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Prva Standings
Places 1-6
 1. MZT Skopje 9-1 
 2. Rabotnicki 7-3 
 3. Karpos Sokoli 7-3 
 4. Kumanovo 3-7 
 5. Feni Industries 2-8 
 6. Kozuv 2-8 
Places 7-10
 1. Strumica 4-2 
 2. Ohrid AV 3-3 
 3. Pelister Bitola 3-3 
 4. Vardar 2-4 
Stage One Standings
Season 2016-2017
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

Karpos Sokoli and Feni Industries will fight for trophy in the Macedonian Cup (Photo: Facebook)
Player of the week

     Nenad Misanovic
    Prva Stage One Standings
     1. Feni Industries 12-2 
     2. Rabotnicki 11-3 
     3. Kumanovo 10-3 
     4. Kozuv 9-4 
     5. Strumica 5-8 
     6. Pelister Bitola 4-10 
     7. Ohrid AV 3-10 
     8. Vardar 0-14 
    Play in international cups:
     1. Karpos Sokoli
     2. MZT Skopje

    MZT Skopje earn SuperCup title (Photo: Facebook)
    Points Per Game
     Danilo MIJATOVIC
      Avg: 18.9
     1. Mijatovic, Kuman.18.9 
     2. McNeaill, Kozuv18.8 
     3. Hawkins, Pelister.16.3 
     4. Jokic, Strumica16.3 
     5. Tasovski, Rabotnicki16.1 
     6. Drenovac, MZT S.15.9 
     7. Labovic, Karpos S.15.4 
     8. Mijovic, Kozuv15.1 
     9. Perry, Karpos S.14.9 
     10. Kloof, MZT Skopje13.8 
    Rebounds Per Game
     Milivoje MIJOVIC
      Avg: 10.6
     1. Mijovic, Kozuv10.6 
     2. Andrejevic, Pelister.8.0 
     3. Mijatovic, MZT S.7.0 
     4. Misanovic, Rabotnicki6.9 
     5. Lalic, MZT Skopje6.5 
     6. Nikolovski, Feni I.6.4 
     7. Golubovic, Pelister.6.3 
     8. Janevski, Kumanovo6.1 
     9. Labovic, Karpos S.6.0 
     10. Mihajlovski, Ohrid A.5.8 
    Assists Per Game
     Vlado ILIEVSKI
      Avg: 6.6
     1. Ilievski, Rabotnicki6.6 
     2. McNeaill, Kozuv5.3 
     3. Bogoev, Strumica5.1 
     4. Mirakovski, Rabot.4.8 
     5. Perry, Karpos S.4.3 
     6. Karadzovski, Kuman.4.3 
     7. Hawkins, Pelister.4.2 
     8. Hall, Kozuv4.2 
     9. Mavra, Karpos S.4.1 
     10. Kloof, MZT Skopje4.1 
    Steals Per Game
     Kendrick PERRY
      Karpos S.
      Avg: 1.8
     1. Perry, Karpos S.1.8 
     2. Kloof, MZT Skopje1.6 
     3. Ilievski, Rabotnicki1.5 
     4. Makenadziev, Strum.1.4 
     5. Jokic, Strumica1.4 
     6. Robev, Vardar1.3 
     7. Sokolov, Karpos S.1.3 
     8. Nikolic, Rabotnicki1.3 
     9. Mijatovic, Kuman.1.2 
     10. Brown, Kumanovo1.2 
    Blocks Per Game
     Nenad MISANOVIC
      Avg: 1.2
     1. Misanovic, Rabotnicki1.2 
     2. Krstevski, Kozuv1.0 
     3. Pekovic, Kumanovo0.8 
     4. Trajkovski, Karpos S.0.7 
     5. Maslinko, Rabotnicki0.6 
     6. Mijatovic, Kuman.0.6 
     7. Zekjiri, Vardar0.6 
     8. Lalic, MZT Skopje0.5 
     9. Djekic, Feni I.0.5 
     10. Sharabidze, Feni I.0.5 
    FYR Macedonian men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
     Adriatic League:
     Balkan League:

    KK MZT Skopje Aerodrom wins the FYR Macedonian Prva Liga 2016-2017 title (Photo:

    KK MZT Skopje Aerodrom 2016-17
    Ante Nazor Ante Nazor Nazor
    Xavier Thames
    Charlon Kloof
    Danilo Mijatovic
    Djordje Drenovac
    Jure Lalic
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    2  Thames Xavier 191 (6'3'') G 91 USA
    9  Kloof Charlon 190 (6'3'') G 90 Surinam Holland
     Mijatovic Danilo 206 (6'9'') F/C 83 Serbia
    13  Drenovac Djordje 201 (6'7'') G/F 92 Serbia
    21  Lalic Jure 211 (6'11'') C 86 Croatia
    4  Katnic Dusan 193 (6'4'') PG 89 Serbia
    5  Sinovec Stefan 195 (6'5'') G 88 Serbia
    7  Gjuroski Stojan 203 (6'8'') F 91 FYR Macedonia
    6  Mekic Adem 195 (6'5'') G 95 FYR Macedonia
    11  Todorovski Leonid 205 (6'9'') C 98 FYR Macedonia
    15  Mladenovski Ljubomir 207 (6'10'') C 95 FYR Macedonia
    Head Coach: Ante Nazor
    Coach Assistant: Goran Krstevski All-Macedonian League Awards 2017 - May 29, 2017 All-Macedonian League 1st Team 2017
    Kendrick Perry
    Kenyon McNeaill
    Djordje Drenovac
    Milivoje Mijovic
    Nenad Misanovic

    Finals MVP: Charlon Kloof (190-G-90) of MZT Skopje
    Player of the Year: Djordje Drenovac (201-G/F-92) of MZT Skopje
    Guard of the Year: Kenyon McNeaill (185-PG-91) of Kozuv
    Forward of the Year: Milivoje Mijovic (200-PF-91) of Kozuv
    Center of the Year: Nenad Misanovic (217-C-84) of Rabotnicki
    Domestic Player of the Year: Dime Tasovski (200-F-80) of Rabotnicki
    Bosman Player of the Year: Milivoje Mijovic (200-PF-91) of Kozuv
    Import Player of the Year: Kenyon McNeaill (185-PG-91) of Kozuv
    Defensive Player of the Year: Nenad Misanovic (217-C-84) of Rabotnicki
    Coach of the Year: Ante Nazor of MZT Skopje

    1st Team
    PG: Kendrick Perry (183-PG-92) of Karpos Sokoli
    PG: Kenyon McNeaill (185-PG-91) of Kozuv
    G/F: Djordje Drenovac (201-G/F-92) of MZT Skopje
    PF: Milivoje Mijovic (200-PF-91) of Kozuv
    C: Nenad Misanovic (217-C-84) of Rabotnicki

    2nd Team
    PG: Vlado Ilievski (188-PG-80) of Rabotnicki
    G: Charlon Kloof (190-G-90) of MZT Skopje
    F: Dime Tasovski (200-F-80) of Rabotnicki
    F/C: Danilo Mijatovic (206-F/C-83) of MZT Skopje
    F/C: Dragan Labovic (207-F/C-87) of Karpos Sokoli

    3rd Team
    G: Devin Brooks (186-G-92) of Dynamic BG
    G: Dominik Mavra (195-G-94) of Karpos Sokoli
    F: Petar Jokic (201-F-91) of Strumica
    F: Marjan Janevski (203-F-88) of Kumanovo
    F/C: Kiril Nikolovski (210-F/C-88) of Feni Industries

    Honorable Mention
    Milojko Vasilic (207-C-89) of Hopsi Polzela
    Dimitar Karadzovski (190-G-84) of Kumanovo
    Xavier Thames (191-G-91) of MZT Skopje
    Gjorgi Cekovski (203-PF-79) of Rabotnicki
    Phil Hawkins (186-PG-90) of Pelister Bitola
    Boban Stajic (185-PG-93) of Feni Industries
    Jane Petrovski (181-PG-87) of Feni Industries
    Dimitar Mirakovski (177-PG-81) of Rabotnicki
    Dragan Zekovic (209-C/F-87) of Karpos Sokoli
    Bojan Trajkovski (208-F/C-88) of Karpos Sokoli

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Vlado Ilievski (188-PG-80) of Rabotnicki
    G: Dimitar Karadzovski (190-G-84) of Kumanovo
    F: Dime Tasovski (200-F-80) of Rabotnicki
    PF: Gjorgi Cekovski (203-PF-79) of Rabotnicki
    F/C: Kiril Nikolovski (210-F/C-88) of Feni Industries

    All-Imports Team
    G: Devin Brooks (186-G-92) of Dynamic BG
    PG: Kendrick Perry (183-PG-92) of Karpos Sokoli
    PG: Kenyon McNeaill (185-PG-91) of Kozuv
    G: Nicholas Wiggins (6'6''-G-91) of Orangeville A's
    C: Kaylen Shane (208-C-93) of Ohrid AV

    All-Bosmans Team
    G: Charlon Kloof (190-G-90) of MZT Skopje
    G/F: Djordje Drenovac (201-G/F-92) of MZT Skopje
    F: Petar Jokic (201-F-91) of Strumica
    PF: Milivoje Mijovic (200-PF-91) of Kozuv
    C: Nenad Misanovic (217-C-84) of Rabotnicki

    Award created in co-operation with Dragan Ristov.

    MZT Skopje defend Prva Liga title - May 24, 2017

    MZT Skopje - Karpos Sokoli 86-82

    MZT Skopje repeated as Prva Liga champions. They overcame Karpos Sokoli in the decisive fifth game of the championship series to capture the title. The hosts took control from the first minutes by winning first half. But Karpos Sokoli won third quarter 21-19. However it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. The game was decided in the last minutes when MZT Skopje won last quarter 22-20. They made 24-of-31 free shots (77.4 percent) during the game. MZT Skopje had a 26-15 advantage in offensive rebounds. 27 personal fouls committed by Karpos Sokoli helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Surinamese-Dutch guard Charlon Kloof (190-90, college: St.Bonaventure, agency: Octagon Europe) orchestrated the victory by scoring 29 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Serbian swingman Djordje Drenovac (201-92) contributed with 23 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Croatian guard Dominik Mavra (195-94) answered with 16 points and 6 assists and Serbian power forward Dragan Labovic (207-87, agency: Alti Sport) added 17 points in the effort for Karpos Sokoli. Four Karpos Sokoli players scored in double figures.
    Top scorers:
    MZT Skopje: C.Kloof 29+7reb+5ast, D.Drenovac 23+6reb+2ast, X.Thames 12+6reb+1ast, D.Mijatovic 9+7reb, J.Lalic 7+3reb+1ast, S.Gjuroski 6+3reb
    Karpos Sokoli: K.Perry 17+3reb+1ast, D.Labovic 17+4reb+1ast, D.Mavra 16+2reb+6ast, Z.Comagic 11+3reb, D.Zekovic 7+4reb+1ast, B.Trajkovski 5+1reb
    gschID: 547343

    Karpos Sokoli roll past Feni Industris to win the Macedonian Cup, Dominik Mavra gets the MVP award - Feb 20, 2017

    It was an exciting night in Kavadarci as Karpos Sokoli 2000 Skopje defeated tournament host KK Feni Industries with 80-69 to seize their first trophy ever.
    Karpos Sokoli 2000 Skopje started the game in their favor. They played better in defense and kept KK Feni Industries on unreconstructed shots from distance. Feni started the game with 3 missed shots from the three point line, but soon after their luck changed. Making the next four shots from distance Feni made a 12-0 series to take over the result. From this moment till the halftime buzzer it was on and off for both teams. Feni kept their lead in most of the second period, but in the last minutes of the first half Dragan Labovic (207-F/C-87, agency: Alti Sport) scored two triples, Bojan Trajkovski (208-F/C-88, agency: Mansfield and Associates) added one and Karpos Sokoli 2000 Skopje took the lead once again (42-37).
    The start of the second half went in Sokoli's way. The aggressive defense gave them a double digit lead (48-38), but KK Feni Industries managed to get back in the game on the wings of Andrej Magdevski (192-PG-96) who played brilliantly on both side of the court. But jet at the end of the third quarter the result was in favor of Karpos Sokoli 2000 Skopje (55-52). The key moments of the game came early in the last quarter as Karpos Sokoli 2000 Skopje made a 13-0 series to seize the game (71-54). Although, Feni played better in the end they did not have the time for a comeback.

    Dominik Mavra (195-G-94) led his team once again. The Croat added 21 points and 6 rebounds and assists to Sokoli's victory and Dragan Labovic finished the game with 17 points and 8 rebounds. Kendrick Perry finished the game with 13 points, while Bojan Trajkovski added 12 points and 5 rebounds. On the other side, captain Kiril Nikolovski (210-F/C-88) scored 19 points and added 6 rebounds and 3 assists, while Andrej Magdevski finished the game with 10 points, 6 steals and 5 assists.

    MVP of the final eight tournament was Dominik Mavra with his excellent performance over the three games, averaging 19.6ppg, 5.6apg and 3.0rpg, while Kiril Nikolovski was named the best scorer of the tournamet.

    MZT Skopje earn SuperCup title - Sep 24, 2016

    MZT Skopje - Karpos Sokoli 87:84

    MZT Skopje conquered the first trophy of the season. They held off Kapros Sokoli to claim the SuperCup title. Torey Thomas (178-PG-85, college: Holy Cross) posted 19 points and 13 assists to lead the winners.
    MZT Skopje accumulated a 23:16 lead after the opening frame. They sank 25 points in the second period to establish a 48:30 halftime advantage. Karpos Sokoli pulled within 16 points at the final intermission. They went on a strong rally in the fourth term. Kendrick Perry (183-PG-92, college: Youngstown St.) put Karpos within one point late in regulation. But Torey Thomas hit a timely three-pointer and then Xavier Tems added two points to seal the win for MZT Skopje. Josh Scott (208-F-93, college: Colorado, agency: Pensack Sports) finished with 18 points, while Jeremiah Massey (202-F-82, college: Kansas St.) contributed 16 points in the win. Kendrick Perry responded with game-high 29 points for Karpos. Dragan Labovic (207-F/C-87, agency: Alti Sport) and Lamont Mack (201-F-87, college: Charlotte, agency: Inception Sports) had 17 points each in the loss.

    MZT Skopje: Torey Thomas 19+13 assists, Josh Scott 18, Jeremiah Massey 16
    Karpos Sokoli: Kendrick Perry 29, Dragan Labovic 17, Lamont Mack 17

    by Igor
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