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All Rosters

Eurobasket 2003 Final Standings
1. Lithuania
2. Spain
3. Italy
4. France
5. Greece
6. Serbia/M.
7. Israel
8. Russia
Places 9-12
Places 13-16

Lithuania won Eurobasket 2003

Standings Preliminary
Group A
1.France 3-0
2.Slovenia 2-1
3.Italy 1-2
4.Bosnia 0-3
Group B
1.Lithuania 3-0
2.Germany 2-1
3.Israel 1-2
4.Latvia 0-3
Group C
1.Spain 3-0
2.Russia 2-1
3.Serbia/M. 1-2
4.Sweden 0-3
Group D
1.Greece 3-0
2.Turkey 2-1
3.Croatia 1-2
4.Ukraine 0-3

Lithuania 2003





Sarunas Jasikevicius (192-G-76) of Panathinaikos (GRE)
Arvydas Macijauskas (192-G-80) of Olympiakos (GRE)
Saulius Stombergas (202-F-73) of Naglis-Adakis
Ramunas Siskauskas (197-G-78) of CSKA Moscow (RUS)
Darius Songaila (205-C/F-78) of Washington Wizards (USA)
Eurelijus Zukauskas (216-C-73) of B.C. Zalgiris Kaunas
Mindaugas Zukauskas (202-F-75) of Scavolini (ITA)
Donatas Slanina (192-G-77) of Polaris World Murcia (ESP)
Dainius Salenga (197-F-77) of B.C. Zalgiris Kaunas
Virginijus Praskevicius (206-C/F-74) of BC Siauliai
Ksistof Lavrinovic (210-C-79) of Montepaschi Siena (ITA)
Giedrius Gustas (190-G-80) of Kavala/Panorama (GRE)
Donatas Slanina
Head Coach: Antanas Sireika

All-Tournament 1st Team
Tony Parker (183-G-80) of France
Sarunas Jasikevicius (192-G-76) of Lithuania (MVP)
Saulius Stombergas (202-F-73) of Lithuania
Andrei Kirilenko (205-F-81) of Russia
Pau Gasol (214-F/C-80) of Spain

  Lithuania is the European Champion!!! - Sep 14, 2003  - by Yarone Arbel
For the first time since 1939, for the first time since its new foundation, Lithuania is the European Champion. As one of the most exciting teams the European basketball has seen in the last years, Lithuania displayed a big show in the finals as well, beating Spain 93-84, after leading most of the 2nd half by 20 points.

“Happiness can’t even start to describe how I feel right now” said the MVP of EC03 Sarunas Jasikevicius, that posted 10 pts and 9 assists in the finals. Saras completed one of the most amazing season for an individual in the history of European Basketball. He won the ACB title, the Spanish cup, the Euroleague, the European Championship and was voted as MVP of the ACB Finals series and MVP and best passer of EC03.

Lithuania displayed one magnificent team. No one was able to compete with Stombergas, Siskauskas, Macas and the Zukauskas-duo that joined Saras. Lithuania, that lost the 1995 finals, completed the task tonight, and hope to host the EC in 4 years from now.

The All Star team of the EC03 is: Sarunas Jasikevicius (Lithuania), Tony Parker (France), Andrei Kirilenko (Russia), Saulius Stombergas (Lithuania) & Pau Gasol (Spain)

Lithuania 93  -  Spain 84
Both teams opened the game with shots from outside the arc, and missed them, but quickly locked the target and hit their shots. 2 minutes in the game and the refs whistle for a 2nd foul of Saras, that went to the bench. The fans of Lithuania were shocked, until Siskauskas woke them up with Lithuania’s first triplet. 7-7 tie after 3 minutes. The refs balanced themselves by whistling two fouls to Navarro after half a quarter, and the Spanish guard had a meeting with the bench as well. Stombergas and Gasol (9 pts in first quarter) led their teams, but no one was able to open a significant margin. Moncho Lopez called for his first time out to put some order in his team’s game, while Lithuania was up by one, 20-19, a little over a minute to go. The time out didn’t have any effect on the players or score. Lithuania up by one after one quarter.

Saras was back in the game with the 2nd quarter, but it was Siskauskas that lit up the arena with an amazing dunk. Spain made a great job denying the ball from Saras, but once he had the smallest chance he hit his first points, from behind the arc of course, on the way to a 32-23 Lithuanian lead, with 6 minutes to go. Navarro himself, in a great 2nd quarter (8 pts), took care of Spain and forced Sireika to take a time out, 32-27. Navarro and Siskauskas exchanged 3 pointers but Lithuania gave the final push. 40-31 after 2 quarters.

The big Zukauskas dominated the paint, on Gasol’s account, in the first minutes of the 3rd, leading Lithuania to a 14 point lead, 47-33. Lopez took another timeout, and Spain managed to pull 2 triples by Navarro and Garbajosa, but the small Zukauskas and Macas replied with their own three pointers. Lithuania decided it was time to tighten up the defense and Gasol wasn’t able to touch the ball. Lithuania scratched and hit constantly and Gasol’s reply was 4 straight missed free throws. Lithuania had a 62-48 lead after 3 quarters on the sure way to the gold.

Spain shot in such poor field goal, and Stombergas kept the show going for the Greens to set the difference on 20, 68-48, not more than 8 minutes to go. Macas didn’t let go and extended the margin, but after he and Stombergas fouled out Spain made its last comeback attempt. Navarro and Gasol made it all the way back to 12 and then the small Zukauskas fouled out. But Lithuania still had Saras who in 2 amazing passes made sure Spain will stay far behind. With 23 seconds to go the big Zukauskas dunked the final winner, and Saras caught his head, can’t believe he just won the European Championship. 93-84 was the final score, but it could not be more deceiving. Lithuania was FAR better than Spain.

Lithuania (20+20+22+31): Arvydas Macijauskas (192-G-80) 21, E. Zukauskas 18, Saras 10 + 9 as, Songaila 10, Stombergas 9, Siskauskas 9, Lavrinovic 7, M. Zukauskas 7, Slanina 2
Spain (19+12+17+36): Gasol 36 + 12 rbs, Navarro 18, Garbajosa 17, Herreros 7, Calderon 5, De La Fuente 1

  Italy will travel to Athens 2004! France will stay at home - Sep 14, 2003 - by Yarone Arbel

After 2 meaningless games France and Italy met for a bronze medal and Olympics ticket battle. Italy came to pick up a medal after missing the finals by a single shot. France arrived to Sweden as a top medal candidate and the bronze one is the minimum of it.

After 40 minutes Italy took another close game. Took it and will travel to Athens, when it proves once again that basketball is more than jumping high, athletic abilities and one NBA champion. France that came to Sweden as a medal candidate and with more NBA players than any other NT, lost to Italy that has no NBA players, and walked off court very very disappointed for the 2nd time in 24 hours, after failing to function in the last play down by 2.

Tony Parker completed an embarrassing 24 hours. A big winner he’s not, at least not until he proves differently. In the Semi Finals he managed to lose the ball with France down by 2, and lost the game. Tonight not only he made an air ball from 3 and missed a crucial free throw he also made another air ball in the last play while trying to do his best thing  -  penetrating.

Italy and its coach, Carlo Recalcati, deserve all the credit. After starting the games with 2 straight losses, including a VERY humiliating one to…France, they managed to recover in time and eliminate Bosnia, Germany, Greece, lose by 2 to the big Spain in the Semi Finals, and pay back to France in the ¾ game. All Italy’s 4 last games, vs. Germany, Greece, Spain & France were decided by a tiny small difference. Italy won 3 of them.

Italy 69  -  France 67
IItaly had a great start, especially from outside, while France bombed with not much of success and finished the first quarter with 0/7 from 3. Galanda, once again, made it all for Italy with points, rebounds and assists. Italy was up by 11, 24-13, after 10 minutes. France collected points from here and there, still not able to get going, and certainly not able to stop Marconato that had 10 points in the 2nd quarter. Italy took off, but France somehow managed to stay in the game. 39-27 after 2 quarters.

Italy kept holding a double digit lead, until Sonko took over and with 5 straight points enabled a French comeback. Parker, like in the Semi Finals, was too selfish, but did manage to score 8 points in the quarter and by the end of the 3rd buzzer Italy was up by no more than 6, 53-47.

France opened the 4th with a small run that cut the margin down 1, but couldn’t take the lead in its hands. Righetti in a great penetration and Basile in an even better 3 pointer set the score on 62-58 for Italy, but France stayed as close as possible, and Diaw tied the score, 62-62. Mian nailed only one from the line and Parker took advantage of that to penetrate like only he knows and give France its first lead in a long time.

Righetti on the other end took the lead back to Italy, and Diaw’s turnover helped Italy increase their lead by one more point. Sonko missed a triplet, Diaw missed a tip in, and now it was time to send Marconato to the line. The Italian center made only one shot, and France went for a very crucial possession down by 3, 65-62. Parker air-balled a 3 pointer, but somehow France kept the ball and Foirest went to the line. He made both shots, but Basile did the same on the other end with 16.8 seconds to go. Parker was sent to the live to avoid a possible 3 pointer, but made only the 2nd one. Italy had the last possession but full court pressure by France led to an Italian turnover. Parker got the ball back with 9.9 seconds, penetrated and…another air ball. Italy got the rebounds, the win, the bronze medal and the ticket to Athens 2004.

Italy (24+15+14+16): Marconato 16 + 10 rbs, Galanda 15 + 7 rbs + 5 as, Basile 11, Mian 9, Righetti 5, Soragna 5, Chiacig 4, De Pol 3
France (13+14+20+20): Parker 24 pts  -  10/22 FG + 1 as, Sonko 9, Moiso 8 + 8 rbs, Diaw 8, Foirest 7, Pietrus 6, Abdul Wahad 2, Diumassi 2, Julian 1

Both teams secured a spot in Athens 2004 already, so this time the battle for the 5th place, that usually mean the last ticket for Olympics or WC, was meaningless. Greece beat Serbia and won the 5th place, but that didn’t prevent another big fight between coach Ionnidis and the Greek journalists in the press conference. Serbia, just like the USA last year, arrived to the games as the champion and finished in the 6th place. After

Greece 72  -  Serbia 64/font>
Greece took off right away although only 3 players contributed points in the first 10 minutes  -  Tskalidis, Dikoudis & Chatziverttas. An 8 point lead, 21-13, after one quarter was just a glimpse of what Greece was about to present as the game went on. The margin kept on growing, and by the end of the 3rd quarter Greece was up by 17, 57-40. Two half court baskets at the end of two quarters, were the only things that squeezed some cheering from the fans. Serbia cut the difference in the last quarter but finished with the 6th place.

Chatziverttas led Greece with 21 points, Tskalidis had 16 and Dikoudis 15. Gurovic made 15 for Serbia and Koturovic added 10.



Israel 89  -  Russia 82
Israel missed the injured Yoav Saffar, and on the other end of court, Russia got back Kirilenko, that in a way tried to win the best scorer award, but failed to connect. Kirilenko finished the game with no more than 11 points and a very disappointing performance, including 2 air balls. The game was close for 3 quarters, but Israel, the big surprise of the championship, took off in the first minutes of the last quarter building an 11 point lead. Russia made a comeback, and cut the lead down to 2, with less than half a minute to go, but Tapiro and Green, both in a very impressive performance, made sure Israel will finish 7th.
Tapiro with 26, Green with 21 and Burstein with 19 did the job for Israel. Monia shined for Russia with 26 and 7/10 from the 3 point line.

  Lithuania vs. Spain in the Finals! - Sep 13, 2003 - by Yarone Arbel
Spain vs. Lithuania. The two best teams in Sweden will play for the gold. Lithuania had to fight hard to beat France 74-70 with some help from the refs in what some say was the true finals. Spain fought even harder but deserved the 81-79 win over Italy. Both games were decided in the last seconds with the team down by 2 fail to tie the score in the last seconds. Italy and France will fight for the bronze medal and the last ticket to Athens 2004. Spain, for the first time ever, or Lithuania, for the first time since 1939, will keep a perfect record in Eurobasket2003 and win the gold.

Spain 81  -  Italy 79

Four years ago they met in the finals. Today they fought each other for the ticket to the finals. Italy and Spain, two teams with a lot of history, went head-2-head, shoulder-2-shoulder, in the race to the Eurobasket 2003 finals.

After 40 minutes of big fight Italy’s journey has come to an end. Italy started the EC with 2 losses, but since then eliminated Bosnia, Germany and Greece in a row. Just like in the first Semi Finals, one of the teams was down by 2 with the last ball, but failed to tie or win the game.

Spain went for Gasol over and over early in the game and he delivered 10 points in the first quarter. Italy had Galanda and a much more organized and team play, but they also had one more thing  -  the lead. After 5 minutes Italy was up by 7, 17-10. Moncho Lopez called a time out and Spain came back with a 10-0 run and a 20-19 lead after 10 minutes.

In the 2nd quarter Bulleri’s hand got hot. He penetrated, he nailed 3 pointers, and all that Spain had was some points in the paint by Felipe Reyes and De La Fuente. A big defensive play by Radulovic and another 3 pointer by Bulleri send Italy to an 11 point lead, 40-29, with 2:30 to go. Carlos Marco with 5 straight points sent Spain to the half time rest down by no more than 6, 44-38, and a lot to think about.

And thinking they did. Spain kept Italy on 2 points in the first five minutes of the 3rd quarter, and with a 10-2 run took the lead back in their hands. Bulleri, who else, woke up in time, and made sure Spain isn’t going anywhere too far. Garbajosa and Navarro kept the pressure on, but it wasn’t enough for anything more than 62-60 after 3 quarters. Lots of respect on the Italian side for Mian and Chiacig.

Last quarter and it seemed like Gasol will take the game in his hands once again, after scoring only 2 points in the last 2 quarters, and a total of 12. Only this time Spain laid its future in Navarro’s hands. A mini Navarro-Bulleri battle was on the roll, with Bulleri kind of stuttering. Navarro penetrate and finished well but Italy was still in the game.

In the last minutes everything went through Navarro and he didn’t disappoint. Spain took a 6 point lead, 80-74, and in such a close game it seems like too much for Italy. Radulovic in a good move cut it down to 4, and Gasol with only one accurate free throw (total of 2 points in the 4th) set it on 5, 81-76, with less than a minute to go. Now it was time for Bulleri that once again showed how much character he has. With a huge 3 pointer he cut Spain’s lead to 2. In the next possession the refs whistles for an offensive foul, when Navarro tried to penetrate. The Spanish fans were wishing some unpleasant future to the refs, but Italy had the last chance. This time Bulleri drove in, but couldn’t release a good shot. The ball bounced once and landed in Spanish hands. 81-79. Spain in the finals. Italy is out.
Spain (20+18+24+19): Navarro 23, Gasol 14, Garbajosa 11, Jimenez 8, Marco 7, Reyes F. 7, Calderon 6, De La Fuente 4, Herreros 1
Italy (19+15+16+19): Bulleri 24, Basile 14, Galanda 11, Chiacig 10, Mian 7, De Pol 4, Marconato 4, Radulovic 3, Soragna 2

Lithuania 74  -  France 70

Lithuania is the first team in the Eurobasket 2003 Finals. France was able to give a good fight and lead by 5 with 3:30 to go, but failed to score in the remaining time and Lithuania made a 9-0 run that decided the game. Tony Parker took the game on himself and almost made it all the way, but lost the last ball and the game. Sarunas Jasikevicius was 3 assists short of a triple double, but he will get another chance, in the finals. For the first time since 1995 Lithuania is back in the EC Finals, and adds to that a ticket to Athens 2004.

Lithuanian’s line up was very massive in the first minutes with the big Zukauskas and Lavrinovic. Less than one minute into the game the Greens were leading 7-0. Tony Parker shook up his team and led a 2-14 run, keeping Lithuania on 2 points in the next 6 minutes. Lithuania wasn’t too bothered. Saras went down to the bench, while Macas nailed a big 3 pointer, that sparked an 11-2 run. Lithuania leads 20-16 after one quarter.

The Zukauskas brothers had a little party in the French paint as Saras added another unforgettable pass and scored his first points in the game, behind the arc of course, 34-25 Lithuania. France made another comeback and took off with a 2-9 run, but Saras and Stombergas didn’t give up and in two great plays sent Lithuania to the locker room leading 45-37.

Saras nailed a fast 3 pointer in the first possession of the quarter, and set a double digit lead for the Greens, but Tony Parker, once again, carried France back to the game. His assists to Foirest finished with another 3 pointer, and this time it was enough to bring France to minus 1, 54-53, with a little less than 4 minutes to play. Why would Parker stop there? Next he finished a fast break with a 3 pointer that gave France its first lead since the first quarter. Wait one more second. Parker is not done yet. Last possession of the 3rd and Parker waits till the very last seconds to sank another huge three pointer with Macas’ hand in his face. 58-60 France after 30 minutes.

After 3 quarters of both teams making runs all the time, it was time for a close tight game. Lithuania took the lead back and stayed there until half way in the 4th. Julian made a big basket and France took a 66-65 lead, 5 minutes to go. Parker and Saras eliminate each other with big misses but France had Diaw and Abdul Wahad who flew high in the air and took a 70-65 lead with 3:30 to go.

There was not one Green player impressed. Macas nailed another big three, and in less than one minute Lithuania tied the score. Stombergas completed a 7-0 run to take the lead back. France took a time out and tried to tie the game, but Diaw missed the first, and Sonko missed the 2nd chance. Lithuania had the chance to decide the game, but couldn’t release the ball before the 24 seconds clock was off. With 15.9 seconds to play France had the last ball. Tony Parker, that scored only 2 points in the last quarter, had the ball in the final play, but lost it before crossing the half court line, perhaps because of hitting the ref’s leg. Siskauskas nailed the last 2 shots from the line and Lithuania travel to the finals for the first time since 1995. France will try to win the bronze medal and last ticket to Athens 2004.
Lithuania  (20+25+13+16): Stombergas 22, Zukauskas E. 12, Siskauskas 11, Saras 11 + 10 rbs + 7 as, Macas 8, Zukauskas M. 4, Lavrinovic 2, Slanina 2, Songaila 2
France (16+21+23+10): Parker 24, Abdul Wahad 16, Julian 12, Moiso 6, Pietrus 4, Diaw 4, Foirest 3, Dioumassi 1

  Serbia and Greece will battle for the 5th place - Sep 12, 2003 - by Yarone Arbel
Russia showed up to the game without Kirilenko while Serbia missed not only Peja but also Marko Jaric, who got injured in the QF loss to Lithuania. After 40 minutes of game it was clear who missed its star most. Russia opened Sweden 2003 with a 15 point win over Serbia, when both teams were able to use all their players. Today they couldn’t really put Serbia’s lead in danger.

Greece couldn’t bare another loss after the surprising upset in the Quarter Finals. Israel tried to get its first win and show it really belonged in Stockholm. Both teams got their wish, in a way. Greece won the game alright, but Israel did give a fight, as always, and lost by no more than 7 points.

On Sunday Greece and Serbia, two teams that will play in Athens 2004 for sure, will battle for the meaningless 5th place, while Russia will face Israel for the 7th place game.

Greece 63  -  Israel 56
The first minutes of the game looked exactly what one would expect from two teams that were eliminated the day before. Many stupid mistakes and lack of concentration on both sides. Israel made the first basket but Greece replied with a 9-0 run and kept that lead from that point until the end. Israel moved to its famous zone, and the Greeks were a little confused, but kept the lead all the way till the end of the first quarter, 17-10.

Greece made a 6-0 run in the first minutes of the 2nd quarter and took a 13 point lead. Yaniv Green kept Israel somewhere in the game, and the Greek lead went under 10, 28-20. Greece locked the paint, didn’t allow Burstein to penetrate, and took off again, with an 8-2 run, to lead 36-22 at half time.

The Greek lead climbed up to 17, but Yotam Halperin, the 19 yr old prospect of Israel, was sent to the game for the first time, and with 5 straight points led a small comeback of the Israeli team, 46-37 for Greece. Until the end of the quarter Greece made another small run, and went down to the 3rd quarter break leading by 12, 51-39.

Last and final quarter, and the Greek lead kept cruising between 7 and 13. All that was left for the fans, between two exciting penetrations of Halperin, was join in solidarity and scream “Time out! Time Out!” to get one more show of the exciting cheerleaders, that were, beyond any doubt far more exciting than the game. The next called Time Out was received in big cheers, and the Lithuanian fans, that got REALLY bored, started a “Wave” that will be remembered forever as the “First ever wave in an arena that is only 12% full”. The cheerleaders came back for a final show for today, and Greece won the game 63-56.

Greece (17+19+ 15+12): Fotsis 19, Tsakalidis 11, Sigalas 9, Chatziverttas 8, Papaloukas 6, Dikoudis 4, Diamantidis 3, Rentzias 2, Papanikolaou 1
Israel (10+12+17+17): Halperin 12, Mizrahi 8, Burstein 8, Green 7 + 7 rbs, Kozikaro 7, Tapiro 4, Gordon 4, Sharp 3, Sheinfeld 3

Serbia 86  -  Russia 77
Drobnjak, the last NBA player in the Serbian roster, was dominating the first quarter, and after less than 5 minutes Serbia had a double digit lead. Serbia kept the lead for the rest of the quarter, and was up by 11 after 10 minutes, 29-18.

Serguei Monia and Victor Krhyapa woke up in the 2nd quarter and led Russia back in the game. Russia cut the margin down to 5, but Serbia managed to take off again and again whenever it was needed. 48-40 after one half.

The scenario repeated in the 3rd quarter. Russia came closer with 3 pointers and dunks by Khryapamonia, but Serbia knew what it takes to keep the lead with some nice post up moves of Koturovic and 3 point shots by Vukcevic and Gurovic. 67-58 for Serbia after 30 minutes of game.

The repeating scenario must have put Serbia to sleep. The former European champion scored only 4 points in the first 7 minutes of the last quarter and Russia was able to make it down to 1 point margin, 71-70. Serbia response was a 7-1 run that decided the game. 86-77 was the final score.

Serbia (29+19+19+19): Gurovic 24, Vukcevic 16, Drobnjak 14, Koturovic 11, Vujanic 6, Bogavac 5, Avdalovic 5, Perovic 2, Askrabic 2, Ostojic 1
Russia (18+22+18+19): Monia 14, Pachoutine 13, Samoilenko 10, Khryapa 9, Likholitov 9, Domani 8, Ershov 5, Savrasenko 4, Karassev 3, Koubrakov 2

  Day 6, Playoffs quarterfinals, September 11, 2003 - Sep 11, 2003
Spain is the 3rd team in the Semi Finals of Eurobasket 2003. Spain beat the surprising team of Israel 78-64 but had to sweat much more than the final score implies. Their rivals in the Semi Finals are coming from Italy, in a re-match of the 1999 Finals. Italy eliminated Greece tonight in a tough battle, and complete a great achivement. It eliminated the bronze medal winner of the last WC - Germany, and tonight did it to one of the top candidates to win a medal in Sweden.

The battle for the Athens 2004 is not over yet. Europe gets 5 tickers, while Serbia, as World Champion, and Greece, as hosting team, qualify automatically. The top 3 teams in Eurobasket 2003 will join them, so the battle for the bronze medal will also decide who will be the 5th European team in Athens 2004.

 Spain - Israel 78-64 (28-22,44-36,58-51,78-64) by Karl Rohlin
Photo: Pau Gasol
Juan-Carlos Navarro and Pau Gasol (214-F-80) came off with a good start as they were scoring at will, but Isreal tried to stop the misery as they double up in defence on Gasol. He was able to find the open shooter so Isreal played with 2-3 zone for the reminder of the 2nd half, it was successful, but Jorge Garbajosa responded from down town and the zone was abandonded. Meir Tapiero was the main offence from Isreal in first half but he didn't make anything in second.

Even in the second half of the game, Isreal had trouble getting any organized offence, but Derrick Sharp helped as he had the right touch. Spain was able to respond as the Isrealian team moved closer and Gasol got to the FT line at will in the fourth period. It was quite appearant that the Isrealian team didnt have any answer to Gasol, player of the game, (25 points 7 rebound FG 8/11).
Spain opened with an 8-2 lead, and despite a small run by the Israeli Burstein and sharp, Israel had to take its first time out with 3:11 left in the quarter and down by 7, 18-11. Gasol dominated under the boards with 8 points in the first quarter and Spain took a 10 point lead, but for the fighters of Israel it wasn’t a big deal. Tapiro nailed his first 3 pointer, and before the final buzzer sank another bucket. 28-22 for Spain after 10 minutes.

The Israelis switched to zone and stopped the Spanish team on 0 points in the first 4 minutes of the 2nd quarter. Lopez, the Spanish coach, sent his best shooters to the coach, but that didn’t work either. Tapiro nailed another 3 and tied the score, 32-32 with 4 minutes to go. Then Spain woke up with an 8-0 run, Tapiro and Saffar were in foul trouble with 3 each, and after 2 quarters Spain was up by 8, 44-36.

One minute into the 3rd quarter and Israel lost Yoav Saffar that got injured and had to leave the court. Spain climbed to 11+, 49-38, and it seemed like Israel is giving up, but Sharp nailed a big 3 pointer that sparked a 1-9 run and Spain is up by no more than 3, 50-47, 5 minutes to go. Spain took off once again toward the 10 and finished the 3rd leading by 7, 58-51.

Israel tried to go with its young prospect, 19 yr old Yotam Halperin, after Tapiro made his 4th foul. Sharp hit 2 more 3 pointers and limit the Spanish lead to 4, but Spain ruled the paint in its paint, and Pau Gasol dunked twice in a row, on his way to 14 points straight in the last quarter, to ensure Spain’s spot in the Semi Finals. 78-64 was the final score.

Spain: Gasol 25p 7r, Garbajosa 13, Reyes 9, Jimenez 8, Grimau 7, Navarro 6, Calderon 5, Herreros 5

Isreal: Sharp 16, Kozikaro 13, Tapiro 12p 6r, Green 10, Burstein 5, Saffar 4, Gordon 2, Shelef 2:

 Italy 62 - Greece 59 by Yarone Arbel
Photo: Giacomo Galanda (210-C-75)
Both teams went to their Power Forwards in the first quarter. Fotsis connected for Greece while Galanda had 8 for Italy, and after 10 minutes Italy was up by 1, 17-16. Greece was everywhere in the paint, and got 3 accurate shots from behind the arc by Sigalas, but Italy managed to stay close and Mian nailed a couple of 3 pointers himself to send the Italian team to the locker room down by no more than 4, 36-32.

Rentzias and Chiacig fought under the boards and the two teams were glued to each other. Galanda nailed a 3 pointer to give Italy the lead, 46-45, and although Greece managed to tie it, Radulovic was there to set the 3rd quarter score on 47-49 for Italy.

It took Italy 4 minutes to score its first points in the last quarter, but once it went in they never looked back. Italy scored 5 in a row, took the lead back, and then stopped the Greeks on no points for several minutes. With 3 minutes to go the scoreboard displayed 54-52 for Italy and Greece seemed lost. Italy doubled the gap, and Dikoudis cut it down in half from the line, but with 40 ticks to go he missed 2 free throws in a row, and Hatziverttas missed a 3 pointer after an offensive rebound.

Greece sent Bulleri to the line with 23 seconds to go, and the MVP of the Italian league hit only the first shot. Greece had one more hope but lost the ball. Game over? Not yet. Basile hit only one from the line and Dikoudis nailed a 3 point shot with 8 seconds to go. 60-59 to Italy. Soragna was fouled and this time he hit both shots. Greece missed the final chance to tie, and sent Greece for the 5-8 games. Italy will meet Spain in the Semi Finals in a re-match of the 1999 Finals.

Italy (17+15+17+13): Galanda 14 + 6 rbs, Soragna 12, Basile 9, Radulovic 6, Mian 6, Bulleri 6, Chiacig 5, Marconato 2, De Pol 2
Greece (16+20+11+12): Dikoudis 18, Sigalas 14, Fotsis 9, Tskalidis 8, Papaloukas 4, Rentzias 2, Diamantidis 2, Papanikolaou 2

  Day 5, Playoffs Quarterfinals, September 10, 2003 - Sep 10, 2003
 France - Russia 76-69 by Yarone Arbel
Photo: Parker
France showed up to the QF with an injured Tariq Abdul Wahad in the starting 5, and he indeed waved goodbye to the game after a few minutes. France went to Tony Parker, that tried a little bit too much by himself, but kept France in the game. Kirilenko and Karassev ruled for Russia, and after 1 quarter France was up by 3, 21-18.

Boris Diaw, that took Abdul Wahad’s spot, showed in some moved why he was picked so high in the first round of the draft, and France started to fly around the rim with dunks, blocks and rebounds. 37-27 after 17 minutes. Karassev and Kirilenko once again didn’t allow France to get too far, and with a 10-2 run, cut the margin. France was up by no more than 3 at half time, 42-39 after the 2nd quarter that finished with an impressive display of block shots by both teams.

France kept going to Diaw, that after scoring 10 in the first half, added another amazing dunk. France took off to a 13 point lead, 53-40, and this time all Kirilenko was able to do was cut it down to 10, 63-53 after 3 quarters.

France didn’t allow to Russia another comeback. The Russians started to bomb from outside with no stop, but hit nothing but rim. France was dominating the paint, gained a 13 point lead once again, 68-55 with 5:24 to go, and that was it. Or at least that’s what the France team thought. With 2 minutes to go they moved to full court pressure, and all of a sudden France lead was cut to 4, 70-66 with a minute to play. Sonko hit 3 crucial free throws, Kirilneko missed the last chance of Russia. 76-69.

France (21+21+21+13): Parker 18 + 6 to + 4 st, Diaw 14 + 6 rbs, Moiso 12 + 11 rbs, Foirest 12 + 9 rbs, Sonko 10, Pietrus 8, Abdul Wahad 2
Russia (18+21+24+16): Kirilenko 22 + 6 rbs + 5 st, Khryapa 13, Karassev 12 + 4 as, Monia 11, Pachoutine 7

 Lithuania - Serbia & Montenegro 98-82 by Mindaugas Veromejus
Photo: Ramunas Siskauskas (197-G-78)
On the 10th of September 2003 Lithuanian national team players created great feast for Lithuanian national team basketball fans (that means to all Lithuanian people)! There were several reasons which made usual Wednesday night - a national holiday. Lithuanian national team was playing in quarter finals of European championships, they were playing for the spot in the Olympics, but the most important: THEY WERE PLAYING AGAINST FORMER YUGOSLAVIAN NATIONAL TEAM! Memories of defeats to Yugoslavian national team in the final of European Championships in Athens in 1995, in the semi-final of Atlanta Olympic games in 1996, in the quarter-final in European Championships in Spain in 1997 are still alive and each time playing against Yugoslavian national team Lithuanians are dreaming about sweet revenge. Seems, that current national team players still remember Sabonis’ generation Lithuanian national team’s painful losses to Yugoslavia. And new generation players against Yugoslavia play more concentrated with more energy and passion than usually.
Sarunas Jasikevicius (192-G-76, college: Maryland) performed his magic once again, and Lithuanian national team had to win against Yugoslavia (which is now known as Serbia & Montenegro) some time. Sarunas Jasikevicius prooved once again, that in the games against Serbia you can count on him. Once again he was steady floor general contributing with 21 points and 11 assists.
However, Ramunas Siskauskas (197-G-78) was the best player on the court, finishing with 27 points in just 28 minutes!
Lithuanians started showing why they're one of the Europe's elite teams at the beginning of the game and controled the game through the first half, leading 57-43 at halftime. Lithuanians continued their domination during the third until the last minutes of the quarter, before  Serbia & Montenegro won the stretch 17:0 and reduced the difference to 4 points  -  80-76. But Lithuanian sweet-shooting guard  hit a very important 3-pointer to stop the run with 5.15 left in the fourth. Lithuania also went on to score the next 4 points by Songaila and Stombergas to build their lead back up to 11, 87-76.
With absence of leading scorer and captain of the team Predrag Stojakovic, as Serbia & Montenegro were unable to conjure up a sufficient comeback against Lithuanians.
Lithuanians managed to increase the difference and win the game by a margin of 16 points, 98-82.
The stars for Lithuania was their guard duo Sarunas Jasikevicius, 21 points plus 11 assists, and ,,, , 20 points plus 7 rebounds. Ramunas Siskauskas scored a game high 27 points on 9 for 14 shooting. Lithuania also recived 14 points from forward Darius Songaila.
After all: Lithuanians were “red, hot and rollin’” and outplayed Serbia & Montenegro in the first half. Despite of that current European and World Champions Serbs lacked most of their superstars, they brought strong team to Sweden with 3 NBA players and victory against Serbs will always be exceptionally valued by Lithuanian fans. After the final whistle Vilnius streets got unusually for Wednesday night crowded and celebration in the streets continued until the daybreak. All Lithuanian national team fans, all Lithuanians were celebrating in the streets together, from tramps to the rich. It was prooved once more, that victories in basketball court helps Lithuanian national identity to emerge. Basketball is part of our customs, tradition and history. After big Lithuanian national team’s victories each Lithuanian feels being strong, being independent, being part of Lithuanian nation. 
Lithuania: Siskauskas 27, Jasikevicius 21, Macijauskas 20, Songaila 14, Stombergas 4, E.Zukauskas 4, M.Zukauskas 4, Lavrinovic 4, Slanina, Praskevicius
Serbia / Montenegro: Ostojic 17, Gurovic 14, Jaric 14, Vujanic 13, Drobnjak 13, Avdalovic 5, Koturovic 4, Vukcecvic 2, Bogavac

  Day 4, Playoffs, September 8, 2003 - Sep 8, 2003
The winners of todays' games advanced to the quarterfinals. There were no easy games at that stage as two of them ended by 2 points difference, while two others ended with just 4-point victory. defending champion Serbia & Montenegro managed to got a victory over Turkey and save their honour. Israel upset Slovenia as Italy did to German team. Russia had a tough game against ambitious Croatia, but managed to make it to quarterfinals.
 A2 - B3 Slovenia - Israel 76-78
Photo: Yaniv Green
Slovenia: Gorenc 21, Nachbar 14, Tusek 10, Jurkovic 10, Lakovic 7, Golemac 5, Milic 1, Petrov
Israel: Green 14, Burstein 13, Kozikaro 12, Sharp 9, Tapiro 9, Saffar 8, Mizrahi 7, Shelef 3, Sheinfeld 2, Halperin 1, Katz
 B2 - A3 Germany - Italy 84-86
Photo: Massimo Bulleri
Germany: Demirel 23, Nowitzki 22, Okulaja 13, Femerling 10, Pesic 10, Garris 4, Arigbabu 2, Hamann, Maras, Lutcke
Italy: Bulleri 17, Galanda 16, Radulovic 14, Marconato 11, Righetti 11, Soragna 7, Mian 5, Chiacig 3, Basile 2, De Pol, Lamma
 C2 - D3 Russia - Croatia 81-77
Photo: Andrei Kirilenko
Russia: Kirilenko 29, Karassev 13, Khryapa 12, Pachoutine 9, Likholitov 8, Monya 8, Samoilenko 2, Savrasenko, Koubrakov, Soloviev
Croatia: Mulaomerovic 26, Bagaric 13, Mamic 11, Zizic 8, Popovic 7, Giricek 5, Planinic 4, Bazdaric 2, Prkacin 1, Nicevic
 D2 - C3 Turkey - Serbia & Montenegro 76-80 by Alev Sonmez and Aleksandar Vrzina
Photo: Marko Jaric (198-G-78)
Turkey: Okur 20, Kutluay 15, Turkoglu 11, Arslan 9, Peker 9, Tunceri 6, Yildirim 4, Turkcan 2, Onan
Serbia & Montenegro: Jaric 18, Gurovic 16, Drobnjak 12, Stojakovic 10, Koturovic 10, Vujanic 9, Ostojic 5, Vukcevic
Turkey looses against Serbia with the bad play of Hidayet Tukoglu and Mirsad Turkcan. The main problme was the bad organization. Everybody wanted to be as a leader but they never remembered that beaing a leader is not just scoring but being a part of the team playing a teamgame. Hidayet once again worked for the rival and let them win against Turkey. Mehmet Okur (210-C/F-79) was the hero of the game making a double double with 20 points and 11 rebounds
The Coach of 12 Giant Men decided to quit after the lose against Serbia and Montenegro. The Korac Cup winner coach told that all of the responsibility was his and he would talk about that topic after coming to Turkey with the Turkish Basketball Federation responsibles and announce his resignation in 2-3 days.

Most of the basketball audience expect Ergin Ataman (Saporta Cup Winner and Euroleague 3rd Place Winner) or Murat Didin (Still coach of Vip Rimini in Italy) to be on duty at the place of Mr. Ors.
It was a really good game,last night against Turkey!SRB did not play a great game,but they have shown a huge morallity!
They were struggling for the game,through all the game!It is extension from game against Spain.Shape goes up constantly.SRB is back in golden rush.
Will it be"deja-vu",time will show,but,one is sure.Nobody will unestimate this team of SRB,in further games.They are not maybe the best team on tournament,but,they know how to come up from toughest situations.It was case,last night to.
In the very importrant game vs. Turkey last nigh,SRB won it in the end,due better concentration and stronger nervs!It looked bad on start.SRB had not fluency in their offense.Peja was kept,very well.Several fouls on him were not blown.
After one penetration,he stayed on the floor.It was ancle injury.After that,he played just a few minutes.That fact,makes this win,even more bigger!Key player for Turks,was Mehmet Okur.He played very well on low-post position.Forced all his direct opponents in foul trouble.Koturovic,Ostojic,Drobnjak,had three fouls in first half.
In the first half Turks were poor from three-point range.SRB were lucky.Second half openning,was great for Turks.Okur forced double team on him,that opened outside shooters,especially Kutlay!
But,SRB found solutions for that.Gurovic played great.Kept Kutlay,well.Scored several three pointers.Maked-up Peja's points.Drobnjak,changed his style of playing in this game.He is pop up player.Now,he scored so many points from 3" area!Vujanic made importrant three pointer,deeply in third qtr.,and made four free throws,at the end.
Koturovic is back.He had to go out because of fouls,but,played well in offense in third quarter,grabbed many balls.Ostojic scored five points in finish.Maybe,key points!Jaric controlled rhythm of the game.It was team victory.
That is very importrant in quarter finals,against Lithuania!Lithuania has a different composition of roster,than Turkey.
They scored over 100 points in all three games in group.If SRB,succeed to control rhythm of the game,with Peja in full strenght,there is a chance.We will see,was a game against Turkey,crucial,for SRB NT!It looks like that.Answer is comming!!!

  Day 3, September 7, 2003 - Sep 8, 2003

Group A

 Slovenia - France 82-88 by Philippe Joubert

Photo: Tony Parker
With 3 wins in 3 games, French players are allowed to go on in the european championship 2003. After struggling a bit against bosnia with a great Jerome Moiso (208-C/F-78, college: UCLA) (15 pts, 5 rbs) and an outstanding Laurent Foirest (197-F-73) (19 pts, 5 ass, 4 rbs), France has exploded Italia by 33 points thanks to Cyril Julian (206-F/C-75, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) (14 pts, 6 rbs) and Tariq Abdul-Wahad (198-F-74, college: San Jose St.) (16 pts, 6 rbs). The last game versus slovenia lets France wins by 6. Tony Parker (183-G-80) (21 pts, 3 ass) and Mustapha Sonko (192-G-72) (14 pts, 2 ass) have perfectly worked at the 1 post and laurent Foirest (19 pts, 3 rbs) was another time fully fit.
Slovenia: Jurkovic 15, Brezec 14, Golemac 12, Milic 11, Lakovic 8, Gorenc 7, Tusek 5, Kraljevic 4, Nachbar 3, Petrov 3
France: Parker 21, Abdul Wahad 19, Sonko 14, Pietrus 6, Rupert 3, Moiso 2, Digbeu 2, Julian 2, Diaw, Dioumassi
 Bosnia & Herzegovina - Italy 72-80 by Gianni Pascucci
Photo: Massimo Bulleri
ITALY: Radulovic 9 (0/1, 2/2), Basile 13 (2/3, 3/8), Galanda 11(4/6, 1/6), Soragna dnp, Marconato 3 (1/2), De Pol 8 (1/2, 2/2), Righetti, Lamma, Bulleri 24 (5/8, 2/4), Mian 5 (1/2, 1/1), Chiacig 7 (3/5 da due), Cittadini dnp. Coach: Carlo Recalcati.
BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: Castle 12 (2/4, 2/4), Ovcina 4 (2/3), Krupalija 8 (1/4, 2/5), Leric 7 (3/3), Stevanovic (0/1), Hukic 10 (3/6, 1/4), Kovacevic dnp, Krasic 8 (1/4, 2/4), Mrsic 12 (0/2, 3/7), Bajramovic dnp, Taletovic dnp, Mujezinovic 11 (3/5, 1/3). Coach: Drasko Prodanovic

Group B
 Lithuania - Germany 93-71 by Moritz Korff
Photo: Stombergas
Germany had no chance as they met Lithuania in the last game of Group B and lost 71-93. Lithuania was leading 46-33 at halftime and shot 48% of their 3pointers, especially Saulius Stombergas (203-F-73, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) had a great day and added 28 points (5 three-pointers). The German defense wasn't able to control him at all. On the offense-end Germany again caused too many turnovers and didn't find any way against the aggressive Lithuanian defense.
Lithuania: Stombergas: 28 points; Siskauskas: 19 pts; Macijauskas: 15 pts; Jasikevicius: 14 pts; Songaila: 7 pts; E. Zukauskas: 6 pts; Praskevicius: 2 pts; Lavrinovic: 2 pts; Gustas: 0 pts; M. Zukauskas: 0 pts; Salenga: 0 pts; Slanina: 0 pts
Germany: Nowitzki: 19 pts, 9 rebs; Femerling: 12 pts; Okulaja: 8 pts; Pesic: 7 pts; Demirel: 7 pts; Nikagbatse: 5 pts; Arigbabu: 4 pts; Maras: 3 pts; Garris: 2 pts; Schultze: 2 pts; Lutcke: 2 pts; Hamann: 0 pts
 Israel - Latvia 91-75 by Amos Gueta
Photo: Burstein
In light of the NT's pervious performances, what happend today in Sweden is nothing short of unbelievable. As by magic, the NT turned into a coordinated, aggresive troup which played almost perfect basketball, especially for the first half of the game.

And what a first half it was Ido Kozikaro (202-F-78) was fantastic on Kaspars Kambala - drawing two quick fouls out of him and causing him problems on both sides of the court. When Kozikari went into abit of a foul trouble of his own, Yaniv Green stepped in his shoes and was almost equally good - as Kambala commited yet a third foul and feared contesting him under the hoops. And through all this, Tal Burstein (199-G-80, agent: Harel Guy) was running the Israeli offense, mercilessly penetrating, posting, shooting and passing, Sharp was doing a great job on the Stelmahers and nailed the occasional 3, and Saffar was on fire (3/3 3FG at HT) beyond the rim - and when the halftime buzzer sounded, Israel was leading by no less than 20, 52-32, and Burstein had racked up 19 point at 78% FG, 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

As the second half opened the Latvians seemed much more determined and were fighting furiously to lower the gap, however Israel did not lower its intensity. Kozikaro drew yet another foul out of Kambala, and was having a party under the latvian hoop. Kambala's replacement, Trojs Ostlers, gave Israel the most trouble of all Latvian players, charging their offense quite abit, however Kozikaro, Tapiro, and Saffar kept the points coming at the other side, and when the dust settled in the end of the third, the Latvians only managed to narrow the gap by one point, 72-53.

A fifth foul - and a technical foul - to Kambala in the beginning of the final quarter put every last bit of wind out of the Latvian sails, sending the game into Garbage Time - Garbage time with the Israelies on the winning side ! who would have believed it ? - in which the Latvians managed to keep the gap under 20. Israel advances to the elimination round, and will play Slovenia tommorow.
Israel(29+23+20+19) Burstein 21(50% FG)+8rb+6as, Kozikaro 18+6rb in 17:30 min !, Saffar 16 4/6 3FG, Sharp 13, 3/4 3FG, Green 8, Shelef 7, Tapiro 6, Halperin 2
Latvia(14+18+21+22) Ostlers 17, Stelmahers 16, Helmanis 16, Kambala 10, Bagatskis 4, Sneps 4, Skele 4, Valters 3, Vitols 2, Vecvagers 2, Laksa 1

Group C
 Serbia & Montenegro - Spain 67-75 by Aleksandar Vrzina
Photo: Navarro
Competitions in groups are finished.Yugoslavian team dissapointed all fans in our country.People here always expecting wins from our NT!Although,everybody knew,that this team is not as strong as the previous were,audience accept only WIN!After poor second half against Russia,very miserable win over hosts,can we expect anything positive from this tournament of our NT?Game #3,against Spain,is maybe the light at the end of a tunel!How?It was reminding on Yugo basketball team.They was very motivated,agressive,and most importrant,very concentrate and focused!These two last mentioned elements are basicly most importrant for a playing high level basketball.We had a lack of that in first two games.We were much better in defense.Now we need support for Peja in offense.Jaric is in his rhythm again after injury,that is very good,but we need points from Vujanic and Gurovic,which was the best player during pretournament games.Will we see the same story,which was seen,so many times.Yugoslavian NT,starting to play after one or two lost games.Remember last WC in Indianapolis,after loses over Spain and Puerto Rico,avalanche has moved yourself,and reach the top!This team does not posses that quality,but YUGOSLAVIAN BASKETBALL is something with a big specific weight.Something that the others saying with a great respect.Guys are expirienced enough to know that.If that last game is not just a blitz,but growth of shape,we will be again candidates for a top spot!We hope they will have enough energy to skip all opsticles,and show another time,all talents of YU basketball school!What will happen?We will have a chance to see tonight against great Turkish NT!With quallity playing through all 40’(not just 35’,like over Spain),guys can beat any opponent!With controling of Paint,three point shoots,Turkcan’s offensive rebounds defensively,we will be very close.We need a patience in offense,especially against very good Turkish 2-3 zone,which led them to win over Croatia.Yugoslavia had a problems against zone over Sweden,too!So,we need to solve this.I believe,they are able to go through.They still have a great support here in country.People dream about another Gold from nation heroes.With win and good performing,tonight,nobody can to sign off European and World rulers!!
Serbia & Montenegro: Stojakovic 25, Jaric 18, Koturovic 10, Drobnjak 7, Vujanic 5, Gurovic 1, Ostojic 1, Vukcevic, Bogavac, Avdalovic
Spain: Navarro 22, Gasol 20, Garbajosa 10, Marco 10, Reyes 4, De la Fuente 4, Calderon 3, Jimenez 2, Grimau, Herreros, Bueno
 Sweden - Russia 71-92
Photo: Kirilenko
Sweden: Jonzen 18, J.Larsson 17, Blom 13, Burke 7, Pettersson 6, Nnamaka 4, Myrthil 3, Dajic 2, Maraker 1, H.Larsson, Johnsson,
Russia: Kirilenko 22, Likholitov 16, Karassev 12, Pachoutine 12, Khryapa 7, Monya 5, Samoilenko 4, Domani 3, Koubrakov 2

Group D
 Greece - Ukraine 79-73
Photo: Dikoudis
Greece: Dikoudis 21, Alvertis 17, Rentzias 14, Chantzivrettas 11, Charisis 11, Fotsis 4, Papanikolaou 1, Diamantidis, Papaloukas, Kakiouzis
Uktaine: Drozdov 19, Balashov 14, Okunsky 13, Khizhnyak 8, Rayevskiy 8, Khryapa 7, Lebedev 4, Moskalenko
 Turkey - Croatia 75-72 by Antonio Gotovac and Alev Sonmez
Photo: Kutluay
Group stage is over. After only one victory and 2 disappointing defeats, Croatia is third in Group D. Tomorrow at 20.00 h Croatian NT plays its first knock-out game, against the 2nd placed team from Group C, Russia, in Sodertalje. How can we expect a victory from the Croatian NT after all we have seen so far. We can't, but hope is the last to die.

     It is really hard to be a Croatian fan in Sweden, but the fans have regularly shown up for each of the three games so far and provided an excellent support to our basketball players. However, it almost seems as if the players are trying hard not to give their fans something to be happy about. Today even our fans couldn't take it no more. When Croatia blew the last chance of winning and the game ended, Croatian fans started to throw things at the Turkish players. What happened was a chaos on the court which resulted in a physical showdown between Turkish and Croatian players, including several unknown fans who found their way to the court. It first looked like the fight will be of large proportions, but very quickly the passions quieted down, and the security responded as well.
Undeniably, the Croatian fans displayed an unacceptable misconduct. The fans were obviously revolted by a disgraceful loss, which goes to the heart and soul of the players. However, it is wrong of them to react in such a manner to a sports defeat, even if they were in any way provoced by Turkish players. We can not ignore that option, just remember Turkoglu's provocation directed at the Croatian fans, with 30 seconds remaining in the first half. It was clearly visible even on TV. Nevertheless, our fans do not have an excuse for their behaviour tonight, just like the players don't have an excuse for their performance. We had to stay dignified, even in losing, and congratulate to our opponents who won the game deservedly.

     Today Croatian players were given a chance to redeem themselves after a tragic loss against Greece on Day 1. They didn't take it. Once again Croatia could have won it simply, with free throws, and once again the hand shook when decision time came. Tonight it was Damir Mulaomerovic (195-G-74) who dissapointed us.
     It was a very close game with two different halftimes. In the first half Croatia held the lead almost all the time, but never could it build a more significant margin than 8 points. However, the Turks used a 14-1 run in the third quarter to take over the lead, led by the unstoppable outside shooter Ibrahim Kutluay (198-F/G-73). The second half was all about Turkey. It was then clear that Croatia doesn't really have a true leader. Gordan Giricek (199-G-77), Marko Popovic (185-G-82) and Damir Mulaomerovic (195-G-74) tried to take responsibility in the decising moments, but none of them could cope with it. Giricek's field goal percentage in the second half was terrible and Popovic was constantly missing three-pointers during that period. Mulaomerovic was the only player who could actually score something against the tough Turkish zonal defense, but all his efforts failed when he missed the free throws in the very end.
     Mulaomerovic scored 2 triples in a row with 3 minutes remaining to cut the lead. Croatia continued to close in on Turkey, which resulted in a three-pointer by Matej Mamic (204-F-75) with 27 seconds remaining that made it 71:70 for Turkey. Mirsad Turkcan (206-F-76)'s layup made it 73:70 with exactly 5 seconds to go. For most people the game was resolved then, but the Turks made sure that Croatia would get one last chance to win. And it was a huge chance, just Mulaomerovic wasn't able to use it.
     Ender Arslan (185-G-83) then immeadiately fouled Mulaomerovic, with 3.8 seconds remaining, but the referee called an intentional foul. Mula had 2 free throws, of which he made just the second one and set the score at 73:71. However, the ball remained in Croatia's possession. The inbounds pass did not even happen, and the referees called another foul on Mulaomerovic, this time against Haluk Yildirim (200-F-72). "Mula", the most experienced Croatian player, then set the 73:72 score by missing the second free throw, after which Croats could only foul the opponents in order to steal the ball. The Turks resolved the dilemma with a long inbounds pass to Omer Onan (194-G-78), who was faster than Mulaomerovic and layed up for the final 75:72 score. And so it was Onan who buried Croatia, the man who played for only one second in this game and scored 2 points. Possibly some kind of a record. 

     Kutluay led all scorers with 23 points, including 5 threes. Mulaomerovic led Croatia with 16 and 7 assists. Prkacin had a double-double with 14 points and 14 rebounds, including 8 offensive rebs.
The last group match of Turkey against Croatia was played on 06.09.2003. Turkey had a bad start but played better as time went on. But the game was mainly full of defence. So none of the teams could score at the beginning of the second half. On the other hand the offence of Croatia was very bad according the their matches against Greece and Ukraine. Turkeys offence was bad too. . Turkey had the lead at the first parts of the second half. Even they didnt have their playmaker Kerem Tunceri young player Ender Arslan (185-G-83) was very good during all of the game. The last seconds of the game were played under stress. The referee made lots of bad decisions and reflected his inexperienced soul. After the last horn of the game Turkey was under attack of the Croatian spectators and the Croatian players. Its a big shame for both of the basketball organisation and for the Croation team itself.

The top scorer of the game was Ibrahim Kutluay.Croatia had a very vig rebound organization having 47 rebounds when Turkey had just 31 And Turkey finishes the groups as second after Greece and will face Serbia in the game quarterfinal qualification game.

TUR: Tunceri, Turkoglu 15, Turkcan 9, Arslan 12, Gonlum, Basak, Kutluay 23, Peker, Besok, Okur 13, Yildirim 1, Onan 2 
CRO: Mulaomerovic 16, Bazdaric, Popovic 11, Nicevic 10, Prkacin 14, Planinic, Giricek 12, Perincic, Zizic 4, Mamic 5, Bagaric, Skelin

  Day 2, September 6, 2003 - Sep 7, 2003
France, Slovenia, Germany. Lithuania, Spain and Greece already qualified to the play-offs. Tough games in groups C and D, where teams were fighting for leadership position. In group C Spain defeated Russia with comfortable 12 points lead, while in group D Greece managed to beat Turkey by 5 points. Defending champion Yugoslavia beat host Sweden 78-68, but (except Stojakovic) did not impress again.

Group A:
 Slovenia - Bosnia & Herzegovina 73-62 by Zeljko Zule and Almir Paocic
Photo: Tusek
Slovenian NT won their second game in 33rd EC and already qualified to the second stage. Slovenians trailed by 48-54 after third period but then scored 12 points in a row and beat Bosnia&Herzegovina by 73-62. Marko Tusek (203-F-75, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) scored 16 points, Primoz Brezec added 14 (all in the first half-time) and Jaka Lakovic 13 (all in second half-time) points.
Bosnian NT was good in the 1st,2nd and 3rd quarter. Our players Mujezinovic and Mrsic was excellent.Hukic in 1st halftime had 9 rebounds.The 4th proved to be something of a disaster for Bosnia and Herzegovina as their stuttering offense could only produce 8 points, and Slovenia took the initiative, and the game.

Slovenia: Jurak 2, Lakovic 13, Gorenc 6, Petrov, Kraljevic DNP, Nachbar 9, Duscak 5, Tusek 15, Milic 3, Jurkovic 5, Golemac DNP, Brezec 14
Bosnia: Castle, Ovcina 6, Krupalija 7, Leric DNP, Stevanovic, Hukic 11, Krasic 9, Mrsic 13, Bajramovic DNP, Teletovic DNP, Mujezinovic 16

France - Italy 85-52
France: Abdul Wahad 16, Julian 14, Digbeu 11, Sonko 11, Parker 10, Foirest 9, Pietrus 6, Moiso 4, Diaw 2, Dioumassi 2, Turiaf
Italy: Radulovic 18, Galanda 6, Basile 5, Soragna 5, Chiacig 4, Mian 3, Bulleri 3, Lamma 2, Righetti 2, Cittadini 2, De Pol

Group B:
 Lithuania - Israel 94-62 by Amos Gueta
Photo: Stombergas
With the exception of the first two minutes of the match, it was, bar none, the most atrocious game of basketball the Israeli NT ever played. The Lithuanians, who were by no means at the top of their game, easily crushed Israel, whose players seemed disoriented, uncoordinated and frail. With Tapiro not in one of his "miracle" days, and Israel's team offense severely lacking, the blue-and-whites simply couldn't score if their lives depended on it, while in the defensive end the lack of simple coordination allowed the lits to penetrate easily, feed their post players time after time, and get plenty of good looks for easy treys.

6 points by Tal Burstein established Israel's first, and only lead of the game at 6-2, and from there on it was all Lithuania, which quickly overturned the match and opened a 20-12 lead. 7 consecutive points by Saffar had Israel trailing only by 4 at the end of the first quarter, 23-19, however than came a second quarter in which Israel scored only 6 points - with Saffar, Sharp and Shelef missing again and again and again. On the other end 7 points by Macas had Lithuania leading by 15 at halftime, 40-25.

After halftime it began to look even worse. The Lithuanias were running, shooting, scoring at will, Stombergas and A. Zukaskas were unstoppable, while on the other end only Yaniv Green (206-F-80) looked like something which resembles a basketball player. the quarter ended with Lithuania leading 68-43, and the last period was garbage time - however despite Lithuania relaxing its defense considerably, Israel still was unable to make a difference and save face. Easy dunk after easy dunk, easy shot after easy shot poured into Israel's ring, sending the lead over the 30-point mark.

Israel coach Muli Katzurin: "I don't like this defeat. They were better than us in every aspect of the game. We have to start tommorow with a blank page, if we can't do that we go home. We'll talk to the players and try to lift their spirits".

Israel forward Yoav Saffar:"They are a better team. we each did our best but they were just better. Tommorow we have the most important game of the championship, and we will treat it as so. The latvians seem more coordinated than us at the moment, We'll have to score more, we can't beat any team with 60 points. We'll have to be better, we have no choice"

Israel Guard Derrick Sharp: "La La La, New game. We can't win tommorow the way we played today. We know what we're capable of, we can make the difference on defense. You can't always control your shot offensively, but if we play defense with all our hearts we can win over anybody. I didn't play much today, but there's nothing I can do about that. My job is to do the most for the team when I'm on the floor. Every day is a new day, perhaps tommorow I'll make 5/5 3FG".

Israel(19+6+18+19) Green 12, Halperin 10, Saffar 9, Burstein 6, Gordon 6, Kozikaro 5, Tapiro 4, Shelef 4, Katz 4, Mizrahi 2
Lithuania(23+17+28+36) Stombergas 16, Slanina 14, A. Zukauskas 11, Levrinovic 9, Macijauskas 9 , Siskauskas 8, Songaila 7, Salenga 6, Praskevicius 6, Jasikievicius 5, M. Zukauskas 5

 Germany - Latvia 94-86 by Moritz Korff and Gunars Gailitis
Photo: Nowitzki
NT Germany beats Latvia 94:86 and is on the way to the next stage of the Eurobasket. After a hard start against Israel the Germans improved their game and had Dirk Nowitzki as top-scorer.
At crucial moments, Latvia made a lot of mistakes and won the not so pleasant statistics for turnovers 18-8. With two triumphs the Germans are qualified for the next round. The situation for Latvia is more difficult.
Both teams looked a bit tired after the opening games on Friday. But it was noone less than Dirk Nowitzki who got Germany going. The NBA star shot eight points during the first five minutes, and Latvia looked helpless. Latvia missed their shots and the Germans took most of the rebounds. 27-14 after the first quarter was a comfortable lead for the favourites from Germany.
Latvias coach Armands Kraulins did a good job in the break. His team got on to the court with a completely different style. Following a classic Baltic tradition, Latvia started to hit 3-pointers from everywhere. They went from 14-27 to 30-33 in just five minutes.
Germany looked surprised and chocked. Coach Henrik Dettmann needed to take a time out. Latvia tried to eat the whole gap, but Real Madrid giant Kaspars Kambala was not too friendly with the ball and caused a few costly turnovers for Latvia. Nowitzki did som good moves and forced Latvia to many fouls. The German lead had been reduced, but was still seven points, 48-41.
In the third quarter the teams kept the same pace in scoring. Germany held Latvia at a comfortable distance, mostly due to a stronger play inside. Latvia tried to keep up with its opponent, but often ended up with a foul.
In the last quarter the picture was much the same. Big, strong Gemany fought well when it came to rebounds, while Latvia continued with shots from distance. The team from the Baltic failed to get really close. Everythime they had the chance, a new turnover spoiled it. Most symbolic when the forward Trojs Ostlers, on his own with the basket, lost the ball instead of hitting a layup. With less than three minutes to go, Armands Skele scored 81-85, but that was the closest Latvia got.
During the last minutes Germany guard Mithat Demirel was excellent and led the team to the second victory in two days.
Germany: Nowitzki: 32 points, Demirel: 18 pts, Okulaja: 16 pts, Femerling: 9 pts, Garris: 7 pts, Nikagbatse: 5 pts, Pesic: 3 pts, Lutcke: 2 pts, Maras: 2 pts, Arigbabu: 0 pts, Hamann: DNP

Group C:
 Serbia & Montenegro - Sweden 78-68
 Photo: Stojakovic
Serbia & Montenegro: Stojakovic 23, Drobnjak 13, Jaric 13, Gurovic 10, Vujanic 10, Ostojic 6, Koturovic 2, Vukcevic 1
Sweden: Jonzen 18, Burke 13, Blom 12, P.Larsson 11, Maraker 5, Nnamaka 3, Myrthil 2, Pettersson 2, Dajic 0
Spain - Russia 89-77
Spain: Pau Gasol (214-F-80) 35, Navarro 20, Marco 13, Herreros 4, Calderon 4, Garbajosa 3, Reyes 3, Dela Fuente 2, Jimenez 2, Grimau 2, Bueno 1, Reyes
Russia: Kirilenko 26, Likholitov 11, Monya 11, Karassev 8, Khryapa 7, Pachoutine 6, Samoilenko 3, Kubrakov 3, Soloviev 2

Group D:
 Greece - Turkey 75-70 by Giannis Georgopoulos and Alev Sonmez
Photo: Rentzias
Turkey they had to face Greece, the lucky team of the Saturday night. Turkey had a very good start having points from Mehmet OKUR (the Turkish NBA star). In the first 7 minutes just Okur had 14 points. With the additional points of the rest of the team Turkey had a very good start having the 13 points difference. But the things changed on the rest of the periods. The students of Aydin Ors started to play ineffectively as if they were not aware of the decreasing differance. The playmaker change had a positive effect on the team. The 83 born player Ender Arslan organised the team very good. His assist feeds, on time play organizations and his extra points made The 12 Giant Men and the Turkish spectators (who supported them without a stop, filling nealy half of the hall) remember the past quarter. On the second half Turkey tried to do something positively but again Hidayet Turkoglu was on the court playing agressively as if he is a superstar. Once agains he proved that he is NOT. Missing lots of shots and his personal plays led Greece to go on their way to Stocholm as a group leader. The heroes of the game were Mehmet Okur (210-C/F-79) with his over 20 points extra score and Ender Arslan with his positive organization. Hidayet Turkoglu was one of the main reasons of the lose. Also Aydin Ors made a very big mistake by taking Ender Arslan out of the game when we has in the center of his show.

The other bad points of the game were the Referees and the organisation itself. The referees were nearly always at the side of Greece. In some given fouls to Turkey were nearly nothing when compared with the ones given to Greece. Greece was nearly beating The Turkish team while Turks were fouled out with very small mistakes. On the other hand The 24 seconds violation horn was nearly never played on time. It seems that the horn is not an automatic one and is being controlled manually. Both of the inexperienced referees and the horn were very big shames for the Swedish organisation.
Greece: Alvertis 2, Sigalas 10, Rentzias 15, Papanikolaou 2, Kakiouzis, Fotsis 12, Ntikoudis 8, Papaloukas, Tsakalidis 7, Charisis 5, Chatzivrettas 10, Diamantidis 4
Turkey: Kutluay 18, Yildirim, Turkcan 7, Besok, Tunceri 8, Turkoglu 7, Onan, Okur 23, Peker 1, Arslan 6, Gonlum, Basak
 Croatia - Ukraine 93-71 by Antonio Gotovac
 Photo: Giricek
Croatia recorded its first win in the European Championship and probably secured a spot in the knock-out stage of the tournament. The final score was 93:71.
     The game didn't start so smoothly for Croatia as it troubled in the first period which ended by 15:15. The Croats rebounded poorly in defense and had problems with Alexander Okunsky (214-C-71). However, things changed when Marko Popovic (185-G-82) entered the game with 3.26 remaining in the period. In the first quarter Gordan Giricek (199-G-77) led Croatia offensively, while Popovic's defense was an example.
     In the second period Popovic continued with great assists and also added 2 three-pointers in a row that helped Croatia detach from Ukraine. Center Dalibor Bagaric (217-C-80, agent: Rudoy Herb) really dominated on the defensive boards. He capped the first half with a powerful two-hand jam with 6 seconds to go.
     The second half was all about Croatia, which completely dominated the game and even started to engage into exhibition plays when the margin grew enough. Other CRO players, like Damir Mulaomerovic (195-G-74) and Matej Mamic (204-F-75), followed Popovic and Giricek in offense. From the second half there are a few attractive plays worth mentioning, like assists by Damir Mulaomerovic (195-G-74), fast breaks by Popovic or several slam dunks, like the one by Grigori Khizhnyak (216-C-74). He entered the game for the first time in the last quarter and gave a lot of trouble to Nikola Prkacin (208-C-75) during that period. It is unclear why didn't he play earlier.
     Gordan Giricek (199-G-77) led all scorers with 21 points. Marko Popovic (185-G-82) stopped at 16 points, while Mulaomerovic scored 15. Okunskyy and Andrei Lebedev (189-G-79) led Ukraine with 15 points.
     Tomorrow Croatia meets Turkey in the last group stage game. A chance to revenge the 2001 Quarterfinals defeat and to see whether Croatia can finally defeat a strong opponent.     

Croatia: Mulaomerovic 15, Bazdaric 2, Popovic 16, Nicevic 2, Prkacin 4, Planinic 8, Giricek 21, Perincic, Zizic 2, Mamic 11, Bagaric 12, Skelin
Ukraine: Andrei Lebedev (189-G-79) 15, Rayevskyy 3, Balashov 2, Drozdov 4, Moskalenko, Khryapa 2, Okunskyy 15, Yevstratenko 10, Lokhmanchuk 6, Botichev 5, Khizhnyak 9

  Day 1, September 5, 2003 - Sep 5, 2003
The biggest sensation of the Day 1 is a 95-80 victory of Russia over World and Euro champion - Yugoslavia. Also Slovenia surprised Italy by defeating them in the opening day.

Group A

 Slovenia - Italy 77-67 (18-14, 18-20, 21-18, 20:15) by Zeljko Zule and Flavio Suardi
 Photo: Nachbar
Italy lost the first match at European Championship versus Slovenia. Altough the 16 points scored by Gianluca Basile, Italy lost the game and have to win versus France. The Weisz's team defeated Bosnia 98-76 with 19 points scored by Foirest and 15 by Moiso.
Slovenia: Jurak 2, Lakovic 14, Boris Gorenc (195-G-73) 14, Petrov 5, Nachbar 21, Tusek 7, Milic 7, Jurkovic 1, Golemac 2, Brezec 4
Italy: Radulovic 10, Basile 16, Galanda 4, Soragna 1, Marconato 1, De Pol 9, Righetti 8, Bulleri 8, Chiacig 10).
France - Bosnia & Herzegovina 98-76
France: Sonko (18), Abdul-Wahad (7), Moïso (15), Foirest (19), Digbeu (9), Parker (11), F. Piétrus (11), Julian (4), Turiaf (4)
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Castle (2), Ovcina (3), Krupalija (9), Leric (3), Stevanovic (6), Hukic (3), Kovacevic (2), Krasic (5), Mrsic (27), Bajramovic (5), Mujezinovic (11)

Group B

 Lithuania - Latvia 92-91, OT by Gunars Gailitis
Photo: Macijauskas
The start of the game was pretty nervous from both teams. No one took time to make some offensive play, it was just run up and take fast shots. The Latvian team was better in that type of game and took an early lead with ten points which they kept the whole first quarter.
In the second quarter the speed slowed down and the teams started to play better basketball, the offensive sequences got longer and the mistakes were fewer. When the Lithuanians started to play a more agressive basket they got their points and came closer and in the beginning of the third quarter they had contact.
After good Lithuanian work the score after the third quarter was tight, 58-58.
The fourth quarter was very intense and entertaining. The teams changed the lead all the time, the players gave everything they had, often lying on the floor in a desperate hunt for the ball. With less than two minutes to go it looked like Latvia had the upper hand, but Lithuania responded well. A spectacular dunk from Eurelijus Zukauskas led to the final score 81-81, and overtime was to follow.
With merely 3,000 spectators, almost everyone from the two Baltic countries, the heat was on in the overtime. There was never more than two points up. It was decided when Sarunas Jasikevicius made two safe free throws to the score 92-91, with less than four seconds to go. Latvia got one chance to equalize, but Kristaps Valters' layup hit the ring, and out. Lithuania was the winner.
Lithuania: Macijauskas 22, Jasikevicius 20, Siskauskas 18, E.Zukauskas 12, Songaila 8, Slanina 4, Stombergas 3, Lavrinovic 3, M.Zukauskas 2, Praskevicius
Latvia: Stelmahers 22, Kambala 21, Bagatskis 21, Sneps 9, Helmanis 8, Vitols 5, Ostlers 3Grafs 2, Valters, Skele
 Germany - Israel 86-81 by Moritz Korff by Amos Gueta
Photo: Okulaja
In the opening-match of the Eurobasket 2003 NT Germany won over NT Israel with 86:81. In a tough game Germany took the lead after a couple of minutes, but had too many turnovers and unforced errors. So Israel came closer and had the possibility to win with a few minutes to play. For Germany Dirk Nowitzki (211-F-78) and Ademola Okulaja (202-F-75, college: N.Carolina), although he had to play with a foot-injury, scored most points (both 17), while Meir Tapiro (194-G-75): 17 pts and Yoav Saffar (207-F-75): 11 pts were topscorers on the Israelian side.
The Israeli NT opened Eurobasket 2003 with a loss - yet a hopeful loss, as the NT was not in any part of the game overwhelmed by Nowitzki's troop, and was not too far from an upset which would have caused much shock. The NT displayed a lot of fighting spirit, especially from the frontcourt men who crowded Nowitzki in every turn, and despite not being able to stop the NBA superstar did manage to hamper his steps. And with a perfect continuity from last Eurobasket, Meir Tapiro (194-G-75) returned to be Israel's best offensive weapon, frustrating the German defenses with his "miracle shots".

Still, with Burstein and Saffar looking very lukewarm and unfocused, and Yotam Halperin managing no more than a decent first official tournament game - this was not enough to overcome the Germans, who led by Nowitzki and Okulaja were dominant through most of it, peaking in a 19-point lead, 70-51, in the beginning of the last quarter. However, the entrance of Erez Katz to the game added a defensive spark in the Israeli Troop, and combined with Nowitzki getting a rest on the bench, and some aggressiveness from Ido Kozikaro under the hoops, the blue-and-whites managed to rally a 9-0 run, cutting the gap to 10 points, seven minutes from the end.

With three minutes to the buzzer, A Shelef penetration basket followed a trey and a fast break by Tapiro, cutting the gap to merely 3 points - 80-77. However, it was than when Patrick Femerling made the money move - posting up Kozikaro for a goal and one, fouling the Israeli out in the process. Combined with some flaky game management in the final minutes by Katzurin, the NT was unable to once again rally back.

Talking to the Israeli media, coach Muli Katzurin said "Basketball is all about mistakes and we've made more. Everyone expected Germany will have a field day, but we made it so it didn't happen. I'm unhappy about the loss, but I'm optimistic about next game. I'm proud of my troop who put a fight against a better team".

Talking to "Eurobasket Israel", Germany's Patrick Femerling commented "We knew Israel was tough. They don't have a real center but they do have many forwards who can step out and that hurt us. Tapiro killed us...he doesn't look that much in a first look but than he makes those shots you don't see coming. He's been doing this sort of thing for years".

Germany: Okulaja: 17 pts, 10 rebs, Nowitzki: 17 pts, Femerling: 16 pts, 6 rebs, Garris: 11 pts, 6 rebs, Pesic: 11 pts, 6 to, Demirel: 6 pts, 4 ass, Hamann: 4 pts, Lutcke: 2 pts, Maras: 2 pts, Nikagbatse: 0 pts, Arigbabu: 0 pts, Schultze: DNP
Israel: Tapiro: 21 pts, Saffar: 11 pts, 6 rebs, Kozikaro: 10 pts, Burstein: 10 pts, Shelef: 9 pts, Halperin: 7 pts, Sheinfeld: 7 pts, Y. Green: 4 pts, D. Sharp: 2 pts, S. Gordon: 0 pts, Katz: 0 pts, Mizrahi: 0 pts

Group C

 Russia - Serbia and Montenegro 95-80 (25:25, 22:17, 25:25) by Sasha Sanders
Photo: Kirilenko
Russia: Andrei Kirilenko (204-F-81) (29), Vasili Karassev (192-G-71, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) (16), Likholitov (14), Pashutin (12), Khryapa (7), Samoylenko (7), Monya (6), Kubrakov (2), Solovyov (2), Savrasenko (0), Domani (0), Ershov (0)
Serbia and Montenegro: Drobnjak (18), Stojakovic (17), Gurovic (14), Vujanic (14), Ostoic (7), Koturovic (5), Jaric (5), Perovic (0), Askrabic (0), Avdalovic (0), Bogravec (0), Vukicevic (0).
 Spain - Sweden 99-52 by Natxo Mendaza
Photo: Gasol
Spanish NT rolled over (99-52) the hosting NT sweden in the EC first game day, getting its biggest win ever in the history of an European championship. Although Swedish started well, stopping Pau Gasol (214-F-80) and performing a good defense, the Spaniards took advantage of Roger Grimau's accuracy (15 points and 4/4 from th 3 pointer line in the first half) to reach the intermission with a comfortable margin (44-24). The second half had nothing to tell. Spain kept increasing its margin, which gave Moncho Lopez the chance to put all his playes on court. Gasol, with two incredible three pointers at the end, closed the game, finishing with 25 points.
Spain: Calderón (4), Navarro (8), Jiménez (4), Gasol (25), Garbajosa (4) -cinco inicial-, Marco (10), Grimau (18), Felipe Reyes (4), De la Fuente (6), Herreros (3), Bueno (4) y Alfonso Reyes (9).
Sweden: Burke (2), Nnamaka (9), Jonas Larsson (15), Pettersson (3), Blom (2) -cinco inicial-, Jonzen (8), Maraker 11, Hakan Larsson (-), Myrthil (2), Johnson (-), Dajic (-) y Levin (-).

Group D

 Greece - Croatia 77-76
Photo: Chantzivrettas
Greece: Charzivrettas 14, Rentzias 12, Fotsis 12, Papanikolaou 8, Tsakalidis 8, Alvertis 6, Charisis 5, Sigalas 5, Papaloukas 4, Dikoudis 3, Diamantidis, Kakiouzis
Croatia: Prkacin 18, Giricek 15, Mulaomerovic 9, Popovic 8, Planinic 6, Zizic 6, Bagaric 6, Nicevic 4, Mamic 4, Perincic, Skelin
Ukraine - Turkey 69-77
Ukraine: Khiznyak (3), Botichev (2), Lokhmanchuk (10), Yevstratenko (6), Okunskyy (10), Khryapa (12), Moskalenko (4), Drozdov (13), Rayevsky (4), Lebedev (5)
Turkey: Omer Onan (7), Haluk Yıldırım (4), Mehmet Okur (19), Kaya Peker (4), İbrahim Kutluay (12), Ender Arslan (3), Mirsad Turkcan (17), Kerem Tunceri.

Bosnia and Hertzegovina
Jasmin Hukic (203-G/F-79) Union Olimpija (SLO)
Damir Mrsic (192-G-70)  Unics (RUS)
Terrell Castle (182-G-72) EWE Baskets (GER)
Elvir Ovcina (210-C/F-76) EWE Baskets (GER)
Samir Leric (204-F/C-73) MTC (GER)
Mirza Teletovic (203-F-85) Sloboda Dita
Damir Krupalija (205-F/C-79) Anwil (POL)
Haris Mujezinovic (205-F-74) Cibona VIP (CRO)
Barisa Krasic (203-F-78) Cibona VIP (CRO)
Kenan Bajramovic (204-F-81) Zenica Celik
Zelimir Stevanovic (201-F-77) Nantes (FRA)
Sinisa Kovacevic (200-G-78)
HEAD COACH: Drasko Prodanovic .
Damir Mulaomerovic (195-G-74), PAOK (GRE)
Marko Popovic (185-G-82), Pamesa Valencia (ESP)
Zoran Planinic (198-G-82), New Jersey Nets (NBA)
Gordan Giricek (199-G-77), team captain, Orlando Magic (NBA)
Marin Bazdaric (197-G/F-78), Union Olimpija (SLO)
Matej Mamic (204-F-75), Cibona VIP
Hrvoje Perincic (196-G-78), Strasbourg (FRA)
Andrija Zizic (207-C/F-80), Cibona VIP
Nikola Prkacin (208-C-75), Efes Pilsen (TUR)
Mate Skelin (212-C-74), Pau Orthez (FRA)
Sandro Nicevic (211-C-76), Le Mans (FRA)
Dalibor Bagaric (217-C-80)
Head coach Neven Spahija
Tony Parker (183-G-80)
Mustapha Sonko (192-G-72)
Tariq Abdul-Wahad (198-F-74)
Boris-Riffiod Diaw (203-F-82)
Alain Digbeu (196-F-75)
Makan Dioumassi (190-G-72)
Laurent Foirest (197-F-73)
Cyril Julian (206-F/C-75)
Jerome Moiso (208-C/F-78)
Florent Pietrus (198-F-81)
Ronny Turiaf (208-C/F-83)
Thierry Rupert (200-F-77) Strasbourg
Head Coach: Alan Weisz
Mithat Demirel (181-G-78) ALBA Berlin
Stefano Garris (200-G/F-79) ALBA Barlin
Jorg Lutcke (200-F-75) Koln
Steffen Hamann (190-G-81) Bamberg
Misan Nikagbatse (195-G-82) Udine (ITA)
Marco Pesic (198-G-76) ALBA Berlin
Ademola Okulaja (202-F-75) Badalona (ESP)
Dirk Nowitzki (211-F-78) Dallas (NBA)
Sven Schultze (208-C-78) Leverkusen
Stephen Arigbabu (205-C-72) MBC
Robert Maras (216-C-78) Frankfurt
Patrick Femerling (213-C-75) Barcelona (ESP)
Coach Henrik Dettmann
Assistant Coach: Armin Andres
Assistant Coach: Rolando Blackman
Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80)
Dimitris Papanikolaou (201-F-77)
Nikos Chantzivretas (193-G-77)
Theodoros Papaloukas (199-G-77)
Giorgos Sigalas (200-F-71)
Chris Harisis (191-G-76)
Fragikos Alvertis (206-F-74)
Antonis Fotsis (209-F-81)
Mihalis Kakiouzis (206-C-76)
Dimos Dikoudis (208-F/C-77)
Efthimios Rentzias (212-C-76)
Iakovos Tsakalidis (218-C-79)
Head Coach: Giannis Ioannidis
Tal Burstein (199-G-80) Maccabi T-A
Derrick Sharp (183-G-71) Maccabi T-A
Yoav Saffar (207-F-75) Maccabi T-A
Gur Shelef (204-F-74) Maccabi T-A
Yotam Halperin (194-G-84) Maccabi T-A
Yaniv Green (206-F-80) Hapoel T-A
Israel Sheinfeld (209-F/C-76) Hapoel T-A
Shahar Gordon (207-F/C-80) MM Givat Shmuel
Moshe Brener (202-F-71) MM Givat Shmuel
Moshe Mizrahi (202-F-80) Hapoel Jerusalem
Ido Kozikaro (202-F-78) Hapoel Jerusalem
Meir Tapiro (194-G-75)
Coach Muli Kazurin
Nikola Radulovic (207-F-73) Badalona (ESP)
Matteo Soragna (197-G/F-75) Biella
Alessandro Cittadini (207-C/F-79) Reggio Calabria
Alessandro De Pol (204-G/F-72) Varese
Michele Mian (195-G-73) Udine
Roberto Chiacig (208-C-74) Siena
Davide Lamma (192-G-76) Reggio Calabria
Giacomo Galanda (210-C-75) Siena
Denis Marconato (210-C-75) Benetton
Gianluca Basile (193-G-75) Skipper Bologna
Alex Righetti (198-G/F-77) Roma
Massimo Bulleri (188-G-77) Benetton
Coach: Carlo Recalcati
Uvis Helmanis(203-C-72) GHP Bamberg (GER)
Aigars Vitols(193-G-76) BK Ventspils
Troy Ostler (208-F/C-78)
Roberts Stelmahers(190-G-74) Union Olimpia(SLO)
Armands Skele (192-G-83) Anwil (POL)
Edgars Sneps (199-F-72)
Kristaps Valters (188-G-81) Panionios (GRE)
Maris Laksa (205-F/C-81) Providence (NCAA)
Ainars Bagatskis (198-F-67) BK Ventspils)
Raitis Grafs (208-C-81) Tel indus Oostende (BEL)
Kaspars Kambala (205-C-78) Real Madrid (ESP)
Arnis Vecvagars (199-F-74) BK Ventspils
Head coach: Armands Kraulins
Assistent: Varis Krumins
Assistent: Gundars Vetra
Arvydas Macijauskas (192-G-80)
Ksystof Lavrinovic (210-C-79)
Dainius Salenga (197-F-77)
Saulius Stombergas (203-F-73)
Mindaugas Zukauskas (202-F-75)
Eurelijus Zukauskas (218-C-73)
Sarunas Jasikevicius (192-G-76) Maccabi T-A (ISR)
Ramunas Siskauskas (197-G-78)
Virginijus Praskevicius (206-C/F-74)
Donatas Slanina (191-G-77)
Darius Songaila (205-C/F-78)
Giedrius Gustas (190-G-80)

Head coach Antanas Sireika
Sergei Monya (205-F-83) (CSKA)
Vasili Karassev (192-G-71) (Locomotive)
Andrei Kirilenko (204-F-81) (Utah Jazz)
Alexei Savrasenko (215-C-78) (CSKA)
Mihail Solovjev (207-C-73) (Himki)
Valentin Kubrakov (195-G-72) (Unics)
Petr Samoylenko (186-G-77) (Unics)
Viktor Khryapa (205-F/G-82) (CSKA)
Fedor Likholitov (209-C/F-80) (Aris Thessaloniki)
Zakhar Pachoutine (195-G-74) (CSKA)
Aleksander Miloserdov (196-G-80) (Dynamo)
Dmitri Domani (200-F/G-74) (Dynamo)
Serbia and Montenegro
Marko Jaric (198-G-78)
Milos Vujanic (190-G-80)
Vule Avdalovic (190-G-81)
Dusan Vukcevic (202-F-75)
Predrag Stojakovic (207-F-77)
Milan Gurovic (207-C/F-76)
Ognjen Askrabic (205-C/F-79)
Predrag Drobnjak (211-C-75)
Dejan Koturovic (212-C-72)
Kosta Perovic (216-C-85) Partizan
Nebojsa Bogavac (197-G-73) Hemofarm
Djuro Ostojic (209-C-76) Partizan
Head Coach: Dusko Vujosevic
Goran Jurak (203-F/C-77) Olympiakos (GRE)
Jaka Lakovic (182-G-78) Panathinaikos (GRE)
Boris Gorenc (195-G-73) Scavolini (ITA)
Simon Petrov (189-G-76) Union Olimpija
Marijan Kraljevic (212-C-70)
Bostjan Nachbar (207-G/F-80) Houston Rockets (NBA)
Slavko Duscak (195-G-74) Krka
Marko Tusek (203-F-75) Roma (ITA)
Marko Milic (198-G-77) Scavolini (ITA)
Ivica Jurkovic (206-C/F-73) PAOK (GRE)
Jurica Golemac (209-F-77) Cibona Vip (CRO)
Primoz Brezec (216-F/C-79) Indiana Pacers (NBA)
Head coach: Slobodan Subotic
Assistant coaches: Ales Pipan, Dusan Hauptman
Pau Gasol (214-F-80)
Roger Grimau (196-G-79)
Carles Marco (180-G-74)
Juan Carlos Navarro (193-G-80)
Jose Manuel Calderon (190-G-81)
Felipe Reyes (203-F/C-80)
Carlos Jimenez (201-F-76)
Alberto Herreros (200-F-69)
Rodrigo De La Fuente (199-F-76)
Antonio Bueno (208-F/C-80)
Alfonso Reyes (202-C-71)
Jorge Garbajosa (207-C/F-77)
Head coach: Moncho Lopez
Assistant: Joan Creus
Paul Burke (187-G-72)
L.Hakan Larsson (184-G-74)
Mats Levin (188-G-77)
P.Jonas Larsson (192-G-71)
Jens Johnsson (190-G/F-78)
Danijel Dajic (190-G-77)
Oluoma Nnamaka (200-F-78)
Christian Maraker (203-F-82)
Lesli Myrthil (199-G/F-77)
Fredrik Jonzen (208-C/F-78)
John Pettersson (203-F/C-77)
Joakim Blom (208-C-76)
Kerem Tunceri (190-G-79)
Ender Arslan (185-G-83)
Ibrahim Kutluay (198-F/G-73)
Omer Onan (194-G-78)
Hidayet Turkoglu (206-F-79)
Haluk Yildirim (200-F-72)
Kerem Gonlum (209-C/F-77)
Rasim Basak (202-F-80)
Mirsad Turkcan (206-F-76)
Kaya Peker (208-C/F-80)
Mehmet Okur (210-C/F-79)
Huseyin Besok (212-C-75)
Coach Aydin Ors
Olexander Rayevskiy (186-G-76) (MBC Mykolayiv, UKR)
Vyacheslav Yevstratenko (191-G-74) (Azovmash, UKR)
Alexandru Scutelnic (191-G-77) (Azovmash, UKR)
Andriy Lebedev (189-G-79) (BC Kyiv, UKR)
Sergiy Moskalenko (194-F/G-75) (Azovmash, UKR)
Artur Drozdov (198-G-80) (Pau-Orthez, FRA)
Mykola Khryapa (207-F-79) (Ural-Great, RUS)
Olexander Lokhmanchuk (208-C/F-73) (Nancy, FRA)
Stanislav Balashov (211-C-79) (BC Kyiv, UKR)
Andriy Botichev (207-C/F-75) (Azovmash, UKR)
Olexander Okunskiy (214-C-71)y (last team - Lietuvos Ritas, LTU)
Grigoriy Khizhnyak (216-C-74) (last team - Pamesa, SPA)
Head Coach: Hennadiy Zashchuk
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