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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber

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Players/Coaches Movement in Germany in summer 2017
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Updated on: September 19, 2017

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Players Joined
 Spencer Butterfield  USA (190-G/F-92)  from Nanterre (France)  
 Dennis Clifford  (216-C-92)  from Santa Cruz W. (NBA G League)  
 Hendrik Drescher  (205-C/F-0)  from ALBA Berlin II (Regionalliga)  
 Marius Grigonis  Lithuanian (198-F-94)  from Iberostar Tener. (Spain)  
 Kresimir Nikic  (215-C-99)  from Cibona (Croatia)  
 Stefan Peno  Guyanese Serbian (198-G-97)  from FC Barcelona (Spain)  
 Moses Poelking  (204-F/C-97)  from ALBA Berlin II (Regionalliga)  
 Joshiko Saibou  (188-PG-90)  from Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 Luke Sikma  USA (203-F-89)  from Valencia (Spain)  
Players Left
 Ismet Akpinar  (190-PG-95)  to Ratiopharm (BBL)  
 Engin Atsur  Turkish German (190-G-84)  to Betaland Cdo (Italy)  
 Tony Gaffney  USA (206-PF-84)  to Chiba Jets (Japan)  
 Jannes Hundt  (184-PG-96)  to Bremerhaven (BBL)  
 Elmedin Kikanovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina (211-C-88)  to Monaco (France)  
 Jonathan Malu  DR Congolese German (200-PF-93)  to Ehingen (ProA)  
 Dragan Milosavljevic  Serbian (198-G/F-89)  to Unicaja (Spain)  
 Gerald Robinson  USA (185-PG-89)  to Monaco (France)  
Players Stayed
 Bogdan Radosavljevic  Serbian German (213-C-93)
 Tim Schneider  (208-PF-97)
 Peyton Siva  USA (183-PG-90)
 Bennet Hundt  (181-PG-98)
 Niels Giffey  (200-G/F-91)
 Akeem Vargas  USA German (192-G-90)
Free Agents
 Carl English  Canadian (195-G-81)
 Malcolm Miller  USA (200-F-93)
Coaches Joined
 Garcia Aito Reneses  from Gran Canaria (Spain)  
 Carlos Frade  from RETAbet BB (Spain)  
 Israel Gonzalez  from Gran Canaria (Spain)  

Players Joined
 Jarekious Bradley  USA (196-G/F-90)  from Kataja Basket (Finland)  
 Scott Eatherton  USA (203-F/C-91)  from Goettingen (BBL)  
 Zygimantas Janavicius  (192-G-89)  from Lietkabelis (Lithuania)  
 Bazoumana Kone  Ivorian German (190-G-93)  from Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 DeAndre Lansdowne  USA (187-G-89)  from Hamburg (ProA)  
 Anthony Morse  USA (206-F-94)  from Scandone AV (Italy)  
Players Left
 Geoffrey Groselle  USA (212-C-93)  to Bremerhaven (BBL)  
 Carlton Guyton  USA (193-G-90)  to UCC Piacenza (Italy)  
 Andre Hollins  USA (186-G-92)  to Kormend (Hungary)  
 Carlos Medlock  USA (183-PG-87)  to Cretan Kings (Greece)  
 Dyshawn Pierre  Canadian (198-F-93)  to Banco di Srd (Italy)  
 Sid-Marlon Theis  (205-F/C-93)  to Walter Tigers (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Thomas Klepeisz  Austrian (186-PG-91)
 Tim Schwartz  (197-F-87)
Free Agents
 Jamal Boykin  USA (203-F/C-87)
Coaches Joined
 Steven Clauss  from Dresden (ProB)  

Players Joined
 Stephan Haukohl  (201-SF-93)  from Jena (BBL)  
 Dennis Kramer  USA German (204-F-92)  from EWE Baskets (BBL)  
 Lennard Larysz  (193-PG-97)  from Wuerzburg (ProB)  
 Dominic Lockhart  (198-G-94)  from EWE Baskets (BBL)  
 Jordan Loveridge  USA (198-F-93)  from Lausanne (Switzerland)  
 Brion Rush  USA (191-PG-84)  from Nancy (France)  
 Nicolai Simon  (190-SG-87)  from ALBA (BBL)  
 Evan Smotrycz  USA (201-F/C-91)  from Bremerhaven (BBL)  
 Lennart Stechmann  (191-PG-94)  from Goetting.BG II (2.Regionalliga)  
 Michael Stockton  USA (185-PG-89)  from Apollon Patras (Greece)  
 Paul Watson  USA (198-G/F-94)  from Fresno St. (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Scott Eatherton  USA (203-F/C-91)  to Braunschweig (BBL)  
 Mathis Monninghoff  (200-G/F-92)  to Walter Tigers (BBL)  
 Alex Ruoff  USA (198-F/G-86)  to Joventut (Spain)  
 Jesse Sanders  USA (190-PG-89)  to Benfica (Portugal)  
 Malte Schwarz  (188-G-89)  to MBC (BBL)  
 Dominik Spohr  (198-SF-89)  to Phoenix Hagen (ProA)  
 Adam Waleskowski  USA German (203-PF-82)  to Ludwigsburg (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Darius Carter  USA (201-PF-92)
 Joanic Gruettner Bacoul  (197-G-95)
 Leon Williams  Dutch (189-PG-91)
Free Agents
 Johannes Menzel  (191-PG-97)
 Benas Veikalas  Lithuanian (192-G-83)

Players Joined
 Dino Dizdarevic  (193-G-95)  from Baunach (ProA)  
 Ekenechukwu Ibekwe  Nigerian USA (207-C-85)  from Chalon (France)  
 Sava Lesic  (205-PF-88)  from Mega Bemax (Serbia)  
 Retin Obasohan  Belgian Nigerian (185-G-93)  from Scandone AV (Italy)  
 Andreas Obst  (191-SG-96)  from Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 Johannes Richter  (205-PF-93)  from Telekom Bsk (BBL)  
 Daniel Schmidt  (189-PG-90)  from Jena (BBL)  
 Filip Stanic  (207-F/C-98)  from ALBA Berlin II (Regionalliga)  
 David Taylor  (190-G-95)  from Pacific (NCAA)  
 Jan Niklas Wimberg  (206-F-96)  from EWE Baskets (BBL)  
Players Left
 Elijah Allen  USA German (195-G/F-89)  to Kirchheim (ProA)  
 Max DiLeo  USA German (185-G-93)  to Koeln Rh.Stars (ProA)  
 Dilhan Durant  (185-PG-96)  to ETB Wohnbau (ProB)  
 Gerard Gomila  Spanish German (196-SF-95)  to Baunach (ProA)  
 Jacob Parker  USA (198-F-93)  to Chemnitz (ProA)  
 Janek Schmidkunz  (183-PG-90)  to Dresden (ProB)  
Players Stayed
 Kristian Kullamae  Estonian (194-PG-99)
 Darrel Mitchell  USA (181-PG-84)
 Robert Oehle  (209-C-88)
 Dane Watts  USA Ivorian (203-F-86)
Free Agents
 David Hicks  USA (184-PG-88)
 Grant Gibbs  USA (196-G-89)
Coaches Joined
 Ivan Pavic  Croatian German  from Baunach (ProA)  
 Dusan Gvozdic  Serbian  from Bosna-Royal (Bosnia)  

Players Joined
 Daniel Hackett  USA Italian (199-G-87)  from Olympiacos (Greece)  
 Richard Hickman  USA Georgian (189-SG-85)  from EA7 Armani (Italy)  
 Quincy Miller-Scott  USA (206-PF-92)  from Maccabi T-A (Israel)  
 Luka Mitrovic  (204-PF-93)  from Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)  
 Augustine Rubit  USA (201-PF-89)  from Ratiopharm (BBL)  
 Bryce Taylor  USA (194-SG-86)  from B.Muenchen (BBL)  
Players Left
 Fabien Causeur  French (195-SG-87)  to Real Madrid (Spain)  
 Leon Kratzer  (210-C-97)  to Wuerzburg (BBL)  
 Arnoldas Kulboka  Lithuanian (205-SF-98)  to Betaland Cdo (Italy)  
 Nicolo Melli  Italian (205-PF-91)  to Fenerbahce (Turkey)  
 Darius Miller  (202-G-90)  to N.Orleans P. (NBA)  
 Janis Strelnieks  Latvian (191-G-89)  to Olympiacos (Greece)  
 Daniel Theis  (204-PF-92)  to Boston C. (NBA)  
Players Stayed
 Maodo Lo  (191-G-92)
 Louis Olinde  (205-SF-98)
 Patrick Heckmann  (197-SF-92)
 Aleksej Nikolic  Slovenian (191-PG-95)
 Leon Radosevic  Croatian German (207-C-90)
 Lucca Staiger  (196-SG-88)
 Nikolaos Zisis  Greek (197-PG-83)
 Elias Harris  (203-SF-89)
Free Agents
 Vladimir Veremeenko  Belarusian Russian (208-F-84)

Players Joined
 Carl Baptiste  USA (208-F/C-90)  from Kapfenberg (Austria)  
 Johnny Berhanemeskel  Canadian (188-G-92)  from Araberri (Spain)  
 Geoffrey Groselle  USA (212-C-93)  from Braunschweig (BBL)  
 Jannes Hundt  (184-PG-96)  from ALBA (BBL)  
 Dominique Johnson  (194-SF-92)  from MBC (BBL)  
 Michael Kessens  Swiss German (206-F-91)  from FIU (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Karvel Anderson  USA (188-G-91)  to Boulazac (France)  
 Sinisa Cvetanovic  Serbian Croatian (205-SF-94)  to Politehnica Iasi (Romania)  
 Quincy Diggs  USA (198-G/F-90)  to CEZ Nymburk (Czech Rep.)  
 Bo Meister  (203-SF-99)  to Ehingen (ProA)  
 Modestas Paulauskas  (210-F-95)  to Palanga (Lithuania)  
 Sebastian Schmitt  (184-PG-96)  to Ehingen (ProA)  
 Evan Smotrycz  USA (201-F/C-91)  to Goettingen (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Adrian Breitlauch  (192-G/F-93)
 David Brembly  Polish German (197-G/F-93)
 Ivan Elliott  USA (203-F-86)
 Jordan Hulls  USA (180-PG-90)
 Lars Wendt  (191-SG-92)
 Fabian Bleck  (200-SF-93)
Free Agents
 Nemanja Aleksandrov  Serbian (210-F/C-87)
 Harper Kamp  USA (203-F/C-88)
 Waverly Austin  USA German (211-C-91)

Players Joined
 Bryon Allen  USA (193-G-92)  from CEZ Nymburk (Czech Rep.)  
 Haris Hujic  (193-PG-97)  from Oldenburg (ProB)  
 Christian Jones  USA (201-F-93)  from UNLV (NCAA)  
 Brad Loesing  USA German (182-PG-89)  from Ludwigsburg (BBL)  
 Rasid Mahalbasic  Austrian Slovenian (210-C-90)  from Real Betis (Spain)  
 Mickey McConnell  USA (182-PG-89)  from Obradoiro (Spain)  
 Isaiah Philmore  USA German (203-F-89)  from Walter Tigers (BBL)  
 Karsten Tadda  (190-SG-88)  from Ratiopharm (BBL)  
Players Left
 Jannik Freese  (211-C/F-86)  to Vechta (ProA)  
 Chris Kramer  USA (191-G-88)  to Lietuvos rytas (Lithuania)  
 Dennis Kramer  USA German (204-F-92)  to Goettingen (BBL)  
 Dominic Lockhart  (198-G-94)  to Goettingen (BBL)  
 Dirk Madrich  (212-C-83)  to Vechta (ProA)  
 Brian Qvale  USA (210-C-88)  to Lokomotiv (Russia)  
 Jan Niklas Wimberg  (206-F-96)  to Oettinger R. (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Maxime De Zeeuw  Belgian (206-PF-87)
 Frantz Massenat  USA (193-G-92)
 Marko Bacak  Croatian German (211-F/C-95)
 Philipp Schwethelm  (201-SF-89)
 Rickey Paulding  USA (196-F/G-82)
Free Agents
 Vladimir Mihailovic  Montenegrin (193-SG-90)
 Vaughn Duggins  USA (190-SG-87)

Players Joined
 Jared Cunningham  USA (193-G-91)  from Jiangsu TX MK (China)  
 Braydon Hobbs  USA (196-G-89)  from Ratiopharm (BBL)  
 Stefan Jovic  (198-G-90)  from Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)  
 Milan Macvan  Serbian (206-PF-89)  from EA7 Armani (Italy)  
 Maik Zirbes  (208-C-90)  from Maccabi T-A (Israel)  
Players Left
 Dru Joyce  USA (185-PG-85)  to Monaco (France)  
 Maximilian Kleber  (207-PF-92)  to Dallas M. (NBA)  
 Bryce Taylor  USA (194-SG-86)  to Brose Bask. (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Danilo Barthel  (208-PF-91)
 Devin Booker  USA (205-C-91)
 Alex King  (200-SF-85)
 Vladimir Lucic  Serbian (201-SF-89)
 Reggie Redding  USA (195-F/G-88)
 Nelson Weidemann  (192-PG-99)
 Karim Jallow  (199-SG-97)
 Georg Beyschlag  (182-G-97)
 Anton Gavel  Slovakian German (189-PG-84)
 Nihad Djedovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina German (196-SF-90)
Free Agents
 Nick Johnson  USA (191-G-92)

Players Joined
 Shawn Huff  Finnish (198-SF-84)  from Le Portel (France)  
 Tai Jack Webster  New Zealand (193-G-95)  from Nebraska (NCAA)  
 Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann  (208-C-90)  from Ratiopharm (BBL)  
Players Left
 Mahir Agva  (206-C-96)  to Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 A.J. English  USA (192-G-92)  to Limoges (France)  
 Stefan Ilzhoefer  (202-F-95)  to Trier (ProA)  
 Kwame Vaughn  USA (190-PG-90)  to Aris (Greece)  
Players Stayed
 Isaac Bonga  (204-F/G-99)
 Philip Scrubb  Canadian British (191-G-92)
 Garai Zeeb  (187-PG-97)
 Niklas Kiel  (207-PF-97)
 Mike Morrison  USA (206-F-89)
 Armin Trtovac  Serbian (210-C-97)
 Quantez Robertson  USA (188-G-84)
Free Agents
 Max Merz  (183-PG-94)

Players Joined
 Jamar Abrams  USA (201-G/F-89)  from Craiova (Romania)  
 Mahir Agva  (206-C-96)  from Fraport SKY (BBL)  
 John Bryant  USA (210-C-87)  from Monaco (France)  
 Dee Davis  USA (183-PG-93)  from Rogaska (Slovenia)  
 Austin Hollins  USA (195-F/G-91)  from Kauhajoki (Finland)  
 Bjarne Kraushaar  (190-PG-99)  from Licher Baeren (ProB)  
 Max Landis  USA (188-PG-93)  from Aalstar (Belgium)  
 Kayel Locke  USA (196-F-94)  from Bashkimi (Kosovo)  
 Mauricio Marin  (193-G-94)  from Walter Tigers (BBL)  
 Anthony Okao  (210-PF-98)  from Schwabing (Regionalliga)  
 Leon Okpara  (195-G/F-98)  from Koeln Rh.Stars (ProA)  
Players Left
 Skyler Bowlin  USA (191-G-89)  to Jena (BBL)  
 Dwayne Evans  USA (201-F-92)  to Ludwigsburg (BBL)  
 Bazoumana Kone  Ivorian German (190-G-93)  to Braunschweig (BBL)  
 Jeffrey Martin  (190-G-94)  to Rostock (ProB)  
 Andreas Obst  (191-SG-96)  to Oettinger R. (BBL)  
 Maurice Pluskota  (208-C-92)  to Karlsruhe PS (ProA)  
 Joshiko Saibou  (188-PG-90)  to ALBA (BBL)  
 Thomas Scrubb  British Canadian (198-F-91)  to Scandone AV (Italy)  
 Justin Sears  USA (203-F-94)  to Ludwigsburg (BBL)  
 Cameron Wells  USA (186-PG-88)  to Openjobmetis V. (Italy)  
Players Stayed
 Tim Kordyaka  (194-SG-99)
 Jahenns Manigat  Canadian (186-G-91)
 Marco Voeller  (199-F-89)
 Alen Pjanic  (200-F-97)
 Benjamin Lischka  (204-F-89)
Free Agents
 Malik Dime  Senegalese (206-F/C-92)
Coaches Joined
 Ingo Freyer  from Phoenix Hagen (ProA)  
 Steve Wriedt  USA German  from Phoenix Hagen (ProA)  

Players Joined
 John Cox  USA Venezuelan (194-G-81)  from Pau-Lacq-Orthez (France)  
 James Robinson  USA (190-PG-94)  from Igokea (Bosnia)  
 Gabe York  (190-G-93)  from Erie Bay H. (NBA G League)  
Players Left
 Kyan Anderson  USA (180-PG-92)  to Pau-Lacq-Orthez (France)  
 David Gonzalvez  USA (193-G-87)  to Vechta (ProA)  
 Joseph Lewis  USA (188-G-92)  to Ratiopharm (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 De'Mon Brooks  USA (201-F-92)
 Nate Linhart  USA (201-SF-86)
 Assem Marei  Egyptian (206-F-92)
 Steve Wachalski  (202-F-83)
Free Agents
 Robin Amaize  (188-SG-94)
 Andreas Seiferth  (209-C-89)
 Moritz Trieb  (190-SG-98)
 Bastian Doreth  (182-PG-89)
 Marius Adler  (190-G-97)
Coaches Joined
 John Dieckelmann  USA  from Ratiopharm (BBL)  

Players Joined
 Elgin Cook  (198-F-93)  from Santa Cruz W. (NBA G League)  
 Quirin Emanga  (194-SF-0)  from Ludwigsb.BSG (Oberliga)  
 Dwayne Evans  USA (201-F-92)  from Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 Niklas Geske  (188-PG-94)  from Vechta (ProA)  
 Lukas Herzog  (188-PG-1)  from Ludwigsb.BSG (Oberliga)  
 Matej Jelovcic  Croatian (185-G-98)  from Ludwigsb.BSG (Oberliga)  
 Kerron Johnson  USA (183-PG-90)  from MKS DG (Poland)  
 Xavier Johnson  USA (201-F-93)  from Colorado (NCAA)  
 Florian Koch  (197-SF-92)  from Telekom Bsk (BBL)  
 Adika Peter-McNeilly  Canadian (190-G-93)
 Eyke Prahst  (208-C-97)  from Ludwigsb.BSG (Oberliga)  
 Justin Sears  USA (203-F-94)  from Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 Adam Waleskowski  USA German (203-PF-82)  from Goettingen (BBL)  
 Thomas Walkup  (193-G/F-92)  from Windy City B. (NBA G League)  
Players Left
 Martin Breunig  (203-F-92)  to Telekom Bsk (BBL)  
 Jack Cooley  (206-F/C-91)  to Sacramento K. (NBA)  
 Tekele Cotton  USA (189-G-93)  to Enisey (Russia)  
 Drew Crawford  USA (196-G-90)  to Maccabi Rishon (Israel)  
 D.J. Kennedy  USA (198-G/F-89)  to Pinar Karsiyaka (Turkey)  
 Brad Loesing  USA German (182-PG-89)  to EWE Baskets (BBL)  
 Kelvin Martin  USA (195-G/F-89)  to Vanoli CR (Italy)  
Players Stayed
 Mateo Seric  Croatian German (205-PF-99)
 Johannes Thiemann  (204-PF-94)
 David McCray  (187-G-86)
Free Agents
 Michael Frazier  USA (193-G-94)
 Roderick Trice  USA (185-SG-84)
 Chad Toppert  USA German (199-F/G-85)
Coaches Joined
 Joey Cantens  USA  from Hanau (ProA)  
 Stephan Voelkel  from Wuerzburg (BBL)  

Players Joined
 Djordje Drenovac  Serbian (201-G/F-92)  from MZT Skopje (FYR Macedonia)  
 Till Gloger  (204-F-93)  from Uni Baskets (ProA)  
 Jermont Horton  USA (198-F/G-84)  from Basket Esch (Luxembourg)  
 Lamont Jones  USA (183-PG-90)  from Mornar Bar (Montenegro)  
 Marc Liyanage  (198-G/F-90)  from Hamburg (ProA)  
 Kruize Pinkins  USA (203-F-93)  from Hanau (ProA)  
 Malte Schwarz  (188-G-89)  from Goettingen (BBL)  
 Jordan Sibert  USA (193-G-92)  from PAOK (Greece)  
Players Left
 Sebastian Fuelle  (193-F/G-92)  to Bernau (ProB)  
 Dominique Johnson  (194-SF-92)  to Bremerhaven (BBL)  
 Kevin Larsen  (207-C-93)  to Horsens IC (Denmark)  
Players Stayed
 Alexander Herrmann  (203-C-97)
 Sergio Kerusch  USA German (195-F-89)
 Jonas Niedermanner  (203-PF-96)
 Djordje Pantelic  Serbian (204-F/C-84)
 Eimantas Stankevicius  Lithuanian (190-SG-98)
 Benedikt Turudic  Croatian German (206-C-97)
 Marcus Hatten  USA (185-PG-80)
Free Agents
 Pancake Thomas  USA (193-G-93)
 D.J. Bennett  USA (203-C-91)
 Tyson Hinz  Canadian (201-F-91)
 Adam Touray  (208-C-94)
 Andrew Warren  USA (196-G-87)
 Achmadschah Zazai  Afghani German (177-PG-86)
Coaches Joined
 Aleksandar Scepanovic  Croatian  from Karlsruhe PS (ProA)  

Players Joined
 Ismet Akpinar  (190-PG-95)  from ALBA (BBL)  
 Isaac Fotu  Tongan New Zealand (203-F-93)  from Zaragoza (Spain)  
 Luke Harangody  USA (202-PF-88)  from Darussafaka (Turkey)  
 Joseph Lewis  USA (188-G-92)  from Bayreuth (BBL)  
 Toure Murry  USA (196-G-89)  from Yesilgiresun (Turkey)  
 Ryan Thompson  USA (198-F/G-89)  from Telekom Bsk (BBL)  
Players Left
 Chris Babb  USA (196-G-90)  to Lokomotiv (Russia)  
 Braydon Hobbs  USA (196-G-89)  to B.Muenchen (BBL)  
 Raymar Morgan  USA (203-F/C-88)  to Tofas (Turkey)  
 Casey Prather  USA (198-F/G-91)  to United (Australia)  
 Augustine Rubit  USA (201-PF-89)  to Brose Bask. (BBL)  
 Karsten Tadda  (190-SG-88)  to EWE Baskets (BBL)  
 Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann  (208-C-90)  to Fraport SKY (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Tim Ohlbrecht  (210-F/C-88)
 Till Pape  (204-F/C-97)
 Marcell Pongo  Hungarian (194-PG-97)
 Da'Sean Butler  USA (201-F-88)
 Bjoern Rohwer  (213-C-95)
 Joschka Ferner  (201-F-96)
 David Kramer  Austrian German (191-PG-97)
 Per Guenther  (185-PG-88)
Free Agents
 Taylor Braun  USA (201-SG-91)
Coaches Joined
 Andreas Wagner  from Szolnok (Hungary)  

Players Joined
 Ryan Anderson  USA (206-F-92)  from Antwerp (Belgium)  
 Robin Benzing  (208-F-89)  from Zaragoza (Spain)  
 David Berberich  (207-C-97)  from Wuerzburg Trop. (Oberliga)  
 Abdul Gaddy  USA (193-G-92)  from VEF Riga (Latvia)  
 Clifford Hammonds  USA (191-PG-85)  from Quebradillas (Puerto Rico)  
 Dejan Kovacevic  Bosnia and Herzegovina (209-PF-96)  from FC Bayern II (ProB)  
 Leon Kratzer  (210-C-97)  from Brose Bask. (BBL)  
 Alexander Lauts  (193-SG-99)  from Wuerzburg Trop. (Oberliga)  
 Vytenis Lipkevicius  (196-F-89)  from Vytautas (Lithuania)  
 Andrej Mangold  (190-PG-87)  from Goettingen (BBL)  
 Osvaldas Olisevicius  (200-PF-93)  from P.Zvaigzdes (Lithuania)  
 D.J. Richardson  USA (190-G-91)  from Spirou (Belgium)  
Players Left
 Brendan Lane  USA (206-C-90)  to Shimane SM (Japan)  
 Jake Odum  USA (193-G-91)  to Banvit BK (Turkey)  
 Vincent Sanford  USA (193-G-90)  to Antibes (France)  
 Maximilian Ugrai  (201-SF-95)  to Jena (BBL)  
 LaMonte Ulmer  USA (198-SF-86)  to Chalons-Reims (France)  
 Georg Voigtmann  (213-C-94)  to Uni Baskets (ProA)  
Players Stayed
 Felix Hoffmann  (195-F-89)
 Kresimir Loncar  Croatian German (209-F-83)
 Lukas Wank  (198-F/G-97)
 Maurice Stuckey  (187-PG-90)
 Stefon Jackson-Cartwright  USA (196-G-85)
Free Agents
 Michael Cobbins  USA (203-F-92)
 Mustafa Shakur  USA (192-PG-84)
 Sebastian Betz  (197-F-85)
Coaches Joined
 Stephen Arigbabu  from Braunschweig (BBL)  

Players Joined
 Derrick Allen  USA (201-F-80)  from Vechta (ProA)  
 Skyler Bowlin  USA (191-G-89)  from Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 Radenko Pilcevic  Serbian (188-G-86)  from Kosice (Slovakia)  
 Marco Rahn  (201-PF-98)  from Jena II (Regionalliga)  
 Richard Rietschel  (198-F-96)  from Leipzig (Oberliga)  
 Brandon Spearman  USA (191-G/F-91)  from Trier (ProA)  
 Maximilian Ugrai  (201-SF-95)  from Wuerzburg (BBL)  
Players Left
 Shaquille Goodwin  USA (206-F-94)  to Cretan Kings (Greece)  
 Stephan Haukohl  (201-SF-93)  to Goettingen (BBL)  
 Daniel Schmidt  (189-PG-90)  to Oettinger R. (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Julius Jenkins  USA (187-PG-81)
 Oliver Mackeldanz  (213-C-90)
 Oliver Clay  (208-F/C-87)
 Jan Heber  (187-PG-98)
 Immanuel McElroy  USA (194-G-80)
 Julius Wolf  (201-F-93)
 Ermen Reyes-Napoles  (186-PG-89)
Free Agents
 Kenny Frease  USA (213-C-89)
 Wayne Bernard  USA (190-G-81)

Players Joined
 Martin Breunig  (203-F-92)  from Ludwigsburg (BBL)  
 Ron Curry  USA (191-G-93)  from Krka (Slovenia)  
 Nemanja Djurisic  Montenegrin (203-PF-92)  from Stelmet (Poland)  
 Viktor Frankl-Maus  (186-PG-93)  from Dragons (ProB)  
 Malcolm Hill  USA (198-G-95)  from Illinois (NCAA)  
 Julian Jasinski  (201-C/F-96)  from Schwelm (ProB)  
 Yannik Kneesch  (204-PF-96)  from Bonn II (Regionalliga)  
 Jordan Parks  USA (201-F-94)  from Alma Trieste (Italy)  
Players Left
 Filip Barovic  (207-F/C-90)  to Buducnost (Montenegro)  
 Ken Horton  USA (199-F-89)  to Pau-Lacq-Orthez (France)  
 Florian Koch  (197-SF-92)  to Ludwigsburg (BBL)  
 Johannes Richter  (205-PF-93)  to Oettinger R. (BBL)  
 Jamarr Sanders  USA (193-G-88)  to Novipiu Casale (Italy)  
 Ojars Silins  Latvian (203-PF-93)  to Dolomiti En. TR (Italy)  
 Ryan Thompson  USA (198-F/G-89)  to Ratiopharm (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Yorman Polas Bartolo  Cuban German (192-G/F-85)
 T.J. DiLeo  USA German (190-G-90)
 Julian Gamble  USA (208-F/C-89)
 Konstantin Klein  (187-PG-91)
 Josh Mayo  USA (181-PG-87)
 Alexander Moeller  (208-C/F-98)

Players Joined
 Ryan Brooks  USA (193-G-88)  from Dijon (France)  
 Tony Easley  USA (206-C-87)  from Eurobasket Roma (Italy)  
 Phillipp Heyden  (206-C-88)  from Heidelberg (ProA)  
 Adrian Lind  (206-C-94)  from Noerdlingen (Oberliga)  
 Jacob Mampuya  (200-SF-94)  from Karlsruhe PS (ProA)  
 Mathis Monninghoff  (200-G/F-92)  from Goettingen (BBL)  
 Kris Richard  USA (196-G-89)  from VEF Riga (Latvia)  
 Sid-Marlon Theis  (205-F/C-93)  from Braunschweig (BBL)  
 Reggie Upshaw  USA (203-F-95)  from Middle Tenn.St. (NCAA)  
 Robert Zinn  Swiss German (197-SG-95)  from Nuernberg (ProA)  
Players Left
 Stanton Kidd  USA (202-F-92)  to Darussafaka (Turkey)  
 Yasin Kolo  (208-C-92)  to Ehingen (ProA)  
 Mauricio Marin  (193-G-94)  to Giessen 46ers (BBL)  
 Alvaro Munoz  German Spanish (197-SF-90)  to Manresa (Spain)  
 Isaiah Philmore  USA German (203-F-89)  to EWE Baskets (BBL)  
Players Stayed
 Barry Stewart  USA (193-SG-88)
 Jared Jordan  USA (187-PG-84)
Free Agents
 Davion Berry  USA (193-G-91)
 Gary McGhee  USA (209-C-88)
 Julian Washburn  USA (204-SF-91)
 Jan Georg  (202-C-97)
 Jeferson Hiller  (188-SG-98)
 Tim Deschner  (177-PG-97)

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