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Play-Off bracket1
Semifinals are set in Division B - Jul 19, 2012

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Group E
Belgium - Israel 66-69
Israel grab the last ticket to Final Four of the U20 European Championship in Division B. The team overcame Belgium 69:66 in a thriller to take 2-1 record in Group E. It was the game for the last ticket from Group E to the semifinal. Both teams started strong, but Belgium took 22:11 after the first 10 minutes. Moreover they added 20-15 in the second frame and enjoyed 16-point advantage at the halftime. Belgium made everything they could to win the game but reduce to 3 final points. They won the third quarter 19-13 and added 21-14 in the last stanza. Elias Lasisi (192-G/F-92) gave them 66:64 lead, but Solomon and Bar Timor (191-PG-92, agency: Avi Zilberman) brought the victory for the opponents. Bar Timor top-scored for the winners with 20 points and Solomon nailed 16. Blayzer collected 14 points and 14 rebounds, while Dawson added 10. Elias Lasisi erupted with 34 points in the losing effort as Belgium finished with 1-2 record on the last place in the group. Khalid Boukichou (208-C-92) had 12 points and 10 rebounds, whilst Ojomoh scored 11.

Poland - Bulgaria 70-78
Sofia sent the hosts to the Semifinals of the U20 European Championship in Division B. Bulgaria overcame the Polish players 78:70 and sent them out of Top Four. It was a tough game and could send only one team to the Semifinal. Although two of them deserved a spot there, Bulgaria managed to grab the victory. They started with 22-21, but the game was tied at the halftime. In the second half Bulgaria produced two victories. They won the third quarter 18-15 and finished the game with 21-16 in the last stanza. Pavlin Ivanov (195-G-93, agency: Beo Basket) paced all the winners with 35 points, while Angel Natskin (182-PG-93) netted 11. Dimitrov delivered 10 and Boyanov scored 9. Ponitka and Tomasz Gielo (205-F-93) scored 20 points each in defeat and the latter also added 12 rebounds. Piotr Niedzwiedzki (210-F-93) followed them with 8 points in a loss.

Group F
Finland - Croatia 69-94
Croatia destroy Finland for the Semifinal ticket at the U20 European Championship in Division B. Croatia needed 94:69 win to take 1-2 record as well as two other teams including Finland. Due to the better difference, Croatia managed to climb higher than Finland and Great Britain. Croatia needed a big win and started with 23:7. They enjoyed 16-point lead at the halftime and added 28-17 in the third period. Finland won the last stanza 26-24 but it was not enough to advance to the semis. Stipe Krstanovic (204-F/C-93) top-scored for the winners with 20 points and Sirko added 17. Roko Rogic (187-PG-92) and Vukovic followed them with 14 points, whilst Markulin scored 12. Aleksi Akpaso (192-SG-92) finished the game with 16 points and Joonas Caven (211-C/F-93) posted 14. Vaenerberg notched 11, while Villematti Kopio (182-PG-92) delivered 10.

Czech Republic - United Kingdom 91-75
Czech Republic heads to the semis of the U20 European Championship in Division B. The team added another win at the tournament edging Great Britain 91:75 and sending them out of the Top 4. Czech Republic continued the streak and proved the ambitions for Division A. They started with 24-19 in the first period and had 5-point lead at the half-time. The third quarter was decisive in the game and brought 29-16 in the third period. Great Britain managed to win the last stanza 19-21 and finished third in the group. Bohacik top-scored for the winners with 24 points, while Martin Kriz (202-F-93) collected 21 points and 10 rebounds. Michal Sotnar (189-PG-92) nailed 12 and Fait as well as Vaclav Honomichl (189-G-92) added 9 each. Devon Van Oostrum (190-G-93) ended up with 20 points in the losing effort, whilst Fiorentinos had 18. Hart scored 13 and Chuku delivered 10.

Group G
Slovakia - Luxembourg 76-52
Slovak Republic closed Day 7 with the win at the U20 European Championship in Division B. The winning side improved to 2-1 record in Group G after 76:52 victory over Luxembourg. The latter fell at 0-4 record on the bottom of the group. Luxembourg surprised the opponents with 15:14 in the first period, but could not keep the lead. Maurizio Galata (203-F-92) and Viktor Dedecek (200-F-93) scored for 18:15 and then Slovak Republic pushed the tempo for good. Maurizio Galata and Matus Luley (195-F-92) closed the half at 32:25 and then Slovak Republic added 18-17 in the third quarter. Viktor Dedecek nailed three for 60:44, while Maurizio Galata added few more for 65:44. Slovak Republic also won the end of the game with an 8-0 run to seal a comfortable victory. Maurizio Galata top-scored for the winners with 21 points and Galad as well as Moravek posted 11 each. Matus Luley collected 10 points and 11 rebounds in defeat. Arendt ended up with 23 points in the losing effort, while Max Schmit and Welter had 8 each.

Holland - Austria 61-64
Austria conquer Group G of the Classification Round for 9-18 places at the U20 European Championship in Division B. The Austrian side won over Netherlands 64:61 for 3-0 record. Netherlands suffered the first loss and fell at 2-1 record. Both teams struggled for the victory that ensured the top place in the group. Both of then scored 16 points each in the first period and only after that Austria needed 14-9 surge to win the half 30:25. Moreover Zulic and Hopfgartner increased the lead at 10 points and Friedrich scored for 41:33. Netherlands however was too late to give up and grabbed 46:45 advantage early in the last period. Bart Stolk (206-C-93) scored for 53:50 and Aarts added two for 55:52. Austria meanwhile responded with 11-0 run and took 63:55. No matter how hard the Dutch team tried to recover they could not win the game. Hopfgartner paced all the winners with 23 points and Friedrich added 13. Bart Stolk finished the game with 22 points, while Ivan Filipan (193-G/F-92) scored 14 in defeat.

Group H
Switzerland - Belarus 78-89
Belarus pip Switzerland in Sofia at the U20 European Championship in Division B. The winning team improved to 2-2 record after 89:78 victory. The Swiss team fell at 1-2 record in Group H. Belarus started with 31:15 and never looked behind after. They added 30-25 in the second frame as Yauheni Suhaniaka (200-F-92) closed the half at 61:40. Zakhar and Vitali Liutych (198-SG-92) opened the third quarter for 64:40, while Vitali Liutych delivered two fro 71:44. Bozovic and Yauheni Suhaniaka closed the third period at 78:57. Switzerland meanwhile won the last stanza 21-11 to reduce the gap to 11 points. Vitali Liutych top-scored for the winners with 33 points. Robertas Ruzgaitis (198-F-93) followed him with 20, while Yauheni Suhaniaka added 13. Savoy and Atcho ended up with 17 points each in the losing effort. Bozovic scored 13, while Marko Mladjan (206-F-93) had 11.

Portugal - Hungary 61-55
Portugal grab 3-0 record in Group H at the U20 European Championship in Division B. The team overcame Hungary 61:55 in Sofia. The latter fell at 0-3 record. Hungary won the opening tip 5-1 and then Zoltan Czinger (215-C-93) scored for 7:4. Portugal meanwhile finished the first period with a 6-0 run and took 13:9 advantage. Again Hungary took the lead in the second period and erupted with a defensive 14-3 run. Kovacs and Zoltan Czinger closed the half at 23:16, but Hungary could not win. Wildner tied the game at 28:28, while Akos Lakosa (193-G-92) and Tursics tied it again at 37:37. Portugal dominated the last period and produced a 24-18 in it. Cardoso finished the game from the free throw line for the final result. Wildner top-scored for the winners with 21 points and Cardoso added 15. Jakab answered with 12 points and Zoltan Czinger posted 10.   

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Tamir Blatt
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Greece celebrate title in Crete - 2 months ago
FINAL Greece - Israel 65-56 Greece celebrated Gold in Crete. The Hellenes prevailed against Israel to clinch the title. Antonios Koniaris (196-PG-97) came up with 15 points to lead the champions. Israel silenced the home crowd with a 16:9 start to the game. But Greece quickly picked up the tempo. The Hellenes went on a 17:7 run in the second term to gain a 26:23 halftime lead. Greece poured in 22 points in the third quarter to gain a 7-point lead. The home side kept Israel at distance th...   [read more]

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European Championships U20 Final Standings
 1. Greece
 2. Israel
 3. France
 4. Spain
 5. Serbia
 6. Lithuania
 7. Germany
 8. Iceland
 9. Turkey
 10. Ukraine
 11. Montenegro.
 12. Sweden
 13. Italy
 14. Slovenia
 15. Czech Rep.
 16. Latvia
European Championships U20 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Romania
 2. Croatia
 3. U.Kingdom
 4. Russia
 5. Poland
 6. Belgium
 7. Georgia
 8. Portugal
 9. Finland
 10. Holland
 11. Hungary
 12. Kosovo
 13. FYR Macedon.
 14. Albania
 15. Belarus
 16. Slovakia
 17. Armenia
 18. Ireland
 19. Azerbaijan
 20. Malta
 21. Moldova
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Sviatoslav MYKHAILIUK
  Avg: 20.4
 1. Mykhailiuk, UKR20.4 
 2. Popovic, MNT18.4 
 3. Echodas, LTU17.1 
 4. Yurtseven, TUR17.0 
 5. Birutis, LTU17.0 
 6. Hlinason, ISL16.7 
 7. Zoosman, ISR16.3 
 8. Wagner, GER16.1 
 9. Blatt, ISR16.0 
 10. Marinkovic, SRB15.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 13.8
 1. Birgander, SWE13.8 
 2. Popovic, MNT12.2 
 3. Hlinason, ISL11.6 
 4. Yurtseven, TUR11.4 
 5. Sjoberg, SWE9.0 
 6. Echodas, LTU8.9 
 7. Okeke, ITA8.1 
 8. Birutis, LTU8.1 
 9. Skapintsev, UKR8.0 
 10. Noua, FRA7.9 
Assists Per Game
 Tamir BLATT
  Avg: 10.1
 1. Blatt, ISR10.1 
 2. Beliauskas, LTU6.3 
 3. Garcia, ESP5.6 
 4. Sisko, SLO5.3 
 5. Beyschlag, GER5.3 
 6. Peno, SRB5.0 
 7. Korkmaz, TUR4.8 
 8. Birkans, LAT4.7 
 9. Mykhailiuk, UKR4.4 
 10. Bakic, MNT4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Korkmaz, TUR2.6 
 2. Wagner, GER2.6 
 3. Koniaris, GRE2.4 
 4. Zotov, UKR2.3 
 5. Zoosman, ISR1.9 
 6. Mykhailiuk, UKR1.7 
 7. Thorbjarnars., ISL1.7 
 8. Sisko, SLO1.7 
 9. Beyschlag, GER1.6 
 10. Yilmaz, TUR1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Hlinason, ISL3.1 
 2. Yurtseven, TUR2.1 
 3. Durmaz, TUR2.1 
 4. Cekic, MNT1.9 
 5. Simanic, SRB1.8 
 6. Birutis, LTU1.7 
 7. Macura, SLO1.6 
 8. Birgander, SWE1.6 
 9. Tote, ITA1.4 
 10. Tkachenko, UKR1.3 
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