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France Internationally
Philippe Burstert
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Players/Coaches Movement in France in summer 2017
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Updated on: October 17, 2017

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Players Joined
 Kevin Cham  (182-G-98)  from Torrelodones (Spain)  
 Aaron Craft  USA (188-G-91)  from Dolomiti En. TR (Italy)  
 Christopher Evans  USA (203-F/G-91)  from GECR Indalo (Argentina)  
 Georgi Joseph  USA French (197-F-82)  from Orleans (ProB)  
 Dru Joyce  USA (182-PG-85)  from B.Muenchen (Germany)  
 Elmedin Kikanovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina (211-C-88)  from ALBA (Germany)  
 Paul Lacombe  (190-G-90)  from Strasbourg (ProA)  
 Luc Loubaki  (191-G-97)  from Orleans (ProB)  
 Gerald Robinson  USA (185-PG-89)  from ALBA (Germany)  
 Abdel Kader Sylla  Seychellois (205-C-90)  from Hyeres-Toulon (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Jordan Aboudou  (201-SF-91)
 Bangaly Fofana  (213-C/F-89)
 Romain Poinas  (203-PF-98)
 Sergii Gladyr  Ukrainian (196-F/G-88)
 Amara Sy  Mali French (202-F-81)
Free Agents
 Thomas Jeram  Slovenian French (190-PG-96)

Players Joined
 Sofiane Briki  (193-G-99)  from CFBB (NM1)  
 Charles Galliou  (203-F-95)  from Antibes (ProA)  
 Justin Harper  USA (208-F-89)  from Globalport (Philippines)  
 Livio Jean-Charles  Guyanese French (202-PF-93)  from Austin S. (NBA G League)  
 Alpha Kaba  (209-C/F-96)  from Mega Bemax (Serbia)  
 David Lighty  USA (195-G/F-88)  from Banco di Srd (Italy)  
 Theo Maledon  (192-G-0)  from CFBB (NM1)  
 John Roberson  USA (180-PG-88)  from Chalon (ProA)  
 A.J. Slaughter  USA Polish (191-PG-87)  from Strasbourg (ProA)  
 Khadim Sow  Senegalese (210-C-99)  from Real Madrid II (Spain)  
 Yulian Yemets  (218-C-99)  from Khimik-2 (Ukraine)  
Players Stayed
 DeMarcus Nelson  USA Serbian (193-G-85)
 Charles Kahudi  DR Congolese French (199-SF-86)
 Nicolas Lang  (199-G-90)
 Darryl Watkins  USA (211-C-84)
 Amine Noua  (202-PF-97)
Free Agents
 Adrian Uter  Jamaican USA (200-F/C-84)
 Trenton Meacham  USA (190-G-85)

Players Joined
 Terry Allen  USA (203-F-93)  from Kormend (Hungary)  
 William Buford  USA (196-G-90)  from Limoges (ProA)  
 Matthias Flosse  (209-PF-98)  from Nancy (ProA U21)  
 Jean-Michel Mipoka  Congolese French (198-SF-85)  from Pau-Lacq-Orthez (ProA)  
 J.R. Reynolds  USA (188-G-84)  from Buducnost (Montenegro)  
 Benjamin Sene  (186-PG-94)  from Nancy (ProB)  
 Taylor Smith  USA (199-F/C-91)  from Orasi Ravenna (Italy)  
Players Stayed
 Thomas Descat  (192-G-97)
 Issa Dieng  Senegalese (208-C-96)
 Fernando Raposo Laurencio  Portuguese French (206-C/F-89)
 Quentin Serron  Belgian (190-G-90)
 Pierre Hannequin  (190-PG-98)
 Adam Mokoka  (196-G-98)
Free Agents
 D.J. Cooper  USA (183-PG-90)
Coaches Joined
 Lassi Tuovi  Finnish  from Strasbourg (ProA)  

Players Joined
 Karvel Anderson  USA (188-G-91)  from Bremerhaven (Germany)  
 Kevin Hangoue  (201-PF-97)  from ASVEL (ProA)  
 Darnell Jackson  USA (206-C/F-85)  from Rosa (Poland)  
 Adrien Labanere  (175-PG-97)  from Pau-Lacq-Orthez (ProA U21)  
 Giovan Oniangue  Congolese French (197-SF-91)  from Paris-Levallois (ProA)  
 Brandon Ubel  USA (208-F/C-91)  from Brussels (Belgium)  
 Eloy Vargas  (211-C-88)  from Metros STGO (Dominican Rep.)  
 Dustin Ware  USA (183-PG-90)  from Vichy Clermont (ProB)  
Players Stayed
 Marc-Antoine Pellin  (171-PG-87)
 Anthony Roberson  USA (188-G-83)
 Jerome Sanchez  (197-SF-90)
 Stephan Gauthier  (192-F/G-95)
 Aurelien Salmon  (202-PF-87)
 Arnaud Kerckhof  (193-PG-84)
Free Agents
 Chamberlain Oguchi  Nigerian (196-SG-86)
Coaches Joined
 Claude Bergeaud  from Pau-Lacq-Orthez (ProA)  

Players Joined
 Ben Bentil  Ghanian USA (206-F-95)  from Ft.Wayne MA (NBA G League)  
 Paul Carter  USA (204-F-87)  from Hyeres-Toulon (ProA)  
 Ed Daniel  USA (203-F/C-90)  from Maccabi Ashdod (Israel)  
 Willie Deane  USA Bulgarian (185-PG-80)  from Ventspils (Latvia)  
 Sadio Doucoure  (201-SF-92)  from Vichy Clermont (ProB)  
 Romain Duport  (215-C-86)  from Limoges (ProA)  
 Martin Hermannsson  Icelandic (190-G-94)  from Charleville (ProB)  
 Gedeon Pitard  Cameroonian French (188-G-89)  from Chalon (ProA)  
 LaMonte Ulmer  USA (198-SF-86)  from Wuerzburg (Germany)  
Players Stayed
 Jules Rambaut  (202-C/F-98)
 Alexandre Karolak  (192-G-95)
 Arthur Leboeuf  (175-PG-97)
 Louis Cassier  (203-F/C-97)
Free Agents
 Jermaine Anderson  Canadian Jamaican (188-PG-83)
 Mark Payne  USA (203-G/F-88)
Coaches Joined
 Cedric Heitz  from Charleville (ProB)  

Players Joined
 Pierre-Etienne Drouault  (196-F/G-90)  from Saint-Quentin (NM1)  
 Ryan Evans  USA (202-F-90)  from Hyeres-Toulon (ProA)  
 Toddrick Gotcher  USA (190-SG-93)  from Koroivos (Greece)  
 Ivan Maras  Montenegrin (207-PF-86)  from Doxa Lefkadas (Greece)  
 David Michineau  (191-PG-94)  from Hyeres-Toulon (ProA)  
 Haukur Palsson  Icelandic (197-SF-92)  from Rouen (ProB)  
Players Stayed
 Jerry Boutsiele  (207-C-92)
 Rigo Edzata  Congolese (203-F-97)
 Ilian Evtimov  Bulgarian French (201-F-83)
 Abdoulaye N'Doye  (200-G-98)
 Jonathan Rousselle  (188-PG-90)
 Warren Woghiren  (207-C-98)
 Johan Clet  (190-PG-96)
Free Agents
 Graham Brown  USA (206-C-84)
 Benjamin Dewar  USA (196-G/F-81)
 David Noel  USA (201-G/F-84)

Players Joined
 Kyan Anderson  USA (180-PG-92)  from Bayreuth (Germany)  
 Khalid Boukichou  Moroccan Belgian (208-C-92)  from Oostende (Belgium)  
 Chris Dowe  USA (191-G/F-91)  from Brussels (Belgium)  
 Ken Horton  USA (199-F-89)  from Telekom Bsk (Germany)  
 Damien Larribau  (185-PG-98)  from Pau Nord-Est (NM3)  
 Taqwa Pinero  USA (191-G-83)  from Iberostar Tener. (Spain)  
Players Stayed
 Vitalis Chikoko  Zimbabwean (208-F/C-91)
 Alain Koffi  Ivorian French (207-C-83)
 Yannick Bokolo  DR Congolese French (191-SG-85)
 Elie-Franck Okobo  (188-PG-97)
 Leopold Cavaliere  (202-PF-96)
Free Agents
 Ronald Lewis  USA (193-SG-84)
Coaches Joined
 Serge Crevecoeur  from Brussels (Belgium)  

  ES CHALON-SUR-SAONE  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Ousmane Camara  (205-C-89)  from Limoges (ProA)  
 James Farr  USA (208-F-92)  from Alba (Hungary)  
 Mickael Gelabale  (202-SF-83)  from Le Mans (ProA)  
 Pierre-Antoine Gillet  (201-F-91)  from Oostende (Belgium)  
 Kris Joseph  Canadian Trinidad and Tobago (201-SF-88)  from New Basket BR (Italy)  
 Bastien Pinault  (195-G/F-93)  from Evreux (ProB)  
 Arthur Rozenfeld  (178-PG-95)  from Roanne (ProB)  
 Jevohn Shepherd  Canadian Jamaican (196-G/F-86)  from Spirou (Belgium)  
 Adam Smith  USA (185-PG-92)  from Roseto Sharks (Italy)  
Players Stayed
 Lance Harris  USA (195-G-84)
 Babacar Niasse  (194-G/F-0)
 Jeremy Nzeulie  Cameroonian French (188-SG-91)
 Matthieu Missonnier  (184-G-97)
 Victor Mopsus  (182-PG-99)
 Wilfried Gantswa Babami  (182-G-97)
Free Agents
 Raphiael Putney  USA (207-F-90)
 Zeke Marshall  USA (213-C-90)

Players Joined
 Mounir Bernaoui  (204-F/C-97)  from Lille (ProB)  
 Tweety Carter  USA (180-PG-86)  from PGE Turow (Poland)  
 Trae Golden  USA (189-G-91)  from Chieti (Italy)  
 Dinma Odiakosa  Nigerian (203-C/F-85)  from Le Havre (ProB)  
 Jean-Victor Traore  Burkinabe French (203-PF-85)  from Lille (ProB)  
Players Stayed
 Mohamed Hachad  Moroccan Canadian (194-SG-83)
 Franklin Hassell  USA (205-F/C-88)
 Jessie Begarin  (191-G-88)
 Jakim Donaldson  USA (204-C-83)
 Gary Chathuant  (193-SF-83)
 Benoit Mangin  (188-G-88)
Free Agents
 Kyle Spain  USA (196-F-87)
 Arizona Reid  USA Armenian (196-F-86)

Players Joined
 Reggie Arnold  USA (198-F-88)  from Cretan Kings (Greece)  
 Luka Asceric  Austrian (201-SG-97)  from Lille (ProB)  
 Raymond Cowels III  USA (192-F/G-90)  from Helsinki Seagulls (Finland)  
 Elhadji-Digue Diawara  (207-F-98)  from ASVEL (ProA)  
 Vafessa Fofana  (198-F/G-92)  from Nantes (ProB)  
 Corentin Lopez  (193-G-97)  from Cholet (ProA)  
 Terry Smith  USA Armenian (185-PG-86)  from Joventut (Spain)  
 Jordan Tolbert  USA (201-F-92)  from Novipiu Casale (Italy)  
Players Stayed
 Theo Bouteille  (192-SG-97)
 Alexandre Chassang  (204-PF-94)
 Ferdinand Prenom  (201-C-91)
Free Agents
 Anthony Christophe  (189-PG-83)
Coaches Joined
 Emmanuel Schmitt  from Neuchatel (Switzerland)  

Players Joined
 Gary Berchel  (203-C-98)  from Le Mans (ProA U21)  
 Valentin Bigote  (196-F/G-92)  from Nantes (ProB)  
 Rion Brown  USA (198-SG-91)  from Kataja Basket (Finland)  
 Nicolas Dorez  (204-F/C-99)  from CFBB (NM1)  
 J.J. Frazier  USA (178-PG-95)  from Georgia (NCAA)  
 Abdoulaye Loum  (209-PF-91)  from Chalon (ProA)  
 Ryan Pearson  USA (198-F-90)  from Le Mans (ProA)  
 Rasheed Sulaimon  Nigerian USA (193-G-94)  from Greensboro S. (NBA G League)  
 Steve Taylor Jr.  USA (206-F-93)  from Toledo (NCAA)  
Players Stayed
 Martin Imhoff  (183-G-98)
 Florian Ouedraogo  (199-F-96)
 Jacques Alingue  Chadian French (201-F-88)
 Axel Julien  (185-PG-92)
 Noah Burrell  Swiss (190-PG-97)

  JL BOURG BASKET  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Gilvydas Biruta  Lithuanian (203-PF-91)  from UCC Piacenza (Italy)  
 Kevin Dinal  (202-PF-93)  from Orleans (ProB)  
 Lance Jeter  USA (191-PG-88)  from Groningen (Holland)  
 Chase Simon  USA (201-SF-89)  from Maccabi Ashdod (Israel)  
 Mathieu Wojciechowski  Polish French (203-F-92)  from Limoges (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Meredis Houmounou  (188-SG-88)
 Youssou Ndoye  Senegalese (213-C-91)
 Garrett Sim  USA (188-PG-90)
 Maxime Courby  (200-SF-90)
 Thibault Desseignet  (178-PG-98)
 Zachery Peacock  USA (203-C-87)
Free Agents
 Kevin Joss-Rauze  (188-G-88)

Players Joined
 Alade Aminu  Nigerian (207-F/C-87)  from Al Riyadi (Lebanon)  
 Maxence Dadiet  (192-SF-99)  from Le Havre (ProB)  
 Myles Hesson  British (198-F-90)  from Gravelines (ProA)  
 Lahaou Konate  (196-SG-91)  from Le Mans (ProA)  
 Nicolas Moore  USA (175-PG-92)  from New Basket BR (Italy)  
 Erik Murphy  Finnish USA (208-F/C-90)  from Strasbourg (ProA)  
 Jean-Marc Pansa  (208-C-98)  from CFBB (NM1)  
 Johan Passave-Ducteil  (200-C-85)  from Dijon (ProA)  
 Terran Petteway  USA (198-F-92)  from The Flexx PT (Italy)  
 Warren Racine  (189-G-95)  from Denain (ProB)  
 Jamal Shuler  USA (191-SG-86)  from Monaco (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Heiko Schaffartzik  German (183-PG-84)
 Bathiste Tchouaffe  (196-SG-98)
 Hugo Invernizzi  (198-SF-93)

Players Joined
 Justin Cobbs  USA (190-G-91)  from Gravelines (ProA)  
 Michel Doumbe  Cameroonian (205-C-97)  from Orleans (ProA U21)  
 Antoine Eito  (186-G-88)  from Orleans (ProB)  
 Youssoupha Fall  Senegalese (221-C-95)  from Poitiers (ProB)  
 Mykal Riley  USA (196-SF-85)  from Nanterre (ProA)  
 D.J. Stephens  USA (198-G/F-90)  from Bayamon (Puerto Rico)  
 Terry Tarpey  USA French (195-G-94)  from Denain (ProB)  
 Romeo Travis  USA FYR Macedonian (198-PF-84)  from Strasbourg (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Jonathan Jeanne  (218-C-97)
 Wilfried Yeguete  (200-PF-91)
 Brahim Dohou  (192-G/F-99)
Free Agents
 Olivier Hanlan  Canadian (193-G-93)
Coaches Joined
 Eric Bartecheky  from Pau-Lacq-Orthez (ProA)  

Players Joined
 Timothee Bazille  Burundian French (202-C-99)  from CFBB (NM1)  
 Axel Bouteille  (200-G/F-95)  from Chalon (ProA)  
 Josh Carter  USA (201-F-88)  from Banco di Srd (Italy)  
 Brian Conklin  USA (201-F-89)  from Nanterre (ProA)  
 A.J. English  USA (192-G-92)  from Fraport SKY (Germany)  
 Danny Gibson  USA Cameroonian (178-PG-84)  from Lukoil Acad. (Bulgaria)  
 Kenny Hayes  USA (186-PG-87)  from Demir IBB (Turkey)  
 William Howard  (202-SF-93)  from Hyeres-Toulon (ProA)  
 Mouhammadou Jaiteh  (208-C-94)  from Strasbourg (ProA)  
 Joseph Jones  USA (206-C/F-86)  from Azad (Iran)  
 Jean-Baptiste Maille  (190-PG-93)  from Fos-Provence (ProB)  
 Jean-Frederic Morency  (200-F-89)  from Nanterre (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Louri Frejus Zerbo  Burkinabe Ivorian (208-C-89)
Free Agents
 Ernest Bremer  USA Bosnia and Herzegovina (194-G-80)
 C.J. Fair  USA (203-F-91)
 Shekinah Muninga  DR Congolese (201-F-97)
Coaches Joined
 Francois Peronnet  from Orleans (ProB)  

Players Joined
 Petr Cornelie  (211-F/C-95)  from Le Mans (ProA)  
 Boris Diaw  (203-PF-82)  from Utah Jazz (NBA)  
 Ivan Fevrier  (204-F-99)  from CFBB (NM1)  
 Daniel Nwaelele  Nigerian USA (193-G-84)  from Austin S. (NBA G League)  
 Roderick Odom  USA (206-F-91)  from Astana (Kazakhstan)  
 Florent Pietrus  (201-PF-81)  from Gravelines (ProA)  
 Klemen Prepelic  Slovenian (191-G-92)  from Limoges (ProA)  
 Maxime Roos  (202-F/G-95)  from Blois (ProB)  
 Gavin Ware  USA (206-C/F-93)  from Antwerp (Belgium)  
Players Stayed
 Louis Campbell  USA (191-PG-79)
 Remi Lesca  (181-PG-90)
 Cyrille Eliezer-Vanerot  (202-SF-96)
 Frederic Loubaki  (186-G-97)
 Maleye N'Doye  Senegalese (202-SF-80)
Free Agents
 Tyler Harris  USA (208-F-93)
 Samba Balayera  (195-G/F-96)

Players Joined
 Jerel Blassingame  USA (175-PG-81)  from Promitheas (Greece)  
 Tyler Harvey  USA (193-G-93)  from Fiat TO (Italy)  
 Paul Rigot  (202-F/G-95)  from Monaco (ProA)  
 Vincent Sanford  USA (193-G-90)  from Wuerzburg (Germany)  
 Mouphtaou Yarou  Beninese (204-C/F-90)  from Le Mans (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Isaia Cordinier  (194-SG-96)
 Nianta Diarra  Mali French (205-F/C-93)
 Thomas Durand  (190-G-97)
 Max Kouguere  Congolese Central African (198-SF-87)
 Jonathan Tornato  (210-C-89)
 Tim Blue  USA (205-PF-84)
Free Agents
 Chris Jones  USA (178-PG-91)
 Willie Solomon  USA (187-PG-78)

Players Joined
 Darion Atkins  USA (203-F-92)  from Hapoel Holon (Israel)  
 Michael Dixon  USA Georgian (186-G-90)  from AEK (Greece)  
 Louis Labeyrie  (208-C/F-92)  from Paris-Levallois (ProA)  
 David Logan  USA Polish (185-G-82)  from Scandone AV (Italy)  
 Chris Otule  USA Nigerian (211-C-90)  from Henan (China)  
 Vincent Pota  (188-G-98)  from Nancy (ProA U21)  
 Zack Wright  USA Bosnia and Herzegovina (188-G-85)  from Monaco (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Ludovic Beyhurst  (172-PG-99)
 Pape Sy  (198-G/F-88)
 Olivier Cortale  (207-F/C-97)
 Quentin Goulmy  (206-C-98)
 Marc Kwedi  (200-C/F-97)
 Jeremy Leloup  (202-F-87)

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