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All Rosters
Final Standings
 1. Hungary
 2. Slovenia
 3. Germany
 4. Israel
 5. Portugal
 6. Bosnia
 7. Greece
 8. Finland
 9. Denmark
 10. Romania
 11. Croatia
 12. U.Kingdom
 13. Holland
 14. Switzerland
 15. Norway

Slovenia point guard Nika Baric was named Most Valuable Player of the U18 European Championship Women Division B. (Photo: fibaeurope)
Qualifying Round
Group E
 1. Hungary 5-0 
 2. Slovenia 3-2 
 3. Portugal 3-2 
 4. Finland 2-3 
 5. Romania 1-4 
 6. U.Kingdom 1-4 
Group F
 1. Israel 5-0 
 2. Germany 3-2 
 3. Bosnia 3-2 
 4. Greece 2-3 
 5. Denmark 1-4 
 6. Croatia 1-4 
Group G
 1. Holland 2-0 
 2. Switzerland 1-1 
 3. Norway 0-2
Preliminary Round
Group A
 1. Hungary 2-0 
 2. Romania 1-1 
 3. U.Kingdom 0-2 
Group B
 1. Slovenia 3-0 
 2. Portugal 2-1 
 3. Finland 1-2 
 4. Switzerl. 0-3 
Group C
 1. Germany 2-1 
 2. Israel 2-1 
 3. Holland 1-2 
 4. Denmark 1-2 
Group D
 1. Bosnia 3-0 
 2. Greece 2-1 
 3. Croatia 1-2 
 4. Norway 0-3 
Hungary defeated Slovenia 60-47 to win the U18 European Championship Women title Division B. (Photo: fibaeurope)

Hungarian U18 National Team 2009
4 Bettina Baksa (173-G-92) of Cegledi EKK
5 Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) of MiZo Pecs 2010
6 Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) of Atomeromu-Szekszard

7 Flora Szabo (186-F-92) of MiZo Pecs 2010
8 Dominika Gergely (175-G-91) of Atomeromu-Szekszard
9 Melinda Kesoi (177-G/F-92) of MiZo Pecs 2010
10 Krisztina Velkey
11 Bernadett Balla (192-F-91) of MiZo Pecs 2010
12 Anna Mansare (188-F/C-92) of Vasas-Csata Budapest
13 Reka Balint (181-F-91) of Atomeromu-Szekszard
14 Alma Nemeth (184-F-92)

15 Bettina Szabo (-92) of Cegledi EKK
Head Coach: Judit Balogh All-European Championships U18 Division B Awards 2009 - Aug 10, 2009

All-EC U18 Div.B 2009 1st Team
Nika Baric
Ida Krogh
Sonja Greinacher
Avigiel Cohen
Reka Balint

Best Player:
Nika Baric (168-G-92) of Slovenia
Best Guard: Nika Baric of Slovenia
Best Forward: Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) of Denmark * played at both shooting guard and small forward positions
Best Center: Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) of Germany

1st Team
G: Nika Baric of Slovenia
G: Avigiel Cohen (180-F-92) of Israel
F: Reka Balint (181-F-91) of Hungary
G/F: Ida Krogh of Denmark
C: Sonja Greinacher of Germany

2nd Team
SG: Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) of Hungary
SG: Tamara Kapor (184-G-91) of Bosnia and Herzegovina
G/F: Finja Schaake (178-G/F-92) of Germany
F: Cristina Bigica (180-F-92) of Romania
PF: Tjasa Gortnar (182-F-92) of Slovenia

3rd Team
PG: Matea Tavic (178-G-92) of Bosnia and Herzegovina
G: Svenja Brunckhorst (178-G-91) of Germany
G: Angeliki Nikolopoulou (179-G-91) of Greece
G/F: Maria Correia (174-G/F-91) of Portugal
F: Mery Andrade (181-F-75) of Portugal

Honorable Mention
Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) of Hungary
Polona Zalar (176-F-91) of Slovenia
Shira Ben Barak (172-G-91) of Israel
Anne Pedersen (186-F-92) of Denmark
Sonia Ursu (177-F-93) of Romania
Carmen Miloglav (172-G-91) of Croatia
Ella Clark (180-F-92) of England
Zera Butter (177-G-92) of Holland

Hungary captured Division B Gold - Jul. 12, 2009 


Hungary - Slovenia 60-47
Hungary U18 won all the games at the U18 European Championship Women in Israel. The team triumphed in the tournament after 60:47 victory over Slovenia U18.It was a great Final game that both teams deserved to participate in. Two top teams played in a clash for the best team to be announced in Eilat. Hungary trailed 15:20 after the opening quarter, but managed to come back in to the game. Melinda Kesoi (177-G/F-92) brought her team 23:22 and it was her again to close 9-0 run for the winners. Baksa sent the teams to the lockers after a free throw as Hungary won the period 16-4. Tamis made the score 34:24 and Melinda Kesoi scored for 37:24 as Hungary found its best game. Melinda Kesoi made two three-pointers for 49:38 lead after three quarters. Raksanyi gave the winners 53:40 with 5 minutes in the game as Hungary started to think about triumph. Jakovina and Lojen scored from the perimeter to bring the intrigue back, however Raksanyi made 58:47 with a minute to go. The latter also added a lay-up for 60:47 as her team celebrated the victory not only in the game, but in Division B as well. Melinda Kesoi top-scored for the winners with 16 points to remain undefeated. Raksanyi nailed 15, while Balint collected 14 points and 12 caroms. Jagodic had 12 points and 11 rebounds in defeat, whilst Gortnar collected 12 points and 16 boards.

3rd place

Germany - Israel 79-62
Svenja Brunckhorst (178-G-91) scored 17 points, grabbed 6 boards and issued 5 assists to lead Germany past Israel in the bronze medals game at the European Championship in Division B. Sarah-Marie Frankenberger scored 15 points to pace Germany. Finja Schaake added 13 points in the winning charge. Shira Ben Barak replied with 17 points for Israel. Hadar Gutin nailed 14 points in the losing effort. Germany outrebounded the home team 48:30 and limited those to 33% accuracy from the field. The winners sank 47% of field goals including 60% from beyond the arc.

5th place

Portugal - Bosnia 82-66
Portuguese U18 National Team celebrated the 5th overall position at the European Championship in Division B. A Mariyana Kostourkova team outgunned Bosnia and Herzegovina today to earn the spot. Maria Correia (172-G/F-91) delivered 20 points to lift Portugal to the win. Maria Joao Andrade had 19 points for the winners. Michelle Brandao, Domingues and Telma Fernandes knocked down 10 points each for Portugal. Tamara Kapor responded with 24 points for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Amna Fazlic had 16 points and 9 rebounds in the loss.

7th place

Greece - Finland 63-51
Greece completed their U18 European Championship in Division B quest with victory. They toppled Finland today to earn the 7th overall place. Finnish team finished in the eighth position. Christina Tsoukala (188-F/C-91) had 16 points for Greece. Angeliki Nikolopoulou contributed 15 points and 7 steals, while Efstathia Gkritza accounted 14 points and 9 rebounds in the win. Venla Karkkainen answered with 12 points for Finland. Vilja Kesanen finished with 10 points in the loss.

9th place

Romania - Denmark 67-84
Denmark finished their U18 European Championship in Division B on a high. They held off Romania to claim the ninth overall position. Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) finished with 24 points, 10 assists and 5 boards for Denmark. Anne Pedersen added 18 points, while Nikoline Ostergaard and Lotte Tobiasen had 10 points each in the win. Gabriela Cursaru responded with 19 points and 10 rebounds for Romania. Cristina Bigica delivered 16 points in the losing case.

11th place

Croatia - United Kingdom 74-68
Croatia clinched the 11th spot at the European Championship in Division B held in Israel. They defeated England in the final game of the tournament for both teams. Ivana Zubak (178-G-91) came up for Croatia with 19 points in the victory. Nina Premasunac had 16 points and game-high 21 rebounds for Croatia. Katarina Puljic added 13 points in the win. Ella Clark responded with 18 points, 16 boards and 4 assists for England. Renee E. Busch and Jessica Hurd delivered 12 points apiece in the loss.

Div. B Day: 8 (Semi-Finals) - Jul. 11, 2009 

5-8 places

Portugal - Greece 69-52
Portugal U18 won over Greece U18 in the first Semi-Final Round for 5th to 8th Places. The team started well to lead to 69:52 victory at the U18 European Championships in Division B. Portugal grabbed the led from the very beginning and dominated the court in the opening quarter. Portugal limited the opponents to only 6 points, while they nailed 19 in the first 10 minutes. Greece managed to post 17 in the second frame, but Portugal added 21 for 40:23 halftime advantage. The winners did not slow in the third period and increased the lead to 5 more points to have 59:37 after thirty minutes of the game. Greece managed to win the last period, 15-10, however it was not enough for the total success. Portugal won the game and will play for the higher place on Sunday. Andrade paced all the winners with 20 points, Maria Correia (172-G/F-91) netted 16 and Pacheco notched 10. Kavasila finished the game with 16 points for Greece and Nikolopoulou added 13.

Bosnia - Finland 73-54
Bosnia U18 overcame Finland U18 in the second Semi-Final Round for 5th to 8th Places. The team produced 73:54 to play for the higher place on Sunday. Hamsic gave her team the fist lead and then Tamara Kapor (178-G-91) posted for 9:8 in the opening tip of the game. Finland tasted the win later, while Tavic tied the game at 14:14. Bosnia started the second frame with 15-1 run to take the whole court advantage. Hamsic made 30:15 in the middle of the quarter, while Kokko reduced to 30:21. Tavic sent the teams to the lockers for 36:21. Bosnia won also the third period 20-13 and had 56:34 advantage entering the last quarter. There was no way Finland could reduce as Bosnia led the game to another win. Tamara Kapor top-scored for the winners with 20 points and 7 rebounds, while Tavic and Fazlic had 16 each. Hamsic collected 12 points and 12 boards in the winniong effort. Makitalo posted 10 points in defeat and Saarinen scored 8.


Israel - Slovenia 61-67
Slovenia U18 surprised the hosts of the U18 European Championships in Division B to take their place in the Final. Slovenia overcame Israel 67:61 in the second semifinal game. Slovenia did not mind taking the lead from the hosts at the end of the opening quarter for 16:15 lead. Ben Barakgave the hosts 17:16, while Gortnar took the lead back with her team. After 23-14 in the second frame Slovenia enjoyed 39:29 advantage. Moreover they kept the difference with 5 minutes to play in the third quarter and even grabbed 57:43. Ben Barak reduced to 51:58 at the end of the third period. Cohen cut it to 57:60 and it was her to remain the hosts alive at 61:65. For the hosts those points were the last, while Slovenia posted two more for the win. Gortnar went tot he free throw line to seal the victory with Slovenia after two more points. Nika Baric (168-G-92) top-scored for the winners with 22 points for the Final ticket. Gortnar erupted with 18 points and 22 rebounds, while Zalar added 14. The Final game between Slovenia and Hungary will be played on Sunday.

Hungary - Germany 72-70
Hungary U18 became the first finalist at the U18 European Championships in Division B. The undefeated team needed an overtime to beat Germany 72:70. That was a real Semifinal battle that Eilat fully enjoyed. Both teams struggled hard for the Final ticket, while Hungary deserved it more. The team took 19:15 after the opening quarter as Dorottya Tamis (171-G-91) made a put-back. Germany tasted the lead at 20:19, but then again Hungary again grabbed the lead back. Gaudermann could only reduce to 35:31 at the halftime. Dorottya Tamis pulled her team to 43:33 in the middle of the third and Kesoi kept the difference at 45:35. Schnorr closed the third period for 50:45, while Brunckhorst gave Germany 63:61 lead with a minute in the fourth quarter. It was Dorottya Tamis again to tie the game and sent the teams to overtime. The score was tied at 65:65 and 70:70 in extra time. Nemeth stepped up on the free throw line to make two free throws for Hungary with a minute to play but as it became clear her points were the last in the clash. Hungary saved the lead and advanced to the Final. Reka Balint (181-F-91) top-scored for the winners with 19 points and 10 boards. Dorottya Tamis nailed 15, while Raksanyi netetd 12. Schaake delivered 21 in defeat and Greinacher collected 19 points and 11 rebounds.

Div. B Day: 7 (Quarter-Finals) - Jul. 11, 2009 

9-12 spot

Romania - Croatia 63-52
Romania overcame Croatia 63:52 in the Classification Round for 9-12 places. Cristina Bigica (180-F-92) top-scored for the winners with 29 points and Ursu Sonia netted 16. Horvat Barbara ended up with 20 points in the losing effort. Romania will now face Denmark in the game for thr 9th spot.

Denmark - United Kingdom 62-51
Denmark outscored the United Kingdom 62:51 in the Semi-Final Round for 9th to 12th Place. Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) paced all the inners with 16 points and 8 rebounds, while Ostergaard Nikoline netted 14. Chiemeka Katrin produced 14 points in defeat.

Group G

Norway - Switzerland 41-47
Norway and Switzerland battled for the only victory in the Classification Round of the European Championships U18 in Division B. The latter grabbed 47:41 win behind 17 points from Fanny Delacretaz (176-G/F-91). Mazzocchi Lisa netted 11 and Toumi Anissa posted 5 for the winners. Austgulen Maren Hoff ended up with 14 points in the losing effort.


Israel - Finland 75-66
Israel stormed into the last four at the U18 European Championship for Women Division B. The hosts of the tournament overcame Finland 75:66 in the Quartefinal clash last night. Ben Barak Shira led the way with 19 points and Shecht Shira nailed 17. Ayelet Cohen (172-G-85, agency: Data Plus Group) posted 16 points for Israel, while Gutin Hadar scored 12. Vare Saara finished the game with 14 points in the losing effort.

Slovenia - Bosnia 81-60
Slovenia cruised past Bosnia 81:60 to take the Semifinal ticket to European Championships U18 in Division B. Polona Zalar (176-F-91) top-scored for the winners with 21 points, Baric Nika posted 13 and Duric Bojana added 12. Kapor Tamara produced 18 points for Bosnia.

Germany - Portugal 79-68
Germany registered 79:68 victory over Portugal to advance to the Semifinals in Eliat. Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) and Schaake Finja paced all the winners with 18 points each, while Gaudermann Julia scored 15. Correia delivered 15 in defeat and Andrade Mery collected 14 points and 13 rebounds.

Hungary - Greece 66-42
Hungary extended their unbeaten run at the U18 European Championship in Division B. They held off Greece in the quarterfinals opener today. Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) finished with 14 points to lead Hungary. Anna Mansare added 11 points in the win. Christina Tsoukala responded with 16 points and 10 rebounds for Greece. Angeliki Nikolopoulou delivered 8 points, 5 boards and 3 steals in the loss.

Division B. The End of the Qualifying Round - Jul. 9, 2009 

Group E

Portugal - United Kingdom 66-61
Portugal U18 improved to 3-2 record at the U18 European Championship for Women Division today. The team overcame England U18 to send them to 1-4 record. Andrade paced all the winners with 21 points and Correia netted 14. Brandao delivered 10 points in a win for 3-2 record. Katrin Chiemeka (167-G-91) finished the game with 14 points and Thompson netted 10.

Romania - Finland 63-67
Finland U18 completes the Quarterfinal picture as they grabbed 2-3 record at the U18 European Championship Women Division B. In their last game of the group the Scandinavian team overcame Romania U18 67:63 to take the last ticket to 1/4 Finals. Vilja Kesanen (178-G-91) top-scored for the winners with 23 points for 2-3 record. Ekstrom poured in 15, whilst Makitalo netted 12. Ursu ended up with 16 points in the losing effort and Chelariu posted 11.

Slovenia - Hungary 51-61
Hungary claimed the fifth straight win at the European Championship in Division B. They finished the Qualifying Round with a confident success over Slovenia to clinch the top spot. Hungary would take on Greece in the quarterfinal tomorrow. Slovenia occupied the second spot in Pool E despite the loss and would face Bosnia and Herzegovina in the playoffs. Reka Balint (181-F-91) delivered 24 points and 8 boards for Hungary. Bernadett Balla knocked down 9 points in the victory. Julija Lojen replied with 14 points for Slovenia. Tina Jakovina netted 11 points in defeat.

Group F

Germany - Croatia 44-70
Croatian U18 National Team celebrated their second win at the European Championship in Division B. Yesterday they grabbed a resounding victory against Germany to improve at 1-4 record in Group F. The win however did not allow the Balkan team to advance into the quarterfinal stage. Germany on the other hand stayed in the title race despite the defeat. They would face Portugal tomorrow. Croatia is scheduled to play against Romania in the classification games for the 9th-12th spot. Carmen Miloglav (172-G-91) scored 13 points for Croatia. Sarafina Margic finished with 12 points in the win. Finja Schaake replied with 12 points for Germany in the losing case.

Greece - Denmark 72-53
Greece held off Denmark to improve at 2-3 record in Group F of the U18 European Championship in Division B. The victory allowed Greece to clinch the quarterfinal birth. Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) scored 21 points but could not rescue Denmark from falling short in this one. Denmark slipped at 1-4 record and missed the quarterfinal stage of the tournament. Anna Kavasila tallied 20 points and 12 boards to pace Greece. Ageliki Nikolopoulou issued 11 assists to orchestrate the game well. Ageliki Nikolopoulou and Christina Tsoukala had 13 points each for the winners. Anne Pedersen and Lotte Tobiasen responded with 11 points each in the losing case.

Bosnia - Israel 55-65
Israel U18 won Group F at home at the U18 European Championship Women Division B. Eliat saw an interesting game and the win of Israel 65:55 over Bosnia and Herzegovina U18 as both teams advanced to the Quarterfinals.Shira Shecht (180-F-91) paced all the winners with 18 points and Ben Barak added 13. Gutin ended up with 12 points for the home side. Kapor poured in 21 points in defeat, while Tavic chipped in 16.

Group G

Norway - Holland 37-70
Netherlands clinched the second straight win at the Classification Round of the U18 European Championship in Division B. They stunned Norway to improve at 2-0 record in Group G. Norway slipped at 0-1 and would face Switzerland on Friday. Rianne Hofstraat, Zera Butter (177-G-92), Marlou De Kleijn and Randell Van Der Lee scored 9 points each to pace balanced effort from Netherlands. Emilie Gronas responded with 9 points for Norway. Stine Austgulen had 7 points in defeat.

Div. B Day: 5 (Qualifying Round) - Jul. 8, 2009 

Group E

Romania - Slovenia 60-64
Slovenian Junior National Team overcame their Romanian counterparts on the fifth day of the European Championship in Division B. Slovenia improved at 3-1 record in the Qualifying round Group E. Romania slipped at 1-3 record after the loss. Nika Baric (168-G-92) was instrumental in the victory as she tallied 25 points, 6 assists and 5 boards. Petra Peric came up with 14 points for Slovenia. Polona Zalar finished with 11 points in the win. Gabriela Cursaru responded with 19 points and 7 boards for Romania. Corina Stinga had 13 points in the loss.

Finland - United Kingdom 57-53
Finnish U18 National Team posted the first win at the Qualifying round of the European Championship in Division B. Earlier today they toppled England to catch up with their opponents at 1-3 record in Group E. Salla Ekstrom (187-F-91) scored 14 points to pace Finland. Laura Saarinen added 11 points and 9 boards in the victory. Gemma Bullard replied with 15 points for England. Ella Clark finished with 9 points and 10 boards in the losing case.

Hungary - Portugal 58-45
Hungary U18 remained undefeated in the Qualifying Round of Group E of the U18 European Championship for Women in Division B. The favorites outscored Portugal U18 58:45 to improve to 4-0 record. Bernadett Balla (192-F-91) ended up with 17 points for the winners and Alma Nemeth collected 13 points and 11 boards. Maria Correia finished the night with 12 points and Michelle Brandao posted 8.

Group F

Israel - Greece 66-54
Israel U18 became the only leader of Group F after the win over Greece and when Germany defeated Bosnia. The hosts of U18 European Championship for Women Division B overcame Greece 66:54.Ben Barak paced all the winners with 16 points, while Avigiel Sara Cohen (177-F-92) and Gutin added 14. Nikolopoulou ended up with 22 points and Kavasila added 10.

Germany - Bosnia 70-64
Germany held off Bosnia and Herzegovina to hand those the first loss at the U18 European Championship in Division B. Germany thus caught up with their opponents in the ladder as the teams are now tied at 3-1 record in Group F. Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) was the catalyst for the victory as she notched 23 points, 12 boards, 3 blocks and 2 steals. Finja Schaake notched 21 points for Germany. Sarah-Marie Frankenberger contributed 8 points in the win. Matea Tavic answered with 23 points and 7 assists for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tamara Kapor delivered 19 points in the loss.

Croatia - Denmark 61-66
Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) exploded with 29 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists as her Denmark celebrated the initial victory at the Qualifying Round of U18 European Championship for Women Division B. Denmark won the game 66:61 to take 1-3 record. Tobiasen followed Ida Krogh with 12 points for the winners. Miloglav ended up with 23, while Skara netted 11.

Div. B Day: 4 (Qualifying Round) - Jul. 6, 2009 

Group E

United Kingdom - Slovenia 68-65
England U18 cruised past Slovenia U18 to hand them their first loss at the Qualifying Round in Israel. The British team celebrated 68:65 victory at the European Championship U18 for Women. Ella Clark (180-F-92) top-scored for the winners with 17 points and 16 rebounds. Jessica Hurd and Renee E. Busch followed her with 12 points each in a win. Nika Baric finished the night with 22 points, Lea Jagodic scored 18 and Polona Zalar netted 10.

Portugal - Romania 71-41
Portugal U18 improved to 2-1 in the Qualifying Round in Israel. The team smashed Romania U18 71:41 at the European Championship U18 for Women in Division B. Michelle Brandao (171-G-91) and Maria Correia top-scored for the winners with 13 points. Andrade collected 10 points and 10 boards in the winning effort. Cristina Bigica ended up with 15 points and Sonia Ursu posted 9.

Finland - Hungary 72-94
Hungary U18 march to 3-0 in the Qualifying Round Group E after another victory in Israel. The favorite overcame Finland U18 94:72 and sent them to 0-3. Dominika Gergely (175-G-91) notched 18 points to lead all the winners. Dorottya Tamis nailed 16, whilst Krisztina Raksanyi posted 12. Laura Saarinen collected 16 points and 11 rebounds for Finland, Vilja Kesanen scored 15 and Salla Ekstrom had 14.

Group F

Croatia - Israel 51-58
srael U18 won another game of the home tournament in Eilat. The hosts overcame Croatia U18 58:51 at the European Championship U18 for Women in Division B. Ayelet Cohen (172-G-85, agency: Data Plus Group) led the way with 19 points and Hadar Gutin added 12. Shira Shecht and Erez Katz followed them with 6 points each for 3-0 record. Anja Skara collected 12 points and 12 boards for the guests, while Carmen Miloglav scored 10.

Denmark - Bosnia 61-74
Bosnia and Herzegovina U18 is perfect in Eilat as the team cruised past Denmark U18. European Championship U18 for Women saw another victory of the team as they produced 74:61. Tamara Kapor (178-G-91) top-scored for the winners with 25 points and Matea Tavic netted 21. Marina Dzinic was responsible for 11 points as Bosnia march to 3-0. Ida Krogh ended up with 22 points and Pedersen posted 10.

Greece - Germany 54-61
Germany U18 had a necessary victory over Greece U18 at the Qualifying Round in Israel. Division B of European Championship U18 for Women saw 61:54 victory of the German team that improved to 2-1 record. Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) paced all the winners with 16 points and 12 rebounds. Svenja Brunckhorst was responsible for 12 and Finja Schaake scored 11. Angeliki Nikolopoulou finished the game with 20 points and Anna Kavasila had 10 points and 13 rebounds.

Group G

Switzerland - Holland 31-73
Netherlands U18 smashed Switzerland U18 in the opener of the Classification Round of the U18 European Championship for Women in Division B. The Dutch team won the first three quarters to summarize at 73:31. Zera Butter (177-G-92) led the way with 15 points and 9 rebounds, while Beld and van Dongen posted 9 apiece. Anissa Toumi collected 10 points and 10 boards in defeat and Fanny Delacretaz added 8.

Division B: The last day of Preliminary Round  - Jul. 4, 2009 


U18 EC, division B: Slovenia - Finland 65-52

As it was expected, Slovenia managed to beat Finland today advancing to the Qualifying Round as No.1 of Group B. Finland also goes to the next stage, but from third place (1-2 record). Once again Nika Baric (168-G-92) was the leading scorer in Slovenia. This time she drained 21 points. Tjasa Gortnar (182-F-92) also had very important role collecting 17 pts and 17 rebounds, while Lea Jagodic (179-F-91) helped with 11 pts and 11 boards. In Team Finland, Anni Makitalo (174-F-91) was the only player with double-digits in scoring. She had 11 pts.

Slovenia: Nika Baric 21, Tjasa Gortnar 17+17 boards, Lea Jagodic 11+11 boards
Finland: Anni Makitalo 11

U18 EC, division B: Switzerland - Portugal 24-67

Portugal destroyed Switzerland today letting them to score only 24 points. With this win Portugal jumped to second place in Group B reaching the Qualifying Round. Switzerland is the last ranked team in the group winless. It will continue in Classification Round. Filipa Bernardeco (168-G-92) led the scorers in Portugal with 14 points. Felicite Mendes was the last one with double-digits, 12 pts. In Switzerland, only Vanessa Dorestant (167-G-92) was able to compete against the Portuguese. She posted 12 points.

Switzerland: Vanessa Dorestant 12
Portugal: Filipa Bernardeco 14, Felicite Mendes 12


U18 EC, division B: Denmark - Netherlands 77-73

Denmark outsmarted Netherlands today (Group C), but still didn't secure the place in Qualifying Round. That depends of the tonight's game between Israel and Germany (the second team already booked a place for the next stage). Despite this loss, Netherlands also has a chance. However, if Israel wins today Denmark will book a place for the next stage. Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) led Denmark in this match collecting 24 points and 11 rebounds. Anne Pedersen (186-F-92) had 16 points, 9 boards and 5 assists, while Lotte Tobiasen (183-F/C-91) delivered 15 points. Zera Butter (174-G-92) responded with 15 points for Netherlands. Marlou De Kleijn contributed with double-double, 14 points and 15 rebounds.

Denmark: Ida Krogh 24+11 boards, Anne Pedersen 16+9 boards+5 as, Lotte Tobiasen 15
Netherlands: Zera Butter 16+5 as, Marlou De Kleijn 14+15 boards

U18 EC, division B: Germany - Israel 54-63 Israel ended Preliminary Round victorious grabbing the first place in Group C. Germany also has 2-1 record, but because of this defeat the Germany fell to No.2. Anyway, both teams are going to the next stage, together with third ranked Denmark. Avigiel Sara Cohen (177-F-92) led the winners with 21 points and 12 rebounds. Hadar Gutin (180-G-91) and Shira Shecht (180-F-91) followed with 14 pts each. Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) responded with 15 pts and 10 rebounds in the loosing squad. Finja Schaake (178-G/F-92) and Svenja Brunckhorst (178-G-91) contributed with 11 pts apiece. Germany: Sonja Greinacher 15+10 boards, Finja Schaake 11, Svenja Brunckhorst 11 Israel: Avigiel Sara Cohen 21+12 boards, Hadar Gutin 14+6, Shira Shecht 14 --

U18 EC, division B: Norway - Croatia 44-66

That was a crucial game for the Qualifying Round on U18 European Championship division B. Both teams were winless after two appearances in Group D, but Croatia
made it today booking a place for the next stage. Norway will continue in Classification Round. Anja Skara (184-F-91) once again shined for Croatia collecting 20 points
and 11 rebounds. Ivana Zubak (178-G-91) also had important role netting 11 points. Ingvild Skorpen (169-G-92) answered with 12 in loss. Maren Hoff Austgulen
(182-G-92) was behind her posing 9 points.

Norway: Ingvild Skorpen 12, Maren Hoff Austgulen 9
Croatia: Anja Skara 20+11 boards, Ivana Zubak 11

U18 EC, division B: Greece - Bosnia and Herzegovina 66-73

That was a derby game of group D as both teams entered to it undefeated. Both squads advanced to Qualifying Round, but Bosnia as No.1 and Greece as No.2 Third team from this group who reached the next stage is Croatia. Tamara Kapor (178-G-91) top-scored for the winning squad today with 24 points. Matea Tavic (177-G-92) also shined netting 20 points and pulling down 5 rebounds. Greece had Angeliki Nikolopoulou (177-G-91) in a game mood: 24 points, 6 boards and 6 steals. Christina Tsoukala (188-F/C-91) was the second scorer with 9 points.

Greece: Angeliki Nikolopoulou 24+6 boards+6 st, Christina Tsoukala 9
Bosnia: Tamara Kapor 24, Matea Tavic 20+5 boards

Division B, Day 2: Results and stats  - Jul. 4, 2009 

U18 EC, division B: Romania - England 71-58

Romania made it in the second appearance on U18 European Championship division B. After 50-58 defeat in the first match against Hungary, the Romanians managed
to beat England for 1-1 record in Group A. The British are on 0-1, but they will have a chance for the first win today. Of course that will not be an easy job. Gabriela Cursaru (161-G-92) was a key player for the winners collecting 19 points and 8 assists. Sonia Ursu (177-F-93) also shined with 17 pts and 11 boards,
while Adina Stoiedin (187-C-91) added 10 pts and 17 rebounds. On the other side, Katrin Chiemeka (167-G-91) and Jamila Thompson (186-C-92) netted 8 points each.
The Team England did not have any player with double digits in scoring. First quarter was pretty leveled, but after that Romania took control on its rivals. In the last 3

minutes of the second frame Gabriela Cursaru and her teammates created 12-4 run. It was 33-26 at the HT. That was the end for England, who was not able seriously to treat after that. Romania finished the game with 52 rebounds, while England had 45. The winners also had better shot percentage from the field as well as from behind the arc.

Romania: Gabriela Cursaru 19+8 as, Sonia Ursu 17+11 boards, Adina Stoiedin 10+17 boards
England: Katrin Chiemeka 8+6 boards, Jamila Thompson 8+5 boards


U18 EC, division B: Switzerland - Slovenia 47-76

Expected win for Slovenia on the second day of U18 European Championship division B. In the first appearance the Slovenians outplayed Portugal, while yesterday they trashed Switzerland with huge 76-47. Now Slovenia has prefect 2-0 record in Group B, while Switzerland is on 0-2 with slim chance to reach the next stage.
Tjasa Gortnar (182-F-92) shined for the winners with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Nika Baric (168-G-92) also scored 14, while Bojana Adamovic (172-G-92) added 11 pts. Polona Zalar (176-F-91) was the last one with double-digits in scoring - 10 pts. Switzerland had only one player in a game mood yesterday. That was Lisa Mazzocchi (170-G/F-90) with 10 pts.
Slovenia dominated during the entire game. Third quarter, which Slovenia won 15-3, talks everything for itself. Of course Slovenians from quarter to quarter just kept extending their lead more and more. Tomorrow they will meet Finland, while Switzerland will take on Portugal. That will be the last chance for Swiss to register win at the Preliminary Stage.

Switzerland: Lisa Mazzocchi 10
Slovenia: Tjasa Gortnar 14+10 boards, Nika Baric 14, Bojana Adamovic 11, Polona Zalar 10

U18 EC, division B: Portugal - Finland 64-43

First win for Portugal on the U18 European Championship division B. In the first game Portugal faced with 66-70 defeat against Slovenia, but yesterday they showed much better performance. The situation in Group B is that both, Portugal and Finland, have 1-1 record now. Portugal will have more chances to advance as it will meet Switzerland tomorrow. Finland will have to beat Slovenia and to wait if Portugal looses.
Maria Correia (172-G/F-91) shined for the winners collecting 19 points and 5 rebounds. Filipa Bernardeco (168-G-92) also was on high level netting 13 points, while Maria Joao Andrade registered double-double. All other players in Portugal had less than 10. The stats for Team Finland is not available yet.
Form the opening tip-off it was clear that Portugal will take this one. After 10 minutes of the game the score was 29-9. All after that was just the formality. Portugal slowed down, but that still was enough for more than comfortable victory. It is important to mention that Finland scored just 6 pts in the last quarter.

Portugal: Maria Correia 19+5 boards, Filipa Bernardeco 13+4 boards, Maria Joao Andrade 12+11 boards
Finland: No stats available


U18 EC, division B: Denmark - Germany 61-68

Germany celebrated once again in Israel. In the first appearance Germany was better than Holland 59-46 and yesterday they outplayed Denmark 68-61. It means that Germany is now on top of Group C with perfect 2-0 record and already secured place for the next stage. On the other side, Denmark fell to 0-2 with no chances to advance.
Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) and Svenja Brunckhorst (178-G-91) top-scored for the winning squad with 16 points each. Greinacher had 8 boards beside that, while Brunckhorst registered 6 boards and 6 assists. Finja Schaake (178-G/F-92) and Julia Gaudermann (165-G-92) delivered 11 points each. Ida Krogh (181-G/F-91) responded with 24 pts and 5 rebounds in defeat. Anne Pedersen (186-F-92) had 16 and Lotte Tobiasen (183-F/C-91) contributed with 10 pts.
Germany was much better in the first half, while Denmark improved in the next one. After 20 minutes Germany earned huge 25-38 advantage. Ida Krogh and her teammates ended two next periods 19-18 and 17-12. However that was not enough. They needed more in order to grab the first win in Israel, because it seemed that Germany played as much as it was necessary for victory.

Denmark: Ida Krogh 24+5 boards, Anne Pedersen 16+6 boards, Lotte Tobiasen 10+5 boards
Germany: Sonja Greinacher 16+8 boards, Svenja Brunckhorst 16+6 boards+6 as, Finja Schaake 11, Julia Gaudermann 11

U18 EC, division B: U18 Holland - U18 Israel 71-62

U18 Holland managed to grab the first win on U18 European Championship division B. After loss in the first game against Germany, Zera Butter (174-G-92) and her teammates were too strong for Israel reaching 1-1 record in Group C. The same numbers now has Israel, who edged Denmark yesterday 66-55.
Zera Butter was a key player in her team as she collected 18 points and 15 rebounds. Marlou De Kleijn also had important role adding 16 points and 6 assists. Rianne Hofstraat (183-C/F-92) followed her with 13 pts and 5 rebs. On the other side, Avigiel Sara Cohen (177-F-92) was on fire draining 35 points. She also pulled down 11 rebounds beside that. Shira Ben Barak (171-G-91) contributed with 11 pts.
Holland made a strong start taking 24-11 lead after 10 minutes. Nothing has changed in the second period as Israel was not able to come closer than 10. At the HT it was 41-29. Holland slowed down little bit after the breather, but still that was enough to keep more than 10-point lead. Everything was Israel did until the end was minus 10. Tomorrow Holland will meet Denmark, while Israel will take on Germany.

U18 Holland: Zera Butter 18+15 boards, Marlou De Kleijn 16+6 as, Rianne Hofstraat 13+5 boards
U18 Israel: Avigiel Sara Cohen 35+11 boards, Shira Ben Barak 11


U18 EC, division B: Norway - Greece 39 - 59

As it was expected, Greece was too strong for Norway jumping to 2-0 record in Group D. In the first game on U18 European Championship division B Greece was better than Croatia 53-42. It means that Greece already booked a spot for the next stage, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. These two teams will meet today and the winner will end the Preliminary Round on top of Group B. On the other side, Noway also has a chance for the next stage if it beats Croatia.
Christina Tsoukala (188-F/C-91) was totally the best player in Team Greece yesterday scoring 19 points. Efstathia Gkritza (182-F-91) followed her with 8, while Anna Kavasila (186-C-91) netted 7 pts. In Team Norway, Maren Hoff Austgulen (182-G-92) and Emilie Gronas (168-G-92) netted 8 points each. Nobody had more than 10.
Except of the last quarter, Greece was a way better tem during the entire time. Third quarter, which Greece finished 4-13, talks everything for itself. The winners also outjumped their rivals with 8 rebounds more, 38-30. Norway struggled a lot at the offensive end because of good defense by Greece. Croatia was able to score only 42 pts in the first match.

Norway: Maren Hoff Austgulen 8, Emilie Gronas 8
Greece: Christina Tsoukala 19, Efstathia Gkritza 8, Anna Kavasila 7

U18 EC, division B: Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina 61-64

Very important win for the Bosnians, who secured a place for the next stage. Bosnia currently has 2-0 record in Group D and today against Greece will decid who will end the Preliminary Round undefeated. On the other side, Croatia fell to 0-2. However, Norway has the same score which opens the doors to Croatia for the next stage, of course if they win today.
Bosnia had only two players in a game mood, but that was quite enough for the victory. Matea Tavic (177-G-92) led the scorers with 24, while Tamara Kapor (178-G-91) drained one point less. All other players in Bosnia had less than 6 pts. Anja Skara (184-F-91) responded with 16 points in Croatia. Carmen Miloglav (172-G-91) had 13 pts+7 rebs+11 as, while Nina Premasunac (184-F-92) contributed with 10 pts.
Croatia was way better team until the last quarter, when Bosnia totally took control on this game. Matea Tavic and Tamara Kapor and their teammates drained 25 points in this frame stopping Croatia on just 12. That was a great turn, which led to chance for position No.1 in Group D. Of course it will not be easy to beat powerful Greece today. Croatia has more chances against Norway as it showed slightly better performance so far. Anyway today will be very interesting day in this pool.

Croatia: Anja Skara 16, Carmen Miloglav 13+7 boards+11 as, Nina Premasunac 10
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Matea Tavic 24+4 boards, Tamara Kapor 23

Division B results and stats from Day1  - Jul. 2, 2009 
GROUP AHungary U18-Romania U18 58:50 (21-17, 12-11, 10-9, 15-13)

Hungary U18 and Romania U18 opened U18 European Championship Women in Division B that just started in Eilat, Israel. Both teams tried hard to win the opener, but due to the win in every quarter Hungary U18 prevail Romania U18 58:50.
Tamis opened the game from the arc and then Krisztina Raksanyi (180-G-91) made it 5:0 for the winners. Ionescu gave Romania the first lead at 17:16 but then another 5-0 run brought Hungary 21:17 after the first 10 minutes. The latter led in the whole second period and finished it with 33:28 when the teams went to the lockers. Florea reduced with her team for 34:32 and Sonia Ursu (177-F-93) also kept her team within two points for 39:37. Baksa closed the third period when Hungary grabbed 43:37 advantage. Cursaru nailed a three for 47:44 with 6 minutes to play, but after that Hungary pushed the tempo for good and won the opener of U18 European Championship Women in Division B. Baksa made it 58:48 for her team and Baluta was the last to score in the game for 58:50.
Krisztina Raksanyi top-scored for the winners with 11 points for their first victory. Balint nailed 10, while Nemeth and Melinda Kesoi (177-G/F-92) had 9 each. Cristina Bigica (180-F-92) responded with 16 points in the losing effort, whilst Cursaru and Sonia Ursu had 8 apiece.
England is the third team in Group A and will start their campaign against Romania tomorrow. Estonia that was also in the group will not play in the tournament this season.

Hungary U18: Krisztina Raksanyi 11, Balint 10, Nemeth 9, Melinda Kesoi 9
Romania U18: Cristina Bigica 16, Cursaru 8, Sonia Ursu 8

Slovenia U18-Portugal U18 70:66 (22-12, 17-22, 11-17, 20-15)
Slovenia and Portugal showed a real thriller in their opener of Group B of U18 European Championship Women in Division B that just started in Eilat, Israel. The winners hold off the opponent 70:66 for 1-0 record.
The best three teams out of four preliminary groups will advance into the Qualifying Round before figuring out 8 squads to play in the quarterfinals. Both squads proved that they can be real representatives for those spots. Slovenia opened the game with 4:0 and Zalar made it 13:6 later in the first quarter. Bernardeco buried a three in the end of the frame for 22:12 after 10 minutes. Faustino nailed three for 27:21, while her jump shot with 2.40 in the half gave 32:31. Tjasa Gortnar (182-F-92) closed the second period for 39:34 as Portugal U18 won the frame 22-17.
Lea Jagodic (179-F-91)'s lay-up brought Slovenia U18 45:35 advantage but then the things got worse for the team. Portugal reduced the gap and Michelle Brandao (171-G-91)'s three even gave them 51:50 lead. Slovenia responded with some important baskets in the fourth period and managed to take the lead until the end. Although Tiago Michelle Brandao nailed for 69:66, Tjasa Gortnar set up the final 70:66 score.
Tjasa Gortnar top-scored for the winners with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Nika Baric (168-G-92) produced 18, while Duric and Lea Jagodic added 9 each. Tiago Michelle Brandao netted 16 in defeat and Maria Correia (172-G/F-91) scored 14.

Slovenia U18: Tjasa Gortnar 22+11 rebs, Nika Baric 18, Duric 9, Lea Jagodic 9
Portugal U18: Michelle Brandao 16, Maria Correia 14

Finland U18-Switzerland U18 56:48 (10-15, 10-16, 17-15, 19-2)
Finland U18 needed 19-2 to beat Switzerland U18 in European Championship Women in Division B that started today in Israel. Trailing in the first three periods, Finland exploded in the last to grab the initial victory.
Perrenoud gave her team 5:0 from the start as Switzerland won the opening tip of the game. Lisa Mazzocchi (170-G/F-90) nailed three for 12:6 and Anissa Toumi (180-C-92) closed the opening quarter at 15:10. The lead continued to grow as Perrenoud made it 23:12. Kolly nailed another three for 31:20 halftime advantage. Mkitalo made a small push to come back into the game when the score was 35:30, but Delacretaz posted for 40:30. Studer with her jump shot closed the third period at 46:37 when the teams left the court before the last stanza. Nothing predicted what had happened in the court at the last 10 minutes. At first Kolly gave her team 48:43 but then Switzerland remained scoreless until the end of the game for more than 7 minutes. Finland U18 created a 13-0 run to win the quarter 19-2 and the opener of European Championship Women in Division B.
Ilkka Ekstrom (192-G-89) was responsible for 14 points to lead all the winners. Anni Makitalo (174-F-91) nailed 13 and Vilja Kesanen (178-G-91) posted 9. Lisa Mazzocchi ended up with 14 points in the losing effort and Anissa Toumi had 9.

Finland U18: Ilkka Ekstrom 14, Anni Makitalo 13, Vilja Kesanen 9
Switzerland U18: Lisa Mazzocchi 14, Anissa Toumi 9

Israel U18-Denmark U18 66:55 (17-19, 26-15, 12-19, 11-2)
Israel U18, being the home team of U18 European Championship Women in Division B that just started won their first game. The winners hold off the Dannish representatives 66:55 for 1-0 record.
Anne Pedersen (186-F-92) opened the game for the guests that came to Israel with a good winning mood. Tobiasen scored for 13:11 and Nikoline Ostergaard (179-F-92) closed the period at 19:17. Israel had difficulties to go on a lead and tied the game at 26:26 when Hadar Gutin (180-G-91) made a free throw. Only after that the hosts created an 11-0 run to take 40:28 advantage. Nikoline Ostergaard was glad to send the teams to the lockers for 43:34.
Denmark started again better and after 4-0 run pulled the score back to 43:38. Even thought Israel reached 10 points deficit, Anne Pedersen scored for 53:49 with 3 minutes in the third period. It was her again to make it 55:53 after three quarters played. The last period differed from the first three as both teams played a defensive game. Israel held the guests to only 2 points, while they nailed 11 for 10 minutes. Hadar Gutin brought the initial victory from the free throw line as Israel had 66:55 win.
Avigiel Sara Cohen (177-F-92) was unstoppable with 28 points and 13 rebounds. Hadar Gutin posted 10, while Shira Shecht (180-F-91) added 8 points. Anne Pedersen collected 19 points and 10 rebounds for the guests, Alberte Dokkedal (186-F-91) scored 9 and Nikoline Ostergaard notched 8.

Israel U18: Avigiel Sara Cohen 28+13 rebs, Hadar Gutin 10, Shira Shecht 8
Denmark U18: Anne Pedersen 19+10 rebs, Alberte Dokkedal 9, Nikoline Ostergaard 8
Germany U18-Netherlands U18 59:46 (17-12, 12-17, 21-10, 9-7)

Germany U18 overcame Netherlands U18 in the first game for both teams in U18 European Championship Women in Division B that just started in Israel. Due to the second half the German team celebrated their first victory 59:46.
It was an easy start for the winners of the game as Germany had 10-0 run. Finja Schaake (178-G/F-92) kept the difference for 15:5 and then Beld managed to reduce to 17:12 at the end of the opening quarter. An 8-0 run however from the Netherlands brought the latter to 20:17 when Rianne Hofstraat (183-C/F-92) made a jump shot. Even though Germany replied for another win, Rianne Hofstraat tied the game at 29:29 when the teams went to the lockers.
The third period became the most interesting however it showed the winner of the game at the end of it. Trailing 31:33 Germany created an 11-0 run later in the quarter for 48:37. Schnorr gave her team 50:39 after three quarters and then the winners kept the score for good. A defensive 9-7 in the last stanza brought Germany 59:46 victory.
Sonja Greinacher (192-F/C-92) top-scored for the winners with 14 points, for 1-0 record. Finja Schaake nailed 13, while Sarah-Marie Frankenberger (177-F/C-91) posted 10. de Kleijn had 9 points in the losing case, whilst Zera Butter (174-G-92) and Rianne Hofstraat had 8 apiece.

Germany U18: Sonja Greinacher 14, Finja Schaake 13, Sarah-Marie Frankenberger 10
Netherlands U18: de Kleijn 9, Zera Butter 8, Rianne Hofstraat 8

Bosnia and Herzegovina-Norway 68:45 ( 16-8, 20-10, 13-11, 19-16 )

Bosnia and Herzegovina rolled over Norway in the opener of Group D of U18 European Championship Women in Division B that just started in Eilat, Israel. The winners hold off the opponent 68:45 for 1-0 record.
The best three teams out of four preliminary groups will advance into the Qualifying Round before figuring out 8 squads to play in the quarterfinals. Bosnia and Herzegovina made a step closer to it winning the first game. Matea Tavic (177-G-92) brought her team 4:2 lead and then it was her again for 14:4 lead. Maren Hoff Austgulen (182-G-92) made three for Norway to close the opening quarter at 16:8. Edda Ulset (175-F-91) reduced to 16:10, but then Bosnia and Herzegovina created a 6-0 run for 22:10. Bosnia and Herzegovina nailed 20 points in the second quarter to take 36:18 deficit at the halftime.
The things got even worse for Norway when Matea Tavic made it 39:20. Maren Hoff Austgulen however closed her team 9-0 run for 39:29. Irma Rahmanovic (179-F-91) and Bosnia and Herzegovina responded with 10-0 run to take 49:29. In the rest of the game the teams tried hard and after 19-16 in the last frame the board showed 68:45 Bosnia and Herzegovina's win.
Matea Tavic paced all the winners with 17 points, while Marina Dzinic (189-C-92) collected 12 points and 10 rebounds. Irma Rahmanovic and Tamara Kapor (178-G-91) followed them with 8 points apiece. Maren Hoff Austgulen chipped in 14 points for Norway and Edda Ulset scored 6.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Matea Tavic 17, Marina Dzinic 12+10 rebs, Irma Rahmanovic 8, Tamara Kapor 8
Norway: Maren Hoff Austgulen 14, Edda Ulset 6

Greece U18-Croatia U18 53:42 (15-13, 19-15, 9-8, 10-6)
Greece U18 won the first game of their U18 European Championship Women in Division B that started today in Israel. Greece edged Croatia U18 53:42 for 1-0 record in the group.
Both National teams are in the list of the top teams in Europe, however U18 teams of the countries have to start in Division B. This year two of them have to prove their high level for Division A tickets. Eleni Voulgaraki (183-G-92) opened the game for Greece as the team enjoyed 4:0 from the start. Nina Premasunac (184-F-92) bounced back with her team and Croatia took 8:7 lead in the middle of the first quarter. Angeliki Nikolopoulou (177-G-91) brought 15:13 for the winners at the end of 10 minutes. Later on the Greek side never looked behind and had 34:28 at the halftime. The lead continued to grow and Giampani made it plus 10, 41:31. Angeliki Nikolopoulou closed the third quarter at 43:36. With such a low tempo it was difficult for Croatia to change something in the game and they just gave up for good. Greece produced 10-6 in the last period to clinch the win in the opener. Skara made it 53:42 but then two squads remained scoreless in the rest of the game.
Angeliki Nikolopoulou shined for the winners with 22 points and 9 rebounds. Eleni Voulgaraki chipped in 11, while Anna Kavasila (186-C-91) collected 6 points and 10 rebounds. Nina Premasunac finished the night with 10 points and 11 rebounds for Croatia and Ivana Zubak (178-G-91) posted 8.

Greece U18: Angeliki Nikolopoulou 22+ 9 rebs, Eleni Voulgaraki 11, Anna Kavasila 6+10 rebs
Croatia U18: Nina Premasunac 10+11 rebs, Ivana Zubak 8

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