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European Championships U20 2008 Div.A logo
European Championships U20 2008 Div.B logo
All Rosters
Preliminary Round
Group A
 1. Serbia 2-1 
 2. France 2-1 
 3. Italy 2-1 
 4. Germany 0-3 
Group B
 1. Turkey 2-1 
 2. Latvia 2-1 
 3. Czech Repu. 2-1 
 4. Greece 0-3 
Group C
 1. Russia 3-0 
 2. Ukraine 2-1 
 3. Lithuania 1-2 
 4. Bulgaria 0-3 
Group D
 1. Spain 3-0 
 2. Belarus 2-1 
 3. Monteneg. 1-2 
 4. Belgium 0-3 

Qualifying Round
Group E
 1. France 4-1 
 2. Serbia 4-1 
 3. Turkey 2-3 
 4. Italy 2-3 
 5. Latvia 2-3 
 6. Czech Repu. 1-4 
Group F
 1. Russia 5-0 
 2. Spain 4-1 
 3. Lithuania 2-3 
 4. Ukraine 2-3 
 5. Belarus 2-3 
 6. Monteneg. 0-5 
 1. Germany 2-0 
 2. Belgium 1-1 
 3. Bulgaria 1-1 
 4. Greece 0-2

Final Standing
 1. Russia
 2. France
 3. Serbia
 4. Spain
 5. Ukraine
 6. Latvia
 7. Turkey
 8. Lithuania
 9. Italy
 10. Czech Repu.
 11. Monteneg
 12. Belarus
 13. Germany
 14. Bulgaria
 15. Belgium
 16. Greece

Preliminary Round
Group A
 1. Hungary 3-1 
 2. Romania 3-1 
 3. Slovakia 3-1 
 4. Ireland 1-3 
 5. U.Kingdom 0-4 
Group B
 1. Sweden 4-0 
 2. Poland 3-1 
 3. Holland 2-2 
 4. Israel 1-3 
 5. Portugal 0-4

Classification Round
 1. Portugal 2-0 
 2. U.Kingdom 0-2 

Final Standing
 1. Sweden
 2. Poland
 3. Hungary
 4. Slovakia
 5. Romania
 1. Holland
 2. Ireland
 3. Israel
 4. Portugal
 5. U.Kingdom

Points Per Game
 Snezana ALEKSIC
  Avg: 21.9
 1. Aleksic, MNT 21.9 
 2. Petronyte, LTU 20.8 
 3. Leemans, BEL 18.0 
 4. Jovanovic, MNT 17.8 
 5. Niedola, LAT 17.8 
 6. Caglar, TUR 17.6 
 7. Kozun, BLR 16.0 
 8. Likhtarovich, BLR 15.6 
 9. Dalgalar, TUR 15.3 
 10. Petrovic, SRB 14.5
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 14.3
 1. Niedola, LAT 14.3 
 2. Petronyte, LTU 11.5 
 3. Prystupa, UKR 10.0 
 4. Amant, FRA 9.9 
 5. Caglar, TUR 9.4 
 6. Jasiunskaite, LTU 8.8 
 7. Petrovic, SRB 8.8 
 8. Georgieva, BUL 8.2 
 9. Vieru, RUS 8.0 
 10. Sipova, CZE 7.9
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Lysyuk, UKR 3.3 
 2. Ciappina, BEL 3.0 
 3. Aleksic, MNT 3.0 
 4. Ocete, ESP 2.5 
 5. Yavuz, TUR 2.4 
 6. Miljkovic, SRB 2.1 
 7. Eglite, LAT 1.9 
 8. Giacintova, CZE 1.9 
 9. Keyru, RUS 1.6 
 10. Samburska, UKR 1.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Likhtarovich, BLR 3.0 
 2. Tsikhamirava, BLR 2.6 
 3. Niedola, LAT 2.5 
 4. Lysyuk, UKR 2.4 
 5. Ocete, ESP 2.3 
 6. Dalgalar, TUR 2.3 
 7. Bokesa, ESP 2.0 
 8. Giacintova, CZE 2.0 
 9. Leemans, BEL 2.0 
 10. Caglar, TUR 1.9
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Petronyte, LTU 1.3 
 2. Amant, FRA 1.1 
 3. Consolini, ITA 1.1 
 4. Cerina, SRB 1.0 
 5. Corsi, ITA 1.0 
 6. Caglar, TUR 1.0 
 7. Petrovic, SRB 1.0 
 8. Kozun, BLR 0.9 
 9. Jasiunskaite, LTU 0.9 
 10. Vitola, LAT 0.9
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Russia was the best at Eurobasket U20 2008 (Photo: FIBA)

Sweden celebrated championship of Eurobasket U20 Div.B 2008 (Photo: FIBA)

   Division B Stats leaders of the championship - Jul. 22, 2008
The top scorer of U20 European Championship division B, which was held in Poland, is Nadia Tavares (178 - F - 88) of Portugal. Her team ended competition in Preliminary Round winless but Tavares and her teammates outplayed Great Britain twice in the battle for the 9th place. Tavares demonstrated the best performance at the opening as well as at the last game of Portugal. In the first game she netted 23 points against Sweden while at the last one against the British she drained 25. She scored 109 points during the entire championship which is 18.2 ppg.
Second scorer of the competition is Frida Eldebrink (174 - G - 88), whose team grabbed the Gold beating the host Poland in the final. In fact Frida Eldebrink scored the most points in Poland 118 but she played one game more than Tavares. Eldebrinks competition - high was in the first round against Portugal when she scored 25 points. For 7 games Eldebrink averaged 16.9 ppg.
Third place on the list with the top scorers belongs to Skobel, who is member of the second ranked team Poland. Skobel played all 7 games on this championship adding 13.4 ppg. She gave her maximum against Sweden in third round scoring 19 points.
Top rebounder of the championship is Finda Mansare (189 - F/C - 89) of Hungary. She grabbed 9 rebounds per game while her team won the Bronze. Second on the list of best rebounders is Tetemondova of Slovakia, who averaged 8.7 rpg, while Polish Kaczmarczyk is on third place with 8.1 rpg.
Elin Eldebrink (174 - G - 88) is the top assistant of U20 EC division B as she dished out 4.9 apg. Claudia Pop (186 - F - 89, agency: LBM Management) of Romania follows her with 4 apg while Rose Anderson (175 - G - 88) from Great Britain has 3.7 apg.

   Division B. Finals - Jul. 20, 2008
U20 Sweden  -  U20 Poland 64 - 60
Sweden celebrated in the final of European Championship division B outplaying Poland at the front of their fans. Very important achievement for both teams is that they will compete in division A at the next European Championship. Final game is decided in the last quarter. Poland was much closer to big victory having plus six at the end of third stanza, 47 - 53. During the first three minutes of the last frame Swedish made crucial 12 - 0 run thanks to Frida Eldebrink (174 - G - 88) and Louice Halvarsson (189 - C - 89), which were unstoppable at the offensive end. Thus after minus six, Swedish made a big turn setting the score on 59 - 53. Skobel finally answered with successful jump shot for 59 - 56. During the last three minutes Poland committed two turnovers while on the other side Frida Eldebrink and Louice Halvarsson had 50% from the free throw line. The last train gone for Poland when Durak missed a lay - up after what Birbzycka attempted from the field but also unsuccessful. Frida Eldebrink missed first but netted second free throw for the final core 64 - 60.

Malin Edlund (183 - F - 88) was the best player in Sweden this time collecting 20 points and 4 rebounds. Frida Eldebrink, who was the leading Swedish player during the entire tournament, needed one more rebound for double - double. She stopped today on 18 points, 9 boards and 5 assists. Louice Halvarsson also had important role in this win adding 13 points and 12 rebounds. The hosts got 17 points and 8 rebounds from Joanna Zalesiak (174 - G - 88) while...

   Division A. Finals - Jul. 20, 2008
Russia U20  -  France U20 67:58
Russian U20 National Team celebrated their 4th European Championship title in eight years. They defeated France in the dramatic Final in Italy to take the crown. Russia did not lose a single game en route to the title and deservedly earned Gold medals. A trademark stifling defense from Russian team proved to be decisive once again. They kept the grip tight in three quarters and it was just enough to prevail at the end. Russia used a 7:2 run at the end of the first frame to gain a 17:10 lead.
Katerina Keyru (182 - F - 88) and Natalia Zhedik (182 - G - 88) dropped back - to - back three - pointers early in the second period and Russian team enjoyed a 23:12 advantage early on. However a 13:0 outburst from French team put them in the driving seat 29:28 with under 3 minutes left in the half. Pavlova and Natalia Vieru converted a bunch of free throws to retain the lead and the teams went into the dressing rooms with Russia up by one 32:31. The game was tied thrice early in the third stanza before Olga Petrova (184 - G - 88) knocked down 5 points to ignite a 9:2 run from Russian team as they piled up a 51:42 cushion before the final quarter. Ingrid Tanqueray (164 - G - 88) and Paul pulled France within 6 points, but Russia reacted with straight baskets from Olga Petrova and Natalia Zhedik. Olga Petrova continued to accumulate points and soon she allowed Russia to clear off to a 12 - point distance. Lorraine Lokoka chipped in 5 consecutive points to clip the deficit to 7 points but it was as close as France could get. Katerina Keyru and Olga Petrova buried crucial free throws and Russia became the 2008 European Champions!
Olga Petrova fired 21 points to lead the action. Olga Zhuzhgova (203 - C - 88) delivered 10 points, while Katerina Keyru and Natalia Zhedik had 7 points apiece for the winners. Marielle Amant (191 - C - 89) answered with 15 points and 10 rebounds for France. Ingrid Tanqueray dropped 12 points in a losing effort. France had a slight advantage on the boards 39:37 but suffered 16 turnovers and shot just 34% from the field.

Russia U20:
Olga Petrova 21, Olga Zhuzhgova 10, Katerina Keyru 7, Natalia Zhedik 7
France U20:
Marielle Amant 15+10 boards, Ingrid Tanqueray 12

Bronze medals game
Serbia U20  -  Spain U20 73:46
Serbian U20 National Team scored a comprehensive victory over Spain in todays consolation Final of the European Championship in Italy. In the rematch of the last years Final Serbia took revenge and stepped on the pedestal. Serbia was slightly better in the opening frame and earned a 13:11 lead.
Jelena Milovanovic (191 - F/C - 89) and Dragana Gobeljic (185 - F - 88) netted back - to - back treys to open the second period and stretched the margin to 8 points. Sonja Petrovic (189 - F - 89) capped the first half with 4 straight points and Serbia opened a double - digit lead at halftime. Sonja Petrovic, Jelena Milovanovic and Dragana Gobeljic fueled a 10:0 run and Serbian team established a 48:29 advantage late in the frame. Sonja Petrovic and Ivanovic continued the rally in the fourth term as Serbia extended the distance to 28 points. Serbia then cruised to an overall victory at the end. Jelena Milovanovic paced the winners with 17 points and 6 boards. Sonja Petrovic dropped 15 points and pulled down 9 boards, while Dragana Gobeljic finished with 12 points for Serbia. Jael Freixanet (187 - F - 88) replied with 16 points and 7 boards for Spain. Anna Carbo, De La Fuente and Michel Aguilo nailed 7 points apiece in a losing effort. Serbia outrebounded their opponents 39:30 and shot solid 50% from the field. Spain converted 31% of field goals and committed 15 turnovers down the stretch.

Serbia U20:
Jelena Milovanovic 17, Sonja Petrovic 15, Dragana Gobeljic 12
Spain U20:
Jael Freixanet 16

5th - 6th spots
Ukraine U20  -  Latvia U20 80:59

Olena Samburska (172 - G - 89) nailed 25 points to pace Ukrainian U20 National Team to a victorious finish of the European Championship in Italy. Thy beat Latvia on the final day of action and clinched the 5th overall spot. Baiba Eglite and Diana Ozolina (179 - F - 89) stunned their opponents early in the game as Latvia jumped to an 8:0 lead. But Olena Samburska notched 10 points in the opening frame to lift Ukraine to a 22:21 advantage ten minutes into the game. Latvia spurred ahead early in the second term before the encounter turned into a seesaw battle with the lead changing hands for numerous times. Karline Nimane gave Latvian team a 39:38 advantage at halftime. Olena Samburska, Oleksandra Prystupa and Oksana Kisilova (188 - F - 88) carried Ukraine back in front 49:42 at the start of the third frame. Ukraine then reeled off an 18:5 rally to accumulate a 67:47 buffer before the fourth quarter. Jekabsone and Sabine Niedola (182 - F - 91) cut the distance to 16 points in the fourth frame but Ukraine immediately responded. They chipped in 9 unanswered points to pile up a comfortable advantage. Latvia failed to recover and suffered a heavy loss at the end. Oksana Kisilova provided 18 points for Ukraine. Arina Lysyuk (170 - G - 89) had 14 points in a winning effort. Sabine Niedola answered with 14 points and 6 boards for Latvia. Diana Ozolina had 10 points in defeat. Ukraine converted 54% from the field and outrebounded their opponents 34:29.

Ukraine U20:
Olena Samburska 25, Oksana Kisilova 18, Arina Lysyuk 14
Latvia U20:
Sabine Niedola 14, Diana Ozolina 10

7th - 8th spots
Turkey U20  -  Lithuania U20 69:66
Turkish U20 National Team finished their European Championship campaign with a win. They defeated Lithuanian counterparts in thrilling encounter today and occupied the 7th overall spot in the final ladder. Turkish team overcame another big day for
Gintare Petronyte (195 - C - 89) to hold off the Baltic team. Turkey used a 7:4 run late in the starting period to grab an 18:13 advantage going into the second frame. Bahar Yapar (179 - F - 89) opened the second quarter with two three - pointers to open a double - digit lead for Turkey. Bahar Yapar added 8 more points and Ilknur Dumlu (176 - G - 89) hit a trey as Turkish team enjoyed a 34:20 advantage midway through the second stanza. Milauskaite and Kamile Nacickaite scored 5 points in a row at the end of the first half and Lithuania trailed by 8 points at halftime. Turkeu maintained the gap throughout the third stanza and led by 7 points heading into the fourth quarter. Mehtap Gezer (192 - F - 88) and Bahar Yapar stretched the margin to 11 points to tip off the final term but Gintare Petronyte fueled an 8:0 surge from Lithuania as they cut the deficit to 3 points. However it was as close as Lithuania could get. Mehtap Gezer, Bahar Yapar and Ilknur Dumlu were deadly in the dying minutes and ensured the win for Turkey. Bahar Yapar finished with 17 points for Turkey. Ilknur Dumlu and Mehtap Gezer knocked down 14 points apiece for the winners. Gintare Petronyte posted 17 points and 12 boards, while Egle Sarapaite (172 - G - 88) dropped 11 points for Lithuania. Sarune Jasiunskaite and Kamile Nacickaite had 10 points each in defeat.

Turkey U20:
Bahar Yapar 17, Ilknur Dumlu 14, Mehtap Gezer 14
Lithuania U20:
Gintare Petronyte 17+12 boards, Egle Sarapaite 11

9th - 10th spots
Italy U20  -  Czech Republic U20 69:67

Italian U20 National Team overcame a 27 - point outburst from
Eva Mrhalkova (175 - F/G - 88) to score a dramatic 69:67 win over Czech Republic. Italy thus earned the 9th spot at the European Championship. The teams were well - matched in the opening frame and finished all tied at 17. Italy capped the second period with a 7:0 run to pile up a 37:31 advantage at the interval. Lenka Sipova and Eva Mrhalkova cut the deficit to minimum early in the third frame. Soon Aneta Obrusnikova (174 - G - 88) dropped back - to - back treys and Czech Republic led 45:42. However the hosts denied the deficit and drew things level 51:51 at the end of the third period. The teams exchanged the baskets and remained knotted at 62 with 2 minutes to go. Clelia Corsi and Arianna Zampieri dropped 4 points in a row as Italy clear off to a 4 - point distance. Hindrakova shaved the distance but Valeria Battisodo (177 - G - 88) answered with a three - pointer to maintain the gap. Aneta Obrusnikova gave hope to Czech Republic side with a treble but her potential winning three - pointer with 4 seconds remaining missed the mark. Chiara Consolini (182 - F - 88) accounted for 17 points for Italy. Valeria Battisodo had 13 points, while Sabrina Cinili (190 - F - 89) added 9 in a win. Eva Mrhalkova was well complimented by Aneta Obrusnikova with 18 points. Lenka Sipova finished with 15 points and 8 boards in defeat.

Italy U20:
Chiara Consolini 17, Valeria Battisodo 13, Sabrina Cinili 9
Czech Republic U20:
Eva Mrhalkova 27, Aneta Obrusnikova 18

11th - 12th spots
Montenegro U20  -  Belarus U20 73:67

Montenegrin U20 National Team earned the 11th spot at the European Championship in Italy. Earlier today Montenegro toppled Belarus to finish their campaign in style.
Snezana Aleksic (171 - G - 89) put on another sizzling outstanding performance tallying 37 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals to pace her team to the win. However Belarus controlled the situation in the opening stanza. They kept in front for the major part of the quarter and led 18:16 heading into the second frame. However the second period became a one - man show as Aleksic netted 14 points and propelled the Balkan team 36:32 ahead. Natallia Kozun (189 - F - 88), Tsikhimirava and Volha Vashkevich all scored from beyond the arc to give lead back to Belarus 43:40. Montenegro capped the third frame on a 13:9 run and led 53:49 with a quarter to go. Tatsiana Likhtarovich (179 - G - 88) buried 9 free throws in the first 5 minutes of the fourth quarter to lift Belarus up 62:59. She added a layup as Belarus enjoyed a 64:61advantage with just over 3 minutes left in regulation. But Montenegro reeled off to an 8:0 rally to claim a 69:64 advantage with 19 seconds remaining. Tatsiana Likhtarovich dropped a trey to cut eh deficit to 2 points with 13 seconds to go. But Snezana Aleksic nailed 4 freebies in the dying seconds to seal the win for Montenegro. Milica Jovanovic (187 - F/C - 89) had 11 points, while Marija Vujadinovic (175 - G - 90) delivered 10 points for the winners. Tatsiana Likhtarovich responded with 20 points for Belarus. Natallia Kozun provided 15 points in a losing effort.

Montenegro U20:
Snezana Aleksic 37+11 boards, Milica Jovanovic 11, Marija Vujadinovic 10
Belarus U20:
Tatsiana Likhtarovich 20, Natallia Kozun 15

   Division B  -  Semifinals and classification stage - Jul. 20, 2008

Sweden  -  Hungary 94 - 52

Sweden confirmed its domination from the preliminary round easily celebrating over Hungary in the semifinals of U20 European Championship division B in Poland. Thus Swedish will have to take on the hosts Poland in the battle for the Gold. On the other side Hungary will meet Slovakia in the game for bronze medal. Swedish had a pretty good shooting day as they made 11 of 19 attempts from behind the arc. Beside that Sweden dominated under the basket at the both sides of the court having 42 rebounds matched with 27 by Hungary. After 5 - 5 at the early beginning, Sweden made furious 15 - 0 run mostly owing to Frida Aili (178 - G - 88, agency: LBM Management) and Frida Eldebrink (174 - G - 88). This resulted with fantastic 17 points lead after first ten minutes. Swedish continued at the same rhythm in the next period creating another 9 - 0 run for 32 - 6. Hungarians struggled a lot with their offensive sets during this entire first quarter as well as in the first couple of minutes in the next one. The reason for that of course is very aggressive defense by the Swedish. Hungary succeeded to net some points before the half time but anyway Sweden didn't stop too setting the score on 47 - 19. The rest of the game was just a formality.

This time Sweden got the most from Louice Halvarsson (189 - C - 89), who netted 24 points. As usually Frida Eldebrink was on her level with 20 points and 6 rebounds while Frida Aili had 13 points. Emese Szasz (171 - G - 88) and Edit Laczi (181 - G/F - 88) scored 10 points each for Hungary.

Sweden  -  Hungary 94 - 52
(23 - 6,24 - 13,30 - 13,17 - 20)

Louice Halvarsson 24, Frida Eldebrink 20 (6 rebs), Frida Aili 13
Hungary: Emese Szasz 10 (4 as), Edit Laczi 10

   Division A. Semifinals  -  Jul. 19, 2008
Russia U20  -  Serbia U20 49:47
Russian U20 National Team withstood a fierce comeback effort from Serbian team to celebrate a dramatic victory in the semifinal of the European championship. Russia is looking to retain the title they possess in 2000, 2004 and 2006. Natalia Vieru (198 - C - 89) and Olga Petrova got things rolling for Russia at the start of the game. The first stanza was really slow as the teams stressed the defense. Keyru and Natalia Zhedik (182 - G - 88) finished the period with 5 points and Russian team enjoyed a 10:3 advantage at the first intermission. Jelena Milovanovic (191 - F/C - 89) scored 7 points early in the second period to singlehandedly drag Serbia back to life. Dragana Gobeljic soon cut the deficit to one point however Yulia Lukina (185 - F - 88) and Elena Pavlova secured Russian lead at halftime 22:18. Russia kept in front throughout the third frame. Jelena Milovanovic accounted for the last basket in the third quarter and Serbia trailed 29:30 heading into the final stanza. Maja Miljkovic and Iva Roglic (189 - F - 88) opened the fourth term with 4 points in a row to give Serbia their first lead of the game. The advantage changed hands for a couple of times before Natalia Vieru hit two freebies and Romanova added a jumper to establish a 45:42 advantage for Russia. Serbia cut the distance back to a single point but Natalia Zhedik converted two free throws, while Jelena Milovanovic managed just one free throw and Russia pulled away with a narrow victory. Natalia Vieru tallied 15 points and 9 boards to pace Russia. Yulia Lukina had 8 points, while Natalia Zhedik knocked down 7 for the winners. Jelena Milovanovic answered with 16 points for Serbia. Sonja Petrovic (189 - F - 89) and Iva Roglic delivered 9 points apiece in defeat. Russia will now face France in the Final tomorrow.

Russia U20:
Natalia Vieru 15, Yulia Lukina 8, Natalia Zhedik 7
Serbia U20:
Jelena Milovanovic 16, Sonja Petrovic 9, Iva Roglic 9

France U20  -  Spain U20 61:56
Spanish U20 National Team ceased their title defense campaign in the semifinal today. Spanish team could not overcome French counterparts and failed to enter the title game at the European championship. The teams traded baskets in the opening stanza but
Anna Carbo (176 - F - 88) scored 6 straight points late in the period and Bokesa capped the frame with a jumper to give Spain a 22:18 lead. Anna Carbo converted a three - pointer and Spain went up 31:23 early in the second stanza. However 5 points from Carine Paul (176 - F/G - 88) and a trey from Lucie Bouthors (174 - G - 88) drew things level midway through the frame. Doriane Tahane and Lorraine Lokoka crowned the first half with consecutive jump shots and France enjoyed a 35:31 advantage at the interval. France stayed in front in the third frame and entered the fourth term up by 3 points. France looked cool in the final stanza and kept their opponents at bay in the fourth quarter. Spain still managed to claw their way within one point from French team but Amant and Carine Paul stretched the gap back to 5 points. Ingrid Tanqueray (164 - G - 88) hit a freebie for a 60:54 advantage with 24 seconds left. Noelia Oliva shaved the deficit to 4 points with just 15 seconds remaining but Carine Paul sealed the winning outcome from charity stripe. Lucie Bouthors led the charge with 15 points. Carine Paul added 12 points, while Ingrid Tanqueray had 8 points and 11 boards for the winners. Gaby Ocete (170 - G - 88) netted 19 points for Spain. Anna Carbo delivered 17 points and 7 rebounds in a losing effort. France outrebounded their opponents 45:36 and limited Spain to 31% from the field.

France U20:
Lucie Bouthors 15, Carine Paul 12, Ingrid Tanqueray 8+12 boards
Spain U20:
Gaby Ocete 19, Anna Carbo 17

5th - 8th spots semifinals
Latvia U20  -  Lithuania U20 83:73 (OT)
Latvian U20 National Team secured a difficult win over their archrivals Lithuania to play for the 5th spot at the European Championship in Italy.
Sabine Niedola (182 - F - 91) came up with monster double - double of 21 points and 22 boards to pace Latvia to the win. She eclipsed a sizzling performance from Gintare Petronyte (195 - C - 89) as Lithuanian rising star tallied 26 points and 15 boards in defeat. Lithuania jumped to an early lead as Nacickaite and Saule Kontautaite (175 - G - 89) hit trebles. Saule Kontautaite soon added another three - pointer to give Lithuania a 16:9 advantage midway through the opening term. However Latvia managed to cut the deficit to a single point 19:20 at the first intermission. Back - to - back treys from Egle Sarapaite and Sarune Povilionyte opened a double - digit lead for Lithuania. They rolled to a 39:31 advantage at halftime. Petronyte scored a layup for a 44:31 Lithuanian cushion early in the third stanza and the situation seemed well in control by Lithuania. But Latvian players had some other thoughts about it. They went on an 18:2 rally to step in front 49:46 late in the third quarter. Petronyte and Sarune Povilionyte retained the lead for Lithuanian team but Niedola drew things level at 53 heading into the fourth term. The teams exchanged the baskets at the beginning of the final period before Anna Gailite and Kristine Vitola (196 - C - 91) spurred Latvia ahead 69:63 with under two minutes left. But Lithuanian side replied with a three - pointer from Saule Kontautaite to clip the distance to 3 points. Nacickaite converted a free throw, while Gintare Petronyte hit a jumper to send game into overtime. Baiba Eglite (175 - G - 89) and Kristine Vitola carried Latvia to a 75:70 advantage in the extra period. Niedola then added two points and Latvia never looked back to race past Lithuania. Baiba Eglite and Kristine Vitola knocked down 19 points apiece for the winners. Saule Kontautaite delivered 12 points in defeat.

Latvia U20:
Sabine Niedola 21+22 boards, Baiba Eglite 19, Kristine Vitola 19
Lithuania U20:
Gintare Petronyte 26+15 boards, Saule Kontautaite 12

Ukraine U20  -  Turkey U20 78:67
Ukrainian U20 National Team outgunned their Turkish counterparts and got the chance to fight for the 5th overall spot at the European championship.
Oleksandra Prystupa (205 - C - 89, agency: LBM Management) secured 19 points and 16 boards to pace Ukraine. Yasemin Dalgalar (183 - F - 88) led all scorers with 27 points for Turkey but could not prevent loss. Ukraine will now take on Latvia for the 5th spot tomorrow. Turkey will face Lithuania in the game for the 7th spot. The teams kept it close in the opening stanza and Ukraine ensured a 21:18 lead after ten minutes of action. Olena Samburska (172 - G - 89) scored 7 points in a 16:0 run from Ukraine that put them ahead 42:25 late in the second frame. Turkey trailed 28:44 at the sides change. Olena Samburska accounted for 4 more points and Bovykina added two more for Ukraine to go 60:40 up late in the third quarter. Dalgalar and Erbas narrowed the gap to 14 points with a quarter to go. Dalgalar, Bahar Caglar (188 - F - 88) and Melek Bilge cut the deficit to 8 points midway through the fourth term. However Prystupa and Kisilova nailed 4 points in a row to give Ukraine some more breathing space. Dalgalar and Bahar Caglar combined for 6 points to spark hope for Turkey but Arina Lysyuk (170 - G - 89) silenced Turkish team with a trey. Olena Samburska scored 17 points, while Arina Lysyuk added 14 for the winners. Bahar Caglar drained 23 points and pulled down 11 rebounds for Turkey in defeat.

Ukraine U20:
Oleksandra Prystupa 19+16 boards, Olena Samburska 17, Arina Lysyuk 14
Turkey U20:
Yasemin Dalgalar 27+10 boards, Bahar Caglar 23+11 boards

9th - 12th spots semifinals
Italy U20  -  Montenegro U20 73:51
Italian U20 Team earned a cruising win over Montenegro earlier today. The victory means Italy will fight for the 9th spot tomorrow. Tomorrow the hosts will take on Czech Republic. Montenegro will clash with Belarus for the 11th overall spot on the final day of action. The home team opened the game on a 13:2 run to set the tone early. Rossi and
Chiara Consolini (182 - F - 88) capped the first frame to give Italian team a 22:10 advantage at the first intermission. Chiara Consolini notched 6 points early in the second period to keep Italy rolling. They easily withheld all comeback efforts from Montenegro to enjoy a 39:23 advantage at halftime. Biljana Turcinovic (186 - F - 89) opened the third frame with 5 points as Montenegrin team cut the deficit to 11 points. However the hosts easily secured a safe distance and entered the fourth term up by 16. Vujadinovic tipped off the fourth period with back - to - back treys as Montenegro trailed by 10 points. Battisodo, Arianna Zampieri (181 - F - 88) and Martina Crippa (175 - G/F - 88) immediately answered with an 8:0 run to take a sigh of relief. Montenegro could not answer at the closing stages and lost the battle. Chiara Consolini and Martina Crippa scored 15 points apiece for Italy. Arianna Zampieri dropped 9 points in a winning case. Milica Jovanovic (187 - F/C - 89) answered with 16 points and 9 rebounds for Montenegro. Biljana Turcinovic and Snezana Aleksic (171 - G - 89) netted 10 points and collected 10 boards apiece.

Italy U20:
Chiara Consolini 15, Martina Crippa 15, Arianna Zampieri 9
Montenegro U20:
Milica Jovanovic 16, Biljana Turcinovic 10+10 boards, Snezana Aleksic 10+10 boards

Czech Republic U20  -  Belarus U20 78:69
Lenka Sipova (185 - C - 88) dropped 20 points and Czech Republic U20 National Team toppled Belarusian counterparts in Italy today. Czechs will now play for the 9th spot against Italy. Belarus will have a chance to finish the event at the 11th spot when they take on Montenegro tomorrow. Tatsiana Likhtarovich (179 - G - 88) exploded with 25 points and 5 steals but her effort was gone fruitless as Czech Republic prevailed in the end. Andrea Ovsikova and Gabriela Giacintova teamed up for 10 points in the first period as Czech Republic grabbed a 22:17 advantage. Czech team posted a 7:0 run early in the second period to open up a double digit lead. Belarus cut it back to 3 points late in the quarter but Obrusnikova crowned the first half with a layup to make it 45:40 for Czechs. The teams exchanged the baskets throughout the third stanza and Tatsiana Likhtarovich drew things level with a three - pointer late in the third frame. However Eva Mrhalkova (175 - F/G - 88) managed to put Czech Republic in front 61:59 at the end of the third stanza. Belarus stayed in the striking distance throughout the first part of the final period but eventually Czech Republic ran away. Sipova nailed a jumper to ignite a 9:0 run that put Czechs away for good. Katerina Hindrakova (176 - G/F - 88) and Eva Mrhalkova dropped 14 points apiece for the winners. Natallia Kozun (189 - F - 88) answered with 18 points and 7 boards for Belarus in defeat. Czech Republic outrebounded their opponents 46:25 including 18 offensive rebounds.

Czech Republic U20:
Lenka Sipova 20, Katerina Hindrakova 14, Eva Mrhalkova 14
Belarus U20:
Tatsiana Likhtarovich 25, Natallia Kozun 18

   Division A. The end of the Qualifying Round - Jul. 18, 2008

Serbia U20  -  Turkey U20 87:58

Serbian U20 National Team continued their chase for the European championship title. Today they cruised past Turkey in the Qualifying round Group E. Serbia improved to 4 - 1 record on top of Group E. Turkey fell to 2 - 3.
Sonja Petrovic (189 - F - 89) and Jelena Milovanovic (191 - F/C - 89) put their names in the scoring list early in the game. Soon Dragana Gobeljic (185 - F - 88) fired from downtown and Serbia accumulated a 7:2 lead. But Turkey stepped on the gas late in the first frame and pulled ahead 12:10 at the end. Yasemin Dalgalar (183 - F - 88) opened the second stanza with a jumper and Turkey enjoyed a 14:10 advantage. But a couple of triples from Sonja Petrovic and Milijkovic allowed Serbia to pile up a 21:14 advantage midway through the second frame. Serbian team kept Turkey at bay through the reminder of the second stanza and built a 33:22 cushion at halftime. Dragana Gobeljic and Milovanovic teamed up for 8 points to open the third quarter and Serbia ran away to a 19 - point distance. Turkey never threatened the lead and trailed by 38 points heading into the final stanza. Dalglar and Bahar Caglar (188 - F - 88) clipped the deficit early in the fourth term but Serbian reserves soon took over and breezed to a stunning win. Dragana Gobeljic delivered 14 points for Serbia. Sonja Petrovic knocked down 13 points and Maja Miljkovic (176 - G - 88) secured 12 in a win. Bahar Caglar and

   Division B  -  Results and stats of the quarterfinals - Jul. 18, 2008

Hungary  -  Netherlands 61 - 52
Hungary is the first semifinalist of the U20 European Championship division B in Poland. Hungarians booked a spot for the semis mostly owing to
Zsofia Varga (182 - F - 89) and Finda Mansare (189 - F/C - 89), which were unstoppable today for Netherlands. On the other side Netherlands will continue competition in classification stage fighting for the fifth position. Today's game started wonderful for Hungarians. After just couple of minutes at the very beginning, they already created double digits advantage. Jantine Kraak (190 - C - 89) and her teammates weren't able to stop Hungarians which finally resulted with 25 - 12 after first ten minutes. In the second stanza both teams showed their nerves. They scored together just 18 points in this quarter. Holland succeeded to finish it with plus two but still they hade minus 11 at the half time. Situation has change during the next ten minutes. Netherlands dominated in the paint grabbing many offensive rebounds. Jantine Kraak and Francisca Donders (170 - G - 89) led Netherlands to the crucial 10 minutes melting lead of their opponent on just 3 points. At the fist possession in the last stanza Kraak made a jump shot setting the score on 45 - 44. Then Zsofia Varga, Finda Mansare and Kovatz stepped up in Hungary immediately answering with 12 - 2 run. At that point it was clear that the game is over for Netherlands.

Nadia Tavares (178 - F - 88) of Portugal, jumped ahead Frida Eldebrink taking the position number one on this list. Tavares played 4 games averaging 16 ppg for her team, which unfortunately finished Preliminary Round winless. Her championship high so far happened in the first round against Sweden when she netted 23 points. Tavares posted two points less against Netherlands in day number two.
Frida Eldebrink (174 - G - 88) is very close to Tavares as she averaged 15.5 ppg. The reason why her name isn't on top of the list with leading scorer is maybe because she take a rest at the last game against Israel playing only 23 minutes. Anyway, she had a competition high in the first round against Tavares and her teammates draining 25 points.
Third leading scorer after Preliminary Round is Agnieszka Skobel (181 - F - 89) with 14 ppg. Fourth place belongs to Elin Eldebrink (174 - G - 88) who has 13.8 ppg. The host Poland will remember Elin's performance against them in th second day of the championship when she was ustoappable scoring 25 points. Position number five is reserved for Claudia Pop (186 - F - 89, agency: LBM Management) of Romania who has 13.5 ppg.
Finda Mansare (189 - F/C - 89) of Hungary is the top rebounder of the competition so far with 10.3 rpg. Nadia Tavares follows her with 8.8 rpg. Anita Meszaros (190 - C - 88) in on position number three grabing 8.5 rpg.
Francisca Donders (170 - G - 89) of Netherlands is the best assistant at the moment with 4.8 apg. Elin Eldebrink is on the second place as she dished out 4.5 apg while Rose Anderson (175 - G - 88) in on the third place with 3.5 apg.

   Division A. Qualifying round. Day 2 - Jul. 16, 2008

France U20 - Turkey U20 65:57

France U20 beats Turkey U20 in the game of two different halves at U20 European Championship. The French side trailed after the first one, but then produced 17:6 in the third quarter to seal 65:57 victory in Group E.
Ana - Maria Cata - Chitiga (195 - C - 89) had a great game with 22 points and 16 rebounds. Carine Paul (176 - F/G - 88) netted 14, while Lorraine Lokoka (184 - C/F - 89) scored 9. Bahar Caglar (188 - F - 88) finished the night with 19 points in defeat and Yasemin Dalgalar (183 - F - 88) collected 12 points and 11 rebounds. France improved to 3 - 1 and Turkey dropped to 2 - 2 in the group.
Turkey opened the game with 5 straight points and the rest of the first quarter was a real battle, ending with Turkey up 14:13.
Ana - Maria Cata - Chitiga was the last to score in the quarter to reduce the gap for her team. In the second quarter the teams exchanged the lead often but again Turkey was in front by the end of it. The latter went to the lockers having 31:29 advantage at the halftime.
Bilge scored for Turkey in the beginning of the third quarter, but then the spectators saw silence from Turkey.
Ana - Maria Cata - Chitiga tallied eight points in a 17 - 4 French surge over the remainder of the third period for a 46:37 lead going into the fourth. The game was not over as Turkey closed the gap to 57:53 with 3.23 remaining in the game. France however pushed the tempo and reached 65:57 win.

France U20:
Ana - Maria Cata - Chitiga 22+16 rebs, Carine Paul 14, Lorraine Lokoka 9
Turkey U20:
Bahar Caglar 19,

Group A

Hungary  -  Romania 35 - 41
Romanians ended Preliminary Round registering third victory but they remain on position number three in Group A with score 3 - 1. Thus Romania will play against the host Poland in the quarterfinals of the U20 European Championship division B. Despite this defeat second position in the same group is reserved for Hungary, which has the same score as Romania 3 - 1.

It was a game with extremely low number of points. It seems that Romanians adapted better on that kind of game celebrating at the end with plus 6. The winner of today's game opened it very strong making 8 - 1 run. After few minutes they extended its lead to 5 points, 18 - 3. Until the end of the first half Romanians succeeded to transfer 14 points lead into the third stanza. Interesting is that spectators couldn't see any points almost 5 minutes after the breather. Both teams made many mistakes also missing many wide open shots. Anyway, with almost two minutes remaining in third period Romania had 36 - 17. Hungary finally started to make some shots at the beginning of the last 10 minutes but they couldn't come any closer than 8 points.

Anita Meszaros (190 - C - 88) paced Romania to win today almost registering double - double. She finished the game with 13 points and 9 rebounds. Ramona Tarta (173 - G - 89) also shined for the winners with 9 points and 6 rebounds. Hungary got 12 points and 7 rebounds from Nora Kovats (180 - G - 88) while Emese Szasz (171 - G - 88) had 11 points.

Hungary  -  Romania 35 - 41
(5 - 18, 7 - 8, 8 - 10, 15 - 5)

Nora Kovats N 12 (7 rebs), Emese Szasz 11
Romania: Anita Meszaros 13 (9 rebs)

Group A

Great Britain  -  Hungary 35 - 59

In the fourth round of European Championship division B Hungary registered an easy win against Great Britain booking a spot for the quarterfinal round. Thus Hungary is undefeated yet in Group A with score 3 - 0. On the other side Great Britain is still without a victory in Poland as well as without any chance to reach the quarterfinals. British struggled a lot with their offensive sets scoring just 4 points for the first 10 minutes. At the same time Hungary netted 13 points mostly owing to Finda Mansare (189 - F/C - 89) and Zsofia Varga (182 - F - 89). British succeeded to recover after terrible first stanza playing almost leveled second period. Interesting is that British outrebounded their rivals in this game but their main problem were turnovers as they committed 29 matched with only 9 by Hungary. After the breather teams had another almost leveled 10 minutes but this time Great Britain finished it 13 - 12. It was a hope for British that after real fiasco in the first quarter they are able to do something more until the end of the game. But it was a kind of a signal for Hungary, which intensified defense letting their opponent to net just 5 points. At the end British finished the game with only 35 points.

Finda Mansare was the key player for Hungary registering double - double. She added 14 points and 12 rebounds. Zsofia Varga followed her with 12 points while Nora Kovats (180 - G - 88) stopped in 11 points. Rose Rose Anderson (175 - G - 88) was the best for the British scoring 12 points. At the same time she had 11 turnovers. In the last round Hungary will take on Romania while Great Britain will play against Slovak Republic

   Division A Qualifying Round. Day 1 - Jul. 15, 2008

France U20  -  Latvia U20 57:53

French U20 National Team celebrated a tough win over Latvian counterparts at the start of the qualifying round of the European championship today. Sarah Michel (178 - F/G - 89) led balanced offense with 13 points and France team grabbed their third win at the tournament. France posted a 9:2 rally to close the starting period and led 20:11. Ingrid Tanqueray (164 - G - 88), Sarah Michel and Amant allowed French team to spur ahead to a 30:15 distance early in the second stanza. Baiba Eglite (175 - G - 89) tried to keep Latvia in visibility as she poured in 8 points in the second frame but France persisted. They mounted the pressure and finished the first half leading by 21 points 41:20. Baiba Eglite and Sabine Niedola (182 - F - 91) opened the second half with back - to - back jumpers. Sabine Niedola and Nimane teamed up for 5 straight points and Latvian team narrowed the gap to 17 points. Baiba Eglite and Neimane crowned the third frame on a high shaving the deficit to 11 points. Nimane converted a three - point play at the start of the final period and Latvia clawed their way back into contest. Diana Ozolina (179 - F - 89) and Sabine Niedola made it a 6 - point game with just over 3 minutes remaining. Baiba Eglite and Steinberga soon put Latvia just two points behind. Carine Paul (176 - F/G - 88) scored a jumper, while Steinberga missed three - pointer for France to secure a difficult victory at the end. Carine Paul and Frida Eldebrink (174 - G - 88) is currently the top scorer of the championship averaging 21 ppg. At the opening day of the competition she demonstrated pretty good performance adding 15 points and 8 rebounds in win against Portugal. In the next appearance of Swedish National Team, which was on day number 3 against the host Poland, Frida stepped up with 17 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assist and 4 steals. She made two free throws for overtime against Poland just one second before the end of regular time. Later, with 8 seconds remain in the extra five minutes, she drained a winning triple for her team.
Nadia Tavares (178 - F - 88) of Portugal is currently the second scorer of the championship with 16 ppg. Unfortunately to Tavares, her team is winless yet in Group B with score 0 - 3. In the first round of the competition against Sweden, Tavares netted 23 points. Polish players kept her on just 4 points in the second while in the next round she shined once again with 21 points against Netherlands.
Zsofia Varga (182 - F - 89) is currently on the third place with 15.5 ppg. She recorded 19 points against Ireland and 12 points against Slovak Republic. Claudia Pop (186 - F - 89, agency: LBM Management) of Romania and Elin Eldebrink (174 - G - 88) follow Varga with 15 ppg each.

Anita Meszaros (190 - C - 88) of Romania, Finda Mansare (189 - F/C - 89) of Hungary and Sharon Beld (184 - F - 88) of Netherlands recorded 9 rpg each thus they share position of the leading rebounder so far.

Francisca Donders (170 - G - 89) of Netherlands and Rose Anderson (175 - G - 88) of Great Britain currently have 5.5 apg each. Elin Eldebrink is behind them with 4 apg.

   All tops after Preliminary Round - Jul. 14, 2008
Preliminary Round of European Championship Division A went to the end and now Eurobasket introduces you all top after three games played. Aleksic from Montenegro leads all top - scorers averaging 25.3 points per game. Montenegrin player celebrated a key victory with her team over Belgium in the preliminary Group D of the European Championship. They overcame a 7 - point halftime deficit to grab their first win at the tournament and advanced to the qualifying stage. Montenegro jumped to a quick start as Snezana Aleksic (171 - G - 89) and Milica Jovanovic (187 - F/C - 89) put them up 10:2. Belgium failed to recover and Snezana Aleksic sealed the winning outcome from charity stripe. Snezana Aleksic was simply unbelievable with 37 points, 7 assists, 6 steals and 5 boards for Montenegro. Milica Jovanovic nailed 27 points and averages 19.0 points per game which is the second result. Sabine Niedola (182 - F - 91) from Latvia also has 19.0. In day 3 Latvia U20 won over Greece U20 to finish Group B with 2 - 1 record. Only due to the third quarter Greece could not celebrate the first win in U20 European Championship for Women. Sabine Niedola was unstoppable with 22 points and 14 rebounds.
Due to that result Sabine Niedola is the top player in rebounds stats. She averages 14.7 rebounds per game which is an outstanding result. Milovanovic from Serbia is second with 10.7. The latter collected 13 points and 11 rebounds in the last game over France. Bahar Caglar (188 - F - 88) from Turkey has the same result as her Turkey U20 clinched the top position in Group B beating Czech Republic U20 78:56. After a loss in the opener of the U20 European Championship for Women the team won the next two to finish the first round with 2 - 1 record. Czech Republic U20 also has the same record but due to the game with each other finished second with the same record. Bahar Caglar collected 15 points and 12 rebounds.
Gaby Ocete (170 - G - 88) from Spain, Gizem Yavuz (170 - G - 88, agency: Prosportman) from Turkey, Romina Ciappina (180 - F/G - 88) from Belgium and Snezana Aleksic from Montenegro all have 3.3 assists per game.

   Division B results and stats. Day 3 - Jul. 13, 2008
Group A

Hungary  -  Slovak Republic 64 - 52

Slovak Republic suffered the first defeat in Preliminary Group A on U20 European Championship division B in Poland thus it currently has score 2 - 1. On the other side Hungary recorded second victory on the championship thanks to nice performance Finda Mansare (189 - F/C - 89) and Zsofia Varga (182 - F - 89). Slovakia had terribly shot percentage from behind the arc as well as from the free throw line (20% 3 - pts, 57% FTs). Slovakians also committed 29 turnovers. Hungary started the game with attitude creating 8 points lead very soon. In the second quarter Hungarians extended lead even more so they went on the half time with 34 - 22. Afther the breather it was expected that Slovakia show better performance but that didn't happen. Slovakians succeeded to score just 9 points in this period having minus 17 before the last stanza. During these 10 minutes Slovakia succeeded just to make this defeat acceptable decreasing its minus to 12 points.

Finda Mansare paced the winners registering 18 points and 8 rebounds. Zsofia Varga also shined for Hungary with 12 points and 7 rebounds while Dora Szondy (173 - G - 88) followed scoring 9 points. Slovakia got double - double from Lucia Krc Turbova (184 - F - 87), who added 12 points and 10 rebounds. Katarina Slimakova (180 - G/F - 89) and Janka Mincikova (169 - G - 89) stopped on 9 points each. All teams will have day - off tomorrow while on Tuesday Hungary will meet Great Britain. Slovakia will play its next game on Wednesday against the same team.

Hungary  -  Slovak Republic 64 - 52
(20 - 12,14 - 10,14 - 9,16 - 21)


   Division A results and stats. Day 3 - Jul. 13, 2008

Serbia U20 - France U20 59:66

France U20 upset the favorite of U20 European Championship for Women beating Serbia U20 66:59. Trailing 13:29 in the opening quarter, French squad came back to the game and recovered 24 points after the first half. Sarah Michel (178 - F/G - 89) led the winners with 19 points. Ana - Maria Cata - Chitiga (195 - C - 89) nailed 14, while Lorraine Lokoka (184 - C/F - 89) scored 10. Sonja Petrovic (189 - F - 89) collected 17 points and 7 rebounds in defeat, while Dragana Gobeljic (185 - F - 88) posted 14 and Jelena Milovanovic (191 - F/C - 89) had 13 points and 11 rebounds.

Serbia U20 was too good in the beginning of the game and proved the ambitions for the top places. Jelena Milovanovic gace her team 16:6 in the opening tip with no doubt for the favorite. Serbia created 12 - 0 run to finish the first period at 29:13 and looked awesome in the game. Moreover Sonja Petrovic made plus 20 in the center of the second quarter. It was her again to close the first half at 45:23.
The second half was a huge difference in comparison with the first. French squad came back to the game with another mood and desire. Dragana Gobeljic's lay - up left Serbia ahead 57:46 only to have the French finish the game on a 20 - 2 spurt. Sarah Michel drained another long ball and was later followed by triples from Ingrid Tanqueray and Carine Paul, the later of which evened the game at 59:59 with less than two minutes to play. Amant sent France in front and then Sarah Michel made a lay - up for the team. Tanqueray brought French team the second win and the hard win over the tough Serbia.

Serbia U20:Sonja Petrovic 17+7 rebs, Dragana Gobeljic 14, Jelena Milovanovic 13+11 rebs
France U20:Sarah Michel 19, Ana - Maria Cata - Chitiga 14, Lorraine Lokoka 10
Italy U20 - Germany U20 67:55

Italian U20 team had another win in U20 European Championship for Women to improve to 2 - 1 record. The last game of Group A saw Italian team edging Germany U20 67:55. Chiara Consolini (182 - F - 88) and Sabrina Cinili (190 - F - 89) led the winners with 14 points each. Valeria Battisodo (177 - G - 88) supported

   Division A results and stats. Day 2 - Jul. 12, 2008
Italy U20 - Serbia U20 53:71

Serbia U20 is on the right way to its previous achievement as the tea overcame Italy U20 71:53 in Day 2. Last year Spain U20 National team became the European champions edging Serbia 75:60 to complete their perfect campaign in Bulgaria. Miljana Musovic's 16 points for Serbia were not enough that night. Tonight Serbian Sonja Petrovic collected 14 points and 10 rebounds. Ana Dabovic (183 - G/F - 89) top - scored for the winners with 16 points, while Dragana Gobeljic (185 - F - 88) and Maja Miljkovic (176 - G - 88) netted 12 each. Valeria Battisodo (177 - G - 88) ended up with 12 points in the losing effort.
Sonja Petrovic (189 - F - 89) scored from the arc in the very beginning to give Serbians the first lead. The latter rushed ahead 13 - 2 early on and led 21:15 after one period. Italians stayed in the game for two more minutes, but then missed 0 - 14 run from the winners. Serbians enjoyed 18:11 in the second quarter to finish the half at 39:26.
Another 15:10 in the third quarter was too much for Italy to recover. Although Chiara Rossi (170 - G - 88) reduce the gap from the arc to 36:54, the last ten minutes were not enough for them. Italy played even however and tied the period at 17:17. Chiara Rossi's three was the last for Italians, while Sonja Petrovic set up the final score 71:53.

Italy U20:Valeria Battisodo 12, Chiara Rossi 10
Serbia U20: Ana Dabovic 16, Sonja Petrovic 14+10 rebs, Dragana Gobeljic 12, Maja Miljkovic 12
Germany U20 - France U20 59:84
France U20 is back on track after the loss in the opener beating Germany U20 84:59. The latter lost the second in a row and covers the bottom of Group A of U20 European championship. A 17 - 0 from the start gave them good confidence later in the game. Sarah Michel (178 - F/G - 89) paced all the winners with 15 points. Carine Paul (176 - F/G - 88) ended up with 13, while Marielle Amant (191 - C - 89) collected 11 points and 14 rebounds. Ireti Amojo (174 - G/F - 90) top - scored in defeat with 15 and Hanna Mugge

   Division B results and stats. Day 1 - Jul. 12, 2008
Group A
Romania  -  Slovak Republic 43 - 62
In the second game of Preliminary Group A on U20 European Championship division B Romania suffered defeat against Slovak Republic. It was a game with not so many points as both teams struggled with their shots almost the entire time. Romania finished the game with 14.3% from behind arc and 25.9% for FG2. On the other side Slovakia was just a little bit better having 18.8% for 3 - pts and 38% for FG2. Teams finished first quarter almost equalized, actually Slovakia had 1 points lead at that time. Slovakians showed better performance in the second one mostly owing to Katarina Tetemondova (185 - F - 88), who had 7 offensive rebound in this game. Thanks to her and Katarina Slimakova (180 - G - 89), Slovakia had advantage of 6 points on the half time. After the breather once again it was seen totally equal battle as teams finished third stanza 15 - 15. The last 10 minutes actually were the crucial ones. Slovakia intensified defense while Romania continued with missing the important shots. With just 6 scored points in this period Romania couldn't count on turn for sure. On the other hand Katarina Slimakova and Katarina Tetemondova took care about the points for their team which resulted with 6 - 19 in the last frame.

Katarina Slimakova shined for the winners adding 14 points and 7 rebounds. Katarina Tetemondova also had very god day registering double - double. She had 11 points, 16 rebounds and 4 steals. Clau

   Division B results and stats. Day 2 - Jul. 12, 2008
Group A
Slovak Republic  -  Ireland 90 - 57
Slovakia grabbed the second win in Preliminary Group A on U20 European Championship division B in Poland. At the same time it is the second defeat for Ireland in this competition. As a reminder Slovakia outplayed Romania 62 - 43 yesterday while Ireland lost against Hungary 44 - 80. Slovakia demonstrated its quality from the beginning. It seemed that Ireland was too upset with yesterday's huge defeat that they once again showed poor performance. After first ten minutes Slovakia already made comfortable lead of 24 points, 32 - 8. Katarina Pindrochova (184 - F - 88) and Janka Mincikova (169 - G - 89) were unstoppable for Ireland's defense while on the other side Irish struggled a lot at the offensive end. The score 46 - 16 at the half time sent clear signal that game is already over. Until the end Ireland showed some of its qualities but for sure it was not enough for nothing else but to 33 points defeat.

Katarina Pindrochova paced the winners delivering 15 points including 4 rebounds. Janka Mincikova also showed nice performance adding 11 points and 4 steals. Katarina Tetemondova (185 - F - 88), who was Slovakian best player yesterday, this time stopped on 11 points, 4 assists and 4 steals. Shauna O'Connor (183 - F - 88) netted 12 points for

   Division A results and stats. Day 1 - Jul. 11, 2008
Group A Serbia U20  -  Germany U20 74:44
Serbian U20 National team got to a winning start of the European championship in Italy. The 2007 championship runners - up thumped Germany to grab their first win in the preliminary Group A. Serbia is widely taken as one of the main favorites in any kind of tournament they take place in. Serbia lived up to the status and had little problems against Germany in the first game. Milovanovic, Miljkovic, Petrovic and Cerina all scored in the starting minutes to give Serbian team a 12:2 lead. Matovic capped the first frame with a three - pointer and Serbia led comfortably 26:9. Fatsawo opened the second quarter with a basket for Germany but Serbia quickly denied the effort. Petrovic nailed 7 points in the second term and Serbian team stretched the lead to 44:17 at halftime. Germany simply had no answers for the onslaught. Miljkovic and Cerina ignited another run from Serbia early in the third quarter to put aside any possible questions about the outcome. Schaffner and Dietz clipped the distance a bit at the start of the fourth stanza. Unger scored 7 straight points to keep Germany contestant but it was far from enough to revive any kind of intrigue. Serbia breezed to an overall easy win at the end. Jelena Milovanovic (191 - F/C - 89) led the winners with 14 points and 11 boards. Maja Miljkovic (176 - G - 88) delivered 14 points, while Sonja Petrovic (189 - F - 89) had 10 points for Serbia. Ireti Amojo (173 - G - 90) and Jacqueline Fatsawo (179 - F - 88) answered with 9 points apiece for Germany. Mirijam Unger provided 7 points in a loss. Serbia will face Italy, while Germany will play against France tomorrow.

Serbia U20: Jelena Milovanovic 14+11 boards, Maja Miljkovic 14, Sonja Petrovic 10
Germany U20: Ireti Amojo 9, Jacqueline Fatsawo 9 France U20 - Italy U20 51:57

Italian U20 team surprised France U20 in Group A of the U20 European Championship for Women. The hosts of the tournament used 19:12 from the start to seal the victory. Arianna Zampieri (182 - F - 88) paced all the winners with 16 points. Chiara Consolini (182 - F - 88) netted 14, while Sabrina Cinili (185 - F - 89) scored 11. Marielle Amant (189 - C - 89) top - scored for the guests with 15 points and 8 rebounds.
France U20 was the favorite of the game as the team won recently Zamora Tournament held in Spain. There France overcame Italy 68:33 in the opener of the competition. Moreover France claimed Bronze medals at the U20 European championship that finished in Sofia last year. They narrowly defeated Turkey i

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