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Hungary Internationally

Mate Jakab
Adam Patonay

A Division Standings
 1. PEAC-Pecs 4-0 
 2. UNI Gyor 3-1 
 3. UNIQA Eurol. 3-1 
 4. Atomeromu 2-1 
 5. Miskolc 2-1 
 6. ZTE NKK 2-1 
 7. Cegledi EKK 2-2 
 8. Vasas Akademia 2-2 
 9. ELTE-BEAC 0-3 
 10. MTK 0-4 
 11. PINKK-Pecsi 0-4 
Full Standings
B Division Standings
 1. DEAC 0-0 
 2. DVTK 0-0 
 3. Kecskemeti 0-0 
 4. Kiss Lenke 0-0 
 5. MAFC 0-0 
 6. MTK II 0-0 
 7. NKE KTK-DSE 0-0 
 8. NyKS 0-0 
 9. Szegedi KE 0-0 
 10. Szolnok 0-0 
 11. Vasas II 0-0 
 1. Ajka 0-0 
 2. Bajai NKK 0-0 
 3. BKG DSE 0-0 
 4. David Kornel 0-0 
 5. ELTE-BEAC 2 0-0 
 6. Kanizsai 0-0 
 7. PINKK SE 0-0 
 8. Szombathelyi 0-0 
 9. Tatabanyai 0-0 
 10. Tatai SE 0-0 
 11. TFSE 0-0 
Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1. Cegledi EKK 0-0 
 2. H-Sirenos 0-0 
 3. Maccabi Ashdod 0-0 
 4. Sparta&K MR 0-0 
Group B
 1. Abdullah Gul 0-0 
 2. MBA 0-0 
 3. PEAC-Pecs 0-0 
 4. PINKK-Pecsi 0-0 
Group C
 1. Dynamo NR 0-0 
 2. Galatasaray 0-0 
 3. Samsun 0-0 
 4. TTT Riga 0-0 
Group D
 1. Good Angels 0-0 
 2. Miskolc 0-0 
 3. Olympiacos Pireus 0-0 
 4. Yakin Dogu BGD 0-0 
Group E
 1. Belfius Namur 0-0 
 2. Nantes 0-0 
 3. Nymburk 0-0 
 4. Ragusa 0-0 
Group F
 1. Castors Braine 0-0 
 2. Girona 0-0 
 3. Keltern 0-0 
 4. Uniao Sportiva 0-0 
Group G
 1. Fribourg 0-0 
 2. Landes 0-0 
 3. Nice 0-0 
 4. Venezia 0-0 
Group H
 1. Flammes 0-0 
 2. Lulea Basket 0-0 
 3. Udominate 0-0 
 4. Wasserburg 0-0 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.7
 1. Burkholder, ZTE N.20.7 
 2. Kuster, PE.19.5 
 3. Colic, Vasas Akade.18.7 
 4. Skoric, Cegledi EKK17.3 
 5. Erkic, Atomeromu16.3 
 6. Whiteside, PINKK-P.15.5 
 7. Turner, UNIQA E.14.0 
 8. Nagy, ZTE N.14.0 
 9. Zsovar, MTK13.7 
 10. Fegyverneky, UNI.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.7
 1. Jovanovic, Miskolc12.7 
 2. Rochel, Vasas A.10.0 
 3. Crvendakic, UNIQA8.7 
 4. Kuster, PE.8.5 
 5. Lisec, Atomeromu8.3 
 6. Goree, UNI Gyor8.0 
 7. Colic, Vasas Akade.6.7 
 8. Juhasz, PE.6.5 
 9. Nagy-Bujdoso, Cegl.6.5 
 10. Barnai, EL.6.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 8.5
 1. Medgyessy, Cegledi8.5 
 2. Colic, Vasas Akade.7.3 
 3. Mandic, PE.6.3 
 4. Czank, Miskolc5.3 
 5. Lakloth, UNI Gyor5.3 
 6. Fegyverneky, UNIQ.5.0 
 7. Nagy, ZTE N.4.7 
 8. Zsovar, MTK4.3 
 9. Lelik, EL.4.3 
 10. Horvath, Miskolc4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Burkholder, ZTE N.3.7 
 2. Theodorean, Atome.3.3 
 3. Nagy, ZTE N.3.0 
 4. Turner, UNIQA E.2.7 
 5. Lakloth, UNI Gyor2.5 
 6. Rujak, PI.2.3 
 7. Dul, Vasas A.2.3 
 8. Lisec, Atomeromu2.0 
 9. Drammeh, UNIQA E.2.0 
 10. Mandic, PE.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Cassie ROCHEL
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Rochel, Vasas A.3.3 
 2. Barnai, EL.2.3 
 3. Tomlinson, Miskolc2.0 
 4. Hatar, UNIQA E.1.3 
 5. Jovanovic, Miskolc1.0 
 6. Robertson-W., Misk.1.0 
 7. Fegyverneky, UNIQ.1.0 
 8. Skoric, Cegledi EKK0.8 
 9. Kuster, PE.0.8 
 10. Kocsis, EL.0.7 

Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

UNI Gyor 61% Oct.22 UNIQA Eurol
Vasas Akadem Oct.22 PEAC-Pecs 84%
Miskolc 56% Oct.22 Atomeromu
Next Round Schedule

Round 1 (Regular Season)

Group A
H-Sirenos 58% Oct.27 Cegledi EKK
Sparta&K MR 57% Oct.26 Macc.Ashdod
Group B
MBA 57% Oct.27 PEAC-Pecs
Abdullah Gul 58% Oct.26 PINKK-Pecsi
Group C
Galatasaray 57% Oct.26 TTT Riga
Dynamo NR 57% Oct.26 Samsun
Group D
Olympiacos P 57% Oct.27 Yakin Dogu
Good Angels 57% Oct.26 Miskolc
Group E
Nantes 57% Oct.27 Nymburk
Belfius Namu 57% Oct.26 Ragusa
Group F
Castors Brai 57% Oct.26 Uniao Sporti
Keltern 57% Oct.26 Girona
Group G
Fribourg 57% Oct.26 Venezia
Landes 57% Oct.26 Nice
Group H
Flammes 57% Oct.27 Udominate
Wasserburg 57% Oct.26 Lulea Bsk
Allie Quigley selected the top Hungarian playing abroad in last week's games - Jan 17, 2013

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Here is the weekly review of the top performing Hungarian players, who play currently abroad.

Allie Quigley
Allie Quigley
   #1. This week's number one is an international guard Allie Quigley (180-86, college: De Paul, currently plays in Euroleague). She led her Slovakian team Good Angels to a victory over the seventh-ranked Arras (1-8) crushing them 78-52 in the Euroleague in Wednesday night's game. Quigley was MVP of the game. She recorded 19 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 29 minutes on the court. Good Angels Kosice (7-2) is placed second in group B. It was her team's fourth consecutive victory in a row. There are only three games left until the end of the Euroleague Regular Season. So now every game will be critical. It's Quigley's first season with the team. Quigley belongs to league's top scorers and is ranked #6 with 17.6ppg. She also averaged so far 2.9rpg, 2FGP: 52.3% and FT: 72.0% in the nine games she played so far. Quigley is currently a member of the Hungarian senior national team.

Anna Vadja
Anna Vadja
   #2. Second place goes to an international power forward Anna Vadja (191-84, agency: Josep and Nicolas, currently plays in Turkey), who plays in the Turkish TKBL. She could not help Samsun (3-7) in their last game on Saturday. Despite Vadja's very good performance Samsun was defeated 82-68 at home by the higher-ranked Kayseri (#3). She was the top scorer with 20 points. Vadja also added 9 rebounds and 3 assists. This season Vadja averages: 10.0ppg, 7.5rpg, 1.7apg, 2FGP: 38.3%, 3FGP: 39.1% and FT: 65.6%. She is in the roster of the Hungarian senior national team.

Dora Horti
Dora Horti
   #3. The Hungarian player who performed third best last week abroad was an international center Dora Horti (193-87, agency: Laszlo Vinko Group, currently plays in Euroleague). Horti contributed to an easy victory against the sixth-ranked IMOS Brno (2-7) crushing them 69-47 in the Euroleague on Wednesday night. She recorded 11 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in 24 minutes. TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow (5-4) is placed third in group A. There are only three games left until the end of the Euroleague Regular Season. So now every game is very crucial. This year Horti's overall stats are: 9.4ppg, 6.4rpg, 2FGP: 44.6% and FT: 75.0% in the nine games. She is also a member of the Hungarian senior national team.

Katalin Honti
Katalin Honti
   #4. Guard Katalin Honti (177-87, currently plays in Euroleague) was not able to help Rivas Ecopolis (5-4) in their game against UNI Gyor (5-5) in the Euroleague. Honti scored 7 points and added 5 assists. The fourth-placed Rivas Ecopolis was defeated 78-72 on the road by the lower-ranked UNI Gyor (#5) in the group A of Euroleague. There are only three games left until the end of the Euroleague Regular Season. So now every game will be important. Honti's total stats this season are: 5.1ppg, 2.2rpg and 2.1apg. She is also Hungarian national team player.

Judit Kajdacsi
Judit Kajdacsi
   #5. An experienced former international center Judit Kajdacsi (192-79, also represented by Laszlo Vinko Group, currently plays in Romania) was not able to secure a victory for Sf.Gheorghe (10-5) in their game against ICIM Arad (14-1) in the Romanian Liga Nationala. Kajdacsi recorded 7 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in 30 minutes. Sf.Gheorghe lost 64-74 on their home court in Sfantu Gheorghe to the leading ICIM Arad. Kajdacsi has relatively good stats this year: 10.1ppg, 8.7rpg and 1.7spg in the 12 games. She used to play for the Hungarian national team three years ago.

Judit Fritz
Judit Fritz
   #6. Swingman Judit Fritz (183-87, college: St.Francis, NY, currently plays in France) contributed to Dunkerque's victory against the fifth-ranked Pau Lacq Orthez (9-5) 74-69 in the French LF2 (12th division) last Saturday. She scored 7 points and had 3 steals. Dunkerque Malo Basket Club (5-9) is placed tenth in the LF2. It was her team's third consecutive victory in a row. Fritz's total stats this season are: 8.4ppg, 2.5rpg, 1.6apg and 1.7spg. She is a former university international player as she played for the Hungarian team four years ago.

The list of other players, who all have Hungarian passport but never been selected to any of Hungarian national teams:

   #1. Kata Takacs (184-F-91, currently plays in Germany), who plays in the German DBBL could not help Rotenburg/Scheessel (5-7) to beat Eisvogel Freiburg (7-5). Takacs scored 8 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. Rotenburg/Scheessel was defeated 76-68 on the road by the higher-ranked Eisvogel Freiburg (#6). Takacs' total stats this season are: 4.0ppg and 2.4rpg. She has a dual citizenship: Hungarian and Austrian.

   #2. Katalin Kurtozi (193-C-81, agency: LBM Management, college: St.John's, currently plays in Belgium) was not able to help one of league's weakest teams Castors Braine (7-7) in their game against Point Chaud (9-5) in the Belgian Division I. Kurtozi scored 6 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 30 minutes. Castors Braine lost 70-76 in Sprimont to the higher-ranked (#5) Point Chaud. It was Castors Braine's first loss after four consecutive victories. This year Kurtozi's total stats are: 8.3ppg and 6.4rpg in the 14 games she played so far.

Other top Hungarian players, who play abroad:

Bernadett Nemeth (173-G-80) plays for Lyon in French LFB
Dora Szondy (173-G-88) plays for Samorin in Slovakian Extraliga
Hajnalka Szlimak (182-F-82) plays for Satu Mare in Romanian Liga Nationala
Viktoria Vincze (189-C-87) plays for Wildcats Wolfenbuettel in German DBBL
Andrea Vincze (190-C-89) plays for Cluj Napoca in Romanian Liga Nationala
Saba Schramko (170-G-93) plays for Cardiff Archers in British EBL
Flora Szabo (188-PF-92) plays for Leeds Carnegie in British EBL

Notice: The list above includes only some of the Hungarian playing currently abroad. Go to Hungarian Abroad Page to see completed list.

Tijana Krivacevic selected the top Hungarian playing abroad in last week's games - 14 hours ago

Here is the weekly review of the top performing Hungarian players, who play currently abroad. This week's number one is an international forward Tijana Krivacevic (196-90). Sheto an easy victory against the tenth-ranked CREF Hola in the Spanish LFB in Wednesday night's game.    [read more]

Roneeka Hodges (ex Miskolc) signs at Mann Filter - 20 hours ago

Mann Filter Zaragoza (LFB) landed experienced 34-year old American guard Roneeka Hodges (180-75kg-82, college: Florida State, agency: Josep and Nicolas). She played most recently at Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc in Hungarian A Division. In 12 games she averaged 10.3ppg, 4.0rpg, 1.4apg and 1.0spg last season. Hodges helped them to win the cup and make to league semifinals. She also played 2 games in Eurocup where she had 10.0ppg, 2.5rpg and 1.5apg. The previous (2015) summer Hodges played at anot...   [read more]

Rita Rasheed
A Division Round 4: Miskolc hands first loss to UNI Gyor - 23 hours ago

There were just four rounds played in Regular Season of A Division and we can clearly see which teams will fight for top positions and which will try to avoid bottom places. The fans could enjoy quite many interesting games in the last round. The most surprising game was the first loss of UNI Gyor (3-1) on the court of seventh ranked Miskolc on Wednesday night. Visitors were defeated by Miskolc 79-75. It ended at the same time the three-game winning streak of UNI Gyor. The hosts trailed...   [read more]

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