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Jul 4: OL: Olympic Games - Qualifications starts
Jul 15: Halkida (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 Division B starts
Jul 16: Helsinki (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 starts
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European Championships U20 Basketball (Men)

Division A  Division B  

First Day Schedule
Group A
Turkey 50% Jul.16 Lithuania
Hungary 50% Jul.16 Germany
Group B
Israel 50% Jul.16 Finland
Spain 50% Jul.16 France
Group C
Serbia 50% Jul.16 Latvia
Slovenia 50% Jul.16 Ukraine
Group D
Sweden 50% Jul.16 Belgium
Italy 50% Jul.16 Czech R.
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First Day Schedule
Group A
Montenegro 50% Jul.15 Georgia
Armenia 50% Jul.15 FYR Macedon
Group B
Russia 50% Jul.15 Estonia
Belarus 50% Jul.15 Iceland
Group C
Ireland 50% Jul.15 Greece
Holland 50% Jul.15 Kosovo
Albania 50% Jul.15 United Kingd
Group D
Croatia 50% Jul.15 Romania
Slovakia 50% Jul.15 Bulgaria
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Quarterfinalists are set in Slovenia - Jul 18, 2012

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Group E
Germany - Ukraine 74-81
Ukraine posted the first win at the Second Stage of U20 European Championship. They defeated Germany to finish at 1-4 record in Group E. Germany slipped at 3-2 record. Olexandr Mishula (187-G-92) stepped up with 18 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Ukraine led from start to finish. They ensured an 18:11 lead ten minutes into the game. Ukraine boosted the margin to 8 points at halftime 38:30. The teams increased the tempo in the third quarter. Ukraine and Germany exchanged baskets as Volodymyr Koval team led by 8 points with one quarter remaining. Germany got within three points with 14 seconds remaining in regulation but Mysiats and Bobrov sank four free throws in a row and sealed the victory for Ukraine. Sergiy Zagreba (212-C-94) posted 14 points, while Olexandr Misyats added 12 points for the winning side. Philipp Neumann (210-C-92) answered with 17 points for Germany. Johannes Voigtmann netted 14 points in the loss.

Russia - Serbia 61-84
Serbia finished the Second Stage of U20 European Championship on a winning note. They held off Russian counterparts to clinch the top position in Group E at 5-0 record. Russia fell at 2-3 record after the loss. Nenad Miljenovic (194-G-93, agency: Beo Basket) came up with 15 points to lead well-balanced effort from the Balkan team. Serbia cleared off in the first quarter. They accumulated a 22:13 lead after ten minutes of action. The teams traded baskets throughout the second quarter. Serbia managed to secure a 37:28 halftime lead. The third frame became decisive. The Serbian side unleashed 30 points in the stanza to pile up a comfortable 67:42 lead at the final intermission. Russia never recovered in the final term suffering a massive loss at the end. Bogdan Bogdanovic (197-F-92) accounted for 14 points, while Djordje Drenovac and Stefan Nastic had 12 points each in the victory. Denis Zakharov (193-PG-93) answered with 20 points for Russia. Alexander Varnakov chipped in 11 points in the loss.

Greece - France 72-55
Greece punched U20 European Championship quarterfinals ticket. They defeated France in a crucial battle in Group E to make it into the playoffs. The victory also left Russia out of title contention. Spyridon Motsenigos (193-SG-92) accounted for 18 points, 6 boards and 3 assists to pace the Hellenes. France held their opponents to 10 points in the opening quarter to take a 3-point lead. Greece bounced back and secured a 27:26 halftime advantage. Greece pulled in front in the third quarter. They exploded with 23 points and built a comfortable 15-point lead before the final frame. The Hellenes unloaded 22 points in the fourth quarter to keep their opponents at bay and celebrating a vital win at the end. Anastasios Antonakis (204-PF-92) accounted for 15 points, while Petros Melissaratos and Fotios Zoumpos had 12 points each in the victory. Leo Westermann (198-G-92, agency: Beo Basket) answered with 14 points for France. Hugo Invernizzi netted 11 points in the loss.

Group F
Slovenia - Spain 70-63
Slovenia ensured the sixth straight win at the U20 European Championship. They finished the Second Stage of the tournament with the victory over the reigning champions Spain to enter the quarterfinals undefeated. Alen Omic (215-C-92) accounted for 14 points and 8 rebounds to lead the winners. Slovenia led by four points at the first break 18:14. Spain got as close as a single point at halftime 31:32. However the hosts took over in the third term. Slovenia boosted the lead to 11 points midway through the period 45:34. Spain managed to trim the deficit. Alejandro Abrines (198-F-93) capped the frame with a three-pointer as Spain trailed by 9 points at the final intermission 43:52. Spain sparked the intrigue when they cut the deficit to four points 63:67 with 23 seconds to go in regulation. But Lapornik answered with a triple to calm things down. Klemen Prepelic (194-G-92) finished with 12 points, while Eva Rupnik added 10 points in the victory. Alejandro Abrines answered with 18 points for Spain. Jose Pozas had 14 points in the losing case.

Italy - Latvia 78-94
Latvia made a big step towards U20 European Championship quarterfinals as they marched past Italy on the final day of the Second Stage. Janis Timma (201-F/G-92, agency: FCM) stepped up with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists in the victory. Latvia strongly started the game. The Baltic team built a 19:14 lead after ten minutes. Latvia unloaded 28 points in the second quarter to pull away. They ensured a 47:30 halftime lead. Latvia maintained the lead throughout the third quarter. They built a comfortable 71:47 lead with one period remaining. Italy managed to cut the deficit to 11 points but Latvia stayed calm and secured a confident win at the end. Ojars Silins (201-F-93) posted 22 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists, while Arturs Bricis added 18 points for the winners. Amedeo Tessitori (205-C-94) answered with 16 points for Italy. Fabio Mian and Marco Lagana had 13 points each in the loss.

Turkey - Lithuania 45-76
Lithuania clinched a vital win over Turkey in their quest for U20 European Championship quarterfinal birth. Edgaras Ulanovas (197-G-92) nailed 14 points and grabbed 6 rebounds to pace the winners. Both teams are now tied at 2-3 record and await the result of the last game of the day in Group F to get to know their fate. Lithuania gave little chance for their opponents in this one. The Baltic team started the game aggressively and secured a 22:14 lead after ten minutes. The margin grew deeper in the second quarter. Lithuania ensured a 46:23 halftime lead. Lithuania did not slow down in the third frame. They held Turkey to just 5 points and established a 32-point buffer with one quarter remaining. Turkey outscored Lithuania in the fourth quarter but to no avail. Rokas Giedraitis (198-SF-92) delivered 12 points, while Vytenis Cizauskas had 10 points in the victory. Samet Geyik (205-PF-93) responded with 12 points and 7 rebounds for Turkey. Safak Edge had 8 points in the loss.

Group G
Montenegro - Estonia 72-76
Estonia celebrated the second win at the U20 European Championship classification round. They knocked down Montenegrin counterparts to improve at 2-1 record. Jaan Puidet (192-G/F-92) scored 20 points and pulled down 6 boards to lead the charge. Montenegro fell at 1-2 record after the loss. Estonia enjoyed a narrow 20:19 lead after ten minutes. Montenegro pulled in front for a 38:36 halftime lead. The teams stayed close throughout the third quarter. Grabovica capped the period with a layup to ensure a 54:53 lead for Montenegro. The Balkan team stretched the lead to 5 points early in the fourth quarter. But Jaan Puidet and Saare triggered an 11:1 run late in regulation to give Estonia a 71:67 lead. Rauno Nurger (207-C-93) and Rannar Raap then went deadly in the dying seconds to seal the victory for Estonia. Rauno Nurger posted 12 points, while Rannar Raap contributed 10 points in the victory. Danilo Nikolic (206-C-93) answered with 24 points and 10 rebounds for Montenegro. Marko Mugosa finished with 20 points in the losing case.

Georgia - Sweden 64-87
Sweden registered the third straight win at the classification round of U20 European Championship. They knocked down Georgia to stay undefeated in Group G. Tobias Borg (183-PG-93) came up with 22 points to lead the winners. Georgia fell at 0-3 record. The teams stayed neck and neck throughout the opening quarter. The scoreboard read 21:21 at the first break. Sweden pulled ahead in the second quarter. The Scandinavians ensured a 43:39 halftime advantage. Sweden cleared off in the third quarter. They entered the fourth frame up by as many as 17 points 70:53. Georgia never recovered in the final frame and Sweden cruised to the victory at the end. Viktor Gaddefors (203-SF-92) accounted for 16 points and 11 rebounds, while Jonathan Person added 15 points for the winners. Beka Burjanadze (203-F-94) answered with 20 points and 9 rebounds for Georgia. Duda Sanadze had 18 points in the loss.

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Manu Lecomte All-European Championships U20 Awards 2015 - 1 Year ago

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Men Women
European Championships U20 Standings
Group A
 1. Germany 0-0 
 2. Hungary 0-0 
 3. Lithuania 0-0 
 4. Turkey 0-0 
Group B
 1. Spain 0-0 
 2. Finland 0-0 
 3. France 0-0 
 4. Israel 0-0 
Group C
 1. Latvia 0-0 
 2. Slovenia 0-0 
 3. Serbia 0-0 
 4. Ukraine 0-0 
Group D
 1. Belgium 0-0 
 2. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 3. Italy 0-0 
 4. Sweden 0-0 
European Championships U20 Standings Div.B
Group A
 1. Armenia 0-0 
 2. Georgia 0-0 
 3. FYR Macedon. 0-0 
 4. Montenegro 0-0 
 5. Portugal 0-0 
Group B
 1. Belarus 0-0 
 2. Estonia 0-0 
 3. Iceland 0-0 
 4. Poland 0-0 
 5. Russia 0-0 
Group C
 1. Albania 0-0 
 2. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 3. Greece 0-0 
 4. Ireland 0-0 
 5. Kosovo 0-0 
 6. Holland 0-0 
Group D
 1. Bosnia 0-0 
 2. Bulgaria 0-0 
 3. Croatia 0-0 
 4. Romania 0-0 
 5. Slovakia 0-0 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.6
 1. Lecomte, BEL19.6 
 2. Mesicek, SLO16.6 
 3. Buza, BIH16.6 
 4. Nikolic, SLO16.4 
 5. Peterka, CZE15.7 
 6. Kesteloot, BEL15.3 
 7. Antypov, UKR14.6 
 8. Smits, LAT14.6 
 9. Nelson, ENG14.4 
 10. Hernangomez, ESP14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Domantas SABONIS
  Avg: 13.2
 1. Sabonis, LTU13.2 
 2. Antypov, UKR10.4 
 3. Bigby-W., ENG10.1 
 4. Smits, LAT9.1 
 5. Hernangomez, ESP8.5 
 6. Bako, BEL8.0 
 7. Gankevich, RUS8.0 
 8. Peterka, CZE7.8 
 9. Witlinski, POL7.6 
 10. Buza, BIH7.3 
Assists Per Game
 Radovan KOURIL
  Avg: 5.5
 1. Kouril, CZE5.5 
 2. Gavrilov, RUS4.3 
 3. Nikolic, SLO4.0 
 4. Ozmizrak, TUR3.7 
 5. Plavnieks, LAT3.6 
 6. Nelson, ENG3.6 
 7. Lecomte, BEL3.6 
 8. Sharon, ISR3.4 
 9. Sidorov, UKR3.3 
 10. Martin, ESP3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Soluade, ENG2.4 
 2. Buza, BIH2.4 
 3. Ozdemiroglu, TUR2.3 
 4. Akele, ITA2.2 
 5. Guduric, SRB2.2 
 6. Akodo, ENG2.0 
 7. Ozmizrak, TUR2.0 
 8. Lomazs, LAT1.9 
 9. Boyarkin, UKR1.8 
 10. Duwiquet, FRA1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Emircan KOSUT
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Kosut, TUR2.9 
 2. Bigby-W., ENG1.7 
 3. Diop, SEN1.6 
 4. Lawson, ENG1.4 
 5. Bako, BEL1.3 
 6. Yabusele, FRA1.3 
 7. Witlinski, POL1.2 
 8. Cornelie, FRA1.2 
 9. Skranc, CZE1.2 
 10. Hernangomez, ESP1.2 
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