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B Standings
 1. Aiolos Trikallon 28-2 
 2. Filathlitikos 25-5 
 3. Agia Paraskevis 20-10 
 4. Niki Volou 20-10 
 5. Koroivos 18-12 
 6. Irakleio 17-13 
 7. Diagoras 16-14 
 8. Egaleo 14-16 
 9. Near East 14-16 
 10. Stratoni 13-17 
 11. Doukas 13-17 
 12. MENT 12-18 
 13. Iraklis 11-19 
 14. Aias Evosmou 10-20 
 15. Anagennisi 8-22 
 16. Halkidona 1-29 
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

AO Aiolos Trikallon wins the Greek B 2011-2012 title
Points Per Game
 1 Nikoloudis, Anagen. 21.15
2 Godopoulos, Koroivos 18.15
3 Mitsakis, Anagen. 16.9
4 Goggidis, Diagora 17.5
5 Nikolopoulos, MENT 14.3
6 Pallis, MENT 13.8
7 Gkeros, Koroivos 14.9
8 Makris, Koroivos
Rebounds Per Game
 1 Charismid. Aiolos 9
2 Nikoloudis, Anagen. 7
3 Simeopoulos, Egaleo 7
4 Gkeros, Koroivos 7
5 Zarogiannis, Niki
AO Aiolos Trikallon 2011-12
Giannis Tzimas Giannis Tzimas Tzimas
Giorgos Lepeniotis
Nikos Tsoutsos
Tasos Charismidis
Nikos Kaklamanos
Sotiris Gioulekas
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
 Lepeniotis Giorgos 187 (6'2'') G 79 Greece
 Tsoutsos Nikos 202 (6'8'') F 82 Greece
 Charismidis Tasos 203 (6'8'') F 81 Greece
 Kaklamanos Nikos 189 (6'3'') G 81 Greece
 Gioulekas Sotiris 202 (6'8'') F 79 Greece
 Lappas Giorgos 189 (6'3'') G 86 Greece
 Triantafillou Leonidas 188 (6'2'') G 87 Greece
 Argiris Stavros 200 (6'7'') G 89 Greece
 Fountas Giorgos 184 (6'1'') G 77 Greece
 Thomos Iasonas Greece
 Perrotis Thanassis Greece
Head Coach: Giannis Tzimas All-Greek B League Awards 2011-12 - May 30, 2012 All-Greek B League 1st Team 2012
Tasos Charismidis
Thanasis Adetokoubo
Christodoulos Karavolas
Christos Zarogiannis

Co-Player of the Year: Tasos Charismidis (203-F-81) of Aiolos Trikallon
Co-Player of the Year: Thanasis Adetokoubo (200-F-93) of Filathlitikos
Guard of the Year: Nikos Gikas (183-PG-90) of Filathlitikos
Forward of the Year: Christodoulos Karavolas (197-F-83) of Egaleo
Co-Center of the Year: Tasos Charismidis (203-F-81) of Aiolos Trikallon
Co-Center of the Year: Christos Zarogiannis (203-F-77) of Niki Volou
Most Improved Player of the Year: Dino Nikolopoulos () of MENT
Newcomer of the Year: Vangelis Tsiakas (194-G-81) of Agia Paraskevis
Rookie of the Year: Christos Saloustros (201-F-90) of Filathlitikos
Defensive Player of the Year: Alexis Tsamatos (196-F-77) of Filathlitikos
Coach of the Year: Giannis Tzimas of Aiolos Trikallon

1st Team
F: Thanasis Adetokoubo (200-93) of Filathlitikos
G: Nikos Gikas (183-PG-90) of Filathlitikos
F: Christodoulos Karavolas (197-83) of Egaleo
F: Tasos Charismidis (203-81) of Aiolos Trikallon
F: Christos Zarogiannis (203-77) of Niki Volou

2nd Team
PG: Giannis Mitsakis (181-81) of Anagennisi
G: Vangelis Tsiakas (194-81) of Agia Paraskevis
F: Alexis Tsamatos (196-77) of Filathlitikos
G: Themis Koupidis (198-84) of Near East
PF: Vangelis Papadopoulos (205-85) of Irakleio

3rd Team
F/G: Tassos Traianos (195-87) of Iraklis
F: Giannis Papachristos (194-80) of Ikaroi Serron
G: Antonis Godopoulos (185-81) of Koroivos
F: Aristo Nikoloudis (202-82) of Anagennisi
F: Christos Saloustros (201-90) of Filathlitikos

Honorable Mention
Nikos Kaklamanos (189-G-81) of Aiolos Trikallon
Antonis Chrysis (195-F-90) of Diagoras
Giorgos Lepeniotis (187-G-79) of Aiolos Trikallon
Danis Eleftheriadis (197-F-89) of Aias Evosmou
Lefteris Neofitidis (208-C-86) of Iraklis
Kostas Pallis (200-F-79) of MENT
Christos Gogidis (196-G/F-77) of Diagoras
Sotiris Gioulekas (202-F-79) of Aiolos Trikallon
Yiannis Karalis (202-F-80) of Irakleio
Dino Nikolopoulos () of MENT
Michalis Politis (190-PG-88) of Niki Volou
Fivos Gimnopoulos (184-G-77) of Aias Evosmou
Babis Sikalidis (200-F-92) of MENT
Giannis Daskalopoulos (195-G/F-80) of Stratoni

All-Defensive Team
Thanasis Adetokoubo (200-F-93) of Filathlitikos
Alexis Tsamatos (196-F-77) of Filathlitikos
Giorgos Antoniadis (202-G-87) of Koroivos
Tasos Charismidis (203-F-81) of Aiolos Trikallon
Vangelis Gkeros (206-C-81) of Koroivos

B' Division - Niki Volou is the 3rd team to be promoted in the A2!! - Apr 30, 2012

Niki Volou is officially the third team to join Aiolos Trikalon and Filathlitikos to the A2 league.
After a great game the team of Coach Zafeiroudis team who succeeded to get the road win against Filathlitikos in Zografou court in the most decisive game of the season for the Volos team. The victory with 69-72 is keeping the team of Zafiroudis in the 3rd decisive game and only with a suicide now can lose the promotion to A2. Niki Volou dominated in all edges against the talented but not organized (in terms of the game) team of Coach Zivas.
In the other derby the home team of Agia Paraskevi beat Irakleion in a thrilling game with 70-67 but remained with the excitement of the win as the players of Coach Hatzipanigiris were expecting Filathlitikos to win the game over Niki Volou in order to have some chances for the promotion instead the Volos team something which never happened and Agia PAraskevi will remain (probably) in the second division, but remains in the fourth place which unders the financial circumstances could give to the team the promotion if any team in the A2 cant bear the financial situation and sell the division for one with less costs..

The games in more details:

Filathlikos Niki Volou 69-72
Quarters: 15-19, 34-38, 53-56, 69-72
Niki Volou was more passionate and more targeted to the crucial victory than the youngsters of Coach Zivas who may be very talented but without any special motive and not very good tactical game they couldnt do a lot against the passion and experience of Coach Zafiroudis team and that was so obvious from the beginning to the end of the game and in fact with six seconds to go and the score being 69-72 the team of Filathlitikos couldnt even do a decent last offence as the ball was stolen by Grigoris Mistiliadis (195-G-88) (over Thanasis Adetokoubo (200-F-93)).
Top scorers:
Filathlitikos: Thanasis Adetokoubo 20, Saloustros 12, Georgiadis 10
Niki Volou: Tsolis 10, Zarogiannis 16, Grigoris Mistiliadis 16, Politis 13

Agia Paraskevi Irakleion 70-67
Quarters: 20-24, 45-46, 56-56, 70-67
The visiting site of Coaches Rallis and Bitzanis couldnt get the initiatives to one of the most crucial games for the islanders and lost fairly against a more passionate and better organized team. For 40 minutes though the difference was between 2-5 points for KAP. The most decisive basket was scored by Vangelis Tsiakas to increase the deficit to 4 with less than 50 seconds to go.
Top scorers:
KAP: Anestis Matos (200-G-87) 14
Irakleion: Papadopoulos 17 and Karalis 12

Aiolos Trikalon Anagennisi Floga 88-82
Quarters: 23-25, 48-47, 68-58, 88-82
A new record took place in Trikala as the champion team of Coach Tzimas succeeded its 26th victory which sets a new record for the division since its very beginning. Without Tsoutsos and Lappas the home team face some problems only during the first period when the visitors of Coach Karagiannidis got a the lead with a basket, the same continued in the second period with Aiolos getting a small deficit of one point, but with the triplet of Nikos Kaklamanos (189-G-81), Harismidis and Fountas the team of Aiolos took over and ended the game earlier as with a 10-0 at the end of the third period gave a +10 to their team and in the fourth period just kept the deficit in the specific levels.
Top scorers:
Aiolos: Gkioulekas 11, Nikos Kaklamanos 17, Harismidis 18, Fountas 17
Anagennisi: Giannis Mitsakis (181-PG-81) 17, Hatzivretas 15, Kasouras 12 and Kiriotis 11

Koroivos Amaliadas Egaleo 89-62
Quarters: 20-17, 46-29, 72-43, 89-62
Not many details for a game which ended with 30 points for the home team, needed. Koroivos with Marios Sakellarakis (195-G-88) in an extra terrestrial afternoon beat easily the team of Coaches Karvelas and Gounaris with over speed in the second period which lasted until the very end.
Top scorers:
Koroivos: Godopoulos 16, Marios Sakellarakis 25, Gkeros 14, Antoniadis 17
Egaleo: Kostas Mubarak (192-G-88) 13, Benos 11

Diagoras Rodou Doukas 72-60
Quarters: 18-14, 33-31, 51-48, 72-60
Diagoras remain alive for the 6th place in the league after beating the team of Coach Giannopoulos, Doukas 72-60 after a great fourth period which changed the momentum of the game after the amazing 1-18 from the visiting site of Doukas, Stavros Pardakas (201-F-84) was the MVP of the game and the top performer.
Top scorers:
Diagoras: Stavros Pardakas 18, Gavanopoulos 11, Chrysis 12, Gogidis 14
Doukas: Otountzidis 10, Costas Vogiatzis (203-F-85) 12

Iraklis MENT 73-80
Quarters: 22-21, 36-34, 60-54, 73-80
Iraklis lost the chance to remain in the division mathematically as in a game which had the control for 38 minutes finally got lost simply due to the amazing peripheral of MENT and the 9 three pointers shot by Dino Nikolopoulos and Trantas. Iraklis ended the third period with 60-54 but in the most crucial period lost the game as in the specific period Coach Vatos forgot the defense for his team and with a 13-26 lost a game of its own.
Top scorers:
Iraklis: Tsakiltzis 12, Traianos 14, Giannis Karagiolidis (195-G-89) 21, Neofitidis 12
MENT: Dino Nikolopoulos 21, Trantas 16, Chrysopoulos 12, Pallis 16

Stratoni Near East 75-71
Quarters: 15-16, 32-34, 53-55, 75-71
In a thrilling derby the home team of Coach Mythou finally grabbed the victory with Giannis Daskalopoulos (195-G/F-80) in the top performing role. Bothn teams played a solid game and the few fans visited the home court of Stratoni enjoyed a good basketball game and a personal fight in the scoring between Giannis Daskalopoulos and Andreas Psaropoulos (205-F-86) which ended in an absolute draw with 23-23!
Top scorers:
Stratoni: Pipiliaris 13, Kokolios 12, Vasilaidis 13, Giannis Daskalopoulos 23
Near East: Pappas 12, Emmanouilidis 12, Karabas 10, Andreas Psaropoulos 23

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