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European Championships U20 2008 Div.A logo
European Championships U20 2008 Div.B logo
All Rosters
Preliminary Round
Group A
 1. Lithuania 3-0 
 2. Ukraine 1-2 
 3. Croatia 1-2 
 4. Greece 1-2 
Group B
 1. Italy 2-1 
 2. Turkey 2-1 
 3. Israel 1-2 
 4. Georgia 1-2 
Group C
 1. Monteneg. 3-0 
 2. Spain 2-1 
 3. Latvia 1-2 
 4. Bulgaria 0-2 
Group D
 1. France 3-0 
 2. Serbia 2-1 
 3. Russia 1-2 
 4. Slovenia 0-2 

Qualifying Round
Group E
 1. Italy 4-1 
 2. Lithuania 4-1 
 3. Turkey 4-1 
 4. Ukraine 2-3 
 5. Croatia 1-4 
 6. Israel 0-5 
Group F
 1. Serbia 4-1 
 2. Monteneg. 3-2 
 3. Spain 3-2 
 4. France 3-2 
 5. Latvia 2-3 
 6. Russia 0-5 
 1. Bulgaria 2-1 
 2. Greece 2-1 
 3. Slovenia 2-1 
 4. Georgia 0-3 

Final Standing
 1. Serbia
 2. Lithuania
 3. Spain
 4. Turkey
 5. Monteneg.
 6. Italy
 7. France
 8. Ukraine
 9. Russia
 10. Israel
 11. Latvia
 12. Croatia
 13. Greece
 14. Slovenia
 15. Bulgaria
 16. Georgia

Preliminary Round
Group A
 1. Portugal 4-0 
 2. FYR Macedo. 3-1 
 3. U.Kingdom 1-3 
 4. Norway 1-3 
 5 .Finland 1-3 
Group B
 1. Germany 4-0 
 2. Sweden 3-1 
 3. Czech Repu. 2-2 
 4. Ireland 1-3 
 5. Azerbaijan 0-4 
Group C
 1. Belgium 4-0 
 2. Estonia 3-1 
 3. Austria 2-2 
 4. Slovakia 1-3 
 5. Switzerl. 0-4 
Group D
 1. Holland 2-1 
 2. Romania 2-1 
 3. Hungary 1-2 
 4. Poland 1-2 

Qualifying Round
Group E
 1. Germany 3-0 
 2. FYR Macedo. 1-2 
 3. Portugal 1-2 
 4. Sweden 1-2 
Group F
 1. Belgium 3-0 
 2. Estonia 2-1 
 3. Holland 1-2 
 4. Romania 0-3 
Group G
 1. Czech Repu. 3-0 
 2. Norway 2-1 
 3. U.Kingdom 1-2 
 4. Ireland 0-3 
Group H
 1. Austria 2-1 
 2. Hungary 2-1 
 3. Poland 1-2 
 4. Slovakia 1-2 
Group I
 1. Switzerl. 2-0 
 2. Finland 1-1 
 3. Azerbaijan. 0-2 

Final Standing
 1. Germany
 2. Belgium
 3. Sweden
 4. Estonia
 5. Romania
 6. Portugal
 7. Holland
 8. FYR Macedo.
 9. Czech Repu.
 10. Austria
 11. Norway
 12. Hungary
 13. Poland
 14. Slovakia
 15. U.Kingdom
 16. Ireland
 17. Switzerl.
 18. Finland
 19. Azerbaijan. 

Points Per Game
 Vladimir DASIC
  Avg: 22.8
 1. Dasic, MNT 22.8 
 2. Shermadini, GEO 21.5 
 3. Gecevicius, LTU 20.5 
 4. Shved, RUS 18.9 
 5. Lilov, BUL 18.8 
 6. Raduljica, SRB 18.6 
 7. Shoutvin, ISR 17.9 
 8. Kostov, BUL 17.5 
 9. Gladyr, UKR 17.1 
 10. Macvan, SRB 16.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.9
 1. Raduljica, SRB 10.9 
 2. Shermadini, GEO 10.5 
 3. Dasic, MNT 8.9 
 4. Bilan, CRO 8.6 
 5. Shengelia, GEO 8.5 
 6. Aguilar, ESP 7.5 
 7. Vaty, FRA 7.1 
 8. Moerman, FRA 7.0 
 9. Krivosheev, RUS 6.9 
 10. Macvan, SRB 6.6 
Assists Per Game
 Joaquin COLOM
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Colom, ESP 6.1 
 2. Gaprindashvi., GEO 5.4 
 3. Balbay, TUR 4.9 
 4. Janavicius, LTU 4.8 
 5. Tonchenko, UKR 4.6 
 6. Mekel, ISR 4.5 
 7. Lilov, BUL 4.5 
 8. Katnic, SRB 4.4 
 9. Khvostov, RUS 4.3 
 10. Strelnieks, LAT 4.1
Steals Per Game
 Vladimir DASIC
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Dasic, MNT 2.6 
 2. Claver, ESP 2.4 
 3. Sakellariou, GRE 2.3 
 4. Rabaseda, ESP 2.2 
 5. Diot, FRA 1.9 
 6. Gulisabedash., GEO 1.8 
 7. Gen, TUR 1.8 
 8. Calathes, GRE 1.7 
 9. Matalon, GRE 1.7 
 10. Mekel, ISR 1.6
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Shermadini, GEO 3.7 
 2. Norenko, UKR 1.8 
 3. Selakovs, LAT 1.5 
 4. Marjanovic, SRB 1.5 
 5. Kolev, BUL 1.5 
 6. Motiejunas, LTU 1.2 
 7. Vaty, FRA 1.1 
 8. Skurdauskas, LTU 1.1 
 9. Claver, ESP 1.1 
 10. Aguilar, ESP 1.0
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Serbia won Eurobasket U20 2008 (Photo: FIBA)
Germany won Eurobasket U20 Div.B 2008 Championship (Photo: FIBA) All-U20 European Championships 2008 Awards - Aug. 27, 2008






Best Player: Miroslav Raduljica (212-C-88) of Serbia
Best Guard: Abdoulaye MBaye (189-G-88) of France
Best Forward: Vladimir Dasic (209-F-88) of Montenegro
Best Center: Miroslav Raduljica of Serbia
Best Coach: Dejan Radonjic of Montenegro

1st Team
Abdoulaye MBaye of France
Milan Macvan (205-F/C-89) of Serbia
Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) of Lithuania
Vladimir Dasic of Montenegro
Miroslav Raduljica of Serbia

2nd Team
Pietro Aradori (192-G-88) of Italy
Joaquin Colom (187-G-88) of Spain
Victor Claver (204-F/C-88) of Spain
Baris Hersek (204-F/C-88) of Turkey
Giorgi Shermadini (216-C-89) of Georgia

Honorable Mention
Alexey Shved (196-G-88) of Russia
Anton Shoutvin (205-C/F-89) of Israel
Pere Tomas (201-F-89) of Spain
Gokper Gen (188-G-89) of Turkey
Donatas Motiejunas (214-C-90) of Lithuania
Lukas Brazdauskis (203-F-88) of Lithuania

   Division A. Finals - Aug. 11, 2008

Serbia U20 - Lithuania U20 96:89
Serbian U20 National Team scored an emphatic win over Lithuania yesterday to earn the European Championship title for the third straight year.
Milan Macvan (205-F/C-89) stepped up for Serbia as they held off Lithuania in a thrilling Final in Riga. Milan Macvan finished the game with 31 points and Serbia ran away with a narrow win at the end. Miroslav Raduljica (212-C-88, agency: CAA Sports) added 14 points and 13 boards for the winners. He was trumped the MVP of the tournament after the clash. The game lived up to the highest expectations. The teams traded baskets throughout the opening stanza. The frame saw 12 lead changes before Petar Despotovic made it 29:27 for Serbia at the end. Marjanovic and Marko Keselj (206-F-88, agency: Beo Basket) stretched the margin to 6 points midway through the second stanza. Then Milan Macvan and Jeremic hit a bunch of free throws to open a double-digit lead for Serbian team. Serbia finished the first half strongly with Milan Macvan completing his 20-point haul and the Balkan side was in charge 53:42 at halftime. Lithuania however stayed at a striking distance throughout the third quarter and headed into the final term trailing by just 7 points. Lithuania went on a 13:7 rally in the starting minutes of the fourth period to cut the deficit to a single point. Miroslav Raduljica came up big with straight baskets for Serbia to give them some breathing room. Marko Keselj and Petar Despotovic later extended the margin to 10 points with 39 seconds left. Sarunas Vasiliauskas dropped buzzer beating trey but it was just too late for Lithuania as they lost the battle. Marko Keselj scored 20 points for the winners. Donatas Motiejunas (214-C-90) and Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) knocked down 16 points apiece for Lithuania. Sarunas Vasiliauskas added 13 points in a loss.

Serbia U20:
Milan Macvan 31, Marko Keselj 20+5 boards, Miroslav Raduljica 14+13 boards
Lithuania U20:
Donatas Motiejunas 16, Martynas Gecevicius 16

3rd-4th spots
Spain U20 - Turkey U20 91:72

Spain edged Turkey in the consolation final of the U20 European Championship in Riga.
Pere Tomas (201-F-89) scored 20 points to propel Spaniards past their Turkish opponents. It was the third Bronze medals success for Spain in the history of the competition. The game turned into a relatively easy voyage for Spaniards. They took over right from the start and never allowed Turkey to threaten the lead. Lopez capped the first frame with two three-pointers to give Spain a 21:15 lead. Sergio De La Fuente (198-C-89) scored 11 points in the second period and Spain cleared off to a 45:32 advantage at halftime. Pere Tomas nailed three treys in the third stanza and Spain piled up a 20-point advantage before the fourth quarter. Spanish side kept their opponents at bay throughout the fourth stanza and secured the winning outcome at the end. Sergio De La Fuente and Victor Claver (204-F/C-88) netted 18 points apiece for the winners. Pablo Aguilar had 9 points and 7 boards for Spain. Baris Hersek (204-F/C-88) replied with 16 points for Turkey. Azizcan Ozdemir (201-F-88) notched 12 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in defeat. Spain converted 50% from the field and 83% from free throw line.

Spain U20:
Pere Tomas 20, Sergio De La Fuente 18, Victor Claver 18
Turkey U20:
Baris Hersek 16, Azizcan Ozdemir 12

5th-6th spots
Montenegro U20 - Italy U20 79:63

Montenegrin U20 National team secured the fifth-spot finish in the first European Championship for the team.
Vladimir Dasic (209-F-88, agency: Beo Basket) once again confirmed his topscorer status as he notched 26 points and 9 rebounds and Montenegro held off Italy in their final outing in Riga yesterday. Pietro Aradori (192-G-88) was active in the first period to give Italy an 11:6 lead. However Vladimir Dasic completed his first-frame 14-point tally and Montenegro surged in front 18:16. Montenegro capped the first half with a 14:4 rally to accumulate a 47:29 advantage at halftime. Back-to-back triples from Milos Durisic (194-G-88) and Vranjes allowed Montenegro to enjoy a 22-point lead midway through the third stanza. The Balkan team breezed to the victory in the fourth quarter and celebrated the fifth place at the end. Vranjes knocked down 17 points for Montenegro. Milos Durisic added 11 points for the winners. Pietro Aradori topscored with 19 points for Italy. Giancarlo Ferrero (194-G-88, agency: Players Group) had 9 points in a losing case. The teams were equally matched on the boards. Montenegro converted solid 49% from the field, while limiting their opponents to just 42% accuracy. Italy also committed 24 turnovers in the loss.

Montenegro U20:
Vladimir Dasic 26, Vranjes 17, Milos Durisic 11
Italy U20:
Pietro Aradori 19, Giancarlo Ferrero 9

7th-8th spots
France U20 - Ukraine U20 96:78
French U20 National Team wrapped up their European Chmapionship campaign with an impressive win over Ukraine.
Abdoulaye MBaye (189-G-88) exploded with 45 points and led France to an overwhelming 96:78 victory. Thus France occupied the 7th overall spot at the tournament. Ukraine finished the championship with 2-5 record and grabbed the 8th spot in the final ladder. The teams rolled closely for three quarters before Abdoulaye MBaye put on a one-man show in the fourth term to leave Ukraine far behind. France got to a slightly better start to the game and a 6:0 run put them up by 10 late in the opening stanza. Oleksandr Sizov and Andriy Novikov cut the deficit and France led by 8 points at the first intermission. A 13:5 surge from Ukraine at the start of the second stanza tied it all at 30. Ukraine soon jumped in front and maintained a narrow advantage for some time before French players crowned the half with 7 unanswered points to regain the lead at 44:39. The situation did not change radically in the third frame as France kept it in front and headed into the final period leading by 8 points. Sergiy Popov knocked down 10 points in the first half of the final stanza and Ukraine got as close as 3 points from their opponents. However Abdoulaye MBaye stepped up for France at the moment. He drilled 6 triples in the stretch of 4 minutes to ignite a 22:8 rally from France and literally brought victory to Les Bleus. Kim Tillie (206-F-88) added 17 points and 9 boards for France. Antoine Diot (191-G-89) contributed 16 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds for the winning side. Sergiy Gladyr (196-G/F-89) had 15 points for Ukraine. Vadym Norenko (204-F-88) dropped 14 points in the loss.

France U20:
Abdoulaye MBaye 45, Kim Tillie 17, Antoine Diot 16
Ukraine U20:
Sergiy Gladyr 15, Vadym Norenko 14

9th-10th spots
Russia U20 - Israel U20 83:67

Russian U20 National Team finished the European Championship in Riga with victory. They defeated Israel to earn the 9th spot in the final ladder.
Alexey Shved (196-G-88) knocked down 23 points and issued 6 assists to pace Russia. Anton Shoutvin (205-C/F-89) topscored for Israel with 13 points. Russia surged ahead early in the game and maintained the advantage throughout the action. Alexey Shved nailed 6 points in a 13:4 run from Russia as they built a 20:11 lead midway through the first stanza. The first term ended with a 24:17 Russian advantage and they stretched the margin to 14 points early in the second quarter. Asante Asare and Oded Brandwein teamed up for 8 straight points to trim the deficit to 3 points with 2 minutes to go in the half. However Russia answered with an 11:0 rally to establish a 44:30 advantage at the interval. Artem Yakovenko (206-G/F-88) and Ilya Syrovatko (193-G-88) ensured the distance would grow to 22 points in the third quarter. Israel never rebounded and suffered a stunning loss at the end. Ilya Syrovatko knocked down 22 points and pulled down 7 boards for Russia. Artem Yakovenko chipped in 15 points for the winners. Gal Mekel (195-G-88) came up with 12 points for Israel in defeat.

Russia U20:
Alexey Shved 23, Ilya Syrovatko 22, Artem Yakovenko 15
Israel U20:
Anton Shoutvin 13, Gal Mekel 12

11th-12th spots
Latvia U20 - Croatia U20 94:70
Latvia finished the home U20 European Championship on a positive note. They beat Croatia to wrap up their campaign at the 11th spot.
Janis Strelnieks (185-G-89) stepped up for the hosts with 20 points and 9 assists. Latvia used a storming first quarter to pile up a decisive lead in the game. Janis Strelnieks nailed 10 points in the starting frame and Latvia built a 28:13 advantage. Croatia cut the deficit to 4 points midway through the second term Kristaps Kanbergs (190-G-88) and Rihards Kuksiks closed the first half with back-to-back triples and Latvia went to the locker room leading by 12. Rihards Kuksiks, Kristaps Kanbergs and Janis Kaufmanis all connected from downtown to give the hosts a 21-point advantage early in the third stanza. Latvia maintained the distance well and entered the fourth term ahead by 22 points. Croatia failed to reignite the intrigue in the game and had to surrender at the end. Kristaps Kanbergs knocked down 19 points for Latvia. Rolands Freimanis (208-F/C-88) added 17 points and 8 rebounds for the winning side. Filip Kruslin (198-G-89) secured 21 points for Croatia. Marino Sarlija (204-F/C-89) contributed 16 points in a losing effort. Latvia enjoyed a 34:29 advantage on the boards and converted solid 50% from the field.

Latvia U20:
Janis Strelnieks 20, Kristaps Kanbergs 19, Rolands Freimanis 17
Croatia U20:
Filip Kruslin 21, Marino Sarlija 16

   Division B. Finals - Aug. 11, 2008


U20 Germany - U20 Belgium 110-102
Two teams which demonstrated the best performance on U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures totally deserved met each other in the final. It was for sure the most exciting game of the entire tournament. Germany made fantastic result grabbing the Gold after two over times. On the other side Belgians also registered great success winning the Silver medal and at the same time, together with Germany, earned promotion to division A for the next European Championship.

Belgium showed much better performance at the early beginning taking 6-point lead after 5 minutes. They succeeded to keep it until the center of the second period when Germany made 11-5 run tying the score on 41-41 before the half time. Situation totally changed after the breather as Germany was the team which created advantage of 5 points mostly owing to Elias Harris (200-F-89). Munda Hockins (188-G-88) and Thomas Dreesen (200-F-88, agency: Court Side) immediately answered taking care for 11-4 run grabbing two-points lead for their team before the last frame. At the end of regular time Germany had a chance to take this one but Munda Hockins made two free throws for 81-81 with 12 second remaining. At the very end of the first over time Kevin Schaffartzik (186-G

   Division B. Semifinals - Aug. 10, 2008


U20 Germany - U20 Estonia 77-65
Germany is the first finalist of U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures. The Germans were too strong for Estonia, which will continue championship trying to reach the Bronze medal. What is maybe the most important for the Germans, except of this final, is a fact that they are automatically promoted to Division A for the next European Championship.

Germany had much better rebounding day than its rivals registering 14 + 24 boards. On the other hand Estonia had just 2 + 25. Germans demonstrated slightly better performance in the opening quarter. At the one point of it they touched plus 8 but Sten Sokk (181-G-89) and Ivar Tulit (202-F-88) created 6-0 run for their team setting the score on 19-17 after first ten minutes. Germany entered strongly into the next one. After dunk by Robin Benzing (208-F-89, college: Michigan), they grabbed 13 points lead with 1:27 remaining in the first half. At the last Estonia's possession Tanel Kurbas (195-F-88) made a lay up for 39-28. Nothing has changed after the half time. It seemed that Germany played as much as they needed for the final. Karsten Tadda (189-G-88) and his teammates resolved question about the winner at the beginning of the last frame making 14-3 run for 71-49. After that moment it was clear that the firts finalist of U20 European Championship division B is already known.

This time Robin Benzing lad Germany to victory netting 18 points. Karsten Tadda was behind him with 10 points and 5 rebounds while Ziyed Chennoufi<

   Division A. Semifinals - Aug. 10, 2008

Serbia U20 - Turkey U20 90:69
Serbian U20 National Team continues their hunt for the third straight title at the European Championships. Yesterday they held off Turkey to enter the championship game in Riga.
Miroslav Raduljica (212-C-88, agency: CAA Sports) and Milan Macvan (205-F/C-89) came up with 21 points apiece and Serbia crushed their opponents in style. Serbia got to a quick start as they grabbed a 14:4 lead with just over 5 minutes into the game. Radjulica completed his 11-point haul in the first stanza and Serbia enjoyed a 28:17 advantage at the first break. Balbay and Baris Hersek (204-F/C-88) were able to fuel Turkish rally in the second stanza as they kept at striking distance. Gokper Gen (188-G-89) closed the first half with 5 straight points and Turkey trailed by 6 points at halftime. However a 21:6 run from Serbia in the third stanza put them ahead by 19 points. Sevinc and Ozdemor fired from beyond the arc to trim the deficit but it was too little to spark the intrigue. Serbia controlled the game and eased to the victory at the end. Mladen Jeremic (196-G-88, agency: CAA Sports) had 11 points, while Boban Marjanovic secured 10 for the winners. Gokper Gen answered with 20 points and 7 boards for Turkey. Baris Hersek dropped 17 points in a loss. Serbia will now take on Lithuania in the title decider. Turkey will oppose Spain in consolation final.

Serbia U20:
Miroslav Raduljica 21, Milan Macvan 21, Mladen Jeremic 11
Turkey U20:
Gokper Gen 20, Baris Hersek 17

Lithuania U20 - Spain U20 96:79
Lithuanian U20 National advanced to the European Championship Final yesterday. They overcame Spanish team to reach the title decider, where they would meet Serbia today.
Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) scored 23 points to pace Lithuanian side to the win. Spain meanwhile were denied the second shot at the title after they lost in the championship game last year. The teams stayed close in the first period and Spain led by a single point 19:18 after ten minutes of action. Spain never allowed their opponents to surge ahead in the second frame and remained in charge. Joaquin Colom (187-G-88) capped the half with a jumper and made it 47:42 at halftime. Sarunas Vasiliauskas netted 10 points for Lithuania in the third period as the Baltic team surged ahead. Lukas Brazdauskis (203-F-88) and Janavicius crowned the third quarter with 4 freebies and secured a 65:61 advantage at three-quarter time. Lukas Brazdauskis chipped in 8 points early in the fourth term and Lithuania built a 72:65 buffer with almost 8 minutes remaining in regulation. Joaquin Colom and Victor Claver (204-F/C-88) cut the gap to 3 points with just over 3 minutes left in the game however Lithuania prevailed at the end. They went on a stunning 16:2 run to complete an impressive hard-fought win at the end. Lukas Brazdauskis had 20 points and 12 boards for Lithuania. Vytenis Lipkevicius (200-F-89) added 15 points in a loss. Victor Claver nailed 19 points for Spain. Joaquin Colom registered 14 points, 6 assists and 4 boards in defeat.

Lithuania U20:
Martynas Gecevicius 23, Lukas Brazdauskis 20+12 boards, Vytenis Lipkevicius 15
Spain U20:
Victor Claver 19, Joaquin Colom 14

Semifinals for 5th-8th spots
Montenegro U20 - Ukraine U20 90:53

Montenegrin U20 National Team scored a comfortable victory over Ukraine at the European Championship in Riga yesterday. The victory allowed Montenegro to have a chance to claim the 5th spot at the event when they take on Italy later tonight.
Vladimir Dasic (209-F-88, agency: Beo Basket) came up with another sizzling performance as he tallied 31 points, 5 boards and 4 steals to pace Montenegro. The Balkan side got to an energetic start to the game Vladimir Dasic scored 8 points to ignite Montenegro. Sead Sehovic (201-G/F-89) later added 5 straight points and Durisic netted a jumper for Montenegro to enjoy a 17:10 advantage. Montenegro kept rolling confidently and piled up a 27:16 lead at the first intermission. Vladimir Dasic opened the second period with 4 straight points and the gap grew to 15 points. Vladimir Dasic capped the half with 6 points in a row and Montenegro led 47:29 at the interval. Montenegro stretched the margin to 30 points in the third frame and the game turned into a one-way traffic. Montenegro dominated completely and breezed to the victory at the end. Sead Sehovic poured in 19 points for Montenegro. Igor Bijelic (207-F/C-88, agency: Agency No 10) contributed 10 points for the winners. Denys Lukashov (187-G-89) paced Ukraine with 12 points. Oleksandr Sizov (200-F-88) chipped in 9 points in a loss.

Montenegro U20:
Vladimir Dasic 31, Sead Sehovic 19, Igor Bijelic 10
Ukraine U20:
Denys Lukashov 12, Oleksandr Sizov 9

Italy U20 - France U20 71:56
Italian U20 National Team will have a chance to earn the 5th spot at the European Championship today. Yesterday they outscored French counterparts in the semifinal for the 5th-8th spots in Riga.
Pietro Aradori (192-G-88) came up with 24 points and 6 boards for Italy. Giacomo Eliantonio (204-C-88) notched 11 points for the winners. Kim Tillie (206-F-88) answered with 14 points for France. Edwin Jackson (191-G-89) had 12 points in a losing effort. Italy will now take on Montenegro in the game for the 5th spot today. France will face Ukraine for the 7th place at the tournament. Italy led by just 2 points after the starting period. But the Azzurri limited their opponents to just 6 points in the second frame and built a 10-point distance at halftime. Edwin Jackson singlehandedly dragged France within 3 points early in the third stanza but Italy found the right answer. Lorenzo D'Ercole fired from downtown twice and Pietro Aradori added 6 points to propel Italy to a 43:29 advantage late in the period. Moerman and Mbaye trimmed the deficit to 6 points at the start of the fourth quarter. Italy responded with a 12:2 rally and never looked back again. France outrebounded their opponents but sank only 29% from the field.

Italy U20:
Pietro Aradori 24, Giacomo Eliantonio 11, Giancarlo Ferrero (194-G-88, agency: Players Group) 7
France U20:
Kim Tillie 14, Edwin Jackson 12

Semifinals for 9th-12th spots
Russia U20 - Croatia U20 79:69
Russian U20 National finally recovered after three straight losses at the European Championship in Latvia. Yesterday they outgunned Croatia to earn the chance to fight for the 9th overall spot today.
Ilya Syrovatko (193-G-88) came up with 21 points and 11 boards for Russia. Alexey Shved (196-G-88) nailed 20 points, pulled down 7 boards and dished out 6 assists for the winners. Russia will face Israel later today. Zeljko Sakic (202-F-88) paced Croatia with 17 points, 6 boards and 4 assists. Ivan Milekovic (197-G/F-88) and Miro Bilan (210-C/F-89) netted 14 points apiece in defeat. The teams were equally matched in the first half. Russia led by one after ten minutes of action but failed to clear off in the second stanza. The distance remained minimal when the teams arrived to halftime break. Zeljko Sakic and Miro Bilan lifted Croatia in front early in the third quarter however Russian team capped the frame on a 9:4 surge to retain the lead at 57:54. Alexey Shved scored 6 points in a row early in the fourth term as Russia stretched the margin to 9 points. Golovin and Nelyubov later teamed up for 11 points as Russia piled up an 18-point cushion with 6 minutes left in the game. All Croatia could do was to trim the deficit to 10 points at the end. Croatia will now play against Latvia for the 11th overall spot at the tournament.

Russia U20:
Ilya Syrovatko 21+11 boards, Alexey Shved 20, Semen Antonov (203-F-89) 8+10 boards
Croatia U20:
Zeljko Sakic 17, Ivan Milekovic 14, Miro Bilan 14

Latvia U20 - Israel U20 83:86 (OT)
Anton Shoutvin (205-C/F-89) scored 25 points and Israel survived extra time to celebrate a narrow win over Latvia at the U20 European Championship in Riga. Latvia managed to overcome a 15-point halftime deficit and cheered up by the supportive home crowd forced overtime. But it was Israel who had the last laugh in the game. They outscored the hosts in a high-flying last five minutes to post an exciting victory at the end. Gal Mekel converted a go-ahead layup for Israel with 32 seconds left in regulation. Arturs Berzins (202-C/F-88) answered with two freebies to tie the score. Kristaps Kanbergs (190-G-88) had a chance to bring victory to the home side but his three-pointer at the buzzer rimmed out. He improved in the extra period when his three-pointer set Latvia in front 77:74. However Gal Mekel drained a trey to give Israel an 82:80 advantage with just over a minute to go. Selakovs cut the deficit but Oded Brandwein and Gal Mekel were deadly from the charity stripe and Israel pulled away with a narrow win at the end. They will now take on Russia for the 9th spot at the tournament. Latvia will play against Croatia in the events finale for both sides. Sean Daniel (200-F-89, agency: Arik Krayn Services) nailed 20 points, collected 6 boards and issued 5 assists for Israel. Kristaps Kanbergs, Rolands Freimanis (208-F/C-88) and Arturs Berzins scored 14 points apiece in defeat. Janis Strelnieks and Toms Celmins had 13 points each for Latvia.

Latvia U20:
Kristaps Kanbergs 14, Rolands Freimanis 14, Arturs Berzins 14
Israel U20:
Anton Shoutvin 25, Sean Daniel 20

   Division B. Stats leaders after Qualifying Round - Aug. 8, 2008
Terrence Oglesby (188-G-88) is currently the top scorer of U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures. His team Norway is the second ranked team in Group G thus it will continue battle for the position nine. Oglesby scored 152 points so far which is 25.3 ppg in 6 games. His competition-high was 32 points at the opening day against Finland.
The second on the list of top scorers after Qualifying Round is Estonian Tanel Kurbas (195-F-88), which helped his team yesterday to reach the semifinals. Kurbas also played 6 games averaging 22.5 ppg. He demonstrated the best performance in the second game of Preliminary Round netting 32 points against Austria. In the most important game for his team so far, which was against the hosts Romania yesterday, Kurbas scored 31 points.
Third place belongs to Antti Kanervo (193-G/F-89) from Finland, which has 21 ppg in five games.

The top rebounder at this moment is Romanian Titus Nicoara (201-F-88, agency: Interperformances) with 15 rpg. Roeland Schaftenaar (213-F/C-88) is on the second place with 10.8 rpg while another Romanian, this time Vlad Moldoveanu (210-C-88), is third on this list grabbing 10.6 rpg.

Aleksandar Kostoski (188-G-88, agency: Octagon) of F.Y.R. Macedonia dished out the most assists so far 6.4 apg. Estonian Sten Sokk (181-G-89) is the second with 6.2 apg while third place is reserved for Christian Koutras (189-G-88) of Sweden.

The best 'stealer' after 6 games is Jeffery Taylor (196-G-89) from Sweden, who registered 3.3 spg. Second is Titus Nicoara with 2.8 while Miroslav Petkovic (183-G-88) of Switzerland has the same digits.

   Division B. Qualifying Round Day 2 - Aug. 8, 2008

Qualifying Round for 1st to 8th place - Group E

U20 Germany - U20 Portugal 71-62

Germany ended the Qualifying Round on U20 European Championship division B undefeated. As a reminder the Germans already beat all their rivals at the Preliminary Round finishing it with perfect score 4-0. It means that Germany advanced to the semifinals from top of Group F while Portugal will continue participation on the European Championship fighting for fifth place.

Germany was a better team from the early beginning. After jump shot by Robin Benzing (208-F-89, college: Michigan) the Germans grabbed 15-8. Later Tom-Gerhard Spoler (206-F-88) took care to stretch Germans lead to 11 points. Until the half time they reached advantage of 15 points but thanks to Jose Silva (194-F-89) Portugal went to it with minus 12. Nothing has changed in third quarter as Germany still was the team which dominated. Oskar Fassler (198-G-88) netted 5 points in the row at the end of this period setting the score on 57-43. Until the very end Jose Silva and his teammates were able to come on minus 7 but it was their maximum today.

This time Germany got the most from Tom-Gerhard Spoler, who scored 14 points. Elias Harris (200-F-89) was behind him adding 12 points and 4 rebounds. Tibor Pleiss

   Division A. Qualifying Round Day 3 - Aug. 8, 2008

Group E
Turkey U20 - Croatia U20 63:60

Turkish U20 National team was the first squad to enter semifinal stage at the European Championship in Latvia yesterday. They held off Croatian team in a dramatic clash to improve to 4-1 record in the ladder of Group E. Baris Hersek (204-F/C-88) came up with 19 points and 13 boards for Turkey. Croatia opened the game with a 6:0 rally and maintained the lead throughout the opening stanza. However trebles from Ogun Sevinc (198-F/G-88, agency: 1x1 Sports) and Gen early in the second period and Turkey jumped in front. The teams kept it close in the stanza and were all square at 25 at halftime. The lead changed hands for several times early in the third stanza before Baris Hersek, Ogun Sevinc and Azizcan Ozdemir (201-F-88) put Turkey in charge 51:40 late in the frame. Turkish team tipped off the fourth quarter with an 11:4 run to clear off to a 17-point distance. However Croatia refused to surrender. Filip Kruslin (198-G-89) nailed 14 points in just over 3 minutes to carry Croatia within 2 points with 11 seconds remaining. Ogun Sevinc answered with a freebie, while Petani missed a potential tying basket and Turkey got away with the win. Ogun Sevinc finished with 13 points for Turkey. Azizcan Ozdemir added 12 points and 6 boards for the winners. Filip Kruslin nailed 16 points for Croatia. Marino Sarlija (204-F/C-89) had 13 points in defeat.

Turkey U20: Baris Hersek 19+13 boards, Ogun Sevinc 13, Azizcan Ozdemir 12
Croatia U20: Filip Kruslin 16, Marino Sarlija 13

Ukraine U20 - Israel U20 84:68
Ukrainian U20 National Team celebrated their first win at the Qualifying round of the European Championship in Latvia. They defeated Israel to occupy the 4th overall spot in Group E. Israel slipped to 0-5 record and remained at the 6th spot in the ladder. Sergiy Gladyr (196-G/F-89) knocked down 23 points to pace Ukraine. Gal Mekel (195-G-88) answered with 17 points for Israel. The teams traded baskets throughout the opening stanza and Ukraine enjoyed a narrow 21:18 advantage at the break. Denys Lukashov (187-G-89), Larin and Tonchenko stretched the margin to 10 points midway through the second term. Israel reacted with a<

   Division B. Qualifying Round Day 1 - Aug. 7, 2008

Qualifying Round - Group E

U20 F.Y.R. of Macedonia - U20 Germany 75-81
Germany had to work very hard in order to beat F.Y.R. of Macedonia in the first game of the Qualifying Round on U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures. Germans entered into this stage transferring victory against Sweden from the Preliminary Round. Thus the Germans improved to 2-0 in Group E while Macedonians dropped on 0-2 loosing all chances for the semifinals.

Macedonia's main problem in this game were turnovers as its players committed 26. Despite it Macedonians had a chance to take this one. Germany opened the game better. Lucca Staiger's (196-G-88) triple brought 20-25 to Germany at the end of the first stanza. During the next ten minutes Germany touched plus six but Aleksandar Kostoski (188-G-88, agency: Octagon) and his teammates immediately created 7-2 run. Once again Lucca Staiger was successful at the Germany's last possession for 35-38. Macedonians showed slightly better performance after the breather ending third frame 25-20. It means that Macedonians entered into the last stanza with 60-58. On 73-75 for Germany with 1:13 to go Macedonians missed three pointer after what they commited two turnovers. On the other side Per Gunther was successful from the free throw line resolving question about the winner.

Elias Harris (202-F-89) paced Germany to win netting 29 points and grabbing 7 boards for 33 minutes. Per Gunther was the last player with double-digits in Germany nailing 10 points. Aleksandar Kostoski helped his team collecting 20 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists but it was not enough to Macedonia against the strong Germans. Marjan Janes

   Division A. Qualifying Round Day 2 - Aug. 6, 2008


Turkey U20 - Lithuania U20 84:80
Turkish U20 National Team grabbed their second consecutive victory at the Qualifying round of the European Championship in Riga. Today they held off Lithuanian team to improve to 3-1 record in Group E. Lithuania meanwhile suffered their initial loss at the tourney and slipped to 3-1 record. Lithuania got to a slightly better start to the game as Vytenis Lipkevicius (200-F-89) and Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) teamed up for 17 points in the opening term and the Baltic team stepped in front 28:19. Juskevicius extended the margin to 11 points with a jumper at the start of the second quarter. However Sevinc dropped three treys and Turkey trimmed the distance to 4 points at the interval. Turkey opened the third frame with a 7:2 rally to surge in front. The lead then changed hands for several times throughout the period and Lithuania led by just a single point 65:64 heading into the fourth stanza. Turkey finally pulled ahead with 6 straight points late in regulation. They enjoyed an 80:76 advantage with under 2 minutes left. Juskevicius cut the gap but Baris Hersek (204-F/C-88) maintained the distance with 47 seconds to go. Donatas Motiejunas (214-C-90) clipped the margin once again with accurate freebies however Baris Hersek netted two free throws to bring victory to Turkey. Dogus Balbay (184-G-89) led Turkey with 20 points, 7 assists and 5 boards. Gokper Gen (188-G-89) added 18 points, while Can Ozcan (201-F-89) had 17 in a win. Martynas Gecevicius came up with 16 points for Lithuania. Zygimantas Janavicius (195-G-89, agency: Interperformances) contributed 12 points in defeat.

Turkey U20: Dogus Balbay 20, Gokper Gen 18, Can Ozcan 17
Lithuania U20: Martynas Gecevicius 16, Zygimantas Janavicius 12

   Division B. Preliminary Round Day 5 - Aug. 6, 2008

Preliminary Group A

U20 F.Y.R. of Macedonia - U20 Finland 79-63
F.Y.R. of Macedonia grabbed third victory on U20 European Championship in Targu Mures advancing to the Qualifying Round. Macedonians were better the Finland taking the second place in Preliminary Group A with score 3-1. It means than F.Y.R. of Macedonia will compete in Group E together with Portugal, Germany and Sweden. The bad thing for Macedonians is that defeat against Portugal from the opening day is transferred to the next stage. On the other side Finland is the last ranked team of Group A despite Norway and Great Britain has the same score 1-3. Thus Finland will continue participation in Targu Mures in Classification Round from 17th to 19th place. Its rivals in Group I will be Azerbaijan and Switzerland.

Macedonia showed slightly better performance in the first half. After 19-15 in the opening quarter, Macedonians made 26-20 in 14th minute. Marjan Janeski continued with easy baskets at the offensive end keeping plus 6 with two minutes remaining in the first half. However, Finland succeeded to come on minus 3 but Marjan Janeski drained a jump shot at the buzzer setting the score on 41-36 before the half time. Beginning of third frame totally belonged to Macedonians as they created 58-45 very soon. During the next ten minutes Marko Simonovski (190-G-89) and Jovan Markovski (197-F-88) shined for Macedonia making unreachable plus 23.

This time Marjan Janeski was a clutch player of the game demonstrating fantastic performance. He scored 26 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and dished out 6 assists. Jovan Markovski followed him with 18 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists while Marko Simonovski stopped on 14 points and 4 assists. Baris Hersek (204-F/C-88) and Can Ozcan (201-F-89) drained three-pointers early in the game to give Turkey a 9:2 lead. Triples later would prove the main weapon for Turkish team as they accounted for 12 of them down the stretch and converting solid 44% from beyond the arc. Oleksandr Kolchenko and Vladyslav Tonchenko hit consecutive trebles for Ukraine as they gained a 20:17 advantage at one point late in the first frame. However Ogun Sevinc (198-F/G-88, agency: 1x1 Sports) quickly denied the effort with 5 points in a row and Turkey led 25:23 after ten minutes of action. The teams exchanged baskets throughout the second frame and Ukraine kept it close but could not surge in front. Turkish team secured a 7-point buffer going into the locker room. Three treys from Ogun Sevinc early in the third term allowed Turkey to break ahead. They accumulated a 56:39 advantage and cruised from now on. Turkey entered the fourth stanza leading by 17 points and quickly piled up a 20-point cushion. Ukraine never rebounded late in the encounter and Turkey breezed to the victory at the end. Baris Hersek dropped 19 points and pulled down 7 rebounds for Turkey. Ogun Sevinc added 18 points, while Can Ozcan had 16 in a win. Sergiy Gladyr (196-G/F-89) and Vadym Norenko (204-F-88) notched 16 points apiece for Ukraine. Denys Lukashov contributed 14 points in defeat.

Turkey U20: Baris Hersek 19, Ogun Sevinc 18, Can Ozcan 16
Ukraine U20: Sergiy Gladyr 16, Vadym Norenko 16

Israel U20- Lithuania U20 70:77
Lithuania U20 remained undefeated in the U20 European Championship being held in Latvia. In the first game of the Qualifying round the team overcame Israel 77:70. The win could be even more, but the Baltic team allowed the opponent to stay closer after 11:22 in the last period. Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) led the winners with 14 points. Vytenis Lipkevicius (200-F-89) posted 13, while Zygimantas Janavicius (195-G-89, agency: Interperformances) netted 11. Preliminary Group A

U20 Finland - U20 Portugal 63-76
Portugal finished competition in Preliminary Group A with perfect score 4-0 advancing to the Qualifying Round of U20 European Championship division B. This time Finland was the team which suffered Portugal's power. Despite this defeat Finland still has a chance to reach the next round. Namely, if Finland succeeds to beat F.Y.R. Macedonia in the next round and at the same time if Norway take care of Great Britain second place will be reserved for Finland.

Finland had many troubles in the paint against the Portuguese, which registered ten rebounds more than its opponent. At the same time Portuguese had wonderful stroke from behind the arc making 11 of 21 attempts. Jose Silva (194-F-89) drained 4 of those 11 attempts for his team. First ten minutes of the game belonged to Portugal, which ended it with plus 5. Finland had much better performance in the next period and mostly owing to Aleksi Huuskonen (184-G-88) and Juho-Matti Lehtoranta (191-G-89) tied the score on 32-32 before the half time. Aleksi Huuskonen continued at the same rhythm after the breather which resulted with 42-35 in 16th minute. Fernando Sico (202-F/C-88) and Jose Silva immediately answered leading 13-5 run for 47-48. At the center of the last frame Portuguese made another impressive run 15-3 setting the score on unreachable 56-71.

Jose Silva was the key player of Portugal in this game adding 16 points and 6 boards. Interesting is that

   Division B. Preliminary Round Day 3 - Aug. 4, 2008

Preliminary Group A

U20 Portugal - U20 Norway 84-81
Portugal kept the top position after three days on U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures. This time Portuguese outplayed Norway improving to 3-0 while their opponent dropped on 0-2.

Portuguese had a pretty good stroke from behind the arc in this game. Actually they had better percentage for 3-pts than for FG2 (56.5% for 3-pts and 48.3% FG2). Except of the first couple of minutes when Norway created 4 points lead, Portugal was the team which dominated. Fabio Lima (178-G-88) and his teammates had plus 6 at the half time but inconvenient Norwegians didn't give up. With two minutes remaining on the second quarter they tied the score on 29-29. Very soon Tiago Pinto (183-G-88) and Fabio Lima answered with 14-9 run taking back 5 points lead before the half time. First double digit advantage Portugal recorded in 28th minute. Later, thanks to Stian Mjoes (185-G-89) and Christian Hinsch (188-G-88, agency: Court Side), Norway made 14-4 run coming on 82-81 with just 6 second to go but at the Portugal's last offense Cordeiro made two FTs for 84-81.

Fabio Lima paced Portugal to win collecting 26 points and 13 rebounds. Jose Silva (194-F-89) and Tiago Pinto contributed scoring 13 points each. Stian Mjoes was the best scorer for the loosing side with 22 points while Terrence Oglesby (188-G-88) had one point less than him but with 4 rebounds. Christian Hinsch followed these two players netting 13 points. In the next round of U20 European Championship division B Portugal will meet Finland. On the other side Norway will take on F.Y.R. of

   Division A. Preliminary Round Day 3 - Aug. 3, 2008


Croatia U20- Ukraine U20 91:101
Ukraine U20 won the first game of the U20 European Championship and made it to the Qualifying Round. In the last game of the group the team beat Croatia U20 101:91. A massive 37:20 in the second quarter had a great push that gave Ukrainian side the lead until the end. Oleksandr Kolchenko (198-F/G-88) led the winners with 29 points. Sergiy Gladyr (196-G/F-89) posted 20, while Vadym Norenko (204-F-88) netted 17. Franjo Bubalo (194-G/F-88) finished the game with 20 points and Ivan Milekovic (197-G/F-88) scored 18.
Croatia scored first three points in the game and desired the victory not less than Ukraine. The latter replied with some baskets and finished the first period at 22:21 lead. In the second quarter the court saw only one team as Ukraine was too good for the opponent. A rain of points downed on the Croatian basket as Ukraine scored no less than 37 points in the second quarter led by Oleksandr Kolchenko and Sergiy Gladyr who combined 23 of those points, on the way to a 59:41 lead at half time.
Oleksandr Kolchenko scored two free throws for 20-points advantage in the beginning of the third. Croatia however did not give up and reduced the gap before the final stanza. Bilan made it 75:64 before the teams entered the last quarter. Kruslin cut it to 74:76 from the arc but Ukraine did not look behind in the game and won 101:91.

Croatia U20:Franjo Bubalo 20, Ivan Milekovic 18
Ukraine U20: Oleksandr Kolchenko 29, Sergiy Gladyr 20, Vadym Norenko 17

Lithuania U20- Greece U20 90:77
Lithuania won Preliminary Round in Group A of U20 European Championship. Just few minutes ago the team overcame Greece U20 90:77. The latter is on the way to the 13-16 classification games. Trailing 18:23 after the opening quarter the favorites replied in the second period. Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) top-scored for the winners with 21 points. Lukas Brazdauskis (203-F-88) collected 14 points and 14 rebounds, whilst Adas Juskevicius (193-G/F-89) added 13. Teo Petani (190-G-88) hit a three-pointer late in the first frame to cut the deficit to 7 points for Croatia. But Lithuania never allowed Croatia to exploit success and kept them at distance throughout the second frame. Lithuania were well in control 39:29 at the interval and stretched the margin to 14 points early in the third frame. Back-to-back trebles from Martynas Gecevicius (194-G-88) gave Lithuania a 17-point advantage midway through the third period. They went on extending the margin and entered the fourth term ahead by 25 points. Croatia never bounced back in the fourth term and suffered their first defeat in the competition. Martynas Gecevicius led Lithuania with 18 points. Adas Juskevicius (193-G/F-89) added 17 points, while Lukas Brazdauskis (203-F-88) nailed 13 for the winners. Teo Petani came up with 13 points for Croatia. Miro Bilan (210-C/F-89) had 12 points in a losing case.

Lithuania U20: Martynas Gecevicius 18, Adas Juskevicius 17, Lukas Brazdauskis 13
Croatia U20: Teo Petani 13, Miro Bilan 12

Ukraine U20 - Greece U20 71:74
Ukrainian U20 National Team suffered their second straight loss at the European Championship in Riga. Yesterday they were narrowly edged by Greek side. Thus Ukraine fell to 0-2 record at the bottom of preliminary Group A. Vadym Norenko (204-F-88) fired game-high 25 points but it was not enough to overcome perky Greece. It was a roller coaster type of game with both teams surging for the win. Ukraine led for most of the first frame but Michail Tsairelis (206-F/C-88) knocked down 4 points in a 6:0 run from Greek team as they grabbed a 25:22 advantage at the end of the first period. Oleksandr Kolchenko (198-F/G-88), Sergiy Gladyr and Vadym Norenko answered with a 9:0 rally late in the second period when Ukraine turned a 5-point deficit into a 4-point advantage at halftime. The lead changed hands for 3 times in the third period before Greece went on a 13

   Division B. Preliminary Round Day 2 - Aug. 2, 2008
Preliminary Group A

U20 Norway - U20 Finland 87-99
After yesterday's defeat against Great Britain, Norway succeeded to grab the first one on U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures. Thus Finland improved score to 1-1 in Preliminary Group A while Norway suffered defeat at its first appearance on this prestigious event.

Interesting is that both teams registered the same number of rebounds in this game, 34. Finland had much better stroke from behind the arc making 12 of 29 attempts, which is 41.4%. On the other side Norway had just 25%. After almost leveled first stanza, Finland grabbed the first bigger lead at the center of the next one. In was 31-37 at that point of game. Antti Kanervo (193-G/F-89) and Aleksi Huuskonen (184-G-88) took care for 7-2 run before the half time setting the score on 38-50. During the next 20 minutes Finish players kept their lead without any bigger efforts. They didn't let Norway to come any closer than 7 points.

Antti Kanervo paced Finland to win in this game collecting 25 points, 5 boards and 4 assists. Aleksi Huuskonen also had fantastic performance adding 21 points and 7 rebounds while Juho-Matti Lehtoranta (191-G-89) stopped on 14 points and 8 rebounds. Terrence Oglesby (188-G-88) was totally the best in Norway today draining 32 points. Miilah Kombat (201-F-88) followed him with 17 points and 14 rebounds while Magne Fivelstad (193-G/F-89) had 12 points. In the next round Norway will take on Portugal while Finland has a day-off.

U20 Norway

   Division B. Preliminary Round Day 1 - Aug. 2, 2008


U20 Portugal - U20 F.Y.R. of Macedonia 76-71
Portugal celebrated at the opening day of U20 European Championship division B in Romanian city Targu Mures. As a reminder Portugal and Macedonia are together with Norway, Great Britain and Finland placed into Preliminary Group A. Two best teams of this group will advance to the Qualifying Round while all other teams will continue championship in Classification Rounds.

Portugal took this one mostly owing to well played first stanza as well as pretty good stroke from behind the arc. Portuguese made 9 of 21 attempts which is almost 43%. Macedonians opened this game showing their nerves. They threw couple of bad passes and missed few lay-ups and jump shots what Portugal exploited setting the score on 12-4 after 5 minutes. Until the end of the first quarter Portuguese extended its lead to 14. They succeeded to keep it until 28th minute after what Macedonia made mini run 4-0 for 36-26 at the half time. Aleksandar Kostoski (188-G-88, agency: Octagon) and his teammates showed much better performance in third quarter. After every minute they melted Portugal's lead which finally resulted with 54-51 before the last frame. Portugal opened it with 7-2 after what Macedonia succeeded to come on minus 3 just once. It seemed the Portugal controlled the entire quarter without any bigger efforts.

Fabio Lima (196-C-88) paced Portugal to win netting 22 points and grabbing 8 rebounds. Jose Silva (195-F-89) followed him with 18 points while Pedro Pereira (185-G-89) stopped on 12 points and 4 assists. Aleksandar Kostoski was totally the best player in Macedonia registerin

   Division A. Preliminary Round Day 1 - Aug. 1, 2008
Group A
Lithuania U20 - Ukraine U20 93:91

Lithuanian U20 National Team opened their European Championship campaign with a narrow win over Ukraine today. The Baltic team managed to overcome a 38-point outburst from Sergiy Gladyr (196-G/F-89) to post the initial win at the tournament. Martynas Gecevicius (193-G-88) fired 30 points to pace Lithuania. The teams exchanged baskets before Vadym Norenko scored 5 points in a row to set Ukraine ahead 15:11. They maintained the lead and when Lukashov capped the first period with a long bomb Ukraine enjoyed a 26:22 advantage. Gladyr exploded with 14 points in the second frame but it still did not prevent Lithuania from gaining a 49:47 lead at the interval. Vadym Norenko and Gladyr quickly gave the lead back to Ukraine early in the third period. The game remained close and the lead changed hands for several times but Oleksandr Kolchenko (198-F/G-88) had the last laugh in the frame as Ukraine entered the final period up by 4 points. Andriy Novikov and Oleksandr Kolchenko stretched the margin to 6 points at the start of the fourth term but Lithuania refused to fold. They went on a 17:4 rally midway through the quarter to gain a 91:84 advantage with under 4 minutes left in regulation. Galdyr knocked down 5 straight points to drag Ukraine back into contest but Lithuania withstood the effort. Zygimantas Janavicius converted two freebies late in the game and sealed the winning outcome for the Baltic side at the end. Vytenis Lipkevicius (196-F-89) netted 15 points for Lithuania. Marius Valukonis (198-F-88) added 14 points and 8 boards in a win. Oleksandr Kolchenko finished with 22 points for Ukraine. Vadym Norenko dropped 13 points in a losing case.

Lithuania U20: Martynas Gecevicius 30, Vytenis Lipkevicius 15, Marius Valukonis 14
Ukraine U20: Sergiy Gladyr 38, Oleksandr Kolchenko 22

Croatia U20 - Greece U20 74:67
Croatian U20 National Team got to a winning start at the European Championship in Latvia. They pip Greece in overtime to earn the first victory in the preliminary Group A. Greece looked better in the three quarters but Croatia turned things around in the final stanza and were close to seal the winning outcome in regulation. However Greece forced the overtime just to see Balkan team pull away with win at the end. Greek team led 16:7 after a tight first period and did not allow Croatian team to surge in front in the second stanza. Greece enjoyed a 5-point advantage at halftime and continued to dominate after the long break. Greek team extended the gap to 7 points before the final term but Zeljko Sakic (203-F-88) fueled the fourth term rally from Croatia. They outscored Greece and piled up a 6-point lead with 40 seconds remaining in the period. But Greece first trimmed the distance to 3 points

   The Draw for U20 European championship is being held in Venice - Feb. 17, 2008
Yesterday the draw of the preliminary round of U20 European championship was performed in Venice, Italy. Four groups with 4 teams in each were chosen for Division A competition. The U20 European championship will take place in Ventspils, Latvia from August 1 through August 10. Three top teams of each group will advance to the qualifying round, where they will fight for the right to go into the semifinal stage.
So the Groups are as follows:
Group A: Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Greece
Group B: Israel, Georgia, Turkey, Italy
Group C: Latvia, Montenegro, Spain, Bulgaria
Group D: Russia, Slovenia, France, Serbia

Meanwhile Division B tournament will take place in Targu Mures, Romania in early August. The teams were distributed in 4 groups with 5 teams in Groups A, B and C and 4 teams in Group D. Two best teams out of each group will advance to the qualifying round.
Group A: Norway, Portugal, Great Britain, Finland, Macedonia
Group B: Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan
Group C: Slovak Republic, Estonia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland
Group D: Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Hungary
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