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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber

Daniel Poerschke

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ProB Standings
 1. Bernau 17-5 
 2. Art.Dragons 15-7 
 3. Oldenburg 14-8 
 4. Iserlohn 13-9 
 5. Bochum 12-10 
 6. Schalke 11-11 
 7. Rostock 10-12 
 8. Rist Wedel 10-12 
 9. Itzehoe 10-12 
 10. Wolfenbuettel 9-13 
 11. Stahnsdorf 7-15 
 12. Recklinghausen 4-18 
 1. Karlsruhe PS 15-7 
 2. Weissenhorn 15-7 
 3. Elchingen 15-7 
 4. Bayer Giants 13-9 
 5. FC Bayern II 13-9 
 6. Karlsruhe BG 11-11 
 7. Wuerzburg 10-12 
 8. Fraport SKY II 10-12 
 9. Licher Baeren 9-13 
 10. Dragons 9-13 
 11. Leipzig 7-15 
 12. Noerdlingen 5-17 
Points Per Game
  Bayer G.
  Avg: 24.8
 1. Carter, Bayer G.24.8 
 2. Nelson, Dragons23.0 
 3. Simmons, Licher B.20.8 
 4. Faison, Leipzig20.8 
 5. Davis, Rostock20.4 
 6. Thompson, Fraport.19.2 
 7. Ward, Wolfenbu.19.0 
 8. Kelley, Wolfenbuettel18.5 
 9. Harris, Iserlohn18.1 
 10. Henningsen, Itzehoe17.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.5
 1. Nelson, Dragons12.5 
 2. Pruitt, Itzehoe11.5 
 3. Kone, Iserlohn10.7 
 4. Mallory, Licher B.10.0 
 5. Kelley, Wolfenbuettel10.0 
 6. Smith, Stahnsdorf9.3 
 7. Hale-E., Reckling.9.3 
 8. Faison, Leipzig9.2 
 9. Adomaitis, Rist Wedel8.7 
 10. Bahner, Rist Wedel8.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.1
 1. Frankl-Maus, Drago.7.1 
 2. Bland, Bernau6.3 
 3. Pongo, Weissenhorn6.2 
 4. Lockhart, Elchingen6.2 
 5. Reid, Art.Dragons5.6 
 6. Aud, Leipzig5.6 
 7. Kreis, Karlsruhe PS5.6 
 8. Iles, Recklinghausen5.5 
 9. Johnson, Bochum5.4 
 10. Carter, Bayer G.5.2 
Steals Per Game
  Bayer G.
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Carter, Bayer G.2.9 
 2. Barksdale, Wuerz.2.9 
 3. Pruitt, Itzehoe2.8 
 4. Lockhart, Elchingen2.6 
 5. Johnson, Bochum2.5 
 6. Pongo, Weissenhorn2.4 
 7. Jallow, FC.2.1 
 8. Mallory, Licher B.2.1 
 9. Harris, Iserlohn2.1 
 10. Davis, Rostock1.9 
Blocks Per Game
 Maximilian UGRAI
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Ugrai, Wuerzburg1.7 
 2. Bahner, Rist Wedel1.5 
 3. Faison, Leipzig1.3 
 4. Nelson, Dragons1.3 
 5. Hale-E., Reckling.1.1 
 6. Giddens, Iserlohn1.1 
 7. Haucke, Bochum1.0 
 8. Edigin, Noerdlingen1.0 
 9. Pruitt, Itzehoe1.0 
 10. Cooper, Art.Dragons0.9 
Player of the week

     Steffen Kiese
      Rist Wedel
    Season 2016-2017
    List of Players
    List of Imports

    Weissenhorn celebrate ProB title (Photo:

    Weissenhorn Youngstars 2016-17
    Daniel Jansson Daniel Jansson Jansson
    Nils Mittmann
    Marcell Pongo
    Mate Fazekas
    David Kramer
    Bjoern Rohwer
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    6  Mittmann Nils 201 (6'7'') F/C 79 Germany
    33  Pongo Marcell 194 (6'5'') PG 97 Hungary
    15  Fazekas Mate 206 (6'9'') C 0 Hungary
    44  Kramer David 191 (6'3'') PG 97 Austria Germany
    22  Rohwer Bjoern 213 (7'0'') C 95 Germany
    10  Omuvwie Marvin 197 (6'6'') SF 97 Germany
    13  Benke Bernhard 206 (6'9'') PF 97 Germany
    19  Pape Till 204 (6'9'') F/C 97 Germany
    12  Rosenbohm Lukas 201 (6'7'') SF 97 Germany
    10  Philipps Christoph 200 (6'7'') SF 98 Germany
    7  Ferner Joschka 201 (6'7'') F 96 Germany
    9  Stoll Marius 185 (6'1'') PG 99 Germany
    17  Moebus Nicolas 192 (6'4'') SG 98 Germany
    5  Koepple Tim 182 (6'0'') G 0 Germany
    Head Coach: Daniel Jansson
    Coach Assistant: Sebastian Ludwig All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Awards 2017 - May 9, 2017 All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B 1st Team 2017
    Kerry Carter
    K.K. Simmons
    Kaimyn Pruitt
    Aaron Nelson
    Khalil Kelley

    Player of the Year: Kerry Carter (188-G-91) of Bayer Giants
    Guard of the Year: Kerry Carter (188-G-91) of Bayer Giants
    Forward of the Year: Aaron Nelson (203-F-91) of Dragons
    Center of the year: Khalil Kelley (203-C-91) of Wolfenbuettel
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Marcell Pongo (194-PG-97) of Ratiopharm
    Import Player of the Year: Jordan Faison (201-F-94) of Leipzig
    Domestic Player of the Year: Karim Jallow (199-SG-97) of B.Muenchen
    Defensive Player of the Year: Kaimyn Pruitt (203-F-90) of Itzehoe
    Newcomer of the Year: Isaac Bonga (203-F/G-99) of Fraport SKY
    Coach of the Year: Daniel Jansson of Weissenhorn

    1st Team
    G: Kerry Carter (188-G-91) of Bayer Giants
    G: K.K. Simmons (191-G-93) of Licher Baeren
    F: Kaimyn Pruitt (203-F-90) of Itzehoe
    F: Aaron Nelson (203-F-91) of Dragons
    C: Khalil Kelley (203-C-91) of Wolfenbuettel

    2nd Team
    G: Pierre Bland (188-G-92) of Bernau
    G: Travis Thompson (185-G-91) of Fraport SKY II
    G: Marcellus Barksdale (196-G-93) of Wuerzburg
    F: Jordan Faison (201-F-94) of Leipzig
    C: Adrian Lind (206-C-94) of Noerdlingen

    3rd Team
    PG: Jarvis Davis (183-PG-91) of Rostock
    G: Terrell Harris (191-G-93) of Iserlohn
    G/F: Taevaunn Prince (191-G/F-91) of Elchingen
    F/C: Lamar Mallory (198-F/C-90) of Licher Baeren
    F/C: Anton Kazarnovski (206-F/C-85) of Karlsruhe BG

    Honorable Mention
    Jordan Talbert (198-F-91) of Karlsruhe PS
    Orlando Parker (203-F-91) of Karlsruhe PS
    Dmitrj Kreis (187-G-88) of Karlsruhe PS
    Nils Mittmann (201-F/C-79) of Weissenhorn
    Brandon Lockhart (185-G-90) of Elchingen
    Brandon Nazione (202-F-94) of Bayer Giants
    Tim Schonborn (193-G/F-90) of Bayer Giants
    Georg Beyschlag (182-G-97) of B.Muenchen
    Ricky Easterling (189-G-83) of Karlsruhe BG
    Shawn Gulley (201-F-93) of Karlsruhe BG
    Lukas Wank (198-F/G-97) of Wuerzburg
    Viktor Frankl-Maus (186-PG-93) of Dragons
    Sascha Leutloff (202-F-82) of Leipzig
    Terence Smith (193-G-91) of Noerdlingen
    Ferdinand Zylka (190-SG-98) of ALBA
    Tim Schneider (208-PF-97) of ALBA
    Gregory Graves (201-F-93) of Art.Dragons
    Moussa Kone (203-F-93) of Iserlohn
    Gary Johnson (188-PG-82) of Bochum
    Davon Roberts (197-F-86) of Bochum
    Courtney Belger (187-G-89) of Kalamunda E.S.
    Patrick Carney (185-G-85) of Schalke
    Steffen Kiese (190-G-87) of Rist Wedel
    Frederik Henningsen (198-F-88) of Itzehoe
    Andres Murillo (201-PF-90) of Rostock
    Demetrius Ward (188-G-90) of Wolfenbuettel
    Josh Adeyeye (196-F-93) of Stahnsdorf
    Antoine Myers (191-G-90) of Stahnsdorf
    Josh Smith (206-F-94) of Stahnsdorf
    Chris Iles (180-PG-89) of Recklinghausen

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Haris Hujic (193-PG-97) of Oldenburg
    PG: David Kramer (191-PG-97) of Ratiopharm
    SF: Philip Zwiener (201-SF-85) of EWE Baskets
    PF: Bill Borekambi (198-PF-92) of Karlsruhe PS
    C: Adrian Lind (206-C-94) of Noerdlingen

    All-Imports Team
    G: Kerry Carter (188-G-91) of Bayer Giants
    G: K.K. Simmons (191-G-93) of Licher Baeren
    F: Kaimyn Pruitt (203-F-90) of Itzehoe
    F: Aaron Nelson (203-F-91) of Dragons
    C: Khalil Kelley (203-C-91) of Wolfenbuettel

    All-Defensive Team
    G: Kerry Carter (188-G-91) of Bayer Giants
    G: Travis Thompson (185-G-91) of Fraport SKY II
    F: Kaimyn Pruitt (203-F-90) of Itzehoe
    C: Eddy Edigin (201-C-95) of Noerdlingen
    C: Deion Giddens (206-C-92) of Iserlohn

    Weissenhorn celebrate ProB title - May 7, 2017

    Karlsruhe PS - Weissenhorn 71-77

    Weissenhorn claimed ProB title. They defeated Karlsruhe PS on the road by six points to win the championship series on aggregate. Power forward Nils Mittmann (201-79) orchestrated the victory by scoring 24 points and 6 rebounds. Hungarian point guard Marcell Pongo (194-97) contributed with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists for the winners. Four Weissenhorn Youngstars players scored in double figures. Weissenhorn Youngstars' coach Daniel Jansson used an eleven-player rotation which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. American forward Jordan Talbert (198-91, college: Missouri So.) replied with 22 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists and guard Dmitrj Kreis (187-88) added 18 points and 8 assists in the effort for Karlsruhe PS.
    Top scorers:
    Karlsruhe PS: J.Talbert 22+7reb+4ast, D.Kreis 18+4reb+8ast, O.Parker 14+12reb, D.McDuffie 7+1ast, E.Curth 6+2reb, J.Mampuya 4+3reb+1ast
    Weissenhorn: N.Mittmann 24+6reb+1ast, M.Pongo 17+7reb+5ast, M.Omuvwie 13+6reb+3ast, D.Kramer 10+3reb, B.Rohwer 7+6reb, B.Benke 3+1reb
    gschID: 545397

    by Greg
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