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Superleague Standings
 1. Dinamo Tbilisi 23-1 
 2. Kutaisi 16-6 
 3. Rustavi 13-10 
 4. Cactus Tbilisi 9-14 
 5. Sokhumi 9-15 
 6. Olimpi 8-15 
 7. Batumi 8-15 
 8. Mgzavrebi 7-17 
Full Standings
A League Standings
 1. DELTA 8-2 
 2. Hyundai-TSU 7-3 
 3. Arena-76 6-4 
 4. Tskaltubo 5-5 
 5. BC Titebi 4-6 
 6. SEU Tbilisi 0-10 
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Phillip MILLER
  Avg: 18.2
 1. Miller, Sokhumi18.2 
 2. Allen, Mgzavrebi17.5 
 3. Tsintsadze, Kutaisi17.3 
 4. Shemosiuk, Batumi17.2 
 5. Ransom, Mgzavrebi16.4 
 6. Lathan, Sokhumi16.2 
 7. Rogava, Olimpi16.0 
 8. Jintcharadze, Bat.15.5 
 9. Berishvili, Dinamo T.15.2 
 10. Florveus, Cactus T.14.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Cactus T.
  Avg: 12.7
 1. Florveus, Cactus T.12.7 
 2. Pelcher, Batumi10.9 
 3. Spagnolo, Rustavi9.4 
 4. Atuashvili, Rustavi9.4 
 5. Burnette, Olimpi8.8 
 6. Bekauri, Kutaisi7.9 
 7. Tishchenko, Sokhu.7.9 
 8. Bridgeman, Cactus T.7.9 
 9. Murphy, Mgzavrebi7.5 
 10. Tubak, Kutaisi6.5 
Assists Per Game
 Charlie LEE
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Lee, Rustavi6.2 
 2. Tsintsadze, Kutaisi6.0 
 3. Miller, Sokhumi5.8 
 4. Vaughn, Dinamo T.5.3 
 5. Mikeladze, Olimpi4.6 
 6. Rogava, Olimpi4.0 
 7. Tsivtsivadze, Mgzav.4.0 
 8. Ransom, Mgzavrebi4.0 
 9. Berishvili, Dinamo T.4.0 
 10. Lezhava, Batumi3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Corey ALLEN
  Avg: 3
 1. Allen, Mgzavrebi3.0 
 2. Miller, Sokhumi2.8 
 3. Burnette, Olimpi2.5 
 4. Peters, Mgzavrebi2.3 
 5. Rogava, Olimpi2.1 
 6. Pkhakadze, Mgzav.2.1 
 7. Ransom, Mgzavrebi1.9 
 8. Tsintsadze, Kutaisi1.9 
 9. Crayton, Mgzavrebi1.8 
 10. Lathan, Sokhumi1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Cactus T.
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Florveus, Cactus T.1.8 
 2. Bekauri, Kutaisi1.7 
 3. Atuashvili, Rustavi1.6 
 4. Bridgeman, Cactus T.1.4 
 5. Jgerenaia, Sokhumi1.3 
 6. Tubak, Kutaisi1.3 
 7. Pelcher, Batumi1.2 
 8. Murphy, Mgzavrebi1.1 
 9. Rychlyuk, Sokhumi1.1 
 10. Maravic, Dinamo T.0.9 
Player of the Week

 John Florveus
  Cactus Tbilisi
  ( 211-C-109-90 )

 Dmitry Sviridov
  ( 212-C-107-85 )

Georgian Basketball (Men)

Next Round Schedule

Round 24 (Regular Season)

Batumi 55% Mar.31 Cactus Tbili
Kutaisi 58% Mar.31 Rustavi
Next Round Schedule

Round 11 (Regular Season)

BC Titebi Apr.4 Tskaltubo 60%
Hyundai-TSU 96% Apr.4 SEU Tbilisi
DELTA 69% Apr.3 Arena-76
Nate Bowie: Continuing His Climb Up the Basketball Ladder - Sep 13, 2013

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Nate Bowie
Heading into his sixth professional season, Nate Bowie (183-G-86, agency: Alti Sport, college: Cent.Arkansas) has seen his share of success as well as hardships career wise. From humble beginnings in the IBL as well as unsuccessful tryouts with European clubs, the past few seasons have shown the rewards of relentless hard work and dedication. The 2011 Player of the Year in Portugals Proliga as well as last seasons POY award in Georgia, the 27-year old Bowie is now in a new country with a new team in Kryvbasbasket-Lux Kryvyi Rih of Ukraine (Superleague). Continuing the upward path of his career progression Bowie took some time to speak about last seasons successes, his new team and expectations for the upcoming season.

Q) Looking back on last season with Energy Invest Rustavi and all of your personal accolades, how do you feel the team performed and were you satisfied with the results?

A) First off let me say thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this interview for you and Eurobasket, it's a great honor. I felt that as a team we over achieved this past season, especially coming from where they were a year before. From being one of the worst teams coming into the season, to being one of the best teams in Georgia; I think this is really the true silver lining that everybody could see. With receiving nine awards; Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year being a few of them, really set me apart from the other athletes in the league. It was a huge honor for me to get Defensive Player of the Year because a player is nothing until he learns all aspects of defense. So I really came into the season gunning for that award and everything fell into place. Overall I can count last season as a very successful season for myself and the team.

Q) Once the season ended what were some of the goals you set out for yourself heading into the offseason?

A) Well this offseason my whole thing was to catch some attention from some higher and more respectable leagues. And if I had to wait a little longer to sign to get what I wanted then so be it. But, for the most part I wanted to get into a situation that will take me to another good situation. Basketball is nothing but a ladder, and we all try to climb it until we run out of steps to climb. Sometimes it is not what you did or how you did it but who knows what you did.

Q) Now with Kryvbasbasket, what have you noticed as the biggest differences to the basketball organization as compared to your last stops in Georgia and Portugal?

A) Well every situation is different. The biggest but simplest difference I notice is the amount of coaches and trainers that each team has to insure that you are healthy. Some places I have been, we only had one head coach and one assistant. But I think when you have personal for each aspect of the game; it makes basketball a lot easier. You don't have to worry about the little things because it's already taken care of. The situation in Georgia was pretty good though. The front office made it a point to take care of my family which was huge for me.

Q) What led to you ultimately deciding on signing with Kryvbasbasket? Did you know any of your coaches or teammates previously?

A) Well I think ultimately Ukraine is one of the best leagues in Europe. So, playing in this league is a no brainer when you have interest or an offer on the table. You are up against good teams and players every night. I didn't know any of my new teammates coming into the season, but we all quickly found out that it is a small world and we all know and played with mutual friends. We have a good group of guys and a good core unit as far as import players. I knew a few players who played for the team before, so I took the liberty to reach out to them about the situation and what not. I took into consideration a lot of things and that's how I made my decision.

Q) How have the preparations been going so far? What are your expectations personally and for the team this season?

A) The preseason games and training camp has pretty much been smooth sailing. We all flew into Vilnius, Lithuania for training camp before we got to Krivoy Rih, Ukraine. We were there for about two weeks and that really helped us iron out some kinks in our team. During this time we played Spartak St.Petersburg (Russia), Pieno Zvaigzdes Pasvalys (Lithuania), Panevezys Lietkabelis (Lithuania) which we beat and also we played against two other Lithuanian teams. I think once we get our continuity handled we will be a solid team. All teams from NBA to Europe have this problem, it's the biggest problem a team will have entering into the season. But it's a new and fresh season with a lot of opportunity to succeed ahead of us so we will be ok. I'm coming into this season like I always come into every season. That is to play hard and do the things I need to do to help my team reach the playoffs. One man can be a crucial ingredient for a team but one man cannot make a team. I learned throughout the years of playing ball that sometimes a players greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team. So, I come into this season just trying to do whatever it takes to succeed personally and team wise.
Always remember: A team is like a puzzle and every person is a piece to the puzzle. if every piece does not do its job, there is no pretty picture in the end.

I'd like to give a special shout out to my guy Richard Rivera, my sponsor for 2Dahole. He really did his thing this summer. We cooperated with a few camps this summer in the Rhode Island area as well as Kansas City and it was very successful. Feel free to check out our website

Also, a big thanks to my family and friends and a special thanks to Surujh for doing this interview for me. Be safe until next time. Peace.   

A League Round 10: Tskaltubo lose to Hyundai-TSU in the game between Top 4 teams - 13 hours ago
Very significant was Hyundai-TSU's (#2, 7-3) victory against 3rd ranked Tskaltubo (5-5) 95-66. The game without a history. Hyundai-TSU led from the first minutes and controlled entire game increasing their lead in each quarter. They dominated down low during the game scoring 70 of its points in the paint compared to Tskaltubo's 30. Hyundai-TSU forced 23 Tskaltubo turnovers and outrebounded them 49-34 including 17 on the offensive glass. Point guard Sandro Sanadze (188-95) scored 28 points...   [read more]

Tornike Shengelia selected the top Georgian playing abroad in last week's games - 1 day ago
We bring you last week's top performances from Georgians who are playing abroad and who all have had prior experience of national team duties at youth or senior level. This week's number one is an international forward Tornike Shengelia (206-91). He led Baskonia to a victory over the closely-ranked Movil Estudiantes in the Spanish Liga Endesa in Sunday night's game.    [read more]

John Florveus claims Georgian Superleague weekly honour - 4 days ago
American John Florveus (211-C-90) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for Cactus Tbilisi and that's him to receive a Player of the Week award for round 23. The 26-year old center had a double-double of 31 points and fourteen rebounds, while his team beat Mgzavrebi (#8, 6-17) 82-69. Cactus Tbilisi is placed at 4th position in Georgian Superleague. Cactus Tbilisi is rather a weak team placed in lower part in the standings. They need more victories to improve...   [read more]

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