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Division A: Preliminary Round is over in Debrecen - Aug 18, 2012

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Group A
Lithuania - Belarus 66-72
Belarus celebrated its first victory at U20 EuroBasket in Debrecen and actually that is enough for the second place in Group A. Belarus outplayed Lithuania 72-66 joining them and Latvia with 1-2 record in this pool. Belarus has the best score in this three-way tie, while Lithuania is behind them, so these two teams booked a spot for the second stage. They will be transferred to Group E. Belarus got 26 points and 13 rebounds from Maryia Filonchyk (187-PF-92). She was the MVP of this game with valuation 28. Maryia Papova (186-PF-94) had 11 points and 7 rebounds, while Ksenija Voishal (182-F-94) helped with 8 points and 6 rebs. In the loosing squad, Santa Okockyte (176-PG-92) top-scored with 19 points and Laura Svaryte (190-C/F-92) had 16 points, plus 10 rebounds. Monika Grigalauskyte (190-PF-92) shined with 13 points and 16 rebounds. Belarus had 57-70 lead with 4:43 remaining in the game, but Lithuania made 9-0 run after that. Lipinskaya answered with jump shot and both teams were scoreless for rest of the way. All teams will take a rest on Sunday.

Spain - Latvia 57-43
Spain is the winner of Group A at U20 EuroBasket in Debrecen. They handed 57-43 loss to Latvia for perfect 3-0 at this phase. Of course, Spain will be transferred to Group E of the second stage. At the other side, Latvia dropped to 1-2 and finished as the last ranked team of the group. Latvia will be moved to Group G, where they will fight for the survival in Division A. Spain had plus 15 at the halftime and managed to keep the lead for rest of the way. Quarters: 15-12, 25-13, 10-10, 7-8. Mariona Ortiz (183-F/G-92) (13 rebs) and Marina Delgado (174-PG-92) (7 rebs) scored 11 points each for the winners. Queralt Casas (180-G-92) followed them with 10 points and 5 boards. In the loosing squad, Guna Lagzdina (187-C-93) was better than the others with 13 points and 9 rebounds. Krista Bridina (174-PG-94) had 10 points and 5 rebs, and Renate Reine (176-G-94) stopped to 9 pts. Championship continues on Monday.

Group B
Italy - Poland 47-54
Poland did a great job against Italy in the last day of the Preliminary Round at U20 EuroBasket in Debrecin. Poland celebrated 54-47 victory improving its score to 2-1 in Group B. Sweden and Holland have the same numbers in this pool, but Poland has the best score in this three-way tie and won the group. All three teams advanced to the next stage and they will be moved to Group E. At the other side, Italy is still winless and they will fight for the survival in Division A. Big disappointment for them. Magdalena Zietara (170-G/F-92) shined in victory with 17 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. Ramona Casimiro (170-G-92) had 12 points and 6 rebounds, while Dorota Mistygacz (183-F/C-92) added 9 points and 11 rebs. In Italy, Caterina Dotto (167-PG-93) and Francesca Dotto (170-PG-93) scored 13 and 12 points respectively. Each of them grabbed 6 rebounds in this meeting. Poland had 12-point lead at the beginning of Q4, but Italy closed the gap to 47-51 with one minute to go. Zietara immediately replied with triple securing the victory for her team. Quarters: 24-14, 12-11, 10-9, 8-13. All teams will take a rest on Sunday.

Sweden - Holland 52-54
Very valuable win for Holland in the last day of the Preliminary Round in Debrecin (U20 EuroBasket). Holland grabbed 54-52 victory against Sweden to join them and Poland with 2-1 record in Group B. Poland ended as No.1, Sweden as No.2 and Holland as No.3 in this pool, while all three teams advanced to the next stage. Holland will transfer this win to Group E. Their best player today was Zera Butter (179-G-92) with 14 points. Marlou De Kleijn (182-F-92, agency: Regeneracom Sports) had 9 points and 8 rebounds, while Sharon Lammerink (189-C-93) added 14 pts. It was a very exciting finish and Holland celebrated thanks to Adams and Marlou De Klejin, who made lay-up and scored one free throw respectively. Sweden was scoreless in the last minute. Quarters: 13-11, 19-9, 9-12, 13-20. Binta Drammeh (180-F-92) had 14 points for Sweden, while Ellen Nystrom (180-G-93) (7 rebs) and Amanda Zahui (190-C-93) (6 rebs) netted 8 points each. Championship continues on Monday. As mentioned above, both teams will be moved to Group E.
Group C
France - Turkey 56-61
Turkey advanced to the second stage of U20 EuroBasket with perfect 3-0 record. In the last day of the Preliminary Round Turkey handed 61-56 loss to France, who ended as No.3 in this pool. France also heads to the next stage and both teams will be placed to Group F. Teams were tied to 51-51 at the halfway of the last period, but Turkey made crucial 7-2 run after that and managed to keep the lead for rest of the way. Quarters: 12-13, 15-15, 16-16, 18-12. Olcay Cakir (180-PG-93) led the winners with 15 points and 5 rebounds. Ayse Cora (175-G/F-93) (5 rebs) and Ecem Guler (189-PF-92) (5 rebs) netted 12 and 11 points respectively. France got 13 points and 5 rebs from Christelle Diallo (193-C-93), while Alice Nayo (186-C-93) and Marie Mbuyamba (185-F/C-93) collected 10 points and 5 rebounds each. Championship continues on Monday and all teams will take a rest tomorrow. Four of six teams from the newly formed Group F will advance to the Quarterfinals.

Ukraine - Portugal 54-47
Box-score will be available soon. Ukraine (2-1) advanced to the next stage. Portugal (0-3) will fight for the survival in Division A.
Group D
Russia - Serbia 64-57
Both teams advanced to the second stage of U20 EuroBasket in Debrecen. Russia handed 64-57 loss to Serbia on Saturday to join them and Slovakia with 2-1 record in Group D. In this three-way tie Russia is No.1, Slovakia is No.2 and Serbia is No.3. Russia shined in the last ten minutes of the game to take this victory. Quarters: 13-12, 18-11, 11-21, 22-13. It very important to mention that Serbia played with six players in this game as all other were poised by food and some of them were even hospitalized for a while. Darya Namok (179-G-93) scored 14 points for the winners and Ekaterina Fedorenkova (178-SG-93) added one points less. Ksenia Tikhonenko (190-F/C-93, agency: Ryzhov Stanislav) collected 12 points and 9 rebounds. In the loosing squad, Snezana Colic (178-G-92) shined with 25 points and 5 rebounds. Ivana Brajkovic (195-C-93) collected 16 points and 13 rebs. All teams will take a rest on Sunday.

Slovakia - United Kingdom 74-61
Slovakia made it in do-or-die game against United Kingdom. Slovakia celebrated 74-61 win finishing this stage as the second ranked team of Group D with 2-1 record. At the other side, UK closes the standings in this pool with 0-3. They will fight for the survival in U20 EuroBasket Division A. Zofia Hruscakova (190-C-95) led the winners with 17 points and 8 rebounds. Marta Palenikova (184-G/F-92) and Martina Letkova (189-F-92) netted 11 points each. In defeat, Olufemi Hamilton (170-G-93) was the leading scorer with 17 points. Jessica Hurd (185-C-92) had 10 pts and Cheridene Green (187-C-95) added 9 pts, plus 11 rebounds. Quarters: 19-13, 20-15, 19-20, 16-13. Slovakia will be moved to Group F now. UK will continue in Group G. Championship continues on Monday and all teams will have a chance to rest tomorrow.

Allemand All-European Championships U20 Awards 2016 - 3 months ago

Best Player: Cecilia Zandalasini (183-F-96) of Italy Best Guard: Julie Allemand (173-PG-96) of Belgium Best Forward: Cecilia Zandalasini (183-F-96) of Italy Best Center: Raisa Musina (191-F/C-98) of Russia 1st Team PG: Julie Allemand (173-PG-96) of Belgium G: Laura Quevedo (185-G-96) of Spain F: Aleksandra Crvendakic (188-F-96) of Serbia F: Cecilia Zandalasini (183-F-96) of Italy F/C: Raisa Musina (191-F/C-98) of Russia 2nd Team PG: Pinelopi Pavlopoulou (5'8''-PG-96) of Greece G: Laur   [read more]

Holesinska All-European Championships U20 Division B Awards 2016 - 3 months ago

Best Player: Annamaria Prezelj (177-SG-97) of Slovenia Best Guard: Annamaria Prezelj (177-SG-97) of Slovenia Best Forward: Laura Juskaite (187-PF-97) of Lithuania Best Center: Daugile Sarauskaite (196-C-96) of Lithuania 1st Team G: Petra Holesinska (175-G-97) of Czech Rep. SG: Annamaria Prezelj (177-SG-97) of Slovenia SF: Debora Dubei (181-SF-97) of Hungary PF: Laura Juskaite (187-PF-97) of Lithuania C: Daugile Sarauskaite (196-C-96) of Lithuania 2nd Team PG: Anastasiya Sushchyk...   [read more]

Maria Conde
Spain crowned champions in Matosinhos - 3 months ago

FINAL Spain - Italy 71-69 Spain earned the title in Matosinhos. They nipped Italy in the exciting Final clash tonight. Maria Conde (185-F-97) and Helena Orts (188-F-96) came up with 20 points each to lead the champions. Spain entered the game firing on all cylinders. They grabbed a 26:14 lead after ten minutes of action. Spain held the Azzurri to just 12 points in the second term to take a 44:26 halftime lead. Italy however turned the tables in the second half. They pulled within 12 poin...   [read more]

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European Championships U20 Final Standings
 1. Spain
 2. Italy
 3. Russia
 4. Serbia
 5. Belgium
 6. France
 7. Latvia
 8. Poland
 9. Holland
 10. Portugal
 11. Bosnia
 12. Sweden
 13. Turkey
 14. Greece
 15. Slovakia
 16. Germany

European Championships U20 Final Standings Div.B
 1. Slovenia
 2. Lithuania
 3. Hungary
 4. Czech Rep.
 5. U.Kingdom
 6. Montenegro.
 7. Croatia
 8. Romania
 9. Ukraine
 10. Israel
 11. Belarus
 12. Bulgaria
 13. Ireland
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22
 1. Zandalasini, ITA22.0 
 2. Brcaninovic, BIH21.1 
 3. Musina, RUS18.3 
 4. Fasoula, GRE16.7 
 5. Strautmane, LAT16.4 
 6. Berkani, FRA15.9 
 7. Christinaki, CYP15.7 
 8. Hof, NED15.7 
 9. Goncalves, POR14.4 
 10. Gulcan, TUR14.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Musina, RUS12.6 
 2. Linskens, BEL10.7 
 3. Milapie, FRA10.6 
 4. Strautmane, LAT10.3 
 5. Crvendakic, SRB10.0 
 6. Zandalasini, ITA9.0 
 7. Geldof, BEL8.3 
 8. Kostourkova, BUL8.3 
 9. Maiga, RUS8.0 
 10. Guimaraes, POR8.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5
 1. Cornelius, NED5.0 
 2. Bernardeco, POR4.6 
 3. Pavlopoulou, GRE4.1 
 4. Allemand, BEL4.0 
 5. Levchenko, RUS4.0 
 6. Berkani, FRA3.7 
 7. Delic, BIH3.7 
 8. Cazorla, ESP3.6 
 9. Kacerik, ITA3.1 
 10. Delic, BIH3.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Pavlopoulou, GRE3.3 
 2. Zandalasini, ITA2.9 
 3. Kacerik, ITA2.9 
 4. Pan, ITA2.3 
 5. Dambach, FRA2.1 
 6. Conde, ESP2.1 
 7. Crvendakic, SRB2.1 
 8. Delic, BIH2.0 
 9. Kolosovskaya, RUS1.9 
 10. Stasova, SVK1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Linskens, BEL1.9 
 2. Hof, NED1.7 
 3. Zandalasini, ITA1.4 
 4. Dreimane, LAT1.3 
 5. Blanarova, SVK1.1 
 6. Maiga, RUS1.1 
 7. Subasic, SRB1.1 
 8. Geldof, BEL1.0 
 9. Fasoula, GRE1.0 
 10. Niksina, GRE0.9 
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