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Eredivisie Standings
Group A
 1. Leiden 3-1 
 2. Den Bosch 2-2 
 3. Leeuwarden 1-3 
Group B
 1. Groningen 3-1 
 2. Zwolle 2-2 
 3. Nijmegen 1-3 
Places 7-8
 1. Weert 5-23 
 2. Rotterdam 4-24 
Stage One Standings
Eredivisie Stage One Standings
 1. Leiden 22-6 
 2. Groningen 21-7 
 3. Den Bosch 21-7 
 4. Nijmegen 17-11 
 5. Zwolle 12-16 
 6. Leeuwarden 10-18 
 7. Weert 5-23 
 8. Rotterdam 4-24 
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

ZZ Leiden Wins Dutch Cup Final 88-74 (Photo:

Dutch DBL All-Star Gala 2012 (Photo:
Points Per Game
 Tyrone SALLY
  Avg: 18.5
 1. Sally, Rotterdam18.5 
 2. Jeter, Leeuwarden16.8 
 3. Hargrove, Nijmegen16.6 
 4. Humphrey, Nijmegen15.8 
 5. Boxley, Leiden14.8 
 6. Rozzell, Leeuw.14.2 
 7. Acker, Nijmegen14.0 
 8. Wells, Zwolle14.0 
 9. Wesby, Groningen13.9 
 10. Bell, Groningen13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Coleman, Weert9.9 
 2. Sanchez, Leeuw.8.6 
 3. Robinson, Zwolle8.0 
 4. Saaka, Zwolle6.8 
 5. Bekkering, Nijme.6.8 
 6. Hargrove, Nijmegen6.7 
 7. Boxley, Leiden6.6 
 8. Humphrey, Nijmegen6.6 
 9. van Kempen, Weert6.5 
 10. Dourisseau, Groni.6.4 
Assists Per Game
  Den Bosch
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Turner, Den Bosch4.6 
 2. Harman, Weert4.4 
 3. Acker, Nijmegen4.1 
 4. Wells, Zwolle3.6 
 5. Jeter, Leeuwarden3.4 
 6. Defares, Groningen3.3 
 7. Jansen, Den Bosch3.3 
 8. Fletcher, Weert3.1 
 9. Slagter, Leiden3.0 
 10. Huffman, Zwolle2.9 
Steals Per Game
 Cameron WELLS
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Wells, Zwolle2.4 
 2. Huffman, Zwolle2.3 
 3. Gonzalvez, Den B.2.3 
 4. Harman, Weert2.0 
 5. Turner, Den Bosch1.9 
 6. Rozzell, Leeuw.1.8 
 7. Fletcher, Weert1.8 
 8. Wesley, Den Bosch1.7 
 9. Wessels, Den Bosch1.6 
 10. Hargrove, Nijmegen1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Wyatt, Groningen1.6 
 2. Maddox, Zwolle1.6 
 3. Wesley, Den Bosch1.0 
 4. Bekkering, Nijme.0.9 
 5. Boxley, Leiden0.8 
 6. Zondervan, Zwolle0.7 
 7. Minter, Weert0.7 
 8. Hilliman, Leiden0.6 
 9. Wessels, Den Bosch0.6 
 10. Hulzebos, Zwolle0.6 
Dutch men teams in Euro cups 2011-2012
  • Groningen: took 4th (last) place (0-6) in Group C of Regular Season
  • Leiden: took 2nd place (3-3) in Group B of Regular Season, took 4th place (2-4) in Group I of Top 16

Eiffel Towers Den Bosch wins the Dutch Eredivisie 2011-2012 title (Photo:

Eiffel Towers Den Bosch 2011-12
Raoul Korner Raoul Korner Korner
Frank Turner
Stefan Wessels
Djoenie Steenvoorde
Kees Akerboom
Rogier Jansen
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
5  Turner Frank 178 (5'10'') PG 88 USA
7  Wessels Stefan 203 (6'8'') F 84 Holland
10  Steenvoorde Djoenie 195 (6'5'') G/F 81 Holland
12  Akerboom Kees 200 (6'7'') F 83 Holland
4  Jansen Rogier 188 (6'2'') G 84 Holland
15  Wesley Tai 200 (6'7'') F 86 USA
8  Gonzalvez David 193 (6'4'') G 87 USA
14  Van Paassen Peter 211 (6'11'') C/F 78 Holland
11  van der List Jeroen 213 (7'0'') C 89 Holland
13  Filipan Ivan 193 (6'4'') G/F 92 Holland
13  Van Tongeren Matthew 198 (6'6'') C 93 Holland
9  Schilder Mike 183 (6'0'') PG 94 Holland
6  Touw Jeffrey 190 (6'3'') F 91 Holland
Head Coach: Raoul Korner
Coach Assistant: Samuel Jones All-Dutch Eredivisie Awards 2011-12 - May 28, 2012 All-Dutch Eredivisie 1st Team 2012
Seamus Boxley
Jason Dourisseau
Lance Jeter
Rogier Jansen
Tai Wesley

Player of the Year: Seamus Boxley (201-F-82) of Leiden
Guard of the Year: Rogier Jansen (188-G-84) of Den Bosch
Forward of the Year: Seamus Boxley (201-F-82) of Leiden
Center of the Year: Tai Wesley (200-F-86) of Den Bosch
Newcomer of the Year: Gerald Robinson (203-F-84) of Zwolle
Most Improved Player of the Year: Leon Williams (183-PG-91) of Rotterdam
Rookie of the Year: Valentijn Lietmeijer (191-G-91) of Leeuwarden
Import Player of the Year: Seamus Boxley (201-F-82) of Leiden
Domestic Player of the Year: Rogier Jansen (188-G-84) of Den Bosch
Defensive Player of the Year: Jason Dourisseau (196-G-83) of Groningen
Coach of the Year: Raoul Korner of Den Bosch

1st Team
G: Jason Dourisseau (196-83) of Groningen
F: Seamus Boxley (201-82) of Leiden
G: Lance Jeter (190-88) of Leeuwarden
G: Rogier Jansen (188-84) of Den Bosch
F: Tai Wesley (200-86) of Den Bosch

2nd Team
PG: Frank Turner (178-88) of Den Bosch
PG: Thomas Jackson (175-80) of Leiden
PG: Cameron Wells (185-88) of Zwolle
F: Markel Humphrey (198-87) of Nijmegen
F: Jevohn Shepherd (196-86) of Leiden
F: Mark Sanchez (201-87) of Leeuwarden

Honorable Mention
Lucas Hargrove (198-F-88) of Nijmegen
Maurice Acker (173-PG-87) of Nijmegen
Tyrone Sally (201-F-82) of Rotterdam
Stefan Mladenovic (190-G-90) of Rotterdam
Robbie Harman (185-G-88) of Weert
Alex Wesby (196-G-80) of Groningen
Cameron Wells (185-PG-88) of Zwolle
Avis Wyatt (211-F/C-84) of Groningen
Peter Van Paassen (211-C/F-78) of Den Bosch
Arvin Slagter (192-G-85) of Leiden
Worthy de Jong (194-SG-88) of Leiden
Thomas Jackson (175-PG-80) of Leiden

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Jessey Voorn (193-90) of Groningen
G: Rogier Jansen (188-84) of Den Bosch
F: Stefan Wessels (203-84) of Den Bosch
F: Gerald Robinson (203-84) of Zwolle
C/F: Peter Van Paassen (211-78) of Den Bosch

All-Imports Team
G: Jason Dourisseau (196-83) of Groningen
F: Seamus Boxley (201-82) of Leiden
G: Lance Jeter (190-88) of Leeuwarden
F: Markel Humphrey (198-87) of Nijmegen
F: Tai Wesley (200-86) of Den Bosch

Eiffel Towers Den Bosch win 2011/12 Eredivisie title - May 27, 2012

Finals, Game 5: Leiden - Den Bosch 61-65 (1-4)

Eiffel Towers Den Bosch won the 2011/12 Eredivisie title. They celebrated 61-65 victory in Leiden closing the Finals with almost perfect 4-1. Den Bosch won three times in Leiden during the series. Last time Den Bosch was Eredivisie champ in 2007.
Leiden was tied after three quarters but could not keep up in the last quarter eventually losing the game. Den Bosch made 25-of-32 free shots (78.1 percent) during the game and also had a 28-17 advantage in offensive rebounds. 26 personal fouls committed by Leiden helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. American point guard Frank Turner (178-88, college: Canisius, agency: Court Side) orchestrated the victory by scoring 17 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. International forward Stefan Wessels (203-84, agency: R.H.Consultancy) contributed with a double-double by scoring 13 points and 10 rebounds for the winners. American forward Seamus Boxley (201-82, college: Portland St., agency: Prossin Sports Management) answered with 22 points (was perfect 7-for-7 from the free throw line) and Canadian forward Jevohn Shepherd (196-86, college: Michigan) added 9 points and 6 rebounds in the effort for Leiden.
Den Bosch ended the second stage of Eredivisie as No.2 of Group A with 2-2 record. They eliminated Groningen with 3-2 in the Semifinals. Leiden was the winner of Group A (3-1) and outplayed Zwolle in the Semifinals, 3-1. Leiden was the defending champion, but they are officially dethroned tonight.

Leiden: S.Boxley 22+4reb+2ast, T.Jackson 13+2reb+1ast, J.Shepherd 9+6reb+3ast, A.Slagter 5+3reb+2ast, M.Kherrazi 4+8reb, S.Cunningham 3+5reb
Den Bosch: F.Turner 17+7reb+4ast, R.Jansen 16+2reb+3ast, S.Wessels 13+10reb+2ast, P.Van Paassen 7+5reb, D.Gonzalvez 6+5reb, T.Wesley 4+3reb+1ast

ZZ Leiden Wins Dutch Cup Final 88-74 - Apr 1, 2012

ZZ Leiden captured the Dutch Cup with a 88-74 win against Magixx for KidRights at the Topsportcentrum Almere.
The game opened at the end of the first period with an impressive run by ZZ Leiden (28-17) , which continued the hallmarks of ZZ Leiden success: aggressive defensive pressure and improved offensive ball movement.
However, ZZ Leiden grew over-confident and played sloppily in the last minutes of the second period (42-31), allowing Magixxs resilient squad to demonstrate the tenacity which
had gotten it to the final.
Coming out of the locker rooms, both squads increased their defensive effort, but ZZ Leiden held a double-digit lead during the second half. During the last minutes of the game, the ZZ Leiden fans, already celebrating the Dutch Cup victory under Head Coach Toon Van Helfteren (agency: R.H.Consultancy ).
Scorers ZZ Leiden: Seamus Boxley (201-F-82, college: Portland St.) 25, Jevohn Shepherd (196-F-86, college: Michigan) 21, Thomas Jackson (175-PG-80, college: Butler) 9 - Magixx for KidsRights: Markel Humphrey (198-F-87, college: Marshall) 24, Maurice Acker (173-PG-87, agency: Edge Sports, college: Marquette) 15, Lucas Hargrove (198-F-88, college: Auburn) 13.

Dutch DBL All-Star Gala 2012 - Feb 26, 2012

Sunday afternoon in the Landstede Sportcentrum in Zwolle, in conjunction with Landstede Zwolle, the DBL All-Star Gala 2012 was a tremendous success. The fans came out in good numbers and were treated to an overall good basketball experience.

Men's All-Star game: The South All-Stars wins over the North All-Stars by the score of 113-107. Scorers: North All Stars, Jason Dourisseau (196-G-83, college: Nebraska) 25 - South All Stars, Markel Humphrey (198-F-87, college: Marshall) 24
Frank Turner (178-PG-88, agency: Court Side, college: Canisius) was named the game's MVP.

Dutch Under-24 Game, South over North 100-97. MVP of the game Kieran Celaire (201-F-90).

Dunk Contest:
EiffelTowers Jeroen van der List (213-C-89, agency: Court Side, college: Indian Hills CC) wins the slam dunk contest, beating out Amu Saaka (198-F-88, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Furman) of Landstede Zwolle.

3-Point Shootout:
ZZ Leiden shooting guard Terry Sas (197-F-86, agency: Court Side) wins the three-point shooting contest over Landstede's Damon Huffman (187-G-85) by a 16-13 margin.

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