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Bas Hendriks

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Dutch Basketball (Men)

Basketball Transactions

Eredivisie Standings
 1. Zwolle 22-6 
 2. Leiden 22-6 
 3. Groningen 21-7 
 4. Den Bosch 16-12 
 5. Amsterdam 10-18 
 6. Rotterdam 9-19 
 7. Leeuwarden 9-19 
 8. Weert 3-25 
Prom.Divisie Standings
 1. Binnenland 17-3 
 2. Red Giants 17-3 
 3. Grasshoppers 14-6 
 4. CobraNova 13-7 
 5. Cangeroes 11-9 
 6. De Hoppers 10-10 
 7. Lions 8-12 
 8. De Groene 8-12 
 9. Punch 7-13 
 10. Black Eagles 3-17 
 11. Leiden 2 2-18 
FIBA Europe Cup Stage Two Standings
Group O
 1. ASVEL 5-1 
 2. Maccabi Rishon 4-2 
 3. Krka 2-4 
 4. Kataja Basket 1-5 
Group P
 1. Ventspils 4-2 
 2. Antwerp 4-2 
 3. CEZ Nymburk 3-3 
 4. Lukoil Acad. 1-5 
Group Q
 1. Turk Telekom 5-1 
 2. Oostende 5-1 
 3. Boras 2-4 
 4. Slask Wroclaw 0-6 
Group R
 1. Chalon 5-1 
 2. AV Cantu 3-3 
 3. Enisey 3-3 
 4. TU/Rock 1-5 
Group S
 1. Rovinari 3-3 
 2. Cibona 3-3 
 3. P.Zvaigzdes 3-3 
 4. Le Havre 3-3 
Group T
 1. Juventus 4-2 
 2. Khimik 4-2 
 3. Mons-Hainaut 3-3 
 4. Bakken 1-5 
Group U
 1. Fraport SKY 6-0 
 2. Royal Hali 3-3 
 3. Sodertalje 2-4 
 4. Rosa Radom 1-5 
Group V
 1. Openjobmetis V. 5-1 
 2. AEK 3-3 
 3. Tsmoki-Minsk 3-3 
 4. Gussing 1-5 
Stage One Standings
Points Per Game
 Javier DUREN
  Avg: 17.7
 1. Duren, Leeuwarden17.7 
 2. de Jong, Leiden16.9 
 3. Dreesen, Weert16.7 
 4. Anderson, Rotte.16.1 
 5. Jeter, Groningen14.7 
 6. McWhorter, Zwolle14.1 
 7. Heath, Leeuwarden13.9 
 8. Kravic, Den Bosch13.9 
 9. Roye, Amsterdam13.4 
 10. Hinz, Zwolle13.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.8
 1. Bekkering, Groni.10.8 
 2. Koenis, Leiden9.5 
 3. Glenn, Zwolle9.1 
 4. Kravic, Den Bosch8.7 
 5. Heath, Leeuwarden8.3 
 6. Robinson, Amste.8.2 
 7. Van Schaik, Amste.8.2 
 8. van Kempen, Weert7.6 
 9. Hinz, Zwolle7.5 
 10. Steijn, Rotterdam7.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 8.1
 1. van Oostrum, Leeu.8.1 
 2. Jeter, Groningen5.8 
 3. Brown, Lietuvos.5.2 
 4. Anderson, Rotte.4.8 
 5. Roye, Amsterdam4.3 
 6. van Kempen, Weert3.8 
 7. Williams, Den Bosch3.7 
 8. Slagter, Den Bosch3.7 
 9. Gibbs, Zwolle3.6 
 10. Jansen, Leiden3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Worthy DE JONG
  Avg: 2.9
 1. de Jong, Leiden2.9 
 2. Anderson, Rotte.2.6 
 3. Duren, Leeuwarden2.4 
 4. McWhorter, Zwolle2.2 
 5. Brown, Lietuvos.1.9 
 6. Gibbs, Zwolle1.9 
 7. Wessels, Den Bosch1.8 
 8. Cunningham, Groni.1.8 
 9. van Oostrum, Leeu.1.7 
 10. Hinz, Zwolle1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Den Bosch
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Kravic, Den Bosch1.8 
 2. Fieler, Groningen1.6 
 3. van der List, Lei.1.1 
 4. Fraser, Leeuwarden0.9 
 5. Bekkering, Groni.0.9 
 6. Hinz, Zwolle0.9 
 7. Van Schaik, Amste.0.8 
 8. Koenis, Leiden0.8 
 9. Heath, Leeuwarden0.7 
 10. Osaikhwuwuom., Zw.0.6 

Play-Off bracket1

Henk Norel selected the top Dutch playing abroad in last week's games - Jan 11, 2013

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Traditionally, every week we bring you a list of the top performances of Dutchs who are currently playing abroad.

Henk Norel
Henk Norel
   #1. This week's number one is an international center Henk Norel (214-87, currently plays in Spain). He contributed to a CAI Zaragoza's victory against the 16th-ranked Baloncesto Fuenlabrada (4-12) 79-74 in the Spanish ACB in Saturday night's game. Norel recorded 9 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in 28 minutes on the court. CAI Zaragoza (10-6) is placed fifth in the ACB. It's Norel's first season with the team. Norel is currently seventh on the list of best rebounders with 6.2rpg. He also averaged so far 12.2ppg, 2FGP: 60.4%(87-144) and FT: 51.2% in the 16 games he played so far. Norel is currently a member of the Dutch senior national team.

Kevin van Wijk
Kevin van Wijk
   #2. Second place goes to former U16 international forward Kevin van Wijk (203-89, currently plays college basketball in the States). He led Valparaiso to a victory against the University of Illinois-Chicago (1-2) 75-70 in the NCAA in Wednesday night's game. van Wijk scored 16 points (went 8 for 8 at the free throw line). The Valparaiso University has 2-1 conference record this season. van Wijk has relatively good stats this year: 13.2ppg, 1.3apg, 3FGP: 40.3% and FT: 91.7%(22-24). He played for the Dutch U16 national team in 2005.

Kadeem Pantophlet
Kadeem Pantophlet
   #3. The Dutch player who performed third best last week abroad was former U20 international forward Kadeem Pantophlet (201-90, currently studies in the States), who plays in the NCAA. Pantophlet could not help the Duquesne (0-1) in their last game. Despite his good performance the Duquesne lost 75-82 on the road to the Fordham University. Pantophlet scored 13 points, had 6 rebounds and dished 3 assists in 36 minutes. This year Pantophlet has relatively solid stats: 13.2ppg, 1.3apg, 3FGP: 40.3% and FT: 91.7%(22-24) in the 16 games. He played for the Dutch U20 national team four years ago.

Thomas van der Mars
Thomas van der Mars
   #4. Center Thomas van der Mars (208-90, is currently at the American university) was not able to help the Portland (0-2) in their game against the University of San Diego (2-0) in the NCAA. Despite his good performance on Thursday night van der Mars scored 12 points, had 8 rebounds and made 2 blocks. van der Mars has reliable stats this season: 13.2ppg and 1.3apg. He used to play for the Dutch U20 national team back in 2010.

Roeland Schaftenaar
Roeland Schaftenaar
   #5. Former international power forward Roeland Schaftenaar (211-88, college: Oregon St., currently plays in Spain) was not able to secure a victory for Leche Rio Breogan (7-6) in their game against CB Clavijo (6-7) in the Spanish LEB Gold (second division), despite his good performance in Friday night's game. Schaftenaar recorded 10 points in 16 minutes. But Leche Rio Breogan lost 69-77 in Logrono to the lower-ranked (#7) CB Clavijo. This year Schaftenaar's overall stats are: 7.0ppg, 4.8rpg and 1.8apg in the 12 games. He used to play for the Dutch national team three years ago.

Jito Kok
Jito Kok
   #6. Center Jito Kok (206-94, currently plays college basketball in the States) faced previously mentioned Thomas van der Mars in the NCAA last game. Kok managed to help University of San Diego in a victory against the University of Portland (0-2) 61-50. He scored only 4 points and blocked 3 shots in 12 minutes. This year Kok's total stats are: 7.0ppg, 4.8rpg and 1.8apg in the 12 games. He is U18 international player who is currently on the Dutch National Team roster.

Olaf Schaftenaar
Olaf Schaftenaar
   #7. Former U18 international center Olaf Schaftenaar (206-93, currently plays college basketball in the States) couldn't help the Oregon St. (0-2) in their game against the Arizona State University (3-0) in the NCAA. Schaftenaar recorded 8 points. The Oregon St. was defeated 72-62 at home by the Arizona State University. This season Schaftenaar averages: 7.0ppg, 4.8rpg and 1.8apg. He used to play for the Dutch U18 national team two years ago.

Charlon Kloof
Charlon Kloof
   #8. Point guard Charlon Kloof (190-90, currently plays college basketball in the States) couldn't help the St.Bonaventure (0-1) in their game against the Colorado State University (0-0) in the NCAA, despite his good performance last Saturday. Kloof scored 10 points in 29 minutes. But the St.Bonaventure was crushed 85-64 in Fort Collins, CO by the Colorado State University. Kloof has averaged so far 7.0ppg, 4.8rpg and 1.8apg in the 12 games. He used to play for the Dutch U20 national team back in 2010.

Shane Hammink
Shane Hammink
   #9. U18 international forward Shane Hammink (201-94, currently plays college basketball in the States) helped LSU win their game against the Bethune-Cookman College (0-1) 79-63 in the NCAA on Saturday night. Hammink scored only 2 points in 16 minutes. The Louisiana State University has 0-1 conference record this season. This year Hammink averages just 2.6ppg in the eight games. He is a naturalized American. Hammink is also in the roster of the Dutch U18 national team. Strangely he has never played in Holland.

The list of other players, who all have Dutch passport but never been selected to any of Dutch national teams:

   #1. Kim Tillie (210-F-88, agency: Priority Sports, college: Utah, currently plays in Spain), who plays in the Spanish ACB could not help UCAM Murcia (24-6) in their last game on Saturday. Despite his good performance his team was defeated 80-68 on the road by the much lower-ranked CB Canarias (#12). Tillie recorded 12 points (made all of his six free throws). This season Tillie averages: 7.8ppg and 3.9rpg. He has a dual citizenship: Dutch and French.

   #2. Experienced Stanley Ocitti (203-F/C-80, college: Binghamton, currently plays in United Kingdom) was not able to help Worcester Wolves (9-8) in their game against Leicester Riders (14-2) in the British BBL, despite his very good performance on Saturday night. Ocitti scored 16 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 37 minutes. But Worcester Wolves lost 82-89 in Leicester to the leading Riders. Ocitti is currently fifth on the list of best rebounders with 9.1rpg. This year his other stats are: 13.2ppg and 1.3apg in the 16 games he played so far. Ocitti is a naturalized American.

   #3. Joey van Zegeren McAdam (208-F-90, currently plays college basketball in the States) was not able to secure a victory for the Virginia Tech (0-2) in their game against the University of Maryland (1-1) in the NCAA. Despite his good performance last Saturday van Zegeren McAdam scored 10 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. This season van Zegeren McAdam averages: 7.0ppg, 4.8rpg and 1.8apg.

   #4. Josh Duinker (210-F/C-89, college: Richmond, currently plays in Spain) contributed to a Caceres Basket's surprising victory against the third-ranked Meridiano Alicante (8-5) 65-64 in the Spanish LEB Gold (second division) on Friday night. Duinker recorded 6 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Caceres Basket (6-8) is placed 11th in the LEB Gold. Duinker has averaged so far 8.2ppg, 4.6rpg and 1.2apg. He is another player who holds two passports: Australian and Dutch.

   #5. Devon Van Oostrum (190-G-93, currently plays in Spain) is a teammate of previously mentioned Josh Duinker and both played together in the last Spanish LEB Gold game. Van Oostrum helped Caceres Basket edge the third-ranked Meridiano Alicante (8-5) 65-64. He recorded 6 points in 19 minutes. Van Oostrum has averaged so far 9.2ppg, 2.5rpg and 2.3apg in the 14 games. He has both Dutch and British nationalities.

   #6. Jonah Callenbach (194-F/G-93, currently plays in Spain) couldn't help Fontedoso Carrefour in their game against Lan Mobel ISB in the Spanish LEB Silver (third division). Callenbach scored only 4 points and added 3 passes. His team was defeated 84-73. This season Callenbach averages just 2.6ppg. He also holds two passports: Portuguese and Dutch.

   #7. Daniel Kickert (208-C/F-83, college: St.Mary's, CA, currently plays in Ukraine) led Dnipro to a victory over the closely-ranked Kryvbasbasket crushing them 91-70 in the Ukrainian Superleague in Friday night's game. Kickert was MVP of the game. He scored 16 points, had 5 rebounds and dished 3 assists. Kickert has individually a very good season with high stats. He averages: 16.8ppg, 5.4rpg and 1.5apg. Kickert has dual citizenship: Australian and Dutch.

Michael Kok
Rotterdam keeps Kok for another season - 1 day ago

Rotterdam Challengers (Eredivisie) re-signed 25-year old forward Michael Kok (190-91). He has played there for the last four seasons. In 30 Eredivisie games he recorded 6.3ppg, 3.6rpg and 1.2apg last season. Among other achievements Kok's team made it to the Promotie Divisie Semifinals in 2014. He received also All-Promotie Divisie Honorable Mention award back in 2012. Kok has played previously for Rotterdam 2nd team. By Eurobasket Data Center Check also Complete Transfer...   [read more]

Mulder re-signs at Amsterdam - 5 days ago

BC Apollo Amsterdam (Eredivisie) confirmed in their roster 25-year old forward Stefan Mulder (189-91). He has played there for the last two seasons. In 24 Eredivisie games he had 5.8ppg and 1.3rpg last season. Mulder represented Holland at the European Championships U18 Division B in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) seven years ago. His stats at that event were 7 games: 7.1ppg, 2.3rpg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 31.8%, FT: 50.0%. Mulder has played previously for Weert. BC Apollo Amsterdam roster...   [read more]

Charlon Kloof (ex Auxilium TO) is a newcomer at MZT Skopje - 7 days ago

Defending champion KK MZT Skopje Aerodrom (Prva Liga) strengthened their roster with addition of 26-year old Dutch ex-international guard Charlon Kloof (190-88kg-90, college: St.Bonaventure, agency: Octagon Europe). He has a double citizenship as he also holds Surinamese passport. Kloof played most recently at Auxilium Torino in Italian Serie A. In 15 games he recorded 3.7ppg, 1.5rpg and 1.1apg last season. Among other achievements Kloof's team made it to the Atlantic 10 Tournament Semifi...   [read more]

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