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Uros Bajovic

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Players/Coaches Movement in Greece in summer 2017
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Updated on: October 17, 2017

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Players Joined
 Ioannis Agravanis  (196-SF-98)  from Doukas (A2)  
 Edin Atic  Bosnia and Herzegovina (201-G/F-97)  from Trikalla (A1)  
 Kelsey Barlow  USA (196-G-91)  from Trikalla (A1)  
 Chinemelu Elonu  Nigerian (206-F/C-87)  from Arecibo (Puerto Rico)  
 Mike Green  USA (185-PG-85)  from Pinar Karsiyaka (Turkey)  
 Delroy James  USA Guyanese (203-F-87)  from Best Balikesir (Turkey)  
 Michalis Kamperidis  (206-F/C-94)  from Cretan Kings (A1)  
 Vasileios Kavvadas  (204-C-91)  from Aris (A1)  
 Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos  (202-F-1)  from Doukas (A2)  
 Bandja Sy  Mali French (204-F-90)  from ASVEL (France)  
 Vasilis Xanthopoulos  (188-PG-84)  from Aris (A1)  
Players Stayed
 Emmanouil Chatzidakis  (205-C-0)
 Giannoulis Larentzakis  (195-SG-93)
 Dimitrios Mavroeidis  (208-C-85)
 Dimitrios Moraitis  (194-PG-99)
 Georgios Tsalmpouris  (216-PF-96)
 Dusan Sakota  Serbian Greek (210-SF-86)
Coaches Joined
 Thanasis Papahatzis  from Hoops (Lebanon)  

Players Joined
 Raheem Appleby  USA (190-G-93)  from Kouvot (Finland)  
 Ioannis Chatzinikolas  (196-G/F-95)  from Koroivos (A1)  
 Kentan Facey  Jamaican (206-PF-93)  from Connecticut (NCAA)  
 Shannon Hale Jr  USA (203-F-94)  from Alabama (NCAA)  
 Shawndre' Jones  USA (180-PG-94)  from Richmond (NCAA)  
 Panagiotis Karagiorgos  (201-F-90)  from GS Larissas (D)  
 Michail Lountzis  (196-PG-98)  from Kymis (A1)  
 Lamond Murray Jr.  USA (196-G/F)  from Pepperdine (NCAA)  
 Ronald Ross  USA (188-PG-83)  from Keravnos (Cyprus)  
 Stefanos Skouloudis  (208-C-94)  from Proteas V. (B)  
 Diamantis Slaftsakis  (201-PF-94)  from Apollon Patras (A2)  
 Dionysios Tataris  (204-C-98)  from Doxa Pefkon (B)  
 Sakis Tataris  (201-G/F-98)  from Doxa Pefkon (B)  
 Marko Tejic  Serbian (209-C/F-95)  from Sutjeska (Montenegro)  
 Kostas Vasiliadis  (200-G/F-84)  from AEK (A1)  
Players Stayed
 Filippos Kalogiannidis  (192-PG-94)
Free Agents
 Mike Caffey  USA (183-PG-93)
 Pascal Ntevont  (192-G/F-95)
 Ioannis Karathanasis  (203-F-91)
Coaches Joined
 Konstantinos Mexas  from Apollon Patras (A2)  

Players Joined
 Ioannis Athineou  (194-PG-88)  from Olympiacos (A1)  
 Gary Bell  USA (192-G-92)  from Cholet (France)  
 Keith Benson  USA (211-C-88)  from Guizhou (China)  
 Nikolaos Diplaros  (190-G-97)  from Doxa Pefkon (B)  
 Demetris Morant  USA (206-F-92)  from FGCU (NCAA)  
 Brent Petway  USA (205-F/C-85)  from Pinar Karsiyaka (Turkey)  
 Stylianos Poulianitis  (190-G-95)  from Trikalla (A1)  
 Panagiotis Vasilopoulos  (202-F-84)  from Kolossos HH (A1)  
 Kwame Vaughn  USA (190-PG-90)  from Fraport SKY (Germany)  
 Efstratios Voulgaropoulos  (215-F/C-0)  from KAOD (D)  
 Kyle Weaver  USA (198-G-86)  from Polski Cukier (Poland)  
Players Stayed
 Konstantinos Altinis  (195-F/G-0)
 Antreas Tretiakov  Cypriot (195-F/G-0)
 Michalis Tsairelis  (206-F/C-88)
 Vasileos Christidis  (207-C-98)
 Vangelis Dimitrakas  (203-PF-99)
 Fotis Gounaropoulos  (201-SF-0)
 Panagiotis Kalaitzakis  (197-G/F-99)
 Konstantinos Lazarou  (201-SF-99)
 Dimitris Lysselis  (203-PF-0)
 Ioannis Patsiavaouras  (191-PG-0)
 Ioannis Sidiroilias  (200-SG-1)
 Spyros Mourtos  (198-G-90)
 Dimitrios Flionis  (190-PG-97)
Free Agents
 Jamon Lukas Gordon  USA (191-G-84)
 Tadija Dragicevic  Serbian (206-F/C-86)
Coaches Joined
 Panagiotis Giannakis  from Limoges (France)  
 Giorgos Ketselidis  from Al Ahli Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)  
 Sotiris Nikolaidis  from HANTH (C)  

Players Joined
 Anastasios Antonakis  (205-F/C-92)  from Doxa Lefkadas (A2)  
 Jahii Carson  USA (178-PG-92)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Quenton DeCosey  USA (196-G-93)  from Chieti (Italy)  
 Jordan Dickerson  USA (216-C-93)  from Promitheas (A1)  
 Shaquille Hines  USA (203-F-93)  from Boras (Sweden)  
 Iakovos Milentigievits  (185-PG-97)  from Doukas (A2)  
 Stathis Papadionysiou  (196-G/F-92)  from Aiolos Astakou (C)  
 Marcus Posley  (185-G-94)  from Sioux Falls S. (NBA G League)  
 Aaron Rountree III  USA (203-F-93)  from Lucenec (Slovakia)  
 Dionysis Skoulidas  (200-PF-97)  from AEK (A1)  
 Ilias Theodorou  (201-F-95)  from Panathinaikos (A1)  
Players Stayed
 Andreas Athanasopoulos  (192-G/F-0)
 Andreas Bekris  (191-SG-94)
 Alexios Kantzos  (185-G-1)
 Yannis Sahpatzidis  (209-F/C-93)
 Alexandros Spyridonidis  (182-PG-95)
Free Agents
 Symeon Ioakeimidis  (197-F/G-89)
 Evariste Shonganya  DR Congolese (204-F/C-92)
 D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera  USA (191-G-92)
 Devonta Pollard  USA (203-F-94)

Players Joined
 Giannis Dimakos  (192-G-94)  from G.Larissa-Faros (A1)  
 Sean Evans  USA (203-PF-88)  from Lavrio (A1)  
 Mouhammad Faye  Senegalese (208-F-85)  from Sagesse (Lebanon)  
 Langston Hall  USA (193-PG-91)  from Cibona (Croatia)  
 Oleksandr Lypovyy  Ukrainian (200-G-91)  from Trikalla (A1)  
 Milan Milosevic  Bosnia and Herzegovina (203-F-85)  from AEK (A1)  
 Bubu Palo  Burkinabe USA (185-G-91)  from Sioux Falls S. (NBA G League)  
 Trevor Releford  USA (183-PG-91)  from Kolossos HH (A1)  
 Christos Saloustros  (201-SF-90)  from Kolossos HH (A1)  
 Andreas Skoufis  (194-PG-98)  from Pagrati (B)  
 Stavros Toutziarakis  (210-C-87)  from Kymis (A1)  
Players Stayed
 Nikos Gikas  (186-PG-91)
 Dimitris Gravas  (203-F-93)
 Konastantinos Adamopoulos  (190-G-1)
 Dimitris Fragiskatos  (190-PG-0)
 Panagiotis Gatzios  (200-PG-0)
 Petros Geromichalos  (203-PF-94)
 Chrysostomos Sandramanis  (193-G-0)
 Theodoris Kyrillis  (190-G-98)
Free Agents
 Baden Jaxen  USA (190-G-90)
 Miroslav Todic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbian (205-F/C-85)

Players Joined
 Mario Edwards  USA (191-G-88)  from Lapua (Finland)  
 Kostas Ezomo  (201-F-89)  from Pagrati (B)  
 Dimitris Geromichalos  (185-PG-94)  from Doxa Lefkadas (A2)  
 Andreas Glyniadakis  (215-C-81)  from PAOK (A1)  
 Cameron Jones  (193-G-89)  from Canton C. (NBA G League)  
 Sotirios Manolopoulos  (208-F-87)  from Trikalla (A1)  
 Jake O'Brien  USA (206-F-89)  from Keravnos (Cyprus)  
 Teddy Okereafor  British (193-G-92)  from The Flexx PT (Italy)  
 Marios Sakellariou  (202-SF-92)  from Psychiko (A2)  
 Lenzelle Smith Jr.  USA (193-G-91)  from Kormend (Hungary)  
 Jamari Traylor  USA (203-F/C-92)  from Oberwart (Austria)  
 Angelo Tsagarakis  French Greek (191-SG-84)  from Trikalla (A1)  
Coaches Joined
 Giannis Kastritis  from Trikalla (A1)  

Players Joined
 D.J. Johnson  USA (206-F-93)  from Kansas St. (NCAA)  
 Ioannis Kouzeloglou  (204-PF-95)  from Apollon Patras (A2)  
 Dimitris Legkikas  (206-F-98)  from Filathlitikos (D)  
 Tony Meier  USA (204-F-90)  from CEZ Nymburk (Czech Rep.)  
 McKenzie Moore  USA (198-G-92)  from Canterbury (New Zealand)  
 Giorgos Papadimitriou  (190-G-93)  from Zografou (B)  
 Dimitris Verginis  (194-G-87)  from Apollon Patras (A2)  
 Antwaine Wiggins  (200-SF-88)  from Raptors 905 (NBA G League)  
Players Stayed
 Steven Gray  USA (196-SG-89)
 Zamal Nixon  USA (186-PG-89)
 Dimitrios Kaklamanakis  (205-C-94)
 Michalis Perakis  (207-C-84)
 Dionysios Giannakopoulos  (195-G/F-82)
Free Agents
 Cole Huff  USA (203-F-94)
 Doron Lamb  USA (193-G-91)
 Trey Sumler  USA (188-G-91)
 Christoforos Stefanidis  (187-PG-80)
 Panagiotis Tsiros  (180-G-83)
Coaches Joined
 Sakis Paralikas  from Fenerbahce (Turkey)  
 Theodosios Paralikas  from Fenerbahce (Turkey)  

Players Joined
 Dimitrios Chatzikyriakidis  (192-PG-98)  from Doxa Pefkon (B)  
 Georgios Diamantakos  (215-C-95)  from Apollon Patras (A2)  
 Daviyon Draper  USA (201-F-94)  from Leiden (Holland)  
 Gary Forbes  Panamanian USA (201-G/F-85)  from Cocodrilos (Venezuela)  
 Kevin Galloway  USA Iraqi (200-PG-88)  from Homenetmen (Lebanon)  
 Paris Maragkos  (206-F-94)  from Promitheas (A1)  
 Vasileios Mouratos  (193-F-97)  from Cretan Kings (A1)  
 Emmanouil Papamakarios  (192-G-80)  from Doukas (A2)  
 Nontas Papantoniou  (190-PG-90)  from Promitheas (A1)  
 Roeland Schaftenaar  Dutch (211-F/C-88)  from Baskonia (Spain)  
 Anastasios Spyropoulos  (204-F-95)  from Trikalla (A1)  
 Nikolaos Stylianou  Cypriot Greek (198-F-88)  from Keravnos (Cyprus)  
 Giannis Vavatsikos  (201-F/G-90)  from Ermis Agias (A2)  
 Kevin Ware  USA (188-G-93)  from MMCITE Brno (Czech Rep.)  
Players Stayed
 Panos Chatzoglou  (200-SF-99)
 Paris Liadis  (200-G/F-99)
Free Agents
 Willie Conner  USA (196-F-93)
 Daniel Dingle  USA (201-G/F-94)
 Kenny Hall  USA (206-F/C-90)
 Perry Petty  USA Guinea-Bissau (185-PG-88)
 Raheem Watts  USA (201-F-94)
Coaches Joined
 Thanasis Skourtopoulos  from Apollon Patras (A2)  
 Ioannis Diamantakos  from Arkadikos (A2)  

Players Joined
 Sotiris Billis  (198-SF-96)  from Panionios (A1)  
 TJ Bray  USA (196-G-92)  from Brussels (Belgium)  
 Nikolaos-Michail Charalampis  (204-PF-96)  from Panerythraikos (B)  
 Malcolm Griffin  USA (193-PG-91)  from Betsafe/Liepaja (Latvia)  
 Ramon Harris  (201-F-88)  from Grand Rapids D. (NBA G League)  
 Marvin Jones  USA (213-C-93)  from Texas Southern (NCAA)  
 Panagiotis Papadopoulos  (180-G-0)  from Kolossos HH (A1)  
 Toni Prostran  Croatian (182-G-91)  from Nevezis (Lithuania)  
 Stavros Schizas  (196-G/F-89)  from Kymis (A1)  
 Dimitrios Stamatis  (192-G-96)  from G.Larissa-Faros (A1)  
 Keith Wright  USA (203-F-89)  from KIA Picanto (Philippines)  
Players Stayed
 Giannis Otheitis  (185-G-0)
 Konstantinos Papadakis  (190-G-98)
 Alex Aggelakos  British Greek (197-G/F-94)
 Giannis Georgalis  (198-F-83)

Players Joined
 Giorgos Bogris  (210-C-89)  from Iberostar Tener. (Spain)  
 Jamel McLean  USA (203-C/F-88)  from EA7 Armani (Italy)  
 Brian Roberts  (187-PG-85)  from Charlotte H. (NBA)  
 Janis Strelnieks  Latvian (191-G-89)  from Brose Bask. (Germany)  
 Hollis Thompson  (203-SF-91)  from Austin S. (NBA G League)  
 Kim Tillie  Dutch French (210-F/C-88)  from Baskonia (Spain)  
Players Stayed
 Nikos Arsenopoulos  (195-PG-0)
 Giorgos Ballis  (188-PG-0)
 Kostas Mixail  (192-G/F-1)
 Kostas Papanikolaou  (205-F-90)
 Giannis Petropoulos  (197-G/F-1)
 Petros Strigas  British (198-C/F-0)
 Nikola Milutinov  Serbian (212-C-94)
 Vasileios Toliopoulos  (186-PG-96)
 Antreas Tsoumanis  (201-F/C-1)
 Thomas Zevgaras  (201-F-1)
 Dimitrios Agravanis  (208-C/F-94)
 Ioannis Papapetrou  (203-F-94)
 Evangelos Mantzaris  (196-G-90)
 Georgios Printezis  (204-PF-85)
 Vassilis Spanoulis  (193-SG-82)

Players Joined
 Thanasis Antetokounmpo  Nigerian Greek (199-SF-92)  from Andorra (Spain)  
 Zach Auguste  USA Greek (208-C-93)  from Usak (Turkey)  
 Marcus Denmon  USA (191-G-90)  from Gaziantep (Turkey)  
 Lukas Lekavicius  (180-PG-94)  from Zalgiris (Lithuania)  
 Matt Lojeski  USA Belgian (198-G-85)  from Olympiacos (A1)  
 Konstantinos Mitoglou  (208-PF-96)  from Aris (A1)  
 Marios Tsellos  (187-G-0)  from Arkadikos (A2)  
 Ian Vougioukas  (212-C-85)  from Lokomotiv (Russia)  
Players Stayed
 Athanasios Amvrazis  (196-F-0)
 Eirinaios Balos  (199-F-99)
 Ioannis Chatziveroglou  (196-F-0)
 Kenny Gabriel  USA (209-PF-89)
 Giannis Hatziveroglou  (197-G/F-0)
 Efstratios Politopoulos  (175-PG-0)
 K.C. Rivers  USA Guinea-Bissau (196-SG-87)
 Chris Singleton  USA (206-F/C-89)
 Vasileios Stavrakoukas  (191-SG-1)
 Athanasios Tsirimpasis  (204-C-99)
 Karolos Alvertis  (190-PG-1)
 Nick Calathes  USA Greek (198-PG-89)
 Georgios Kalaitzakis  (198-PG-99)
 Panagiotis Zervas  (191-SF-0)
 Eleftherios Bochoridis  (193-PG-94)
 Nikos Pappas  (194-SG-90)
 James Gist  USA (206-PF-86)

Players Joined
 Slaven Cupkovic  Serbian (205-PF-88)  from Kymis (A1)  
 Boris Dallo  French (196-PG-94)  from Long Island N. (NBA G League)  
 Ioannis Dimakopoulos  (218-C-94)  from Cal-Irvine (NCAA)  
 Esian Henderson  USA (205-PF-86)  from Pyrinto (Finland)  
 Jalen Jackson  USA (198-G/F-94)  from UALR (NCAA)  
 Giorgos Kamperidis  (203-G/F-99)  from Mandraikos (B)  
 Giannis Molfetas  (194-G/F-92)  from Doukas (A2)  
 Grigoris Ralatos  (202-F-86)  from Pagrati (B)  
 Zisis Sarikopoulos  (212-C-90)  from Aris (A1)  
 Clint Steindl  (200-F/G-89)  from Wildcats (Australia)  
 Tony Woods  USA (211-C-90)  from Soles SD (Dominican Rep.)  
 Avery Woodson  USA (188-PG-93)  from Butler (NCAA)  
Players Stayed
 Giannis Karakechagias
 Vagel Sakellariou  (195-F/G-89)
 Nikos Michalos  (192-G-77)
 Fotis Kapris  (194-SG-99)
Free Agents
 Avry Holmes  USA (188-G-94)
 Nikos Barlos  (203-F-79)
 Sakis Karydas  (182-G-79)
 Panagiotis Nikolakopoulos  (195-SG-94)
Coaches Joined
 Giorgos Kalafatakis  from Keravnos (Cyprus)  

Players Joined
 Vasileios Charalampopoulos  (205-SF-97)  from Panathinaikos (A1)  
 Kevin Dillard  USA (183-PG-89)  from Maccabi Ashdod (Israel)  
 Lucky Jones  USA (198-G-93)  from Promitheas (A1)  
 Theodoros Karras  (209-F-97)  from Doukas (A2)  
 Dimitrios Katsivelis  (196-G-91)  from Astana (Kazakhstan)  
 Owen Klassen  Canadian (208-C/F-91)  from Buducnost (Montenegro)  
 Ousman Krubally  USA Gambian (202-F-88)  from Astana (Kazakhstan)  
 Brandon Triche  USA (193-G-91)  from Bnei Hertzeliya (Israel)  
 Thodoris Zaras  (197-G-88)  from Aris (A1)  
Players Stayed
 Linos-Spyridon Chrysikopoulos  (206-SF-92)
 Dimitris Karamanolis  (191-SF-98)
 Antonios Koniaris  (196-PG-97)
 Rafail Papaioannou  Cypriot (194-C-0)
 Constantinos Vasiliou  Cypriot (188-SG-99)
 Vangelis Margaritis  (203-C/F-82)
 Avgoustinos Spourgitis  (202-F-99)
 Giannis Giannaras  Cypriot Greek (187-G-99)
 Apollonas Tsochlas  (189-PG-83)
Free Agents
 Nenad Miljenovic  Serbian (194-G-93)
 Dimitris Makridis  (195-G/F-98)
 Theodoros Psihidis  (206-C-98)
 Kostas Charalampidis  (189-G-76)
 Giorgos Dedas  (199-F/G-80)
Coaches Joined
 Ilias Papatheodorou  from Astana (Kazakhstan)  

Players Joined
 Travis Daniels  USA (202-F-92)  from Leones SD (Dominican Rep.)  
 Shaquille Goodwin  USA (206-F-94)  from Jena (Germany)  
 Walter Lemon Jr.  USA (190-G-92)  from Istanbulspor (Turkey)  
 Carlos Medlock  USA (183-PG-87)  from Braunschweig (Germany)  
 Stefan Moody  USA (179-PG-93)  from Trabzonspor (Turkey)  
 Hugh Robertson  USA (195-G-89)  from Koeln Rh.Stars (Germany)  
 Trayvonn Wright  USA (201-F-91)  from Boras (Sweden)  
Players Stayed
 Andreas Christodoulou  Cypriot Greek (197-SF-95)
 Thomas Kottas  (206-C-96)
 Dimitris Tsagkarakis  (194-SG-0)
 Haralampos Giannopoulos  (200-F-89)
 Elias Theodoridis  (195-PG-97)
 Giannis Panaretakis  (203-F-97)

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