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Georgia Internationally
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Superleague Standings
 1. Armia 20-0 
 2. Kutaisi 16-4 
 3. Olimpi 16-4 
 4. MIA Academy 12-8 
 5. Sokhumi 11-9 
 6. Dinamo Tbilisi 10-10 
 7. TSU Tbilisi 8-12 
 8. Samedicino 7-13 
 9. STU Tbilisi 5-15 
 10. Rustavi 3-17 
 11. Batumi 2-18 
Georgian men teams in Euro cups 2011-2012
  • Armia: took 3rd place (3-3) in Group B of Regular Season
Points Per Game
 Larry BLAIR
  MIA Academy
  Avg: 26
 1. Blair, MIA Academy26.0 
 2. Carter, Dinamo T.23.4 
 3. Parghalava, Sokhu.20.6 
 4. Patsatsia, Sokhumi18.3 
 5. Smith, MIA Academy17.8 
 6. Keshelava, Batumi17.3 
 7. Woodside, Armia16.8 
 8. Khmelidze, Rustavi16.7 
 9. Thomas, Armia16.5 
 10. Niniashvili, TSU16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Dinamo T.
  Avg: 13.9
 1. Carter, Dinamo T.13.9 
 2. Matiashvili, Kutai.9.7 
 3. Patsatsia, Sokhumi9.5 
 4. Keshelava, Batumi8.6 
 5. Smith, MIA Academy8.5 
 6. Machaladze, STU T.8.3 
 7. Niniashvili, TSU T.8.1 
 8. Hoger, Olimpi7.5 
 9. Thomas, Armia7.4 
 10. Atuashvili, Sokhu.7.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Woodside, Armia7.0 
 2. Gamqrelidze, Olimpi6.8 
 3. Chitashvili, TSU T.6.4 
 4. Blair, MIA Academy6.4 
 5. Mikeladze, Batumi5.5 
 6. Artsividze, Rustavi4.8 
 7. Parghalava, Sokhu.4.8 
 8. Tsekvava, Kutaisi4.6 
 9. Patsatsia, Sokhumi3.9 
 10. Pashayev, Kutaisi3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Larry BLAIR
  MIA Academy
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Blair, MIA Academy3.2 
 2. Ramishvili, Batumi2.5 
 3. Woodside, Armia2.4 
 4. Kokhreidze, TSU T.2.2 
 5. Chitashvili, TSU T.2.0 
 6. Machaladze, STU T.2.0 
 7. Antadze, STU T.1.9 
 8. Mikeladze, Batumi1.8 
 9. Patsatsia, Sokhumi1.8 
 10. Chachanidze, Rus.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Kjellbom, Armia1.7 
 2. Atuashvili, Sokhumi1.1 
 3. Matiashvili, Kutai.1.1 
 4. Machaladze, STU T.1.0 
 5. Milutinovic, Olimpi1.0 
 6. Hoger, Olimpi0.9 
 7. Kobidze, STU T.0.8 
 8. Todorovic, Olimpi0.8 
 9. Shermadini, TSU T.0.8 
 10. Smith, MIA Acade.0.8 
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

All Star Match 2012 (Photo:

BC Armia Tbilisi wins the Georgian Superleague 2011-2012 title (Photo:

BC Armia Tbilisi 2011-12
Kote Tugushi Kote Tugushi Tugushi
Will Thomas
Sundiata Gaines
Jeremy Richardson
Joakim Kjellbom
Irakli Sakvarelidze
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
10  Thomas Will 203 (6'8'') F 86 USA
24  Gaines Sundiata 185 (6'1'') PG 86 USA
4  Richardson Jeremy 200 (6'7'') G/F 84 USA
14  Kjellbom Joakim 213 (7'0'') C/F 79 Sweden
21  Sakvarelidze Irakli 201 (6'7'') F 86 Georgia
15  Diaz Guillermo 188 (6'2'') G 85 Puerto Rico
9  Kvimsadze Buba 195 (6'5'') G 82 Georgia
6  Boisa Anatoliy 195 (6'5'') G/F 83 Georgia
5  Babiashvili Zviad 199 (6'7'') F 78 Georgia
7  Minashvili Vakhtang 200 (6'7'') C 79 Georgia
23  Sharabidze Giorgi 210 (6'11'') C 90 Georgia
12  Moseshvili Levan 195 (6'5'') F 87 Georgia
 Berishvili Buba 183 (6'0'') G 83 Georgia
13  Atanelishvili Revaz 207 (6'10'') C 86 Georgia
Head Coach: Kote Tugushi
Coach Assistant: Gia Kazanjiani All-Georgian League Awards 2011-2012 - May 24, 2012 All-Georgian League 1st Team 2012
Jeremy Richardson
Ben Woodside
Georgi Tsintsadze
Will Thomas
Joakim Kjellbom

Player of the Year: Jeremy Richardson (200-G/F-84) of Armia
Guard of the Year: Ben Woodside (180-PG-85) of Armia
Forward of the Year: Will Thomas (203-PF-86) of Armia
Center of the Year: Joakim Kjellbom (213-C/F-79) of Armia
Most Improved Player of the Year: Duda Sanadze (196-G/F-92) of Dinamo Tbilisi
Bosman Player of the Year: Joakim Kjellbom (213-C/F-79) of Armia
Import Player of the Year: Jeremy Richardson (200-G/F-84) of Armia
Domestic Player of the Year: Georgi Tsintsadze (192-G-86) of Olimpi
Newcomer of the Year: Larry Blair (183-G-84) of MIA Academy
Rookie of the Year: Keyon Carter (203-F-88) of Dinamo Tbilisi
Defensive Player of the Year: Giorgi Gamqrelidze (183-G-86) of Olimpi
Coach of the Year: Kote Tugushi of Armia

1st Team
PG: Ben Woodside (180-85) of Armia
G: Georgi Tsintsadze (192-86) of Olimpi
G/F: Jeremy Richardson (200-84) of Armia
PF: Will Thomas (203-86) of Armia
C/F: Joakim Kjellbom (213-79) of Armia

2nd Team
G: Giorgi Gamqrelidze (183-86) of Olimpi
SG: Guillermo Diaz (188-85) of Armia
F: Mikheil Berishvili (205-87) of Olimpi
F: Keyon Carter (203-88) of Dinamo Tbilisi
C: Milan Oluic (210-84) of Dinamo Tbilisi

3rd Team
G: Beka Tsivtsivadze (190-89) of Dinamo Tbilisi
G: Lasha Parghalava (191-87) of Sokhumi
G: Levan Patsatsia (198-88) of Sokhumi
F: Tracy Smith (203) of MIA Academy
C: Richard Matiashvili (209-89) of Kutaisi

Honorable Mention
Justin Tubbs (190-G-87) of MIA Academy
Levan Tsekvava (190-G-89) of Kutaisi
Rezo Didia (203-F-87) of Kutaisi
Ivan Todorovic (214-C/F-84) of Olimpi
Beqa Chikviladze (195-G-91) of TSU Tbilisi

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Giorgi Gamqrelidze (183-86) of Olimpi
G: Georgi Tsintsadze (192-86) of Olimpi
F: Mikheil Berishvili (205-87) of Olimpi
F: Rezo Didia (203-87) of Kutaisi
C: Richard Matiashvili (209-89) of Kutaisi

All-Imports Team
PG: Ben Woodside (180-85) of Armia
G: Larry Blair (183-84) of MIA Academy
G/F: Jeremy Richardson (200-84) of Armia
F: Keyon Carter (203-88) of Dinamo Tbilisi
PF: Will Thomas (203-86) of Armia

All-Bosmans Team
SG: Joshua Jackson (189-85) of Sokhumi
G: Nikica Sljuka (187-87) of Olimpi
F: Aleksandar Zecevic (201-75) of Dinamo Tbilisi
F: Darko Cohadarevic (206-86) of Kutaisi
C/F: Joakim Kjellbom (213-79) of Armia

Armia achieve 2011/2012 title defense - May 23, 2012

Olimpi - Armia 67:91 (1-3)

Armia achieve 2011/2012 title defense in Georgia. The Winner of the Regular season won the series over Olimpi to triumph in the country.
Armia led from the first minutes and controlled entire game increasing their lead in each quarter. They made 17-of-19 free shots (89.5 percent) during the game. Armia outrebounded Olimpi 41-25 including 29 on the defensive glass. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 23 assists. Worth to mention a great performance of American point guard Ben Woodside (180-PG-85, agency: Priority Sports, college: N.Dakota St.) who helped to win the game recording 20 points and 8 assists and the other American import swingman Jeremy Richardson (200-G/F-84, college: Delta St.) who added 18 points and 5 rebounds during the contest. At the losing side the former international forward Mikheil Berishvili (205-F-87, agency: Regeneracom Sports) responded with 20 points and 5 assists and Serbian center Ilija Milutinovic (211-C-88, agency: Global Sports Plaza, college: Oakland) scored 9 points and 7 rebounds.
Last year Armia triumphed in the country winning the series 3-1 over TSU. The last game finished with 65:61 for Army that brought them gold medals.

Olimpi: Mikheil Berishvili 20, Giorgi Gamqrelidze (183-G-86, agency: Interperformances) 15, Ilija Milutinovic 9
Armia: Ben Woodside 20, Jeremy Richardson 18, Will Thomas (203-PF-86, agency: Two Points) 15

Tbilisi Sport Palace hosted All Star Match 2012 - Apr 30, 2012

All Star Match 2012 was unprecedented and different from all the other Basketball shows in Georgia, Local team played against Legionaries. Director of this show was famous Georgian producer Lasha Oniani. Lagionaries won this game with score 137-125.

Sopho Khalvashi, her band and dancers opened this show and when the opening ceremony ended both teams came out to the court and presented themselves to the fans in Tbilisi Sports Palace.

Remind you that voting for the All Star Match 2012 took star at April 6 and was ended at April 26. During this time fans voted for players of both teams Legionaries and Locals. Coaches of the local team were Kote Tugushi and Gia Kazanjian and the winners of the polls for starting five were Giorgi Tsintsadze (Olimpi), Giorgi Gamkrelidze (Olimpi), Richard Matiashvili (Kutaisi) and Duda Sanadze (Dinamo). Other seven players were chosen by coaches Beqa Chikviladze (TSU), Beqa Beqauri (MIA Academy), Merab Boqolishvili (MIA Academy), Davit Sakvarelidze (Armia), Levan Fatsatsia (Sokhumi), Lasha Fargalava (Sokhumi) and Akaki Dvalishvili (TSMU).

Georgios Keselides and Zuram Tomaradze coached team of Legionaries and the starting five was Benjamin Woodside (Armia),
Larry Blair (183-G-84, college: Liberty) (MIA Academy), William Thomas (Armia), Jeremy Richardson (Armia) and Joakim Kjelbom (Armia). Other seven players chosen by coach Nikica Sljuka (187-G-87) (Olimpi), Justin Tubbs (190-G-87, agency: SDJ Sports, college: E.Tenn.St.) (MIA Academy), Nemanja Ilic (206-F/C-83) (TSMU), Keyon Carter (Dinamo), Anthony Moody (182-PG-89, agency: N.E.T., college: Mary) (MIA Academy), Milan Oluic (Dinamo) and Ivo Hoger (Olimpi).

Locals were leading during the first period and ended it with score 35-31.

After the first quarter 3-Point Shoot competition was held -
Nikica Sljuka (Olimpi),Vakhtang Chqareuli (TSU), Larry Blair (MIA Academy), Mikheil Berishvili (205-F-87, agency: Regeneracom Sports) (Olimpi), Benjamin Woodside (Armia) and Giorgi Barbaqadze (Kutaisi) took part in this competition.

Participants had 1 minute and 5 different positions to make shoots, 5 balls from each position and each ball scored 1 point and only the last ball from each position scored 2 points. Players scored
Nikica Sljuka 19 points, Vakhtang Chqareuli 11 points, Larry Blair 14 points, Mikheil Berishvili 13 points, Benjamin Woodside 20 points, Giorgi Barbaqadze 9 points. 2 Players with highest scores Benjamin Woodside and Nikica Sljuka passed to the final round of 3-Point Shoot competition.

Second period of this match was tense, Locals were leading from the beginning but Legionaries made perfect attacks and reached 10 point difference in the middle of quarter 60:50. Locals showed great performance and shorted this difference 3 points and ended first half of All Star Match with score 71-68.

Georgian Basketball Club Dinamo celebrated 50 years anniversary. 50 years ago Dinamo defeated Real Madrid club and won the European Champions Cup. Moderators of the All Star Show used the brake and invited Famouse basketball players Ilarion Khazaradze, Guram Minashvili, Amiran Skhiereli and Levan Moseshvili (because of the health problems Levan Moseshvili was not able to attend this Match) to the court and at the same time fans were able to watch videos from that famous match on the screens. Bank of Georgia granted this legendary players money awards. Deputy Minister of Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia Giorgi Galdava awarded Ilarion Khazaradze, Amiran Skhiereli and Levan Moseshvili (Guram Minashvili already had that award) with titles of Honored Master of Sports.

Show continued with amazing dance performance of Georgian National team of Gymnasts.

Nikoloz Deriugin also was awarded with title of Honored Master of Sports. He was celebrating his 5oth anniversary and president of Georgian Basketball Federation Besik Liparteliani granted him this award. Irakli Samkurashvili Head of the Administration of Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia awarded Nikoloz Deriugin with Medal of Honor.

Sopho Khalvashi continued show with amazing song and amazing dancers who showed a really great performance.

During the third quarter of All Star Match legionaries were leading and scored 107-88.

Slum Dunk Contest was held between third and fourth periods. Participants
Ilija Milutinovic (211-C-88, agency: Global Sports Plaza, college: Oakland) (Olimpi), Grigol Shvangiradze (TSMU), Justin Tubbs (MIA Academy) and David Khizanishvili (TSU). This contest was judged by Givi Bitchiashvili, Nikoloz Deriugin and Nodar Qorqia. 2 players with highest scores passed to the final round of contest Ilija Milutinovic 27 points and Justin Tubbs 30 points, Grigol Shvangiradze 26 points and David Khizanishvili 24 points.

Final round of 3-point shoots contest was held after Slum Dunks where
Nikica Sljuka and Benjamin Woodside played against each other. Nikica Sljukja won this contest he scored 20 points, while his opponent Benjamin Woodside scored 13 points.

All Star Match continued after 3-point shoots contest and Legionaries defeated Locals with score 137-125.

Final round of Slum Dunk contest was held after the game and
Ilija Milutinovic and Justin Tubbs tried to show their best. Justin Tubbs gained higher scores and won this competition.

On the awarding ceremony, President of Georgian Basketball Federation Besik Liparteliani awarded
Larry Blair with MVP prize he scored 31 points and 9 assists on All Star Match. Justin Tubbs and Nikica Sljuka received prizes - Bets Slum Dunk and Best 3-point shooter.

Referees: Maka Kupatadze, Davit Berekashvili and Zaza Machaladze

Commissioner: Merab Ratishvili

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