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European Championships U20 2005 logo

Final Standings

QuarterFinals Round (1-8 places)

Group E

1.Russia 3-0
2.Israel 1-2
3.Greece 1-2
4.Italy 1-2

Group F

1.Lithuania 2-1
2.Serbia/M. 2-1
3.France 1-2
4.Latvia 1-2

Classification Round (9-16 pl.)
Group G

1.Croatia 3-0
2.Turkey 2-1
3.Ukraine 1-2
4.Czech R. 0-3

Group H

1.Spain 3-0
2.Slovenia 2-1
3.Belarus 1-2
4.Germany 0-3

Preliminary Round

Group A

1.Greece 3-0
2.Latvia 2-1
3.Ukraine 1-2
4.Germany 0-3

Group B

1.Lithuania 3-0
2.Italy 2-1
3.Belarus 1-2
4.Czech R. 0-3

Group C

1.Russia 2-1
2.France 2-1
3.Croatia 1-2
4.Slovenia 1-2

Group D

1.Serbia/M. 3-0
2.Israel 2-1
3.Spain 1-2
4.Turkey 0-3

Stats Leaders
All Players Stats
1.Markota CRO 18.3
2.L.Eliyahu ISR 18.0
3.Seibutis LTU 17.4
4. Gasol ESP 16.8
5.Belinelli ITA 16.6
1.Markota CRO 10.8
2.Berzins LAT 10.1
3.Pecherov UKR 9.4
4.Gasol ESP 9.3
5.Pekovic SRB 9.1
1.Mocnik SLO 5.0
2.Rodriguez ESP 4.1
3.Ermis TUR 3.3
4.Akulich BLR 3.6
3.Bokolo FRA 4.3

Lithuania and Russia advanced to the final (Photo: FIBA)

Egor Vyaltsev (Russia) kisses the U20 European Championship trophy after his side's final defeat of Lithuania (Photo: FIBA)
Anton Doudoukine (Russia) with the 2005 U20 European Championship trophy (Photo: FIBA)

  Russia European Champion U20 - Jul 17, 2005
Russia won European Championships U20. They beat in the final the only undefeated (so far) team in the tournament - Lithuania 61-53. The game was very tension and tough. Both teams realized what they were playing for. Over 3,000 people attended the game and most of them were fans of local Russian team. The beginning of the game belong totally to Lithuania, who took easy 7-points lead. But Russia catch up very shortly to 10-9 lead. Lithuania was not able to get the lead back for the rest of the game. However they never stayed too much behind and Russians felt very big preassure from Lithuanians. Both teams presented very tough defense. So here it's hard to point which of the teams gain advantage. But Russians were slightly better on the boards (44-30) and it seems that bigger potential was on their side. Lithuania still could win the game in the last quarter. They came as close as 41-43. So few more successful shots could change the final winner. But Russians handled the situation with 8-2 run and put back their lead to 8 points. Full-court preassure of Lithuanian team did not help a lot and Russians were able to carry the lead till the end of the game. Lithuania failed in their stronger weapon - three point shots. They failed it even worse than in last game against Israel, this time being just 5/29.

Russian team was lead by Anton Ponkrashov (200-F-86) (13 points) with help of Nikita Shabalkin (204-F-86) (12) and Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85) (10). The best for Lithuania were Renaldas Seibutis (196-G-85) (17) and Jonas Maciulis (199-G/F-85) (15)

Final: Russia - Lithuania 61-53 (19-10, 11-15, 13-12, 18-16)
Russia: Ponkrashov 13p+4a, Shabalkin 12p+11r, Fridzon 10p+5r, Vyaltsev 9p+5r, Kurbanov 8p+10r, Komarovskiy 5, Sokolov 4p+4r, Kolesnikov 0; DNP: Voronov, Dodoukine, Zavoruev, Agapov
Lithuania: Seibutis 17, Maciulis 15p+4r, Jomantas 7p+7r, Ramanauskas 6p+7r, Alijevas 5, Ruikis 3, Truskauskas, Sidlauskas, Kalnietis, Kisielius; DNP: Jasiulionis, Mazeika

3rd Place: Serbia / Montenegro - Israel 63-45 (Pekovic 17p+10r, Bogdanovic 17p+7r, Dragicevic 12p+14r - Nir 16p+6r, Kazarnovski 10p+6r, Hirsh 5)

5th Place: Greece - France 78-77 (Mavroeidis 20p+9r, Sakota 13p+4r, Milosevic 12p+5a, Sfeikos 11 - Larrouquis 19, Amagou 15, Corre 14p+9r)

7th Place: Latvia - Italy 85-69 (Berzins 20p+10r, Cavars 17p, Kravcenko 10p+4r - Lechthaler 20p+11r, Belinelli 19, Antonutti 7p+6r)

9th Place: Spain - Slovenia 80-69 (Gasol 20p+4r, Suarez 19p+9r, Blanco 16 - Dragic 18, Begic 15p+9r, Marolt 12p+5r)

11th Place: Croatia - Turkey 83-65 (Kovacevic 20p+5r, Simon 19p+10r, Markota 15p+8r+6a - Ermis 17p+4r+4a, Demirel 12, Cetin 10p+4r)

13th Place: Germany - Belarus 59-54 (Zwiener 15p+8r, Bahiense de Mello 15, Schmidt 13p+4r - Akulich 13, Mishukou 9, Yafremau 8p+6r)

15th Place: Ukraine - Czech Rep. 76-50 (Agafonov 15p+6r, Orlenko 14p+11r, Loktionov 13 - Prochazka 13, Sismilich 7, Kramny 6p+4r)

  Eurobasket All-EC U20 Awards - Jul 17, 2005






MVP: Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85) of Russia
Best Guard: Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85) of Russia
Best Forward: Lior Eliyahu (204-F-85) of Israel
Best Center: Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) of Serbia / Mont.

1st Team:
Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85) of Russia
Renaldas Seibutis (196-G-85) of Lithuania
Lior Eliyahu (204-F-85), Israel
Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) of Serbia / Mont.
Egor Vyaltsev (192-G-85) of Russia

2nd Team:
Arturas Jomantas (202-G/F-85) of Lithuania
Uros Tripkovic (196-G-86) of Serbia/Mont.
Damir Markota (209-C/F-85) of Croatia
Kaspars Berzins (213-F/C-85) of Latvia
Marco Belinelli (196-G-86) of Italy

Honorable Mention:
Jure Mocnik (190-G-85) of Slovenia
Marc Gasol (213-C-85) of Spain
Giorgos Printezis (205-F-85) of Greece
Igor Milosevic (192-G-86) of Greece
Thomas Larrouquis (197-F/G-85) of France
Baris Ermis (192-G-85) of Turkey
Olexei Pecherov (212-C-85) of Ukraine
Philip Zwiener (198-F-85) of Germany

  Semifinals: Lithuania and Russia advance to the final - Jul 17, 2005  
Lithuania managed to secure a victory over unexpectedly strong Israel in the last seconds of the game. In the other semifinal host Russia defeated Serbia / Montenegro, leading the entire game. Russia seems to be in better shape at the end of the tournament, while Lithuania stays as the only undefeated team in the evenr (so far). Hard to imagine more interesting final.


Israel - Lithuania 66-67 (Lior Eliyahu 27p+6r, Kazarnovski 10p+10r, Hanochi 9, Ben-Chimol 6 - Arturas Jomantas 21p+10r, Seibutis 14, Jonas Maciulis 12p+11r, Alijevas 11p+6r)
Despite pre-game opinions, Israel challenged Lithuanian team and the victory were achieved just in final seconds. Lithuanian team was better in almost all aspects of game during other games of the tournament, and only tonight something broke down and they played way below their usual level. For contrary Israelis played perfect game, controlling it very well. They had early lead 16-6, which shocked Lithuanians. Second quarter was mainly Lithuanians run to catch up with Israel, which they managed to make 3-points lead at the half of the game. But Israelis fought back in 3rd quarter being again ahead by 7 points. Then Lithuanians had 11-2 run and the lead kept changing for the rest of the game. The last seconds were extremely exciting as no team could be sure of victory. Israelis were able to cut Lithuanian lead to just 1 point, and Ben-Chimol missed the last shor, ending the game 67-66 for Lithuania.
Arturas Jomantas (202-G/F-85) lead Lithuania with 21 points and 10 rebounds, while Jonas Maciulis (199-G/F-85) added 12 points and 11 rebounds. Lior Eliyahu (204-F-85) had a game high 27 points for Israel.

Russia - Serbia & Montenegroo 64-56 (Vitali Fridzon 17, Vyaltsev 13p+5r, Shabalkin 11, Sokolov 7p+6r, Kurbanov 7p+10r - Uros Tripkovic 22, Pekovic 14p+11r, Luka Bogdanovic 5, Micov 5)
After 8 minuted Russian team had already 15-4 lead and they managed the same range of lead for the rest of the game. The hero of Russian team was again Vitaly Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85), who scored points in important minutes and did not allow Serbian team to come too close. The keyy to the victory was taking control of the boards (Russia won it 39-26) and very successful defense by stopping Uros Tripkovic (196-G-86) and Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85).
Russia will face Lithuania tomorrow in gold medal game, while Serbia / Montenegro will play against Israel for bronze.

5-8 Places:
Greece - Latvia 84-69 (Sakota 19, Sfeikos 13p+4r, Printezis 12 - Gulbis 20p+7r, Berzins 10p+7r, Aleksejevs 10p+6r)
Italy - France 57-93 (Cortese 19, Antonutti 14, Lechthaler 12p+6r - Mahinmi 18p+9r, Larrouquis 15p+4r, Marco 15)

9-16 Places:
Croatia - Slovenia 87-95 (Markota 26p+11r, Kovacevic 17p+6r, Lalic 13 - Mocnik 25p+4r+5a, Dragic 22p+9r, Begic 20p+10r)
Turkey - Spain 61-77 (Kacaniku 27p+4r, Cetin 9p+6r, Demirel 7 - Rodriguez 22p+4r+5a, Gasol 21p+14r, Suarez 11p+8r)
Ukraine - Germany 65-81 (Dyatlovskiy 19p+6r, Pecherov 17p+10r, Stefanyshyn 10 - Willems 20p+4r, Zwiener 16p+5r, Bahiense de Mello 14p+4r)
Czech Rep. - Belarus 59-76 (Tomanec 16p+5r, Uhlir 14, Bohacik 13p+6r - Pustahvar 21, Trastsinetskiy 11p+12r, Yafremau 11p+8r)
Next Games (July 17):
13-14 places: Germany 17.07.2005 11:15 Belarus
11-12 places: Croatia 17.07.2005 13:30 Turkey
9-10 places: Slovenia 17.07.2005 15:45 Spain
7-8 places: Latvia 17.07.2005 10:00 Italy
15-16 places: Ukraine 17.07.2005 09:00 Czech Republic
5-6 places: Greece 17.07.2005 12:15 France
3-4 places: Serbia & Montenegro 17.07.2005 14:45 Israel
Final: Russia 17.07.2005 17:00 Lithuania

  Quarterfinals Round
Day 3: Russia, Israel, Lithuania and Serbia / Montenegro go to the semifinals - Jul 15, 2005  
Four team which advanced to the semifinals are already known: Russia, Israel, Lithuania and Serbia/Montenegro. The real surprise id promotion of Israeli team. It was a real 'Cinderella' of the tournament. It was a real calculation at the very end. Italian team was clear candidate to make it to the semifinals. The only they needed was victory against winless Greece. But there were Greels, who were leaving the court as winners. A Thrasyvoulos Sfeikos three-pointer with just 23 seconds remaining capped a Greece victory after a furious finish in which either side could have claimed the win. It put very unexpectedly Israel on the second position and they will face tournament best team - Lithuania - in the semifinals. The other pair is Serbia / Montenegro and host Russia. The last day in group F was also very exciting. The winner of game between France and Serbia / Montenegro got a ticket to the semifinals. So the importance of the game was obvious. Both teams were very close for the first half of the game. But in the 3rd quarter thanks to spectacular performance of Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) and Uros Tripkovic (196-G-86), Serbia / Montenegro outscored France 18-11, and they did not allow French team to come closer than 7 points for the remindeing of the game

Quarterfinals Round - Day 3 Game: 

Group E
Greece - Italy 79-71 (Milosevic 16, Printezis 13p+7r, Vougioukas 13p+4r, Sfeikos 12p+4r - Belinelli 26, Antonutti 12p+5r, Lechthaler 11p+5r, Vitali 10p+5r, Fattori 10p+6r)
Russia - Israel 86-63 (Sokolov 19p+10r+6a, Kurbanov 16p+4r+4a, Fridzon 15p+5r - L.Eliyahu 16p+6r, Kazarnovski 17p+9r, Greenboim 9)

Group F
Latvia - Lithuania 77-74 (Cavars 23p+6r, Gulbis 17p+11r+4a, Gubats 11 - Seibutis 14, Maciulis 11p+9r, Ruikis 11p+9r)
France - Serbia/Montenegro 67-72 (Amagou 22, Larrouquis 10p+5r, Mipoka 10 - Tripkovic 23, Bogdanovic 18p+9r, Dragicevic 11)

Classification Round - Day 3 Games:

Group G
Ukraine - Czech Rep. 79-71 (Pecherov 19p+17r, Orlenkov 16p+11r, Dyatlovskiy 13p+4a - Steffel 15p+10r, Marek 9p+4r, Tomanec 9)
Croatia - Turkey 82-70 (Markota 25p+11r, Simon 20p+7r, Kovacevic 13 - Kovaklioglu 17p+4r, Cetin 12p+7r, Erden 11p+4r)

Group H
Germany - Belarus 60-74 (Schneider 16p+10r, Schmidt 13, Zwiener 10p+9r - Shustau 20p+5r, Akulich 15p+6r+8a, Pustahvar 15p+7r)
Slovenia - Spain 55-68 (Mocnik 17, Dragic 15p+6r, Begic 8p+8r - Suarez 18, Gasol 12p+10r, Blanco 12p+9r)

  Quarterfinals Round - Day 2: Lithuania defeats Serbia / Montenegro in "Early Final" - Jul 14, 2005

Lithuanian team proved to aim only on the gold in the tournament as they defeated Serbia / Montenegro in "early final" game tonight. But Serbian team challenged Lithuanians on many ocasions. They did not give up for the whole game. At one point they were even ahead 21-19 after 10-0 run, while in the third quarter they still kept tie 44-44. Last sesonds were very exciting. Lithuanian was 4 points ahead just 20 seconds before the end of game and the ball was in Serbian team hands. But Lithuania is too experienced team to allow the victory to slip away. Serbia / Montenegro was lead by Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) (27 points) and Nikola Pekovic (208-C-86) (14 points and 12 rebounds), while Lithuanian best was duo of Arturas Jomantas (202-G/F-85) (23 points) and Renaldas Seibutis (196-G-85) (21 points).

Quarterfinals Round - Day 2 Games:
Group E
Israel - Italy 60-64 (L.Eliyahu 19p+10r, Kazarnovski 15p+5r - Lechtaler 19p+17r, Belinelli 16, Antonutti 11)
Russia - Greece 71-50 (Kurbanov 16p+12r, Fridzon 13, Shabalkin 13 - Printezis 21p+6r, Vougioukas 9)
Group F
Serbia & Mont. - Lithuania 62-67 (Bogdanovic 27p+5r, Pekovic 14p+12r, Rakic 6, Ratkovica 5p+6a - Jomantas 23p+7r, Seibutis 21p+5r, Alijevas 11, Ruikis 5)

France - Latvia 56-54 (Bokolo 17p+6r, Larrouquis 9p+4r, Aka 7 - Berzins 22p+11r, Sirsnins 10p+6r, Cavgars 10)
Group G
Turkey - Czech Republic 73-65 (Erden 19p+17r, Ermis 16, Kacaniku 10p+4r - Pumprla 16, Marek 13p+6r, Prochazka 10)

Croatia - Ukraine 90-61 (Simon 22p+4r, Kovacevic 13, Markota 12 - Pecherov 13p+7r, Ponomarenko 11, Orlenko 9p+7r)
Group H
Slovenia - Germany 76-61 (Vrecko 18p+8r, Begic 14p+8r, Mocnik 13p+5r+7a - Zwiener 16p+8r, Schmidt 9, Raffington 8p+6r)

Spain - Belarus 86-56 (Gasol 19p+11r, Feliu Badal 17, Suarez 12, Garcia Casado 12 - Pustahvar 15, Sanotski 9, Parakhouski 8p+9r)

  Quarterfinals Round - Day 1: Lithuania and Serbia/Mont. with big victories - Jul 12, 2005

The eyes of all experts are focused on Group F, where two favorite teams for the title had excellent performance last evening. Lithuania crushed France by 22 points and Serbia / Montenegro outclassed Latvia by 20 points. It seems that one of these two can win all of it. The most interesting game called by many "Early Final" will be on Wednesday as Lithuania will face directly Serbia / Montenegro.
Group E contains teams with more equal potential. Host Russia managed to secure 4-point victory over Italy (very exciting game, read more below), while "black horse" of the tournament - Israel - beat Greece 60-51.
In two other groups (for 9-16th positions) Croatia, Turkey, Spain and Slovenia got important victories in day 1 of the Quarterfinals Round.

Group E
Greece - Israel 51-60
Greece: Sfeikos 12, Milosevic 11, Papanikolaou 11
Israel: L.Eliyahu 20p+7r+2a, E.Eliyahu 15p+5r, Ben-Chimol 6p+8r+4a
Low score game with pressure put on defense end, especially in the last quarter. Both teams understood importance of that game. Greek team had good performance in 1st and 3rd quarter. But they were not able to win any of them and that was Israel, who thanks to extraordinary performance of Lior Eliyahu (204-F-85) (definitely the biggest talent from Israel), managed to get the victory.
Italy - Russia 72-76
Italy: Belinelli 24p+3a, Antonutti 13p+5r, Fattori 11
Russia: Fridzon 18, Ponkrashov 12p+9r+2a, Shabalkin 11p+8r, Komarovskiy 11, Sokolov 10p+6r, Vyaltsev 10
Very interesting game. Russians had lots to prove after their lose to Slovenia two days ago. But there were Italians, who ruled the game, at least first three quarters. At one points Italy had 21-points lead and the only thing they needed is to carry that lead till the end of the game. But Russians started a huge storm, while Italy was able to keep up with that speed for a short period of time. 10-points lead at the beginning of last quarter was still a huge advantage, and not too many Russian fans believed their team would be able to get a victory. But what happened in the fourth quarter was really unexpected. Russians came as a completely different team and Italians were not able to challenge them at all, being completely lost. That was perfect performance of Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85), who scored 11 points of his 18 points in that part of the game. Russian U20 team won that part 22-8 and that 4-points victory can be crucial for them in the entire tournament. Russian team was way more athletic and getting control of the boards (they won it 46-27) was the key to win the game.

Group F
Latvia - Serbia & Mont. 53-73
Latvia: Gulbis 16p+6r, Cavars 10, Patmalnieks 10
Serbia/Mont: Tripkovic 17, Pekovic 16p+11r, Bogdanovic 14p+6r, Ratkovica 9p+4r
Only the first 10-15 minutes looked like a game between two equal teams. Then Serbian team took complete control and that was the end of the story in that 20-points victory. But it's not a surprise as there are such stars like Uros Tripkovic (196-G-86), Nikola Pekovic (208-C-86) and Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) in Serbia and Montenegro team.
Lithuania - France 87-65
Lithuania: Seibutis 27, Maciulis 18p+7r, Jomantas 15p+9r+5a, Truskauskas 13p+6r, Alijevas 8p+4r
France: Mipoka 10, Amagou 9, Larrouquis 9, Corre 8
Similarly like in the game between Latvia and Serbia/Mon, also France (thanks to Pierre Parker) was able to keep up with Lithuania only in first two quarters. Lithuanians still had some troubles at that time not being able to find a good solution to break French defense. But the second part of the game belong completely to them and they secured 22-points victory and their clean balance (4-0) in the tournament. Worth to mention good performance of Renaldas Seibutis (196-G-85), who despite coming out of bench, lead Lithuanian team with 27 points.

Group G
Ukraine - Turkey 59-68
Ukraine: Dyatlovskiy 11p+4a, Pecherov 9p+7r, Shchepkin 9
Turkey: Ermis 20p+8r+6a, Erden 11p+11r, Cetin 11, Cankaya 10
Czech RepublicCroatia 56-72
Czech Rep: Steffel 23p+7r, Pemprla 13, Marek 8
Croatia: Markota 17p+15r, Lalic 14, Kovacevic 12p+4r, Trepalovac 11p+6r

Group H
Belarus - Slovenia 56-74
Belarus: Mishukov 12p+7r, Pustahvar 12, Handlin 11
Slovenia: Dragic 21p+9r, Begic 18p+11r, Mocnik 11p+5r+7a, Rozman 10
Germany - Spain 52-73
Germany: Stueckemann 11, Zwiener 10p+4r, Willemsen 10p+4r
Spain: Suarez 19p+4r, Chuan Zorrilla 12, Gasol 10p+8r, Feliu Badal 10


  Lithuania unstopable at the end of Preliminary Round - Jul 10, 2005  

Lithuanian U20 team is a real revelation of the first games of EC U20 in Moscow. In the last game they outclassed Czech Rep. 101-57. Greece ended as the leader of Group A, but it did not come to them such easily. The biggest upset of the day was game between host Russian team and Slovenia, where guests from Slovenia stoppen undefeated (so far) Russian team edging them by 1 point.

Day 3 games - End of Preliminary Round (Sunday, July 10):

Group A
Everything was already known before the last day of Group A games. So not a big preassure in the games. Greece and Lithuania will fight for 1-8 positions, while Germany and Ukraine will play for lower spots. Worth to mention another good performance of one of the top prospects in Europe Kaspars Berzins (213-F/C-85).
Latvia will play in Group F togther with France, Lithuania and Serbia/Montenegro, while Greece will go to Group E where they will face Italy, Russia and Israel.
Germany - Ukraine 63-71
Germany: Bahiense de Mello 15p+5r, King 12p+4r, Stueckelman 10p+4r, Zwiener 7p+11r
Ukraine: Pecherov 15p+14r, Dyatlovskiy 14, Shchepkin 9p+4r+4a, Gorbenko 8p+7r
Latvia Greece 56-63
Latvia: Berzins 14p+15r, Patmalnieks 12p+4r, Gulbis 9, Sirsnis 6p+5r
Greece: Milosevic 14, Sakota 13p+10r, Vougioukas 9p+9r, Mavroeidis 8p+4r

Group B
Lithuania is indeed unstopable as they crushed tonight Czech Rep. 101-57. Follow that team as they are on the straight way to the finals. But the real game of the day in Group B was between Belarus and Italy. The winner of that game will qualify to next stage, where he would play for 1-8 places, while other team can have a chance to end the tournament on 9th place the best. Italian team controlled the game from first minutes and despite Belarus team tried to storm Italians in the fourth quarter, they were not able to get any closer. So Italy will face Russia, Greece and Israel in Group E and Lithuania goes to "killing" Group F where they will face Serbia/Montenegro, Latvia and France.
Czech Republic - Lithuania 57-101
Czech Rep: Bohacik 19, Sismilich 8, Rotrekl 7
Lithuania: Mantas Ruikis (196-G/F-85) 21p+4r, Maciulis 19p+4r, Seibutis 19p+6r+3a, Jomantas 12p+6r, Ramanauskas 10p+4r
Italy - Belarus 64-53
Italy: Belinelli 22p+4r+4a, Antonutti 11p+4r, Lechtaler 9p+7r, Marino 8
Belarus: Parakhouski 9p+12r, Yafremau 9p+5r, Pustahvar 8p+4r

Group C
Russia already knew they had qualified to the next stage. That could be the reason why Russian players did not take this game too seriously. Slovenia (defending champion) is also a very ambitious team, which made the game very attractive. Slovenians took lead in the first minutes of the game and kept it till last minutes. Russians speed up in the last quarter, but they were ...1 minute short to win the whole game. But the REAL spectacle supposed to be a game between France and Croatia. The winner of that team will have a change to play for the medals, while loser would have a change for 9th position at the best. But the French team was way better than their opponents. Croatians were playing equal game only in 1st euarter. 3rd quarter knockout made by French team practically ended the game. France will face Lithuania, Latvia and Serbia/Montenegro in Group F, while Russia will play against Greece, Israel and Italy in Group E.
Russia - Slovenia 64-65
Russia: Komarovskiy 16, Shabalkin 15p+6r, Sokolov 10p+6r, Vialtsev 10p+5r
Slovenia: Mocnik 18, Begic 17p+9r, Dragic 9p+4r, Rozman 7
France - Croatia 76-57
France: Larrouquis 17, Bokolo 15p+8r+5a, Cisse 10, Bendriss 8p+5r, Mahinmi 8
Croatia: Simon 18p+4r, Markota 14p+7r, Lalic 8, Stipcevic 7

Group D
No surprised expected and nothing interesting could happen as after first two days it was already obvious which teams would make it to the top groups and which would play for lower positions. Serbia/Montenegro (as usually) seems as the favorite of the tournament. Some specialists predict that only Serbian team would be able to challenge Lithuania for the title. But last few tournaments of disappointments for Serbian teams, mean that combination of the most talented players does not mean making the best team in the tournament. Let's see how the qusterfinals round go. Serbia/Montenegro will play in Group F against Latvia, Lithuania and France, while Israel will face Greece, Italy and host Russia in Group E.
Israel - Serbia & Mont. 55-68
Israel: Kazarnovski 16p+7r, Ben-Chimol 7, L.Eliyahu 7, Hanochi 6
Serbia/Monten.: Tripkovic 15, Dragicevic 11, Pekovic 10p+10r, Rakovic 8p+4r
Spain - Turkey 78-53
Spain: Gasol 25p+13r, Suarez 18p+7r, Rodriguez 13p+6r+4a, Garcia 6
Turkey: Kavaklioglu 11, Erden 10p+7r, Ermis 9, Kacaniku 8

  Day 2: Lithuania, Russia and Serbia/Mont. so far the best at the tournament - Jul 10, 2005  
In Group A Greece and Latvia are still undefeated after they beat Ukraine and Germany respectively. But today evening will be decisive game between both of them.
In Group B Lithuania proved to have the only goal - championship title. In the second day of the tournament they crushed easily Belarus, which outscored Czech Rep. in day 1 by 20 points. This time they were declassed by much stronger Lithuania by ...44 points. In the other game in Group B Italy defeated easily Czech Rep. by 21 points.
In Group C a big rotation in the standings as domestic Russia jumped to the top being the only undefeated team. They upset France 76-60, while Croatia recovered after loss to Russia in opening game and this time they beat Slovenia by 19 points. It was incredible evening for Croat Damir Markota (209-C/F-85), who scored 21 points and grabbed ...20 rebounds (!!!). Some experts consider this group as the strongest one.
In Group D Serbia/Montenegro and ambitious Israel are still undefeated. Serbian team 26-points victory over Turkey was not a surprise, while Israel beat Spain only after very tough fight 71-65.

Group A
Greece - Ukraine 87-60
Greece: Sakota 21p+6r, Mavroeidis 17, Milosevic 14, Vougioukas 9p+7r
Ukraine: Dyatlovskiy 14, Stefanyshyn 11, Gorbenko 9p+5r
Latvia - Germany 89-67
Latvia: Gulbis 21p+9r, Berzins 17p+8r, Cavars 12p+7r, Jurevicus 10p+4r, Kravcenko 8
Germany: Bahiense de Mello 18, Stueckemann 12, Zwiener 10p+5r

Group B
Belarus - Lithuania 49-93
Belarus: Pustahvar 14, Yafremau 10p+7r, Parakhouski 7
Lithuania: Maciulis 17p+6r, Seibutis 14, Ruikis 14, Jomantas 13p+4r+6a
Czech Republic - Italy 52-73
Czech Rep: Bohacik 13p+7r, Sismilich 12, Steffel 10p+8r
Italy: Belinelli 16, Antonutti 15, Fattori 11p+5r, Canavesi 11, Lechtaler 10

Group C
Slovenia - Croatia 62-81
Slovenia: Marolt 15p+7r, Begic 15, Dragic 10p+6r, Mocnik 9p+5a
Croatia: Markota 21p+20r (!!!), Lalic 18, Stipcevic 16, Simon 9
Russia - France 76-60
Russia: Fridzon 16p+5r, Shabalkin 13p+6r, Kolesnikov 11, Vialtsev 11
France: Bokolo 12p+5r, Amagou 10, Larrouquis 9

Group D
Israel - Spain 71-65
Israel: Kazarnovski 23p+5r, L.Eliyahu 19p+6r+4a, E.Eliyahu 9p+5r, Greenboim 8
Spain: Rodriguez 15p+6r+5a, Gasol 14p+6r, Garcia 8
Serbia & Mont. - Turkey 78-52
Serbia/Mont: Pekovic 15p+9r, Bogdanovic 12p+6r, Tripkovic 11, Ratkovica 10p+5r
Turkey: Cetin 12, Ermis 12, Saygin 10p+7r, Erden 10p+5r

  Day 1: Lithuania, Greece, Belarus and Russia with very good start - Jul 9, 2005

The biggest surprise of day one were very high victories of Belarus team over Czech Rep. (20 points difference), Greece over Germany (29 points difference) and Lithuania over Italy (32 points difference). Exciting game between Latvia and Ukraine, where that first team won by just 1 point. In other games Serbia & Montenegro beat Spain 80-73, Israel was better than Turkey 73-65 and France beat defending champions Slovenia 66-57.

Group A
Germany - Greece 60-89
Germany: Jorge Schmidt (193-G/F-85) 16, Zwiener 12, Bahiense de Mello 8, Willemsen 7
Greece: Dusan Sakota (209-F-86) 17, Printezis 14, Vougioukas 14, Milosevic 10, Kalaitzidis 8, Sfeikos 7
Ukraine - Latvia 72-73
Ukraine: Dmitri Dyatlovsky (197-G-85) 17p+4r+4a, Gorbenko 13, Fesenko 12p+13r, Pecherov 12, Shchepkin 10
Latvia: Kaspars Berzins (213-F/C-85) 27p+9r, Sirsnins 17, Kravcenko 11, Jurevicus 11

Group B
Belarus - Czech Republic 72-52
Belarus: Pavel Aheunin (198-F-85) 17p+5r, Pustahvar 16, Yafremau 12p+9r, Trastsinetski 10
Czech Rep: David Marek (185-G-85) 16, Steffel 14, Fohler 9
Italy - Lithuania 77-109
Italy: Luca Lechtaler (207-C-86) 20p+7r, Fattori 18p+7r, Antonutti 11, Vitali 10p+6a
Lithuania: Mantas Ruikis (196-G/F-85) 23p+5r+2a, Maciulis 22, Jomantas 14, Kisielius 13p+5r, Seibutis 13, Sidlauskas 10

Group C
France - Slovenia 66-57
France: Pape-Philippe Amagou (185-G-85) 16, Larrouquis 16, Mahinmi 7p+8r, Bokolo 7, Marco 7p+7r
Slovenia: Goran Dragic (190-G-86) 20p+6r+2a, Mocnik 14+5a, Begic 9p+6r
Croatia - Russia 68-83
Croatia: Damir Markota (209-C/F-85) 16p+11r, Lalic 14p+6r, Kovacevic 13, Babic 7
Russia: Nikita Kurbanov (200-F-86) 27p+7r+2a, Sokolov 19p+7r, Vyaltsev 10, Shabalkin 7p+5r

Group D
Serbia & Montenegro - Spain 80-73
Serbia & Mont.: Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) 22, Maras 12, Micov 11, Dragicevic 10, Ratkovica 9p+4a
Spain: Sergio Rodriguez (192-G-86) 17p+6a, Gasol 13p+8r, Blanco 13p+5r, Feliu Badal 13p+5r, Suarez 9p+12r
Israel - Turkey 73-65
Turkey: Baris Ermis (192-G-85) 14, Semih Erden 11, Selim Saygin 10, Hakan Demirel 7, Berent Kavaklioglu 7, Serhat Cetin 5, Ugur Kacaniku 4, Yunus Cankaya 3, Evren Buker 3, Ceyhun Altay 1, Ahmet Birgen 0
Israel: Elad Eliyahu (193-G-85) 29, E.Eliyahu 12, Nir 11, Chimol 5, Kazarnovski 4, Hakmon 4, Farni 3, Hirsh 3, Greenboim 2, Hanochi 0, Berkowitz 0


Photo: FIBA

4. Aliaksei Trastianetsky (198-F-86) of Vitalyur Minsk
Dmitri Paliashchuk (196-G/F-85) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions (AUT)
Yury Mishukov (205-C-85) of Grodno-93
Valery Handlin (185-G-86) of OZAA Osipovichi
8. Alech Sanotskiy (199-F-85) of Borisov-BGU
Vyacheslav Skidan (206-C-85) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions (AUT)
Yauheni Hrekhau (193-G/F-85) of Borisov-BGU
Kanstantsin Yafremau (200-F-86) of Vitalyur Minsk
Aliaksandr Pustahvar (200-G/F-85) of Dynamo St.Petersburg (RUS)
Maksim Shustau (185-G-86) of Vitalyur Minsk
Dmitri Akulich (187-G-86) of Budivelnik Kyiv (UKR)
Andrei Parahovsky (205-F-87) of Vitalyur Minsk
Head Coach: Aleksandr Papkov


Photo: FIBA

4. Paolo Ticina (190-G-85), Paris BR (FRA)
5. Rok Stipcevic (189-G-86), Zadar
6. Damir Markota (209-F/C-85), Cibona
7. Krunoslav Simon (196-G-85), Zagreb
8. Damjan Rudez (207-F-86), Oostende (BEL)
9. Petar Babic (198-G-85), Zagreb
10. Jure Lalic (212-C-86), KK Zadar
11. Nikola Garma (203-F-85), KK Zagreb
12. Stanko Barac (208-F/C-86), Siroki (BIH)
13. Luksa Andric (209-C/F-85), Dubrava
14. Alen Trepalovac (215-C-85), Dubrava
15. Hrvoje Kovacevic (191-G-86), Slavonski Brod
Head Coach: Davor Vuckovic of KK Zagreb
Assistants: Hrvoje Vlasic, Marko Sutlovic


Photo: FIBA

4. David Marek (185-G-85) of Sparta Praha
Ondrej Prochazka (186-G-85) of Usti nad Labem
Andrej Vukotic (185-G-86) of USK Praha
Pavel Pumprla (192-G-86) of Prostejov
Jan Rotrekl (197-F-85) of Triga Brno
Vladimir Sismilich of A Plus Brno
Jaromir Fohler (210-C-85) of Pardubice
Rostislav Uhlir (198-F-86) of NH Ostrava
12. Petr Bohacik (202-F-85) of NH Ostrava
Jan Tomanec (212-C-85) of Decin
Radim Kramny (212-C-85) of BK Opava
David Steffel (212-F/C-85) of Charleville-Mézières (FRA)
Head Coach:
Frantisek Ron of NH Ostrava


Photo: FIBA

4. Pierre Parker (191-G) of Loyola Chicago (NCAA – USA)
Pape-Philippe Amagou (185-G-85) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket
Thomas Larrouquis (196-F-85 of Denek Bat Urcuit (N1)
Etienne Plateau (184-G-86) of Dijon
Jean-Michael Mipoka-Likamba (196-G-85) of Cholet Basket
Yannick Bokolo (190-G-85) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket
Sylvain Marco (205-C-85) of Paris Basket Racing
Souarata Cisse (195-G/F-86) of EB Pau-Orthez
Kevin Corre (202-F-85) of Le Mans Sarthe Basket
13. Jonathan Aka (203-F-86) of EB Pau-Orthez
Said Ben Driss (205-C-85) of Cholet Basket
15. Ian Mahinmi (205-F-86) of Le Havre
Head Coach:
Jacky Commeres of EB Orthez
Jean-Aime Toupane of Stade Clermont-Ferrand, Thierry Moullec


Photo: FIBA

4. Robert Kulawick (191-G-86) of TuS Lichterfelde/ALBA Berlin
5. Dominik Bahiense de Mello (187-G-85) of 2BA Dragons Rhöndorf
6. Jorge Schmidt (193-G/F-85) of BG 74 Göttingen
7. Sebastian Barth (193-G-85) of TV Langen
8. Philip Zwiener (198-F-85) of Bremen Roosters/BTS Neustadt
9. Flavio Stueckemann (186-G-85) of SG Braunschweig
10. Armin Willemsen (200-F-85) of TuS Lichterfelde
11. Alex King (200-F-85) of MTV Kronberg
12. Tom Lipke (192-G-86) of EWE Baskets Oldenburg
13. Dominik Schneider of TSV Wiesentheid/DJK Würzburg
14. Jermain Raffington (205-C/F-85) of TuS Urspring/TSG Humana Ehingen
15. Johannes Lange (208-C-85) of SOBA 2BA Dragons Rhöndorf
Head Coach Chris Fleming

4. Panagiotis Katranas (202-F-85) of Papagou
Igor Milosevic (192-G-86) of Iraklis
Dimitris Kalaitzidis (198-F/G-85) of Iraklis
7. Fotis Vasilopoulos (187-G-86) of Age Halkidas
Thrasivoulos Sfeikos (195-G-85) of Iraklis
Spyros Magounis (200-G-85) of AEK
Christos Papanikolaou (186-G-85) of Xanthi
Giorgos Printezis (205-F-85) of Olympiakos
Dimitris Mavroeidis (208-C-85) of Panionios
Dusan Sakota (209-F-86) of Panathinaikos
Dimitrios Lolas (203-F-86) of Maroussi
Ian Vougioukas (210-C-85) of Ilisiakos
Head Coach:
Nikos Kerameas

Photo: FIBA

4. Iddo Cohen (205-C-86) of C B.C Haifa
Elad Eliyahu (192-F-85) of Hapoel Jerusalem
Itay Grinboim (192-G-85) of Ramat Efal
Nitzan Hanochi (190-G-86) of Maccabi Givat Shmuel
Ofir Farhi (187-G-86) of Maccabi Rishon Le Zion
Niv Berkowitz (190-G-86) of Marquette (NCAA)
Gilad Hirsh (187-G-85) of Maccabi Rosh Ha’ Ayin
11. Lior Elyahu (205-F-85) of Hapoel Galil Elyon
Abraham Ben-Chimol (195-G-85) of Hapoel Galil Elyon
Anton Kazarnovski (204-F/C-85) of Hapoel Galil Elyon
Jonatan Nir (203-F-86) of Hapoel Jerusalem
Lior Hakmon (200-F-85) of Ramat Hasharon
Head Coach: Yakov Zino


Photo: FIBA

4. Simone Berti (194-G-85) Bini Viaggi Cecina
Maurizio Ferrara (185-G-86) Air Avellino
Luca Castelluccia (202-F/G-86) Edimes Pavia
Luca Vitali (201-G-86) Virtus Bologna 1934
Tommaso Marino (190-G-86) Bancanuova Trapani
Marco Belinelli (196-G-86) Climamio Bologna
10. Michele Antonutti (203-G/F-86) Snaidero Udine
11. Matteo Canavesi (204-F/C-86) Premiata Montenegrano
Brian Sacchetti (196-G-86) Univer Castelletto Ticino
Riccardo Cortese (197-G-86) Climamio Bologna
Giovanni Fattori (202-F-85) Bini Viaggi Cecina
Luca Lechtaler (207-C-86) Banco Sardegna Sassari
Head Coach Fabrizio Frates of Reggio Emilia
Coach Assistant: Stefano Sacripanti, Massimiliano Oldoini


Photo: FIBA

4. Agnis Cavars (198-F-86) BK Rīga
Juris Patmalnieks (200-F-85) BK Rīga
Edijs Slesers (184-G-85) Cape Holland, NED
Martins Kravcenko (191-G-85) Barons/LU
Mareks Jurevicus (197-G-85) Līvu alus/Liepāja
Edgars Jeromanovs (185-G-86) Līvu alus/Liepāja
10. Rinalds Sirsnins (185-G-85) of Anwil (POL)
Agris Kazaks (197-G-85) Bumerangs/ASK
Maris Gulbis (200-F-85) Barons/LU
13. Jurijs Aleksejevs (201-F-85) Bumerangs/Gulbene/ASK
Kaspars Berzins (213-F/C-85) Unicaja, ESP
Karlis Gubats (204-C-85) Northwestern, NCAA
Head Coach: Varis Krumins


Photo: FIBA

4. Modestas Sidlauskas (193-G-85) of Siauliai
Rolandas Alijevas (192-G-85) of Boncourt (SUI)
Jonas Maciulis (199-G/F-85) of Nevezis
Mantas Kalnietis (194-G-86) os Zalgiris-Sabonio
Renaldas Seibutis (196-G-85) of Sakalai
Mantas Ruikis (196-G/F-85) of Neptunas
Arturas Jomantas (202-G/F-85) of Siauliai
Tomas Jasiulionis (208-C-85)
Martynas Mazeika (192-G-85) of ALBA (GER)
Laimis Kisielius (198-F) of William & Mary (USA-NCAA)
Arimas Truskauskas (202-F) of Brescia (USA-NAIA)
Juozas Ramanauskas (207-C-85) of Zalgiris-Sabonio
Head Coach: Rimas Kurtinaitis


Photo: FIBA

4. Evgeni Kolesnikov (193-G-85) of Samara
Vitali Fridzon (195-G-85) of Khimki
Anton Ponkrashov (200-F-86) of Spartak St.Petersburg
Andrei Komarovski (196-G-85) of Samara
Evgeni Voronov (191-G-86) of Lokomotiv Rostov
Dimitri Sokolov (212-C-85) of Lokomotiv Rostov
Egor Vialtsev (192-G-85) of Samara
Anton Dudukin (210-F/C-86) of Avtor Saratov
Nikita Shabalkin (204-F-86) of Samara
Vasili Zavorouev (196-G-87) of CSKA
Nikita Kurbanov (200-F-86) of CSKA
Pavel Agapov (204-C/F-86) of Samara
Head Coach: Evgeni Pashutin


Photo: FIBA

4. Uros Tripkovic (196-G-86) of Partizan Beograd
Luka Bogdanovic (207-F/C-85) of Partizan Beograd
Boris Bakic (197-G-86) of Partizan Beograd
Milan Rakic (193-G-86) of Hemofarm Vrsac
Novica Velickovic (205-F/C-86) of Partizan Beograd
Vladimir Golubovic (212-C-86) of Vojvodina Novi Sad
Branislav Ratkovica (192-G-85) of Avala Ada Beograd
Ivan Maras (207-C-86) of Buducnost Podgorica
Tadija Dragicevic (203-F-86) in Crvena Zvezda Beograd
Nikola Pekovic (208-C-86) of Avala Ada Beograd
Vladimir Micov (202-F-85) of Lavovi Beograd
Milovan Rakovic (207-C-85) of Atlas Banka Novi Beograd
Head Coach: Luka Pavicevic


Photo: FIBA

4 Boris Jersin (184-G-85) of Olimpija Ljubljana
Zan Vrecko (192-G-86) of Pivovarna Lasko
Marko Markovic (197-G/F-85) of Rudar Trbovlje
7 Janez Rozman (193-G-85) of Slovan Ljubljana
Mirza Begic (220-C-85) of Virtus Bologna (ITA)
9 Goran Dragic (190-G-86) of Slovan Ljubljana
Sanel Bajramlic (199-F-85) of Helios Domzale
11 Luka Marolt (200-C-85) of Olimpija Ljubljana
Sandi Cebular (193-G-86) of Kemoplast Sentjur
Nebojsa Cukovic (197-F-86) of Slovan Ljubljana
Jure Mocnik (190-G-85) of Helios Domzale
Blaz Cresnar (211-C-86) of Triglav Kranj
Head Coach: Miro Alilovic
Assistant: Gasper Okorn


Photo: FIBA

4. Alvaro Izquierdo (204-C-85) of Estudiantes
Rodrigo San Miguel (191-G-85) of Valladolid
Albert Sabat (174-G-85) of Girona
Victor Chuan (193-G-85) of Estudiantes
Ivan Garcia (204-F/C-86)
Carlos Suarez (201-F-86) of Estudiantes
Miguel Feliu (200-F-85) of Manresa
Sergio Rodriguez (192-G-86) of Estudiantes
Alberto Fontet (212-C-86) of FC Barcelona
Albert Moncasi (210-C-86)
Saul Blanco (190-G-85) of Fuenlabrada
Marc Gasol (213-C-85) of FC Barcelona
Head Coach: Paco Olmos


Photo: FIBA

4. Berent Kavaklioglu (186-G-86) of Opel Skyliners Frankfurt (GER)
Enes Doganli (210-C-85)
Baris Ermis (192-G-85) of Efes Pilsen Istanbul
Ulug Kacaniku (202-G/F-85) of Tofas Bursa
Ceyhun Altay (195-G-86) of Darussafaka Istanbul
Evren Buker (194-F-85) of Yesimspor
Serhat Cetin (197-G-86) of Tekelspor Istanbul
Yunus Cankaya (196-F-85) of Yesilyurt Istanbul
Serafettin Birgen (203-F-85)
Selin Saygin (207-C-85) of Efes Pilsen Istanbul
Semih Erden (211-C-87) of Partizan Beograd (SRB)
Hakan Demirel (192-G-85) of Tofas Bursa
Head Coach: Orhun Ene


Photo: FIBA

4. Artem Schepkin (186-G-86) of BC Kyiv
. Anton Havryliuk (188-G) of Politekhnik
Dmytro Diatlovskyi (197-G) of BC Kyiv
Taras Ponomarenko (195-G) of BC Kyiv
Leonid Stefanishyn (198-F) of Budivelnyk
Ihor Loktionov (195-G) og Azovmash
Serhii Horbenko (202-F) of BC Kyiv
Volodymyr Orlenko (215-C) of BC Kyiv
Kyrylo Fesenko (210-C) of Azovmash
Artem Shvets (203-F) of BC Kyiv
Oleksii Pecherov (210-C) of BC Kyiv
15. Andrii Agafonov (203-F) of Khimik
Head Coach: Yuri Shapovalov

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