Petrushina (185-F-90), Elena Pavlova, Nadezda Grishaeva and Natalia Vieru (200-C-89) chipped in 12 points apiece to secure a win. Stanislava Stankova (170-G-90) hit game-high 15 points for Bulgaria.
Russia shot high 52.1% from the field. They also looked better in the paint outrebounding Bulgaria 51:31.
Russia plays against France for the top spot in Group B today. Bulgaria will look for a consolation win against Lithuania.

Russia U18: Tatiana Petrushina 12 points, Elena Pavlova 12, Natalia Vieru 12
Bulgaria U18: Stanislava Stankova 15, Daniela Peteva (177-F-89) 8, Stefka Miteva 8.

Lithuania - France 56:95
Lithuania did not stop France from getting their second win at the U18 European championship in Serbia. This loss came one day after a sour defeat from Russia. Lithuania had a slow start of the encounter as they allowed France to pour in 14 unanswered points at the beginning. Lithuania trailed by 8 points after the first quarter 20:28. Being limited to just 8 points at the second frame Lithuania saw no trace of France as they flew away with a 53:28 advantage. Little things changed in the third quarter as Lithuania managed to finish it 15:15. However France scored 27 points in the final 10 minutes to bury any hopes of their opponents. Sarah Michel (178-F-89)topscored for France with 19 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Carine Brossais (183-F-89) (183-F-89) added 12 points and 6 rebounds in a winning effort. Saule Kontautaite (176-G-89) and Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) (195-C-89) produced 13 points apiece to pace Lithuania.
France had an edge in every aspect of game as they outrebounded Lithuania 48:30. They were more accurate from the field 53.7% comparing to 37.8% of Lithuania. Baltic team also converted just 50% of free throws and committed 23 turnovers (France had 12).
Lithuania will fight for the third spot in Group B with Bulgaria today. France and Russia will decide on the winner of the Group.

Lithuania U18: Saule Kontautaite 13 points, Gintare Petronyte 13, Aurime Rinkeviciute 8
France U18: Sarah Michel 19, Carine Brossais 12, Isis Arrondo 10.

Group C
Serbia - Sweden 81:64

Serbia rallied past Sweden to celebrate the second victory of the U18 European championship in Novi Sad.
Serbia and Sweden started the game quite slowly as the scoreline showed 5:4 after 4 minutes of action. However from now on Serbia just rolled ahead leaving no doubts of outcome. They completed the first quarter with a 23:12 advantage. The lead kept on growing in the second frame as Serbia record 45:28 dominance. Sweden managed to outscore Serbia in the final frame 22:20 but had to suffer the second loss in a row. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) netted 17 points to lead the hosts. She was impressive from beyond the arc converting 5/7 treys. Nina Bogicevic (178-G-89) and Jelena Mitic poured in 10 points apiece to ensure a win. Louice Halvarsson (189-C-89) was the only Swedish player to score in double digits as she chipped in 11 points. Kalis Loyd had 9 points in a loss.
Serbia outrebounded Sweden 45:32 and shot solid 52.2% form the field.
Serbia will now play versus Poland to decide on the winner of Group C. Belarus and Sweden will seek their first win in the another clash today.

Serbia U18: Jelena Milovanovic 17 points, Nina Bogicevic 10, Jelena Mitic 10
Sweden U18: Louice Halvarsson 11, Kalis Loyd 9, Malin Lundgren 9.

Belarus - Poland 56:77
Belarus were unable to succeed in their second game of the U18 European championship in Serbia. After an opening round loss to hosts Belarus were beaten by Poland 56:77.
Belarusian squad opened up the encounter bravely and Tatsiana Usovich (187-F-89) nailed a trey to put Belarus ahead 3:0. They dominated the opening quarter and finished it with a 19:14 lead. Poland closed on the gap in the second and went in the dressing-room leading 36:35. A smashing blow came in the third frame as Poland tightened the grip and allowed Belarus to score just 6 points nailing 19 themselves. Despite a desperate efforts to come back Belarus had to surrender and fell to 0-2 for the tournament. Agnieszka Skobel (181-F-89) paced Polish team with 18 points and 6 boards. Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk produced 13 points and 16 rebounds for the winners.
Nadzeya Yakovits (182-F-90) (182-F-90) topscored with 18 points for Belarus. Tatsiana Usovich provided 11 points in a losing effort. Belarus lost the battle under the rims as they were outrebounded by Poland 41:56. Moreover they needed to improve on shooting converting just 25.9% of field goals.
Poland will now take on Serbia in Group C preliminary round final game. Belarus will try to gain the first win of the championship against Sweden today.

Belarus U18: Nadzeya Yakovits 18 points, Tatsiana Usovich 11, Aliaksandra Zubrytskaya 7
Poland U18: Agnieszka Skobel 18, Weronika Idczak (177-G-89) 16, Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk 13+16 boards.

Group D
Italy -Turkey 64:59

Turkey lost the second game in Group D for the European Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia losing to Italy 64:59. In the second day of the tournament Italian National teams finished with win in overtime. Italy could have won the game in regulation but Giulia Gatti (168-G-89) missed a pair of free throws with 17 seconds remaining, and that allowed Burcu Tasbas to level the scores at 55-55 with a layup.
Italy U18: Giulia Gatti 17, Martina Crippa (175-G-88) 11, Pegoraro 10, Vincenzotti 7
Turkey U18: Yelda Kavazoglu (191-C-90) 17, Tasbas 12, Yapar 11

Ukraine - Germany 86:60
Ukraine continue to impress the fans and all the spectators at the U18 European championship in Serbia. In the second round Ukrainian team easily overcame Germany 86:60 to remain atop Group D standings. Germany stayed ahead throughout the opening quarter and finished it 21:19. But with the start of the second quarter Oleksandra Dosenko nailed a jumper to put Ukraine ahead for good. Recording three perfect quarters Ukrainian squad sealed a comfortable victory 86:60.
Olesya Malashenko (185-F-91) notched game-high 33 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to lead unstoppable Ukraine to a victory. Alisa Yevtushenko (191-C-89) secured another 14 points and 7 boards for the winners. Germany replied with 20 points from Stina Barnert (172-G-89). Svenja Greunke (187-F-89) finished with 14 points and 12 boards in a loss. Ukraine had an obvious advantage under the rims 55:42. They also shoot more accurately from all the ranges and committed less turnovers.
Ukraine will now face Turkey to ensure their top spot in Group D. Germany will try to upset Italy in the last round encounter. Germany need a possible +30-point win over Italy to bounce them off the third place.

Ukraine U18: Olesya Malashenko 33 points + 12 boards, Alisa Yevtushenko 14, Tayisiya Bovykina 13
Germany U18: Stina Barnert 20, Svenja Greunke 14+12 boards, Leonie Prudent 8.

 Division A waived to Day 1 - Jun. 30, 2007
U18 Championship for Women in Division A started yesterday in Novi Sad, Serbia. If you feel the atmosphere of the tournament you will probably not believe that the girls of the Championship are younger than 18.
In Day 1 the home team Serbia got into action and took on Belarus. U18 girls from Serbia celebrated 91:76 win. Jelena Milovanovic (191-F/C-89) scored game-high 24 points to lead Serbia. Belarus were paced by Hanna Butsyanava (186-G-90) with 16 points and 9 rebounds.
In another game of the group Poland overcame Sweden 69:61. Agnieszka Skobel (181-F-89) and Olivia Tomialowicz (178-G-90) led the winners with 14 points each.

Group A started yesterday with two battles. Czech Republic rolled over Hungary 66:53 with 17 points from Andrea Ovsikova (178-F-89). Slovakia were impressive in the opening game of the U18 European Championship on Novi Sad as they almost beat the defending champions Spain. The latter escaped with 63:60 win due to 17 points from Alba Torrens. Tamara Abalde chipped in 13 points and 6 rebounds, while Laura Herrera (185-F-89) contributed 12 points in a win. Slovakia were led by Regina Palusna (193-C-89) with 15 points and 13 rebounds.

In group B Russia successfully started the Championship. They beat Lithuania 65:62 in overtime to top Group B. Russia led 26:24 at halftime and maneged to extend their lead to 43:36 entering the final quarter. Natalia Vieru secured 19 points and 15 rebounds for Russian team. Lithuania were led by 15 points, 12 boards and 2 assists by Aurime Rinkeviciute (180-F/G-90).
In group D Ukraine upset Italy 77:67. Arina Lysyuk (170-G-89) top-scored not only for the winners and became the top-scorer of Day 1. In another game Turkey outscored Germany 63:53 with 14 points from Gumusay.

Czech Republic-Hungary 66:53
Spain-Slovak Republic 63:60

Russia-Lithuania 65:62 OT
France-Bulgaria 89:56

Serbia -Belarus 91:76
Poland -Sweden 69:61


Ukraine- Italy 77:67
Turkey-Germany 63:53

 Division B first day results - Jun. 30, 2007 
U18 European Championship in Division B started in Romania. There are lots of good impressions already about the tournament and the games bring a lot of interest.

In Group A Denmark and Israel got their first wins to reach the top of the group. Denmark beat Ireland 55:50 and Israel downed Belgium 78:67. Dana Yahalomii (180-F-89) was the top-scorer for Israeli squad scoring 29 points. That was the best result after the first game day.
In Group B Croatia and Finland showed two different styles of basketball where Croatian team could stay tougher. Due to 17:3 in the third quarter the winners led the game to the happy 58:53 end. Marija Vrsaljko (195-C-89) led the winners with 28 points and 9 rebounds. Henna Salomaa (177-G/F-89) finished with 24 points in the losing effort. Pop was the leading scorer for the hosts of the tournament Romania. She nailed 26 points to beat Montenegro 73:68.
In Group C Estonia and Latvia had the only game between each other. Estonian squad won 59:47 to step into the first spot of the group. Viive-Kai Rebane (184-F-89) led the winners with 21 points.
In Group D Greece outscored Netherlands 62:59. The latter had one point deficit before the last quarter however could not stay in front. Slovenia beat Scotland 70:51 with 16 points from Tina Trebec (189-F/C-90).

Denmark-Ireland 55:50
Belgium- Israel 67:78

Croatia-Finland 58:53

Montenegro-Romania 68:73

Estonia-Latvia 59 :47

Greece -Netherlands 62:59
Scotland -Slovenia 51: 70

 Novi Sad welcomes to Division A - Jun. 27, 2007  
U18 European Championship in Division A will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia. The tournament is scheduled for June 29-July 8. At last year's U18 European Championship the team from Serbia and Montenegro rolled into the championship game. Spanish squad however was more experienced and won the Championship. Though the Spanish will be without last year's leading scorer Anna Carbo they return forwards Laura Herrera (185-F-89) and Tamara Abalde (188-F-89).

Sixteen teams will struggle this year for the gold of the Championship. All the team are divided into 4 groups with 4 teams in each.
The winner of the previous Championship, Spain will participate in Group A. Its opponents in the group will be Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.
Group B will consist of Russia, France, Bulgaria and Lithuania. In the first day Russia will face Lithuania while France will play against Bulgaria.
The host team of the tournament will be in Group C. Its opponents of the group will be Belarus, Poland and Sweden. The latter two will face each other in Day 1, while the first two will meet also in the opener.
In Group D the teams are: Ukraine, Germany, Italy and Turkey. Ukraine will meet Italy, while Turkey will face Germany.

Day 1
Czech Republic - Hungary 14:30
Spain - Slovak Republic 14:30
Russia - Lithuania 16:45
France - Bulgaria 16:45
Ukraine - Italy 19:00
Turkey - Germany 19:00
Serbia - Belarus 21:15
Poland - Sweden 21:15

 Timisoara invites to U18 Division B - Jun. 27, 2007
U18 Championship for Women in Division B is scheduled on June 29th. It will be held in Romanian Timisoara. The tournament will start at the same time as two others: U18 Championship for Women in Division A and U21 Championship for Women.

Nineteen teams will take part in Division B this year. All the teams are divided into 4 Groups with 5 teams in each except Group C. Group A is made up by Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and Israel. Denmark and Ireland will open the first day, while Belgium and Ireland will play in the end of Day 1. Israel will start the competition in Day 2.
The host team of the Championship, Romania settled down in Group B. Its opponents will be Luxembourg, Croatia, Montenegro and Finland. In the first day Croatia and Finland will face each other as well as Montenegro and Romania. Luxembourg will join on Day 2.
In Group C there are only 4 teams and it will be only 1 game in the first day. Estonia and Latvia will find out the team that will go on top before Day 2. Two other teams are Bosnia and Herzegovina and England.
Greece, Netherlands, Slovenia, Scotland and Austria composed Group D. Greece will face Netherlands, while Scotland and Slovenia will end the day. Austria will join the teams later.

Day 1
Croatia - Finland
Estonia - Latvia
Denmark - Ireland
Montenegro - Romania
Greece - Netherlands
Belgium - Israel
Scotland - Slovenia

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