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Start of Second Stage in Slovenia - Jul 16, 2012

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Group E
Ukraine - Serbia 53-82
Serbia defeated Ukraine at the start of the Second Stage of U20 European Championship. The victory propelled Aleksandar Dzikic team at 3-0 record on top of Group E. Ukraine fell at 0-3 record. Serbia and Ukraine kept close throughout the opening quarter. The Balkan team eked out a 23:20 lead ten minutes into the encounter. Serbia managed to pull ahead in the second quarter. They established a 42:31 halftime advantage. The margin grew at 19-point mark midway through the third term. Serbia entered the fourth quarter up by 19 points 65:46. Serbia piled up a 24-point lead early in the fourth frame and cruised to the victory afterwards. Stefan Nastic (210-C-92) finished with 15 points to lead Serbia. Nenad Miljenovic (194-G-93, agency: Beo Basket) added 13 points, while Nemanja Besovic and Djordje Drenovac accounted for 10 points each in the victory. Artem Pustovyi (215-C-92, agency: Beo Basket) answered with 14 points for Ukraine. Klym Artamonov netted 13 points in the loss.

France - Russia 81-62
France earned the first win at the Second Round of the U20 European Championship in Slovenia. They overcame Russia for 1-2 record in Group E. Hugo Invernizzi (196-G/F-93) came up with 19 points to lead the charge. France strongly entered the game. They held their opponents to 9 points in the first frame to take a 9-point lead. France extended the advantage in the second quarter. They posted a 37:25 halftime advantage. Les Bleus maintained the lead throughout the third frame. They entered the fourth quarter up by 15 points and never looked back en route to the win. Leo Westermann (198-G-92, agency: Beo Basket) accounted for 17 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds for France. Louis Labeyrie netted 14 points in the win. Aleksandr Gudumak (204-F-93) and Aleksandr Razumov notched 12 points each in the loss.

Greece - Germany 68-90
Germany registered the first win at the Second Stage of U20 European Championship. They knocked down Greece for 2-1 record in Group E. Philipp Neumann (210-C-92) stepped up with 24 points to lead the winners. Germany exploded with 28 points in the opening quarter to stun their opponents. The Hellenes found themselves trailing by 19 points after ten minutes. Germany boosted the lead in the second term. They accumulated a 48:27 halftime advantage. Germany kept Greece at bay throughout the third term. They entered the fourth frame up by 22 points. Greece never recovered and had to surrender at the end. Daniel Theis (206-C/F-92) posted 17 points, while Dennis Schroeder produced 11 points for the winners. Giannoulis Larentzakis (195-SG-93, agency: FCM) answered with 20 points for Greece. Anastasios Antonakis netted 17 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and issued 6 assists in the loss.

Group F
Lithuania - Spain 82-60
Lithuania handed Spain the first loss at the U20 European Championship. Edgaras Ulanovas (197-G-92) came up with 28 points and 6 rebounds to lead Lithuania to the opening win in Group F. Lithuania led from the start. They built a 20:18 lead at the first intermission. The Baltic team stretched the margin to 6 points at halftime 40:34. Lithuania left Spain behind in the third quarter. The Baltic team went on a decisive 24:10 run to establish a comfortable 20-point lead at the final intermission. Lithuania never looked back then cruising to the victory at the end. Egidijus Mockevicius (207-C-92) notched 20 points and 7 rebounds, while Paulius Vaitiekunas, Zygimantas Skucas and Vytenis Cizauskas netted 8 points each for Lithuania. Jaime Fernandez (187-G-93) answered with 15 points for Spain. Alejandro Abrines and Julen Olaizola chipped in 11 points each in the loss.

Italy - Turkey 68-95
Turkey victoriously opened the Second Stage of U20 European Championship. They stunned Italy to gain 2-1 record in Group F. Safak Edge (188-PG-92) came up with 18 points to lead the winners. Italy fell at 1-2 record after the defeat. Turkey opened the game with 18 points in a row to shock Italy. Turkey built a 25:8 lead after ten minutes. They stretched the margin to 24 points at the interval 52:28. Things did not change in the third quarter. Turkey maintained the lead posting a 73:52 advantage with one period remaining. Italy never recovered and had to surrender at the end. Ramazan Tekin (212-C-93) posted 16 points, while Ahmet Tuncer contributed 12 points for the winning side. Marco Lagana (193-G-93) answered with 20 points for Italy. Andrea Traini and Lorenzo Saccaggi had 7 points apiece in the loss.

Latvia - Slovenia 62-69
Slovenia posted the fourth straight win at the U20 European Championship. The hosts held off Latvia to improve at 3-0 record in Group F of the Second Stage of the tournament. Alen Omic (215-C-92) posted 14 points to pace the hosts. Latvia got to a flying start. The visitors grabbed a 20:14 lead after ten minutes. Slovenia quickly came back to life. They took over in the second quarter and tied things up at 37 at halftime. Slovenia surged ahead in the third quarter. They held the Baltic team to 13 points in the period to take a 4-point lead heading into the final frame. Latvia got within three points late in regulation however Rupnik, Matej Rojc (198-G-93) and Gezim Morina sealed the winning outcome for the hosts from the stripe. Gezim Morina and Matej Rojc finished with 11 points each for the winners. Janis Timma (201-F/G-92, agency: FCM) responded with 17 points for Latvia. Kaspars Silins netted 15 points in the loss.

Group G
Estonia - Georgia 87-73
Estonia clinched the first win at the U20 European Championship in Slovenia. They knocked down Georgia at the start of classification round action in Group G. Rauno Nurger (207-C-93) came up with 17 points and 9 rebounds for the winning team. Estonia led by just three points after the opening quarter 19:16. The Baltic team stretched the lead in the second quarter. They posted a 43:36 halftime advantage. Georgia narrowed the deficit in the third term. Beka Burjanadze (203-F-94) drew things level at 52 finally. Phhakadze then put Georgian in front 55:52 but Estonia quickly recovered and regained a 63:60 lead at the final intermission. They opened the fourth quarter on a 15:3 rally to clear off. Estonia then coasted to the victory at the end. Jaan Puidet (192-G/F-92) accounted for 14 points, while Martin Paasoja and Rannar Raap contributed 13 points each for the winners. Beka Burjanadze answered with 21 points for Georgia. Irakli Alkhanaidze netted 17 points in defeat.

Montenegro - Sweden 64-72
Sweden recorded the first win at the U20 European Championship. They knocked down Montenegro in classification round Group G. Marcus Eriksson (196-G/F-93) scored 21 points to lead the winners. Montenegro jumped to an early lead. They ensured a 20:11 lead after ten minutes. Sweden cut the deficit in the second quarter. The Scandinavian team narrowed the deficit at 3-point mark at the interval 31:28. Sweden got within two points at the third break 50:52. Sweden tipped off the fourth frame on a 14:2 rally to ensure a 64:54 lead. They never looked back claiming an important victory at the end. Viktor Gaddefors (203-SF-92) posted 20 points and 10 rebounds for Sweden. Tobias Borg and Jonathan Person netted 11 points each in the win. Marko Mugosa (198-F-93) answered with 19 points for Montenegro. Danilo Nikolic netted 18 points in the loss.

Alonso All-European Championships U20 Awards 2016 - 5 months ago

Best Player: Marc Garcia (199-SF-96) of Spain Best Guard: Francisco Alonso (6'3''-G-96) of Spain Best Forward: Lauri Markkanen (7'0''-PF-97) of Finland Best Center: Omer Yurtseven (7'0''-F/C-98) of Turkey 1st Team G: Francisco Alonso (6'3''-G-96) of Spain G: Kristupas Zemaitis (191-G-96) of Lithuania SF: Marc Garcia (199-SF-96) of Spain PF: Lauri Markkanen (7'0''-PF-97) of Finland F/C: Omer Yurtseven (7'0''-F/C-98) of Turkey 2nd Team SG: Yigit Arslan (195-SG-96) of Turkey SG: Stefan...   [read more]

Kari Jonsson All-European Championships U20 Division B Awards 2016 - 5 months ago

Best Player: Vasileios Charalampopoulos (205-SF-97) of Greece Best Guard: Jon Gudmundsson (6'4''-G-96) of Iceland Best Forward: Vasileios Charalampopoulos (205-SF-97) ofGreece Best Center: Zoran Nikolic (211-C-96) of Montenegro 1st Team G: Kari Jonsson (190-G-97) of Iceland G: Jon Gudmundsson (6'4''-G-96) of Iceland SF: Lovro Mazalin (204-SF-97) of Croatia SF: Vasileios Charalampopoulos (205-SF-97) ofGreece C: Zoran Nikolic (211-C-96) of Montenegro 2nd Team PG: Vasileios Toliopoulos (18...   [read more]

Marc Garcia
Spain celebrate title in Helsinki - 5 months ago

FINAL Lithuania - Spain 55-68 Spain celebrated the title in Helsinki. They overcame Lithuania in the championship game tonight. Marc Garcia (199-SF-96) came up with 21 points to lead the champions. Spain broke away in the second frame. They established a 40:32 halftime lead. Lithuania narrowed the deficit in the third term. The Baltic team pulled within 6 points at the final intermission. Spain however triggered a 16:9 rally in the fourth stanza and marched to the victory. Ramon Vila tal...   [read more]

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European Championships U20 Final Standings
 1. Spain
 2. Lithuania
 3. Turkey
 4. Germany
 5. Italy
 6. Latvia
 7. Czech Rep.
 8. Ukraine
 9. Slovenia
 10. Sweden
 11. Serbia
 12. Israel
 13. France
 14. Belgium
 15. Finland
 16. Hungary

European Championships U20 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Montenegro.
 2. Iceland
 3. Greece
 4. Croatia
 5. Bosnia
 6. Poland
 7. U.Kingdom
 8. Georgia
 9. Russia
 10. Romania
 11. Portugal
 12. Ireland
 13. Belarus
 14. FYR Macedo.
 15. Holland
 16. Slovakia
 17. Armenia
 18. Bulgaria
 19. Estonia
 20. Kosovo
 21. Albania
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.9
 1. Markkanen, FIN24.9 
 2. Svoboda, CZE19.0 
 3. Okobo, FRA18.9 
 4. Mocsan, HUN17.6 
 5. Flaccadori, ITA16.7 
 6. Noua, FRA15.8 
 7. Lomazs, LAT15.6 
 8. Koperberg, ISR15.1 
 9. Garcia, ESP14.9 
 10. Mykhailiuk, UKR14.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Regimantas MINIOTAS
  Avg: 9.3
 1. Miniotas, LTU9.3 
 2. Markkanen, FIN8.6 
 3. Lambrecht, BEL8.6 
 4. Andersson, SWE8.3 
 5. Cavars, LAT8.3 
 6. Noua, FRA8.2 
 7. Lazarevic, SRB8.1 
 8. Svoboda, CZE7.3 
 9. Zupan, SLO7.3 
 10. Cancar, SLO7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Zan Mark SISKO
  Avg: 7.1
 1. Sisko, SLO7.1 
 2. Blatt, ISR6.4 
 3. Pulpan, CZE6.3 
 4. Hirvonen, FIN6.1 
 5. Zemaitis, LTU4.9 
 6. Sidorov, UKR4.4 
 7. Birkans, LAT4.3 
 8. Pongo, HUN4.1 
 9. Zotov, UKR4.1 
 10. Flaccadori, ITA4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Arslan, TUR2.4 
 2. Flaccadori, ITA2.4 
 3. Sisko, SLO2.3 
 4. Akyazili, BEL2.3 
 5. Markkanen, FIN2.3 
 6. Garcia, ESP2.3 
 7. Mykhailiuk, UKR2.1 
 8. Yusta, ESP2.1 
 9. Leumi, ISR2.0 
 10. Francisco, FRA2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Andersson, SWE2.1 
 2. Wimberg, GER1.6 
 3. Sima, ESP1.4 
 4. Kratzer, GER1.4 
 5. Yurtseven, UZB1.4 
 6. Sajus, LTU1.3 
 7. Markkanen, FIN1.3 
 8. Cavars, LAT1.3 
 9. Noua, FRA1.2 
 10. Birgander, SWE1.1 
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